Monday, February 19, 2018

Interview with Kate Marie - Creator of The Bubblegum Rebellion

I have some delightful stuff going on with the blog today!

My dear friend and fellow writer/blogger Kate from Story and Dark Chocolate has recently launched a new website. But it’s more than that—it’s a revolution.



What is The Bubblegum Rebellion? Let me share Kate’s own words about it:

The Bubblegum Rebellion isn’t about your average revolution. It’s not about anger or defiance. Rather, this rebellion is a dare. A dare to live differently. To rebel harmlessly. To conquer winsomely.

The Bubblegum Rebellion is about dancing even when others stop to stare and you let them. It’s about putting flowers in your hair like the awkward wisp of fairymagic that you are. It’s about closing your eyes and feeling the sun on your eyelids and a smile so wide the whole world can’t contain it. It’s about learning from the past but not staying there, not wasting one more minute of YOUR ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE reliving it. It’s about finally feeling like you belong somewhere and basking in the knowledge that you are loved for the BEAUTIFUL MESSED UP human being that you are.

…will you join the Rebellion?

As someone who strongly believes in keeping to childlike wonder and finding the beauty in everything, I was thrilled when Kate told me about her revolution.
Of course I had to be a part of this! This is everything I strive for.

So, in honor of her new revolution, I’m interviewing Kate herself here today! EXCITING, RIGHT??? We’ll be talking more about her rebellion, her hobbies, and her creative life in general.

Without further ado…

. . . THE KATE . . .

As a four-year-old, Kate regularly yelled long, enraged monologues to the nonplussed white wall of her bedroom when she got sent there as punishment. Her penchant for the dramatic was born then and it continued to grow and flourish as Kate matured. In recent years, the realization dawned on her - she was never happier than when she was acting. Her passion is to bring stories to life - whether it is on a stage or in front of a camera - and her hope is that those stories will change people. When she isn't at rehearsals, she loves writing dark, heavy books that usually include explosions, a big family, and lots of ethnic culture, drawing creepy things that are either burning or bleeding with her art pencils, and reveling in the haunting wistfulness of the trees when she takes long hikes in a nearby park.

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. . . THE INTERVIEW . . .


Firstly, give us a quick rundown about what The Bubblegum Rebellion is and why it's important to you.

The Bubblegum Rebellion, for me, is about shedding this hard outer layer that I’ve built up over years of life battering me into a tough, calloused person I don’t really recognize and starting afresh.

As a kid, my life seemed magical and perfect and safe. But growing up is inevitable. I saw poverty and messy relationships and gray morality and people questioning the things that had always seemed obvious and true to me.

I want to go back to being a little girl again. I want to recapture the wide-eyed wonder that life used to hold.

The Bubblegum Rebellion might be that to you, too. Or it might look different. It might be looking your reflection in the eye and seeing the beauty there instead of the imperfections. It might be trying something you never have before because you’ve decided to make the most of every day. It might be mustering up the courage to go back home after wandering away.

Whatever it looks like, I think it has the power to change people.


What first sparked the idea for The Bubblegum Rebellion?

Watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube, as lame as that is. I think that was the first time I ever realized that I could start using my love of acting now – not just after I had gotten a degree and landed a role in a play or a movie.


What is a your greatest hope for TBR to achieve?

(Gotta love that acronym, right? I have a panic attack every time I look at it.)

In my wildest dreams, I see myself expanding the team to include a photographers or a filmmaker, one of those crazy-talented music-geniuses, another actor, more writers, and all of us traveling the world and making indie films together.

But really… if this can be a reminder to one single person that they are beautiful because no one else in the whole world is exactly like them, that there is always hope even when you can’t see it, that everyone can start over, try again, and be brave – I will have succeeded.


Would you share with us some of your best advice for living rebelliously?

Good gravy. Are you sure I’m qualified to answer this, Christine?

Okay, advice.

Um. My advice is to go outside on a sunny day and close your eyes and feel the wind caressing your skin and bask in the fact that all of that is God whispering that he’s crazy in love with you.

YOU ARE A FREAKING PRINCESS. Stop being afraid to live like one.

(How did I do?)


Do you have certain books/shows/movies/activities/etc. that inspire you the most to live differently and winsomely?

