Monday, November 5, 2018

NaNoWriMo ‘18 Week One: Involving Surprises from Characters, Nutcrackers, and 911

OH HI THERE. How are you? I’m fine. Just sitting over here, ya know, SCREAMING BECAUSE IT’S NANOWRIMO AND HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN???

Ahem. Yep. Perfectly calm.

But seriously, guys, IT’S NANO. And just WUT? I think I’m still in shock that it’s actually here and we’re a few days in and nearing the end of the first week. It came fast and hard!

Screaming aside, it is in fact Monday, which means I should be posting a blog post, but during NaNo I usually just explode my blog with totally incoherent writing updates (we’re gonna pretend that’s not what I do the rest of the year eventhoughitkindofis). So if you nosy dragons are curious how my 2018 NaNo has been thus far (and what on earth the title of this post means bwahaha), buckle in!





I’m gonna be honest, this was one of the first years I was terrified I was not going to get everything done before NaNo. My outline was being a monster, my inbox had exploded, I was really exhausted the week leading up to NaNo, things just weren’t looking great. But, as I’ve mentioned before, there’s nothing like a deadline to kick me into super ultra hyper drive. I sat myself down and kicked my brain until it finally figured out my story’s ending. I attacked my inbox with full force. I caught up on social media, I did some cleaning, I even threw together a mock cover for my book which I always love to do for my NaNo novels but this year just did not think I’d get the time. BUT I DID IT.

And so, by Wednesday evening, I found myself, miracle of miracles, READY. It was such a relieving feeling! Now that I had gotten things more in order and finally had all of my novel mapped out, I knew I could just relax and enjoy the writing process. I WAS READY TO GO. …Sorta.

Every single NaNo (except for last year due to work getting in the way), I’ve stayed up on October 31st to midnight to start writing. It’s such a thrilling moment when that clock strikes twelve and you jump into that story you’ve been anticipating, plus get a good start for the month at the literal first second. Buuut this time I was tired. I had gotten up a little early Wednesday because I had work that day and, really, I wanted nothing more than to collapse in bed and sleep, but I also reeeally wanted to stay up to midnight and write some. Finally, I caved and decided forget good health and common sense! IT’S NANO. Let’s do this thing! (Read: I’m a terrible influence and you should probably never follow my example.)



This year I was going to be a little itty bitty NaNo rebel (which is what it’s called when you don’t start a brand new fictional novel for NaNo) because technically I already had 1k words of this story written. Buuuut after completely outlining it and actually figuring out what’s going on, I decided to scrap those 1k words and fully rewrite the beginning. So I’m not a rebel this year after all!


It was ten minutes before midnight, and the rush of excitement woke me up a little bit. I made some tea, grabbed my laptop, opened Kings Bleed Gold’s Scrivener file, stuck my headphones in, and…WROTE. And guys. GUYS. IT WAS SO FUN.

I don’t know if it’s because I had written the beginning before (I did change the scene a lot, but it was still more or less the same scene I had scrapped) or…what. But the writing went so smoothly. Because, see, story beginnings are the bane of my existence. It always takes me a bit to get into the story and figure out the characters’ voices and grasp the right feel of the novel and just get into that groove of writing, you know? So, pretty much always, the first couple of days or so of NaNo are pretty rough and grueling. And it’s funny because every year I think, “Well, maybe the beginning will go better this year!” and then every year the beginning does not go better at all. So this year, I struck down that optimistic thinking (lololol so positive) and was all set for a hard couple of days of writing. I just knew if I could get past the first days, then I’d start really enjoying the story and having fun.

Well har har. I guess I did reverse psychology on myself? Because the first days of writing were a joy. When I started writing at midnight, the words just flowed. Since I was so tired, I had decided I’d just write 500 words and then go to bed. But I ended up writing 1k and had to force myself to stop and sleep, but I really didn’t want to! I went to bed so happy and encouraged and raring to go.

