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Lovely Books - Villains

Happy Leap Day, everyone! There’s something exciting knowing we have a whole extra day to be productive, have fun, or do whatever we like! Or is that just me? Time is a mischievous thing and likes to speed up or hide or just skip around like a lunatic, so adding a day to the year makes me feel as though, for just a moment, time has slowed and given us a moment to breathe.

If you’re at a loss on how to spend your time this extra day (or the rest of it since it’s almost over now, whoops), Katie Grace @ A Writer's Faith has 100 (very serious) ways to celebrate. There may or may not be much leaping involved.

Now then, on to the actual point of this post!

I’m once more joining in on Tracey's Lovely Books, a linkup going throughout the month of February that involves all that bookishness glory. The first edition we drooled over our favorite book covers and titles. The second there was much squealing over favorite literary couples. This third is wickedly fun. Why? Because it’s about VILLAINS. I love villains! Or, erm, love to hate them. . .? I don’t know. They’re just so INTERESTING. Sometimes I’m more interested in the villain than the hero. I know, I’m evil. (Yes, I did use that choice of wording on purpose. *grins*) What would stories be without that antagonist causing our dear heroes pain?

Don’t forget to visit Tracey's blog and linkup to your own post should you like. (Pst, you should.) The linkup is open until March 5th, so there’s still time.

With every edition, I tell myself I’m always going to choose ten favorites. And with every one, I ignored myself and did like fifteen. But this time I’m doing it! Just ten.

So, onward to the dastardly people themselves!

My Top Ten Favorite Villains

(Click on the covers to go to the book’s GoodReads page.)

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Perhaps my favorite villain of all time! Firstly, he’s a pirate. That’s reason enough. But who isn’t intrigued by this man who spends his life battling a “mere boy?” Who isn’t delighted at all the swashbuckling swordfights? Or amused at poor Hook’s incurable fear of ticking clocks? He’s also so intriguing. How did he end up in Neverland and come to lead such a life? Plus, he’s not always that bad of a guy.

The man was not wholly evil; he loved flowers (I have been told) and sweet music
(he was himself no mean performer to the harpsichord); and, let it be frankly admitted,
the idyllic nature of the scene stirred him profoundly.

A bloodthirsty pirate who loves flowers. What’s not to like? Besides, how can you not admire a pirate who can play the harpsichord with a hook?


Queen of Hearts
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

This woman’s favorite pastime is playing croquet with hedgehogs and flamingoes, demands roses be painted another color, and goes around screaming “Off with their head!” at whim. She’s also rather spacey—often missing what’s going on around her due to her own haughtiness. And she’s got an army of playing cards. Her sense of justice is also not always. . .logical—claiming the sentence must be made before the verdict. (But hey, it is Wonderland.) Gotta love her.

Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire series by Bryan Davis

(You knew it was coming. Obviously I can’t do a villain post without mentioning a Bryan Davis villain!)

I basically am totally enthralled by all of Bryan Davis’s antagonists in this series, but for some reason Devin always stayed a favorite. He’s got a very long, in depth background that I won’t get into because spoilers, sweetie. But let’s just say he’s an epic dragon-slayer, perfectly nasty, and entirely diligent in his work. Very, very diligent. You have to admire his dedication, even if you hate him for it.

Echoes from the Edge trilogy by Bryan Davis

Yeeeah, another Bryan Davis one. *grins* This is the last! Even though I could seriously make this whole post about his villains. He comes up with the most complex antagonists! Their backstories just blow me away.

Anyways! I don’t actually remember as much as I’d like about Mictar (this trilogy is so confuzzling and timey-wimey my brain never can recollect all that happens). But I DO remember being utterly fascinated by him. And creeped out. This guy has some serious issues. Like sucking out people’s eyeballs. Yeah. He even looks creepy. All skeletal and pale. He’s the type of antagonist that’ll give you goosebumps. But, let’s be honest, isn’t that the villain’s we’re most intrigued by?

The Keeper
Entwined by Heather Dixon

Speaking of deliciously creepy villains. This guy! He’s the keeper of a silver forest where twelve dancing princesses steal away to dance the night. (Why yes, this is a Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling.) He’s handsome, charming, and perfectly polite. Just enough to give you the shivers. I detested him. I loved him. Just GAH. He’s honestly one of the best antagonists I’ve read in a long time. (Also this book is amazing. Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling, peoples! GO READ IT.)

