Tuesday, March 13, 2018

7th Blogoversary Celebration Day 1: #MyFirstPostRevisited Tag and Part One of the Q&A Vlog!

Happy Tuesday, my friends! Yes, I am posting on a Tuesday instead of Monday. That’s because this is a special week.


Tomorrow (March 14th) is the official blogoversary date, thus I will be posting today and tomorrow! Because why celebrate one day when you can spread the party for TWO days?! Can we just pretend we’re all hanging out in a room full of party decorations and eating cake together? Yes? YES.

Today, to celebrate, I have two fun things going.

Thing #1: I’m doing the #MyFirstPostRevisited Tag in which I’ll be sharing my first ever post with you guys (O________O) and then hide in a hole from embarrassment. #FUN But since it is the 7th anniversary of when I created this blog and put up the first post, I thought now would be the perfect time to join the tag.

Thing #2: PART ONE OF MY Q&A VLOG! *trumpets and fanfare* But why am I splitting the video in two? You see, erm…remember how I said I didn’t want to make the vlog super long? Eheheheheh. WELL. A lot of you asked me questions! Annnd the full video ended up being 45 minutes long. O_O That’s literally the entire length of a full TV show, guys!!! And ain’t nobody want to watch me talk for 45 minutes. THUS I split the video in half and shall be sharing part 1 today and part 2 tomorrow (so if this one seems like it ends suddenly and the other one starts suddenly, that’s why). Yeeeah, I know, making short videos does not seem to be my forte. But HEY, don’t blame me. I had some 40 questions to answer.

Okay, okay, actually, I was THRILLED over all the questions and am so honored. I do apologize for the length of the videos though. I did answer the questions more or less in order if you want to skip around and find your question and not watch me babble on and on. *grins*

ALRIGHTY. All those disclaimers aside… LET’S GET TO THE CELEBRATING!





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(Gotta love these rules!)



Hello to all those reading this!^_^ My name is Lauriloth and this is my first-ish blog; ‘ish,’ because I started a blog about 3 or 4 years ago and never did a thing with it. But this one is all new and fresh and I -hope- to actually use it! ;)

My biggest obsessions are elves (fantasy elves of course, not Christmas Elves :/), fantasy, Lord of the Rings, writing, reading, and the piano. But most of all Jesus Christ! I have a completely beloved little grey poodle named Navi (who is most spoiled), and a laptop whom I call Larry to which I will be blogging from. My favorite color is pink and I love pizza (but who doesn’t?).

Writing (and reading) is my biggest past time and a major hobby of mine, so I thought making a blog might help improve any skills I might possess (if any) with writing. It might also strengthen my passion for it. So I think it is a win, win either way. Plus, blogging seems like tons of fun!^^

What will this blog be about? That is a good question…too bad it does not have an answer. All right, it sort of does. Basically this blog will be about whatever my insanely random mind thinks up to post. There might be some posts about my current interest, may it be a TV show, movie, song, book I have become obsessed with, or maybe just the color pink or a post about pencils (which I am both very fond of, just so you know). There will probably be plenty of things the Lord has shown me that I would like to share with others. As an avid reader, I am going to try to put up book reviews whenever I can; there will most likely be plenty of those. And you can count on lots of random musings from this elf.

So how does one end a blog post? How about with a question for you to think about or comment on? Questions are fun.

Why are pencils so fantastically fantastical?

(I have a thing for pencils…)

Well then.

The first thing that strikes me is the fact that it looks like a 10 year old wrote it when, in fact, I was 18. EIGHTEEN, GUYS! It’s so immature it’s just laughable. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time! (Especially with the pencil thing. Wow. I mean…yes, I adore pencils, but ya know.)

I’m still very much the same person in many respects though. Fantasy, elves, Lord of the Rings, writing, reading, pink, pizza—yep, all my favorite things! And my poodle Navi is still the love of my life. (Fun fact: She turned 11 last week!) I did retire my laptop Larry a few years ago though. The poor thing was getting pretty ancient. And my plans for this blog shifted over the years.

