Monday, February 8, 2016

Beautiful People - Airen and Eryth {Valentine’s Edition}

It’s my favorite time of the month: Beautiful People time! And this month, in honor of Valentine’s Day and us writers’ inability to avoid shipping our characters no matter how hard we may try (you know it’s true), our hosts Sky and Cait have cooked up a delicious couples edition of BP! Twirl on over to Sky's post or Cait's to snag the questions and linkup. (And I don’t know why you need to twirl. I guess because people like to twirl when they’re in love and it’s Valentine’s. . .? Just pretend with me that it makes sense, okay? Okay.)

(And if you’re new to the word “shipping”, it’s usually a fangirl term for wanting two people to have a relationship and live happily ever after. It has, in fact, nothing to do with pirates. Unless you’re shipping two pirates together, but that’s neither here nor there.)

I’ll admit, this edition threw me for a loop a bit. Because, honestly, I don’t really have any couples! Or not officially yet. I have a ton of characters that will probably become couples later in the book/series/what-have-you but I’ve barely written much romance. I have nothing against romance. In fact, I enjoy a touch of romance in stories. I just never seem to get that far in my books. The most romance I’ve ever written is in Burning Thorns because, well, it’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling. Romance was kind of necessary. But I actually already did Rose and Beast in a similar BP post last year. It seemed a bit redundant to do them again.

But before Rose and Beast ever existed I had two characters in another story that have been my favorite “couple” of my characters for years, even if they’re not officially a couple yet. . . (Rose and Beast are now trying to become the favorite. It’s a constant war in my mind.) So today I shall be answering the questions about them.

Meet Eryth and Airen from my Colors of a Dragon Scale series (which is the series I always write for NaNoWriMo). Eryth is a soft-spoken dragon rider, and a half-elf. Airen is a jester. Just kidding, he’s actually a crown prince that would totally be the class clown should he live in modern times. I actually did a BP post for Eryth a few months back. And Airen deserves one someday because, well. . . Just because. (I won’t admit he’s one of my favorite characters. I won’t.) All their friends and family know they’re going to be together someday, even if they don’t. . .

~ Airen & Eryth ~

1. How did they first meet?
After her husband died, Eryth’s mother came to live in Airen’s kingdom and got a job in the castle. Eryth was only a baby at the time and Airen just 2 years old. Airen’s sister, Iraila, was also a baby and she and Eryth were raised together so Iraila would have a companion. Thus they never exactly “met”, they were pretty much raised together almost like siblings.

2. What were their first impressions of each other?
I think little toddler Airen was excited to have another squishy baby in the castle to play with. Baby Eryth cried a lot when this crazy toddler constantly tried to pick her up. Ah, romance.

3. How long have they been a couple?
Since they were babies. Obviously. I mean, they basically have an entire kingdom shipping them!

Okay, okay. They’re in their twenties and still not a couple. It’s ridiculous. Eryth doesn’t think she’s worthy enough to be with a crown prince and would never take the initiative. While Airen may pretend to be cocky and the “ladies’ man”, deep down he doesn’t feel good enough for someone as perfect and sweet as Eryth. Also neither are aware of the other’s feelings, especially since they grew up together and often have a brother-sister thing going.

Obviously we need a tragic, deadly situation to make them open up to each other, don’tcha think? *grins*

4. How committed/loyal are they to each other? Would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? Could stress drive them apart? Would they die for each other?
Loyal? Well. Airen actually is a ladies’ man, not to mention the crown prince. Basically every girl in his kingdom throws herself at him, but he never lets any potential matches last because, you know, they’re not Eryth.

One time when they were younger Airen teased Eryth and threatened to put a spider down her back. She cried. Their other friend Bryth punched him. It was a good time. Ahem. If they were ever going to break apart it would have been at that moment, but they didn’t. Eryth is usually too tenderhearted and Airen too laid back to let disagreements get in the way of their friendship.

Also they would die for each other so fast it sometimes scares me.

5. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)
Wow, this is a really hard question. Especially for a medieval fantasy. I also created these characters years ago when I was still figuring out the whole writing thing, so they’re not as in depth as more recent characters.

Eryth knows Airen is a little too fond of sweets and sometimes sneaks some under the table at feasts to eat later in his room that night. (He doesn’t want to stuff his face and look like a pig in front of his people after all. That’d be un-princely.) Sometimes he’ll give Eryth some because she gets too nervous to eat at big social gatherings. He believes food is a very important part of life.

Um. . .she knows his arrogant demeanor is really just him joking around. While he completely believes she’s far braver than she thinks. Those aren’t really quirks though. . . This question is hard! But that’s what I love about BP, it gets me thinking about these things.

6. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?
Um, no. Like I said, most of the kingdom (except I guess the eligible maidens) wants them together. Airen’s parents, the King and Queen, love Eryth like a daughter. Iraila would be thrilled to have Eryth as an actual sister. It would be a delight to Eryth’s mother. Eryth’s father was a great elven warrior and she was chosen as a dragon rider, which is a huge honor, so despite what she believes she’s completely “worthy” to marry a crown prince and become queen one day. There’s literally nothing stopping them besides their own insecurities. *rolls eyes* Something needs to give them a shove. (Like their entire world being wrought and destroyed in war. *cackles*)

7. What would be an ideal date?
Airen absolutely loves when Eryth lets him ride on her dragon Neriin. (He may or may not be a little bitter he wasn’t chosen by a dragon.) He’d love a thrilling ride across the countryside together. Although she’d probably just want something as simple as a long, quiet walk with him.

8. What are their personality dynamics? Similar? Contrasting? Do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly?
Her timidity and his playful arrogance are way too much fun to write together. Though they’re pretty much polar opposites, they actually bounce off each other wonderfully. Eryth keeps him grounded and focused on the important things. While he helps her conquer her shyness and insecurities. It took them a while to get there though. The spider incident wasn’t the only one. He was a total joker when he was young (who am I kidding? he still is) and it took some time for him to realize making Eryth cry isn’t actually fun at all. Hearing her laugh is a thousand times better. Over the years he morphed from being a teasing older brother type to having a strong desire to protect her.

9. What have been their best and worst moments together as a couple?
I guess I haven’t really gotten to that in the series yet. There’s one more book to go, it’s gonna happen! I suspect best moment will be when they actually realize they are a couple and have been since they were like toddlers. XD Worst will probably be seconds before that when I put them into some sort of deadly situation that forces them into admitting their love for one another.  *smile, smile*

10. Where do they see themselves and their relationship in the next few years?
Eryth sees him marrying some amazing princess while she regrets never telling him how she felt and having to accept the fact that she wasn’t good enough.

Airen sees them happily married with like ten children. Ya know, once he figures out how to admit he’s loved her since they were tiny.

Hey, the question asked how they see themselves in a few years, not what actually happens.

~ ~ ~

There you have it. Airen and Eryth. And yes, sometimes I want to throw them together and scream, “KISS ALREADY.” But it’s hard when they’re like four kingdoms apart from each other right now. The world has to be in danger and they have to be heroes. Psh.

What do you think, guys? How do you feel about shipping your characters? Do you ever want to yell at them to just get married and live happily ever after already? Annnd, just ‘cause, how do you feel about Valentine’s Day? (I’m indifferent to it myself. I don’t hate it, don’t really like it either. It’s just there. *shrugs*)


  1. AAAAAAHHH THEY ARE PRECIOUS. Airen and Eryth just yes. I'm so happy you did them! :D I haven't really read them together though, so Rose and Beast would be my current favorites. ;) But I can't waaaait to read about Airen and Eryth because they sound just perfect for each other! Ya know, without the whole not-noticing-it thing. XD

    (Yessss, you must do an Airen BP post someday! :D)

    "Ah, romance." *diiies* XD

    This tragic deadly situation is making me nervous... >.>


    "Also they would die for each other so fast it sometimes scares me." Heeheehee! Your wit, girl. It gets me every time! ;)

    I love that he loves sweets and food and doesn't want to seem unprincely for it. XD

    These cackles and smile, smiles, are making me EXTREMELY nervous... >.>

    Oh my goodness, that last question. I. AM. DEAD. slkdjsldkfj Poor Eryth and I adore how Airen thinks that and just lsakjdlkj KISS ALREADY!!! Yes. They must get married and live happily ever after ASAP! *flailing*

    This was so beautiful and I LOVE when you do Beautiful People! :D I love hearing about all the lovely Lauri charries!! ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

    (And I'm kinda so-so on Valentine's Day myself. *shrug* I don't really care. I do like that there are chocolate sales afterward so that people can get me some for my birthday after. XD ...But you don't like chocolate, so. >.> Ahem. :P)

    AIIIIRENNNN! ^_^ And Eryth. She so sweeeeet (no wonder he likes her! She's like sweets! :D) and it's so incredibly cool that she's half elf and a dragon rider. *flails*

    *still dying from Bryth punching him* XDDDDD This MUST be mentioned in one of the stories. >:DDD

    1. *giggles uncontrollably* Your comment!

