Monday, February 5, 2018

7 Fantasy Worlds I Call Home

FEBRUARY IS FANTASY MONTH! So proclaimed the lovely and brilliant fantasy expert herself, Jenelle Schmidt.

This is the 3rd year she has hosted this month-long celebration of all things fantasy and I couldn’t be more thrilled! (Because, hello??? FANTASY. It’s my life’s blood!) If you want to learn more and join in yourself, check out Jenelle’s post. She has all sorts of fun planned for this month!

Oooobviously I had to immerse in all the fantasy fun. BECAUSE FANTASY.

There is so much to love about this genre. It’s truly infinite. Full of mythical creatures or new creatures altogether, strung up from a single person’s mind. Swordfights and magic battles. Elves and dwarves and all manner of fascinating races. People with extraordinary abilities. Trees that walk and talk or items imbued with unknown enchantments. When you crack open a fantasy novel, the wonders you may find inside are endless.

One of the greatest things of fantasy is the other worlds; that feeling of being transported to somewhere completely new and different where perhaps the laws of our own universe may not even apply.

There are so many brilliant and amazing worlds found in fiction that have captured our imaginations for years. Some we even may call home. Because I believe “home” is often a feeling. I’m sure you know it, that sensation of returning to a favorite book and sighing with contentment as you step through the portal of words into that mystical land that feels so familiar, so right. Home doesn’t have to be one place or even a physical building. It’s that warm feeling in our hearts where we feel comfortable and content. And, for so many of us, there are some places like that nestled within the pages of books.

So, in honor of February is Fantasy Month, I wanted to list 7 fantasy worlds I call home. (Though I suspect none of these will be a surprise to anyone who knows me. *cough*)

. . . THE WORLDS . . .


The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings + other Tolkien works
(J.R.R. Tolkien)


AREN’T YOU IN SHOCK??? I mean, obviously this one goes first. Did you seriously think I’d have a list of fantasy worlds and not include it? Let’s be real.

But GUYS. Middle-earth! Where do I even begin? I was first introduce to the world of Middle-earth when I was 10. I had started writing just a year prior, but this, this, is when I realized the power of imagination and words. It opened up a whole new world for me, literally and figuratively! I’msofunny.

My imagination soared with this world of majestic elves and hearty dwarves and hobbits who, though common folk and small, were brave enough to save the world. Of talking tree-like people and great eagles and dark places and shining places and wonders abound. I couldn’t get enough of it. This was what storymaking was about. It snatched up my heart and never let it go.

Who wouldn’t want to go have afternoon tea in a cozy hobbit hole or gallop on horseback with the Riders of Rohan? To sing with the elves under the trees of Mirkwood or Lothlorien? Or rest in the peace and beauty of The Last Homely House, Rivendell?

Tolkien’s brilliance and dedication to his world blows my mind. The history and complexity of Middle-earth tricks me into thinking it is real. It’s so broad and rich with life, sometimes it’s hard to remember it’s a fictional place.

As a writer and fantasy lover, Middle-earth will forever put me in awe.


Peter Pan
(J.M. Barrie)


Though  Middle-earth pulled out the desire to create my own worlds and showed me how grand fantasy could be, I’d say Neverland was my first fantasy home.

I’m not sure I can even describe what Neverland is to me. It holds an extra special place in my heart, possibly more so than any other fantasy world out there. Whenever I think of Neverland, a single word comes to mind: Wonder.

I can’t think of any other fantasy world that fills one with wonder as much as Neverland. Because isn’t that the point? Neverland isn’t one specific place, it’s the center of all children’s imaginations. It’s an island where imagination runs wild, where imagination creates it. To each child, Neverland is a little different. But what child wouldn’t want a place where they never grow up? Where they can play with fairies and fight pirates and swim with mermaids, all led by a boy who knows nothing else but how to have fun?

I’m about to go off into Crazy Christine Land, but the truth is, I long for Neverland. Yes, I long for all these wonderful worlds, but Neverland is different. My heart swells whenever I think of it. I’m ecstatic whenever I hear there’s a new Peter Pan adaption coming out and I always so hope it’ll be good, because I need another taste of Neverland on a constant basis. I need to be there and experience it. I need that sense of wonder it always leaves me with.

I believe whenever one “visits” Neverland, hints of fairy dust clings to them and reminds them there is wonder and magic out there.


