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More Black than Night Snippets

Some of you dear people requested more snippets from my NaNo weeks ago. (Honestly, guys, you encourage me so much. It blows my mind that people actually want to read all my silly writings. You give me the motivation to keep going! <3) I promised I’d post more throughout the month, but then other blog post subjects kept distracting me. I shamefully never got around to it. So, to make up for it and in honor of finishing (still in shock over that), have a post of snippets! Just take note this is a first draft and a NaNo first draft at that and I was pretty stressed and out of it while writing nearly the whole thing. Sooo take it as it is. Heh.

More Black than Night Book Cover


Here, in the quiet morning with the sound of the Glithry River swaying by and a gentle breeze rustling the grass, Eryth could remember days when everything was at peace. A time back in their home region, in Sivral, when she and Bryth, Iraila, Prince Airen, and Iraila and Airen's cousins, Naidren and Nyria, would all take a day to the small lake just a short hike from their home in Aselvai to picnic and climb the trees and swim. In days where their only troubles were getting scolding for tracking mud back into the castle.

How quickly times could change.


Bryth's arms were crossed and she stared intently at a pillar. Eryth knew that look. A dragon couldn't pry words from Bryth's mouth when she was this irritated.


"Airen!" Naidren hissed.Sword

Airen glanced his way, giving his opponent an opening. With a swipe of boot, Airen went crashing to his back. Before he could rise, Darthidge's sword met his throat.

"Match," he said, smirking.

"You cheated."

"You weren't paying attention."

"Only because you bribed Naidren to distract me. I know your tricks. Only way you can beat me."

Darthidge laughed and pulled away his sword, instead offering Airen a hand. "Is that so? Then what trick did I use yesterday?

Airen clasped his hand and rode his pull up. "You convinced me to get seconds at lunch, making me so stuffed I could hardly move."

Darthidge slapped Airen’s stomach. "Can't blame me for your bad eating habits. Or your inability to pay attention."

"I think you should clash swords with your cousin here," a small, dark haired man said, "since he did distract you after all."

Airen grinned and pointed his sword at Naidren. "What say you, Naidren? Shall we dance?"


When do we leave?" Airen asked.


"What? Did you think I wasn't going with you? That's my family in there, too. I'm just as sick of all this waiting as you are. I just haven't voiced my opinions out loud since I have to be all princely and everything."

Naidren smirked. "And you do such a good job of it."

"Don't be rude."


Erra nodded her thanks to the young knight and entered. She expected a room full of the most important people of Githrendor, so it was a bit of a shock to find only King Thevris sitting at the end of the table next to a man who had to be the king of Sivral. A tray of tea and pastries lay between them. Never once had she seen King Thevris so relaxed.

He motioned her over. "Come in, come in. King Aidred, this is Erra, a skilled swordswoman and valuable asset to our army."

King Aidred set his cup of tea down, stood, and bowed low. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Erra."

She couldn't seem to stop her lips from curving up. No wonder King Thevris seemed in such a good mood. This man, with his soft face and bright eyes, oozed with joy. She knew she should have expected as much from Airen's father, but this was not the kind of king she was accustomed to.


A longing [Erra] worked so hard to suppress resurfaced, pulsing deep inside her, and for one moment she considered letting it loose. But memories of pain, anguish, flooded her mind and she quickly shoved it down again. How could she give in? How could she learn to hope when she knew it'd only be shredded from her yet again, leaving her even more broken and scarred? It was so much easier to not feel. Because with feelings came the heartache and she couldn't bear it anymore.


Bryth lay wide awake on the cool ground, listening. The crackling fire had long since died away, though the remains of cooked rabbit still permeated the air. Only the crickets' song rivaling the rush of the Glithry Ella filled the night's cadence. But if she closed her eyes and focused, she could catch other sounds. Soft, breathy sounds of deep slumber surrounding her.

Physical exertion put Riana and Eldoren under quickly, and Reshin and Neriin followed soon after. Irevik and Razel took longer, but after a while even they couldn't fight the exhaustion of four days of a hard flight.

Now she lay alone, with only the stars watching.


"Oh," Eldoren said.

She raised an eyebrow. "Oh? That's all you have to say?"

He glanced at the ground and rubbed the back of his neck. "I just didn't know you felt so strongly about, well, Eryth and all."

"You didn't know I could actually care you mean," she snapped.

He frowned. "That's not what I said, Riana."

"Well, I do care."

"I never said you didn't."

"I know I was distant during dragon rider training, and I didn't grow up in Sivral like half of you, but that doesn't meant I don't care."

"Riana, I didn't mean… Ugh! You're taking this all wrong."

"No, you don't understand."

He spread his palms out in frustration. "No, I don't. I don't understand. Why are you being so defensive?"


"Can't argue with that."

"Please, you can argue with anything."


Leiden sighed. "I suppose you're right. But if you spot even a hint of danger, you come running straight to us, all right, Mother?"

