Monday, February 26, 2018

Fantasy Month Hashtag Game


Apparently February decided to be nearly finished. (Um…what?!) BUT IT’S NOT OVER YET. Which means Fantasy Month is still going on!

If you missed it, Fantasy Month is an epic yearly blog linkup created by Jenelle Schmidt in which we spend the month of February celebrating all things fantasy. There’s still time to join in. Check out THIS POST for all the details!

Part of the celebration was a super fun hashtag game Jenelle put together. Shamefully, I didn’t join in via twitter like I had hoped to because, well, February was cRaZy. But I just couldn’t not join in on something asking fun fantasy questions. I mean, OBVIOUSLY. So instead I decided to be a rebel and answer all the questions in one blog post. (Ya know, the one social media outlet that doesn’t use hashtags. BUT THAT’S NEVER STOPPED ME BEFORE.)

Here art the questions:




FIRST SET: Fantastic Creatures


1.) Favorite Fantasy Creature

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Do I really even need to answer this, guys? I believe anybody who even knows me for the course of one day can guess the answer.



2.) Preference: Sentient or Beast?

I always struggle with this one. It’s a lot of fun having animalistic types of dragons (or any mythical beast). But, at the same time, having human-like creatures is super fascinating.

Honestly? My favorite tends to be a little in between. Not fully talking and super intelligent, but not quite beast-like either. Maybe something a smidge more intelligent than dogs? I don’t know why, I just find that fun.


3.) Creature You Wish Were in More Books

Ummmm. ALL OF THEM? Eheheh. I’m not picky when it comes to fantasy creatures. But there is a sad lack of griffins. And like WHY?! Griffins are amazing! LION-EAGLES, PEOPLE. How can you go wrong with that?


4.) Best Fantasy Creature on Film

TOOTHLESS! I mean, duh.


5.) If You Could Have a Fantasy Creature…

I’d have a…


(Why am I even answering all of these individually? “DRAGON” is basically my answer for every single one.)

It’d be a fabulously pink dragon and we’d go off on adventures to Baskin-Robbins and get free ice cream (because I suspect if you show up at Baskin-Robbin’s doorstep atop a dragon, they’ll give you free ice cream. Having a giant fire-breathing creature threatening your ice cream shop is bad for business.) and then go destroy our enemies or something.

All good fun.


6.) Favorite Fairy Tale Featuring a Fantastic Creature

Does the Beast from Beauty and the Beast count? Because that is my favorite fairytale.


7.) Favorite Fantasy Creature Character

*faints* Favorite fantasy creature character??? Like from any book/movie/TV show???

Toothless? Or the Beast from Beauty and the Beast? Or Smaug? Or Smeagol? Or ALL the dragons in…every book with dragons I’ve ever read (which is a lot). Or Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle? And would Nick from the Beaumont and Beasley books count? Heh. (He’d probably be so insulted. XD) Or…EVERY FANTASY CREATURE EVER? I don’t knoooow! THIS QUESTION IS IMPOSSIBLE.


SECOND SET: Fantastic Romance


8.) Favorite Fairy Tale Ending

I’m sure this is gonna come as a surprise but…Beauty and the Beast’s ending. The ending is one of the biggest reasons I love that story in the first place. It portrays such a beautiful picture of redemption. It is much like our relationship with Jesus. We were ugly, unlovable creatures, but He loved us anyway. And when we accepted His love, we became something beautiful.



9.) Romantic Tropes You Dislike in Fantasy

Love at first sight. UGH. PLEASE STOP. Love doesn’t happen like that. It grows. Sure, you may be attracted to one another at first sight, and like the person quite a lot. But that’s not #TrueLove in any form or fashion.

And then when the Prince falls in love with the Princess while she’s under a sleeping spell or something???? CREEPY. Like…how do you fall in love with an unconscious person you found 2 seconds ago? Can we not?


