Monday, February 12, 2018

7 Types of Ships I Love to Find in Books

If you’re reading that title and wondering if I’ve suddenly become a pirate well…no. Sorry to disappoint! “Become a pirate” is a bit lower on the to-do list I’m afraid. Butmaybesomeday. And no, I don’t have a random urge to discuss seafaring ships. Especially since I know…like 0.7% about boats. That’d be an awkward post to try to write.

No, no, no. When I say “ships” I’m talkin’ ROMANTIC COUPLES. “Ship” is a fandom term meaning you want two characters to have a romantic relationSHIP. But I’m sure you’re all quite aware of this. (I just wanted to be clear in case you were wondering why I’m not talking about boats in this post. Ahem.)

Some of you may recall back in October I did a post about 7 (Non-Romantic) Relationship I Love to Find in Books, all to prove that there can be other types that isn’t romance. Because, let’s face it, those romantic relationships take precedence in basically…every story ever. Even stories that aren’t supposed to be romance stories. And I think we’re all ready to see other types of relationships in books. Like FRIENDS and FAMILY.

Buuuuut I’m nothing if not a walking contradiction. So today I’m going to be listing some of my top, top types of romantic relationships that get my fangirl heart squealing. Hey, in my defense, in that other post I did say I like romance in books, I just wish there were other types of relationships. But shipping characters is fun! I have many, many, many fictional couples I squeal and gush over. It’s the fandom life!

And, come on, guys. It’s Valentine’s Day week! Let’s spread some (fictional) love.




YOU ALL KNOW THE COUPLES. Usually their first meeting is something disastrous like him spilling coffee on her or her insulting his clothing choices. So obviously they can’t stand each other. And then next thing they know, THEY’RE FORCED TO SAVE THE WORLD TOGETHER. And both are like, “Whyyyy me?!” Or, more accurately, “Whyyyyy her/him?!”

Then we get some 400 pages of delightful banter and them trying (and failing) to work together and us readers are over here screaming at the pages, “YOU KNOW YOU’RE IN LOVE. ADMIT IT.”

It’s all wonderful fun and I love it. I can’t get enough of it. Thankfully, it’s not hard to find. Bantering couples abound in books these days, especially YA. AND I AIN’T COMPLAININ’.

Howl and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle are obviously my faaaaaaves. (I’m so subtle about it, I know.) Shasta/Cor and Aravis from The Horse and His Boy is another classic. Gotta love ‘em!



There are few things in this world that make me squeal as much as when an ultra hyper, upbeat girl breaks down the shell of a quiet, gruff guy. Like a kitten forcing an old, tired dog to get up and play. IT’S ADORABLE. You can’t deny it!

He’s all sulky and dark, perfectly content to live broodily forever the end. Then, lo and behold, here comes this happy-go-lucky girl that dares to bring him a little sunshine. Like what is this? What’s happening? Happiness and flowers and rainbows? Why is he enjoying this??? Who gave him permission to have feelings?

Ah yes, it is destiny.

This is obviously one of my favorites since this totally describes Rose and the Dragon from my WIP Burning Thorns. Heh.

Kale and Bardon from the DragonKeeper Chronicles by Donita K. Paul would totally fit this category and I LOVE THEM.



I really like hyper girls in fiction, guys. I don’t know why??? (Maybe ‘cause I sorta am one?) And, on that note, the super shy cinnamon roll boys are my favorite types of males to write. So COMBINE THAT? BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. (Am I the only one that’s actually a little freaked out by that saying? Like…our hearts should not be still. That’s called being dead. It’s kinda disturbing.)

But but but! It amuses me eeendlessly when you have this eccentric girl dragging along the painfully shy boy who really just wants to go hide in his room or something and not go on a death-defying adventure to save the world. But he’s going to anyway because he’s totally secretly in love with this crazed girl. Maybe it’s cliché? I don’t know. And I really DON’T CARE BECAUSE IT’S ADORBZ.

