Monday, February 15, 2016

Lovely Books - Covers and Titles

Hello, dear readers! Did everyone have a nice Valentine’s yesterday? (Admittedly, I kept forgetting yesterday was Valentine’s Day. . . *cough, cough, cough* But still.)

Fabulous things are going down in my blog circle at the moment! One of my dearest internet buddies Tracey is hosting a perfectly drool-worthy linkup for the whole month of February. Why is it drool-worthy, you may ask? Because it’s about BOOKS!

Lovely Books features, you guessed it, lovely books! Every Saturday of February Tracey is putting up a new edition. The linkup for each one is opened until March 5th so there’s plenty of time to join in. The first one features Covers and Titles, the second is all about your favorite Book Couples! You can linkup with one or both and in any order you choose.

As per usual, I’m a little late to the party, but there is no way I’m passing this up. BOOKS PEOPLE. BOOOOOKS. Who needs a Valentine’s date when I could spend the evening with a book? Seriously.

Anyways, onward to my favorite covers and titles! Since there’s about 9238402 covers I could drool over for days, I’ve decided to only choose books I’ve actually read and own in order to narrow it down a bit. Otherwise we’d be here all day (or for a few days).

(Click on the covers to go to their GoodReads page.)

One Realm Beyond
by Donita K. Paul

Okay, there is just so much going on here. The gorgeous portal, the castle in the background, the DRAGON. I adore the blue, starry color surrounding everything. It promises a fun, adventurous story inside. And it doesn’t lie. Mrs. Paul’s stories never cease to be filled with unique plots, ridiculous and loveable characters, and grand adventures galore.

by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Does this not just scream hauntingly beautiful fairytale? The girl, the roses, the ominous dragon above, all awash in moonlight. Every cover from the Tales of Goldstone Wood series is brimming with gorgeous fairytale goodness, but this is one of my favorites.

Angel Eyes
by Shannon Dittemore

Another somewhat haunting feel. That misty forest just pulls you right in. Really, what first drew me to this book was that cover. I wanted to know this girl’s story. It’s a YA spiritual warfare story with a bit of a twist. Turns out, it ended up being one of my new favorite books. Goes to show you sometimes judging a book by its cover can actually work. So there.

The Bones of Makaidos
by Bryan Davis

This cover, guys! One of my top favorites of ever. And not just because it’s part of one of my favorite series, I promise. There’s so much going on! I remember when Bryan Davis first released the cover and uploaded a large, high quality version. I downloaded the image right away and stared and stared and staaared at it, soaking up every single detail. Not only does it feature my two favorite characters, there’s also an entire war going on in the background, that beautiful horse, and a dragon (I’m seeing a pattern here). Just so much! I still find myself staring at this thing, mesmerized. The artist outdid themselves for this one!

by Bryan Davis

Another Bryan Davis one. What can I say? He finds great artists. I have this thing about cities on cover art, I don’t know why. But this one is a perfect example of that. The lit city in the background, the intriguing silhouette staring down into it. It sparks the imagination.

Swords of the Six
by Scott Appleton

Oh look, a dragon! Basically if there’s a dragon on the cover it’s automatically put on my favorite cover list. Okay? Okay. But I mean, really. Look at this thing! I love the grassy landscape around it. Then add that perfect font and it makes for one drool-worthy cover. I actually bought this one because of the cover alone (*cough, cough*). Well, that and because it’s Christian fantasy and it’s sort of my goal to read ALL Christian fantasy. Unfortunately, this is a case where I shouldn’t have judged it by its cover. As gorgeous as the cover is, I wasn’t impressed by the story at all. Ah well, it still looks amazing on my bookshelf. (Yes, I’m that vain. Don’t judge.)

by Heather Dixon

This is another one of my top, top favorites! Do I even need to explain why? I mean, wow. The clothes, the scenery, the steampunk-goodness surrounding it. Just just just. . .! *wipes drool off screen* Ahem.

The Goose Girl
by Shannon Hale

There’s something about this cover that makes me happy. I don’t even know what it is. I tend to have a thing for hilly green fields. They always look so happy and calming. Is that just me? I’m in love with the art style for this one. It’s also a fantastic retelling of The Goose Girl. I really enjoyed it.

