Monday, September 16, 2013

Homeschool Tag

Jessa Bri, over at her blog Freckled Adventures, is doing a homeschool tag! I highly recommend you go on over and check out her delightful blog, she’s a fantabulous person. And if you are/were homeschooled join on in with the fun tag! Having been homeschooled all my schooling days I could not help but do it myself.

1. You must be currently enrolled in homeschool or a homeschool graduate.
2. Answer all the questions in a blog post of your own.
3. Comment
here on my blog to let me know you have done a post.


Are you currently enrolled in homeschool or are you graduated?
This oldie here has been graduated since 2010. On the one hand, it’s nice to be done; on the other hand, I kind of miss my schooling days.

What is (or was) your favorite school subject? English/Grammar without a doubt! Always the best part of the day. Ironically though, I wouldn’t say I’m all that great with grammar. But I still loved it. And, strangely, I’ve always rather liked Math.

Do (did) you usually finish school before lunch? Oh, there were plenty of days I did, especially in the early years, but as later years came on there was way too much to do to get done anywhere near lunch. Plus it doesn’t help that I’m not exactly an early riser. Eheh.

Do (did) you get a recess? We were certainly allowed recesses, but being the weird person I am I rarely allowed myself breaks. I just wanted to get it done. Then I could have all the recess I want, right?

Snow days? Snow? What is that? In all seriousness, snow is so rare here, when it did snow we most certainly took off from school! Snow is greatly celebrated in my part of the world, even just a few snowflakes. XD

What subject(s) do (did) you get the best grades in? Math.

Are (were) you one of those students who follows (followed) a schedule, gets (got) all your assignments done on time, and does (did) the optional activities? Or do (did) you not really care how and what gets (got) done? Oh, I’m absolutely a schedule follower. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to schedules (okay, I’m a bit OCD in general). I always did each subject in a certain order everyday, usually the hardest first to get it over with and so it would get easier as the day progressed. I also hated procrastinating when it came to school so I usually got everything done on time. After graduating I seemed to have formed into a procrastinator though. . .whoops. Procrastinating is a trait of a writer though, so it’s not my fault. *grins* Anyways, optional activities? Mmm. . .I didn’t really do those much. I actually was one of those crazies who kinda liked school, but when one sees the word “optional” one usually translates it to “not necessary”. Or is that just me? *cough*

This was fun reminiscing my school days. Thanks for the neat tag, Jessa Bri!

Last Day of SchoolPic taken on my final day of school.


  1. I'm another of those crazies that kinda liked school... except with me it was more than "kinda". Making me crazier. XD But homeschooling is just so FUN. Except math. So it's weird that you liked it. O_O

    Cool post!

    1. We are so crazy, aren't we? But I think we both know that. Teehee. ;) Yeah, it is extremely weird that I kind of liked math.

      Thanks! ^_^

  2. Thanks for participating in the tag! I really enjoyed reading your answers. I will not call you weird for liking math. :) Math is only fun when you know how to do it correctly. I find every way possible to do a problem... except the right way. ;)

    1. Absolutely! I had a blast doing this tag! Thank YOU for making it. Yeah, Math is fun when you know what you're doing. It's those times that I can't figure it out that I decide I'm not enjoying it at all. Lol. Ahahaha! That's funny! I tend to veer away from the correct way of doing problems myself. The way I see it, as long as you get the correct answer then what does it matter how you got there. ;)


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