And this may or may not be much like my own Karis and Jonah from The Nether Isle (the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year). Look at me, accidentally promoting my own novels that AREN’T EVEN SORT OF PUBLISHED. Oops.



On the flipside, what’s more precious than this ultra shy, sweet girl being in love with the hilariously cocky, seemingly confident and suave dude and bringing out his broken, vulnerable side? Hm? HMMM??? Nothing is more precious, I tell ya!

Cress and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles, anyone? ANYONE??? Because YESSSS. Rose Red and Leo from Veiled Rose had a bit of this going as well.

I literally can’t with couples like these. I CAN’T. It does things to my heart.



Yes, I’m totally aware this is the 3rd one that involves shy people. BUT SHY PEOPLE BEING IN LOVE IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING OKAY.

It’s totally presh when one of them is shy, but when both the gal and guy are equally precious shy cinnamon rolls????

It’s so delightfully awkward watching them try to get up the nerve to declare their love for the other. And also paaaainful to go through an entire book where they’re both SO IN LOVE but neither has the nerve to ADMIT IT. Painful in a good way. (We fangirl/boys do love the pain.) You’re totally lying if you say you’ve never yelled at the characters to just SAY SOMETHING ALREADY.

No one ever said shipping was a calm activity.

Oh, but when the shy cinnamon rolls do finally get together. *happy sigh* They can ride off in the sunset and be shy and precious together. Or just…go quietly hang out at the library and share shy little smiles over the tops of their books. Now that’s a date I’d be totally on top of.



I don’t know what it is about a pairing like this, but it thrills me. I’m sure you know it. The girl who’s all business and studies and barely cracks a smile. The boy who barely takes anything seriously and spends his days making jokes and being all around hilarious. Their meeting usually involves her rolling her eyes at his obnoxious behavior. But his lightheartedness slowly begins to make a crack in her tough exterior, and she helps him learn when to be serious, and together they end up making an EPIC TEAM. OPPOSITES ATTRACT AFTER ALL.

Ashley and Walter from the Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire series by Bryan Davis fit this to a T and just— SLKDJFLJSLKDJLFJKLSJDFL. CAN’T!



Oookay, that may be a bit of a mouthful. BUT REGARDLESS. These are the couples who have been through it all, seen it all, and came out stronger and closer for it. The ones who have probably saved the world 2 or 3 times together, may have lost each other half a dozen times, but always, always found each other again.

These couples have vowed to be together to the end AND THEY MEAN IT. Whether that means singlehandedly battling an entire army or jumping into a active volcano or traveling back through time and rearranging all of history JUST TO BE WITH THEIR LOVE, they’ll do it!

Basically, if you’re the villain and separate these two well HAHAHAHAHA. You’re so doomed.

And excuse me but who doesn’t love to root for couples like this??? This type of sacrificial love is #GOALS right there.

I’d say Sapphira and Elam also from the Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire series have this. Really, most of the characters from these book share this kind of love. IT’S SO INSPIRING.

I don’t think this is even half of the types of ships I love finding in fiction, but I’d definitely say this is my top 7. And for some reason I seem to like making lists of 7??? Which is probably obvious since basically over half my posts are lists like this these days. But it’s a good number as to not overwhelm you guys or me (because goodness knows my posts are long enough…).

But there we have it! ALL THE SHIPPING. I maaay go into full fangirl mode when it comes to discussing all the precious couples. (I’m sure you didn’t notice.) Which is hilarious because in real life I often grimace at romance. Seriously.

Me watching fictional couples:
Me watching real couples: “Ew, gross. Pls stahp.”

Oookay, not always. But we all know fiction is way better than real life.



YOU KNOW WE MUST FLAIL TOGETHER. What are your favorite types of ships to read about??? Do we share any? Or do we disagree on some? Let’s discuss all the shippy things!
I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day!
(And hey, if you’re single it’s a good excuse to get yourself some candy and fangirl/boy over your favorite fictional couples. Who says we single people can’t have fun on Valentine’s?)