"I'll move so fast I'll be the first woman who could beat a dragon in a race."Stone House

Waiting just behind Darven and Leiden, the dragons shifted, and Darven sensed Barveris's silent laughter.



Darven turned to his dragon rider partner to find the elf eyeing him from atop Gaelasil with an expectant gaze. "Well what?"

"What did you think?"

"I think you're terrible at building houses."

"But did you enjoy your visit?"

"All we did was eat. How in all of Aerigethel are you so scrawny being raised by her?"

Their flight blew the elf's hair out of his face, fully revealing his cheeky grin. "I use a lot of energy."

"With your tongue."


Movement caught Nyria’s eye and the strangest and most beautiful man she had even seen walked through the door. His hair was red, but not the dark auburn-like red of Iraila's, or even the bright locks of her fellow dragon rider Riana. This was actual red. Like the poppy flowers her mother grew outside their mansion. But it wasn't even the shocking hair that really grabbed her attention. It was his eyes. Large and golden and flickering like a flame. They so entranced her she almost missed the shudder of black and red wings unfolding from his back.


Dungeons[Airen] trotted ahead of the fae girl and swerved around to face her. She never once slowed, forcing him to walk backward at a quick pace, not an easy feat, but he managed. She acknowledged him for half a second and then moved her gaze over his shoulder and focused right back to the path ahead. The flames in his lantern sparked across her large green-gray eyes. My, were they striking.

He offered her his best smile. "Where are you from, Ciedra?" Perhaps she hated the darkness just as much as him and needed some light conversation to perk her up. This place could suck the joy from anyone.

"Velnoroth," came the monotone answer.

"Velnoroth? You mean you were born there?"

Her jaw tightened. "Yes."

"Oh. I'm…sorry to hear that." All right. So that was the wrong question.

Naidren shook his head behind Ciedra, and motioned to him to just come back, but if there was a damsel in distress then he was going to help her.

"I think we should bring some liveliness to this dank place, don't you? Do you like music, Ciedra? Naidren and I know all sorts of great songs from our home region in Sivral. We could serenade you." He grinned over her at his cousin whose head shaking had increased so severely it looked as if his head would fall right off. "Oh yes, Naidren loves to sing."

"No thank you." The fae stepped around him and hurried on.

He stopped and frowned at Naidren. "Did I do something?"

Naidren rolled his eyes and swept past him.


Sii fidgeted on [Cael’s] shoulder and he stroked her cool neck. "It was awfully cramped in that dank tunnel, wasn't it? Go stretch your wings. We'll probably be here for a while."

She immediately took off and he made his way to the mining village set just a few yards from where the mountains began. The village consisted of rough but sturdy stone buildings that crowded together so close some of the walls actually touched together. Smoke billowed from many a chimney and plumes of soot kicked up under his boots along the street.

Most dwarves he passed by offered single nods or grunts in greeting. Oh good. There had always been that possibility that his treachery had already spread, which certainly would have put a damper on things. As in, he probably would have been chained up on sight and sent off to face whatever torture Vithen was probably devising for him.

With hindsight, waltzing straight into the village probably hadn't been the best plan. No matter. All's well that ends well.


What kind of trouble was Cael causing himself?Phoenix

Iavin tried to shake the thought away for the thousandth time, but it clung to him like a tick. Was Cael somehow responsible for the swarm of phoenixes they had seen a week ago?

He'd never forget the sight. First blue skies as they flew over Githrendor's northern border, then a sky of flames. The hundreds of firebirds zoomed right toward them from the west, not once stopping. They only barely missed getting their hair singed. Thankfully, Leiden saw them coming before anyone else and called for the dragons to dive down.

No one had the slightest guess as to what the phoenixes meant. They didn't even live so far north. It was the first for every single one of them to lay eyes on such a creature.

Iavin hoped he never had to again. Birds that burst into flames at any given moment? Not his idea of a house pet.

Nemayn rumbled under him and her laugh invaded his thoughts.

Yes, I know I have a fire breathing dragon, but that's different. He couldn't exactly figure out how it was different, but he wasn't going to argue about it. Besides, he didn't want to think too hard on his title of dragon rider. One would think after traveling to frozen wastelands and back and fighting in an entire war for his kingdom he'd be used to the whole thing, but really it had only become more uncomfortable. Now people expected things from him. Big things.


[Iavin’s] father's rumbling laughter when he had told his parents about going to Velnoroth still thrummed in his ears.

"You're finally living up to the Bruthane name," he had said. "You'll make us proud."

He'd probably get slain by a dark elf the moment he stepped over into the Velnoroth border and his parents would forever shake their heads at his grave.

"Couldn't make it five feet into the enemy territory," he could hear people say.

His mother's fussing before he left didn't exactly help his nerves.

"You're so small, dear, and Velnoroth is so large. Don't you dare leave Nemayn or the others. Stay close, hopefully they can keep you alive."

Really, that was his hope as well.


Dragon in MountainsHe sighed and shook his head. "You left."