The following day was a gloriously free day and it was cold and rainy—optimum writing weather. And so I did. And wrote and wrote and wrote. It continued to go well, not perfect of course, but far better than most beginnings. Now, that’s not to say the writing isn’t a disastrous mess. I’m pretty sure it is, but that’s what editing is for, yeah?

I think my favorite part of writing this day was the setting. The beginning starts in Midas’ kingdom which is based off Ancient Greece, a setting I’ve never written before, and I found it such a fun place to build and explore. Writing is awesome, guys! I’m just sayin’.

(Ehehehe…yeah. But 1k of that was the night before technically, and I always try to get as much in as I can on the first day.)



The success of the first day was boosting me on, and I started this day with a goal to end it with 5k words (because, pffft, who even needs a life and sanity and sleep?). I honestly barely even remember anything that happened Friday except writing????

By this point the story was really moving, and I got to write some high action scenes and drama which is always a good time bwahahaha! I was also getting to know Midas much better.

While day one of writing did go well and I was loving the setting, I was not feeling as emotionally connected to my protagonist as I’d like. Midas was just kind of….there, and I feel like the writing was a bit too distant and not as deep into his point-of-view as I like. (I’m alllll about those deep POV stories.) But I wasn’t stressing it too hard. I knew it’d come, I just needed a bit more time with him.

But by the second day I was definitely getting a grasp of his voice. And he’s surprised me. Like a lot. Because…he’s nice. See, the first idea of this story was to make an extremely jerkish main character and then torture and break him into a good person. I’msonice. Things of course evolved, but that idea is still the core of the story. I was a bit worried Midas was going to be unlikable though. Who wants a jerk of a protagonist??? But it doesn’t matter how over-the-top-detailed I make my character bios, I never really get to know them until I start actually writing them. My characters just kinda…do what they want. I never force their personalities, they just come. So, though I do have a huge bio for Midas, I knew I’d have to write him to fully see how he’d come out. And, like, he’s way, way nicer than I originally thought…

I mean, yes, he still has a ton of issues, can be a huge brat, has plenty of jerk-ish moments, and is selfish beyond belief, buuuut he’s also charismatic and (hopefully) rather likable. And this is a good thing! Because now I think I can continue my plan of utterly breaking him in two, while also having a protagonist that’s not totally detestable. Win-win! He’s also proving to be a bit of a sass-master, which I’m not complaining about… Except he keeps sassing off the big, scary, murderous dragons and eheheheh good luck with that, boy.

But really, I’m having a blast figuring him out. He feels a lot different from the protagonists I’m used to writing, and I like that!




Writing has honestly just gotten more and more fun with each day, which is usually what happens in the first week. Now I was really getting a grasp of Midas’ voice and finally delved into that deep POV I felt like I was missing at the start. I was at last not just writing words on a page, I was living them, which is my absolute favorite feeling.

This day of writing was particularly fun because we got our first glimpse of SYRAM. Midas met the crazy boy for the first time, and I may or may not have been grinning through the whole scene (because fangirling over your own characters is normal???). Then, at the end of that day’s writing session, Korinna entered the picture, which was a scene I was quite looking forward to. I didn’t get very far into it though, but leaving in the middle of a scene I was excited about helped me jump right into writing the next day (which is something I should remember…).




This is the day the true adventures began.

As I said, I had left on a scene I was enjoying, and jumping back into it took no time. This was Midas’ and Korinna’s first meeting, and I was curious to see how they interacted. Which…to non-writers (and probably even some writers) may sound weird but, as I said earlier, my characters just do what they want. I really NEVER know exactly what they’re going to be like until I start writing them, and then it’s even more so when they’re first interacting. Like…will they like each other? Hate one another? Be super awkward? WHO CAN KNOW.

I feel like first character meetings are like being a parent trying to set up playdates with new friends for your kids and hoping to goodness they get along.

Except…oftentimes the goal is for the characters to not get along in order to create conflict, and we writers spend like 96% of our time figuring out ways to makes our characters lives worse so, um, maybe comparing us to parents is a bad thing. Ahem.