      It was so much fun doing them. It literally made me anxious for NaNo. o.o I probably shouldn't be thinking about that right now...
      You probably haven't really seen them together because their only real parts together are in the first book which isn't fit for mortal eyes. Or any eyes. *I* cringe reading it. So...yeah. No. One of these days I'll rewrite it so people can read it. One day...

      I kind of think there were multiple incidents where he upset Eryth and Bryth got all over him. You do not mess with Eryth when Bryth is around. It always ends badly. XD

      Was I unintentionally witty? Lol! I wasn't joking. They WOULD die for each other, without any hesitation. That's a worrying thought sometimes. o.o

      Hehehe. He's always trying to act princely when he so isn't. XD

      *cackles some more* You know me, ruining characters' lives one book at a time.

      BUT SERIOUSLY. They need to live happily ever after! I mean, come on, people!

      THANK YOOOUUU!!! I'm the same way about other people doing BP. I just adore reading about people's characters. It's too fun!

      Yeah, that's me with the Valentine's thing. (Minus the chocolate.) I don't hate on it or anything, but I'm not all into it either. But you're right! It's the perfect time to buy you chocolate for your birthday. That's perfect! :D

      Oh my goodness gracious. He likes her because she's like sweets! *dead* I am going to HAVE to put that somewhere in the book. That is just too good!!!

      It actually is mentioned! :D It's near the beginning in the first book. Actually one of the first things we learn about Airen. That's how I know about it. Oh Airen... *shakes head*


    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. *flails and falls over*
      THANK YOU!!!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS YES!!!!!! Gimme all the Christine writerly goodness :D :D

    These two sound absolutely ADORABLE!!! I ship them so hard it's actually painful.

    HAHAHA! You're so hilarious! ^_^ I find it so funny that Bryth punched Airen after the spider incident. XD (Like Bryth, I would have been terrified of the idea of a spider crawling down my back. Blegh, I really despise those creepy-crawlies.)

    Hehe, Airen loves sweets. I do too, so ya know...

    CAN I JUST GUSH OVER HERE FOR A MOMENT. Because these two are adorbz.

    Also, I have to say that I've got a thing for arrogant characters. Airen makes me think of Flynn, which is obviously a compliment of the highest quality. *grins*

    1. (I also have to say that I love Valentine's Day. I'm a hopeless romantic, plus, ya know CHOCOLATE. And pink things. And an excuse to fangirl over my favorite couples.)

    2. *beams* You sweet thing!

      ACK. That makes me so happy. I love it when other people like my charries too. (And, I'll admit, I also ship them so hard it's physically painful. I've been shipping them for 6 years now. Something needs to happen already!)

      They're a mess. XD Although Bryth is perfectly fine with spiders. She wasn't worried about the spider, she was worried about Eryth. They're best friends, and when someone hurts Eryth they usually find Bryth's fist in their face afterwards. Like the good friend she is. *nods seriously*

      If Airen ever died from anything other than old age, it wouldn't be in a big epic battle or anything. It'd probably be from a sugar coma. XD

      D'awww, you! <3

      AGH. Now it is my turn to gush because FLYNN!!!! Flynn is my most FAVORITE Disney guy. And, ya know, Airen IS a lot like Flynn. I've never even thought about that! :O

      You make a good point about Valentine's. Pink IS my favorite color. (Which you can probably guess by my blog design. XD) I do love all the Valentine's decorations. The pink and hearts and glitter. So very pretty! Maybe I like it more than I think I do. And fangirling over my favorite fictional couples is a blast. Of course, I do that no matter what time of year it is. XD

    3. Oops, I meant to say Eryth didn't like spiders. Not Bryth. (I was just gushing so much over Airen and Eryth that I lost any vestige of sanity I actually possess. XD)

      FLYNNNNN!!! You obviously already know how I feel about him. Just the fact that Airen reminds me of Flynn makes him an automatic favorite of mine.

      Scrolling through the comments and checking other peoples' blogs, I've come to realize that a lot of people actually don't care for Valentine's Day. Which sort of surprised me, I guess? But, ya know, I am an odd person so the fact that I like it and other people don't shouldn't really surprise me...

    4. Oh, no problem! It's probably my fault. For some reason it didn't first occur to me that their names were only one letter apart. >.> I'm thinking about respelling Eryth's name so they won't be so similar. I like their names, I hate to change them, but they're just so much alike. Meh.

      FLYNN. FLYNN FOREVER. <3333333

      Yeah, I'm seeing that as well. I don't really hate on it like a lot of people, I just don't have much use for it either. But I think it's wonderful you like it! Every holiday needs some love. *nods, nods* And hey, you may just influence me to enjoy it more.