10.) Romantic Tropes You Like in Fantasy

I quite like the poor, ill-treated boy/girl falling in love and marrying royalty. (Cinderella anyone?) It’s just so satisfying seeing this big time prince/princess want to marry a peasant despite the strict king/queen protesting at every turn. And the star-crossed lovers have to fight to be together and then we get to see our poor, beloved little peasant have all their dreams come true and end up being a fabulous leader of the kingdom and sldkjflsjdflksjdf. IT’S PRECIOUS. I never get tired of that trope. Ever.


11.) Love at First Sight?

LOLZ. I believe I already answered this question. XD


12.) Friendship that Turns to Romance?


Now sometimes I wish we could have friendships in fiction that are simply that—friendships. Merely people who are friends that doesn’t turn into a full-on romance plot. ‘Cause sometimes I just want friends in fiction! Ya know, some relationships that aren’t romance. But, at the same time, besties falling in love is ADORBZ. (I’m so contradictory.)


13.) Best/Worst Fantasy Love Triangles

Good gracious, I had to squeeze my brain cells hard for this one.

The Una/Aethelbald/Leo love triangle in Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl was a very fascinating one! Because I loved Aethelbald and Leo and…well, I won’t say much because #Spoilers. But it was a doozy, let’s leave it at that.

For some reason I cannot think of one I particularly hated in a fantasy book. This may be blasphemous but…I actually kinda like love triangles??? I KNOW. But they add tension and are just rather…fun. DON’T HATE ME.


14.) Favorite Fantasy Couple

*deep breath*


Is anyone surprised? No? No.


The book versions is my OTP, but the movie ones were precious too.


THIRD SET: Fantastic Families


15.) Best Fantasy Family

I adore Billy Bannister’s family in the Dragons in Our Midst series by Bryan Davis. Let’s just say his family history involves dragons and a touch of Arthurian legend so…yeah. Plus his parents are just totally epic. And, really, all the characters from that series forms a family. So can I just say the whole Dragons in Our Midst cast because…YES. MY BBYS. <3


16.) Best Siblings in Fantasy

NICK AND CRISPIN from the Beaumont and Beasley series by Kyle Robert Shultz. One sensible brother and one, um, not sensible brother off discovering fairytales are real and having hilarious adventures? YES PLEASE.

But you can also never go wrong with the Pevensies from Narnia. I also adore Kyrin and Kaden from The Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight. TWINS. ALWAYS GIMME TWINS.


17.) Best Fathers in Fantasy

Well, we’ve already discussed Billy Bannister’s family is awesome, and a big reason for that is his dad, Jared. Strong, fatherly, with a history that will blow your mind.

This is sliding away from books to TV shows, but David/Prince Charming from ABC’s Once Upon a Time is a pretty fantastic dad. Protective, kind, will take on anything with a sword and do it epicly, happens to be a Disney prince. What more do you want in a father? Let’s just not talk about the fact that his daughter is the same age as he is. (It’s one of those shows that’s best not to question…)


18.) Best Mothers in Fantasy

Can I just repeat the question above but do the mothers? Billy’s mom, Marilyn Bannister, is so strong and full of love. And you gotta love Mary Margaret/Snow White from Once Upon a Time. She’s literally the picture of hope and it’s very inspiring.

ALSO. Lyll Allerion, the mother of Kale from the DragonKeeper Chronicles by Donita K. Paul, is AH-MAY-ZING. I’m not sure I’d say she’s a very…good mother, but she’s so unexpected! I’ve never come across a mother like her in fiction. She’s so eccentric and…unorthodox. It amused me endlessly. She also has basically my favorite quote ever.

“Wear pink. It confuses the enemy.” <---My role model right there.


19.) Best Fantasy Friends


- Mr. Tumnus and Lucy are precious.
- Billy and Walter from the Dragons in Our Midst books are total bros.
- Howl and Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle are hilarious.
- Frodo and Sam. (OBVIOUSLY.)
- Legolas and Gimli (“Never though I’d be fighting side by side with an elf.” “What about side by side with a friend?” <333333333333)
- Creel and Shardas from Dragon Slippers. (DRAGON + GIRL BESTIES = YESSS.)
- Merlin and Arthur from BBCs Merlin (FAVORITE. BROMANCE. EVER.)