The DragonKeeper Chronicles
(Donita K. Paul)


I was probably in my mid-teens when my bestie recommended these books to me. The second I read the first few pages, I was hooked. I’ve since read the whole series 3 or 4 times.

Donita K. Paul is another one of those brilliant worldbuilders who puts so much thought and effort into every detail of their world. How do I even begin to describe her world?

Well, firstly, THERE ARE DRAGONS. So…yeah. Obviously that’s important. But not only that, there are TINY dragons. Of course you still have the large, epic dragons who can totally eat people…and you can ride. #Important. But there are also minor dragons which are basically kitten-sized ones and EXCUSE ME BUT I WANT A KITTEN-SIZED DRAGON STAT.

And the dragons are just the beginning. There are countless races, all utterly made-up by Mrs. Paul. Such as the doneel—small, furry little people who have a penchant for flamboyant clothing—or the emerlindian who are born pale and grow darker as they age, or kimen, 2-foot people who run so fast and are so light it looks like they’re floating on air. It just goes on and on and on.

This world is full of so many different regions and species and races. The magic system is utterly fascinating—each wizard having a specialty. Even the minor dragons have their own special gifts depending on what color they are. There’s intriguing food and fauna and culture galore. Literally every single corner of this world is something new and interesting to explore. I’ve only scratched the surface.

It’s so full of color and joy and fascinating things to see. I feel like a little kid being taken to an aquarium when I read these books—entranced by all the strange and interesting things found around each corner. But, at the same time, there’s something cozy about Amara. I always feel comfortable and content when I read or even think about these stories.

Amara is definitely a place I call home.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
(Lewis Carroll)


You knew we were coming to this, didn’t you?

Ah, Wonderland, that utterly bizarre world Alice falls straight into from a rabbit hole. A lot of people don’t really understand my (unhealthy) love for Wonderland. It’s such a weird and random place after all. But Wonderland and I click because, well, my brain is a weird and random place.

Mom has joked before that she expects the inside of my mind looks a lot like Wonderland. She is right on the mark. Whenever I read the story or watch adaptions from it, I feel right at home. A mischievous talking cat, rocking horse flies, live flowers—those are all things I could have absolutely seen my childhood imagination coming up with. I’ve always had a strange fascination with characters who are a bit mad, so of course the Mad Hatter captured me from the get-go. Then again, they’re all mad in Wonderland. “We’re all mad here.” They’re silly and bizarre and speak in riddles or take things too literally. There are talking animals galore, an army made out of decks of cards, a time-conscious rabbit, an endless tea party—really, I don’t see what’s not to love.

To me, this world, the real world, is weird and random. You guys are on the internet, you know the nonsense this world produces! (I mean, seriously.) But Wonderland embraces it fully and accepts nonsense as a way of life. I love that. I love how you literally never know what you’re going to find there, what sort of characters you’re going to come across. And Wonderland is different to each person; it’s what you make of it. Is it wondrous? Is it silly? Is it creepy? It’s all a manner of how you look at it! And I love how it can be perceived in so many ways.

It’s called Wonderland for a reason. It feed a child’s curiosity with wonderment.

“Curiouser and curiouser.”


Tales of Goldstone Wood
(Anne Elisabeth Stengl)


It was around 2010 I believe when I first entered Goldstone Wood, and I have been entranced by it ever since. This world of magic and faerie instantly snagged my fairytale-loving heart.

Goldstone Wood is a place in between, a bridge between the mortal world and world of Faeries. It is not a safe place, but it is beautiful and full of curious and magical things and beings.

I think what really draws intrigue about the Goldstone Wood is the sense of mystery. Because do we ever really know what all it contains? In the first few books especially, we only get small glimpses of the Wood, little tastes of a much grander thing beyond. It’s the kind of place you both long to enter and fear to. Because underneath those trees may be dark, twisted things or wondrous, beautiful ones. Or perhaps beings that are both.

It is a world to fear and love all at the same time. And though I’d prooobably get lost and/or die the second I stepped foot inside it, I can’t help but desire to visit that enchanting Wood anyway.


Winnie-the-Pooh Series
(A. A. Milne)


My childhood consisted of two main things: Playing in the woods and stuffed animals. I didn’t play with dolls much. Give me a stuffed animal any day! So a story set in a wood where a child’s stuffed animals are basically alive? MY CHILDHOOD DREAMS COME TRUE.

