Friday, March 21, 2014

Literary Sunshine

Rachel Heffington was discussing pleasure reading, giving a list of books that are comfortable and pleasant to spend time with. As a result, Mirriam over at Wishful Thinking continued the discussion with a form of a tag involving her list of "Cosy Books". Those books that you choose to read in your favorite chair next to the window, with the sound of rain pat pat pattering on the windowpane. Or the ones you take on a picnic to read under the shade of your favorite tree. Those stories that are quiet, unassuming. They don’t raise your adrenaline and get your heart pounding. They’re simply there for your pleasure, to bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits, like a small patch of sunshine.

Book Outside

I rarely read such books as these. I like fast-paced plots, grueling journeys, dangerous quests, head-scratching mysteries. But on occasion, if the mood is right, you may find me cracking open the cover to something more quiet and cozy.

So here’s my list of “cozy books”. . .

Anne of Green Gables Cover

Anne of Green Gables

I can’t think of any series that describes this type of book better. I think I was 13 years old the first time I read this series and I’ve never been the same since. These books transform your perspective on life, like pulling a curtain on the window to let the sunshine in. After reading these books, everything seemed brighter, lovelier, better. Life became so much more radiant. I believe every single girl in the world should read this series.

Betsy-Tacy Cover

Betsy-Tacy Series

Despite my love for fantasy, and the fact that I rarely stray from anything beyond, this is one of my absolute favorite series in history. There was never a point in my life where I didn’t like to read. I’ve always been fascinated by books, by words, but when I started reading this series I think that was the moment that I really realized how magical reading was. It is simply a fun little historical series about Betsy and her journey through life, from five years old all the way to marriage. I honestly cannot imagine not enjoying these fun stories. And did I mention they’re based off the author’s own life? How fun is that?

Little Women Cover

Little Women

Obviously this book belongs here. What’s more cozy than following the escapades of Jo and Meg and Beth and Amy? I never grow weary of their story.

The Secret Garden Cover

The Secret Garden

Another one of my all time favorites. Though maybe not quite as lighthearted as the previously mentioned stories, there’s still something cozy and pleasant about this book that brings me to it time and time again. I love spending quiet moments in that garden, even if it is within imagination.

Peter Pan Cover

Peter Pan

Yes, I broke the cycle, didn’t I? Although I still seem to be doing classics. But, really, PETER PAN. I could read this book over and over and over and. . .oh wait, I already have. Ahem. I just never grow tired of it! And though yes, there are some perilous journeys and action-packed pirate fights, I still get a sense of coziness while reading this book for some reason. I cannot pinpoint why, but just thinking about it fills me with a sense of comfort. Maybe that’s it. It’s a childhood favorite, probably one of the very first things that introduced me to that wonderful world of fantasy. While reading about Neverland, it makes me feel as though I’m returning home. And that, I think, may be the reason it’s so cozy to me.

Howl's Moving Castle Cover

Howl’s Moving Castle

Now I’ve really veered away from my pattern! And this may be an extremely strange choice for the type of book I supposed to be listing. But these are my cozy books, right? Not books thought pleasant by the public. And, honestly, Howl’s Moving Castle is probably the most pleasant book I’ve ever read. There’s something about it that makes me feel so. . .happy. Even if there was no plot, I’d still love it. In fact, the moments where nothing much is going on are my favorite parts. I could hang out in Howl’s castle all day listening to Howl and Sophie bickering, Calcifer complaining, Michael studying. . .ah, I just love it! It makes me indescribably happy! I could read it for eternity and still want more.

So there’s my picks for cozy books. And though usually I would choose a more thrilling read, there’s something special about the quiet, pleasant story every now and again. We all need a little patch of sunshine from time to time.

What about you? What are your top  “cozy books”?Reading Outside


  1. Oh! Lovely collection! Out of this list, I've only read two--Little Women and The Secret Garden. Loved them both! I really want to read Peter Pan and Howl's Moving Castle. I absolutely loved Studio Ghibli's film version of it, but have yet to read the book. . .

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Little Women and The Secret Garden are just wonderful, aren't they?'ve never read Peter Pan? :O Or the Anne of Green Gables series?? You must read these things, Sarah!!! And Howl's Moving Castle, YESSSSH!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I cannot even express in words how much I love that book. The movie was fabulous! I adored it. And the book is even better! So if you loved the movie I have no doubt you'll love the book.

      Awww! ^_^ Thank YOU for reading and commenting.

  2. Nice post! Hmm... I'm not sure if I HAVE a "cozy list". O_O Maybe I should figure one out...

    I read Anne of Green Gables and Little Women so long ago I don't remember them... Ooh, The Secret Garden -- I like that book. :) I keep meaning to try a Betsy-Tacy because you think so highly of them. :D And of course you know how much I like Peter Pan. ;) And HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE!!! YES! I'm not sure if it's the same as "cozy", but I certainly feel like I would never NOT feel like reading it. Aww, now I want to reread it again! Bad Lauri. XD

    I should make a cozy book list...

    1. Thank you! I didn't have a "cozy list" either until I put this post together. XD

      You don't remember them? :O You must read them again! do realize Anne is YOU, right? If there was any fictional character you're like, it's Anne from Anne of Green Gables! Ya'll are practically the same person! I think about that all the time.
      Yes, The Secret Garden is awesome!
      You should totally try the Betsy-Tacy series! They're soooo much fun. I might be a bit biased since they were one of the first things I really enjoyed reading, but still, they're fantastic books. And for me to read historical fiction, they HAVE to be good. XD
      HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE! I know, it's weird to count it as one of my "cozy" books, but it is for some reason. I feel so comfortable while reading that book. And I want to read it again myself. *cough* I have a feeling it's going to be a yearly read.

      You should! It's fun! :D


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