  1. WALTER + ASHLEY YAYYYYYSSSSSSSS I love them so much.

    Honestly, I love the romances where they don't even realize they're falling in love with each other, and then, suddenly...they realize they don't want the other to leave and that they mean so much...and it's so cute. :)

    1. WALTER AND ASHLEY ARE SO AMAZING I CAN'T. And it was really unexpected. first I had no clue they'd be a thing but then they WERE and SLDKJFLKJDSLJKF. I LOVE THEMMM.

      Oh my goodness! :O I didn't even think of that type of romance. YESSS. I LOVE THAT TOO. Where their love for each other just sneaks up on them. It is presh! <3

  2. I LOVE ALL THE SHIPS!!!!! I think the only ones I don't like are the ones where the guy is like super creepy but the girl thinks that's romantic and attractive...DON'T LIKE THAT AT ALL. But redemption arcs within the ships? MY FAVORITE. I mean, I kind of put those in all my ships, so...*looks away innocently*

    I really, really, really need to read the Nether Isle, Christine. Like yesterday. I don't know if this is even ON your radar, but if you're in need of beta know where to find me. XD

    And of these ships, I think that the "go all the way around the world and die for each other" kind is my favorite. And the super shy nerdy ones. And all the ships!!!!!!! Honestly I just love them all. <33333333

    Happy Valentine's Day!! And yeah, just because you're single doesn't mean you can't celebrate! I am 100% single and very happy about Valentine's day anyway (BECAUSE BOOK SHIPS.)

    And that last thing: SO TRUE. Real PDA makes me cringe and gag but then in books I start squealing and can't stop. Movies are the same as real life, though. Weird much????

    Loved this post! Now I have to go write one about my favorite couples in fiction ;D (ALSO HOWL AND SOPHIE. THAT IS ALL.)

    1. ALL THE SHIPS! :D
      Ugh, yes. I hear ya on that one! That type of romance is toxic and awful. I HATE when that's in books. But yes, yes, yes! Redemption arcs are my favoritest things everrrr! I don't blame you putting them in the ships. I've done PLENTY of those as well and they tend to be my favorite ships. XD

      *clutches heart* YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY! I'd looove for you to beta-read! But, as of right now, I'm not doing anything with it since I'm focusing on Burning Thorns. But when I get to it and revise it, I'd be thrilled for you to beta it! THANK YOU, YOU SWEET THING! <333

      Those two types are so fun. My heart swells at the sacrificial couples. ^_^

      Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :D Precisely! I'm totally single as well, but I find Valentine's kinda fun. SHIP ALL THE SHIPS!!!

      Uggggh. PDA is the worst. If I ever get a guy, I'm gonna make a conscious effort to not ever, ever be THAT couple. But yeah, in books I LOVE it so like I don't even know. XDDD And movies, yeah! I'm not a fan watching it on the screen as well. I guess if my physical eyes have to see kissing, I'm not a fan. But if my mental eyes see it it's okay? I DON'T KNOW. We're definitely weird! XD

      Thank you so much! And YESSS. THAT IS SO FUN! I think I did something like that for the past two years, which is why I talked about types of ships instead of specific ships this go round. But I could talk fictional couples FOREVER. (HOWL AND SOPHIE! <333333)

  3. Oh my gosh! I love this post! <3
    Howl and Sofie! Yes!!!! I was shipping those two the moment they were both introduced to the story. lol

    1. *BEAMS* I'm so glad!

      ME TOO!!! I shipped them so hard it physically HURT. I can't with those two! <33333333333

    2. <3 They're so adorable! <3
      When you mentioned your book, I about died. MUST READ IT.

    3. OH MY GOODNESS. YOU'RE THE SWEETEST! That made my night! ^____^

    4. THANK YOU, BEAN!!!! Seriously, though. Can't wait!!! <3

  4. Love this! You have great taste! I love hyper girls in fiction too. Kale and Bardon, those two were hilarious. Your gif use was perfect, as usual.

