Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halfway There and Going Strong

Side Note: I’ve decided I am going to try and update my NaNo progress here on my blog regularly and bore you all with it. Maybe it will help me actually post on this poor, very often neglected blog of mine, and it is initiative to keep writing. Plus, I am never really thinking about much else in November, so I don’t know what other things I can blog about. So you shall be bored with pointless updates this month! Yay!

Despite promising myself I would not go as crazy and spend so, so much of my time writing this NaNo like I did last year, I have been doing it anyway. Still not quite as much as my obsessive insanity last year, but still.

I hit 25k words today marking the halfway point.

Navi Sleep Time
This is not a good thing.

I keep telling myself to stop writing. It is okay if I am not spending absolutely every second of everyday doing it. That I need fresh air and to see my family and do more productive things, but I am always in a bad habit of ignoring myself, and thus I write…and write and write.

Maybe now that I’ve hit halfway I’ll take it more easy. Knowing me though…probably not. I don’t know why I torture myself.

Despite all this, I have been enjoying NaNo. The first couple of days were rather difficult because I was running on practically no sleep and having a hard time getting into it, but now my story has really taken off and I am having a lot of fun. Today I found writing easy and very enjoyable. I’m hoping it will continue that way.

My characters are also behaving a thousand times better than they were the first few days. Maybe they were just reflecting my emotions. Today I have been quite happy and content, and so have they, while the other days I was tired and they grew grumpy. Which makes me think of something I never have before, do our characters often act the way we do on certain days? I suppose our writing might be different depending on our moods, so it would make sense our characters might as well. Something to think about.

The first NaNo weekend is upon us. For all you readers who are doing NaNo, this is the time to really boost those word counts. Weekends are a beautiful thing. So grab that coffee and write!

Hope you all have a very writerly weekend!

Favorite Sentences(s ) of the day:

"I do not think that was the best way to reassure him we are not going to escape," Naidren commented to his sister dryly once Tylvan was gone.

"Well, I do not think keeping us hostage while our cousins are in probably great danger is very dragon riderly of him."

"Dragon riderly?" Naidren repeated, looking at her with amusement.

"Yeah. You know, respectable, helpful, kind. That is how dragon riders supposed to act, and he is not acting dragon riderly at all."

"That is an interesting way of putting it. Or should I say very interestingerly?”

That was much longer than just a sentence or two (maybe I should call it “Favorite Writings of the Day” instead. Hm…), but I could not help sharing it. You know it is bad when your characters start making up words. O.o

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