Wednesday, March 14, 2018

7th Blogoversary Celebration Day 2: A Thank You Letter and Part Two of the Q&A Vlog

HELLO AGAIN!!! It is day two of Musings of an Elf’s two-day 7th Blogoversary Celebration (say that 5 times fast) and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

(If you  missed it, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post where I showed you guys my first ever blog post (and hid in a hole from embarrassment afterwards) and shared part 1 of the Q&A vlog.)

Today, March 14th, is Musings of an Elf’s official birthday. On this day 7 years ago, I hit publish on that first post and entered the great, wide, crazy, AMAZING world of blogging. And I’ve never looked back!

Yesterday I talked about how creating this blog really shaped me as a writer and brought out my passion for writing even more. But it’s not just the writing aspect of the blog that has helped me grow. It is also the community.

It is…YOU!

There aren’t enough words in the world to fully express my gratitude for each and every one of you. But you better believe I’m gonna try anyway!

For Musings of an Elf’s official birthday, I want to share a letter. A letter to you, my dear, treasured blog followers. My friends.



Dear Friends,

When I first started this little blog simply for a way to stretch my writing muscles and start growing an author’s platform, I had no idea…no clue of the joys that were to follow.

It started with the blog comments that put a smile on my face every time one appeared. It took some time, but as I wrote more posts, more began to pop up. Then I ventured out to those blogs, I discovered linkups, more blogs, writers and like-minded people. It amazed me how many people out there shared my interests. How many people loved the same books I did, how many wrote the same types of stories I wrote, how many understood the ups and downs of being an aspiring writer or merely just loving stories.

I soon discovered the blogging world was full of kind, passionate, beautiful people. And over time, these people became my people, my friends.

For years, I struggled with confidence, with thinking I was alone. I rarely showed my true self because I feared no one would understand, or just think I was plain weird.

But then, one by one, you each entered my life. Slowly but surely, I grew less fearful of sharing my passions. I learned that if I turned on my “fangirl mode”, you wouldn’t raise an eyebrow and judge, instead, you fangirl/boy-ed right along with me! I could talk excitedly about my beloved books, movies, and TV shows—embrace my full geekiness—and be welcomed for it.

Then, as I met more and more people like me, I decided to attempt sharing things about my writing—something that had before made me want to go hide under my bed forever. I started out talking about writing-related things, then I…*gulp* began to post snippets. I opened up about what my stories were about, introduced my characters to you, wrote more writing posts.

And do you know what you did for me? You encouraged me.

Every single one of you rained encouragement over this self-conscious writer. You took away my fear and shame, and instead motivated me, inspired me.

As time went on, I formed closer bonds, joined a beta group, actually had people read my entire stories and I got to read theirs. Before I knew it, I was a full-fledged writer. It wasn’t a hobby, it was a lifestyle, and one that brought me joy every single day.

My little blog morphed into a writing blog with the greatest support group I have ever had: YOU.

Because of you, I went from a self-conscious teenager who had dreams of being a writer but never did much about it and always felt alone in that aspect of my life, to someone with solid plans of pursuing my greatest passion and the most amazing writer friends cheering me on all the way.

And all I can say is…THANK YOU! Thank you for the endless encouragement, the accountability, the interest in my stories and drive to continue pursuing publishing them. Thank you for all the enthusiastic comments and sweet emails. Thank you for your posts and stories that bless me and make me smile and inspire me every single day.

The impact each and every one of you makes on my life has been phenomenal. It puts me in awe to think that, out of the billions of people in the world, God brought me to each of you. He truly is a loving God!

Thank you for being the beautiful human beings that you are. I love you all!


NOW THEN. We aren’t quite done with the celebrations yet. It is time for part 2 of the Q&A vlog! (And, don’t worry, this one’s a bit shorter than yesterday’s. Heh.)