Hands down my favorite Merlin scene. XD

And like…900000000 more I’m not mentioning. THERE ARE TOO MANY.


20.) Best Mentors in Fantasy

WELL. Speaking of the DragonKeeper Chronicles, Wizard Fenworth would probably have to be my favorite. He’s another one of those eccentric ones. Also absentminded and a little gruff but utterly loveable anyway.

Professor Hamilton from the Dragons in Our Midst books is also utterly fantastic.

(If you can’t tell, the Dragons in Our Midst series is one of my top favorite series in existence. I know I’m so subtle about it…)


21.) Why Are There So Many Fantasy Orphans?

Oooh, now we’re getting into philosophical stuff, are we? XD WELL. I do love shoving my opinions at everyone, SO LET’S DO IT. I personally believe there are two main reasons for this:

#1: Going to your parents and asking permission to travel across the world to Death Mountain or the Dark Woods of Darkness or the Volcano of Tears or the Tower of Terrible Things so you can fight a Villain of Unimaginable Power in order to save the world and, oh yeah, you might be out past curfew…just a bit, proooobably won’t go over well. Solution: NO PARENTS. Which is kinda rude? Because parents are fabulous and can help save the world! I mean, personally? I’d rather the fate of the world be in a sensible, experienced parent’s hands than a hormonal 16-year-old. SORRY. And the Dragons in Our Midst books are awesome examples of having parents involved with saving the world. (YES. ANOTHER MENTION OF THOSE BOOKS. I WON’T APOLOGIZE.)

#2: A popular theme in fantasy is “finding-where-you-belong”, and if you have a happy home and loving parents well…you’re probably already where you belong. Fantasy often focuses on a bunch of very different and diverse people/creatures/what-have-you coming together and forming a family. Because, well, when you’re traveling across the world to defeat Ridiculously Powerful Villain you tend to get preeeetty close. But really, is there anything more beautiful than seeing a bunch of lonely, broken people coming together and making a family amongst themselves? It’s seriously one of my favorite things to find in fiction ever. So, though I agree we should have more good parents in fiction, I understand why orphaned protagonists is popular. (I’m often guilty of it myself…)

Wow, that answer got long. MOVING ON!


FOURTH SET: Fantastic Elements


22.) Favorite Magical Weapon.

OH MAN. THERE ARE SO MANY AWESOME ONES. Sting has always been a personal favorite. It’s such an adorable, small, deadly thing. And you can never go wrong with a weapon that glows to alert you the enemy is around. #Convenient

I also think Percy Jackson’s sword, Riptide, is epic. It’s a PEN that turns into a SWORD. How cool is that? So if you need to give someone your autograph or slay your enemy, YOU’RE COVERED. It also doesn’t hurt mortals. Just monsters and demigods and people like that. Fun stuff!


23.) Fantastic Art/Music

Oh goodness, we could be here all day. (But I’ll spare you, fear not.) I loooove epic, fantasy sounding scores and movie soundtracks. And my favorite pastime is looking at pretty, inspiring fantasy pics on Pinterest. THIS IS my fantasy board should you want to peruse. But really the majority of my boards have some fantastical elements about them. (I’m obsessed, okay?)


24.) Epic Journeys and Quests and Heirs, Oh My!

I…honestly have no idea how to take this prompt. Like…stories with a combination of all these elements or…?

I’d say the Blood of King trilogy by Jill Williamson has all of this AND it’s just totally epic with phenomenal writing. Literally one of my favorite series! GO READ IT.


25.) Prophecies: Love or Hate?

I’m honestly fine with them. If they have a solid reason for being around and help move the plot, why not? I know they’re ridiculously cliché, but I still find them rather fun.


26.) A Villain You Love to Hate

Oooh, so many good villains!

The Dragon/Death-in-Life from Heartless is a good (er…bad?) one! He’s a DRAGON, so obviously he’s cool. But meeeeeeep, he’s so evil and creepy and powerful. Not the type of villain you want to mess with, let’s leave it at that.