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      You do? So fun! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Though I probably overuse them in my own novels... *sheepish grin*

      Oooh yes, Kale and Bardon were just fantastic. They amused me so much!

      D'awww, thanks! Finding these gifs was way too fun! ;D

  5. Great post, Christine! (And Happy Valentine's Day! I hadn't even realized that was this week . . . oops!)

    I usually don't enjoy romance, but lately I think I've become a little more soft-hearted in regards to this. Cocky guy and shy girl is one of the ones that I find most endearing, or class clown and intellectual. Maybe because I like to see characters break out of their stereotype around the guy/girl they care about - the cocky guy becomes soft and caring when they're alone and she needs him, the shy girl relaxes when they're alone and becomes more open - and it's more obvious with come traits than others.

    ~True //

    1. Thank you!!! (Happy Valentine's to you too! Lol. That's okay! It's honestly a miracle I remembered. XD)

      I understand that. It's funny, because I HATE actual romance books, but I quite enjoy a touch of romance IN books, as long as it's not the main focus. Does that make sense? But yeah, I'm picky about it.

      The cocky guy and shy girl is one of my absolute TOP favorites! I'm happy I'm not alone in this. But the class clown and intellectual is so fun too. I love the point you made! You're right, these types make the other break out of their stereotype and embrace the contrast between them and their significant other. It's so sweet! ^_^


    YASSSS SHY PEOPLE IN LOVE ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!! And bantering...yassss, especially when it's SASSY bantering. *sighs*

    Out of all of these, the sacrificing ones are probably my favorite first, and then the bantering, and then all the shy ones and the clown/serious ones. Being an introvert, I'm not as fond of the hyper character romances but they are still adorable in their own way :) :)

    Your ships posts are some of my absolute favorites, Christine!


    1. ME TOO! ME TOO!

      YES THEY ARE I SERIOUSLY CAN'T WITH THEM!!! And sassy bantering gives me LIFE.

      The sacrificial ones are so inspirational. I absolutely love finding such deep love in books! But yes, all the others are so fun as well. Just...just...ALL THE SHIPS!

      AWK. That just made. my. day. They're some of my favorites to write, so it really excites me that people enjoy reading them. Thank you, Catherine! <333

  7. AAAH YES YES. Shy cinnamon roll guys and hyper girls. <3 <3 And class clowns and the 'hermione' type. Gah I love them allll.

    Now I want to write a romantic couple in my story. Help. I fail at writing romances. XD

    1. RIGHT?!?! There is just so much cute! The shy boys and hyper girls is one of my toppity TOP faves. They're so adorbz. <3

      Do iiiiit, Jane. Cave into the peer pressure of shipping. *cackles* (But seriously, I used to be awful at writing romance as well, but as I worked on it through multiple books it became way more natural. It takes some getting used to, but you can TOTALLY do it!)

  8. I unashamedly love this post. I get invested in romantic subplots a bit more than I care to admit, lol.

    My favorite is probably shy guy + hyper girl. Kind of what I'm hoping will eventually happen in real life, honestly. :D Hyper, sweet girls are my fave.

    Shy guy + shy girl is close second. ^_^ Love all of these to some degree, though.

    1. Bwahahaha! Okay, but that makes my day. I'm glad my shipping posts don't make my male followers run away. XD

      Honestly, that may be my top favorite as well. I DON'T KNOW. IT'S HARD TO CHOOSE. But that type is just so adorbz! And I love your reason for liking it. That may be why I'm partial to it as well, because I fall into the hyper girl category. Lol!

      Let's ship ALL the shy people! XD Lol. Thanks, Matt!

  9. Oh, Lauri!!!!!! I need your novels so badly!! <3
    This was such a fun post! My favorite is definitely cocky boy+shy girl. *huggles them*
    Happy Valentines Day! :D

    1. *happy squeaks* AWK. That is so sweet! <3

      EEP. I'm so happy you enjoyed it! And YES. That is one of my top, top, TOP faves as well. Honestly that ship and the hyper girl+shy boy may be my top two. BUT I DON'T KNOW. I LOVE 'EM ALL! *huggles them as well*

      Happy Valentine's Day to you too! <333

  10. Give me a pair of bickering babies, and I'm so happy. I also love the friends-to-lovers trope. Like, every romance I've ever written (good ones, at least), have fallen into one of the two.