As you can see, the original plan was just to blog about…anything. Whatever popped into my head. But as my passion for writing grew it, erm, took over every aspect of my life and that’s almost solely what this blog is about. And I’m not even sorry. Bwahaha! Though I will throw out the occasional non-writerly/bookish post. Buuuut it’s pretty rare! *grins* (But seriously, some of my early posts were so random. o.o)

Hopefully things are a bit better quality around here. Though the maturity levels are questionable but HAHAHAHAHA! Who needs to be a mature adult? Not me, that’s for sure!

In all seriousness, it’s fascinating seeing how things have shifted and grown since my first post those 7 years ago. Notice how I said writing was a “past time” and “hobby” of mine. THINGS HAVE CHANGED. It is now LIFE. Thus this whole blog forming into a writing/book blog.

Really, a huge reason I decided to pursue writing as a full-on career is because of blogging. As the blog grew and I immersed into the writing community, my love for writing grew as well.

When I hit publish for that first post on March 14th, 2011, I had no idea the impact it’d make on my life. Musings of an Elf isn’t just a blog. It has shaped who I am today.

So yes, that first post (and the many posts following *cough*), were immature and embarrassing. But I don’t regret any of it.


Allison @ Allison's Well | Tracey @ Adventure Awaits | Skye @ Ink Castles | Deborah @ The Road of a Writer | Kate @ Story and Dark Chocolate  (If any of you have already done this tag, I apologize for my goldfish memory.)

With that done, on to the next section of the post. The first part of the Q&A vlog!

(Part 1)

I had an absolute blast filming this and answering all of your brilliant questions. I’M SO EXCITED TO FINALLY SHARE IT!
Just remember, this is PART ONE, so if I didn’t answer your question here, it should be in the next part.

In this part you’ll learn about my favorite books, who I’d want to meet if I could travel back in time, which of my characters I’d switch places with, if I prefer indie or traditional publishing, lots of fun Lord of the Rings questions (you guys know me so well), and many more fun tidbits!

(Also, I apologize that this one cuts off really suddenly. I tried to fix it, but couldn’t get it quite right so…yeah. Still veeery much learning this whole video editing thing.)

If the embedded video doesn’t work, you can watch the video on YouTube HERE

Here’s the picture I mentioned that inspired the entire Colors of a Dragon Scale series: https://saimain.deviantart.com/art/Dream-About-Me-65462911


And thus concludes Day One of my two-day 7th blogoversary celebration.

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for more celebrations and Part Two of the vlog!



What do you think of my first post? Pretty entertaining, right? XD Did you enjoy the vlog? (Sorry for the length. Ahem.) Thank you all again so much for the questions. I’ll see you tomorrow with more blogoversary fun!


  1. ASGJLAGSLJGJAGSJLHG HAPPY BLOGOVESARY, LAURI!! *throws confetti and cake and all things celebratory* I don't have time to watch the vlog right this second (or write up a long comment like I want to xD), but I CANNOT WAIT to hop back over here later and do so! <3 <3 <3

    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings


    Aww, your first post is waayyy better than any of my first blog posts. ^_^ (That GIF is so great.)

    One of these days, I need to check out Howl's Moving Castle!

    Tea with Tolkien would be amazing.

    LOTR Monopoly is the coolest. We used to have it and it was my favorite version to play (mostly because of the One Ring variation because that was really fun). I'd never heard of Payday until my sister and I found a copy at a thrift store a couple of years ago. It's become a family favorite!

    Oh my goodness, Little Critter books! We had some of those and they are so cute! And Dr. Suess books are just fun.

    A whole team of time travelers!? And a library! OH MY GOODNESS, THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. But as a time traveler there's a lot one could do in an hour... ;D

    Oooh, Elrond's sons are a cool choice. SO MUCH MYSTERY.

    Your faith is so inspiring, Christine! :)

    Oooh, that is a tough LOTR question... Sam and Aragorn are awesome choices. (And the LOTR party sounds like an awesome idea. ^_^ )

    Puns! *giggle* Who knew cookies were such versatile weapons? ;D

    Oooh, you have so many pretty books! The Beaumont & Beasley books are so great.

    It was so fun hearing your answers! I can't wait for part two.

    1. Thank you! :D

      Whaaaat??? Noooo. It's so bad. XD But I guess I had to start somewhere. Lol!