"Well, of course I left. They imprisoned me."

"Because you imprisoned our whole kingdom!" Iavin gasped at the sound of his angered shout echoing off the mountains. Cael was the only person in the world that could induce such a reaction from him.

"I was going to fix it eventually," was all Cael said.

Iavin clutched both hands into fists. He had forgotten how angry this boy could make him.


"What have you got in your pack, pretty girl?"

A hand reached from the shadows and snagged the pack from her shoulder. She swerved and slammed her elbow into flesh. The thief found himself on his back with a blade at his neck before he breathed another word.

"Obviously you value the items in my pack more than your life." She touched his throat with the tip of her sword.

"Here, here!" The young man threw the pack up at her. Her eyes never left the man as she caught it with her free hand.

"Try that again and I won't be so gently." She pulled up the blade and he scrambled to his feet and fled.

No one else bothered her.


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Well, That Was Unexpected a.k.a My NaNo 2015 Adventures

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Let me tell you about my NaNoWriMo. We’ll start at the beginning, well, before the beginning. The prologue if you will.

October hit with all the excitement and cheer of the NaNo season. Time to plot and get pumped up for a month of too much coffee consumption and mad writing. So, with anticipation, sometime during the beginning of October I sat down and began my usual chapter by chapter outline for my NaNo novel. This particular NaNo I’ve been waiting for since my first one basically. Because this NaNo was going to take all the previous books, which had separate characters on different adventures, and throw them all together. It was surreal to me that I had actually made it this far with this humongous series I started in 2010. Naturally, I was quite ecstatic about it.

Once outlining started, my excitement doused a little as I realized how utterly overwhelming this book would be. So far, each book only followed two main characters and a single adventure. But this one would follow ALL the characters with a dozen different side plots and things. How was I going to manage this?

“A chapter at a time,” I told myself. So I forced myself to do it, took a few walks in the midst of October when I got stuck with the outline, and finally, near the end of the month, had a full outline set in place. I was a bit worried though. This story was meant to have a bunch of character reunions and fun things, but all the characters kept deciding to go off in different directions and just so much was happening. But no matter. This was a first draft and I’d write it and see how it went.

The main fear I had was the length. Usually I keep my outlines to 30 chapters and hope the book stays to that. But this outline was 36 chapters. I braced myself for a long book, knowing ahead of time I’d most likely have to continue writing during December even though I really, really wanted to finish it by November. With so much going on and extra chapters than usual, it was probably going to be one of the more lengthy ones. But no matter, NaNo approached. I was ready and utterly excited for my favorite time of the year. Bring on the NaNo!

Finally, on the night of October 31st, midnight hit. . .

“Ladies and gentlemen, let the 2015 NaNoWriMo begin!”

MLP Let's Do This GIF

The first few days were magical and wonderful and I got many, many words in. “This NaNo is going to be great!” I thought to myself, so happy, on such a writing high. Hopeful for the future. “I’ve totally got this.”

By about halfway through the first week, life started to get a bit busy and cut into some writing time. “No matter, I have the whole month ahead of me. What are a few busy days? I’ll just write even more next week.” Ah, such an optimistic Christine.

My words were going up well enough, but we have to remember this crazy, overachiever that obviously has no value in sleep or sanity decided on a double NaNo. 100k instead of 50k. Because why not? I had managed it all the years before all right, even though my life was so much quieter then. I mean, this would be the first year I actually had a job. Bah! It’ll be fine. I’d find a way to work around it. Plus, all my books were usually 100k or longer and I wanted to finish this one quickly, so it needed to be done.

But then week two happened. Oh, week two. . . That time I told myself I would write even more words. Stay on top of things. Ahead even.

Hahaha. Haha. . .hahahaha. . .ha.

Can I even describe week two? Not really. It resulted in some health issues in the family, spending the night away from home for most of the week, work, getting my car stuck on these steps on a horrible uphill driveway, and only four to five hours of sleep every night.  Did writing happen? I tried. I tried so hard. And I did manage in a few words each day. But amidst the stress, exhaustion, and all around distractedness of a busy life, my motivation took a downward spiraled plummet to some dark, dusty corner of my brain. My sarcasm had an enjoyable time that week as I often told my family, “This NaNo sure is going well.”

Looking back at my other NaNos, I had so many more words during them at this point. The thought was a discouraging one. It was after this week that my late night competing with myself post came to being.

I was determined though. Even if it killed me (which it was trying to do really, really hard), I was going to survive this NaNo and win.

That weekend, things looked up again. I was home and finally had free time. I burrowed in my writing cave and poured my entire being into my book. Suddenly, with free time and quiet days and not intense amount of stress bogging me down, writing was fun again. Once I emerged from the cave, I felt good about NaNo once more and had crossed to that oh so exciting 50k mark.

NaNo 2015 Stats Page

Fantastic. Buuut, you still have another 50k to go, Christine.

Right. >.>

“Okay, you can do this.” (I talk to myself a lot, if you haven’t guessed. Give myself pep talks and motivation. That’s not weird is it. . .?)

