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Beautiful People - Eryth {September 2015}

So yes, we’re halfway through September (wait what????) and I’m just getting to BP. But really, did you expect anything less? Our ingenious, imaginative, inventive, and all good things i hosts Sky and Cait have once again conjured some perfectly delightful questions to interrogate one of our characters with, so clickity click one of those links to snag the questions and link up.

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I’m pretty sure NaNoWriMo is trying to do a sneak attack on me, but I’m watching it closely. *narrows eyes and stares* And because of my watchful eyes, I’ve been thinking about characters from the series I work on for NaNo, Colors of a Dragon Scale. This naturally led up to me deciding to do a character from there.

This series features a loooot of different main characters (each book has a different pair) but it all started with Bryth and Eryth, who I still to this day see as the main main characters. A white-haired elf named Bryth was the spark that started the series, but with her came along a quiet half-elf, Eryth. Her tender heart quickly grew a soft spot in my own, and she’ll always be one of my preciousest (we’re pretending that’s a word, shhh) babies. It was Bryth and Eryth’s book, my very first NaNo, that made me realize how much I really do love writing, and from then on I become serious about it.  It’s no wonder they’re so special to me. So when I saw this month’s questions, Eryth immediately popped in my mind. I’m quite excited for you to meet her! (Just be warned my writing has, um, improved a fair amount since I made these characters and wrote their book. . .)

ErythOutside, they could see smoke rising in the dark blue sky and hear faint screams from many directions.
Bryth rushed down the stairs, clutching her swords tightly. "Now we can finally get the answers we're looking for.”
Eryth ran after her. "Bryth?" she said, finally finding her voice again.
Bryth stopped and turned. "Yes?"
Eryth paused for a moment, looking closely at the elf. Her eyes were beginning to glow that deep red again. This took Eryth by surprise. They almost seemed menacing like that.
"What is it, Eryth?" Bryth asked, her tone rushed, though she tried to sound calm.
"I just..." She faltered and looked at the ground, ashamed of herself.
Bryth sheathed one of her swords to put a hand on the half-elf. "Everything will be all right.”
"I'm really scared though." Eryth shook her head. "I know I shouldn't be, but I cannot help it. I was not able to save Iraila. I just...I don't want to fail anyone else."
"Eryth, you have never failed anyone."
"But Iraila—"
"No," Bryth interrupted. "You did not fail Iraila. You did everything you could do, which is more than what most can." She pulled out Eryth's sword and placed it in the girl's hand. "Gather your courage, Eryth," she said gently.
"I'm not sure I have any.”
"I know you do. But I will protect you, you can count on that. Now come on, we have to hurry before they do too much damage."
Eryth stared at her sword in her hand, the very sword Iraila and her family had made for her. She clutched it tightly and gave Bryth a nod. "Let's go."

~ Eryth ~

1. They’re in a crisis: who would they really like to see right now?
Her dragon rider partner and long time best friend, Bryth. Without a doubt. Where Eryth is timid and kindhearted, Bryth is fearless and lethal. Not to mention loyal. If Eryth is in trouble, she’ll stop at nothing to help her. Then of course there’s Neriin, Eryth’s dragon. Dragons are quite useful in crises.
Airen would also be another pick. He’s the prince of their land and being as how his sister, Iraila, is the other best friend of Eryth and Bryth, Eryth knows him quite well. They claim to be “friends” but there’s a lot more going between those two than that. *grins* (They maaay be one of my biggest personal ships out of my characters. *cough, cough* And Airen is one of my top favoritest characters I have. . . I should really do a BP of him one of these days.)

2. Are they easy to get along with?
Most definitely! Eryth is almost too nice in that she pretty much never stands up for herself or disagrees with someone to their face. She’s always willing to lend a helping hand or give a kind and encouraging word, if her shyness doesn’t hold her back that is. She’s probably the easiest one to get along with out of all the characters in the series, maybe out of all my characters period.

3. Who was the last person they had a deep conversation with?
That would be Bryth. No surprise there. XD Their book actually ended with them having a heart to heart.