(Part 2)

This starts right where I cut off the first part, but I apologize for the weird lighting. Filming took muuuch longer than I thought it would and I started losing sunlight. So things get a bit yellow as the video progresses. Sorry ‘bout that! Maybe one of these days I’ll learn how to actually make a professional video. (But I wouldn’t count on it…)

(Also, at the end I call my blog Musings of the Elf instead of Musings of an Elf because I’m a potato and apparently don’t know the name of my own blog???)

This video features what my favorite season is, the great mystery of why I’m nicknamed Lauriloth/Lauri, my favorite mythical creature (betcha can’t gueeeess *grins*), my thoughts on standalones vs. series, which five books I would save in a disaster, what my favorite The Legend of Zelda game is, and moooore! Lots of fun stuff! (Seriously, I love everyone’s questions!)

You can view the video on YouTube HERE if the embedded version isn’t working.

Before I go, I have one more exciting thing to share with you…

REALM MAKERS 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Yesterday I registered and…just. I can’t believe this is happening. Excitement doesn’t even cover what I’m feeling. If you’re going, TELL ME, because I want to meet you all!


Alrighty! That wraps it up. This has been so much fun!

Once more I have to mention what a blessing you all are to me. I do this blog because of YOU! You are all the best! *GROUP HUG*

Can’t wait for all the more blogging years to come!



Let’s chat blogging. What is your favorite thing about blogging? Do you have a special blogging memory? And, since this is a party, the question must be asked: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE CAKE???

Thank you all for celebrating with me!


  1. Happy anniversary!!! Seven years? O.O That's really impressive! I'm really hoping you stick around for many more years . . . :D


    1. Thank you so much! Lol! I honestly can't believe it's been that long. It doesn't feel like it!

      Awwww! That is so sweet. I can't imagine myself ever NOT blogging. I'll be here for a long time! ^_^

  2. Happy blogoversary!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves winter. You nailed my last name the first time. That's not an easy feat, so congrats!

    I loved watching both videos! Here's to many more years of blogging.

    1. Thank you, Sarah! :D

      Winter is the besssst! I'm so sad to see it go. *sniffs*
      Did I? YAY! I fail so hard at pronouncing things. I figured I was totally botching it up. XD

      D'AWWWW! I'm so glad. I had such a blast filming it for you guys. Thanks again! <3

  3. Your vlog....I didn't have time to do a monster comment on this one *looks back ruefully on yesterday's comment before deciding WHATEVER, LIFE IS SHORT, LET'S DO MONSTER COMMENTS* but just know that it was awesome! Hopefully I can get mine up this evening...*glares at stupid YouTube internet*

    Happy blogoversary! <3 Your letter is SO SWEET. Seriously, your blog and your comments on my posts are one of my favorite things about blogging. <3

    1. THAT IS OKAY! ALL comments make me happy! ^_^ AND I HAVE BEEN SO LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR VLOG. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! (But, ugh, uploading videos is a pain. It took mine aaaages. *collapses*)

      *flails in all the happy feels* I can't stop grinning over your sweet words! I feel the same way about YOUR blog and comments. They make me happy every. single. time. <333

    2. Also: I want so badly to go to Realm Makers :( I wish I weren't absolutely broke so I could. :'(

      AHHHHH, THANK YOU! You are so sweet, Christine <333333

      And I FINALLY got that vlog up! (Sure took long enough....) XD

    3. Oh man, I WISH YOU COULD TOO! D': Meeting you would be the BESSSST. But I understand. I'm struggling to get all the money together for it. o.o


      YAYAYAYYAYAYAY!!!!!!! I'm hoping to watch it later today.

  4. You should try Bengal Spice Tea. It’s soooooo good - the only tea I’ll drink!
    You definitely need a pastel pink dragon! That drinks tea. lol <3

    1. I have never heard of that! I just looked it up and it sounds like such an interesting mix of flavors. I need to try this! Thank you for the suggestion! :D

      A pastel pink dragon that drinks tea? OH MY WORD. My actual dream! XDD

    2. It really is!!! <3 You have to take the teabag out earlier than normal, though, 'cause if you don't, it gets too strong.
      YES!!!! Mine would be pastel blue or pastel purple. ;)

    3. Oh, that's good to know. Thank you!

      I love blue and purple! :D Especially pastel colors. Light, pastel colors are my faaave.

