Saturday, November 19, 2011

Working Muse, Excitement, Flowing Writing…

…I don’t understand.

Just suddenly, a few days ago, my writing became easy and I’m having so much fun doing it. What is happening? Surprised smile

I’ve made a promise to myself to write 2k words every single day this month. To make myself actually do it I always write 2k before I let myself even touch the internet. This is hard…very hard. But it gets the 2k written every time. Unfortunately, I am usually just trying to get those words finished as fast as possible and get on with my life (a.k.a spending the rest of the day on the internet, eheh). But something hit me just the other day, and I do not even know what.

I’ve become so excited about writing. Each morning I wake up and greatly anticipate when I get to start writing that day. Even after I hit those 2k words I want to continue writing more. I’m having so much fun.

Why could this not have happened on November 1st onward?

But I will not complain. I just hope it stays this way until I finish my book. Winking smile

Today I have hit 70k words, which is rather exciting. Unfortunately, I am only a little bit past halfway of my book. But on the not so unfortunate side, my story has hit a point where I think all the rest will be much more exciting and fun to write. I think this is partially why I’ve been having so much fun writing. While I was enjoying writing my story for the first half, this next half proves to be a whole lot more easier and fun to write and, hopefully, will stay that way to the end.

So what are my characters doing? Well, they just finished fighting in a huge battle where my male main character almost died giving his sister, the female main character, hysterics. See? Fun stuff! Heh.

I cannot believe the halfway point of NaNo has come and gone. We are almost there, Wrimo’s, just keep on trekking. Only 11 more days starting tomorrow. November 30th will be here before we even know it. Make those characters happy and write!


…I think my character wish I would stop writing at this point. Whoops.

Favorite Writings of the Day:

Strong arms grabbed Nyria from behind and she tried to push them off. "No, no! I need to help Naidren!" The arms pulled her farther and farther away. "No! Naidren! Naidren!" she screeched. She kicked and pushed and screamed as she was dragged out of the room. Her head began to throb again making her vision grow dark. The last thing she remembered was shrieking out her brother's name as a door closed in front of her, blocking her view of him.

Nothing funny to share I fear. Everything I wrote today was dreadfully dramatic…

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