Tuesday, November 13, 2018

NaNoWriMo ‘18 Week Two: Involving Being Betrayed by Coffee, Halfway Points, and Making My Characters’ Lives Miserable

WHY YES I AM POSTING TWO DAYS IN A ROW. During NaNo. WILD, I KNOW. Buuut yesterday’s post was already prewritten and didn’t really count sooo here’s my regularly scheduled (but actually a day late) NaNo weekly update!

(But if you missed it, yesterday I posted Part #2 of the Know the Novel Linkup! And would love for you to join in!)

IT IS WEEK TWO OF NANO. And as much as I enjoyed week one, I think this second week has been even better! I mean, I’m in a fog of no sleep and just see a jumble of words on a screen whenever I close my eyes buuuut hahahaha! Sanity? Psssh. Who needs it.





Mondays are already crazy during non-NaNo months (I mean it’s MONDAY, who has calm Mondays???), so during NaNo? Ehehehehe.

Most Mondays I dedicate to doing some much needed cleaning, laundry, emailing, putting up my blog post and doing a bunch of other social media, just stuff so the rest of the week will go way smoother. I try not to forgo these important things during NaNo, so usually I limit my wordcount to 2k (instead of my usual goal of 5k a day…).

I was kind of dreading this first Monday of NaNo, but, actually? It ended up being really nice. After days of nonstop writing, it was rather refreshing to get away from the computer and do some cleaning and things (I’m a weirdo and actually enjoy cleaning???). And the words ended up coming really smoothly that day.

Also, I was writing about one of Midas’ worst days of his life (so far bwahahaha) that day, so, like, he was having a very Mondayish day himself.

I mean, this is the first paragraph of the chapter I was working on to give you an idea:

Every part of Midas seemed to be simultaneously screaming. Deep blisters had formed in his right hand and holes threatened to form in his left glove, his tunic clung to his blood- and sweat-soaked back, his arms shook with each swing of the pickaxe, and he was just sure his head would burst with one more minute of the clanks of pickaxes against stone. The single day had felt more like a hundred days rolled into one. A hundred days of pure, torturous agony.

Ah yes, pain. Good times, good times. (I’m writing such a nice book.)

Yep, I’d say the first Monday of NaNo ‘18 ended up being a success!




I had nothing going on this day and was all set to do like a crazy 6k-word day. Since I was so busy Monday, and I was going to have to go to work the next day, I especially wanted to get extra in this free day. Buuuut for some reason the words were coming slOOOOooow. By the time I got 2k words in, it was already evening. I dragged out another 1k before bed, but I didn’t want to stay up terribly late because I had work the next day (I pretend to be a responsible adult sometimes).

STILL THOUGH. I had to remember just because I didn’t get 6k words in like I wanted, I still got a whole 3k! As a perfectionist, I waaay too often forget to celebrate my accomplishments, and instead badger myself for not constantly overachieving. (Hey, at least I serve as a great example of what not to do.) Learn from my mistakes, people, and don’t look at the words you didn’t write, but celebrate what you DID write. Because every. single. word. is progress!

And I did celebrate something that day…


Halfway to 50k! Except only like…a 4th of the way through my novel but, again, let’s look at the accomplishments, not what I have ahead of me. Eheheheheh… I’msodoomed.

I also took time out that day to exercise which I had been slacking on but NEED to do, especially during NaNo since I’m sitting down even more than usual. Do take care of yourselves, my precious peeps! <3




As mentioned, I had work this day, as is the usual for Wednesdays. But I didn’t mind. It was nice to get away from the computer a bit. AND it was my favorite weather for work—cold and rainy. Because I work at a cute little secondhand bookshop, and is there anything on this earth cozier than hanging out in a bookshop all day while it’s cold and rainy outside? Seriously now.

Normal people when it rains: Ugh, what a dreary day.
Me when it rains:
What a beautiful day!

So yeah, it was nice. But then when I got home I was all ready to dive back into writing and my slump of the day before was gone. The words flowed quite well, and I almost got as many words in as I did the previous day, despite not getting started until the evening.