Rapunzel from Tangled. The scene where the musicians walk through the town square and she just starts dancing, completely unconscious that people are watching, and then she reaches out and invites others to join in and then the whole square is just alive with this beautiful carefree dance and it keeps getting bigger and bigger and wow. THAT INSPIRES ME.


What are your favorite hobbies?


I’ve never taken a dance lesson in my life, but I love to dance. I just learned that about myself, actually.

When I was little, I wanted to do ballet. No clue where the desire came from, I just wished so badly that I could be in a ballet class. But ballet is expensive and when I was very little, we didn’t have a lot of money for the necessities, much less ballet lessons for a six-year-old. Then I got older and felt awkward and knew my brothers would laugh, so I never mentioned it again and never danced.

I still don’t really dance in front of people – being laughed at is still my greatest fear. But I’m researching ballet (for one of my novels, actually) and watching videos on YouTube… so who knows? You might see me on Broadway someday.

Ahem. That turned into a rant, didn’t it? Oops. I also love to read, write, and draw. Basically anything that gives me an opportunity to tell a story.


Do you have a favorite genre to read and write?

Fantasy! Urban or futuristic fantasy, to be specific.

I’ve attempted contemporary but it’s so stifling and terrifying for me because everything has to be realistic and accurate to the real world. In fantasy, I can make my own rules and no one can say I’m doing it wrong.

At first I wrote medieval fantasy but something was missing – lots of somethings, actually. Guns. Bombs. Jeeps. Skinny jeans. Crumbling skyscrapers.

Urban-future fantasy is the sweet spot that combines all the things I love writing.


5 of your most favorite books of all time. Go!

Ack. The pressure.

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. (We’ll just ignore the fact that this is three books…)

Winter by Marissa Meyer.



Early bird or night owl?

Night owl!

I guess I never outgrew that childlike excitement that bubbles up in you when you are permitted to stay up past your bedtime?


What does your creative process look like? How do you get motivated to write, blog, and pursue other creative outlets? Any advice?

More like how do I stop being motivated…

My creative process is still growing because I’m such a writing-newbie. I’ve always had a knack for writing and I started The Songless when I was 11 but I didn’t get serious about writing until 2016. So my process basically consists of writing down hundreds of plotbunnies and then picking one to work on for the next fifteen years. (I am muchly slow.)

Motivation is the easy part. I am a very intense person – driven, stubborn, and hardworking. So I can usually force myself to get things done just out of sheer will and knowing that it is the right thing to do. But to-do lists help. (Make little boxes and number them. You get to fill in the box when you complete the task! It’s so fun.)

My advice is to let yourself be unabashedly passionate about what you do. Keep your eyes wide open and see the stories all around you. If you’re excited and love doing what you do, nothing will keep you away.

Thank you so much for letting me invade your blog today, Christine! You are the loveliest!


Thank you, Kate! Wasn’t this interview so motivational and inspiring? I don’t know about you, but I have a sudden urge to run outside and bask in a patch of sunlight.

Don’t forget to check out Kate’s NEW SITE and join the Rebellion!



Does this lifestyle intrigue you? Do you agree we should cling to our childlike wonder and live winsomely? What are some ways you live with “Bubblegum Rebellion”? LET’S SPREAD SOME GLITTER AND RAINBOWS, GUYS!

 Not only did I get to have Kate take over my blog today, but, much to my delight, she got me to overtake her blog last Wednesday. I shared a guest post over there all about NaNoWriMo (‘cause you guys know I neverrr talk about NaNo enough, amIright??? *COUGH*). If you nosy dragons are curious about my NaNo origin story and why it means so much to me, head on over to
Story and Dark Chocolate
and check it out!


  1. This is EPIC!! I love this so much. I feel like this is how people should be living. We need to focus on what we were made to do in our lives, not the pressure people put on us.


    1. WHAT YOU SAID. JUST LIKE ASFJKLGF AMEN!! There's this weird idea of how life is "supposed" to go and all these neat little molds we're "supposed" to fit into -- but what does it matter if that's not what we were MADE for??? Because we are totally made to be princesses. ;)))

    2. You BOTH said it so well! That's something I believe in so strongly. As you said, Kate, the world has a very specific system we should follow and just...WHYYYY? We're all different, unique individuals. If we all did the same thing the world wouldn't WORK. We should each follow the unique path GOD has set out for us, not the world's set pattern.