Howl’s Moving Castle
by Diana Wynne Jones

“Come on, Christine,” you may be saying, “you’re just being biased because this is your favorite book.” Now, now. Hold on a minute. Yes, this is my favorite book (I probably mention it in every other blog post. . .), BUT did I not just say I like hilly green fields, hmm? And come on, people. This cover! It was actually this cover that confirmed my decision to buy the book in the first place. I knew I wanted it (my book fairy Deborah told me I needed it, and I trust her opinion wholly), but when I caught sight of this copy in a bookstore and beheld that cover I instantly took it to the checkout. It’s just so adorable! The happy green field and the epic moving castle itself and Sophie down there shaking her stick at it. Ah, it’s perfect! Best money spent EVER.

The Hobbit
by J.R.R. Tolkien

Speaking of favorite books. . . This copy of The Hobbit, oh man. Not only is it a beautiful cover and just whimsical and delicious, the cover itself is actually fuzzy! Like, soft and wonderful. This copy also has wonderful illustrations and just yes. I love it so much!

And while we’re on the subject of favorite books and copies. . .

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll

By all rights I shouldn’t even be alive. Because when I found this book I died. My obsession with Alice in Wonderland has no bounds, and you can probably all guess by my current blog design that pink is my absolute favorite color. So put those together and you have a Christine who up and nearly died in the bookstore when she found this thing. It’s perfect. PERFECT. In fact, here, I’m breaking my cycle of pictures so you can see the actual copy better.



Five Magic Spindles
by Unknown

So I broke my own rule for this one because, well, this doesn’t exactly even exist yet. Obviously I haven’t read it, no one has. No one even knows which stories will be in it. But I refused to make a list of favorite covers without adding this one. Because, as much as I’ve fangirled and squealed about all these covers, this one may, honest to goodness, by my favorite cover that has ever been made. When it was first released I literally gasped out loud. It actually took my breath away. The fall-like glow and trees, the stone steps, that DRESS. And the unique fact that Sleeping Beauty is a redhead. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more fairytale-like image. You can feel the magic. Gracious! I love it so much!

Okay, I’m going to try to stop there, but it’s hard. There are just too many amazing covers out there! And, again, I forced myself to only do ones I’ve read and own (with the exception of Five Magic Spindles). I might break the internet if I tried to fit all the covers I love on here.

I seem to like ones with a lot of things going on—those covers that you have to study to catch every detail. I also seem to really love blue and green ones (and pink, obviously). And, of course, if there’s a dragon on the cover I love it. Because, ya know, DRAGONS!


I know this is getting so long buuuut I also get to share with you some of my favorite titles! What’s a book without its title, after all? Once again I’m narrowing this down to only ones I’ve read, because the prospect of trying to think of titles of ALL the books I’ve ever seen turns my brain into mush.

Ugh, this was so hard! There are so many others but I tried to not go too overboard. I love titles. I love playing with titles and reading titles and imagining what titles mean. Titles are amazing! They basically explain the entire book in just one or a few words. Fascinating!

I’m laughing at how many I have starting with “the”. I apparently have a thing for titles that have an item or something particular that catches my interest. Such as The Secret Garden, The Maze Runner, The Looking Glass Wars, 100 Cupboards, etc. I want to know what that thing, whatever it may be, is about. I think one word titles are also great. Heartless and Starlighter—short and to the point, but so very intriguing. Then there’s the whimsical ones that flow off the tongue. Orphan’s Song, Beyond the Reflections Edge. They awaken something artistic and beautiful inside me. On the flip side, I also adore the fun and witty ones. How could you not be interested in something called The Mysterious Benedict Society, Dragon Slippers, or House of Many ways, and Dealing with Dragons? And, again, if it’s got “dragon” somewhere in there I’m instantly interested. Duh. I also seem to be partial to Bryan Davis’s titles. I’m not biased, I’m not! He really does come up with the most unique, interesting ones.

Obviously I have a title addiction. I can’t help it! I’m a writer, words are life.

This was way, way, way too much fun. Thank you so much, Tracey, for hosting this! Hopefully next week I’ll join in on the second one and pester you all with allll my favorite bookish couples. *grins* Don’t forget to hop over to Tracey's blog to get in on this fun stuff!

Join me in the book love! What are some of your favorite covers/titles? Share any of mine? Did I make you drool on your computer with all these cover pics? *evil grin* Not even sorry!


  1. All the prettiness!!!!! *wipes drool off screen* Hey, it's your fault I'm drooling ;)

    Oh my goodness gracious, I LOVE the cover for One Realm Beyond! I was actually thinking of including that in my post because I like it so much. I'm hesitant to read it, though, because I read one of Donita K. Paul's books and wasn't all that impressed. I know, I'm sorry! Maybe I should read some more of her books before I form a concrete opinion on them.