  4. Omg I loved this. The whole kingdom is shipping them...THAT IS ALL SORTS OF GLORIOUSNESS. XD And I like the contrast of their personalities too...squeee!! I am about to say just kiss already and I've only just met them. ;) Ah but one must save the world first before romance #priorities

    (Also I want to write a book one day so I can specifically ship two pirates. JUST ECAUSE THE PUN WOULD BE AMAZING. XD Ahem.)

    Thanks for joining in!! I loved your post as always. ;D

    1. AGH. THANK YOU!!! They are just way too much fun together. You know, if they'd ever actually get together OFFICIALLY. >.> But let's face it, they've been a couple since birth practically, whether they know it or not.

      Pft. Silly world that needs saving. It's always demanding.

      Cait. CAIT. WRITE THAT BOOK. LIKE NOW. That'd be the BEST!!

      I'm so glad. Thank YOU! ^_^

  5. Girl, do you know exactly how much I want to read your books???? I want to know MORE about these two adorable characters...I already ship them whole heartedly.
    Have you considered posting to Wattpad, so that I (and others) could indulge in hopeless romantic effusions?

    1. That just absolutely makes my day. You have no idea. THANK YOU!!!

      Well, the thought crossed my mind a time or two, but I'd really like to try to publish my stories one day instead of just making them public like that. Also most of my stories are first draft monsters that are not fit for mortal eyes. Eheh. But it encourages me so much knowing people really are interested in reading my stories. I'm so honored! <3

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. (Maybe on the second try I'll be able to make sense of this thing called grammar.)
    Already I like this couple. I can see where they're not as deep as others you've written about, but they've definitely got personalities.
    When it comes to romance, my writing is a little on the thin side. First because I've no experience to go off of, and secondly because romance, unless it's done really well, goes very much against my very reasonable grain. Then again, I've experimented with twisting stereotypes, and find it fun. I've got a few couples in awkward situations because of that. One of my pairs I do "ship", wholeheartedly. The other's already married, so there's not much I can do about that. The third. . . well, that's spoilers. But I can say it's not the usual way of doing things at all.
    Valentine's day is just there. The world can use a saint's day to observe a perfectly heathen festival if it wants to, but as a Protestant, I'll stay away from both sides of it --- and anyway I've got no attachments of that sort, so it would be rather silly to celebrate it.
    Shipping two pirates? I need that idea to have a home :).

    1. (Silly grammar. I don't have the best relationship with it, which you'll probably discover when you read Burning Thorns...)

      Awww, thank you! They do need some work and maybe a little less cliches, but I do love them.

      I feel the same way. I haven't written a lot of it, and I've never been in a romantic relationship myself so the best I can do is study it in books and TV. XD
      I love it when people twist stereotypes. That is just way too much fun! Especially when you put your characters in awkward situations. *grins* Ooh, now I'm curious about this third pair of yours.

      Yep, that's me. Valentine's just exists. I don't care much about it either way.

      I know, right? A story about two pirates falling in love would be fantastic!

  8. What a fun post! Love it! These characters sound super fun and I can't wait to read all about their adventures!

    I've always been kind of ambivalent about Valentine's Day. My daddy would bring us all a box of chocolates and my mom would get flowers... and that was pretty much why we enjoyed it growing up. Now... it just seems like a ridiculous excuse for stores to trick us into buying things we didn't really want in the first place. LOL

    Which is why I'm doing my February is Fantasy Month line-up over on my blog this year. :) Something for those of us not so keen on pink hearts and chocolates that may or may not be filled with something we actually want to eat.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun exploring these two more deeply.

      I know what you mean about Valentine's. It does seem like it's way more for the benefit of stores than actual couples. But that's so sweet your dad brought each of you chocolates. ^_^

      I ADORE your Fantasy month idea. Fantasy is my absolute favorite genre. I think using this month to celebrate it is the best idea!

  9. So adorable! I love all your characters so much. :)


    1. Thank you so much!! It's such a wonderful feeling when others like my characters as well. ^_^

  10. I don't know them but I already ship them! They sound so perfect for each other. The contrast betwwen their personalities and their dynamic must be fun to write but also to watch. Definitely give them some push so they are finally together because it would be shame if they wouldn't end up together :) Also, I love cocky male characters, they just add something fun and special to the mixture.
    I have a couple in a story and they are not together yet, but I have shipped them since the moment I came up with the idea. I mean, they are perfect for each other. They bring the best in each other and the guy is the only one who can show the girl that loving is not a weakness. Oh, just thinking about them makes my heart melt. :)

    1. Hehehe. I love it! Thank you!
      Writing their personalities really is a blast. I have too much fun with the different dynamics. And I'm definitely giving them a push. Or...a hefty shove. *grins*
      I have this weird obsession with cocky male characters. I don't know why, but they always end up being my favorites. XD

      D'awww, that is precious!! They sound wonderful. ^_^

  11. I ship it! They are too adorable for words honestly, this must happen. <3 Love your characters Christine, I always seem to get way too emotionally involved.

