Monday, September 9, 2013

My Newest Endeavor - The McGuffin Book

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned how a new story had snagged me by the throat and insisted I write it? Well, I have given in. For the most part. In truth, I’ve barely written anything in it save for a couple of paragraphs, but it has taken a home in my brain and does not appear to be leaving anytime soon. That’s okay though, I’ve already fallen in love with my two main characters and the idea of writing this story intrigues me. I’ve mainly been planning my characters and making a pinterest board for it and just having a fun time thinking about it. So, since it has taken over my brain and will probably be a project I’ll be working on for a while, I thought I’d ramble a bit about it.

My brain, or perhaps it’s my muse, or both, has seemed to taken upon itself to grab my hand and forcefully drag me out of what I call my writing comfort zone. Medieval fantasy is absolutely my comfort zone. That’s simply what I write and I never thought I’d ever attempt something new. Then The Avriot happened. A steampunk story. A steampunk, time travel story with no medieval-ness or fantasy in sight. And I. . .I actually enjoyed writing it. A lot. Something that wasn’t fantasy. Craziness! Still, it certainly wasn’t a conRainy Streettemporary novel so it was acceptable. The idea of me writing something modern would appall anyone who knows me well.

But then one day I got this image in my head of a girl wearing a hat and holding a suitcase standing on a street in London. That’s when all my beliefs of me never ever writing anything contemporary crashed around me. This book was going to be written. It had to be written. It seemed I had no choice in the matter.

My silly brain, though, can never think realistically (which is perfectly acceptable when you’re a fantasy writer). This book would indeed be written in the real world and in modern times (definitely a first for me) but that didn’t mean it had to be realistic? Riiiight? Of course not! “Why can’t there be mythical creatures and fantastical adventures and evil fae organizations?” said my brain. And thus The McGuffin Book series was born, and the first book, The Sign of the Shy’re, is well on its way to being, uh, written in.

                                              The Sign of The Shy'Re

"Don't come looking for me. I just need time to myself."

These were the words twenty-two year old Emery Garnett reads on a letter signed by her mother when returning to their small flat one afternoon that changes her life forever. She knew without a doubt that her mother would never desert her like that. They were all each other had, neither one would ever abandon the other. When Emery finds a strange symbol carved into the wall that had never been there before she begins to deduce there has been foul play. Someone had kidnapped her mother, but no ordinary captor, this was something mythical.

Ever since Emery was a child her mother told her of a fantastical experience she and her brother had when they were young. The world was full of secrets, things in the shadows no one ever knew existed. Now it appeared as if one of those things came out from hiding and took her mother away.

It didn't go over well when Emery claimed to the authorities that she believed mythological creatures kidnapped her mother. With no one to turn to, Emery remembers her alienated uncle, the only family she had left and the one person who might believe her. So, packing her bags, she travels from Cardiff to the heart of London to seek out this uncle she has never met.

Dominic McGuffin proves to be a strange man, and not an easy one to get along with. But when Emery convinces him to help her find her mother, his sister, they are swept into an otherworldly adventure across the hidden places of London, discovering that fairytales and myths are far more than just stories.


I can tell already Emery and Dominic are going to be exceedingly fun characters.

EmeryPeppy, sassy, and sarcastic sum up Emery well. She’s a happy-go-lucky gal and a good friend to have, if you don’t mind her speaking her mind that is, or her talking in general, because she never can seem to keep quiet for long. And she tends to have far too much energy.

She’s a stubborn, fiery girl that never lets anything get in her way. After her mother goes missing, she takes it upon herself to solve this mystery, no matter how many people mark her off as mad. Overall though, I’d describe Emery as cheerful. She loves to laugh, is always smiling, and clings on to hope even when there isn’t much to hold on to. Just the kind of person her uncle needs in his life…Dominic

Dominic. . .well, let’s just say he dislikes people in general.

Unlike Emery, it takes great effort to get him to speak, especially due to his habit of blatantly ignoring human beings in general. He tends to be bored with life and irritated by everything around him. He could care two cents about what people think of him, but does not hide what he thinks of others. Insults are the most common things to come out of his mouth.

To make up for his almost complete lack of emotions, he's incredibly smart, a very quick thinker, and a deep observer.

He has an almost impenetrable wall around him. One can only hope Emery can crack it at least a little. We can’t blame Dominic too much though; his life has not been one of ease.

