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Beautiful People - Airen {September 2016}


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It’s that Beautiful People time agaaain! And I’m looking forward to it because I didn’t do it last month. *gasp* *shock* *ack* I haven’t skipped a BP in like…ever. WHAT IS THIS CRIME???

Now that I’ve officially finished my first round of edits for Burning Thorns, my brain is switching over to my Colors of a Dragon Scale series since I shall be writing the 7th and final book for NaNoWriMo. (NOT THAT I’M EXCITED OR ANYTHING.) Thus I decided to focus this BP on a CoaDS character. The problem is WHICH ONE? There are so many! *collapses*

I finally settled on Airen. (Pronounced: Ay-ren. Spelling subject to change since I was an uneducated potato when I made up these names and spellings apparently.) Because it’s just a crime my silly prince hasn’t had a BP yet. (Though he was featured in the couples themed one in February.) He adamantly agrees and is now begging me with puppy dog eyes to let him answer the questions. *sigh* I guess I can’t say no to that.

Airen Savriella is the crown prince of Sivral, the kingdom all my dragon riders are from. His own cousins, Naidren and Nyria, are dragon riders themselves, actually. His younger sister, Iraila, getting kidnapped spurred on the events of the series, in which Airen plays a pretty prominent role. The Savriella family is a very…unconventional royal family. Quite a fun-loving group, and some of my favorite people to write. Because just ‘cause you’re royal doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. ;)

And now with that brief background over, I’ll tentatively hand it over to him.

"Airen!" Naidren hissed.

Airen glanced his way, giving his opponent an opening. With a swipe of Darthidge's boot, Airen went crashing to his back. Before he could rise, Darthidge's sword met his throat.

"Match," Darthidge said, smirking.

"You cheated."

"You weren't paying attention."

"Only because you bribed Naidren to distract me. I know your tricks. Only way you can beat me."

Darthidge laughed and pulled away his sword, instead offering Airen a hand. "Is that so? Then what trick did I use yesterday?”

Airen clasped his hand and rode the pull up. "You convinced me to get seconds at lunch, making me so stuffed I could hardly move."

Darthidge slapped Airen’s stomach. "Can't blame me for your bad eating habits. Or your inability to pay attention."

"I think you should clash swords with your cousin here," a small, dark haired man said, "since he did distract you after all."

Airen grinned and pointed his sword at Naidren. "What say you, Naidren? Shall we dance?"



1.) How did you come up with this character?

Come up with me? I am fearfully and wonderfully (also beautifully) made by the Creator Himself and—

Okay, okay, Airen. (Christine speaking here.) Maybe I should do this one.


*quickly intervenes* I honestly can’t answer this question for any of my characters, really. I don’t “come up” with characters. They pretty much all pop into my head and randomly appear in the story—full personality, appearance, and all. When I started the first book of the CoaDs series I was creating the royal family and Airen was just…there.

2.) Have they ever been starving? Why? And what did they eat to break the fast?

I most certainly have! Like that time I had to go to a council meeting which for some reason was scheduled at breakfast time and I had to skip breakfast. The best meal of the day! I thought I was going to die during the whole 3 hour long meeting. 3 HOURS. Thank the Creator we had a feast afterwards. I made sure to get plenty of sausages and mutton to refuel my poor, starving body.

Airen, that’s not— *sigh* You know, you could have gotten up earlier to eat breakfast before the meeting.

*gasp* How could you suggest such a thing? I needed my beauty sleep.


Juuust kidding. I’m always handsome, no matter what.


3.) Do they have a talent or skill that they’re proud of?

I just told you. Looking handsome, even when sleep deprived.


*grins* All right. Well…I’m guess I’m pretty decent at swordplay. (Despite that scandalous scene my author shared with you above.)

And you can eat 5 pastries in under 30 seconds.

How could I forget? The most important skill of all!

4.) List 3 things that would make them lose their temper.

Wellll, I’m rather easygoing. But if someone tries to harm my family or any of my loved ones in any way, I will put my sword training into practice.

I also don’t tolerate any cruel or boorish behavior from people, especially toward women and children. I can’t understand people like that.

And lastly, when someone takes my food. It’s a crime!

I think you cry when people steal your food, not lose your temper.

A true tragic love story.

5.) What is their favorite type of weather? Least favorite?