    1. D'awwww! I'm so glad!
      Hehehe. That's always my goal. To get people emotionally invested in my charries and then destroy their feels. *cackles* Okay...not entirely. But really, that just thrills me you feel that way. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Thank you!! <3

  12. Airen and Eryth sound adorable together! That's so sweet they got to grow up with each other. And Eryth has a dragon? I want a dragon too! :D
    I haven't done my Beautiful People post yet, but will have too! Didn't know it was Valentine-themed this time, though it does make sense. But I'm not sure which couple to choose. :D

    1. Thank you! I do love my oblivious babies. XD
      Yes, she does! Having a dragon is the DREAM. I think everyone should have a dragon. *nods, nods*

      BP is just too much fun. I love these special editions, and this one was particularly fun because I may be a little obsessed with shipping fictional characters... *cough, cough*

  13. AHH, I loved this post. Now I musts read your pretty little book and have more of Airen and Eryth :D.
    I'm with ya, Valentine's day is just there. I will make some cards and things, but mostly it's just there.

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! And thank you! But, sadly, it's not a pretty little book by any means. More like a monstrous disaster that makes me cringe to even look at. XD Buuut one day I shall make it readable.

      Yep. It's nothing greatly special. Just exists.

  14. OH MY WORD, THEY ARE PRECIOUS. (I'm with you, though--I don't have all that many couples either.) Airen and Eryth are just perfect! They MUST become a thing by the time the series ends. They must. Or else I'll demand a sequel just for them.

    "Squishy baby." XD Their childhood sounds completely adorable, and it's so sweet how Airen discovers he likes making her laugh more than making her cry. *shipping so bad*

    And it's awesome how the entire kingdom wants them to be a couple, and they themselves are the only ones getting in the way with their insecurities. Oh dear, don't we authors love giving those little (or not so little) nudges? XD

    As for Valentine's Day, I do like it. It's not nearly as great as Christmas, of course, but my family likes to exchange cards, decorate the house a bit, and have a candlelit supper. :)

    1. *giggles* THANK YOU! Trust me, the shipping is strong with me as well. In fact, they were my first pair of mine that I've shipped so strongly. So they're kind of special to me.

      Little Airen totally liked the squishy babies. XD

      It amuses me how many people in their story KNOWS they like each other. Evil nudging will definitely have to happen. Hehehe. We're so bad.

      Awww, that's so sweet! We should probably do more for Valentine's. I kind of keep forgetting today IS Valentine's... Heh. Maybe once (if?) I'm married it'll mean more to me? *shrugs*

  15. I knew how you felt about this month's BP! The only "romantic" couple I've written about recently (um, well, in the past year?) is the one I covered in last year's Valentines BP. :/ So I decided to visit the archives and interview a totally different character instead. (*blushes*)

    OK. Airen and Eyrth are. Absolutely. ADORABLE! It's so cute when two characters have been in love with each other for a long time, because it makes you want to root for them so much more. And the fact that the entire kingdom is also cheering for them to make it official... Awwwwwww. :) I also like how Airen is so protective of Eryth and how he's tried to help her "come out of her shell," so to speak.

    A dragon-riding date?? Airen, what more convincing do you need that ERYTH IS YOUR GIRL??? XD

    Here's my BP link, btw:

    1. You too? Yeah, it was really hard trying to figure out who to do for this one, but I had a ton of fun revisiting these two. There's nothing wrong with using the archives! That's why they're there after all. I've gone back and redone old BP posts myself.

      D'awww! I'm so glad you think so! ^_^ I do love my babies. I agree, I love those couples who have loved each other for years. It makes them officially getting together all the more satisfying.

      I know, right?? How could you go wrong with a dragon riding date?!

      Oh yay!!

  16. Aw! They sound really cute! And I really like their names. I like opposites attract couples. I feel the same way with some of my characters. JUST KISS!

    1. Thanks! I do love my silly little charries.

      The "opposites attract" couples are my FAVORITE. It's just so fun seeing their different personalities clash and then come together and end up meshing. I just love it!

      I know, right? Some of them just need to get on with it already. XD


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