    Moonblood! That's such a gorgeous cover! You will be pleased to know that I'm ordering some of the Goldstone Wood books. Several of them were on sale for dirt cheap so I obviously had to snap them up :)

    I could comment on all of them, but this is already turning into one of my ridiculous, rambly comments :P But, BUT I have to say that I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR ALICE IN WONDERLAND BOOK! 'Tis beauty itself! I'm seriously dying of the loveliness. Oh, and The Hobbit! And Illusionarium! And...and...*flails*

    Also, I have to say that I found it amusing how many of the titles and covers involved dragons. The only way to go, am I right?

    1. *cackles* I told you I'm not sorry. ;D

      Isn't it just fantastical? I love it so much!
      Awww, that's sad you weren't wild about her book. They're really probably not for everybody, they're kinda different. But I adore them. I think mainly for the characters. She comes up with the silliest, most interesting casts. Which book did you read? Because, in my opinion, her DragonKeeper Chronicles is the best. So if you read that, you might not like One Realm Beyond because it's not nearly as good. But again, that's just my opinion on it.

      Just looking at the Goldstone covers puts me in the mood for fairytales. Oh, oh! You did? Eeeee!!! Yes, I am very excited! :D

      I adore your comments, always!
      ISN'T IT the BEST EVER?? I cannot believe I have a PINK copy of Alice in Wonderland. It's just too perfect! <333

      I thought it was funny, too. It wasn't even on purpose! I only started realizing it while writing this post. XD It's definitely the only way to go. *nods*

    2. Ack, I can't believe it actually took me five days to get back to your comment. Let's just blame it on my silly cold because we can. *cough*

      I read the first book of her DragonKeeper Chronicles series (which, I believe, was called Dragonspell?) Like I said, it wasn't really my favorite. But I might give the series another try sometime when I don't have as large a TBR list. (Heh, if that day ever comes. XD)


      Aw, thanks <3
      Way awesome! I adore my copy of Alice in Wonderland just a bit. It's a delightful shade of plum with whimsical artwork adorning its cover and pages. I love it so much that it made it into my Lovely Books post.

      Kinda random, but I just wanted to let you know that I finished Illusionarium a few days ago AND IT WAS AMAZING LIKE WHAT. I promptly broke out my beautimous copy of Peter Pan because I haven't actually read it yet. *le gasp* So far, it's absolutely wonderful!

    3. There is NEVER any rush on commenting. Never! Especially if you have a cold. D: I'm so sorry! Colds are so annoying. Get betterrr!

      Yeah, that's the first one. And that's okay you didn't like it! Not every book is for everyone, especially those quirky ones. I also understand having a massive TBR list. So many books, so little time. o.o

      YAAAAAAY!!!! Aren't they stunning?? They're very pettable books.

      Yes! I remember seeing your Wonderland book on your list. I may still be drooling over it. *cough, cough* Too much gorgeousness.

      EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! YOU READ IT. Wasn't it so completely epic???? Just so unique and fun!

      :O :O :O You've never read Peter Pan before? It's life! It's so amazing!!

  2. These are all superb choices! I can't wait to read Five Magic Spindles. Seriously, all of Stengl's cover art has been fantastic and ethereal for practically every book she's put out.
    I also really need to read Illusionarium (for the SECOND time today I say this, lol). The cover art is amaaazing *sighs*.

    Donita K. Paul's One Realm Beyond is a good example of "don't judge a book by its cover". I loved her Dragon Spell series and was so anticipating this one to be equally magical, but I found it rather choppy and otherwise quite disappointing. Oh well, you can't have fantastic books all the time :P the cover art IS very nice though.

    1. I am absolutely ecstatic over Five Magic Spindles! I just know the stories are going to be amazing.
      You're so right, she always has such beautiful covers. Ethereal! That's the perfect way of putting it. It's so true!
      The second time? LOL. Maybe it's a sign. *nudge, nudge* *wink, wink*

      I really enjoyed One Realm Beyond, but I'm with you, the DragonKeeper Chronicles kind of ruined it because they were SO good. I think I would have almost liked it more if I had read it before her other series because I had such high expectations. But it just didn't hold up to her other stuff. With that said, I still really enjoyed it. And yeah, that cover. <3

  3. *laughs* It's almost amusing at how different our book cover tastes are. xD I actually... don't like any of them... EXCEPT for The Goose Girl. (And Five Magic Spindles.)