I’m pleased to say the first meeting between Midas and Korinna went super well, and now I’m really excited to write more scenes between them. I think the dynamics between them and Syram are going to be SO FUN. (I just love characters, guys!)

So most of this day’s writing was their conversation, and I was having a lovely time. I had to cut the writing a little short though, becaaause I was going to see The Nutcracker and the Four Realms!!!

I have been screaming in excitement over this movie since the day the teaser trailer came out last December. I’ve always, always adored watching ballet and I really like the story of The Nutcracker and go to see pretty much anything Disney produces so yeah. I WAS EXCITED.

And…it was good. But it didn’t blow me away. *ALL THE TEARS* Really, it had all the right elements. Clara was a good heroine, everything was GORGEOUS, I adored all the things being run on clockwork, the fantasy world was awesome, there were some fun scenes and lovely music. But…it just didn’t enthrall me. I think the problem was they had this big, awesome, fantasy world and didn’t really use it. The plot was way too simplistic and straightforward, and honestly just kind of lame. And I have this weird pet peeve about simple plots being set in huge, intricate, epic worlds. Like…no. If you’re going to promise me an epic world, I want a big, epic story to go with it. But I think that’s just a weird Christine thing SO. I still totally recommend going to see the movie! It was definitely worth the watch, and actually had me tearing up a time or two. I just expected more. (I think after the pure perfection of Maleficent, my expectations have been too high for these new Disney movies. Because Maleficent was EVERYTHING and I want more like that!)

But yeah, it was definitely a great break to go see the movie, especially since movies are one of the biggest things that refills my creativity tank, but after looking forward to it for almost a year I do wish it had enraptured me more.

So that happened. And then, later, my sis and I were in the car with my dad. It was dark and rainy, and we were at a red light, minding our own business and discussing supper plans, when, right in front of us, a car smashed into another one, spun out, hit a pole, and bumped into the front of Dad’s truck. O____O Um. Yeah. Cue the panicking.

Dad called 911, everyone scrambled out of their cars, and, praise God, no one was hurt. Which, really, was a miracle of God. The front of the first car was destroyed, and the one that spun out was pretty much totaled. Yet still, somehow, the person inside was unscathed. Still thanking God for that! My dad’s truck just got a dent in the front, nothing major.

But yeah, that was quite the adventure. I’m just so, so grateful everyone was fine. Definitely an unexpected way to end our Sunday evening.

Needless to say, this was a much slower day of writing than the previous ones. But I did get in that good bit of writing at the start of the day, so I’ll take it! And I guess now I have an interesting experience to remember this NaNo by??? We’ll look at the positives. Eheheh.


Total Word Count: 19,306

I had really hoped to hit 20k, buuut obviously I was a smidge preoccupied yesterday.



Other than yesterday’s little hiccup, it has been an AWESOME start to NaNo ‘18. And I feel like the farther I get into my novel, the more I’m going to love it.

But don’t get me wrong. It has not been perfectly smooth sailing. I know there are going to be plenty of hard days ahead as the holidays get closer and life piles up and burnout takes root. And don’t think every word has come easy for me! I’ve been agonizing over how to word things like every other sentence, and literally keep permanently opened because apparently coming up with a different word for something like dropped is too much for my tired brain??? I also suspect every word of this novel is a monstrous mess of grossness (I haven’t dared read back over any of it). BUT. I have been enjoying the story immensely and am getting words down, and that’s what counts! Just have fun and make a mess, guys!

Also, I know I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating: The only reason I’m able to get a high wordcount in each day is because I do not have a full-time job, go to school, or have children and such like that, and, due to health problems, I live a pretty quiet life in general. I honestly don’t know how so many of you manage to keep up with NaNo amidst school or work or raising children and just all the things you do. YOU’RE ALL AMAZING.

Just remember, we all have our own pace and a certain amount of craziness in our lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that one tiny bit. So write when you can, don’t stress it when you can’t, and just enjoy the journey! Because writing is seriously a magical thing, you guys!