27.) Favorite Fantasy Hero/Heroine

HOWL FROM HOWL’S MOVIE CASTLE. AND SOPHIE OF COURSE. (They’re my favorite male and female fictional characters on this planet. WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING YOU HAVE NO IDEA.)

(And literally all my answers are either about dragons, Howl and Sophie, or the Dragons in Our Midst books. #SorryNotSorry)


28.) Share an Epic Fantasy Quote

Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality.
It's a way of understanding it.”
–Lloyd Alexander



WHEW. That was…long. o.o I apologize, guys. If you’ve made it this far then…HERE. HAVE SOME DRAGON EGGS AND RAISE EPIC DRAGONS. (See, now it was all worth it.)

Don’t forget to head on over to Jenelle's site to join in all the fantasy goodness before it’s too late. (Just a couple of more days left!!!)



COME TO ME, O’ FANTASY LOVERS! I need to know your answers to some of these delectable questions. Like what fantasy creature do you wish were in books more? (Good stuff to know.) And what are some romantic fantasy tropes you love/hate? (Also good to know.) (What? I’m not using you guys to figure out what to put or not put in my own novels. Pssssh. What are you talking about?) Talk with me about all the fantasy things!


    Awesome answers. Toothless is epic. XD

      Hehehe. Thank you!

  2. What a great compilation of fantasy wonderfulness! (Dragons! And LotR! And Beauty and the Beast! I'm happy now.) I loved the Howl's Moving Castle GIFs - that's definitely one of my favorite fantasy pairings, too. Do you like the book couple or movie couple better?

    ~True //

    1. Thank you! I seriously had the best time doing all of this and immersing in all my favorite fantasy things! And it looks like we have a lot in common! :D Such as...ANOTHER HMC FAN. *GLOMPS* Howl's Moving Castle is basically my favoritest thing EVERRRR. The book couple is DEFINITELY my favorite, but the movie version is absolutely precious as well. ^_^

  3. I've never read any of the Dragons in Our Midst books, but now I MUST! :)
    Howl and Sophie!!! YES!!!!! I haven't read that book yet, either, but I'm going to. I HAVE TO.
    DRAGONS! I want a dragon. I BIG BLUE ONE. Smaug is so cool and awesome, but he's so evil!!!!! It's a love-hate relationship here.

    1. OH MY GOODNESS YESSS. It's such an epic series!

      THEY'RE MY FAAAAVE! If you like the movie versions, you'll LOVE the book ones. They're even BETTER! :D (In my opinion anyway, heh.)

      ALWAYS DRAGONS. Blue ones are gooorgeous! And I totally get that! Smaug is absolutely amazing but yeah, he's so terrible. I guess he's one of those villains we love to hate. Lol.

    2. I can't wait!!! I have a lot of books on my TBR now. lol. I saw Howl's Moving Castle (the book) at my library, and I'm ashamed to admit, was surprised that there WAS A BOOK! O-O Oh my.
      Yeah! lol. Love to hate. Dragons are just so cool.


    I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!!!!!!! (and you're welcome, for all the prompts)

    Where to even begin?

    Well, I NEED TO READ the Dragons in Our Midst series!!!!! Obviously. Wow. *makes mental note to grab the entire series from church library next Sunday*

    I don't even know what I meant with prompt #24... I.... *scratches head* ... nope. No clue. Either I had something in mind and it slipped away, or it was some sort of weird place-holder and I forgot to replace it. But it's been one of the most entertaining ones to watch people try to answer... so... WINNING! :-D :-D

    Nick and Crispin are sooooo fun! I can't wait to read the rest of the books (I've only read the first one so far) and ride along on their adventures.

    HOWL AND SOPHIE! I had so much fun rereading this a few months ago. Awww, I love them.

    DRAGONS!!!! *takes offered dragon egg and puts it someplace warm* what? I'm not planning any world-takeovers... I just really want a dragon.