There’s nothing like a warm, sunny day. My sister, Iraila, and cousins, Naidren and Nyria, and I love to spend our free summer days out near the river when we can get away with it. And of course take Eryth and Bryth with us. While more recently we go on all four of their dragons. Unfortunately, Iraila and I don’t have dragons…

Ahem. Anyway. Least favorite would be mid-winter when it gets bitter cold. I take no pleasure in freezing to death, thank you.

6.) What is their Hogwarts house and/or MBTI personality?

Hogwarts? As in, where do we keep the pigs? We have many farmers throughout my kingdom of Sivral. But, um… *looks helplessly at author*

It’s okay, Airen, I’ll answer this one. Sadly, I don’t know the Hogwarts houses either because I’ve yet to read the Harry Potter books. (I knooow!) But for the MBTI personality type. Airen has a lot of the traits of the ESFP type, but also the ENFJ one. He’s the life of the party like an ESFP, but also very in tune to people’s emotions as with the ENFJ. (Actually, one day it shocked me to realize just how much Airen is like me, and I’m an ENFJ/ESFJ so… *shrugs*)

I’m just going to pretend I know what you’re saying.


7.) Are they more likely to worry about present problems, or freak out about the unknown future?

I suppose it depends on the problem. Such as right now, my sister has been kidnapped and our entire land of Aerigethel is breaking out into war. Now, I try to not be the worrying type but, well, there are some situations…

And the future can be quite daunting when one is expected to live up to his father and rule a kingdom. I just don’t know if I can ever be as good and wise a king as he…

But. *clears throat* That’s neither here nor there. Onward to the next question!

8.) What is their favorite thing to drink?

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a warm cup of melted chocolate! That’s one good part about the winter season.

9.) What is their favorite color? Least favorite?

Green, without a doubt. Especially in the early summer days when everything has bloomed and the hilly fields of Sivral are blanketed in rich green grass. Ah, what a view!

Hm. I can’t say there is any particular color I especially dislike. I know I for one look regal in any of them.


10.) What is a book that changed their life?

101 Ways to Cook Chocolate. Now that is a page turner! It gets me emotional every single time. I showed it to the castle cook and she said she’d make me a new dish from it every week. I nearly asked for her hand in marriage then and there.

Oh. Is that the end? What a shame! Christine, you must let me do more of these someday!

We’ll see. And stop giving me those puppy dog eyes!

I can’t help it. I just have naturally adorable eyes.


And there we have Airen. (He’s one of my top, top favorite
charries. Just don’t tell!) He’s a, um, handful. Heh. What
do you think? Do you have any silly prince characters?
AND have you joined in Beautiful People this month???


  1. I like him, he has my love of food. He also sounds perfectly adorable.

    1. Gotta love the foodies! :D

      And he's kind of one of my most adorable characters ever. The problem is, he KNOWS it...

  2. He sounds like a wonderful character! Eep, THE LAST BOOK??? *motivational chocolate*

    And... *dies*... THAT LAST QUESTION. I laughed out loud. xD

    1. He's way too fun to write, I have to admit. YES. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. 7 years of this series and here I am at the end. EEEEE!!!

      He's such a goofball. XD

  3. OH MY WORD LAURIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! :D This post. I am positively collapsing with laughter!! This has to be one of my favorite BPs ever. His "voice"! And all his shenanigans and his food and his beauty. XDDD HOW IS THIS SO AMAZING AWK. I just love when characters answer these questions, and he is so fun to read!

    "*gasp* How could you suggest such a thing? I needed my beauty sleep.
    Juuust kidding. I’m always handsome, no matter what."
    ^This. So much laughing. SO MUCH I TELL YOU. XDDD

    And his answer to #3. :DDD

    I love how you keep having to interrupt and just say his name. *giggles*

    Question for Airen: So, when you and Iraila go with the four of them on their dragons... which dragons do each of you ride? >:D

    Hmm... I haven't read HP either, but as far as I can tell from having friends who explained it, the houses are Griffindor (brave), Slytherin (devious), Ravenclaw (studious and smart) and Hufflepuff (loyal). So I imagine he'd be either Griffindor or Hufflepuff but I'm not sure.