Pass 50k and onward.

The third week was so much calmer than the complete, ridiculous insanity of the second. The words were really coming in again, quick and smooth. Almost. . .too quick. Never in my life had I written chapters so fast. I was counting down those chapters day after day, getting nearer and nearer to that 36 that would mark the final one.

By the time I had 30 chapters all wrapped up, I just kind of sat in astonishment. Only 6 chapters left? Could this be true? A faint glimmer of hope that I might actually finish this thing during November flickered in my mind. But surely not.  NaNo was only halfway over. Besides, these last chapters were pretty in depth, they’d probably be longer. I still had a ways to go.

With this decided, I dismissed the hope and trekked on.

“Huh, that chapter went by fast.” “Look at that, I’m already finished with this one, too.” “Oh! That one is done?” “Wait. . .I only have three chapters left? Really. . .?”

When week three neared its end, that hope made an appearance again, and this time I didn’t entirely shoo it off. Could I, was I, going to really do this? But I wasn’t even anywhere near 100k. How could this book with so many characters and plots and more chapters than the rest be ending so much sooner? Was this even real?

By the end of Sunday, November 22nd, I stared at my manuscript. My manuscript that had only two chapters left. By Monday afternoon, only one.

Monday night, November 23rd 2015, at 11:00 p.m., I wrote the last sentence of More Black than Night and finished the 6th book of my Colors of a Dragon Scale series. With 36 chapters and 76,700 words exactly.



I literally just kind of sat there in shock. It didn’t feel real. This book that I had known since October I’d probably still be writing in December. This book that had SO much going on and would be a monster, most likely well over 100k. This book that I had no time to even write in during November. Done. Finished. The End.

To sum it up. . .

I FINISHED MY NANO NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NaNo 2015 Winner Banner

If you can’t tell, I’m really, really, really, reeeeaaaalllllyyyy excited. For multiple reason. First of all, finishing writing a novel is one of the most satisfying, rewarding, best feelings in the world. Second, I only have ONE more book to write in this series I’ve been working on for 6 consecutive years. JUST ONE.  Thirdly, this NaNo took a lot out of me. I don’t regret it a single, tiny bit. I adore NaNo and it made me find time to write even when I didn’t have time, which is such an important skill for a writer. But knowing I’m finished and can finally breathe (and sleep) again is a huuuge relief.

But one of the biggest things that excites me is that this is my shortest novel I’ve ever written. Yeah, a nearly 78k is my shortest. Sad, I know. But I thought it was going to be huge. I didn’t even know if I’d make it to the end. And instead it was my shortest novel. This excites me because I think I’m finally learning how to pace novels. Pacing is one of my biggest writing weaknesses. Usually I dwell on scenes for far too long. But this time, I just kept it moving forward, and that’s why I was able to finish it so quickly. That was basically my mantra for the month. “Keep moving forward, keep moving forward.” I knew if I wanted to finish, I couldn’t linger on scenes for pages on end. I just had to follow the outline and keep it moving at all times. As a result, I wrote my shortest novel. I mean, I may look back at it and realize the pacing is crazy fast and needs to be slowed down. I could have instead broken my pacing problem in the other direction. Sounds like something I would do. But who knows, maybe by the next book I’ll have figured out how to keep it in that nice place between too fast and too slow.

It’s always a learning experience, NaNo. Every book, really.

More Black than Night Book CoverThe real question here is, do I like my book? I do, though I have a few misgivings. With the stress of the month, I didn’t give it as much of my attention as usual. Life was its rude self and distracted me from really pouring myself into it. So it’s definitely a rough draft. I also think I outlined it too fast. Again, Life. >.> After a while I realized I should have done things differently. It’s not quite as big and epic story-wise as I had hoped, and I only left myself even more to wrap up in the final book instead of tying up some loose ends like I meant to so I could focus on the main main plot for the last one. BUT this series is really just an exploration. By the time I rewrite it, it’ll be so different all these books will hardly matter. Except they’re still a key element. Because I’ve learned so much about the world and characters and overall plot. There have been so many surprises along the way. I’ve discovered what I like and don’t like. I know now better how to handle certain elements. These drafts are disastrous and horrifying with inconsistencies and plot holes the size of the Titanic all over the place, but because of them I’ll one day hopefully be able to write a series worth reading. I will never regret taking the time to write these first drafts.

So did I enjoy my 6th NaNoWriMo? Absolutely. It was the most stressful, sleep deprived, ridiculous NaNo I’ve ever experienced. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

One more book to go, guys. ONE MORE. The next NaNo is going to be amazing. But good grief! Why would I even be thinking about next year’s NaNo already? O_O Getting a bit ahead of myself. . .

If you’ll excuse me I’ll be sleeping and taking a long break from writing until at least January.