    Merlin and Arthur!!!! I need to go rewatch that series. I never finished it... yeah, that's a problem I need to fix.

    I very much enjoyed this post. And I'm pretty much just nodding along with all your answers about tropes and romance and things. I don't mind tropes, I just like to see them well-done. I don't actually mind the falling in love with the sleeping princess thing, though... one of the coolest ways I've seen that done was in the movie Passengers, actually... which, now that I think about it, was kind of a Sleeping Beauty story... whoa! *mind... blown*

    1. *BEAMS* Your comment is making my day!

      Oh man, the DiOM series is amaziiiing! Now, I will say, sometimes it's a little cheesy since it was his debut books. But, honestly? I don't even care. They have the most deep, complex plot I've ever had the pleasure of reading and the characters are just precious. SO YES. READ THEMMM! :D

      Lol! I actually totally love prompts like that--the ones that can be interpreted in so many ways. Like you said, seeing what everyone comes up with is a total blast. Definitely winning!

      YESSSSH. Coolest brothers EVAH. Oh man, Jenelle, you need to read the next stories. The plot just gets better and better!

      HOWL AND SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!! <333333333 (I'm a bit obsessed. *cough, cough*) I've been wanting to reread it myself. Then again...I ALWAYS want to reread it. Like, indefinitely. It's a problem. XD

      *quickly shoves hoards of dragons in my closet* World takeovers? Whaaat? I know nothing about anything like that either. *cough, cough*

      It's literally my favorite show! may be better off not finishing it. The last season was not my favorite. :-/

      I'm so happy you enjoyed it! You came up with the most fun prompts. I seriously had the best time putting this all together. One of the most enjoyable blog posts I've ever done!

      I've yet to see Passengers, though I've been meaning to. And now hearing this interesting tidbit about I want to see it even more! I'm curious! :D

  5. Goodness, I love this post, Christine!!!


    1. Awww! Thank you, Catherine! That makes me happy! :D

  6. I love this post! I don't read enough fantasy, and I really should! I NEED to read the Beaumont and Beasley series!!

    1. *grins* Thank you!

      Lol. I probably read too much fantasy! XD But oh my goodness, YES. The Beaumont and Beasley series is a riot!


    Also Merlin. That would be a heap of fun.


      (Not that I would shove my fandoms on everyone. Noooo. *whistles innocently*)

  8. Your answer to "Friendships to romance?" is basically mine too. Because boy/girl friendships are important and will not always turn into romance! but romances developing out of friendships are so sweet! And I really enjoyed reading your answer to the orphans in fantasy - that was well thought out. (Also I feel slightly better about all my orphan characters now... ;P)

    And I read Howl's Moving Castle because of you. (Just so you know.) And the rOMANCE hahaa it was so sWEET and she was such a wonderful bossy old lady and I just wish there was more of it?? xD
    - Jem Jones

    1. *high-fives* YES! I totally agree. I get annoyed when people claim boy/girl friendships can't just be that--FRIENDSHIPS. Buuut at the same time, it's so adorable when they start as friends and slowly fall in love. ^_^
      And definitely don't feel guilty about your orphan characters! Some tropes are tropes because they WORK. Don't fix what isn't broken. ;D

      YOU DID?!?! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! THAT MAKES ME SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY. Wasn't it a riot? Howl and Sophie just...yeah. XD I wish there was more too! I could seriously read a 25-book series about them. XDD BUT there are two companion books--Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways. Though they follow different characters you maaay see some cameos. ;) And if you enjoyed HMC, you'll probably like them too. They're a ton of fun!

  9. These are great answers!
    Love how you had Nick listed as a favourite fantasy creature. Heh heh, poor guy.
    You know, I think Una/Aethelbald/Leo may have been one of the very few love triangles I actually liked. I want to read Heartless again now... or maybe the whole series!

    1. Thank you! :D

      Bwahaha! I'm so mean. XD

      It was just such a fascinating love triangle. Because, obviously, we want her with Aethelbald, but I really adore Leo and just... *collapses* It did THINGS to my feels! But yesss! I'm basically in a constant state of wanting to reread them.