Week two is near approaching, which can often be the hardest one as the excitement of week one has worn down but there’s still such a long road ahead. But let’s face that road with our adventure boots on (or am I the only one who feels like adventuring whenever I wear boots?) and race across it with enthusiasm. WE’VE GOT THIS!



To all my fellow Wrimos: HOW’S IT GOING??? Have you survived the first stretch of the journey? What are some victories you’ve faced these past few days? And to my non-NaNo-ing readers: How was your first week of November? I do hope these cool, crisp days are treating you well (and that we NaNo-ers haven’t driven you totally up the wall with all our NaNo talk eheh). TELL ME EVERYTHING!


  1. Your an inspiration, Christine! How you managed to write that much I'll never know. You make me want to push myself a little more. It's all I can do to make word count at this point, and my story is dreadful, but I'm starting to enjoy myself more. I need this story, glad that Midas turned out not to be a jerk as anticipated. I saw The Nutcracker too! It was gorgeous the sets, costumes, actors, but the story was like you said too simple. I enjoyed it anyway though.
    Glad no one was hurt! Accidents are terrifying. So glad your okay!

    1. D'awwww! I really just feel insane and like I need a life. XD Sometimes I wish I'd just stay on par and not completely lose my mind during NaNo! Haha. But GIRL. I'm so proud of you and ecstatic to hear you're starting to enjoy yourself! I hope it continues to just get better and better! <3

      That's so fun you saw The Nutcracker as well! I definitely enjoyed it, just wish it had had more...oomph. Lol. But I'm also super hard to please with stories these days. Oops. :-/

      Thanks, girl! <3 Yeah, God was with us all that night. It could have been so much worse. I'm very grateful everyone was okay!

  2. Wowie!!! Sounds like you've been having a blast this November!

    I love every single detail of this post. I really hope that your pace stays up there through the rest of the month!

    It's been a slow start for me - I've only gotten 2k in so far, hope that goes up today!

    Catherine <3

    1. It's been a really good one! :D

      Awww! That makes me happy to hear, because I was worried I was going to bore you guys to death with this update. Lol. Plus I was writing this post super late at night so who even knows if it's coherent. o.o

      Hey, nothing wrong with that! 2k words is more than you had before. That's progress! What matters is that you ARE writing. Sometimes life happens and we just gotta roll with it. But we're still at the beginning. You've got plenty of time to catch up! I do hope the rest of the months goes amazingly for you! <3

  3. Woah. You wrote 19,000 WORDS?????? That’s CRAZY COOL!!

    Aw, and I’m sorry that the Nutracker wasn’t as good as you thought it would be. I really want to go see it, but I have really high expectations, too, and I’m afraid I might be disappointed....

    And OH MY, so glad no one was hurt in the accident! That’s freaky.....accidents just are scary.

    Good luck writing in the coming weeks, Christine!

    1. *blushes* Thank you!!! I seriously lose my mind during NaNo. *shakes head*

      Yeah, it was a little disappointing. But at the same time, it was a very enjoyable movie. So if you want to see it I totally say go for it! It's pretty to look at anyway. Lol. And there was nothing really WRONG with it, per se, I just feel like it fell flat on all its potential. But still, it was fun to watch. ^_^

      Thanks! Yeah, we were not expecting that. o.o It could have been so much worse though, so I'm just grateful no one was hurt.

      Thank you so much! YOU AS WELL! *waves pompoms*

  4. Congratulations on your writing so far! I know exactly what you mean about having to force yourself to stop writing at night . . . except I never actually do, and I end up getting approximately two hours of sleep as I stay up into the wee hours writing away.

    And I'm so thankful no one was hurt in the accident. It really does sound like a miracle, given the condition those cars were in.

    Eleanor | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you!
      LOL. The night writing struggle is REAL. I always get my best writing done at night, and yet I usually don't allow myself to write much then because yeppp, I know sleep won't happen if I do. XD

      It was pretty crazy. I still can't believe everyone was perfectly fine. God is good!