Okay, now that I’ve apparently written a whole other NaNo’s worth of a post here wordcount-wise, I want to hear from you! How is your NaNo going? Any surprises along the way? The end is LESS than a week away, you epic NaNo’ers you. ALMOST THEEERE!!! *screams and cheers and waves pompoms* Everybody is doing so amazing. KEEP GOING! Also a very happy (early) Thanksgiving to all my fellow American peeps. <3 Hope everyone’s week is a blessed one!

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In Which I Compete With Myself (and lose)

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So there I was, happily lost in my story, grinning at my characters’ antics, my fingers click, click, clicking away at the keyboard, when it happened. Out of nowhere. Right between my computer screen and me with its deafening demands and ludicrous responsibilities.


Screaming GIF


How could it? Doesn’t it know it’s NaNoWriMo? Does it not understand I’m far too busy destroying my characters’ lives to deal with my own life? How can it not see? The nerve. I’ve tried to ignore, I have. So hard. But it keeps wedging itself between my NaNo and me and refuses to leave me alone.

Are my hermit skills slipping? Am I failing as a writer? I mean, we don’t supposed to have lives right? What is this ridiculousness??

You see, I have this problem. It’s a big problem. Something I really should get over, but I probably never will because common sense and me really don’t like to hang. The thing is, I have to always stay equal to or one up my past self. As in, if my past self does something and my present self decides to do it again, the present Christine must do as well or better as the past one, otherwise I feel like a failure. Still not make sense? Let me tell you a story.

The little, past Christine back in 2010 was all enthusiastic about her first NaNo. She planned to the umpteenth degree, made a map, a bazillion character bios, an overly detailed outline. Oh, how fun she had. Then when NaNo hit. . .oh my. What a magical time! She couldn’t stop, not for a moment. She had to write, and write and write and write. Next thing she knew, she had done a double NaNo and ended the month with a little over 100k. Well, she couldn’t let herself beat. . .herself. So when the next NaNo rolled around, she decided she’d do a double NaNo again. 100k words in a month. Why not? Of course, after that, she had to do it again. . .and again. Until it would be utterly shameful to not do it. Besides, she had a lot of free time, and the point was to get her monstrous novels fully written. Why not keep it up?

Do not question us GIF

Now here we are in the present, on my 6th NaNo, and suddenly I find myself a little older, a little busier, and discovering Life isn’t so easy to ignore anymore. “But no matter. I’ll make time, because I have to stay equal to all my past NaNos,” I say during my first week of NaNo. And things moved along well. I loved my story, the words came fairly easily, all was going fine. I wasn’t getting in quite as much a day as the past couple of years, but I was sure I’d catch up eventually and it’d all be fine and. . .



Life slammed against me like a sack of potatoes and I stood dazed, wondering what just happened. Suddenly I was nearing the end of week two and so woefully behind from where I was in my past NaNos. But but but! I couldn’t just not do as well as before. . .right?

I pondered this question and then laughed and wondered what on earth was wrong with me. I’m competing with MYSELF. I’m not even a competitive person, at least not toward other people. But apparently with myself it gets intense. And WHY? What am I gaining with stressing over doing as well or better with so many little things like this? It’s really all just a big headache. Unfortunately, like I said earlier, common sense and I aren’t great pals. The common sense thing would be to just let go of this silly self competition and move on. Buuut knowing me I won’t learn my lesson at all. >.> I do think maybe I’m making teeny tiny strides though.

I DO still want to try for 100k (or just make it to the end of my novel, whether that’s more or less words than 100k), but I’m trying (trying being the key word here) to let go of keeping up with my past NaNos. I’ll write when I can, and when Life gets in the way, well, it’s gonna happen. Who knew, right? I think I need to learn to embrace each day as it comes and throw away all hopes of perfect schedules and soaring wordcounts. Life doesn’t like those. Don’t get me wrong, schedules are FABULOUS. But sometimes life likes to shake them up and scatter them in messy pieces. On those days, I guess we just have to roll with it. It’s a learning process. . .

Needless to say, my second week of NaNo was, well, one attack from the craziness of life after the other. I sacrificed much sleep trying to squeeze words in because pssssh who needs sleep?

Tom Tired GIF

Those NaNo week 2 blues were getting to me though. With my struggle to find time to write and an extremely stressful week, I just didn’t have the energy to be motivated for NaNo.

But then yesterday that all changed:

Twitter post

I hit the 50k mark!!! And with that (and some sleep) my enthusiasm returned. I had 50k words under my belt and had officially crossed over to the halfway point.

So here I am, all pumped and raring to go once more. My novel is moving along very nicely, I’m destroying my characters’ lives one by one, and, I think, I may actually survive this thing!

Cat Nodding GIF

The moral of the story? Wait, there’s supposed to be a moral? I thought I was just crazy and exhausted and trying to write a blog post when I reeeally should be sleeping.