Which showed me something that my stubborn, overachieving brain forgets every year: BREAKS ARE GOOD. I think the words were flowing well because I had gotten out of the house and had a good long break from my story before diving back in. Some days we have to give ourselves grace. The words are not going to flow easily and swiftly every day. In fact, those days are rare. But when the words are coming slow and hard, if we need to step back and take things easier, THAT’S OKAY. Sometimes it’s good to push through, but if you’re completely burning out, do be kind to yourself and take a break. And, in the end, the words will probably come faster, which can actually save you time, not lose it. Something to think about. *wriggles eyebrows*




Here we are on the official first day of the second week and THIS. DAY. This day reminded me of why I’ve chosen to be a writer. Like I said, more often than not writing is hard, and too often those words have to be dragged out kicking and screaming (okay, actually we’re the ones kicking and screaming). But then there’s days like this that make it all worth it.

This is the day I truly fell in love with Kings Bleed Gold.

“But, ummm…didn’t you say you already did that last week?” you’re probably saying. Yes, I immensely enjoyed the story last week, and it was fun getting into the feel of it and discovering my characters. But at this point I finally have the feel down, know Midas through-and-through, and am really into the meat of the story. (Fun Fact: I’m one of the rare few who actually loves story middles. They’re my favorite!)

It seems like the second week of NaNo is the hardest for most because the newness of the exciting event has died out a little, we’ve gone a whole week with no sleep, and there’s still so much of the month left. So I get it. Week two can absolutely be rough. But since I can’t be normal. Ever. >.> Week two is actually when I really start enjoying myself.

And yep, lo and behold, the first day of week two has been my favorite day of this NaNo thus far. I wrote 2 full chapters from start to finish (which may not sound like that huge of a feat but my chapters keep being so long ugh), and was basically grinning all day over how much fun I was having.

I think a lot had to do with the fact that Midas was really getting to grow a friendship with Syram and Korinna (and I just adore my precious babies), and he took a step toward character growth that day #proudmomma (I say as I destroy his life). ButalsoSyram.

It didn’t hurt that it was super foggy and mysterious looking outside. Very inspiring.




I was hoping my writing high of the previous day would continue on to this one, and I did very much enjoy writing, buuut it wasn’t quite as magical as Thursday. Oh well, gotta face reality. XD Things did go pretty well this day. Except…

The coffee pot broke.

After lunch I went to make coffee, got it all assembled, pushed the button, and…nothing happened. It wouldn’t turn on. It was having a few problems for the past few days, but I didn’t think it was just all-out dying. BUT IT DID. DURING NANO. The worst possible time everrrr. Thanks, coffee pot. I thought you loved me! D’:

Ahem, so yes, I may have spent a good 5 minutes draped over the kitchen cabinet groaning over this terrible fate…until I remembered I had a latte mix that just requires milk to be microwaved and is a great substitute for coffee. #crisisaverted

Other than that, the day went quite well. I wrote all of chapter ten that day, which I was happy about. Something about hitting the double digit chapters feels like I’m making real progress.




So this day was…interesting. It was one of those terrible, awesome days, ya feel?

It started off freezing. Coldest day we’ve had of fall thus far. I loved it. *grins* It was also sunny which was kinda nice. I adooore the rain, but it had been dark and rainy all week and it was rather nice to see the sun out. (I basically love all weather in the cold. As long as its cold, I’m happy.) I had work this day, and it was a rather quiet, chill day. On Saturdays I only work until 2, so when I got off I popped over to McDonald’s to grab coffee for my family and me ‘cause, ya know, the coffee pot was broke. >.> Annnd we’re pathetic and can’t go a day with the stuff.

McDonald’s was super crowded, but I was just enjoying the nice weather and didn’t mind…at first. Then they made me pull up and wait for my coffee. I waited for a good while when someone came out…with the wrong order. So I waited more annnd they brought the wrong order again. I eventually turned off my car, not wanting to leave it running. And guess what, for THE THIRD TIME, they brought the wrong thing to my car??? This time they took my receipt, and I continued waiting. FORTY. FIVE. MINUTES. LATER. they brought out the right order. What even??? So, with coffee finally in hand, I cranked my car and…it wouldn’t start.

Yeppp. I sat there for forty-five minutes only to have my car die on me. Because I guess getting into a car crash last weekend wasn’t enough. Gotta have another car problem this week. :)))

Thankfully, our house is just a few minutes away and my mom and brother came to get me. But then there was the problem that my car was in a bad place to just leave. God provided though, because there were some men who were able to help us push it out of the way and into a parking place until we could get it towed and fixed. But yeah, that was…fun.

