Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beautiful People: January Edition

Beautiful People ButtonIt is once again time for another round of Beautiful People put on by bloggers Sky and Georgie. If you have no idea what I am talking about you can see my quick explanation of it here or check out their blogs. You can find the questions here or here and an FAQ.


I was having a really hard time deciding which character to actually do for this. I thought since I am going to be starting a new story soon I should use one of those characters, but I fear I do not know them well enough yet to even do that. Thus I have decided on Nyria, the main female character of my NaNo. I think she will fit well for this.

1. If character's house burned down, and they were left with nothing but the clothes on their back, what would they do? Where would they go?
For Nyria, this would not be much trouble. She would be devastated, but as far as living conditions, her uncle and aunt are the king and queen of her land whose castle stands in walking distance of Nyria’s house. They of course would take her in the castle. Her life really probably would not be much different, unless the fire killed her family. That is an entirely different story…

2. Are they happy with where they are in life, or would they like to move on?
Nyria is the epitome of happiness. She is extremely perky no matter what situation she is in for the most part. Still, she lives for excitement and probably was rather bored until she became a dragon rider, then her life only improved more. I think she is most content.
…Until I actually started writing her story and made horrible things happen to her that is. *cough*

3. Are they well-paid?
Nyria does not have a paying job, but her father is a duke and she lives in a large estate. She’s doing pretty well for herself I think.

4. Can they read?
Indeed. She has been forced to endure many lessons in all sorts of things being a duke’s daughter. I do believe she finds reading a tad boring though. She much rather actually be doing what she could be reading. Silly, Nyria.

5. What languages do they speak?
Just English. Although she has a friend that knows some elvish, so I suspect she knows a few elvish words here and there.

6. What is their biggest mistake?
Nyria is a disaster waiting to happen. That much energy has to go somewhere. Her twin brother Naidren could probably tell me stories all day, happily at that. Eheh.
Let me think… Well, at the very beginning of her story she was riding her dragon and leaned over so far to see below that she fell right off. Not long afterwards, she ends up chasing down a small group of innocent people and tackling one, mistaking them for thieves. Later, she had an argument with a very important king, multiple times actually I think.
Her biggest mistake was most likely when she caused a huge ruckus (chasing a loose chicken of all things) through a very crowded street. Which in turn caused many people who thought Naidren and Nyria were enemies to surround them and harm Naidren. After that incident, the two could not roam the city freely anymore. It was a bit of a disaster all around.

7. What did they play with most as a child?
I’m not even sure. Most likely a wooden sword or something of the like. She liked sparring with the boys.

8. What are their thoughts on politics?
Nyria! What are you doing here? I’m trying to write this.
Well, I guess you have an answer anyway. Even though she is a duke’s daughter, she finds anything like that incredibly dull.
”That’s because it is!”
Nyria! What did I just say? Shoo!

9. What is their expected life time?
She’s human, so just normal. Of course with all the crazy things she does…you never know how much longer she has. O.o

10. If they were falsely accused of murder, what would they do? How would they react?
Actually, Nyria was falsely accused of murder. She did not handle it well… She ended up in a nasty fight with the one accusing her and constantly yelling at others who also thought she had something to do with it. She has quite a temper…

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It’s Alive! …For now.

Wow. What a terrible blogger I am. I haven’t posted anything since Christmas? Shameful, I know. I am alive though! My ideas for posts have just run completely dry lately; but I need to post something thus I’ve decided to update on…stuff. This post is very random, you are warned.

First of all, Happy New Year! To me, 2012 is an awesome number. Why? *shrugs* I have no clue. I just like it. I also like new beginnings and the start of a New Year in general. It’s enjoyable having a fresh start and new goals to reach for.

As far as goals go, I really just want to grow closer to God. I fear I wasted so much of 2011. God is always here for me and am I here for Him? No. Usually it is all about me and lately He has been put on the back burner. I’m ashamed of that. God needs to be the center, and starting now I want to put that in practice. He is so good! So good. He deserves our devotion. I really am so ashamed to how much I’ve ignored him lately.

My other big goal is to really focus on my writing. For a year now it feels like my passion for it has multiplied by the thousands. I do not know for sure if that is what God is leading me to do, but sometimes I wonder. Thus, this year I want to work on improving my writing, editing some books, starting some more, etc. 2012 will be a very writerly year for me! …That’s the plan anyway.

Speaking of writing, last Sunday night I finished writing the novel I started for NaNoWriMo. I was anxious to finish it so I can get back to editing this Arthurian Legend novel I was editing before NaNoWriMo. Thus I was quite ecstatic. So, one would think I am working on editing again now, yes?


The plot bunnies and my muse are attempting to kill me it seems. On the last few days of finishing up my NaNo, an idea sparked for an entirely different story. Then a character came into view. Then 8, yes 8, characters formed very clearly in my mind. Then my mischievous muse said, “Oooh! Let’s make this a time travel story set in a steampunk world.” And I’m sitting there blinking in confusion thinking, "But all I’ve ever written is fantasy/medieval stories! I can’t write this! Besides, I need to edit that other story.”  Muse clearly says, “No.” And that is that.

I barely know anything about the steampunk genre. It is an interesting genre and has intrigued me for a couple of years now, but I still know nothing about it. And time travel? What?

Unfortunately, what the muse says goes. So guess what I’m going to be doing soon? You guessed it. Writing a steampunk, time travel story.

In all truth though, I’m quite excited. This will of course be very different from anything I’ve ever written, but it will also have an interesting feel. It’s going to be very lighthearted and humorous. All the main characters (8, remember?) are quite bizarre and fun. It’s going to be interesting, I know that much.

I will still be editing that other story though. No matter what Muse says.

Which means I’ll be writing a steampunk, time travel story while editing an Arthurian Legend story. Fun stuff.

Why do all my posts always end up veering back to writing?

Well, that’s what has been going on anyway. So, while yes, I am technically alive, I might not be for long if my muse keeps this up. >_>

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