Basically, life is all over the place and I can’t seem to find time for anything. As some of you have noticed, I’m not always able to post like usual on Mondays. I’m kind of just posting when I can. (Like 1 in the morning. *cough, cough*) Still once a week but not always on a Monday. It’s also taking me half an eternity to answer your wonderful comments. I WILL get to them, I promise! I might just be a smidge snailish about it. (Get it? Snailish, because snails are slow and. . . Okay, I don’t even know. Have I mentioned I should be sleeping?) And reading everyone’s delightful posts keeps getting postponed as well, amongst other things. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to balance this whole life thing.



Can you believe NaNo is already half over? o.O How’s your NaNo coming? Is Life being rude and trying to distract you? (Pft, life.) And I really need to know, am I totally alone in this super weird competitive thing with myself? Am I just insane? (Well, yeah, but you know.) Tell my how your November is going!

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Beautiful Books #2 - The Day and the Life of a NaNoer {November 2015}

We have survived the first week of NaNo and are halfway through week two! How is this even POSSIBLE?!

My NaNo has slowed down considerably because apparently there’s this weird thing called Life that you actually have to do when you grow up. I thought that was just a myth! I didn’t mean to grow up, it was an accident! Where’s Peter Pan? I need him, quick!

Despite Life being rude and trying to wedge itself between NaNoWriMo and me, I’m still surviving (. . .I think?) and continuing to absolutely love my NaNo and spend what time with it I can. So today I shall babble about my NaNo writing life because guess whaaaat? The next Beautiful Books is HERE.

During the NaNo season, our ever delightfully imaginative Sky and Cait are taking a bit of a detour from their Beautiful People linkup to instead give us Beautiful Books where we can share all about our current WIPS and things. This month they’re more focusing on your writing process. Fun stuff! And remember this is open to ALL writers, not just ones doing NaNoWriMo. So hop (or skip if that’s more your thing) over to their posts here or here, snag those questions, and linkup!

Beautiful Books Button

1. Is the book turning out how you thought it would be, or is it defying your expectations?
Well. . .I outlined, um, rather thoroughly (and by thoroughly I mean a 11k word, chapter by chapter outline *cough), so I had quite a good idea how it’d turn out. And since this is the 6th book of the series, I’m preeetty familiar with the setting and feel by this point. So I’d say definitely turning out almost exactly how I thought it would. Maybe even a little better which is encouraging. The actual plot and events haven’t surprised me, but a few characters’ actions have. A couple character developments leaped out of the pages as a happy surprise. I never seem to be able to plan character development, it just has to happen naturally. So I was thrilled to see it sneaking into the story. I looove me some deep character development.

Also two characters ended up sort of becoming a “couple” when I hadn’t given them permission to do that yet. So that was a thing.

2. What’s your first sentence (or paragraph)?
I’ll go with a paragraph since my first sentence is one word. XD

West. Why in all of Aerigethel was he walking west? What would he find to the west?

Cael plopped down to the cool earth, Sii's body even cooler on his shoulder. He absentmindedly stroked the gwacier's white-blue feathers, their icy temperature not making a difference to his leathery skin. Besides, he liked the cold. It felt like home.

Not that he had a home.

(Well, okay that wasn’t exactly a “paragraph”, but apparently I like making one sentence paragraphs so I cheated a little.)

3. Are you a plotter or a pantser? Have you ever tried both methods and how did it turn out?
I feel like I’ve dabbled in all the methods, and I know I’ve blabbered about it before, so I’ll spare you. Short version: For NaNo I do intense, ridiculous amounts of planning (which you probably guessed by the 11k outline), but I started my writing life as a pantser and still consider myself one. These days though (if it’s not NaNo at least), I meet them halfway and do a bit of plantsing. But, really, my method changes with each book.

I'm so Changeable GIF

4. What do you reward yourself with after meeting a goal?
During NaNo? Updating my wordcount on the site. XD Also internet breaks. I don’t allow myself to even touch the internet until I’ve reached 2k words for the day. That definitely keeps me writing. After that, I’m allowed an internet break after every thousand words.

Basically the internet. Though cheesecake is often largely involved.

Pinkie Pie Cake GIF

Really though, reaching my word goal is my reward. Nothing like the satisfying feeling of finally hitting that goal after tugging (or violently tearing) at your brain particles for words.

5. What do you look for in a name? Do you have themes and where do you find your names?
I find my names inside my weird brain and then regret it. Since I mostly write fantasy, I just make up names on a whim. My main method is simply choosing the letter I want the name to start with and making up stuff from there. As a result, I end up with the dumbest, most unpronounceable names and wonder later what in the name of tangled tongues everywhere was I thinking. This was especially bad in my younger days. Some names *I* don’t even remember how they’re supposed to be pronounced. Needless to say, once I rewrite this fantasy series some names are being changed. Or at least spelled differently. >.>

Character NamesI do this with my own characters.

6. What is your favorite to write: beginning, middle, or end — and why?
ENDINGS. Give me allll the endings. From endings of a scene, to the last page or two of a chapter, to the big climatic ending of the whole book. I just really love endings. In fact, I wrote a whole post about it. Beginnings are the hardest for me, it takes so long to get into that groove, but once I’ve set the stage and have the momentum going it’s smooth sailing. I don’t mind middles too much, honestly. But endings are like diving into a delicious dessert after being forced to eat all your vegetables.