Jadis/The White Witch
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

Back to the classics it seems, but how can you have a list of favorite villains without the White Witch? Someway she both makes me admire and completely loathe her at the same time. She’s so clever. Her manipulation skills cannot be matched, but she’s certainly not humble about it. Somehow she manages to say things that sound great and profound, but they’re really just demeaning to others. I’ve also always loved her history and how she came to Narnia. Let’s face it, she’s utterly frustrating, far too smart, and just the kind of perfect villain you’d expect from C.S. Lewis. Also she totally got her comeuppence. *grins*


Count Olaf
A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

I’m going to admit something tragic. I’ve only read the first two books of this series! I know, I know. Horrid! But I read them each in one sitting because I enjoyed them that much. I’ve been slooowly collecting the entire series as I find them at secondhand bookstores and such. Once I’ve got them all, I’ll do an epic read of ALL of them. (I just need four more books!)

So I may not know about that nasty ‘ol Count Olaf as well as some, but the little I’ve seen of him instantly put him on my favorite villains list. He’s disgusting, yes. But he’s also quite clever. (I seem to have a thing for the clever ones. . .?) Always finding ways around the law to get what he wants. Or. . .try to get what he wants. He will literally stop at nothing to gain the Baudelaire children’s inheritance, and causes them, well, a lot of unfortunate events (haha, you’re sooo clever, Christine. *cough*). He amuses me greatly with his “acting skills” and “charms” and attempts at disguising himself. Not to mention his all around insanity. But this is Lemony Snicket, of course he’s amusing. I’ve always loved the humorous villains that end up getting into a lot of scrapes because of their own wickedness. Count Olaf really should give up. . .

Tales of Goldstone Wood series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

I really, really wish there was more of the “Lady of Dreams” in this series. But perhaps it’s her mysterious aura that draws me to her. She works in the background of many characters’ lives, promising them their dreams realized. Except this is where the “be careful what you wish for” phrase comes in. These great dreams always end up in misery. And Life-in-Death merely sits back, watching in merriment the cruelty she caused. She basically makes people’s lives a game. Perfectly wicked, am I right?

The Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkien

Like I wasn’t going to put Smaug here! HA. He’s a DRAGON. I mean, duh. But not only is he a dragon, he’s a very clever dragon. (See? The clever ones. They seem to make the best villains.) He managed to claim an entire kingdom by himself and stay there for years. Quite admirable. And, ya know, he’s rich. He sleeps in a pile of gold. Like, what’s more appealing than that? He’s also extremely humble.

My armor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords,
my claws spears, the shock of my tail a thunderbolt,
my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!”

Adorable. Just like a big ol’ teddy bear.

The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

There is no way on this green earth I wouldn’t include Gollum here. He battles Hook for my favorite villain. First of all, his backstory is tragic and heartbreaking and horrible and just all around fascinating. I really like in depth backstories, okay! And Gollum has got quite the one! Second, he’s not really always that bad. Sometimes he’s good. Really, he’s just weak. The Ring’s power consumed him too much, controls his every move. Sméagol, the real Sméagol, the one without the ring, was a pretty sweet guy I like think. The Ring was just too much for him. I understand Bilbo and Frodo pitying him. It’s really just hard to hate that little creature. Plus, he’s the only thing I know that manages to be both horrific and adorable all at once.

He’s so precious. (See what I did there?)

~ ~ ~

And with that we come to the end. I appear to enjoy the creepy and clever villains the most. I’m not sure if to be disturbed by that or not. I also have a lot of classics on my list. I guess what they say is true, you can’t beat the classics.

I know there are many, many others out there that I’m not thinking of. I tend to find myself extremely interested in the villains. What makes them tick, what caused them to wreak such havoc. What can I say? They’re interesting people! There aren’t many villains I just in general don’t like or don’t enjoy hating on. After all, there’d be no story without the antagonist causing all that trouble in the first place.

Do head over to Tracey’s villain post to see all her creeptastic picks and join in on the fun!

So, my dear heroes and heroines, what villains do you love to hate and hate to love? Do we share any? And are you weird like me and enjoy reading about villains just as much or *gasp* more than the heroes? (Admit it, we all love ‘em.) Let us share in the villainy! *maniacal laughter*


  1. BWAHAHAHA! All the villainy! *cackles and chokes because I can't cackle*

    Hehehe, I literally predicted almost every villain you were going to include! XDDD I found Hook quite a bit more interesting in the book than the Disneyfied version. He's crafty and cunning but not "wholly evil." (I love that quote, by the way!) The fact that he loves flowers and music just makes him a little too lovable. *grins*

    The Queen of Hearts, yes. Because playing croquet with animals and obsessing over painting roses red makes her an automatic win in the villainy-book. (Hush, it's a thing. I just made it up :P)

    Devin and Mictar are the perfect picks! I think Devin will remain my most-despised/favorite villain of Bryan Davis's novels. Though I will admit that Mictar is positively chilling.