4. They’re in the middle of a huge crowd of people: how do they feel?
If she’s by herself, extremely uncomfortable. She loves people, but too many overwhelms her. But if she has a friend at her side she can draw off their company and relax for the most part.

5. Do they believe in luck or miracles?
Luck, no. Miracles, absolutely. She’s a devout child of the Creator (the God figure of that world) and has no doubt that He can, and will, do miracles.

6. Do they like and get along with their neighbors?
She lives in the castle as Princess Iraila’s companion and has practically become another daughter to the King and Queen. She’s got the kindly King and Queen, her mother also staying in the castle, Bryth living nearby, the Princess, and of course Airen. She’s very content with the people surrounding her, yes.

7. If they could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go?
Well, she lives in fantasy world. But in her world she would want to go to a place called Evinnian, a foresty land inhabited by elves that’s her birthplace. She and her mother left when Eryth was only a baby, so she would love to go there and see the gorgeous forests and meet her deceased father’s kin.

8. How do they feel about their body?
Sometimes she gets a little self conscious for being a half-elf (half elf, half human), especially around elves because many are prejudice against such things. She also has one green eye and one blue which causes for the occasional gaze from strangers and it makes her very uncomfortable. However, around loved ones she’s quite at ease with herself.

9. What is the cruelest thing someone has ever said to them? How did they react?
I really don’t know what the cruelest thing would be. I know she’s been accused of cowardice many times which is a hard blow. Her father was a great warrior and she feels obligated to live up to him, desires to make him proud. But really any mean word hurts her deeply. She’s such a tenderhearted thing, she can’t handle cruelty well at all. Though what’s probably worse is when people talk badly of her loved ones. Bryth is a bit of an outcast and looked down upon, a lot of mean gossip floats around. When Eryth catches wind of it, or is even told in person she shouldn’t be friends with such a person, it tears her apart. Usually she finds a secluded place to cry it out and then goes to her mother who always has the right words to soothe her.

10. What’s the kindest thing someone has ever said to them? How did they react?
Eryth was chosen by a dragon to be its rider, which is a high honor but also a very demanding job. The dragon riders rank a little higher than the knights in their job of protecting the kingdom, so naturally Eryth has some trepidation over the whole thing. But then, on her first day being initiated as an official dragon rider, Airen, who is known for his jokes and playful charms mind you, told her with complete sincerity that he thought she’d be the best dragon rider in the kingdom. All she could manage was a quiet thank you, but she’s held these words close ever since.

Goodness, I haven’t visited this character in years! I wrote her story back in 2010 and ever since she’s been tucked away, patiently waiting to return in  the last couple books of the series. I didn’t realize how much I missed my baby girl. Now I’m even MORE excited about this year’s NaNo!


  1. I am currently reading the Eragon series, and your Color of a Dragon Scales series can't help but remind me of that. Were you inspired by Eragon? Just curious. ;)


    1. No, not really. I honestly wasn't wild about that series (though I only ever read the first two and that was yeeeears ago). I can definitely see how there's some similarities, but it wasn't intentional. Pretty much all my inspiration for anything, especially this series, is by Tolkien. Actually I may have copied Lord of the Rings a little TOO much with things. Once I revise the series there's going to have to be a lot of changes!

    2. Lol! I've been guilty of copying Tolkien, too... it's so hard NOT to. He has the BEST story ideas! ;)


    3. He does!!! He is the father of fantasy after all, I think it's hard to write *anything* fantasy without copying him a little. Lol. He's my hero! <3

  2. Aww, Eryth seems like such a sweet, tender-hearted girl! A rare flower among all the tough female protagonists who feel they have something to prove. Your Colors of a Dragon Scale pairs all seem to balance each other out SO well! Bryth would be good for Eryth (and vice versa, I'm sure).

    This Airen fellow sounds amazing too! Just curious, though: how do you pronounce his name? (I like knowing how to say people's fantasy words...I'm weird like that.) I'm imagining something like the real-world name Aaron, or perhaps Ay-ren...maybe even Iren? I could be waaaay off, though. XD

    AAAAAAHHH. THIS NANO WILL BE THE LAST DRAGON SCALE BOOK, RIGHT?? What a crazy thought! I know you've been working on this for a long time!