7. Who’s your current favorite character in your novel?
HAHAHAHahaha. . .hahaha. . .HA!


Remember how I’m writing a book involving alllll da characters from the previous books in the series? They’re my baby children, you’re really going to make me CHOOSE?
Ugh. Okay, okay. Maybe Cael, who is basically a villain but sometimes it’s hard to see him like that. He’s such a polite villain. And he’s also sort of best friends with one of my protagonists and it’s just a wonderful mess. Then there’s Airen, the prince of the kingdom all the characters are from. He’s a total jester and always lightens the mood and is completely ridiculous annnd I love him. (Just don’t tell him because if his head gets any bigger it might explode. and I have a big enough mess to clean up with this novel.)

Why I Write MemeOr listen to them complain. >.>

8. What kind of things have you researched for this project, and how do you go about researching? (What’s the weirdest thing you’ve researched?!)
It’s about dragons.
And over half the books on my bookshelves involve dragons.
So. . .yeah. My researching involves reading stories. Also TV. Research, I’m telling you.
. . . . .

9. Do you write better alone or with others? Do you share your work or prefer to keep it to yourself?
Definitely alone! Which is a bummer because there are so many times (like this very moment) where I’m around people and need to be writing (again, right now) but can’t because people (so instead I write blog posts). For me writing is like a portal. To write properly I have to jump through that portal into my world. To become my characters, get into their heads, live within their world. Unfortunately, when people are around I just can’t go through that portal. People are too distracting, and no matter how hard I try to write around them, it never works. It makes me sad.

That said, with something like NaNoWriMo, where I know others are writing right along with me, brings this thrill I can’t even describe. And you get the best of both worlds. Because you can be a hermit writer, but still have the camaraderie of fellow writers. Writer bliss!

As far as sharing my work, I’m getting better. Used to I’d never ever let even the people closest to me read a single sentence I wrote. Write to myself. Keep it to myself. Total hermit status.

Cat Hiding GIF

But over the years I’ve befriended the bestest of best writing buddies and they’ve coaxed me out of my writer shell. I’m still a little wary sharing, but I’m learning.

10. What are your writing habits? Is there a specific snack you eat? Do you listen to music? What time of day do you write best? Feel free to show us a picture of your writing space!
Not too long ago I actually wrote about my writing process. But during NaNoWriMo it’s a smidge different. Pretty much during NaNo I use every second possible writing like a maniac, tell myself I should be writing every second I’m not, go to bed at horribly irresponsible hours because I’m writing, speed through meals to get back to writing, and fall asleep (you know, for those few hours I actually sleep during NaNo) with words behind my eyes. Then by December 1st I tear my bleary, burning eyes up from the screen and wonder what year it is and if I’m still on earth. And I love every second of it.

I don’t usually eat while writing. Emerging from my lair for food is about the only time I get a break. (I do take breaks sometimes, and ya know, FOOD. Because food.) But I do consume immense amounts of caffeine while writing.
Music is essential. Only instrumental though, lyrics distract me from entering that writing portal. But the right instrumental song eases me right through.
I write best at night. (Because who needs sleep? *cough, cough* ) But again, it goes along with that portal thing. At night, when the world is dark and quiet, I can completely forget about my own reality and enter my characters’.

Sleep Deprived Writing

Despite this, the majority of my writing gets done during the afternoon.

My writing space is mostly the chair in my room.


I also completely love writing out on the deck.


We have a screen porch I write on as well, and I’ll move to my desk if I’ve been sitting in my chair too long. I like to move around every now and again during NaNo since sitting in one spot for hours on end prooobably isn’t exactly a good idea. I also firmly believe shifting positions and changing scenery stirs around those creative juices. *nods*

And there you have it. My NaNo Life. It’s. . .something. XD

Okay, guys, are you making it through the NaNo Week 2 Blues? Usually after the first two weeks it starts feeling much more like a downhill journey. We’re almost to the halfway point, we can do this! How are you surviving NaNo? If you’re not doing NaNo (like a good, sane person) are you enjoying this lovely November? And I’m curious, can you write with people around or have to shift into hermit mode like me?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Let the Insanity Commence!


“It’s the most wonderful tiiime of the yeeear!”

No, it’s not Christmas yet (though it’s never too early to start bellowing out the Christmas tunes in my opinion). I’m actually referring to. . .NANOWRIMO.

Yes, it is heeere! And thousands of writers have folded up their lives, put them in boxes, and won’t be pulling them back out until December. Because hello? We’ve got novels to write and life is not part of the equation. Duh.

Per tradition, I go a liiittle insane during NaNo and am currently sitting on 17k words. Oops? I do tend to do a double NaNo though because my novels are MONSTERS, usually ending around 100k words or so, and I like to get them done as quickly as possible. So not oops?