  5. Girl, you are absolutely slaying the game. Congrats!

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I'm so glad y'all are fine, but I'm sure it must've been scary! What a close call!

    1. Thank you! :D

      It was something for sure! o.o And I feel really bad for the other people whose cars got totaled, but I'm just so, so grateful they were all okay!

  6. I'm so glad it's going so well for you!! I wish I could say I haven't been behind on my word count almost every day, lol, but I feel pretty confident that things are going to pick up soon. The Thing is about to happen, and I'm super excited. :D

    I'm glad nothing really bad happened with the accident! I feel like we never realize how fortunate we are until something like that happens... and then it's like, oh gosh, that could have been so much worse and do I even appreciate that it wasn't?

    Anyway, good luck with the rest of NaNo!! I look forward to your next update. :D

    1. Thank you!
      Awww! I hope things are going better for you. And, really, those wordcounters on NaNo are more like...guidelines than rules. I firmly believe the goal of NaNo is not to hit 50k, but to push us to carve writing time in our busy lives when we normally wouldn't. So what matters is that you ARE writing! Plus there's still so much of the month left to get those words in! And yay for the Thing! Those big story moments are the besssst.

      YES. You said it! We all seem to think we're invincible and when we see bad things happen we think, "Oh, that'll never happen to ME." But, at any split second, ANYTHING can happen. Really makes you think about how precious life is!

      Thank you so much! You as well! YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!

  7. I'm so glad you're doing so well! I'm so ridiculously behind--would you be willing to donate a little time to me? XD I need more time and less sleep, but I'm also exhausted so...I don't know anymore :P But AMAZING JOB and the best of luck! :D

    1. Awwww! I'd totally donate time if I could! Haha. Except I feel ya. I've basically been throwing sleep and sanity and basically LIFE out the window. Like, I really should be getting in bed NOW, but here I am responding to blog comments... NaNo is a crazy time. But still, I'd totally donate time to my Faith. <3

      But really, I'm sorry it's been going rough for you. I do hope it'll pickup! I always find things get easier as the month progresses and I get more into the habit of writing, so perhaps it'll be the same for you. And there is still so much of the month left to catch up. You've got this! But do be kind to yourself. <3

      Thanks so much, sweet Faith!

  8. I haven't commented on your posts in awhile but CONGRATULATIONS ON STARTING NANO! I'm so excited about the story you're writing, and I'm looking forward to some snippets one of these days...!

    And I'm thankful that God kept everyone safe in that car accident. Goodness!


    P.S. This is rather random but I started watching Merlin a few weeks ago, and now I only have five episodes left, and it's SO GOOD yet so SAD and I just KNOW that things are going to end tragically... can I just give Merlin a big hug, please? :')

    1. LIZZY. *glomps* It's good to hear from you! ^_^ And THANK YOU!!! That's so sweet you want to see snippets! Some may be coming later. *wriggles eyebrows* ...Maybe. I feel like the writing is just awful but such is a NaNo draft. Lol.

      Me too! It's was pretty crazy, but God was with us!

      OHMYWORD MERLINNNNNN. ONLY MY FAOVORITEST THING LIKE EVER. Do come fangirl about it to me ANY TIME. But yes, Merlin always needs a hug. The writers are just constantly cruel to him! D':

    2. I finished Merlin yesterday. Man... I had gotten spoilers on what was going to happen, but I still wasn't prepared somehow... and now bits of my heart are scattered all over the floor. *sobs*

      While I wish BBC could have made more seasons, I'm rather glad they stopped while fans were still asking for more. Wasn't it C.S. Lewis who said that was the best place to stop? I guess there's always fanfiction to comfort us. ;)

    3. *SOBS FOR A THOUSAND YEARS* I'm so sorry! It's just...the worst. I had watched it when it first premiered so had NO clue what the ending would be. I was caught off put it lightly. Here six years later I'm STILL not over it! D': D': D':

      ME TOO. But you're absolutely right. I felt like the last season wasn't quite as good as the previous ones, so it was probably time for them to end it before it went downhill. BUT STILL. MY HEART. But yeah, thank goodness for fanfiction and fanart and things to make us feel better! We can at least pretend everything turned out fine. XD

  9. Well, TECHNICALLY, you didn't reach your word goal, but you were PRETTY DARN CLOSE. MEEP. 19, 306 words is A LOT. O-O Congratz!
    Oh my gosh! Thank God you weren't hurt! <3

    1. LOLZ. Very true, very true. XD And THANK YOOOUUU!!!!

      Yeah, it was something. But God was definitely with us!

