Monday, September 2, 2013

Every Good Word Writerly Tag

First off, let me wish you all a happy Labor Day! Hope you’re all enjoying this Monday. Can you believe it’s already September? Because, frankly, I can’t. o.O

Now then, just recently a new blog for writers was launched by Meghan Gorecki called Every Good Word. If you’re a writer you’re absolutely going to want to check out that place. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

I’m a bit late to the party, but over at the site in order to get to know each other they put up a writerly tag for everyone to fill out. I didn’t see it until just a day or two ago (I’ve been a bit behind on reading blogs lately) but I just had to participate, late or not.

Every Good Word Link-Up

  1. What was your first-ever piece of writing?
    That would be a story called “Samantha” about a 9 year old girl and her horse Misty. Originally, the girl was me but then I changed her name to Samantha. Yeah, it was bad but that’s what started it all so I’m still fond of that silly little story.
  2. How old were you when you first began writing?
    I was 9 (which you probably guessed from the first question). It was during the summer and I would go outside almost every evening to write that little book. I’ve been obsessed with writing ever since, although in the past 3 years I’ve become much more serious about it.
  3. Name two writing goals. One short term & one long term.
    My current short term goal is to finish fully editing Secrets of Camelot. My long term goal, as many others have said, is to get a multi-book contract with a publishing company. That is something I very, very much want.
  4. Do you write fiction or non-fiction?
    Fiction alllll the way! Unless you count my silly, little blog posts, but even they’re a struggle. I’m just naturally a fiction gal, writing reality is tough for me. Lol.
  5. Bouncing off of question 4, what's your favorite genre to write in?
    Fantasy! I know that’s a surprise. Hee. You guys should know by now fantasy is my life. Then again, I’ve never really tried any other genres until here very recently, but I just can’t seem to stay away from fantasy for too long. And I’m talking epic, medieval fantasy with gleaming swords, chivalrous knights, magic forests, magnificent castles, fair elves, fire-breathing dragons, etc. I just LOVE it!!
  6. One writing lesson you've learned since 2013 began.
    Goodness, this year has taught me so much with writing! I think the biggest thing I’ve learned this year with writing is to just keep going until you’re finished. Up until the last few years, I never stuck with a project and thus I have far too many unfinished things collecting virtual dust in the dark places of my laptop. But lately I’ve been pushing myself to actually get things done. Set goals, give yourself a time-limit, and just get it done. Trust me, it’s worth the effort.
  7. Favorite author, off the top of your head!
    Only one? Boo. Okay, Bryan Davis. He weaves the most fascinating and intricate plots I’ve every read. (Also, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. *cough* No, I didn’t just throw in two more people, shhhh.)
  8. Three current favorite books.
    O_O Can I make it 50 favorite books instead? Erm… Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire Series by Bryan Davis, Lords of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, and The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. (Yes, that is sorta kinda 4, but more like 3, different series and not books, but I love series and I have to put them all together instead of choosing individual books.)
  9. Biggest influence on your writing {person}:
    That would be my dear, dear friend whom I fondly call Celti (you know who you are, girl). Even though I haven’t known her long, I’d not be nearly as far along right now with my writing if it were not for her constant encouragement and support. I don’t know how I ever got on without her.
  10. What's your go-to writing music?
    Oh my, well, I have an odd taste in music sometimes. For writing it always has to be instrumental, I can’t work with lyrical songs going. Usually I resort to soundtracks, from LotR, to Narnia, to Peter Pan, to Tangled, you name it, I ADORE soundtracks! Also video game music. Yep, odd I know, but there are some amazingly perfect writing songs out there. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and The Legend of Zelda music is the absolute BEST. I also love anything Celtic. Basically anything pretty and instrumental that works with whatever I’m writing at the time.
  11. List three to five writing quirks of your's! Little habits, must-haves as you write, etc.
    - I can’t write with other people around. I just can’t delve into the story unless I’m completely alone (that doesn’t count my little companion Navi the poodle though).
    - I tend to write better at night, though I usually get most of my writing done during the afternoon.
    - I absolutely cannot write unless I have music going that fits with the scene. Silence just doesn’t work.
    - Often I make the facial expression my characters are making. Sometimes it’s on purpose to figure out how to describe the expression, but other times I just do it unintentionally. Something about writing out a facial expression makes my face form into it. It’s odd. (See? There’s a reason I write alone.)

  12. What, in three sentences or less, does your writing mean to you?
    To me, writing means experiencing things I never could in real life. It means meeting fascinating people, even if they’re not what most would call “real”. And it means putting my very heart and soul into words and, hopefully, using the ability God has given me to shine His light in the world.

Have a blessed week, friends!


  1. With you all the way on fantasy. Best. Genre. Ever! And the dragons are awesome. Just sayin'.

    ME, TOO! I can't listen to lyrical songs, either! I end up singing instead of writing. And you would mention four of my favorite soundtracks. Is that the Peter Pan by James Newton Howard? Another one of my favorite soundtracks is Eragon by Patrick Doyle. I don't care for the book or the movie, but Mr. Doyle did a fantastic job writing the music! It has a very dragon-like feel to it, so I like listening to it when I'm writing about dragons. :)

    Haha... I do the facial expressions, too! It's an experiment, mostly, to make certain the expression will fit in the scene, right? ;)

    1. Fantasy and dragons are the BEST. Absolutely and completely.

      I noticed we did seem to have very similar answers on a lot of these questions! James Newton Howard, yes, yes, yes! Loooove it! Oh, I need to see about getting the Eragon soundtrack then. I don't like the book or movie either, but I do bet it's got some very nice music. I've been really wanting the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack as well. I absolutely adore the music from that movie.

      Yes, right! That's usually why I do it as well. Sometimes I even do full-out motions too, not just expression. I'm probably a strange person to watch writing. XD

      Oh, and thank you SO much for the blog award! I'm honored!

  2. Haha! This is great! I'm going to have to do it now... =]

    Again, you remind me too much of myself. ^__^ (That's a good thing, by the way!) I love fiction! And why so many hard questions?? I can't just choose ONE favorite book! Also, I agree with you all the way in setting actual goals and deadlines. For me, that is a must-have. A time-limit is just the thing to motivate me to get something done.

    Great job! I loved reading this! =]

    1. I loved reading your answers! I find it totally hilarious (and completely awesome) how similar we are. It's always so cool to find someone like yourself in the vast spaces of the internet.

      Choosing a single favorite book is practically impossible, isn't it?

      Absolutely! During my early days of writing, goals and time-limits did not exist, and thus progress never existed either. Heh. But I've been learning how helpful goals are. NaNoWriMo really helped me learn that.

      Aw, thanks! I loved reading yours as well!

  3. Oh, yes... and just so you know, I've awarded you!

  4. Awesome! I filled this out to, it was fun. I'm TOTALLY a fantasy writer too! I tried writing something different last year, and it died a slow and painful death... (That's a dramatic way to put it) But I'm hoping to try that book again some day. I just need to complete something, which is going to be a fantasy story for sure. =D

    1. It was a lot of fun! Yay for more fantasy writers! There's just nothing better in my opinion. There's something so...I don't know, FUN, about fantasy. It'll always have my heart.

      I'm trying new genres myself, but I know fantasy will forever be my true genre.

  5. I tagged you in a delightful tag/giveaway!


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