    Oh my goodness, I am literally reading Entwined right now! I loved Illusionarium so much that I promptly placed a hold on Entwined. XD I love it so far; the Keeper already seems creepy and I'm not that far into the book.

    The White Witch, OBVIOUSLY. She is the epitome of epic villains.

    I haven't read the other two series you mentioned, but the dastardly people involved sound amazing/frightening/horrid. Which means they are superb villains.

    Ah, Smaug and Gollum! Smaug is probably my favorite Tolkien villain. Well, I mean he's a DRAGON so he's obviously wonderful. Plus, he's got a sliiiightly elevated opinion of himself (I go for the cocky characters, hehe) and he's a dragon. Oh wait. I already mentioned that. :P (It's really the best reason. XD) And Gollum manages to be a most pitiable villain. The Riddles in the Dark scene is also one of my favorites!

    I loved getting a peek into all your "favorite" evil-bent characters! Hopefully I'll be able to publish my post sometime this week, which I may end up combining with the quotes edition.

    1. *attempts cackling with you*
      *gets us both glasses of water before we choke*

      Yeeeah. I suspected this list wouldn't be a surprise to anyone. XD

      The book Hook (rhyme!) is THE. BEST. The animated Disney one was a little TOO goofy, but it was for kids so that's okay. Now the one in the live action 2003 Peter Pan movie was spot on! Loved him. (That may or may not be one of my favoritest movies on the planet, no matter how old I am. If you haven't seen it YOU MUST.) Anyways! The real Hook from the book will always be the best. He's the real one after all!

      Makes perfect sense. *nods seriously*

      You too? Yes! Devin is amazing. And by that I mean horrible. He was the first one we see though, and continue to see for so long. It was just fascinating watching his life and all he did. o.o
      Mictar totally gives me goose bumps. *shivers*

      :O :O :O
      YOU ARE??
      I love it soooooo much! I actually liked Entwined BETTER than Illusionarium. That's how good it is! Though that's just my opinion. I hope you enjoy it!


      Girl, you NEED to read the Goldstone Wood books. They're just...there's no words for their gorgeousness. And the Unfortunate Events books are HILARIOUS.

      Exactly! He's a dragon. Automatic win. And I go for the cocky characters tooo! I just can't seem to help myself. They're too fun. But also HE'S A DRAGON. XD
      The Riddles in the Dark scene is probably my favorite part of the whole book, and that's saying a lot!

      So glad you enjoyed it! It was a blast to put together.
      Oh, oh! I CAN'T WAIT. :D

  2. "if Baggins loses, we eats it whole" I swear when I got to that part in the movie I about lost it. GOLLUM IS THE BEST.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. YESH. These days everyone always tries to write the best "pitying villain" but I think Tolkien won that looong ago.

  3. Besides the classic villains you mentioned (Gollum, Smaug, and White Which) I have read NONE of those villains' books! *smacks head* I'm missing out. I really am.

    My favorite villains are mostly from the same books as my favorite couples. *winks*

    -Emperor Daican from the Ilyon Chronicles. (He's probably one of the most realistic villains ever.)
    -Davira from the Ilyon Chronicles. (She's Daican's daughter . . . and she creeps me out.)
    -Skelley Chase from the Out of Time Trilogy. (Now he's just horrid. Really. horrid. I just want to scream because he's so horrid sometimes. Actually, I want to scream at all the villains. You feel?)
    -Gnag the Nameless from the Wingfeather Saga. (Eeeeeeee!)
    -The Dragon Priests from the Peleg Chronicles. (These priests. *hides* *shudders*)
    -Princess Catrina from the Peleg Chronicles. (I barely remember her . . . I read her book such a long time ago, but I know she was horrid.)

    Man, I have a HUGE TBR list. It's just huge. So many books, so little time and money. *sighs*

    1. That's okay! They're all amazing books (in my opinion that is) but getting one's hands on multiple books is SO hard. I'm having to accept the fact that unless I magically inherit a million dollars or something, I just won't be able to get all the books I want. A sad fact.