Sadly, I didn’t actually read the official Winnie-the-Pooh books until just a few years ago (I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT! *SOBS*), but I watched the Disney animated movie possibly more than any movie in existence, and I soaked up ALL things Winnie-the-Pooh. To this day the Winnie-the-Pooh theme song sends a thrill down to my heart. The movie, the books, everything about this adorable story makes me indescribably joyful. I could happily spend hours in the Hundred Acre Wood.

This is a world built by a child, and there’s something so charming and pleasant about the simplicity of it. The little houses of all the different animals. Pooh’s thinking spot, the bee tree, the sandpit where Roo plays. These are places of Childhood. The cozy little haunts to play and have pretend adventures in.

Whenever I’m feeling down, I know I can visit the Hundred Acre Wood and instantly be cheered again. These stories take me back to the simple, happy days of childhood unlike any other.


The Chronicles of Narnia
(C.S. Lewis)


Naturally no list of fantasy worlds is complete without Narnia.

I think the most captivating thing about Narnia is that we get to see it from its creation to the very end (well, not the end exactly. The new beginning perhaps is more accurate). I’ve never read any other story that allowed me to experience the entire history of the world. What a grand and magical feeling it is. And what a world we get to experience!

Is there anything more alluring than a great, fantasy world with a lamppost curiously planted right in the middle of the woods? Or the fact that its first rulers were a humble couple from our own world?

What I particularly love is, though it definitely had dark days and hard times, Narnia also was utterly full of golden days as well. It gives you a sense of hope and happiness. A reminder that war and hardships do not last forever.

Narnia is such a charming place, with its talking animals and mythical creatures and beautiful, hilly countryside. And then there is Aslan himself, his very presence filling one with amazement and fear and awe and hope all at once.

Wouldn’t you love to go dancing with the fauns or try to cheer up poor Puddleglum or visit the Beavers’ comfortable little house or dine with the Pevensies in the grandness of Cair Paravel?

There’s something cozy about Narnia that makes me yearn for its comfort and beauty. If that’s not a feeling of home, I don’t know what is.


And there we have it! There are so many more fantasy worlds I wish to visit and explore, but these are the ones that carried me through childhood and my teen years. The ones I’ve visited again and again and again for years and years. The ones that forever give me that comfort of familiarity when I go back to them.

That feeling of home.



Tell me, O’ World Questers, what are your favorite fantasy worlds? Do we share any? And pleeeease tell me I’m not the only one who yearns for these places and calls them home! (Because sometimes I feel like a mad person. Then again, maybe I’m actually from Wonderland. *wriggles eyebrows* Thatwouldactuallyexplainsomuch.) And don’t forget to check out all the fantasy fun over on Jenelle's blog!


  1. Middle Earth would definitely be on my list! My family just watched the first two movies last night, it just made me so happy and warm inside!

    Narnia too is a wonderful world, I'd love to visit it just for a time. I think that might be part of the allurement of Narnia, how children from our world can visit it, but they always come back.

    The Hundred Acre Wood was a big part of my childhood! Even my older brothers still talk about Winnie the Pooh and how awesome the movies are!

    But the fantasy world that is probably closest to home for me, would probably be Lucumbra and Thalmos from the series King of the Trees. I discovered the series when I was in my early teens, and it definitely impacted me.

    Other worlds I could name would be fantasy worlds in 100 Cupboards, and Corenwald from the Wilderking Trilogy.

    This post was awesome! I always love revisiting favorite fantasy worlds! And hearing about new ones!

    1. YESSSSS! I always get such a wonderful feeling when I watch those movies. They're the epitome of happiness. <3 (Which is funny, because they're about war and tragedy, BUT YA KNOW!)

      That's a very interesting thought! It always made me kinda sad that the children always had to come back to our world after visiting Narnia. But, at the same time, it DOES kind of make it more enchanting--how you go to Narnia to learn life lessons and get to know Aslan, and then take those lessons and that magical feeling back to our world. What a lovely thought! ^_^

      Same, same, same! It's such a happy place! <3

      I don't think I've ever heard of the King of the Trees series. O_O Obviously I need to remedy this! I don't know about the Wilderking trilogy either. I must look up these books! I HAVE read 100 Cupboards, though only the first book. Been meaning to read the rest of the trilogy for aaages. I need to get on that!

      Thank you so much! And I feel the same. I could talk about fantasy worlds forever!