They’re going to have quite an adventure together, these two.

Writing something modern will certainly be a new one for me, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I think Emery and Dominic will keep me on my toes enough to keep me interested for a long time.


  1. Uhhhh I love this plot! It sounds awesome!
    I would really love reading it once you got it written!

    This sounds soooo cool

    (Also you still have Captcha code.... just to let you know)

    1. Thank you so much! ^___^ I was afraid I would bore my readers with all my silly writing projects.

      This book is probably just going to be something I work on leisurely, I'm not really giving myself any pressure to finish it. Buuuut if I ever do finish it and get it readable I'd be honored for you to beta read it for me. :D There's just no telling when it will be ready. I've got so many other projects demanding my attention. Meep. But thank you so much! It excites me to hear you like the idea.

      (Oh, many thanks for letting me know. I went to the settings and turned it off, so hopefully it's not there now. I do hate those things.)

    2. Well before I can consider myself to be ready to beta read anything I need to work on spelling and grammar skills anyway ^^
      So you need time to write it and I need time to practice my english skills ^^

      But no you certainly don't bore me with your writing projects! I love hearing about them!

    3. I'm just in awe at how well you speak English! I don't know if I'm smart enough to ever learn another language so fluently. I mean, I still struggle with English as is! Lol. One would think I'd be pretty good with grammar since I'm a writer but I'm actually kind of awful with it.

      Awww, thank you! ^___^

    4. I am actually not that good ^^ I am actually pretty horrible and misspell a ton of things. I just use word to avoid horrible mistakes that would make everyone cringe ^^ (or I am too critical. But I only have a B in spelling and grammar in english, sometimes even a C so... I am really not THAT good. I am not that bad either ... but well...

      (and off to class again. Which actually is very boring. And I get good grades. because the teacher is weird.)

    5. I'd say you're WAY too hard on yourself, girl! You're so smart. Don't put yourself down like that, you're an AMAZING person! *glomps*

    6. *glomps back*

      I am not super smart though. I am probably not dumb and I am probably a fairly good person but there are a lot of people who are smarter than me....
      Thank you though...

      You are amazing as well :)

  2. Eeep it's so exciting to see all the stuff about it together like that! No idea why, it just... is. XD

    And yes, we're so weird to step out of our comfort zones. Modern--whodathunkit!

    (Also, look who has a blog. :D *Dr Who HEE*)

    1. :O :O :O

      :D :D :D

      Okay, when I read the first sentence of this comment I thought, "Wait...who is this? They sound an awful lot like Celti." I then I realized it IS meh Celti!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!! *GLOMPS* I know you so well I can read your "voice" I suppose. XD


  3. Haha, that's so funny! XD I'd never used the wordpress option to try commenting (obviously) so I didn't know it wouldn't display my wordpress name and instead put "anonymous". Otherwise I would've signed it. :P But it totally makes sense you recognize my "voice" because you're brilliant like that. ^_^

    AND YES I HAZ BLOG IT'S SO EXCITING AND WEIRD AND TERRIFYING AND FANTASTIC! :D And now I can always comment on meh lovely Lauri's posts!! *twirls*


    1. Well, this time you got it to say your name, so it's all good. And it's so fun to have meh Celti commenting on my blog. *beams*


  4. So I know this isn't related to this post specifically, but I thought that it was so cool that you're reading the 2nd book in Children of the Bard right now! I saw that on your Good Reads. I'm reading that one as well and have seriously LOVED all the Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire books! Aren't they amazing? ;)


    1. Hi, Brooke! Oh my goodness, you can randomly bring up those books ANY time you want! My obsession with them is probably on the unhealthy side. Eheh. They're ABSOLUTELY my favorite books ever. They are soooo amazing! It took me way too long to get my hands on From the Mouth of Elijah, I'm so happy to finally be reading it.

  5. I want to read this book so much now. I never realized till now how much I wanted a story like this. You should...write and publish it, VERY soon, so I can buy myself a copy. How come most of the brilliant ideas are still being worked on?

    1. Oh really? My. Thank you! I don't know if I'll ever be published, but it's certainly my goal. With this one's a side project so will probably take a while to write. Then again, my stories like to surprise me. XD

      I know what you mean. I know a lot of people with so many fantastic novel ideas and I just want to read them NOW. If only writing a book didn't take so long. *sigh*


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