Monday, April 28, 2014

Isaac Here

Isaac GIF

Hey, guys. I was ordered by Cyrus to log in over here and type something for Christine. Thought it sounded fun so, hey, why not? Supposedly it’s to give her time to write our story, but if you ask me she hasn’t written much of anything lately. Well, whatever. Everyone’s gotta live I guess.

The name’s Isaac. Most people who know me know I’m what everyone refers to as a hacker. I can hack into just about any technology you can throw at me. It’s a handy skill to have when you live in my timeline (Cyrus said something about you guys living in the past. . .?) because everything’s technology. Even most doors use electricity to slide open. Which makes my job of breaking into certain places way easier. Or maybe I shouldn’t mention that. Would if help if I say the places I break into are buildings full of very nasty characters? Gotta live for something, right? Might as well live taking down the scoundrels. May not get you the biggest paycheck, but it’s very satisfying.

I have to say, hacking into a blog that was made some 1000 years ago is satisfying too, especially when it’s your own author’s. I’m surprised Cyrus managed it before I did. Who knows, maybe he’ll grow up to be a hacker too. You never know what the little Picasso will do next. Haha! Cyrus a hacker. . . I like it. I bet that would make a vein or two pop from his overbearing older brother.

Me, I’ve got no siblings. Always been the only child. I like having Cyrus around, he’s a cool little guy. I guess it would be fun to have a sibling or two, then again, not sure if I’m the best influence. My parents probably knew what they were doing when they didn’t have anymore after me. But hey, all little boys are bit rambunctious, aren’t they? Maybe not all of them were hacking into official’s computer systems at the age of ten, but we all got into trouble one way or another at that age. Here at the age of 20 I’m a bit more. . .smart about it.

But anyway, I think that is enough about me. I don’t think it’d be right to tell you everything. That’d spoil things, now wouldn’t it? Feel free to chat me up though in the comments. I’ve got a lot on my plate and not sure when I’ll get a chance to reply, but I’ll do my best when I find some free time.

Until then, see ya guys.


  1. A pleasure to meet you, Isaac! You sound like an intelligent, fun kind of guy. :] We will meet again, yes?

    1. You as well, Sarah! Me? Haha! Well, thank ya.

      Um...yeah, possibly. You can ask me questions or whatever here in the comments but I might also do another post or two sometime if Lauri deems me worthy. (Not that that makes any difference, I can just hack her blog again if I feel like it.)

  2. So fabulous meeting you Isaac! I was looking forward to this! :D You seem to be as fascinating as I always imagined... I admire your hacking skills *nods nods* especially since you're using it for good. I also find it interesting you like Cyrus! I get the feeling Lykan doesn't, so that makes me think about how different you and Lykan must be... and makes me wonder what you think of Elan and the rest. Golly, I'm just so curious about you! But I guess I'd better not ask questions much because spoilers would be involved... And anyway, I, unlike your awesome author, still have Camp to finish, so I'd best be off to do that. Nice meeting you! *waves*

    (Aside to Lauri so Isaac doesn't hear: Also, that gif! It's so CUTE I can't get over it gaaah! *flail*)

    1. Well, looks like I've got a fan here. That doesn't happen often. It's QUITE a pleasure meeting you, Miss O'Carroll. Fascinating? I suppose I am, aren't I? Ha! Just kidding. ;)

      Oh yeah, Cyrus is a great kid. He's a lot of fun. Lykan? Um...I guess I haven't met this fellow yet. The name doesn't ring a bell. But if he doesn't like Cyrus than he sounds like a jerk. And Elan? Heh. Let's just say we're not on the most agreeable terms at this current point in time.

      My author is very adamant about no spoilers, so I suppose not asking questions may be for the best. It would probably be for the best in general if I didn't talk too much about myself... But hey, it was nice meeting you!

      (Lauri speaking now. I KNOOOOW!!!!! I almost died when I stumbled across that gif. It's perfeeeectttt! o.O But yes, let's hope he doesn't see us say these things. He CAN be cocky when he's in the right mood.)


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