The coffee was tasty though.

I came home, drank my coffee, and wrote a few words, but then we wanted to go do some shopping and get a new coffee pot because #priorities But also it was a nice day to just be out and about. Then, a good friend texted and asked if I wanted to have supper and catch up because we haven’t had a chance to see each other in AAAGES. Obviously I jumped on that…except I didn’t have a car. But she was precious and picked me up. We ended up sitting at the restaurant chatting for hours. By the time I got home, I was exhausted but utterly filled up.

I only wrote for a total of 30 minutes that day. But you know what? I didn’t care. ‘Cause some days life happens, and we have to roll with it. And sometimes we have to seize the moment and soak it up. It’s a wonderful thing to carve out time for your writing. A necessary thing. But it’s also good to get out and enjoy the crazy moments of life.

So yeah. Saturday was, erm, stressful. But it also ended really well. ‘Cause, ya know, life.

(Lowest daily wordcount thus far, but like I said, every word is progress!)



After Saturday, I was prettyyyy exhausted. Once I sat down to write Sunday, I was worried it was going to be a hard day because all I really wanted to do was read or watch TV or take a nap or basically anything that didn’t involve brain activity. Buuut me being my stubborn self who tells everyone to take care of themselves and then doesn’t actually take care of herself, felt a great need to write since I barely got any words in the day before. And…writing went fantastic. I was in shock.

A huge factor that helped this day was using a timer. The ever-fabulous Deborah (pst, go follow her, she’s the best) always suggests setting a timer to do word sprints with yourself. I took up this wonderful idea a couple of years ago and it helps SO. MUCH. There’s nothing like a timer counting down to make you chain that inner editor up in the closet and just WRITE. Then, just the other day, Abbiee (whom you should all also go follow because her posts are inspiration and motivation wrapped in gold) did a post on how she stays motivated during NaNo and said she sets the timer for 25 minutes and writes nonstop, then takes a 5 minutes break (away from the computer), then repeats. I loved this idea so much, I tried it and…it worked. Despite wanting to just take a nap all day Sunday, I ended up getting a ton of words in, and they came quick because I set that timer and just WROTE WROTE WROTE. I’m absolutely going to be doing this epic method more!

Also, Sunday’s writing was particularly fun because things took an interesting turn and Midas discovered all sorts of intriguing backstory things that changes everything. Bwahaha! (Writing can be so fun, guys, seriously.)

Oh, and we did get a new coffee pot Saturday so I do in fact have access to the liquid life force once more.



Total Words Written: 24,955
(Should have written 45 more words lol.)



Well, the coffee pot broke and so did my car. BUT writing went extremely well this week, even better than last week. I’m finally fully inside Midas’ head, have a good feel of the story, and all sorts of (painful, terrible) thiiings are happening. *grins* I also feel like the writing is at least a smidge smoother than the earlier chapters. One can hope…

At this rate, I am kind of worried I won’t quite be able to get it done by the end of the month which I was really hoping to do. I’ve only got 11 chapters written of 35 so it’s not looking good. But hey, it’s NaNo. Who knows what’ll happen!

Also, I apologize if these updates are way too detailed (because they totally are) and boring. I, erm, sort of write them for myself because NaNo is an extremely special time to me and I love having a log or something to remember each one by. (But also my tired NaNo brain can’t come up with normal posts for the the month so this is what ya get…)  I so appreciate all the support you precious people give me during this time of long, incoherent posts and my entire social media only being NaNo updates. You’re the best!



Now for the best part, getting to hear about YOUR week! How’s this second week treating you all, fellow NaNo-ers??? I hope it’s going well, but don’t forget, every word counts! And how’s November been for everyone? (Mine’s been extremely rainy and I’m loving it.)


  1. My goodness, your car broke down TOO? On Sunday my dad and two sisters and I got stuck in the Domino's parking lot for three hours waiting for a tow truck. *sigh* But, ugh, that McDonald's incident sounds so frustrating!! And life without coffee is a cold barren wasteland, of course...