      And see? I've yet again never read these! I don't know if I've ever even hear of the Peleg Chronicles. o.o I need to check these out! And you're more and more making me want to move Resistance closer to the top of my TBR list.
      I totally understand wanting to scream at certain villains, yes! (Looking at YOU, Jadis. >.>)

      Yesss! Being a bookworm is HARD. D:

    2. The Peleg Chronicles is really good. It's kind of like Bible times I guess, a few hundred years (I think) after the Tower of Babel. And yet, it's like Bible happenings transferred to a fantasy world. It's really cool. :D

    3. Oooh, that does sound cool! I may have to check those out.

    4. Oh, forgot to mention that Peleg Chronicles was written by Matthew Christian Harding. :)

  4. THOSE VILLAINS THOUGH. Yes to this post. :D

    I... am really bad about villains. They don't fascinate me, I don't usually love them, and the ones I love to hate... well... I hate them, so I don't think about loving to hate them. o.o Oh well, I'm just a failure in the villain department. XD

    Okay, so I would totally have Keeper on my list though! O_O Meep. (And I wanted to like him, too!!! D: Wahh.) Now I'm convinced you have to read Plenilune, though. It has a very Keeper-like villain, and since villains fascinate you, I'm sure he would! O_O

    Fun post! :D

    1. So many good (er bad?) ones! Hee. XD

      You are not a failure in the villain department! It's GOOD you're not that into villains. I don't think any of us supposed to be. We should hate them! We should always root for the ones fighting for the light. I actually worry myself always liking the villains so much... We should all be like you and always be for the heroes and hate the villains.

      Keeper! Uuuugh. Just...UUUUGH.
      Oh really? My goodness! Every time I convince myself I'm not going to bother reading it, I see something else that changes my mind. One day I may just cave...

    2. "Keeper! Uuuugh. Just...UUUUGH." <--This. XD I'm dying. XD

      Well, between a fabulous hero who I love a TON and kinda reminds me almost of Howl without his flaws, and an amazing, clever, creepy villain who you almost love but totally creeps you out... you just might have to read Plenilune someday. XD I dunno. Just depends if you can make it through the LENGTH. It just depends. :)

    3. Yeah. The length and rich writing style daunt me. But the characters do sound amazing! Maybe someday. (I also just really want that beautimous book cover on my shelves. #forevertheshallowbookworm)

  5. Goodness knows I could use an extra day in the year!

    Oooh, Captain Hook. Like I mentioned in your previous post, I haven't yet read Peter Pan--but my sisters insist I need to, pronto--but Hook is a great person with which to start your list. And now I'm thinking of the Once Upon a Time version--very unlike the original. XD

    What would Wonderland be without the Queen of Hearts? (Confession: this is another book I haven't read yet. Yipes.) She's just messed up, but in a way that's delightful to read.

    Ohhh, yes, Devin is nothing if not diligent! *glares at him*

    Mictar. O.O He makes me want to hide under a blanket and never come out. He is seriously creepy.

    I must read Entwined! After loving Illusionarium so much, I just have to get my hands on this one.

    Your description of the White Witch--wow, that was perfect. She's everything you said! And it's incredibly satisfying to witness her demise.

    I'm going to admit something even worse than what you admitted: I've read exactly NONE of the Lemony Snicket books! I hear about them all the time, it feels like, and what I hear is that they're hilarious (meaning Traceyreadthemnow).

    The Lady of Dreams is definitely worthy of a spot on your list, I'd say. I tend to like the ones that play on the mind and emotions of their victims. >:)

    SMAUG. How could I have neglected to put him in my post?? He's fantabulous. Also a dragon. How could I not like him? He was done really well in the movies too, I thought. And Gollum--once again you summed him up excellently. Love that line. "If Baggins loses, we eats it whole." XD

    You're so right, a compelling villain does wonders towards making me enjoy a story! I think what's great about the deeply evil ones is that, when the heroes triumph, the victory is that much sweeter. Thank you once again for your wonderful Lovely Books participation! I'm greatly enjoying all of your posts! ^_^

    1. So much yes!

      Your sister has good taste! Hehe. But really, you SHOULD read it sometime. *nods, nods* It's just...well, classic. Heh.
      Admittedly, the OUAT one popped in my head while writing this as well, but, ya know, this was about literary figures so I quickly squelched that though. XD (But Hook has been my favorite villain loooong before OUAT even existed, so.)