    Also, Christine, really. How do you even find such perfect, beautiful pictures? Not only for BP posts, but for EVERYTHING. You have a picture-finding superpower. *nods*

    1. Thank you! I do love my sweet girl. ^_^
      Actually, making all the pairs was one of the most fun parts of the plotting stage. It was cool seeing how I could make them balance (or clash *cackles*) and all the dynamics there. Eryth and Bryth are DEFINITELY good for each other. I think Eryth is a better influence on Bryth, really. Bryth has a lot of problems to work out. Eryth keeps her from falling too far into the darkness of her mind, I think. They're a fun friendship!

      Ahh, Airen. I can't believe I've never talked about him on my blog before, because, really, he maaay be my favorite. I'm just gonna have to do a BP with him or something. He's a mess and I love him. XD
      It's pronounced like Ay-ren. *nods, nods* I'm kind of thinking I need to change how it's spelled because it does look a lot like Aaron. There's a LOOOOT in this series that needs total changes. I made all the characters and plotted so much of it way back in 2010 and, well, I was not good at that sort of thing then. I've grown a lot in writing. Lol. It needs work.

      This will actually be the next to the last. So this one and THEN one more. It got so big I decided I needed two books to cover the finale. XD It's such a monster! But it's still soooo exciting because it's the first book bringing back ALL the characters and just EEEEEEE!!! It's gonna be so funnn!

      Wellll, I have a little over 7k pictures on my Pinterest sooo...I can usually find something amidst all that. Eheh. And if not I just search for something and peruse all the millions of pictures. Basically I scroll through Pinterest and call it being "productive". #pinterestaddict

    2. *sneaks into conversation* AIRENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! <3 YES YOU MUST DO A BP OR A /SOMETHING/ ABOUT HIM! *FLAIL* ALSO YESSSSSSSS TWO MORE BOOKS ALSKDJFKDJ SO MUCH AWESOME. (...Um. I may be a little too excited about this series and/or hyper because it's late. Hee. XD)

    3. I LOVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM. It makes me even MORE excited about it! Which I need, because I'm also a wee bit overwhelmed with this next book...

    4. Well, DON'T BE (don't be overwhelmed, I mean; not excited... >.>) because I know you have GOT this! :D Remember how scared you were to write the latest one because you didn't have a plot for it? And then it turned out to be like your favorite ever? I KNOW YOU WILL DO AMAAAAZING. Just take it a bit at a time, yes? :)

    5. Balance or clash... Mwahaha, the fun we authors have! And aww, sweet Eryth pulling Bryth from the darkness of her mind. ^_^ We all need people like Eryth now and then, methinks.

      Ah, got it. Now that I think about it, it actually resembles Aiden quiet a bit, so the pronunciation should've been more obvious to me. XD
      I totally understand that feeling! With such long-running projects, there's that much more time for us to grow between start and finish... which makes for lots AND LOTS of editing. But you got this!

      Ohhh, second last? Whoops, my brain! XD BUT IT'S SO EXCITING BECAUSE THAT MEANS TWO MORE BOOKS. *throws confetti* I have got to read them all one day, I don't care how unedited they are.

      O.O Dat's a lot of pictures. But at least they provide lovely bloggish aesthetics and inspiration for yourself! :D

      Exactly what Deb said. Just remember all the other writing challenges you've overcome--what's one more? Sometimes the hardest, most overwhelming books end up being the most rewarding to write. And if ever you need some company in the spots of misery, you know I'm here. (Because I've stared an overwhelming series in the face for seven years, and I'm still alive. XD)

    6. @Celti - Aaaahhhh!!! I needed to hear those words! Ever since I read them I've been feeling a lot more like I CAN do this. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS ENCOURAGING ME. <333

      @Tracey - We are such evil people. XD

      I have no doubt at all Airen will crop up eventually. I'm shocked he hasn't yet. I guess because he hasn't been around since the the second book. He may very well show his face around here sometime during November...
      It never even occurred to me it's like Aiden. That makes me feel a little better. But no! I'm always getting asked how to pronounce his name (amongst many others). I'm just bad at deciding how to spell things. XD
      So much editing. *collapses* I doubt this series will even look like the same books when I'm finished with them.