    4. You're welcome!
      Same here! I'm not a fan of dark colors, though I love any shade of blue. <3

  5. I'm so glad that you get to go to Realm Makers this year!!! I know there will be hundreds and hundreds of people there, but if you happen to find a Becky Metcalf, be sure to say hi... she's my friend and she's writing an amazing steampunk fantasy series that I think you will love. ^_^


    1. I'm so excited! :D Ooooh, THAT IS SO FUN!!! You never know, we might run into each other which would be AWESOME. I ADORE STEAMPUNK! YESSS. :D :D :D

    2. You'll have to let me know if you do end up running into each other... that would be so much fun, lol! :D

  6. I loved listening to all the answers! This was fun

    For the tea flavor things have one suggestion. If you have a Books a Million store near you ( maybe you could find it online ) they sell a tea called Mad Hatters Tea premium green tea blended with blueberries. I think the brand is called republic of tea. And though I have never tasted it before my mom and sisters say it's like the best thing ever so..... I'd suggest that one.

    I did not see winter as your favorite season! You seem like such a spring person, so happy and sunny. But to each her own

    YES! The poodle dragon! Droodle? That would be so cute :)

    I really enjoyed the vlogs thanks for sharing and congrats on everything!

    1. Awwww! I'm so glad. Thank you!

      We do have a Books-a-Million! And oh my goodness, THAT DOES SOUND GOOD. Blueberry tea??? I NEED DIS. (And it makes it even better that it's called Mad Hatters Tea. ;D) Now I want to go to Books-a-Million RIGHT NOW and try this thing! Lol. THANK YOU FOR THE SUGGESTION! :D

      Lol! You know what's funny is spring used to be my favorite season! But these days I just want cold allllll the time. XD

      Droodle? YES. THAT IS PERFECT. I need it!

      Thanks so much, Varvare! <3

  7. I'm so glad blogging helped you become a more confident writer. Because your brilliant and I can't wait for your publishing dreams come true!
    You have an impressive book collection, I was writing titles down. I share your undying love for dragons and coffee, they are wonderful!!!

    As for the Zelda games, I love all of those! Ocarina of Time is my favorite simply because of the nostalgia.

    You need to keep vlogging, your really good at it!

    1. Awwww! *melts from happy feels* That means so much to me! THANK YOU!

      Lol. Thank you! I have no self control when it comes to buying books... And dragons and coffee are LIFE! *high-fives*

      So Ocarina of Time is your favorite for the nostalgia too? TWINS! It's such a great game. I loved the time travel aspect of it!

      Oh my! I always feel like such an awkward penguin in the videos. XD But thank you! I may have to do more sometime!

  8. Aww, Lauri, that letter was so sweet!!! <33

    Realm Makers sounds awesome! I'm so glad you get to go! I wish I could go so we could finally meet! Though...I don't write fantasy, so that may be a slight problem..xD
    You should try Peppermint and Tension Tamer tea. They're sooo good.

    1. D'awwww! *HUGS*

      I WISH YOU COULD GO TOOOO! Meeting you would be amazing!

      Oooh, I have had some peppermint tea and loooooved it. I adore peppermint flavored things! :D I just looked up that tea and IT LOOKS DELICIOUS. AND the box has a dragon on it:
      So, uh, I NEED THIS NOW! Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. *HUGS*

      AWw, thanks! I'd love to meet you!!! Maybe there will be a writing conference that we can all meet at. That would be awesome! :D

      I love peppermint flavored things! Though, out of the two, tension tamer is my favorite. I knew you'd like the dragon!!! One of the reasons I like it (despite the taste) is the cool box. lol You're welcome!!