    3. Yep. I've officially decided. I want to be that weird standout person who lives differently and doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks.

  2. Aaah, such a fun interview! And I love your writing "voice", Kate! I absolutely love this Bubblegum Rebellion idea and finding the childlike wonder and positivity again! :)

    I love that scene in Tangled! <3 Fantasy is the. best. And huzzah for night owls! ;)

    Thanks for sharing with us, both of you lovely peeps!

    (:O There's a Lauri guest post about NaNo?? *runs off to read ASAP*

    1. *sqqqqueeeeeeee* I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Deborah!!! And aghhhhhh, you like my writing voice???? *dies* I'm so glad you like it!!! I think it's so important to know that we can have a fresh start, whenever we want it.

      Riiiight????? I could find a million metaphors in it. :))) FANTASY IS DEFINITELY THE BEST!!!! *fistbump* Ooooooh, are you a nightowl too?????? Huzzah for us!!!!

      Yaaaasssssss, go read it!!! She was amazing!!!!

    2. Kate's writing voice is one of my favoritest things ever! So much energy and humor without ever trying to be anyone else but the amazing KATE. You're fabulous, Kate dear! <3 And yes, The Bubblegum Rebellion is brilliant and so inspiring!

      THAT SCENE IN TANGLED IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER. I have the soundtrack and listen to the song from that scene ALL. THE. TIME. It makes my heart do thiiiings!
      Fellow night owl here! *raises hand* Then again...I hate getting up early, but I don't always stay up toooo late. I think I'm just old and tired all the time so...I don't know what I am. XD

      *blushes* YOU GUYS! <3 I loved guest posting for Kate!

    3. Okay I just died tho. (Like seriously. Over here getting compliments from two writing PROS who I look up to???? Crazy.)

  3. I'm in! I've actually been thinking about this for a while now - not the rebellion specifically, but the wonder in our everyday lives. Flowers, sunshine, our bodies - everything is just so complex and amazing. The more I think about it, the more beautiful the little things are to me.

    1. Yessssss!!! You are SO right. There are actual MIRACLES all around us and we don't realize it! I love that you are seeing that more and more as you look for it. *fistbump*

    2. I loved how you said it, GJE! "Everything is complex and amazing." That is IT! That is exactly how it is. The world is a beautiful, fascinating place and we should take joy in it. ^_^

    3. Kate- Thank you for starting this! <3 *fistbumps back*

      Christine- Thank ya! It really is. my grandma and I were talking about this yesterday. God is truly an amazing artist. <3

    4. Ohmyword, you are so welcome!!

  4. Ooh! I'm totally in! I've been seeing this in myself lately, and it's scared me - I like my wide-eyed view of the world, thank you very much. :D Also, that graphic/header is AMAZING!!!

    And whoo but a night owl to start it all? XD We'll take over the world someday, just wait and see.


    1. Having a wide-eyed view of the world is amazing and we should never, EVER snuff it out. The joys and simplicity of a child is a beautiful thing that should flourish in all of us. ^_^

      Isn't the header GORGEOUS? Kate is the master at beautimous headers!

      Night owls are TOTALLY gonna conquer the world. I absolutely believe it. XD

    2. Saaaaame here, Brianna. It's scary to find that... I've changed, over the years. Little by little. Life and the world - it can wear you down. BUT I firmly believe that we can start over -- that we're long overdue, actually.

      Ack, thank youuuuu!!!!


  5. I love this! I've always had that urge to seek out a childlike wonder, one that the people around me simply don't seem to understand. I just never wanted to grow up, I guess. Learning that there's others out there who feel the same way is AMAZING!!!! Lovely interview, Christine, and thanks for guesting, Kate! :D

    1. Peter Pan is my idol because of this.
      TEHEHEHE. Juuust kidding. Obviously we supposed to grow up and grow in wisdom and maturity, BUT, so often people get so burdened by the world when they get older, they forget the beauty and simplicity from their childhood days. Just because we're older doesn't mean the world is any less wondrous. I think God WANTS us to cling to a constant sense of wonder.