    2. I just looked up the books you mentioned on GoodReads and I have the King of the Trees book marked as to-read. So I apparently have heard of it at some point. Probably from you! LOL.

      But what's hilarious is I OWN the first Wilderking book. XDDD I just didn't realize that was the series name. I picked it up at a library sale at one point, though still haven't read it. Obviously I need to!

    3. Yeah I've probably mentioned them before. :D

      Yes you should read them! :P

  2. Eeeee! All of these worlds you've mentioned are my FAVORITES!!!!

    I'll admit I never read Peter Pan when I was little, so I don't have that relationship with Neverland that so many of my friends seem to. *hides* I'm ashamed now! But your relationship with it reminds me of my relationship with Narnia. My sisters love Narnia well enough, but they've never understood my great, great love for it. Maybe it's time to give that series a re-read.

    WINNIE-THE-POOH. That was always my favorite. Christine, I think you and I MIGHT be the same person? XD (except for the aforementioned Neverland discrepancy. Oh well.)

    AND HOLY COW GOLDSTONE WOOD. That's one of the first fantasy worlds that, despite the danger, I want to visit. I love Middle Earth dearly, I really do, but if I got the chance to go'd have to be once everything was all good and happy. I feel like the likelihood of death trumps my desire to go there. BUT! Goldstone Wood? Even though it might even be MORE dangerous, depending on how you think about it, I would still want to go there. I think Goldstone Wood and its creatures are my spirit animal. I would go there in a heartbeat and I wouldn't even mind if I got magicked or something. XD

    My favorite world growing up (besides Narnia) is actually the world that my best friend and I invented in my backyard. We were always out there riding our magic bikes that turned into horses, walking on the water in our special shoes, beating up our (imaginary) older brothers, and fighting the enemy as we ran away from home and never looked back. I have such precious memories of that world. <3

    Awesome post, and this was so fun to discover all these worlds that are dear to your heart! (Also, I think you might just be from Wonderland. Wouldn't that be cool???)



      Hey, that's okay! Because you know what? *I* didn't read Narnia until I was a bit older. (Mid to late teens, I believe.) CRAZY, RIGHT?! So I always feel like I was missing out, because everyone I know grew up with Narnia and I didn't. XD But it's NEVER too late to join a fandom! SO DON'T BE ASHAMED. Just because we come in a little later doesn't mean we don't love them as much as other people!

      I totally think we're the same person. It's getting very suspicious. XD BUT YES. WINNIE-THE-POOH IS MY HAPPY PLACE!

      I LOVE YOUR LOVE FOR THE GOLDSTONE WOOD BOOKS. AWK. They're so special! And yeah, I totally get you. I'd probably die if I went to Middle-earth. I'd have to make sure I stayed in the Shire or something. XD But... *clutches heart* I know what you mean about Goldstone Wood. It's the most alluring place. It'd totally be worth the risk! ;D

      OKAY BUT THIS IS THE MOST SPECIAL THING. I love how you guys had your own little world! What lovely memories to have!

      Thank you! So happy you enjoyed it! (And I think I am. It would explain a lot! XD)

  3. I can proudly say I have homes in all these worlds but two! The NOSTALGIA! <3

  4. These are all such perfect brilliant places, and I love them all!

    1. Aren't they so wonderful! These authors are masters!



    Also, "lovely and brilliant fantasy expert" has a fabulous ring to it, and I shall start announcing myself thus whenever I enter a room. :nods:

    The only one of these not on my list so far is Amara, but only because I haven't actually read any of Donita K. Paul's books :hangs head in shame: However, our church library has them all, so.... definitely on my list of books I must read, stat!

    I LOVE NEVERLAND as well. Narnia was my first fantasy-home-world, but Neverland was a close second. The book just makes me so happy, and I, too, eagerly look forward to every movie adaptation and book-retelling with a spark of hope in my soul that it will be AWESOME and a little bit like hearing my dad read Peter Pan out loud the very first time all over again.

    We don't have to fear getting lost in Goldstone Wood! We know the Prince of Farthestshore and his song! So, yes, let's visit the Wood, post-haste!

    Your childhood sounds a lot like mine. Woods and stuffed animals. Yup!

    And of course Middle Earth... though I'm fairly certain I would die there. Unless I could hide in the Shire forever. I definitely want to visit Rohan and Lothlorien and Rivendell, though. That would be the best!