    1. Same, same! Gotta love the bickerers. XD And oh my goodness, YES!!! Besties that fall in love with one another is the CUTEST! I love that, too!

    2. Oh, but I read one book once, a couple hundred years ago, and the main couple, oh their banter was glorious, and I was going "ship, ship, ship..." and then they admitted they liked each other and turned to this gooey mess of syrup and I was just like ... no!!!!

      That book had some pretty interesting worldbuilding. Kinda wanna continue the series, but ... eh.

    3. Ah yeah, I get that. Like you WANT them to get together, but then they do and all they do is make-out and fawn over each other and it's gross and tiring. I like SUBTLE hints of love. No make-out sessions please.

    4. I mean, if they keep the banter up after they get together, it's awesome, but ... syrup *ugh* I like my romances savory. *Which is a new genre I just invented haha!*

    5. Savory romances. Bwahaha! That is perfect. XD But YES. I totally agree. It's no fun if they suddenly become all mushy and stop the banter all together. And makes no sense. If they're banterers, they'll stay that way, whether they love each other or not. And that's why I love Howl and Sophie so very much. They neverrrr got syrupy. All sass and savory all the time. XD

  11. All the fangirly flailing!!!!! Yes to all of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Haha, these are perfect! XD I've... never really analyzed types of couples? *cough* So I'm not sure I've really thought about these... Buuut I do know I love the bantering kind the MOST! :D They're so much fun. XD And I know I love your ships in your books, sooo you must be doing something right. ;)

    "He’s all sulky and dark, perfectly content to live broodily forever the end." <--- THIS. XD

    And so many shy cinnamon rolls. ^_^

    "Basically, if you’re the villain and separate these two well HAHAHAHAHA. You’re so doomed." <--- That actually made me think of Snow and Charming from OUAT. :P

    Also, your gif use is on point! :D

    Awesome post, thanks for shariiiing! <3 And happy Valentine's Day to you and to aaall the fictional ships! :D

    1. *grins* Thanks! I think I spend TOO much time analyzing characters and then think maybe I should get a life and pay attention to REAL people sometime. XD So yeah, you're fine! But yessss. The bantering ones are just too fun! And AWK. That is so sweet of you to say!!!

      Tehehehe. Makes me think of Tare, kinda. XD

      ALL THE SHY BBYS. <3

      Oh my goodness, YESSSS. Trying to separate those two does NOT end well for anyone. They're seriously one of my favoritest couples EVER. <333

      Thank you! Finding shippy gifs is a lot of fun! XD

      D'awwww! So glad you enjoyed it. And happy Valentine's Day to you too! :D

    2. "get a life" -- whaaat? Fictional lives ARE lives what are you talking about! :O *coughcough*

      And Tare mayyyy get a girl someday sooo... ;)

    3. True, true. XD Like...what other life IS there?

      Oh, reeeeally??? Though I do love how your books totally break the norm and focus on friendship rather than romance. I just meant Tare likes to pretend he's happy in his brooding ways. XD (BUT HIM GETTING A GIRL WOULD ALSO BE FUN AND SO ENTERTAINING AND YES. I'm just trying to even imagine this... o__o)

    4. *griiiiiiiiiiiiins* Bwahahaaaa. >:D Maybe in a later book... But yes, much friendshipz. ^_^

  13. I love the "gruff guy, hyper girl" one. Especially if the girl is just sunshiny and sweet - not overly loud or talkative. It makes me happy. ^_^

    BTW that Thor gif is hilarious. Probably the funniest part of the movie, lol!


    1. ME TOO! Which...I guess is obvious since I'm the one that mentioned it. *cough* BUT YES. THAT IS THE MOST PRECIOUS SHIP!