      Right? If only! Maybe in Heaven? *grins*

      You had LotR Monopoly too??? That is the best! Nothing like buying pieces of Middle-earth. XD And that is awesome you played Payday as well! It's such a fun game. (Though it's been so long since I've played I don't know if I remember how it all works. o.o)

      You read the Little Critter books too??? I LOVED THOSE SO MUCH! And yes, one can never go wrong with Dr. Seuss!

      *grins* Thanks! And YOU'RE RIGHT! :O I could just cheat and use time travel to my advantage to hang around forever. PERFECT. Even more reason I'd want to be Ethryl!

      YES. I want to know more about them!

      Awwww! You are precious. <3

      I just want to hang out with ALL the LotR people! *flails*

      One can do so much with cookies. They're magical after all. *nods*

      Thank you! BEAUMONT AND BEASLEY IS SO FUNNNN! I'm obsessed. Lol.

      It thrills me you enjoyed it. Your comment made my day! ^_^

  3. Congratulations on seven years--wow! What a fun post. It's always interesting to go back to the beginning and see how far we've come. I'll have to go dig up my first post now. :) In fact, I may have started in March as well. . . .

    1. Thanks so much, Serena! It's very fun! If not scary. XD But also encouraging seeing how we HAVE grown and improved in our writing. I guess we gotta start somewhere!

      YES. You totally should. :D AND REALLY??? That'd be awesome! Actually, I know a lot of people who started blogging in March. It's crazy! I guess the beginning of spring gave us all an itch to start blogging? I don't even know. Lol!

    2. I looked it up yesterday, and I actually started in February (six years ago). Oh well, I was close. :) And it turns out my first post was a poem--I intended to write one poem a day--and it's not too terrible, I think, except it's quite obviously a fragment. Whoops.

    3. Hey, February is close! So happy (slightly late) 6 year blogoversary!!! :D

      Oooh, that is awesome! I FAIL at poetry and so admire people who can put poems together. How fun!


    Rapunzel and Flynn are my FAVORITES! I don't know if they QUITE make the level of my OTP because that is a very very competitive spot...but I still love them. <3

    Grammar....English....I've had very bad luck with Grammar so I kind of hate it; although it does come fairly naturally for me so that's nice. And you like MATH? Awesome! I don't. XD


    Game of Life is marvelous and I've always loved it. My sisters and I used to play it where we had to take EVERY KID that popped up anywhere on the board, and so we always ended up with 13 kids and named them all and all their names always had to start with the same letter. :P XD

    A time travel squad would be epic. <3

    You can do it with Burning Thorns! I know you can! It just sounds so epic and I can't wait to read it someday <3

    I'm also planning to go traditional...but my works are so niche-market-y that other than Pentegreens and a couple of historical/contemporary ideas I may or may not get around to someday, I will probably HAVE to go indie. The more I think about it, the more difficult I think it would be to ever find a publisher for most of my stuff.


    Elrond's sons are so interesting! Elladan and Elrohir, I believe? I love them. <3 Arwen having brothers sounds so interesting.

    Every time I walk I am off into the world of my own mind...I probably bother my family in so doing but it happens. My neighbors hard-core judge me for walking down the street going "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? YOU BETRAYED ME!" at the top of my lungs...but I don't really care. XD


    Awww, I love avacadoes! (I cannot spell the word, but oh well...)

    I think I'd probably hang out with Eowyn, but Arwen makes sense...Tauriel DOES NOT EXIST.


    Characters are my favorite thing about writing TOOOOOOO! I have finally come to the realization that I am a character-driven writer. :P And I LOVE IT.

    THAT PICTURE IS BEAUTIFUL. OH MY GOODNESS. (Btw, this is kind of away from the point, but you had a picture on your Male Characters Inspiration board on pinterest WHO IS MY MALE MC. I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THAT. <3 I cannot thank you enough for that--my alpha and I were searching everywhere for a pic of him but couldn't find anything. XD AND THAT PIC. IT IS PERFECT. So thank you!!!!!!!!)