    Love these "boring" updates, Christine! :)

    1. Whaaaat??? Yours too? That is insane! That day was apparently not a good day for cars. But my goodness, you had to wait for three hours??? That sounds SO frustrating. I do hope you got it all sorted out!

      Life without coffee, especially during NaNo, is truly a tragedy. Thankfully, we got a new coffee pot so the crisis has been averted!

      Awww, you're so sweet. Thank you! ^_^

  2. You poor thing. Your CAR, too?! Good gravy.
    Lol. Poor Midas.

    1. Yeah, it was prettyyyy crazy, but my car got fixed quickly, so it's all good now.

      LOLZ. Poor Midas indeed. XD

  3. I cannot even comprehend how on earth you write so much in the course of ONE WEEK, WHAT ON EARTH. In one week you have written more than my total wordcount for the whole month so far. YOU ARE A CRAZY MAGICAL WRITING FAIRY, CHRISTINE. JUST....HOW. (also please teach me your ways because I am such a slow writer, help. XD)

    Oh goodness, this story sounds absolutely amazing. I feel kind of worried for Midas, though?? It sounds like he's going to have some...difficult times in the near future. XD But ah well. Our smol children know we love them, right? *sharpens pitchfork happily* And THAT SNIPPET!!! CHRISTINE!!! How on earth are you such a fast writer AND a good writer??? This is totally not fair, but I can't even be mad because I am too excited to read your books someday. XD I NEED THESE STORIES ON MY SHELF.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your car and your coffee pot!! I personally don't drink coffee (I find it kind of gross. aha.) but I DO love hot chocolate, and not being able to have any would be absolutely horrifying. And your car!! That McDonald's experience sounds like a nightmare... Hopefully you'll be able to get it fixed soon?

    I seriously enjoy all of these NaNo updates, to be honest. Reading about how excited and passionate you are for writing makes ME super excited to keep writing my own novel, so don't you ever apologize for writing them! They are not boring in the least!!! (also OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THE RAIN, TOO!!! I'm typically the only one around here who likes super drizzly and cloudy days, so it's nice to know I'm not alone in this!!)

    1. *blushes* Nooo, it's not that magical! All I do is make a MESS of my story, ignore all responsibilities so I have free time to write, and type until my eyes bleed. It's not healthy. XD

      You "happily" sharpening a pitchfork encompasses the writer's life so well I'm dying. XDDD But, um, yeeeeah. You called it. Midas has NOT been having a good fun time. *cough, cough* And whaaat? NO. My writing is a MESS. Trust me. You should see the rest of the manuscript. XD Actually, you shouldn't. It's not fit for mortal eyes. o.o But THANK YOU! It makes me happy you like my idea so much! Like...I can't even express how much. It keeps me going! <3

      Thanks! Thankfully, we got a new coffee pot and my car was fixed pretty quickly, so those crises are over. Thank goodness! But yeah, us coffee drinkers are crazy. XD

      D'awwww! I'm so glad you don't find them boring! That's a relief! You're the sweetest, my Kenzie bean! <3333
      (Another rain lover! YES. *high-fives* Rain is the BEST!)

  4. Um, more SYRAM!! *fangirls over a character I haven’t even met yet*

    Oh, geez, not the car again! Hopefully next week you’ll have more luck with automobiles...... and good luck with next week of NaNo!

    1. *BEAMS* I'm so happy you like my character!!! I'll have to see if I can share more snippets of him sometime...

      Right? What is up with all these car problems? But thankfully my car got fixed and so far there have been no more issues! Thanks so much, Nicole! <3

  5. I loved reading this, it's so neat to see someone else's process, and you're like a Nano Queen! So It's like learning your secrets. Sorry about your coffee machine and car, my goodness! That is quite a lot in just a few weeks. You're doing amazing, and you've inspired me to keep puttering along with it!

    1. D'awww! My only secrets are making a MESS of my story, ignoring all responsibilities, and going without sleep. Lolz. It's not pretty. But I am happy you enjoy these crazy updates! ^_^

      Thanks! Thankfully we have a new coffee pot and my car is all fixed. Hopefully no more crises will occur. XD

      Thanks so much, Skye! YOU'RE doing amazing yourself! We are almost theeere! *waves pompoms*

  6. Oh no the car AND the coffeemaker!!!! Makes me really glad I'm not a coffee person, or even a "need a hot drink of some sort to get me going" kind of person.