      Oh my goodness, when I found it I about died. It's like my new favorite gif. XD And that scene in the movie was golden!

  14. The banterers are my absolute favorites! And any ship with a shy character in it, but specifically the cocky guy and shy girl. Cress and Thorne are amazing, basically. :D

    1. The banterers are soooo fun to read about! And shy people in love IS SO ADORABLE I CAN'T.

      CRESS AND THORNE!!!!!!!! I'm so obsessed with them, it's probably unhealthy. XD


    I just LOVE the opposites!! Hyper gal and shy boy, gruff guy and hyper gal, cocky guy and shy girl (*AHEM* CRESS AND THORNE AND ROSE RED AND LEO I SHIP THEM SO HARD OKAY BYE *AHEM*).

    And the mutually shy ones? *clutches heart* SO. ADORKABLE. Have you read Eliza and Her Monsters? There's a couple in there like that and I JUST. THEY'RE SO CUTE. ^_^

    Also, SAME: 'Me watching fictional couples: “THEY’RE SO CUTE HALP I CAN’T THEY NEED TO KISS.”
    Me watching real couples: “Ew, gross. Pls stahp.”'

    1. I THINK WE MAY BE TWINS YES. That is so awesome we share all the same favorites! :D

      Yes, yes, yes! Opposites are so much fun! Seeing them clash and then learn to rely on the other's strength just...sldkfjlskjf. MY HEART! Okay, but CressxThorne and Rose RedxLeo are two of my most shippity ships. GAH. I love them!

      Aren't shy people in love the most adorkable thing? I have not read Eliza and Her Monsters but I've only heard good things about it and really want to read it. And now I want to read it even MORE. That sounds so cute!

      Bwahahaha! Fictional life is so much better. XD

  16. Aw, I love all of these ships! My favorites are the banter couples, the intellectual girl\class clown, and the cocky guy\shy girl ones. I don't ship a ton of fictional characters but there are definitely some I ship REALLY hard. <3 :-D
    That Thor gif...*dies* That was awesome! XD
    Happy Valentines Day to you! :-D

    1. It's so fun we share some favorites! The banterers and cocky guy/shy girl are two of my top, TOP ones. I just can't with those types. XD
      LOL. I think I ship TOO many. It's getting kind of ridiculous...

      Isn't it great?! It's my new favorite gif. XD

      D'awww! Hope you have a good one! <333

  17. Haha I love these ships! It makes me think of some of my character couples <3 <3 <3 Shy girl and cocky guy also makes me think of my favorite ship from RWBY. Sun and Blake forever.

    1. *GRINS* Glad I'm not the only one! And that's so fantastic you have some couples like this. More proof that your novels are amazing!

      I've never watched RWBY but that couple sounds fabulous! I'm suuuch a sucker for a ship like that. XD

    2. RWBY
      Black Sun is the BEST SHIP EVER
      Except for Rennora... xD

  18. For someone who's such a romantic, I really don't like romance in books a whole lot. But I do like my banterers though! They are THE BEST. (Jen Turano writes good banterers and I love her work XD)

    1. Lol! It's funny, because I'm not much of a romantic UNLESS it's fictional characters. Romance in real life isn't too much my thing, but I'll go wild over fictional couples. XDDD

      But YESSS. The banterers are just so fun I can't!
      I'm not sure I've ever even heard of Jen Turano. o.O Obviously I need to go look this person up!

  19. My favourite ships are these two:
    ONE: The girl is completely in love, but the boy doesnt realise it, and he's in love, but he doesnt know it
    TWO: The "teamwork" ship. Aka, Black Widow and Hawkeye. (If you don't ship it... oh well.) They just.. support each other.. and don't even realise they're in love xD

    1. OH MY GOODNESS YES. Both of those types of ships are AMAZING. It's sooo cute when the boy is totally clueless that's he's in love with her. And then he DOES realize and KLSJDLFKJLJDSF. ALL THE ADORBZ.