    Curious, though. I was JUST looking at The Goose Girl and the rest of the series on Amazon to buy today. (not all at once... just to put on a wishlist. ;) But it's a tad frustrating, because though I LOOOVE the illustrated covers, some of the illustrated covers aren't available. :/ I'm not exactly sure why, but it looks like they aren't printing them anymore. *sigh* So I might just have to order the normal people covers. Which aren't as pleasing to the eye... But oh well. I'll stop my ranting about this problem. xD

    1. Hahaha! That's hilarious. XD Although I'm not surprised. I think my taste in covers is more in the minority. People seem to more like the simple, artistic type covers these days, and I'm just like, "Give me all the details!" Although the simple ones definitely have their appeal.

      Really? ACK. That's horrible! D: I love these covers sooo much better than the ones with people on them. I haven't read or own the others, but if I ever do I'd totally want the illustrated ones. Why would they stop printing those gorgeous things? Boo! I actually found this copy of The Goose Girl at a secondhand bookstore, so you might want to keep your eye out...?

  4. Those are all beautiful. Howl's moving Castle is my all time favorite book too.

    1. Aren't they though? My obsession with pretty book covers has no bounds. XD


  5. AAAAH i just read Howl's Moving Castle!!!! I'd seen the movie a lot and am very attached to it, so i didn't want to ruin it by reading the book...but the book was amazing. I was just on Amazon the other day and decided that that version of the cover was the one i wanted. :D hmmm, favorite covers...I love the cover for Seraphina, especially the red-gold hardback version. Steelheart has an awesome cover too. And all of the Rooglewood fairytale collections have beautiful covers!!! Oh, I have Illusionarium waiting for me at the library. I love the cover; it's just so pretty.

    1. You did??? EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Wasn't it AMAZING?!?! :D :D :D I actually read the book before seeing the movie, so I'll forever be loyal to the book first. But I still really, really loved the movie, even though it was pretty different. I love this copy of the book. It's just too adorable. The artwork matches the story somehow.

      YES! I have both Seraphina and Steelheart on my TBR list on GoodReads and I adore the covers for both.
      The Rooglewood collections are amazing. I almost added the other two but I was trying to not get too, too carried away. XD

      You do? YAY! It's such a unique and epic book! I hope you enjoy it.

  6. Oooh! I love your lists!!! Those covers are quite beautiful. I totally agree about the Tales of Goldstone Wood covers, I think they're lovely. I don't think I'm going to get to this particular challenge on the blog (there's all this stuff going on in February all of a sudden!) But some of my favorite covers/titles are:
    The Oath (the original cover) by Frank Peretti
    Shadow Hand by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
    Secrets Kept by JL Mbewe
    Dragon's Curse by H. L. Burke
    Wilderness Champion by J Lippincott
    Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn
    He Whistles for the Cricket by Gwen Walker

    Lord of Snow and Shadows by Sarah Ash
    Ember Flame by Kaycee Browning
    One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde (also, The Woman Who Died A Lot)
    Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan
    Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
    Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls
    He Whistles for the Cricket by Gwen Walker (yeah, I know it's on there twice, but I love both the title AND the cover as well as the story inside!)
    Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St. John

    Ahhhh! I can't narrow it down. Practically everything on this list: hahahaha!

    1. Thank you! It was so much fun putting together and looking through (some of) my favorite covers. The Goldstone wood books are just amazing!

      There HAS been so many fun bloggy things going this month. Everyone has come up with amazing ways to celebrate Valentine's. I love it!

      Oooh, I just looked up all these covers and had so fun perusing all the scrumptiousness. No surprise, my favorite is Dragon's Curse. XD I also adore He Whistles for the Cricket. That's also an amazing title, yes!

      These Jasper Fforde titles are great. I need to go look those up!

      It is so hard choosing! But the ones you listed were great. And I love how you have a recommended reads page! What a wonderful idea!

    2. :) It's like we all had the same brainstorm at the same time... "let's do fun stuff in February!" haha

      Jasper Fforde is hilarious. And He Whistles for the Cricket is probably my favorite book ever.

      Thanks! It's nice having a list I can just direct people to easily. The length of the title drives my web designer to distraction, but he admits that it's probably a very useful thing to have. :) hahaha

    3. I know! It's pretty great though. XD

      Then I need to check out these books for sure! I'm always on the hunt for more books. Because my TBR pile isn't big enough. Hahaha...haha...ha. *cough*

      Yes, I love it! Lol. It IS a useful thing, but I can imagine being a web designer would be a headache. I've been wanting to do a total overhaul with my own blog here but mergh, it's such a pain.