      You haven't read Alice in Wonderland either? Oh man, that one! It''s something. I think you'd really like it. (Although, I'll admit, my first read of it was with a version with footnotes that were very helpful in grasping what on earth was going on. XD) But anyway, yes! The Queen of Hearts is hilarious. I love how you put that--messed up in a way that's delightful to read. Too true!

      *glares with you*

      Same here! One of the creepiest villains I've EVER read about. *shudders*

      YES YOU MUST. I liked it even better than Illusionarium! o.O It was just GAH. So good!! The characters were great! And there's a ton of witty stuff going on. Such a fun book!

      Aww, thanks!
      Isn't it funny how we can LIKE villains, and yet be so satisfied with their endings? We're silly things.

      That's okay! Like I said, I've only read two myself and it was only a couple years ago. But if you ever run across them I'd absolutely recommend giving them a try. They're 100% HILARIOUS. I was giggling allll the way through.

      Me too! They're so frustrating and yet at the same time somehow fascinating. I guess *I'm* always interested in the human mind, so watching people manage to play with people's thoughts and emotions is very interest. And...WOW. That came out waaaay creepier than I meant. It sounds like I'm becoming a villain! XD

      Smaug is the besssst! He's a dragon, so obviously.
      Gollum just kills me!

      YES. What an awesome point! If the villain is just a bumbling fool it's not all that satisfying when he/she's brought down. You put it into words!

      You're so welcome. It's been a BLAST!!!

  6. omgosh, Mictar was absolutely ATROCIOUS D: I still remember first reading about his... *ahem* ability and I was absolutely horrified (loved those books though!) suuuuch a creep.

    1. I knoooow. o___o He was horrific. *shivers*
      But, ya know, those books are AMAZING!!! I love their complexity. And Mictar certainly adds to that. Just...he has some issues. Heh.

  7. Oh, Hook and The Queen of Hearts! I remember them :D.

    Devin ... yeah, he was a very good villain. Bryan Davis seems to be good at creating every kind of character, good and evil!

    The White Witch! I don't know how many times I've read the Narnia books, and I always thought she was a very well-crafted villainess. Cruel and clever.

    Life-In-Death ... *shivers* Oh yes, she's a good villain as well. The way you described her was spot-on.

    SMAUG! And GOLLUM! Yes, oh yes, they are two of my favorite villains ever. I am biased to Smaug because he is a dragon, for crying out loud. And I a bit biased to Gollum because, well ... he can be slightly adorable at times :D.

    1. They're so great! XD

      Bryan Davis has such an amazing talent for characters. I adore all his characters! Even the ones I hate. And that...probably makes no sense. See? Only Bryan Davis can give me these conflicting feelings!

      Oooh yes! I love rereading them. I just can't get enough! She is very well-crafted. *nods*

      So I'm not alone in this! Life-in-Death is just fascinating. Even if she has some...problems. Ahem.

      YESH!!! :D *high-fives* Everything you said. Smaug is a DRAGON. So duh. And Gollum is impossible not to love, no matter how messed up he can be.

  8. Hook and the Queen of hearts! I will admit I have not read either of the books...yet. JADIS YES!! She is a great bad guy exactly how you put it, you dislike her yet she is really clever. That's what makes her a good bad guy. Smaug is also a good bad guy and I don't think they could have gotten anyone better than Benedict to play him. Gollum? YES! I agree with what you said about him and Smaug. :D

    1. Oh! You MUST give Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland a try someday. They're simply amazing. The kind of books I feel like everyone in the world should read at least once.

      C.S. Lewis did a spectacular job with Jadis. She felt so REAL and yet utterly despicable while at the same time admirable. I don't know how he did it!

      Benedict Cumberbatch playing Smaug is basically my favorite thing that has ever happened ever! I've adored Smaug for the majority of my life, so when I heard my favorite actor was going to do him I almost died of happiness! And Andy Serkis deserves ALL the awards for Gollum. So much talent! But, of course, Tolkien really deserves all the awards since he created these amazing characters. ^_^

    2. Agreed! Andy Serkis did do AMAZING as Gollum, they couldn't have gotten anyone better. Your absolutely right, Tolkien all the way! And of course, C.S. Lewis, too. Some great storytellers right there. :)

  9. I agree clever villains are the best! I love all you choices, I really want to read that Twelve Dancing Princesses book.

    1. They so are! They can just make the story.
      Oh, Skye! I think you'd LOVE Entwined. You need to give it a try someday!


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