    Starbursts. Are the best. <3

    I have that same copy of Howl's moving Castle! Book-y twins! <3 My grandfather has a limited edition illustrated copy of The Hobbit, and there's only like 50 copies of that edition in the world...his DAD WORKED FOR HOUGHTON MIFFLIN and helped publish the Hobbit. I am in awe of this fact. O_O

    LUNAR CHRONICLES ARE THE BEST. <3 And I must read Beaumont and Beasley!

    This vid was great! I love it so much, and can't wait to see the rest tomorrow! <3

    1. WHOA. So sorry about the monster comment XD


      UGH. I love Rapunzel and Flynn so much! Now, the book Howl and Sophie are my tippity TOP OTP, but Rapunzel and Flynn probably have to be my favorite MOVIE OTP. *nods*

      It's hilarious because I STINK at grammar, but I still love it. I don't even know. And yeah., math was kinda fun. I mean, I still had some days I wanted to throw my textbook out the window buuuut ya know. XD

      RIGHT? I bet hanging out with Tolkien would be the most fun thing!

      That's hilarious about how you played Life! XDDD That actually sounds like my friends and I did. We'd go to GREAT lengths to make sure we got children, and then literally got out BABY NAME BOOKS to name them. It was crazy. We didn't mess around when it came to The Game of Life. XD

      I totally want to be part of a time travel squad!

      AAAAWWWWWW!!! GIRL. YOU JUST ENCOURAGED ME SO MUCH. Thank you! I needed that. <333

      DON'T GIVE UP! Some authors MADE genres popular because they kept trying to get them published, even though their stories were unorthodox. God has great plans for you, and it's gonna be amazing! ^_^ (But yes, querying. Hide my now. O_O)

      Elladan and Elrohir, yes! That's it. I can spell it, but nooo clue if I pronounced them right. XD But they seem so interesting. I wish we knew more about them!

      Oh my goodness, that is so great! I am glad I am not alone! I do mumble to myself lines and make faces and probably look like a total loon. But there are stories in my head at all times! I can't help it!

      UGH. GIRL. I can't with all your niceness! <3

      I can't spell avocados either! XD (Thank goodness for spellcheck.) I wish I liked them but...ewk. I just can't.


      LOTR PARTY! (But seriously, can you imagine hanging out with all of them? o.o)

      YESH. CHARACTERS! I'm a character-driven writer too I think and I HAVE NO REGRETS. Characters are EVERYTHING!

      Isn't it gorgeous??? That artist just WOW. So talented! (What?? REALLY? THAT IS SO FUN! It is the BEST feeling to find a picture that just IS your character! I pin so many people on pinterest. LOL.)

      Woot! Fellow starbursts fan! *high-fives*

      AND HMC twin! :D That is awesome! I love that copy so very much.
      WHAAAAAAAAAT????????? I...I can't even comprehend this epic bit of news. THAT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER OH MY GOODNESS.

      SO MUCH SO! And Beaumont and Beasley is so funnnnn! I think you'd love that series!

      Thanks, Faith! And I looove your comment. It has made me smile so much. You're the best! <3

  5. I loved the first part of the vlog! You had such wonderful answers to those questions!

    I agree, a Tolkien party would be the best!!! (I love Hamlette's blog party that she does every year, but a real-life party would be even better...especially if hobbits are involved with the party business :) )

    Can't wait for the second part of your vlog!


    1. Thanks, Catherine! That makes me happy. ^_^

      WOULDN'T IT THOUGH??? A party with ALL the Tolkien characters would be so amazing. Can you even imagine! And I LOVE the idea of the Hobbits being the party planners. Perfect! (We may just want to skip inviting Sauron and Saruman and the orcs and...all the baddies. XD)

      It's up now! And your questions start it off! :D

  6. This was a fun post!! <3 You and your avocado hatred *shakes head*. Everyone's entitled to their opinion *stares and eats guacamole by the spoonful*.
    I like it when someone's telling me what do rather than me having to boss myself around. So, I'll be aiming for traditional publishing as well!
    That picture IS very inspiring...it makes me think of Howl. That artist is incredible!