  7. Okay, I totally squealed when I saw you had done a Lovely Books post :D. I ended up drooling all over my screen because of all the PWETTY covers you posted. Bad Christine, bad. *glares*

    The cover for One Realm Beyond is GORGEOUSNESS. I absolutely love it (though I didn't really like the book itself that much. I didn't end up finishing it.)! All the pretty colors colliding might have something to do with my love for it ... and, ya know, the portal. And the dragon. And everything else.

    AHH, yes, Anne Elisabeth has the best covers. Seriously. ALL her books.

    Ooo, Angel Eyes does have a haunting cover. That book is on my TBR list :).

    You put Bryan Davis books on the list! This makes me happy :). I haven't read Reapers before, is it good?

    I would totally buys Swords Of Six just for the cover :D. I mean, come on, just LOOK at that dragon!

    Illusionarium. Oh, wow. *stares* *stares* *stares*

    Goose girl! I really liked that book :). Hilly green fields are wonderful. *nods sagely*

    Howl's Moving Castle! Next time I go to the library, I am getting that book.

    THE HOBBIT! Okay, while that isn't my favorite of covers (sorry, book!), I absolutely LOVE The Hobbit. I am very happy that it has been included :D.

    A pink Alice In Wonderful cover. That is all kinds of awesomeness.

    I can't help but get really excited every time I see the Five Magic Spindles cover :D. March 1st is coming up SO soon, but I fear I shall explode with curiosity before then!

    1. *maniacal laugh* I shall never apologize!

      I know, right? It's just too gorgeous.
      I really enjoyed the book, but I'd definitely say her DragonKeeper Chronicles is much, much better.

      ALL her books, yes! Perfectly beautiful covers for perfectly beautiful books.

      I loved the Angel Eyes trilogy! It was fascinating and the writing style was superb.

      BRYAN DAVIS IS LIKE MY FAVORITE AUTHOR!!! :D :D :D Seriously, I'm obsessed. His books, my goodness!
      Reapers was really good! It was very different from his other books, but I still enjoyed it. Somewhere around here I have a review for it if you're interested. Here we go:

      Even though I didn't like Swords of the Six much, I don't regret buying it. I mean, THAT COVER!

      I know. I knoooow. Illusionarium. o__o

      You've read The Goose Girl? Awesome! Yes, it was good. It just FELT like a fairytale. It had that fairytale charm I love. A wonderful retelling!

      DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! My obsession with Howls' Moving Castle is probably a liiittle on the unhealthy side, and I'm pulling everyone down with me. *cackles*

      The Hobbit! THE HOBBIT!!! That It kind of made me who I am today. It introduced me to high fantasy and opened up a whole new world. I've reread it more than any other book. I just, GAH. There are no words. The Hobbit is amazing.

      Yesssh. I love my pink AiW so much. If you haven't noticed. XD

      ME TOO. I didn't even write an entry for it but I'm still all jittery over it. I cannot wait!

    2. Bryan Davis is one of my favorites authors, too (though I've only read three (four?) of his series. I should read more, though)! My sister and I read Bones Of Makaidos so much that the cover wouldn't close :D. After reading your review for Reapers, that books is going on my TBR list.

      Well hey, if you're going insane from book love, you have every right to pull other people down with you. *nod* I tend to have problems with book obsession ... and movie obsession, for that matter (*cough* Hobbit *cough).

    3. YAY! Bryan Davis lovers unite! :D He just writes the most original plots and lovable characters. His books are amazing.

      *cackles* I'm glad you think so. I do try to force Howl's Moving Castle and most all of Bryan Davis's books on basically everyone I meet. I don't regret it one bit! XD
      I'm with you! Basically my whole life is centered on obsessing over books/movies/TV shows. It's a problem...

    4. *whispers* By the way, my mom said it would be fine for me to do beta-reading for you ... so I'll be e-mailing you soon!

  8. The cover of Five Magic Spindles is soooooo beautiful just WOW! :0)

  9. Look who creates a link-up--which has been joined by a dear internet buddy!--and takes FIVE WHOLE DAYS TO COMMENT. I had the best intentions to do this way sooner.

    Okay, can I just talk about ALL THE BOOKS in your post? Because this is a spectacular list.

    One Realm Beyond: I agree, that is just beautiful. I haven't read the book yet, but I did find her Dragonkeeper books delightful. (Fenworth!!!!)