  9. I haven't got time to watch the vlog yet but AHHHH HAPPY BLOGAVERSARYYYYY *throws confetti* *big internet hugs back*

  10. Happy 7th Blogversary, Christine! I'm glad to have found your bright, happy blog- and I hope it continues for many years to come!
    My favourite cake? How can I pick just one? Cheesecake, zucchini cake, lemon cake, and schwartzwalder torte are all equally delicious!
    See you at Realm Makers!

    1. *sneaks covertly over to say:* OH MY GOODNESS, YOU'RE GOING TO RM? :D I hope to see you there too!! EEP.

    2. Awww, Blue! That is the sweetest thing. Thank you so much! I hope to blog for a long, long time! :D

      I know, it was an evil question. XD But ooooh, CHEESECAKE. I adore cheesecake!


  11. OH MY GOODNESS, LAURI, IT'S YOUR BLOGOVERSARYYYYYY!!!! :D :D :D *FLAILING AROUND* *flings confetti and cupcakes and fireworks EVERYWHERE* (The cupcakes are for you, dear. ;)) I'M SO SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU! And I'm also seriously in awe, because 7 YEARS IS HUGE!!! :O You're amazing! I haven't found time to watch the vlog yet but I can't waiiit to do so. :D

    That letter is the sweetest thing. I love the things you come up with on your blog! Always so funnn! <3 And my fave cake is sometimes chocolate; BUT I had lemon cake for my birthday recently and that might actually be my favorite BECAUSE LEMON CAAAAKE.


    Happiest of blogoversaries to you, dear blogging buddy! Here's to many more on the wonderful Musings of an Elf!!! ^___________________^ <3

    1. *FLAILS LIKE AN EXCITED SQUID* AAAAHHHHH! Thank you, Celti!!! *happily noms cupcakes*

      D'awww! That is the nicest thing. GIRL. YOU ARE JUST MAKING MY DAY.
      Ooh, lemon cake is a good one! I'm funny about lemon stuff. Sometimes I LOVE it, sometimes I HATE it, it just depends on what it is. It's so weird. XD


      Thank yoooouuuu!!! *HUGGLES* Your comment made me so happy! <333

  12. I eat up your blog posts like a kid with a spoon and a bowl of ice cream, but your vlogs I just sit there with a huge grin on my face besides, because you are simply too adorable. Your Elvish name is SO appropriate.

    Congratulations, Christine! *fires confetti cannon* Your seven years of blogging (and seven years of NaNoWrimo) and your steady writing journey are an inspiration to me!
    I am so, so, so happy for you that you get to go to Realm Makers!!! I know you’ll have a blast!

    I heartily recommend Rooibos tea – it is a wonderful South African blend that can be found at Publix. And as for a dragon poodle – I WANT ONE!!

    I can’t wait to see what another year brings for you, Christine! <3 May it be full of blessings!

    1. *clutches heart* GIRL! I can't even handle this niceness. That is so precious. THANK YOU!!! <333

      Oh, but YOU'RE an inspiration to ME. Seriously, your dedication to your writing inspires me every day to push on. And your blog brings me so much joy. You're such a blessing!
      Aahhhh! Thank you! I'm ECSTATIC about Realm Makers! I can barely contain my excitement! :D

      Thank you for the suggestion! I need to find this tea. Sadly we don't have a Publix. *pouts* Maybe I can find it some somewhere though!
      A dragon poodle needs to be a thing. It's a necessity now. *nods*

      You are seriously the sweetest. Thanks so much, girl! *HUGS*

  13. Happy Blogoversary, Christine!! (Awfully sorry I'm late to the party...I didn't make it yesterday on account of some rather uncooperative spaghetti squashes...)

    Haha, you are a trailblazer in the blogging world :). I was dragged into blogging after being on the fringe by my BFF and once I was started my writing blog, I got inundated with NaNo posts...which made me totally curious (and I don't regret it - only have done Camp so far, but I hope to do my first official NaNo this year!!!) So, I was highly curious to see how you got started!!

    Oh my gosh, my dad's version of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit made it through him and me and my brother too...yours at least is holding together!! Ours is literally falling apart - the paper spines are literally crumbling and pages are falling and in danger of being lost forever....eeeeek!!! (We finally replaced it this year at Christmas, phew!)