NaNo Wordcounter

But, uh, guys? I LOVE MY NOVEL.

He only then seemed to take note of the girls, and at the sight of them his exasperated features turned to a mix of shock, relief, and, most surprising of all, joy. Because Eryth knew this boy, and she had never known him to be joyous to see Bryth and her, but she understood. She was already sprinting toward him and throwing her arms around his neck, because he represented Sivral, home, and whatever strife they may have had in the past didn't matter anymore in the grand scheme of things. At that moment seeing his familiar face was the best thing she could have ever asked for.

You see, even though this is technically the 6th book of my Colors of a Dragon Scale series, this is sorta kinda my first official sequel to write. Say what now? I know, confusing. See, each book of the series basically resets to the beginning with new characters. So even though I’ve written a bunch of books in the same series, each book felt like a brand new story. But this 6th book is continuing the characters’ stories from all the last five books. Thus, my first official sequel. Make more sense now? (Who knows? I’m the worst at explaining things coherently. Such a nice trait for a writer. . . *rolls eyes*)

But I think I like writing sequels. It’s so fun bringing things back up from previous books and moving the plot forward and raising the stakes and destroying the characters’ lives even more. Huh? I didn’t say anything.

And the CHARACTERS. My sweet, adorable, rebellious children. <3 I’m revisiting allll meh babies from every single one of my previous NaNos and reminiscing over each NaNo as I write about the main characters from that particular year and GAH! I’ve missed them all so much! *smushes their cheeks*

It also made the beginning sooo much easier. Usually I’m struggling the first day or two during NaNo trying to grasp my characters voices and get a feel for writing them. But this year I haven’t had to worry about it. I already know these people. I’ve written entire books about each of them. Even though it’s been quite a few years since some, it still feel so right, so natural being inside their heads. Instead of difficult like the previous years, my first day of NaNo proved to be easy and far too much fun.

"This is my cousin Ai—"
"Airen, Prince of Sivral, at your service, milady." Airen swooped up in front of Naidren and bowed low.
Naidren cleared his throat and stepped around his cousin. "I hope it's all right I brought him along. His sister is in Velnoroth, too."
"And I think you'll find I have many useful skills," Airen added.
Naidren closed his eyes and tried not to groan.

Never a dull moment.

Of course my favorite bits have been when characters from one book meet up with characters from another. Such delightful character reunions, full of yelling and heated arguments and assassinations and strangling. Wait. That’s not what reunions supposed to look like? Well nobody told me.

"Oh, let her have her thoughts, Eldoren," Riana said. She shot Bryth a smirk.
"We all know she's prone to memory loss. Who forgets their entire childhood and adult years alike? She probably has some kind of brain damage."

Riana was pinned to the floor before Eryth could even stand. Eldoren tried to pull Bryth off his partner but she shoved him away and wrapped both hands around the girl's neck.


Sequels are fun. Lots and lots of fun. And needless to say, this Nano is going fabulously.

In the midst of my NaNoing endeavors, and to avoid going into complete hermit mode, I’ve discovered a new love for TWITTER. I’ve had a Twitter account for a little over a year now, but I sort of forget about it and thus go weeks without touching the poor thing. But when NaNo was approaching I thought it’d might be fun to have a place I could quickly share all my NaNoing experiences without using up a bunch of time. Writing a blog post every day would take up far too much writing time, and you guys would probably get sick of me. So Twitter it was. And, um, I think I finally understand the Twitter obsession. It hardly takes two minutes to use (unless you get distracted by all the new tweets but we won’t get into that) and it’s FUN. I can go on there, see how my other fellow NaNoers are fairing, and share my own crazy experiences. I can be a hermit and socialize. Win-win! It’s perfect for little five minute breaks amidst all the writing. Plus, just watching others NaNoing as well and sharing accomplishments and struggles and really seeing others writing their novels right along with you is a magical feeling. I can’t even describe it. I love the NaNoing community.

TweetI can’t for the life of me get the fancy embedded tweet feature to work and had to resort to screenshots. Boo.

SO if you have a Twitter account and I’m not following you, leave a link should you wish and I shall remedy this situation! Because, like I said, I’m only just now starting to get into the Twitter bandwagon and am still working on following all my peoples. I needs to follow all my lovely friends. So linketh me to your profiles, m’dears! And if you’re doing NaNo and I haven’t friended you over there, feel free to leave me a link to your NaNo profiles as well. You can find me thisaway. Right now there and Twitter are about the only places you can catch me. So far I’ve had texts from sweet friends I keep forgetting to respond to, am shamefully ignoring my ever growing inbox, and have already gotten way behind on reading new blog posts. Though occasionally I say hi to my family on my way to the coffeepot before burrowing back in my room.

Yep. NaNo season has indeed begun.

So tell me, adventurers, are you doing NaNo? Are you EXCITED?! How’s your story going? Are your characters strangling each other like mine? Share with me all your NaNoing endeavors!

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