    2. You're welcome! <3
      Yes, He was. <3

  10. Woot woot! Congrats on getting 19,000 words!
    Writing is actually coming easier this year than it has in others. I broke some of my own daily records! *happy dance*
    I think I finally got past the beginning slump. It takes me a while to really get into the story as well. But if I can get past it, the story comes so much easier!
    Good luck on week two!

    1. Thank you!!! :D

      That is WONDERFUL news! Congrats on breaking your previous records. EEP. I'm so thrilled for you! And beginnings are hard for you too? I thought I was the only one! Lol. I always feel like the odd one out, because I hate story beginnings and love middles, when it usually seems to be the opposite with other people. XD But I'm so happy you made it past that dreaded beginning and things are going well. I do hope they continue to!

      You as well! <3

  11. Wow, girl! What a fantastic week's start!! Well done! And you got to see the Nutcracker?? I'm pretty excited for it, thanks for sharing your thoughts! That's too bad it didn't quite meet expectations. And whoa! what an eventful Sunday night. SOOOO thankful no one was injured. Praise God!

    And thank you for the encouragement to other NaNoers. I needed that! This week has not been a great start for me, but I'm trying to take both my own and your advice and not stress. The words are simply not coming to me, and I'm not sure if it's because I've worked on these scenes before and am attempting to start fresh from the beginning... Ah well. I'll get there!

    Happy writing, dear Christine!! Say hullo to those great characters of yours for me! ;D

    1. Thanks so much! ^_^
      And YES. I was so excited to go! I do wish it had enchanted me more, but it was still a really good movie and you should totally go see it! But yeah, Sunday was quite the day! Haha. God was definitely with us though!

      Awwww! I'm so sorry the first week wasn't great for you. But you WILL get there. It can take so long to get the momentum going and back into that writing mindset. But it WILL come! You're doing fantastic and I'm so proud of you for continuing to plug away even amidst your busy life. I do hope this second week treats you better! <3

      Thank you, m'dear!!! Hehe. I think they'd be grateful for a friendly hello (because I may or may not be making their lives miserable *cough, cough). XD

  12. Oh my goodness, Christine, you are such an inspiration, I can't even. Your first week of NaNo sounds absolutely AMAZING (not considering the car crash part, of course. that sounds horrifying and I am so thankful everyone is okay????)!! I, too, had some difficulties getting into my MC's head (I'm still having trouble wrangling him into shape, but I'm only on chapter 4, so I'm not too awful worried about it right now. Hopefully he'll start talking to me a little more the more I work with him XD) so it's really nice to hear that I'm not the only one who struggles with that sometimes. And your wordcounts!!! HOLY COW. How do you even??? XD I've been pretty steady with about 2,000 words a day, but I'm really hoping to have a 4k day and beat my current wordiest day... That would be amazing. XD

    And ASDFGHJKL YOUR STORY SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING???? I need... I've never read a King Midas retelling before, so this is something that I want on my shelf STAT. XD I cannot wait to hear how your second week of NaNo goes!! This blog post was a hugely inspirational in getting me excited to write, and now I must go write ALL OF THE WORDS. XD Happy writing, Christine!!! I wish you all the best with your story!!!! <333

    1. *happy flailing* Kenziiiieeee. I can't with you! <333
      It was a pretty great first week! But yeah, the car crash was...unexpected, but everyone was perfectly fine! God was with us. ^_^

      Aw man, yeah. Those characters can be stubborn to figure out. >.> You are definitely not alone! But I'm positive you'll find your MC's voice. They always have a way of becoming their own after some time.