    TEA!!! Celestial is my favorite tea brand - you can find it in most groceries stores. I find it milder because most are based with green tea leaves instead of black. I personally like the fruit flavored ones - my favorites being raspberry and black cherry. If you're into organic, Tulsi is a good brand too.

    And with tea, you can stick sugar or honey, or even jam in it to sweeten it :).

    A fluffy dragon poodle sounds adorable :)

    I greatly enjoyed the post and the vlog, Christine!!!


    1. You're not late at all! And THANK YOU!!! :D

      Lol! I do feel like once you join the writers' blogging community, you will be bombarded by NaNo posts until the end of time. THERE IS NO RESISTING. :P But seriously, that's so exciting you'll be doing your first official NaNo this year! EEP. It's so much funnn!

      Really? That is awesome! And actually our copy of LotR IS falling apart. :-/ I didn't fully show you guys how bad of shape it's in. Some of the pages in the middle fall out if you open it all the way. It's bad. XD But also kinda special, because that means it's been much loved, right? ^_^ But I am glad you got a new copy for Christmas! One cannot survive without a readable LotR book. It is a necessity of life! *nods*

      Oh, oh! We have some celestial tea! We got a tea sampler of that brand and looooove it! I haven't tried raspberry or black cherry though. That sounds delicious! I need to get some of that! :D

      Oooh yes, I definitely put sugar in my tea. I wouldn't like it without it. *sheepish grin* I'm not a huge fan of honey, but I've never though of putting jam in the tea. o.o What a cool idea! Thanks so much for all the recommendations!

      RIGHT? I need one!

      D'awwww! That just makes me happy. Thank you, Catherine! <3

  14. As usual, AMAZING posts!!! Happy Blogversary, dear Lauri! Your vlog is so very perfect in every way, I love hearing you verbally share your answers to everyone's questions and seeing your sweet/lovely/fun/crazy good personality on screen. You da best! (You seriously got me contemplating the idea of a vlog - and that would normally be the LAST possible thing on my mind, cuz I can't do the is-that-my-voice? thing... XD You, on the other hand, are amazing!

    I don't recall how long I've followed you and your fantabulous blog, a few years at least, but it's so great to see how you've grown and changed in your life and writings. Your first post was so cute!! I completely understand about the wanting to hide somewhere forever from such deep embarrassment, but it was adorable to hear little Lauri's first post. Your blog has just grown since! Well done!

    The thank-you letter was so sweet *^ - ^* It's such a joy to be a "part" of your blog and getting to read all the posts you share. You are truly an inspiration. Blessings and best wishes for the blogging (and life) future!! <3

    1. Awwww! SARAH! You are the SWEETEST. Thank you!!! And ooooh my goodness, IT'D BE SO FUN IF YOU DID A VLOG! :D I honestly thought I'd NEVER do it, buuut once I gave it a shot, I quite liked it. (Even though I'm such an awkward, babbling penguin. XD)

      It's definitely been years! I think yours was one of the first blogs I ever followed. It's been such a blessing befriending you! ^_^
      Lol! My first post was...something. XD But I guess we gotta start somewhere, and it's good to see I HAVE grown with blogging since then. Heh. But thank you, girl! <3

      *grins and squeals* I don't even know what to SAY. As I said, you've been such a blessing to me! I'm so happy we found each other. Thanks for everything, Sarah! *HUGS*

  15. D'aww, that was the sweetest letter, Christine!! ^_^ *joins in big internet hug*

    How interesting!! I personally dislike winter A LOT. I guess that comes from living in a cold state. I'm happy when it's warmer. :)

    OH MY GOSH, I had no idea that's how Lauriloth came about!! Elvish names are awesome. :)

    I have mixed feelings on standalones and trilogies. On the one hand, standalones are good if you're looking for something short and sweet. But then again, with trilogies you get invested in the characters and the story and you get so much more out of it than if it was just a standalone. I don't know. It's a toss-up for me. :)

    Hey, if you had magical powers, and ended up making a mess of things, at least it would make for an interesting story, right? XD But yes, a mini dragon would be so adorable. ^_^

    I just love reading your blog, Christine, all of your posts always put a smile on my face. ^_^ Thank you for continuing to blog. You inspire me so much. <333

    1. Awww! I meant every word. You are all the BEST blogging friends! <333

      That's okay! You know, if I lived in a colder state I might appreciate summer more. But our summers are long and brutal, so I LIVE for the few winter months we get. Lol.