    1. So happy you enjoyed it! Eheheheh. SOWWY. I do wish I liked them but...no. :-/ I can't stomach guacamole. *shudders*

      REALLY? So I'm not alone? Because most everyone wants to be their own boss and I'm so much happier being a follower. It's funny. But that makes me feel better that I'm not the only one! *high-fives*

      Oooh, I didn't think of it being a lot like Howl. LOL. That's funny! But YES. That artist has some of THE most amazing works. I could stare at their pictures forever!

    2. It's so good though! How could this even happen?! xP I can't stomach mushrooms...*gag*

      Nope, you're not alone! IKR? I'm the exact same way. I just feel better when I know that someone who knows way more about the subject (like publication) than I do, is taking control. It takes soooo much weight off my shoulders! *high fives back*

      I don't know why! Maybe it's the ears....xD I'm still trying to fathom how someone can draw something that amazing, and that detailed.

  7. AAH! Happy Blogoversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 YAY!
    I love Tangled! Great movie!
    I would love to hang with Tolkien!!!
    OH MY GOSHHHH!! Little Critter was my absolute favorite when I was little. <3
    Can't wait 'til part two!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

      Tangled makes me so happy! <3

      Wouldn't that be the most amazing thing ever? Not only was he BRILLIANT, he was also just a really funny and fun guy. I think talking with him would be magical.

      :O :O :O YOU TOO? I WAS OBSESSED WITH THOSE. They were so funny!

      It's up now! Hope you enjoy it. ^_^

    2. You're SO welcome! <3

      Rapunzel and Finn are just so perfect with each other!!! <3 I don't know who came up with that movie, but kudos to your script-writing skills!!!

      I would love to talk to him about the inspiration for The Hobbit and LOTR. That would be such an interesting conversation!

      YES!!!!!!! O-O I had TONS of them - actually, probably all of them. I actually still love them. <3
      (And Dr. Seuss - YES! LOVE his books!)

      I did enjoy it! Wonderful vlog!

  8. Congratulations on seven years! That's a big milestone... seven is a good number. :)

    And let me just say that I love your poodle's name. Did you get it from the Legend of Zelda? I absolutely love those games, which is funny because I've never actually played them... but I love listening to the music when I'm doing stuff in my room. Lol. ;)


    1. Thanks, Lizzy! ^_^ I can't believe it's already been this long!

      YES! It is from a Zelda game! It's from Ocarina of Time, the fairy in it. I'm such a geek. XD But oooooh my goodness, I AM WITH YOU. Zelda music is some of my favorite music to ever be produced on this earth. It's so beautiful! <3

  9. Wow seven years is such a long time!

    Your first blog post, was really good! Much better then mine, thanks for tagging me. I can't do it unfortunately because I actually deleted my post, it was bad. Thanks for the thought, though.

    Also I would definitely watch a 45 minute video from you. You have such a joyful energy and your videos are fun to watch. I'm so glad your trying to publish 'Burning Thorns' I hope to own a copy if it some day! :D

    I completely agree, Tauriel should not exist.

    I love your vlogs! <3

    1. I honestly can't believe it's been THAT long. I feel like I just started blogging!

      OH MY. Thank you! XD It's pretty bad.
      Awwww! You deleted your first one? SAD! Although I feel you. There are some posts I have that are so tempting to get rid of. XD

      AWK, GIRL. That is the sweetest! I'm really glad you don't find my videos boring! AND MEEP. I'M DYING FROM ALL THE NICENESS OVER HERE. Maybe one day Burning Thorns will be available! ^_^

      Tauriel should NOT exist, no. Ugh, ugh, uggghhh. >.>

      THANK YOU, SKYE! You made my day!

  10. HAPPY (late) BLOGIVERSARY!! *throws confetti and balloons in the air* *gives cake and ice cream to you*

    Oh my word, you are SO BRAVE to share your first post!! I don't think I could even read my own first post on my own, let alone share it with the world... XD

    Little Critter and Dr. Seuss were my CHILDHOOD. I would read those books over and over. And over. Out loud... I think I annoyed my family a lot. XD

    Cookies, man. They're the ultimate weapon. XD

    LUNAR CHRONICLES YASSSSSS. :D I definitely agree, they are one of my absolute favorite fairytale retellings. CRESSWELL FOREVER. <333

    1. *happily noms cake and ice cream* THANK YOU! :D

      It was...hard. But technically anyone can access it via the blog archive widget so I thought, "EH. LET'S JUST DO IT!" Life's too short not to embarrass yourself now and again. ;D

      You too? YES. *high-fives* They probably dominated my childhood reading. In fact, I think a Little Critter book was one of the first I ever fully read by myself. And I just DEVOURED any Dr. Seuss I could get my hands on. They were all so fun!