      2k words a day is FANTASTIC! I only get a high wordcount because I have a lot of free days and hate myself apparently. Lol. But you're doing so good!!!

      AAAHHHH!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've actually never read a King Midas retelling either! Which is the funny thing. XD But it's been a lot of fun exploring the story.

      I'm so thrilled to hear this monstrous post was actually an inspiration! I was worried it'd just be completely boring. Haha. BUT YOU'VE GOT THIS, GIRL!!! BEST WISHES TO YOU AS WELL!!! *sends allll the motivational cookies to the Cookie Queen herself*

  13. I haven't read your blog in forever because I haven't done Nano in a while but I have you as a writing buddy on there. I was reminded to read your blog because who is this crazy girl who has managed to write thirty thousand words in less than ten days?! I'm over here struggling at 5 thousand (although I do work almost full time + have a few other commitments). It's daunting but encouraging reading your account of your first week - it's my day off, so let's see if I can smash out 5 thousand words! :) All the best with your writing!

    1. LOLZ. Crazy is right. XDDD I seriously don't know what's wrong with me... *shakes head*

      But nuuuu! Don't feel daunted. Like I said, I have quite a bit of free time to put into writing most days. If I had a full time job, there is NO WAY I'd manage this! The fact that you're getting in those words while also working mostly full time plus have other life commitments is so, SO admirable. And that's what NaNo's about. The 50k goal is great, but I think the real goal is taking into practice carving out time in our busy lives for writing, whether that's 5k a day or 500. What matters it that we WRITE, which is exactly what you're doing. You're doing awesome, and I do hope the rest of NaNo treats you absolutely amazingly! <333

  14. I'm glad your beginning was smoother this year! I want to see the Nutcracker and one of the reasons for me is also the story world haha. I'm glad everyone was okay in the accident! Car accidents are frightening! I hope the rest of your month is a little less eventful that that. ;)

    1. Thanks so much! I feel like I'll have to majorly rewrite the whole beginning, but it certainly wasn't as grueling to write as most of my story beginnings have been!

      RIGHT??? The Nutcracker story world was so cool. I hated they didn't explore it extensively. But still, it was an enjoyable movie!

      They definitely are, but it could have been so much worse, so I'm grateful for that. Thank you, sweet girl! A less eventful week would definitely be preferable. XD

      Hope NaNo's treating you well! <3

  15. Yay, NaNo updates!

    Oh my word, 7k on day one?! :D That's amazing! And I'm so happy to hear this beginning started off smoothly for you! Because, ugh, I feel. Beginnings are hard. XD

    Midas sounds so interesting! I very much want to meet him, sass and jerkiness and surprising niceness and all. ^_^

    Playdates and the Snow gif. I AM DONE. xDDDD

    I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to the Nutcracker trailers, but that poster looks gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear it wasn't as enthralling as you'd hoped. And ay yi yi, thank God everyone was okay after that accident!

    Wow, 19k in four days! GIRL, THAT'S LIKE A PANCAKE-FLIPPING NOVELLA. *hands you a Superwoman cape*

    Adventure boots--where can I buy me some of those??

    1. Lol. Thank you!!! I like to try to get the most words in on the first day. Doesn't always work out, but I try. Haha. And beginnings are hard for you too? I don't think I knew that! So many people love the excitement of diving into a new story but I'm just like nooo. Blank pages are scary!

      Your summary of Midas made me laugh, because that pretty much is him to a T. He's been...interesting. XD

      You know it's accurate. XDD

      I'm shamefully a bit of a Disney fangirl and anxiously await any trailers or news of their upcoming movies. I probably get myself a little TOO hyped. Haha. But yeah, it was fun, but the plot fell so flat. Kinda disappointed in Disney. *sniff, sniff* And thanks! It was quite a night for sure...

      *blushes* I think a Crazywoman cape would be more fitting, but thank you! ;D

      My dear Tracey, all boots can be adventure boots if you believe hard enough.


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