Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Hiatus Notice

Hello, my dears! Happy May to you all! (*pretends I’m not freaking out over the fact that it’s already May when it should still be February or something*)

If the post title and big picture above isn’t clear enough…

I’m going on hiatus
for the course of May.

I hate to do it. I always hate going a while without blogging. Buuuut Realm Makers is looming. (Like seriously, we’re less than 3 months away, people!!!) Annnnd I have much RM prep that still needs doing. Including finishing up edits for Burning Thorns. My original plan was to really focus on edits in April and get it mostly finished. But Life happened, as it does, and April turned out to be one of the busiest, most stressful and awesome months I’ve had in a long time. It was a roller coaster, guys. *collapses* Needless to say, very little editing happened.

Thankfully, I’m a good bit past halfway through the manuscript and think I can get it finished in a month or two. I just gotta actually have time. And that’s only one thing I need to get done before Realm Makers is here. *nervous laughter*

Soooo I realize I need to make time, which, sadly, means not blogging for a bit.

BUT DO NOT FEAR. I shall be back in June with lots more content for you guys. Blogging is one of my greatest joys and it’s so hard for me to take hiatuses. But, as we’ve said, Life happens. And, unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a machine that stops and/or makes more time. Until I can get my hands on one, blogging hiatuses will have to happen now and again. *pouts*

I hope your May is an absolutely magical month. IT’S ALMOST SUMMER, GUYS! :O If you’re in school right now, remember: You’re almost done. The lazy, carefree days of summer are just around the corner. YOU’VE GOT THIS!




Do you have any summer plans? Are you excited about May? Tell me everything!

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