      And I am alllllllll over the NatashaxClint ship! Clint's big secret reveal in Age of Ultron was...a shock, to say the least. I've since made peace with it, and even rather like it. BUT STILL. MY SHIP. *sobs* But ANYWAYS. Teamwork ships are fabulous!

  20. Awww, this post was precious! Basically I agree with all of these.

    The shy guy + shy girl is so sweet and adorable (I'm thinking Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingly... wait... is that how I spell his name? It looks super weird now that I spell it out... huhm). I don't know if any of my characters will ever be this... I guess Karyna and Barend were sort of this way, but it was more ALL THE THINGS causing them to be quiet than their personalities.

    I like lists of seven, as well. They are comfortable. Also, I can never think of ten things for any given list. It's a problem.

    "our hearts should not be still. That’s called being dead" <------ I died. (Not literally) :-D

    1. *beams* Thank you!!!

      The shy ships are the most adorable things. OH OH. JANE AND MR. BINGLEY IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE. I was actually trying to think of examples and coming up totally short on mutually shy ships. But YES. That is a good one! (And I literally had to google how to spell his name 'cause I had no idea. XD) And yeah, I'm not sure I have a mutually shy ship either... I have lots of shy characters, but they're usually paired with a very NOT shy character. XD

      SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS! Yes! It's a nice, comfortable size for a blog post. And I often have a hard time coming up with ten items myself!

      Tehehehe! It's just one of those phrases that has always bothered me. XD

  21. Banterers=SO MUCH YES. Love reading them, love writing them. Even if they're not love interests, bantering characters are pretty much the best ever. ^_^

    Oh my goodness, we need more shy boys in fiction. There are a lot of shy girl characters and while I can definitely relate to that because I'm usually shy myself, I would love to see more boy characters in that category. They're just so adorable and sweet and soooo much fun to write.

    Cress and Thorne are such a great example of Cocky Guy + Shy Girl. I've not read Veiled Rose (I read the first book in that series years ago and haven't finished them yet—but I've heard pretty much all good things and NEED to read the others).

    "No one ever said shipping was a calm activity." - hehehehehe, it's so painful but so true.

    "Take on the World" Couples are so great! While I love seeing characters fall in love, getting to see that relationship develop more is awesome too—especially when it's written well and the characters grow and you get to see how they work together under pressure. *squeals*

    Yet another great list, Christine! Now I'm wanting to reread a ton of books with my favorite fictional couples in them. ^_^

    1. YESSSS! And you're so right. ALL bantering characters are fun, whether they're love interests or not. Just having that dynamic to read about is a BLAST!

      I AGREE! I actually have a TON of shy boy characters 'cause I'm addicted to writing in their POVs. *sheepish grin* I don't know why, I just click with it for some reason! XD

      CRESS AND THORNE GIVE ME LIFE! Lol. They're just so funny! Oooh, ALL the Goldstone books are just pure gorgeousness (though admittedly I've yet to read the last few). I definitely recommend continuing the series!

      It takes so much work being a fangirl. XD

      Absolutely! Seeing people become a couple is great, but it seems like we rarely get to see them BE a couple and watch their relationship grow, you know? I really enjoy when we go beyond the falling in love stage to watching their relationship take root. It's a beautiful thing. ^_^

      Awwww, you are always so sweet! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. And I feel ya! I have so many books I want to reread now. XD

  22. just like to say "still"can mean
    adj.Free of sound.
    adj. Low in sound; hushed or subdued.
    so that might be it , but i agree!

  23. Oh goodness, I loved this post. XD I'm not much of a romance person, myself, but I DO SO LOVE TO SHIP THINGS!!! And EEEEP! Gruff Guy + Hyper Girl is one of my absolute favorites!!! ...and I really don't know why. XD But I also really really love the concept of Hyper Girl + Shy Boy!! (I, too, am a hyper girl. In case you couldn't tell. XD )

    I think I'm probably alone on this one (or maybe not?) but another ship that I REALLY love to ship is Gruff Villain + Spunky Hero Girl. I have no idea WHY, but just something about the villain falling for the hero makes me really happy for some reason??? AM I WEIRD??? AM I ALONE??? ...please tell me I'm not alone... XD

    This was such a wonderful post for Valentine's Day, Christine! I absolutely loved it!

