Monday, April 21, 2014

The Awesomely Fantastic Cyrus Speaks Out


. . .Or is that too pompous a title? Nah! I think it fits me well.

Hello, Christine’s friends! The name’s Cyrus. Christine’s said you’ve heard of me, but the real question is who has told you about me? Because if it was my brother Elan then let me tell you right now. . .every word’s a lie!

“What? I wouldn’t say bad things about you!”

Go away, Elan, I’m trying to do something for our author here.

“Actually, you’re the one going around spreading embarrassing stories about me.”

Who, me? Nonsense! I’m perfectly innocent.

“So it wasn’t you I saw telling Breighly about the time I— Ouch! Okay, okay, I’m going.”

Ahem. Sorry about that. I assured Elan he’d get his turn to hijack. . .I mean. Ahem! Take care of Christine’s blog for her, and he willingly left. Yes. . .

So anyways, where was I? Oh, right, Introductions! Like I said, I’m Cyrus. Christine’s currently very busy trying to write the story I’m from, so I recruited myself and some of the other characters from said story to assist in her blog thingamjig here so she’d have more time to write. Some aren’t too keen on our story being told though. I don’t know why. I mean, we live a surging life! Full of giant robot things destroying the Earth, and crazy government secrets, and teenagers with all sorts of surging abilities, and a city inside this giant cube, not to mention the—


Oh, whoops. The Author has spoken. But see what I mean? Our story totally should be told. Which is exactly why I’m sacrificing some time out of my very exciting life to help Christine out here on her blog.

We don’t really have blogs in my time. Oh, that’s right, I didn’t mention I’m from THE FUTURE. Dramatic, right? Although. . .I’m not sure how this works really. Technically I won’t be born for another 1,003 years. Or is it 1,002? I don’t know. Math and I aren’t exactly the best of friends. I’m more of an artist than a matheme. . .tish. . .erm. I don’t know who to spell that. Math-y guy. Yeah. But I was born in the year 3011 and am 12 (almost 13) years old. Then again, if this is the past that makes me negative 1000-something years old, wouldn’t it? Whoa! Surging!

So what was my point in all this again? Oh, right, blogs.

Yeah, we don’t have those anymore in the future. The Web doesn’t work. Well, not where I live anyway. I live in this city surrounded by this humongo impenetrable cube because the Earth is currently being almost destroyed or something or another. I don’t know, I’ve live in the Cube all my life. But Christine said no spoilers so I guess I better not talk about that.

I like reading about ancient times though. The Web, or the internet as I guess it’s called more often in your timeline, is a really popular thing in the 21st century, isn’t it? We have some similar technology, where we can send messages and whatnot back and forth and stuff, but it’s not as ginormo as the Web, er, internet, once was. We mostly use ports, which are these little devices with screens that do stuff like that. I usually use mine for drawing on. You can store like a gazillion pictures on it so I don’t have to worry about wasting paper. Because wasting paper where I live might as well be a crime the way people act about it. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a cube.

Speaking of drawing, I need to go draw some diagrams for our plan of action to go infiltrate this giant lab place so we can— Oh, whoops. That’s spoilers again, isn’t it? Well, anyways, I better sign off. Christine says she’s just about made her goal for CampNaNo (whatever that is) but still only has about half of our story written. Wait. . .half? Boy, it’s gonna be long.


Hey, the more the merrier! It looks like she’ll still be busy with us for a while, so we’ll continue to help her out with her blog. Isaac said he’d be happy to do one, so you might see him next. He’s a lot of fun. And Tiff definitely wants to try. Elan seems to want a turn as well, since he already tried to take over my turn. And I’m trying to get Breighly in on it but. . .well, she’s a bit more difficult. If you offer her some chocolate and coffee she might be more willing. I’ve never had coffee myself, it’s hard to come by here, and I’ve been told I’m not allowed to have it because I have enough energy as is. Which obviously means I’m going to try some the second I get the chance!

Oh. I hear my name being called. I better run. I’ll be back to answer comments if you guys have any questions for me or something, but for now I gotta go.

The surgingly epic Cyrus signing off!