    Let's see... not on your list, but on mine would be The Enchanted Forest - because the magic system is cool, and the fact that it's learnable sounds like a blast. Also, being practical there seems like it would be helpful to surviving, and I like to think I'm fairly practical.

    I'd also love to visit the realm of Wind in the Willows (not technically fantasy, but talking animals... so... there's a hint of it there). And Landover, because I just love it to pieces, and so much about it is such a unique blend of heroic and hilarious.

    The portals that books open to let us glimpse through these windows into the possibilities of other worlds are my favorite thing about fantasy.


      You should absolutely start announcing yourself as such. It depicts you perfectly.

      OH, JENELLE. I think you'd looooove the DragonKeeper books. They seem right up your alley! Might be fun stories to read to the kids as well! ^_^

      FELLOW NEVERLAND LOVER. YESSS! *high-fives* I can never get enough of it. That's so sweet your dad read it out loud to you. Definitely my goal if I ever have children!

      Ah, you are so right! That just makes me even more determined to visit the Wood. ;D

      You too?? I could never get enough of roaming the woods and collecting/playing with my stuffed animals. Ah, memories...

      I'd totally die in Middle-earth. XD Hiding in the Shire sounds like a plan. If only Middle-earth had portals and we could visit the other places without having to travel there! Because all that traveling alone would probably kill me. XD

      OH. The Enchanted Forest! I looooove that place! Though, sadly, I only read those books for the first time just a few years ago, so they're not QUITE as special as some I grew up with. But I still adore them! And yes, it's one of the few worlds we might could actually stay alive in. XD

      Would you believe I've never read Wind in the Willows?!?! I've been meaning to FOREVER, but I just never...have. It's ridiculous! I must do that. And that in some Terry Brooks' books? Because I've never read those either! ALL THE SHAME.

      OH YES. You said it perfectly. There is nothing quite like being transported to a completely new world when you crack open a book. If that's not magic, I don't know what is.

    2. I really want to read those. I have some reading commitments at the moment, but I've been eyeing them in the library for months now... as soon as my schedule is free, I will snatch them up. I did start reading the first one a while back while I was waiting around at church for people, and what I saw was really good.

      *high fives* Neverland is the best. I really like Gail Carson Levine's fairy story spin-offs, they're cute.

      YOU MUST READ WIND IN THE WILLOWS!!!! It's so charming and fun. We just watched the GOOD version on DVD with the kids the other night. It's another one I grew up with, so it may lose something when coming to it later... but it's lovely.

      Landover is part of Terry Brooks' shorter series, starts with "Magic Kingdom for Sale: Sold!" which is everything the title promises. I love his Shannara stuff, but I prefer his Magic Kingdom of Landover series.

    3. Oh, I understand! You wouldn't believe the number of books I have on my TBR that have been sitting there for LITERALLY YEARS that I *still* haven't gotten to. It's getting shameful. XD But SO MANY BOOKS. SO LITTLE TIME.

      I have been meaning to read more Gail Carson Levine. I've only read 2 or 3 of her books! WHICH IS NOT OKAY. I MUST read more!

      I KNOW! GAH. I think I'd love it. Again, one of those books on my TBR that keeps getting pushed back. *shakes head* I've never seen any adaptions (that I can remember) either. Like...what even am I doing with my life?!

      Okay but those books sound SO FUN!!! I have some Shannara books. Haven't read them yet though. XD I just found nice copies for super cheap and couldn't go home without them. I've never seen these other books around but I REALLY WANT THEM. They sound hilarious!

  6. I'd say Berk from HTTYD, but the movies, not the books. I don't know if that counts. XD
    Neverland and the Hundred acre woods would be cool, too. Ooh, and Wonderland. Awesome post.


    1. THAT TOTALLY COUNTS. I've never actually read the books myself, but I loooooooove the movies. They make me so happy! And I agree, it's a wonderful place! Who wouldn't want to live in a place where dragons are your friends? I mean, really!

      Yes, yes, yes! All my happy places!

      Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it! ^_^

  7. AAAHHH I LOVE THIS! *huggles post* I absolutely LOVE your descriptions of all these worlds--yesyesyes! They're perfect descriptions! :O And naturally I love that these are home for you! ^_^ Middle-earth, Hundred Acre Wood (!!!) and Narnia are home for me as well! Particularly in The Silmarillion! ;) And I'd have to add Lloyd Alexander's Land of Prydain to that list of childhood fantasy "homes". I'm sure there are a bunch of other ones! Ingary etc. :D But YES, I love that feeling of home, and fantasy worlds are the BEST. One of my favorite recent discoveries was in The Last Motley--I felt right at home immediately! <3 Anyway, this was delightful--thanks for sharing! And I love all the pics you found! ^_^ *huggles post*


      Middle-earth, Hundred Acre Wood, and Narnia are like childhood staples! Every child needs to visit them. ^_^

      I think it's so great how much you love the Prydain books and what they mean to you. I wish I had read them when I was younger! (Then again, I haven't read them but the first book STILL. #SHAME)

      OH. MY. WORD.
      WHY DID I NOT INCLUDE INGARY????????????? Like...Howl's castle is the homeiest home I have! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Okay, well, add Ingary to the list as well because YES. OF COURSE.

      You're more and more making me realize how much I NEED to read The Last Motley. I love those books that make you feel at home right away. That is the mark of a good author!

      Thanks so much, Celti! I love fangirling over fantasy things with you! <3

    2. Oooh, yes, Prydain!!! How could I forget Prydain?

      And the world of Chrestomanci... :)

      Totally agree about Arinn (the world of the Last Motley) it's sooooo good! You should definitely read it! :nods:

    3. I absolutely must read The Last Motley. Like...THIS HAS TO HAPPEN!

  8. THIS. All THIS. Yes, yes, yes to all of them!!! I gotta say Middle Earth, Narnia, and Amara are my top three. Ohmigoodness, AMARA. TT_TT I can't believe I'd forgotten that magically, whimsical place. I'm gonna have to visit again very soon. I haven't been to Wonderland or Neverland as much, but I love the Hundred Acre Wood. Good gravy, every single one you've named is AMAZING. I will add though, I love the world of the Ranger's Apprentice books too! Great post, as usual, dearie! :]

    1. *GRINS* I'm so happy you liked this post. It was a blast to write!

      Definitely yes to all three of those! Middle-earth and Narnia are staples. Like...EVERYONE must visit those. But AMARA. Eeeeee! Isn't it such a fun, unique world? I miss it just talking about it. It's been a while since my last reread. It's obviously time for another! Lol. And the Hundred Acre Wood is so happy. GAH. All my precious places! <3

      You know, I only ever read the first Ranger's Apprentice book and it was yeeeears ago. I need to read it again and read ALL of the books this time. Lol! Gotta do that someday. *nods*

      Thanks, Sarah! Your comment made me smile. <3

  9. AHHHH, I love several of these worlds too!

    GAHH Middle Earth....I'd love to take a vacation in that world for sure. Same with Narnia - I'd have so many conversations with the Centaurs and Mr. Tumnus.

    LE GASP - 100 ACRE WOOD!!!! That would be a childhood dream for me to go there. I have the books in a box set - I just found them at the top of the closet, they are now in my bookshelf.

    Beautiful post as always, Christine!!


    1. They're such happy, homey worlds, aren't they? ^____^

      THAT WOULD BE THE DREEEEAM! Then again, if I ended up in either of those worlds, I doubt I'd want to leave. So it'd probably be a permanent vacation. XD

      Yes, yes, yes! And oh my goodness, you have a box set?! HOW DELIGHTFUL!

      You're so sweet. Thank you!

  10. This reminds me of when I did a similar post, back in early December, with a list of bookish places I would love to visit if I could. A wonderful lady (who goes by the fitting title 'The Honourable Mrs. D) pointed out that she actually HAD been to her favourite fictional places...and as I thought about it, I realized that I have, too.
    I really HAVE been to Narnia, Fangorn Forest, and Goldstone Wood! Gateways to these worlds can be found all over the place.

    1. That's so very true! We always say we wish we could go, but every time we open up our favorite books, or visit some beautiful place on this amazing Earth we live in, or even watch a movie, we ARE there. We HAVE experienced these things, over and over again. What a wonderful point! ^_^


    I especially love what you said about Neverland. Just . . you gave me all the feelings and made me want to go read the book again. <3333

    Of all of these, Narnia is probably the one that feels the most like home to me.

    Excellent post, m'dear. :) Love what you said about fantasy as a whole, too!!