  10. Haha these are great answers! Howl and Sophie are the best and I love Beauty and the Beast so much. ❤

    1. *beams* Thank you!

      Yes, yes, yes! Howl and Sophie and B&B are two of my favoritest things on this earth. probably pretty obvious. ;D

  11. Your answers were brilliant, as were your gifs. I relinquish the crown, you are the new gif Queen! I was so happy to see you sneak a Psych gif in. I agree where are our Griffin's we need more! Was so happy to see Howl and Sophie mentioned countless times. They are the best!!

    I think I'm starting to like a good love triangle too, as long as they are written well.

    1. Oh my goodness, nooo way! You're still totally the Gif Queen. XD But thank you! And I'll use ANY excuse to sneak in a Psych gif. ;D

      We totally need more griffins! Honestly, at the top of my head I can only think of ONE book with a griffin that I've read. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. And of course Howl and Sophie had to scatter all over my post. They usually do. #NOREGRETS

      Huzzah! It makes me feel better to know I'm not alone. Because most people despise them buuut if they add tension and interest, why not? Lol.

  12. Merlin and Arthur a.k.a the most awesome friendship ever <3 And a dragon has to be my favourite fantasy animal, though I know there are plenty of other underused creatures out there!

    1. SO MUCH YES! BEST FRIENDSHIP EVERRRR. And DRAGONS!!! <3 I'm a wee bit obsessed, if it wasn't noticeable. ;D But I agree, there are SO many mythical beasts that can be used in fiction. I'm seriously happy with any and all fantasy creatures--from the classics to the obscure ones. Just gimme all the mythical beasts! :D

  13. Aaah, so fun! I loved getting all your answers to this. :D I apparently should have done this in a blog post too, because I UTTERLY failed on keeping up on twitter. -_- Life got insane, so. But some of the questions are honestly so hard, I don't know how I would have picked on some of them anyway. XD

    Aaall the dragons, and Dragons in Our Midsts, and HMC things. XD (We def need more griffins, though!)

    Toothless is THE BEST! And let's say that Nick totally counts. >:D

    I don't care for love triangles, but I think it's kinda great that you do. XD

    OH, GOODNESS. YES. Nick and Crispin are THE BEST siblings! <3

    Hurray for Billy's dad! I thought he was great too. :) (Heheh, yes, OUAT is confusing. :P)

    *dies laughing* That's one of the few Merlin scenes I've actually seen. BRILLIANT. XDDD

    Gaaah, now I need to read/see Percy Jackson because of the pen sword. SO COOL. :O

    (Movie-Howl in that gif though. He's all like whoa-what and she just knocks him over. XD)


    Anyways, this was super fun--thanks for shariiiing! ^_^

    1. Thank you! :D I had a blast doing this post! But I know what you mean. It took a LOT of brain power to figure out my answers for a lot of these, and I still left out sooo many people/things/books. *flails*


      I definitely think Nick counts, even if he might begrudge me for it. XD

      Hehehe. I know I'm the minority on liking love triangles, but I appreciate people accepting my weirdness. ;D


      Billy's dad is EPIC. As are David and Mary Margaret. I love it when fiction makes parents so very NOT cliche, and those stories did just that. It's really fun!

      It's just the BEST Merlin scene and I still giggle hysterically even after seeing it approximately 39493284 times. XD

      PERCY'S SWORD IS EPIC. I definitely recommend the books. They're so bizarre, but in a totally fun way. I love 'em! XD

      I feel like I did this post just as an excuse to use a bunch of Howl gifs. *COUGH, COUGH*


      Your comment made me grin. Thank you, Celti!!! <3

  14. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I LOVED this post. SERIOUSLY. LOVE. THIS. POST. I couldn't stop smiling the whole way thru, and nearly laughed aloud the entire post. Your answers are spot on! I've gotta say YES YES YES to them all, because I think they would be my answers as well. I mean, come on! HtTYD, Toothless, Howl & Sophie, Dragons in Our Midst, Tales of Goldstone Wood, DragonKeeper Chronicles -- AHHHHH!!! Brings back so many good memories. Your answers are beyond PERFECT!!! I can't possibly share my reaction to every one of them at the moment, but again: LOVED THIS POST!!! You just made my day. :] :] :]