      You are so nice! Buuut...aside from the occasional snippet I don't think I can ever bear anyone to read these first drafts. Not unless you're willing to have eye replacement surgery when yours fall out...

      I know! So much pinteresting, my goodness. I need help.

      Eeeee, thank you!! You're so right, it is so rewarding taking on these huge projects, even if they're overwhelming And yes! If anyone knows what it feels like to spend years on a series, it's you. I know I can come to you during the hard bits and have someone who understands what I'm going through. Your dedication amazes me every single day.

  3. I've said it before, but I will say it again... I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLES. <3

    Eeeep, Colors of a Dragon Scale booksssss! ^_^ Time to get excited for NaNo, YES! Oh my goodness Eryth is adorable and I loveth her and Bryth together and love hearing about them! AAAAHH SHE'S FOR AIREN I FORGOOOT! *flails* Airen... SO MANY FOND MEMORIES OF THAT GUY FROM OUR PE DAYS! :'D *happy flailing* This was so fun to read and I can't wait to hear more about your loverly series AND READ IT SOMEDAY AAAAAAAAAHH.

    Fantabulous post as always! ^_^ Always love hearing about your splendiferous charries! :D

    1. Eeee! Thank you! I am so glad. I sure love doing them!

      Yessssh! I can't believe it's that time (O_O), but I guess if it's going to be here I may as well get pumped for it and (try) to not freak out TOO bad.
      I loveth them toooo. ^_^
      She's for Airen. XDDD I have no idea why but that sentence amused me so much. And writing this post made me think of those days and I got all nostalgic myself! Such happy days. *sniffles*

      THANK YOU! <333

    2. Wellll... SHE IS FOR AIREN. XD (I know, I'm a bizarre shipper. ;))

      Also! I tagged you! Because sniiiiipet things. Only do it if you want, of course. :) *huggles*

    3. Yeeeah, it's true. XD

      Eeeee! I LOVE that tag and am excited for a chance to do it again. Thank you!!! <333

  4. Aw. Eryth seems sweet. ^ ^ I like her name and dragons ... very cool. ^ ^

    I did Beautiful People as well. :)

    1. Awww, thank you! <3

      Oh, yay! It's so much fun reading everyone's. *hurriedly clicks link*

  5. Love this, their names are so cute, I like that they rhyme.
    Kinda reminds me of ' How to Train your Dragon' simply because dragons, and it seems sweet.

    1. D'awww, thanks! ^_^ You know, it didn't even occur to me until like weeks after I made their names that Bryth and Eryth are literally only one letter apart. #blondemoment But I do like their names.'s not much like that, aside from the dragon thing, of course. My stories tend to fall more under the dramatic, serious category. I do have a flair for the dramatic. ;D

  6. Eryth is so sweet! :D i want to hear more about her and Aerin....
    Do you ever plan on publishing these books? I'd love to read them!

    1. Thank you! She is my sweet baby girl. ^_^ I suspect those two will sneak into quite a lot of my posts during NaNo...and throughout the years as I work on their stories.

      Oh my! That means so much to me when people have interest in my stories. Truthfully, I'd LOVE for this series to be published buuuut if it ever happens that'll be a looong way from now. Right now I'm just throwing out horrendously messy drafts each NaNo. Once I finish writing the first draft of each book, then sometime I hope to start a big ol' revision of the whole series. And from there...who knows. But your interest gives me encouragement. ^_^

  7. #4 LOL that's me!! XD oh, and #5, too. ;) Aww, Eryth sounds so cute!! ^.^ Revisiting old works (especially works you intend to continue!) is so much fun!! :D Good luck (tho we don't believe in luck lol) with Nano!!

    1. D'awww, thanks! It totally is! It brings back so many fun memories working on it and such. I enjoy revisiting my old stuff, even if the writing is horrendous. XD

      Hehehe. THANK YOU! Hopefully I shall survive.


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