      Definitely. XD

      EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! ANOTHER LUNARTIC! :D I am so obsessed. AND CRESSWELL IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHIPS OF ALL TIME. YES, YES, YES! *huggles entire Lunar Chronicles series*

  11. Oh goodness, I didn't comment on this one?? :O Anyway, HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! (AGAIN!) And I think your first post is absolutely fantastic. XD Thanks for sharing! I love that you still love pink and pizza and all the thiiings! <3 And hey, you didn't know it would become primarily an epic writing blog, so that's okay! It's been wonderful watching this blog grow over the years and it's one of my faves. ^_^ And thanks for the tag, too! I shall... er... have to do it sometime if it's not too scary. XD Maybe for my blogoversary or something. ANYWAY, CONGRATS ON 7 YEARS YOU AMAZING ELF, YOU! <3333 *huggles* *feeds you cheesecake*

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, CELTI! Your comments just bright my day every time!

      LOLZ. It's such an immature little post. But thank you! XD You're seriously the sweetest. It has definitely evolved. I guess we gotta start somewhere, right? And it takes trial and error to discover our niche. (Sheesh, I think I'm STILL discovering mine.)
      You're welcome! Noooo pressure AT ALL. I almost didn't do it myself. Buuut I thought life's too short to not embarrass myself now and again, so why not? XD

      *noms cheesecake* THANK YOU AGAIN! <33333

  12. Haha thank you for not cursing me with ladybugs. They're so cute, but they can get everywhere. EVERYWHERE ... I listened to your vlog while cleaning my room and you're so cute. XD I agree that the Lunar Chronicles are one of the best retellings ever!


    1. LOLZ. Definitely no ladybug curses for you! And yes, I used to like ladybugs but they do get eeeeverywhere. It's like the plague of locusts but with ladybugs. UGH.

      Awwww! *blushes* Thank you! And YESSSS. The Lunar Chronicles is so amazing. Agh, now I want to reread them!

  13. It took me FOREVER to finally get to this but ASDFGHJKL CHRISTINE!! How are you literally the most adorable human ever??? HOW? XD I could not stop smiling throughout this entire video! I loved all of the questions and the answers and THIS WAS BASICALLY PERFECTION.

    And I definitely agree that killing people with a scythe would be rather grim. XD XD (and also can I hug you for that pun because PUNS ARE MY LIFE. XD ) And we actually have a sign in our house that says "Come to the dark side. We have cookies!", so I 10/10 agree with your decision to use cookies as a way to lure people over. And also the sugar coma. Because that is hilarious. XD
    As for characters, I have to agree with you there, too! Characters are the BEST. Especially the small precious cinnamon rolls who we must protect at all times and pet nicely and feed cake... XD

    I absolutely loved this video, Christine! I'm gonna go watch the next one now... XD (And also I wish you the bestest of luck with Burning Thorns! It sounds absolutely amazing, and I NEED. XD)

    1. That's okay! It was kinda a long video. *sheepish grin* And MEEP. You are the sweetest! I'm just squealing and grinning over here at your comment. I'm so happy you enjoyed the video, awkwardness and all. Eheh.

      Huzzah for puns! I really couldn't help myself. Puns are the greatest.
      Oh my goodness, that's so fun you guys have a sign that says that! Cookies are so versatile. XD

      Characters are the greatest things ever and YES. We must protect them!!! *I say as I write stories in which I torture all my characters* *cough, cough, cough*

      You are the best, Kenzie. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it! Your whole comment made my day. <333

  14. Ahhhh, I am SO FREAKISHLY LATE for this but *gasp gasp* I’m here. Finally. *settles in to watch the vlog*

    How are you so cute. <3

    HMC! AND DIOM!!!! I highly approve. ;)

    Oh my goodness, getting to have tea with Tolkien would be incredible! I would learn so much from him!