      It makes me so happy to see others believe this too! ^_^

    2. Don't grow up, Faith. DON'T. Keep being that kid who believes in fairies.

  6. ACK!!! This just made me so extremely happy, you have no idea!

    Kate, you already know that I'm 100% in on The Bubblegum Rebellion. Nothing new here. XD But ACK I LOVED LEARNING MORE ABOUT IT!! Just YES. ABSOLUTELY YES. ALL OF THE YES. You're going places, my friend. I hope (and believe that) all of your wildest dreams will come true. <3

    AND CHRISTINE!! How in the world did you come up with such amazing questions??? There is no way mine are gonna be this awesome! You are like the nearest interviewer person of ever...

    And as for clinging to childlike wonder and living winsomely, this is something that I've been believing for YEARS, but it always felt like I was the only one who thought this. All of my friends were never really on the same track as me, I guess. I've always loved the idea of clinging to childlike wonder and living each day in whimsy, so TBR is pretty much right where I belong. XD



      Oh my goodness, GIRL! I'm so happy you liked my questions! I always thought I was extremely uncreative when it comes to interviews so this just makes me ridiculously pleased!

      Yes, yes, YESSSS. It's something I've believed in for...basically my entire life. So when Kate came to me with her revolution I was just like, "WUT?!?! THIS IS EVERYTHING!" It's so encouraging finding others with this mentality. That's so sad your friends didn't share your beliefs, but now you've got us! You are not alone. *HUGS*

      AWK. KENZIE. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL TOO AND MAKE ME SMILE BASICALLY EVERY DAY!!! Keep being your amazing self! <3333333


      You are such an inspiration to me and a HUGE part of why I started this -- I mean, you came up with the idea, the name... WHY AREN'T YOU LEADING THIS AGAIN???

      Your belief in me (and yours too, Christine!) means the world to me. I'm gonna go cry or something.

      And your questions will be fabulous and unique!!! I can't wait!!


  7. Aw, this is the cutest! I love it!! :D

    -Gray Marie |

  8. Oh my gosh, I love this! I've never heard of The Bubblegum Rebellion before, but that is amazing. I would totally want to live my life like this - it's such a great statement, and such a great outlook on life. This really brightened my day, and I know I'll be revisiting this again soon. Thank you Christine and Kate for doing this post!

    ~True //

    1. Isn't Kate a genius? It's such a beautiful thing to spread across the world. I'm so happy to hear it brightened your day. Thanks so much! <3

    2. @True -- Ha. The reason you haven't heard of it is because it's BRAND NEW!! You are like the first ones to hear about it!! I'm super excited to launch!!! Thank you SO MUCH for reading, dear!!!

  9. KATE IS SO EPIC. :D I was so excited when I heard about her rebellion! And this interview was SO FABULOUS. I love blog takeovers! XD


      I'm so happy you enjoyed the interview. I had such a fun time working with Kate and doing this! :D

    2. @Madeline -- *violent sobbing* I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. So glad you enjoyed this and just aghhhhhh, thank you for your support!!

  10. Okay, so two of the things I've been struggling with a lot laterly (among many things haha) is 1) missing my childhood and 2) dealing with being an adult and knowing about all the crud and sadness in this world and missing those days when everything seemed magical and happy and sunshiny all. the. time. (Which leads back to number 1.)


    This was a fun interview!! :)

    1. Oh man, I absolutely sympathize with you! I'm often mourning the simplistic, worry-free days of childhood. But I'm learning life can STILL be that way, we can STILL find joy and beauty in everything and toss away the fears and worries. It's a fight, but one I think we should all take on head-first.

      Kate's mission is beautiful and inspiring and you should definitely check it out! :D

    2. Awwww, Natalie. It sounds like you and I have been twinsies in our thinking these days. Life can be... hard. And it can make US kind of hard. So yes. That is a huge part of why I feel like I need this. *wipes delicate tear*

      Thank you so much for reading, dear!



      AND IT WAS MY HONOR. I LOVED HAVING MY KATE BEAN ON MY BLOG. IT WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Thank YOU for including ME in this! I can't wait to see where The Bubblegum Rebellion goes!

  12. This was beautiful! Excellent interview, you two. <333 I love going outside and really focusing on God's presence too. Somehow I'm more aware of His love when I'm out in His creation!

    1. I'm so happy you enjoyed it, Tracey!

      I agree wholeheartedly! It's when I'm looking out and experiencing nature that I realize just how much of an amazing, powerful, creative God we really have. Thinking about how He made it ALL just... There are no words!


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