Monday, May 1, 2017

Some Rambles About Life + Shameful Confessions + May Hiatus

Sooo…I’m going on another hiatus. *cough* My perfectionist self is beating me up over this since I already went on one in January. I can’t go another month not posting on my blog. I post every week. THAT’S THE RULE. But, ya know, January was a few months ago. And I don’t think the world will explode if I go another few weeks without posting…? Maybe? Hopefully?

Okay, but for reals, this wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I think it’ll be for the best.

See, I have a lot going in May. As in THREE graduations three weeks in a row. Two of which are out of town, one of which is my own little sister (!!!!). And, on top of that, there’s a billion other things going down in May. Life has been busy, and is about to get busier. It’s a GOOD busy. I’m actually very excited about life right now. So this is not an I’m-too-drained-from-life-to-blog type of hiatus like I took in January. This is a life-is-too-full-and-exciting-to-worry-about-blogging thing.

Remember last Monday when I admitted I was a rare unicorn extroverted writer? Well, guys, I’m catering to my extroverted needs in May and putting away the computer for a bit to soak up life. I just want to LIVE. To be a part of all the exciting things going down. Not obligated to sit in front of the computer for a few hours blogging every week.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Blogging actually helps my extrovertedness (totally a word, shhh) because I get to interact with YOU GUYS, which is basically my favorite thing of ever. I don’t know how I ever survived without all my blogging friends. You’re the BEST. But, sadly, I don’t know you in person. IT’S A TRAGEDY. If only I could talk to you each in person all the time. *dreamy sigh* That’d be the life.


All this to say, I LOVE my blog, and I LOVE all of you, and taking a hiatus is not easy. But I also think I need to just soak up life for a bit and enjoy this time of friends and family graduating and things. I’m super pumped about May and I don’t want any computer obligations taking me away from that.

With that said, I’m gonna admit something shameful to you… You know how my BIG PLANS for 2017 was to buckle down and get super serious about my writing. To edit Burning Thorns and be active on social media and start searching for literary agents and work on query letters and all that fun stuff? Well…

I haven’t done any of it. I, erm, haven’t even started editing on Burning Thorns.

*hides in a hole of shame for eternity*


On the one hand, I’m utterly horrified and ashamed that we’re nearly to MAY, and I haven’t done any of that stuff. But on the other hand…I’m at peace with it.

See, when I made these plans in January, I had no idea what this year would bring. I thought it’d be any other normal, boring year and I’d have plenty of time to work on my writing career. Well, life didn’t work out that way. Instead, this year is proving to be exciting with changes coming. Which is GREAT. I’ve needed a change desperately! But, as a result, my writing has been pushed aside.

With all that said, I’ve been playing the horrid game of Guilt for months. I should be editing. I should be more active on social media. Why have I not started searching for literary agents? I AM ALL THE SHAME. But then I realized: I don’t think this is the time for that. I think God wants me to just focus on LIFE right now. After all, I have all the rest of my life to work on writing. It’s not like I have deadlines. If I put off editing for a couple of months, THE WORLD WILL NOT END. *gasp* Crazy thought!

SO. As I came to this conclusion, I’ve felt a peace. I’ve made a plan to officially put off all my Writing Plans for another couple of months. Don’t get me wrong. Writing = LIFE. It’s still my main priority for my future! But, for this specific time, I think I need to close the laptop now and again and just enjoy life. To be with friends and family and enjoy being out and about and busy, instead of holed up in my room writing or feeling guilty about not being holed up in my room writing.

I honestly think that’s what God wants of me right now.

BUT DO NOT WORRY. Once life settles back into a normal routine, I’m sure I’ll be chomping at the bit, desperate to return to writing. I can’t ever go long without it. It’s a part of me, and without it I feel empty. And I DO plan on returning to blogging sometime in June! No way am I abandoning my blog for too long. That would be a TRAGEDY.

But for the month of May, I’m just gonna LIVE. Which may also mean not commenting on blogs and emailing as much either. I’m not sure yet. BUT I’LL BE BACK, GUYS. I PROMISE.

I love you all, and hope your May is an absolutely frabjous one!


So, tell me, what are your May plans? Any graduations? Any fun summer doings? (Can you believe it’s nearly SUMMER? o.O) What’s going on in your lives? I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. Chat with me!

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