    Cheat sheets—that’s a good idea for vlogging. Because when I turn on the camera, my brain goes blank. XD

    Prince Aerin! (Am I spelling that right?) I still really want to meet the CoaDS cast personally one day… ;)

    Being one of your characters for an hour—ooh, that’s a GREAT question. And time traveling would be so fun! Hey, maybe you could use the time traveling to just… stay… in that hour for a really long time. XD

    Heheh, yes, traditional publishing is a long road indeed.

    Taking a walk and pretending something’s after you. HA. I did this more often as a kid/younger teen, but I still find myself making stuff up. Especially when driving.

    Writing a fairytale retelling kind of does give us a nice cop-out answer for whenever someone asks about our stories! I hadn’t thought of that before. XD

    My shallow answer and deep answer to “biggest goal in life” is basically the exact same as yours! <3


    Writing is soooo much work. -_- But it IS worth it! It’s so rewarding to see a story come to life, full of lovable characters living awesome adventures… <3

    You *would* be the one to feed cookies to the enemy and bring them over to your side. XDDD

    I love that the whole CoaDS series was inspired by ONE picture! :O That’s so cool.

    Going up and down a mountain. That’s it? That does sound like a boring book. XP (But I’m terrible at quitting books too.)

    Favorite candy? *starts taking notes*

    Your Hobbit and Alice in Wonderland copies are drool-worthy!

    Can you believe I STILL HAVE NOT READ ENTWINED? LIKE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. But yesh, Beaumont and Beasely are such fun books! :D

    Can’t wait to finally watch the rest of the vlog later, my dear! You’re wonderful and I can’t wait to have a real face-to-face conversation with you at Realm Makers! <333

  15. P.S. I almost forgot! Your very first post is so cute! I snickered, but kindly, because little Christine was still just as sweet as she is today. ^_^

    1. Hiii! *glomps* That is PERFECTLY okay! This video is embarrassingly long. Ugh. I fail at vlogging! But I'm glad you enjoyed it! *blushes*


      Right??? I can only imagine how fantastic having a conversation with him would be!

      Bwahaha! I knew there'd be no way I could think up my answers on the spot. I literally sat down for like an hour or more writing down all the questions and my answers to them for this. XD But I'm glad I did!

      Close! It's Airen. Except I've been wanting to respell it because as it is, it looks like it's pronounced like the name Aaron or something, which is wrong. I like the way you spelled it! Lol. But awwww! I'd love for you to meet them one day! I just...gotta do a LOT of rewriting. XD

      I loved that question too! And you're RIGHT. Every 59 minutes, I could just go back to when the hour started. I love this idea!

      So long. o.o

      I did that sooo much as a kid, but my imagination still gets away from me a LOT. I just blame it on being a writer now. ;D

      Yeah! It's nice to just say I'm writing a Beauty and the Beast retelling. But now that I'm trying to figure out how to pitch it to Realm Makers, I'm realizing making a retelling sound original is a LOT harder than a, well, original story. :-/ So it's both good AND bad. Lol.

      Aaaahhhh! TWINSIES! *high-fives*


      Exactly! Sometimes I envy non-writers and how when they're not at work they, well, don't have to do work. XD For us there's always SOMETHING. But, at the same time, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

      Bwahaha! Glad my reputation proceeds me. XD

      Isn't it crazy how we get story ideas? Sometimes I love how the brain works!

      That was IT. It was soooooo boring. Ugh. But yeah, my OCD nature just can't DNF books.

      Lol! Awwww!

      I may be a bit obsessed with them. Don't know if it was noticeable or not. ;D

      TRACEY. YOU MUST READ IT!!! (I mean, we won't talk about all the books *I* haven't read yet that I need to desperately. *cough*) BUT SERIOUSLY. It's sooo good!!!

      Oh gracious, my first post. It's so terrible. XD But thank you, dear.

      Okay, but your whole comment is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And also so, SOOOOOOOOOOOO beyond excited for Realm Makers. WE'RE GOING TO BE FACE-TO-FACE AND AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! CANNOT WAIT! <3333


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