  1. (This amused me far too much! XDDD)

    Cyrus, did you REALLY assure Elan of that and did he really leave willingly? *eyes you sternly* I didn't hear you say those things though I distinctly DID hear an "ouch"... (Who's the little brother here? XD)

    That and spoiling spoilers aside, it's so nice to meet you, Cyrus! You're quite an... amusing little fellow. ;) I'm not a matheme-tish-whatever either! :P I take it "surging" is sorta like "awesome" or something like that?

    "Wait...half?" is right! o.o But yes, the more the merrier. :D I don't know if you've met any of your author's characters from her other books, but I'm sure they'd tell you she writes long stories. Because all that awesomeness needs telling. *nods*

    So... since you mentioned questions... *wriggles eyebrows and grins wickedly* Do you have other skills besides drawing? And is it weird that your brother has wings? Also, take my word for it: don't drink the coffee. o.o


    1. Hi, Celti! I've heard a lot about you in Lauri's...uh...head. It's nice to meet'cha!

      Why, OF COURSE Elan leaved willingly. Walked right out of the door with his own two legs. Most definitely. *nods seriously*

      It's nice to meet you too! Wait...I already said that, didn't I? Well then, it's doubly nice! (Unless that counts as 3 times, not that we would know sine we're not math-y people.)
      Oh yeah. I say "surging" like that all the time. I forget you people wouldn't know that, it just slips out from habit. I did try to use some of this time's more popular "cool" words. Like epic. You use that one in place of awesome, right? We don't use it like that anymore in the future. Cool and awesome are still, ya know, cool and awesome though!

      I know, right? Lauri sure does write a LOT. But I agree, it just means more of our story and life gets to be told. And I think that's surging! ;D

      Other skills? Hmmm... Well, one time I was told that it should be impossible how long I can talk unendingly (yikes, what's that squirming red line under the word? Does that means it's not a word or something...? Psh. See if I care weird red line!) ...where was I? Right. Impossible that I can talk unendingly without taking a breath. Seems like I would suffocate or something. So apparently I''m highly skilled. :D

      Weird that Elan has wings? No way!!! He complains about it but I find that ridiculous. I mean, he has WINGS. Who wouldn't want that? I think they're EPIC.

      Awww, but I want to try coffee. It sounds great!

      Thanks for commenting, Celti! It was nice talking to you.

  2. Hehee really loved this :) And it's funny because about two hours ago I cast him as one of my characters! :) Great minds think alike :P I enjoyed this immensely :)

  3. I meant to add this to the comment :) I opened my blogger dashboard and was like "WHAT?!?!? WOW I WAS JUST LOOKING AT HIS PICTURE!" :D

    1. Wait, there's some other guy with my face walking around in the fictional world? Whoa. That's crazy!!! I need to meet this lookalike. I bet we'd be totally epic together!

      (Lauri here: That is so funny! Great minds think alike indeed! And hey, are you in Pinterest? I need to follow you if you are! :D)

  4. Nice to meet you, Cyrus! You should take over more often. not that I dislike Lauri's posts, because I love them. You are just lots of fun.

    And this is to Lauri.
    I'm glad my posts make you smile.

    You can be my soundtrack follower when I take over the world. Once I have world domination I don't plan to stay in the Winter Wasteland. I'm thinknig of setting up my Base in Scotland.

    Okay...good to know. I will not send you out to get my books for me. (I have that habit too. "Ooo! Book! Must look inside!")

    1. Hi, Jack! It's great meeting you! Wow, thanks a lot! I like taking ove--er, I mean CARE of Lauri's blog, too. I think she should let me do some more posts. I mean, when it gets time to edit my book she'll need a lot of help again, right? Riiiiight, Lauri???

      "Erm...I'll think about it... >.>"


      Lauri talking now.

      Your posts always make me smile. ^_^ You're just SO funny and fun!

      Whoooo! Official sountrack follower of Jack. *fistpump* Just a warning, I may or may not dance around and sing along with said soundtrack. *cough*
      Scotland??? I AM SO THERE.

      Hahahaha. Silly books and pulling us away from life.

      "But they give US life!"

      Yes, Cyrus, I suppose you make a point...


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