    1. ^__________^

      D'awww! Isn't Neverland such an enchanting place? I'm making MYSELF want to reread the book...for like the gazzilionth time. XD

      Narnia is so, so special. I think reading about children from our own world experience it makes it feel more real somehow. Like it could REALLY be found in our closet somewhere. Does that make sense? I don't know! It's just a magical place. <3


  12. I'm so glad you included the Hundred Acre Wood! I LOVE the original Winnie the Pooh... it's just so sweet and nostalgic and warm-carefree-afternoon-ish. I think I appreciate it more and more as I get older, primarily because of the subtle yet hilarious humor. Eeyore is so sarcastic, my word! He always makes me laugh. :)


    1. ISN'T IT THOUGH?! You put it perfectly--sweet and nostalgic and warm-carefree. YES. That's precisely it! And oh yes, the humor is golden! It's dripping with subtle hints of humor and makes me grin every single time! ^_^

  13. I would LOVE to live in Middle-Earth (particularly in the Shire, with the hobbits!) or in Narnia. I would not cope in Wonderland or Neverland though, I don't know why. I'm definitely very crazy, but I do take some comfort in knowing that our world kind of makes sense (only kind of though).
    But yes!! I feel a desperate longing to go to Middle-Earth! and Narnia! And I haven't read the DragonKeeper or Goldstone Woods, though they've been on my TBR for ages, but I'd probably like to live there too!

    1. YESSSSS. Middle-earth has so many beautiful places! (Some creepy places too, but we can just stick to the Shire and places like that. XD) Narnia also is gorgeous and wonderful and sdkfjsldjflkjsdf. I WANT TO GO!

      Lol! Honestly, who knows how long I'd cope in Wonderland or Neverland. XD Then again, I'm so used to modern conveniences, who knows how long I'd REALLY cope in any of these worlds. LOL!

      Oh, I'd bet you'd LOVE the DragonKeeper and Goldstone Wood books. They're such amazing stories! <3

  14. I love several of these!! Neverland, Narnia, Wonderland, and the Hundred acre wood. I also love Alagasia. This sounds so fun! I’ll have to go check out her post!

    1. They all just make me so happy! And it's the best finding people who share the same love for them! :D It's been so, sooo long since I read Eragon but I do remember the world having some really cool things.

      YES. You totally need to check out all the Fantasy Month stuff. It's a blast!

  15. OH MY WORD, YES! All the fantasy worlds!!! Middle Earth, Narnia, and the Tales of Goldstone Wood hold a special place in my heart. <3 I wish I could call all of them home! (Especially Middle Earth. XD <3 <3 <3) I've never heard of Amara; I totally want to look up those books now. :-O XD Other fantasy worlds I love are Prydain from the Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander and King Arthur's world of Camelot. :-)

    1. *HIGH-FIVES* All such wonderful places! I wish I could call them my real home as well. Ah, if only. *dreamy sigh*

      OH MY GOODNESS. You should tooootally look up the DragonKeeper chronicles. Such fantastic books! I've only ever read the first Prydain book, but I really enjoyed it. I've GOT to read the rest! AND OH MY GOODNESS. I AM SUCH AN ARTHURIAN LEGEND NERD. :O I can't believe I didn't add Camelot to the list. Yes, yes, YESSSS. Also Sherwood Forest! (Because I'm a Robin Hood nerd as well. XD)

  16. GOLDSTONE WOOD YESSSSSSS. :D And Narnia. Oh Narnia. It will always have a very special place in my heart. I remember my dad reading it to me when I was only a wee young thing. Such great memories. <333

    Thank you for sharing this, Christine! This made me so happy!! ^_^

    1. ALWAYS GOLDSTONE WOOD! Such a gorgeous, mysterious place! And that is the SWEETEST your dad read Narnia to you. I can imagine that definitely makes you think of it fondly. ^_^

      D'awww! Well your comment made me happy! <3

  17. (I had half of my comment all typed out and then I accidentally clicked the back button. Noooooo...)


    Middle Earth: YES. Even though I didn't visit until much later than most of its fans, I still consider it a part of my bookish home! There's something so majestic and yet homey about it. It's timeless. And this reminds me that I really do need to reread LotR and The Hobbit sometime soon... and also pick up The Silmarillion and all other related books. o.o

    Neverland: Also yes! I think my picture of Neverland is a conglomeration of JM Barrie's original book and a bunch of movies/spinoffs, because it wasn't until a year or two ago that I actually read the book. But even this patchwork version of it that I carry still symbolizes childhood to me. I just LOVE the whimsical, child-like wonder of it! <3

    Amara: Ahhh, you're reminding me of yet another series to reread! I need one of those minor dragons myself, so if you procure any...will you share? *makes puppy dog eyes* Also Fenworth is only one of my favorite crazy old wizards EVER, right up there with Gandalf himself!