      Yep, that's how! My Tolkien nerdiness continues to reveal itself. XD

      I GET THAT! It IS nice to sometimes just have a quick read. Buuut, at the same time, I so want deeper, more epic stories. So yeah, definitely a toss-up!

      LOLZ. That's true! (Ah man, now I want to write a story about a inept magician! AGH. Thanks, Madeline. As if I didn't have enough plot bunnies. :P)

      *clutches heart* You have MADE. MY. DAY. That means the world to me! I...I don't even have words. I'm so happy you enjoy my little blog! <333

  16. YUS TWILIGHT PRINCESS! I love that game so so much. XD That's interesting that you've moved a lot but stayed in the same area. I did that for a bit at one point in my life. Thanks for sharing!

    1. YESSSS. It's such a fun game. I've been wanting to replay it because it's been ages since my last playthrough!

      Really? I'm glad we're not the only ones! We've moved houses so many times, it's crazy. But also kind of fun! Lol.

      Awww, you're welcome! I had a blast doing this. ^_^

  17. That's such a sweet thank you letter! And thank *you* for giving us such a fun blog to read, and for being such a sweet and encouraging person!
    I love the fact that you would save not one, but TWO Hobbits from a flood/fire/dragon invasion! (Also, that second edition of the Hobbit is the one that I read, but not the one I own, unfortunately, and it is a really nice copy. I love the illustrations!).

    1. Awwww! You are too precious! I'm just melting in all the fuzzy feels right now. *HUGS*

      I mean yeah, save ALL the Hobbit books. XDDD (Imayhaveaproblem.)
      That is so fun that's the copy you read! The illustrations are just to die for. I stare at them constantly. XD

      Thanks so much, Chelsea! <3

  18. EEEP! CONGRATULATIONS ON SEVEN YEARS OF BLOGGING, CHRISTINE!!!!! *flings cookies at your face in celebration* I feel like I'm relatively new to your wonderful corner of Cyberspace, but I am SO thankful that my friend (Kate!) told me about your blog! Yours has quickly become one of my absolute favorites, and I'm hoping to get caught up on all the awesome posts I missed over the past couple months soon... (Life is blech. That is all. XD)

    Also, I never knew how you got the name Lauriloth, but OH MY WORD THAT IS SO COOL! I really want to learn Elvish, but I have no idea how to even start... Sooooo...yeah. XD And YES TO THE DRAGONS. Dragons are life. XD

    And ASDFGHJKL!!! REALM MAKERS!!! I'm not going this year, but I hope to be able to go at some point! It looks like SO much fun!!! I hope you have a marvelous time!!!

    Congratulations again, Christine! I can't wait to see what the next years to come will hold!!!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! *happily noms cookies* It's been SUCH a joy getting to know you via blogging. You and Kate make me smile so much, you just have no idea. And GIIIIIRL. One of your favorite blogs? I...I have no words. Just...THANK YOU! <333

      Hahaha! Yep. All my secrets revealed. (Not that it was actually a secret. XD I actually forget that not everyone knows that story! Lol.) Yeah, I'd love to learn Elvish as well buuuut I don't know if I'd ever be able to. When I was younger I used to know quite a few elvish words, but I've since forgotten them...
      DRAGONS FOREVER!!! <3333

      It would be the BEST. THING. EVER. if you got to go to Realm Makers one year. I do so hope you'll be able to!!!

      Thanks, Kenzie! Your comments have been a big ray of sunshine to my day! <3


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