    Moonblood: I adore all the Goldstone Wood covers, but this one is actually not my favorite... >.< But that being said, I actually appreciate it more after reading your thoughts on it. For real. (I love the largeness of the moon, for one thing.)

    Angel Eyes: Ooh, that misty forest!

    The Bones of Makaidos: You know what I think of that epic artwork. ;D

    Reapers: I can't believe I forgot to include this one! It's really gripping, with that Reaper silhouette and the dramatic colors of the sky.

    Swords of the Six: Possibly one of the best dragons I've ever seen on a cover. <3 It was the reason I asked for it for Christmas one year. (I so wish the writing matched...)

    Illusionarium: <333

    The Goose Girl: I've never seen that version of the cover--how whimsical!

    Howl's Moving Castle: I AM HOWLING. I *AM* HOWL. I HOWL BECAUSE I NEED THIS BOOK IN MY LIFE. XD And oh, yeah, the cover is cute too.

    The Hobbit: It's fuzzy? o.o Love. It.

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: I know I've seen this one before--can't remember when you talked about it--but it is so splendiferously gorgeous! DEFINITELY a drool-worthy book. It's so perfectly Wonderlandish.

    Five Magic Spindles: Just yes. Everything you said. I feel the same way--it's magical and breathtaking and maybe actually my favorite cover to ever exist. I'm surprised I feel that way over a contest book cover (as for some reason my brain assumes it would be second-rate??), but it's incredible.

    Allll the fun titles! That's a wonderful list, and I highly approve of all the dragons contained therein. *grins* 100 Cupboards... I've heard of that title in passing, but actually have no idea what the book's about or if it's good. What did you think of it?

    Thank you so much for linking up! If you couldn't tell already, I love your post! Looking forward to your couples one, should you end up doing it.

    1. Good gracious. As if I hadn't written a whole post on covers already--that comment is massive. o.o

    2. That's okay!! I know you've been so busy. And goodness, if you commented on something I wrote months ago I'd still get it. There's no time limit to commenting.

      Her DragonKeeper series is honest to goodness one of my most favorite series of books. They're just so fun! AGH. Fenworth. He's so amazing!

      Lol! That's so funny. And *le gasp* maybe the first time we've had different opinions on something. :O But actually, Shadowhand is probably my favorite of all of them (and didn't you put that one on your list?). I just limited myself to the ones I've read. But I still adore Moonblood. If it's not my favorite, then it's at least my second favorite.

      So I'm not alone on Swords of the Six? I don't mean to be so hard on it, but the writing just...meh. Not for me.

      I laughed so hard at you howling over Howl! XDDD YOU MUST GET IT AND HOWL WITH ME OVER IT.

      You have seen my Wonderland book before! I made that picture for a Bookshelf Tag I did a few months ago. I love that book so much I just had to share it again. XD I'm obsessed.

      I actually know what you mean about Five Magic Spindles. I guess because Rooglewood is small and it IS for a contest. But my word, their covers. o.o Five Magic Spindles is just so perfect!

      I seriously didn't mean to add so much dragons stuff. I guess it's obvious where my heart is. XD

      Oh, 100 Cupboards! That was an awesome book!! Well, I liked it. It wasn't perfect, I wish there was more to it, but it was kind of haunting and intriguing, but also a lot of fun. I think it's more a middle grade book than YA, but that kind of added more charm to it to me. I think it's a trilogy and I've been meaning to read the others FOREVER but still haven't. Anyways, I'd certainly say give it a shot sometime! I actually reviewed it a good while back: (I've grown as a blogger since then though, so I don't know how well the review is written. XD)

      Thank YOU for making this linkup. It is just sooooo much FUN!!! All the bookish wonderfulness! I'm so glad you enjoyed my post. ^_^ And I LOVE chatting with you and about books, so your comment was perfect. <3

  10. Ooooh! I've been wanting to do this since I first saw it on Mary's blog, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be too late or thanks for the info about it staying open until March 5! :D

    Okay, I really think I need to read Illusionarium. IT LOOKS SO DELICIOUS.

    And I like the cover of The Goose Girl, too! It's got a Rennaissance-y, wholesome charm to it :)

    I had fun reading your answers! :)

    1. Yes, yes, yes! You should totally do it. There's still time! :D

      YES YOU DO. Like seriously, it's an amazing book. And that cover. *drooools*

      I loved how you put that, Renaissance-y with a wholesome charm. That's perfect! It's just gorgeous.

      Awww, thank you! I'm glad. ^_^


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