    Wonderland: SLAP ME NOW CHRISTINE, BECAUSE I *STILL* HAVEN'T READ ALICE IN WONDERLAND. I just KNOW it's going to be the kind of book I click with--because hello, crazy nonsense--but somehow I just haven't picked it up yet.

    Goldstone Wood: <3333333 I want to live there please and thank you. You pinned the beautiful/dangerous quality of it perfectly! There's that old, faerie feel to everything that makes it gorgeous and lethal at once, and I love that. I'd probably get lost too, but maybe a certain blind cat would be wandering the Wood at the same time and could help me out... ;)

    Hundred-Acre Wood: I am so, so glad you included this on your list! Winnie the Pooh was my CHILDHOOD. I don't actually think I've read the original books, at least not all of them, but the movies and books we did have were frequent sources of entertainment for me. The simplicity and coziness is just lovely. I *still* get a kick out of the movies. Have you seen the 2011 one?? IT IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING. I just about fell on the floor laughing. XD

    Narnia: YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT NARNIA. That place IS my homeland. I think I happened upon it at just the right time in my life, and so it's tangled up with memories of childhood and the feeling of encountering that magical pull on the soul for the first time. <3 Narnia means so much to me.

    SO BASICALLY THIS POST WAS PERFECTION AND I AM DROWNING IN BOOK HAPPINESS. <3333 As soon as one of us invents that story/time machine thingie we keep talking about, we're booking a holiday in each of these places, okay?

    P.S. I'm really loving the leafy dividers and formatting recently!!!

    1. (OH NOOOO! I've had that happen before and it's the WORST! I'm so sorry! *gives you consoling cookies*)

      AAAAHHHHH!!! THANK YOU! Writing it gave me literary wanderlust! (And I love that term, by the way!)

      Just because you come in later than some people does NOT make you less of a fan! (I came in late on a BUNCH of these. Like Narnia. :x) Majestic and homey--that describes Middle-earth PERFECTLY. It's almost a paradox because it's so grand and overwhelming but, at the same time, it IS homey and comforting. GAH. Tolkien is a genius! And I've been in a LotR reread myself lately. It's been SO long since my last reread!

      I think that's awesome Neverland is a mix of all the adaptions to you. Because, as I said in the post, Neverland is SUPPOSED to be different to each person. That's precisely how Barrie meant it to be. It's our imaginations come to life, so naturally it is very different to each person. And that's what I love about it so very much! ^_^

      RIGHT?! I'm ALWAYS wanting to reread the DragonKeeper Chronicles even though I've already read them like 3 times. XD And YES! Let's raise minor dragons together. I like this plan! I'm with you on Fenworth. He is a classic to me!

      Oh dear, I won't slap you. I'll just...give you a good little nudge. ;D Okay, okay. But really, you'd be SHOCKED at all the classics and things I haven't read. I can make no judgments here. But, I will say, it's a delightful read whenever you do decide to pick it up! ^_^

      Goldstone Wood awakens my literary wanderlust SO MUCH! Yes, I'd probably die there but I DON'T CARE. I want to go anyway! And heeeey, you're right. It might be WORTH getting lost if a certain someone will come and find us. ;D

      ANOTHER WINNIE-THE-POOH FAN!!! I KNEW WE WERE TWINS! And it sounds like we experienced it the same way. Because I, too, didn't read the book until much later, but I LIVED in the movie for my entiiiire childhood. It was like my favorite Disney classic. It's still my happy place to this day. And...shamefully I HAVEN'T seen the 2011. I've been avoiding it...for like 7 years now. *COUGH* See, I'm kinda terrified of it, because whenever they make something from a classic, it usually botches up the classic and ruins everything (case in point, Cinderella 2 and 3 *shudders*). But a lot of people say it was good, so I guess I need to give it a try!

      NARNIA IS THE BEST PLACE AND JUST LKSJDLFJ:LJSKDF. That is so wonderful you landed on it at just the right time. It was actually a HUGE comfort to me when I first read it too, because there were some things going on in my life at the time. So I know precisely what you're saying. It's so special! <3


      Oh, thank you! I've been trying to spruce things up around here. I am muchly pleased you're liking it! :D


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