    I'm actually a "a box of cheese-its and I'm good to go" kind of person. And I'm not ashamed.

    It's been really rainy here, too, for the past few days and now the pastures have turned into red slop and I'll get up to feed the cows and the horses before work and come back in covered in mud and now I need to change AGAIN and it's not even 8 in the morning yet...

    The "check engine" light came on in my car this week, but the Falcon is very much the little TrailBlazer that called wolf, so I just kept driving and it went off after a day or two. She does that a lot, actually, and I find it amusing to let people drive her like that.

    But can I say that I cannot WAIT to read this retelling???? I mean, seriously....just after the first snippet, I was like "oh, this gonna be goooooood!"

    1. It was crazy. XD But we got a new coffee pot right away and my car was fixed pretty quick, so it turned out okay in the end. But yeeeah, we coffee drinkers are crazy. XD I wish I wasn't enslaved by coffee. Haha!

      Oooh, cheese-itz! Can't go wrong with that. Potato chips are my jam, so I totally get ya.

      Oh dear. :-/ I guess the rain isn't always a good thing. Meh. The rain for us has ceased a little bit. Hopefully it's been the same for you!

      LOL. I totally understand that. Our van does that, but it still always works so... *shrugs* Cars are weird.

      *squeals and blushes and flails* D'AWWWW!!! THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!!!!! Knowing people are actually interested in this story helps SO much to keep me going and pushing through this monster. Just just just...THANK YOU! <333

  7. I feel you on the coffee thing. My family is super prepared in the event of a coffee pot emergency. We have two coffee pots and two Keurigs (granted, we technically have two houses, so it's not too extreme) so if one breaks, we have a temporary backup until we get a new one. We also have one of those pour-over things, just in case ALL of our coffee machines break.

    But congrats on getting to the fun part! That's so awesome!! It's so much fun to get to the ah-ha moments and feel everything start to come together.

    Keep going strong, girl!!

    1. Um. Your family is goals tbh. XDDD That is the BEST. We've been wanting to get those pour-over thingies or something for a backup too! Because, yeah, no coffee is a true tragedy.

      Thank you so much! I'm having a really fun time. This story has certainly kept me on my toes. Lol.

      THANK YOU, SARAH! We've almost got this thing! *fistpump*

  8. I totally don’t mind the long ness of updates! It’s nice to hear about your experience and how you keep yourself motivated! That McDonald’s was nuts. I mean geez. And ugh I hate car trouble. Car trouble ruins so much. I hope it’s an easy fix! Keep on pumping out those words!

    1. Awwww! That's a relief to hear. I felt like I was boring you guys to death. XD

      Right??? I don't know WHAT their problem was, ugh. Thankfully, my car is all fixed now, so it's all good. But it sure was crazy at the time. o.O

      Thanks, girl! You too! <3

  9. I'm so sorry that your car broke down. That's no good at all. Strangely enough, I've had my share of car issues this NaNo and its no fun :P And your poor coffee pot :(
    It sounds like you are having fun with this novel though. I look forward to hearing about it (maybe seeing a few snippets? *hint, hint*)
    And its raining right now here, so you`d love it :D

    1. Awww, it's okay! We took it to the shop and they fixed it right away, so it turned out well! That's awful you've been having car trouble too though! Good grief, what is up with the car issues this NaNo?

      But yes, it HAS been a fun NaNo! Definitely some stress, but what's NaNo without that? Lol. That's so sweet you want to see snippets. I may have to share more yes...

      YAY FOR RAIN! It's seriously been the rainiest November I can remember. It's crazy! But I won't complain. ;D

  10. I'm so sorry about the stupid coffee pot! That's horrible!

    And also the McDonald's thing...ugh. They really need to step up their game. I'll send Dunkin next time you run out xD

    YOU ARE A WRITING NINJA. Keep it up--you've got this! :D

    1. Awww, thanks! We bought one literally the day after our old one broke, so it turned out okay in the end. Lol.

      They do! I don't know WHAT their problem was that day. It was ridiculous.
      YESSSS. Donutssss! :D :D :D

      LOL. Thanks, Faith! We're almost there. Let's do this thing! *fistpump*

  11. Ahhhh thanks so much for sharing! Sorry that you had a few rough days last week. (Just sounds rough reading! LOL!) Also, how awesome the timer helped in writing! So so so excited for you (even though that snippet :o :o :o)!

