Monday, March 31, 2014

Embarking on (not quite) Camp

Oh, hello there! Excuse the mess. *scoops up laptop, piles of paper, pens, and pencils and tosses them in a suitcase* I’m headed off to camp you see, and trying to get ready. It’s a month long camp that starts tomorrow. But don’t worry, I have no intention of stepping out of the house to get there.

That’s right. This is no ordinary camp. It’s a camp for my imagination. Camp NaNoWriMo!!!

CampNaNo Banner

Yep, yep, yep. I’m jumping on the CampNaNo bus and headed off to the trail of creativity for the month of April. For those of you who don’t know, NaNoWriMo offers an alternate (or additional) NaNo in the month’s of April and July called Camp NaNoWriMo, in case NaNo in November isn’t enough for you. Normally November is plenty for me, and I’m not ready to attempt another NaNo until a year has rolled around, but this year is different.

Fallen Matter CoverI’ve been madly working on my current WIP Fallen Matter. I’m hoping to get the first draft of this thing written as fast as possible, but sometimes I need a little push to get things done. So that’s where Camp comes in. The lovely thing about CampNaNo is that it’s far more lax than the official NaNoWriMo and allows you to set your own word count goals. So instead of the fixed 50k, you can set your goal for 10k to 999,999 words! (But is it even possible to type that fast. . .?) I don’t want to be stressing about writing all month, so I set my goal for a doable 30k, just enough to get most of the rest of Fallen Matter written, but not too much where I have to ignore life to do it. Squeezing in 1k a day shouldn’t be too bad. I always intend to do that anyway but it doesn’t happen much. . .

It took me quite a while to decide if I wanted to commit to Camp or not, but now that I’ve official decided to do it, I’m extremely excited. I’m having a blast with Fallen Matter, and now that I have something to keep me accountable to write each day instead of, you know, wasting my time looking for picture for its Pinterest board and such, I think things are really going to take off.

So are any of you doing CampNaNo in April? If you are, please let me know! You’re welcome to check out my page HERE. I’d love to share the journey with you!

I just hope I remembered to pack my creativity.


  1. You've never traveled light, with creativity or otherwise! :)

    By the way, I'll miss you while your at camp, but I'll look forward to meeting you every now and then in that tiny, crowded spot at our refrigerator...

    1. Hehehe. Very true!

      Don't worry, I'm sure I'll frequent the kitchen quite often. ;)

  2. Eeeep. I still don't know what I am going to write about. Thankfully I set myself a low pressure goal.... but...
    Good luck with finishing Fallen Matter

    1. You're doing Camp? :O I didn't know you were doing Camp! That's awesome!!! I'm sure you'll figure it out. Good luck to you too! :D

  3. Camp forever more! Or... y'know... not. *cough* I'm so glad you're doing Camp too! *does a little dance*

    Also, for your information, this post was brilliant. <3 It's obvious you'll have no trouble writing numerous awesome words when even your blog posts are so truly epic. *nods*

    Well, I admit that 999,999 DOES sound a bit much; but always remember that the NEXT version of Camp is in July, which has 31 days instead of the usual 30. Surely an extra day is enough to get that much done? ;)

    *bangs forehead against laptop* Creativity. I KNEW I'd forgotten to pack something...

    1. YESH. So glad we're doing it together! I think April is going to be an awesome month! :D

      Oh goodness. *blushes* Thank you! I was afraid it was really nothing of a post. I just kind of threw it together real fast... You're too nice!!!

      Hahahah! Very true. And one can get quite a lot done in 24 hours. I think it might take a bit of caffeine though. ;)

      No, no, no. If you had anymore creativity with you the world might explode into Celti rainbows. Your mind is FULL of it!


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