    1. *squeals happily* Oh my goodness, your comment MADE. MY. DAY. I'm so happy you enjoyed this! It was great to let loose my fantasy obsession. XD But yesssss to all the things! I love how many interests we have in common. We're such twins! Thank you, Sarah!!! :D

  15. Toothless is the absolute CUTEST DRAGON EVER. :D

    Agh, Beauty and the Beast's ending... SO MANY FEELS. I have such great memories, watching the movie when I was younger. It all turned out to perfectly and it just makes me GIDDY with happiness. :D

    I agree! That Una/Aethelbald/Leo love triangle was...wowza. But it was actually really well done, so I didn't mind it! Usually, I'm not very fond of love triangles, but if they're done well, I can enjoy them. :)

    LEGOALS AND GIMLI <333 Also, Merlin and Arthur are my MOST. FAVORITE. BROMANCE. EVER. They are the literal best. :D

    Riptide is SO EPIC. I would love a pen like that...I don't know what I would use it for, since, you know, I never really face any monsters, but it would still be cool! XD

    Death-in-Life is CREEPY...And I LOVE IT. I love to hate him. Such a great villain. :)

    OH MY GOSH. Okay, so I did this tag on my blog and I picked THE SAME QUOTE AT THE END. :D I'm totally making it my life motto. :)

    1. HE SO IS! <333

      Yessss! The cartoon, the original fairytale, basically ALL the B&B stories end so well and it just makes me have all the happy, fuzzy feels. ^_^

      It was QUITE the love triangle. o.o I agree, it was brilliantly done. I do rather like love triangles, but only if it's done well like that one. Some are just plain annoying. XD


      I'd love to have Riptide too! And pssssh. Who cares about facing monsters or not? The point is to look epic. ;D

      Right?! He's the type of villain that genuinely makes you terrified for the heroes, which is GREAT. I love villains that actually make me SCARED for the well being of my beloved characters. Well, love to HATE villains like that. ;)

      WE ARE ACTUAL TWINS. But seriously, it's the best quote! Totally life motto worthy!


    'Hem. Sorry. I too sometimes enjoy love triangles in stories (as long as they're well done and all) so it was so nice to hear I'm not the only one. Usually everyone hates them. ;P

    1. WHAAAAT???? YOU TOO? YESH. *high-fives* I always feel so alone in this opinion. I mean, sure, there are a lot of horribly done and annoying love triangles, but that doesn't mean there aren't some good ones and it can't be a fun concept. That's so great you like them too! :D

    2. *high fives* Yes indeed! Super happy to find another fan. :D


    Basically you could have left a short list and been done with it--DRAGONS, Beauty and the Beast, DIOM, and HMC. XD But I ain't complaining, because I adore all those things too!

    The whole DIOM cast basically being a huge family--YES. <3 I love all the relationships in those books!

    Very, very excellent thoughts on orphans in fantasy. I think of the first reason all the time, but I'd never considered the second. It's so true, though. Epic fantasies are often about broken individuals making a family, and I love seeing that so much!

    Basically this is the best hashtag game ever, and I could probably leave a comment five times as long. ;)

    1. *GRINS* Aaaahhhh!!! That makes me happy! It was SO much fun to do!

      Bwahahahaha!!! The accuracy though. Gee, I wonder what my favorite things are? ;D

      The DiOM cast is the most precious thing. Their dynamics were the BEST. You can tell Bryan Davis put SO much work in it. AGH. SO MUCH LOVE! <3

      Aww, thank you! I feel like so many tropes get a bad rep but there's usually a good reason for them. Just because something is used a lot doesn't mean it's BAD, you know? An orphaned protagonist is often so necessary to the story.

      It was seriously the best! I hope Jenelle does another one like this next year. I loved it!


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