    1. *BEAMS* Thank you!
      I sorta like romance, buuuuut I like it SO much better in fiction than in real life. I'm so bad. XD SHIPPING CHARACTERS IS JUST TOO FUN!
      The gruff guy + hyper girl gets me all giddy every single time. It's seriously the cutest! And YESSSS. Hyper girl + shy boy is probably one of my top 3 favorite types of ships EVER. (*high-fives for being fellow hyper girls* Now we just gotta find us some adorkable shy boys... ;D)

      Okay so...I'm not opposed to that AT ALL. In fact I soooooorta have a ship like that in one of my stories. NOT EVEN KIDDING. I'm a total sucker for a villain reforming because he falls in love with someone good and she rubs off on him. IT'S SO PRECIOUS. SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE NO!

      *flails happily* Thank you again! :D

    2. <3
      Oh yes, definitely agree with you there! Although, I guess I'd also say that EVERYTHING is better in fiction than real life... XD Or at least, MOST things are. (because DRAGONS.) OH MY WORD, IT TRULY IS!!! XD
      Eep, same!! And hahahaha!!!! YESSSSSSS! *high fives* Too bad we can't just pull them straight out of a fictional world, though... That would be the absolute best...

      OH MY WORD!!!!!! Do you really???? ACK!!!!! I NEED!!!! I NEED RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!! PLEAAAAAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!??? YES!!! It is literally the most precious thing ever and I CAN'T EVEN. Like, it rarely EVER happens, but it's like the most fantastic ship ever!!!! It needs to happen more, to be honest... (also, I still need that story. please. i beg you.)

      *flails happily with you*

    3. That's so true! Fiction is just WAY better than real life. BECAUSE DRAGONS YES. WHY DO WE NOT ALL HAVE PET DRAGONS I FEEL CHEATED!!!!

      *GRIIIIINS* Yes I dooooo! It's from my current WIP Burning Thorns annnnd... *shifty eyes* after I get done with the current round of edits I'm doing I'll need beta-readers later this year so...just saying. *wriggles eyebrows*

      But seriously, your enthusiasm is making me grin so big I can't!

  24. Sneaking in late because I'm late in catching up on blog reading... but I couldn't let this post pass without saying something about Walter and Ashley. WOW. They were probably my favorite couple from that whole series. SO ADORBS. I think I read the proposal scene like seven times. IT WAS THAT GOOD. The alliteration killed me.

    So, all the thumbs up for Walter and Ashley. That is all. :)

    1. WALTER AND ASHLEEEEY!!!!! I'm with you, they were so fantastic! AND THE PROPOSAL SCENE. To this day it's one of my favorite scenes in a book EVER. I will never forget the first time I read it and how much it delighted me. GAH. THOSE TWO! <333

  25. EEEEE, I LOVE ALL OF THESE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. And I'm casually pretending that it's not like three whole months past Valentine's Day. XD

    Okay, but with almost every type of couple you described, I started thinking of the very characters you went on to use as examples! Brain twinning again!

    WALTER & ASHLEY. Oh goodness, releasing DIOM has made me realize how much I adore them. <3 Same with Sapphira and Elam. But I love so many of the couples you mentioned too. *cough* Roseanddragon *cough*

    1. Hey, we should celebrate love EVERY DAY, right???

      Really? Oh my goodness, that's so funny. I love our brain twinnin'! And the fact that we've read all the same books. It's so fun!

      WALTER AND ASHLEY GIVE ME LIFE. I remember back when I first read those books I had NO clue they'd be a couple. It took me by such surprise, but in the best way possible. They are too perfect for this world. <333 And Sapphira and Elam. OH MY HEART I CAN'T. (*blushes and grins at the mention of my own characters*)


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