    1. Awww, thanks sweet, Laura! It wasn't too terrible. The weekend kinda exploded, but it turned out well in the end! I got my car fixed AND a new coffee pot, so I'm good now. XD

      I'm LOVING this timer system. It helps so, so much!

      Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! <333 (But yeeeah, that snippet is just a taste of what I've been putting Midas through. *COUGH* Sowwyyy.)

  12. Oh gosh, girl. I'm just inwardly cringing at the coffee thing. I work at McDonald's and I can't imagine leaving somebody outside waiting for forty-five minutes on coffee. I mean, I get what it's like in there sometimes, but jeez. o.o

    Week two has been pretty good! I've had some really low word counts but I WROTE, and I feel like the story's coming along at a pretty good pace. Which is always great. :D And I relate so much to your feelings about the weather! I love cold weather so much. We actually got a few inches of snow last night and today and I'm just so happy. xD

    Also, I popped onto your Google Hangouts for the first time the other day and it's so fun! Just having other people there struggling through the same thing with you is so great. xD


    1. It was craaaazy! I mean, I've had to wait on coffee before, but never like that! Our McDonalds needs to take notes from yours! Haha.

      That makes me so happy to hear! And YES. The fact that you wrote is what matters! I'm so glad the story is coming along well!
      Yay for fellow cold weather lover! :D *highfives* Ooooh, you got snow! :O SO COOL. It never really snows where I live, which is sad, because I looove snow. But at least it's cold right now! I'm loving it!

      D'awww, that's great! I feel awful because I've barely been there all month. o.o I HAVE FAILED. My story is eating away all my time... *shakes head* But I'm thrilled everyone is enjoying it. ^_^

  13. Wow! ANOTHER eventful week of NaNo for you! I LOOOOOOOOVE these posts. It's so fun to see how your week has gone and to laugh and cry *broken coffeepot* along with you. And your CAR. WUTTTTT??? 45 minutes at McD's???? #ridonculous

    YOU'VE MADE IT TO 50k!!!! Well done, m'dear!! Well done, I say! So proud of you! I'm getting more & more excited for this story with every post you share. :D :D :D

    1. It's been an interesting NaNo for sure! XD But EEP. THANK YOU!!! That is a huge relief. I was scared these posts were completely boring. Haha.
      Ridonculous indeed! Thankfully, my car was fixed quick and we got a new coffee pot right away, so all is well!

      *beams* Thank you! That means SO much to me just slkdfjlskjdfs. You're the best! <3

  14. "He was having a very Mondayish day himself."


    *reads the snippet*


    That's so, so true about taking breaks actually HELPING productivity. *nods* We're way too hard on ourselves sometimes.

    Ahhh, your recap of day #8 makes my heart so happy! <333

    RIP Coffee Pot. :'(

    Waiting three-quarters of an hour for COFFEE? At MCDONALD'S? What has this world come to? Also very not fun to have car troubles thrown into the mix too. Quite the eventful NaNo this has been... But I love that you gave yourself time to meet humans and live some life in between. ^_^

    Anyway, I'm loving the updates, friend! It's so fun getting a peek into your November writing escapades!

    1. Totally a Monday. Torture, agony, grueling and repetitive work. All the normal things.

      We really are way too hard on ourselves! I tell people constantly to take a break and refuel their creativity, but do *I* ever do that? Nooope. I have a problem...

      D'aww! Day #8 was the BEST. Still one of my favorite writing days for this novel. If only every writing day can be like that. Haha.

      Good news! We have acquired a new coffee pot. Actually, we got one the day after the old one broke because we're pathetic and can't live without one. XD But yeah, that crisis is over anyway! And my car is fixed, so it's all good!

      RIGHT??? I just...can't even. Usually I try to have grace at restaurants when people make mistakes because we're all human and these things happen. I've messed up on the change before at work, so I know how it is. But this time...I was seconds away from marching in there and having a few choice words with the manager. Eheh. But it all ended well. It was so refreshing having supper with a friend. Friends make everything better. ^_^

      Awww! I'm glad I'm not boring you to death! Haha. Thanks, girl! <3


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