    #7 -- poor Airen!! D: *hugs him*

    Chocolate and the color green. Airen knows where its at. :D

    And all of #10 and the end: I CAN'T WITH HIM OH MY GOODNESS. XDDDDD

    This post was glorious. Thanks so much for sharing! I love Airen to bits and he just got even BETTER with this post! *flailing* (Also EEEEEP SO CLOSE TO THE LAST BOOK!!!! :O)

    1. *giggles and grins and squeaks* I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT. I was sooo sleep deprived when I wrote it, I had no idea if it turned out okay. I think sometimes my best writing is from sleep deprivation. XD

      "And all his shenanigans and his food and his beauty." <--- Now I'm collapsing with laughter! "His beauty." Oh my word...

      Sometimes all you can do with Airen is yell his name and hope for the best. *shakes head*

      *Airen pops up over my shoulder upon hearing a new question for him*
      "Aha, Lady Celti, that is a very good question! I tend to ride with Naidren on his dragon, Ferrleth, because she's large and does well carrying two men. Though she is quite the shy dragon and you know how I can make the ladies blush."
      AIREN. Behave!
      *he ignores me* "Iraila usually rides with Nyria. Though often she'll go with Eryth. None of us are ever really brave enough to hitch a ride with Bryth and her dragon. Ahem. And I, um, sometimes enjoy rides with Eryth but I always hate to ask... Christine, why are you grinning like that?"
      No reasooon.

      Oh! That's good to know! Then it definitely sounds like he'd be either a Griffindor or Hufflepuff. *nods* I'm leaning toward Hufflepuff. He's loyal to a fault.

      I'm not the nicest author to him. Or anyone... He appreciates your hug, by the way.

      Bwahaha! He thinks he does. XD

      He's such a mess. I don't know what to do with the boy!

      THANK YOU, CELTI!!! Your comment made. my. day. <3333

    2. I'm the same about sleep deprived writing. O_O It's so weird. XD

      Well... he WOULD say his beauty. XDDD

      Thanks for answering, Airen! :D *day made* Oh my goodness, I'm giggling so hard about not wanting to ask Bryth. XD
      (@Lauri: *wriggles eyebrows* I specifically asked the question thinking that he might say something like that about Eryth. >:DDDD BWAHAHA.)

      Could be! Although... I don't know if a Hufflepuff would be that self-centered/vain? But I really know nothing, so who knows. XD It's kind of silly to guess at these things when neither of us knows much about it. Heehee.

      *hugs him again* YES. You are nice and you are an author, but you are not both at once. XD (Except to your readers because we like your stuff. Um. ...I don't know where this analogy thing is going so nevermind. *coughcoughcough*)

    3. Writers just break all the rules of the universe. XD

      That he would. *shakes head*

      "It was my pleasure!" *he bows dramatically* "We all care for Bryth deeply. She just...has quite a few boundaries..."
      (*cackles* Airen brings up Eryth every 5 minutes. It was bound to happen. ;D)

      What's funny is Airen ISN'T self-centered. He loves to be the jester of the group and acting that way tends to make people laugh. He's actually an extremely self-conscious guy and hides behind his jests of vanity. (I mean...he probably has sooome vain issues, but not nearly as bad as he makes it out to be. Hehe.)

      Bwahaha! My nice side and author side are separate. I LOVE IT. XDDD I'm laughing so hard!

    4. (Every five minutes. XDDDD Niiiice.)

      And I love that about Airen! He's actually really nice and just alskdjflskjdf HE SO PRECIOUSSSS. <3 How you write such amazing peoples Lauri?? ^___^

    5. (Could be an exaggeration. Could not be. *grins*)

      I...I don't knooow! I don't feel like I "write" anybody. They're just THERE. BUT I'M SO HAPPY YOU LIKE THEM. <3

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. *gasps* HOW did I forget that I hadn't finished reading this post?! *devours the rest*

    *dies laughing*

    I LOVED this, Christine! You really should do more like it - it was so much fun to read! Airen's conversation is priceless (don't tell him I said that) XD.

    Also, THE FINAL BOOK?! GOOOO CHRISTINE!!! *cheers for the epic writer* You seriously carried on a series for SEVEN WHOLE YEARS. It's official - you are superhuman *nods*. I can't wait for this year's NaNoWriMo :D.

    ~ Savannah

    1. *giggles* Thank you!!! Though Airen is saying HE should be the one given all the credit... >.>

      YESH. I AM ECSTATIC. I'm kinda in shock it's been that long myself. I just write one for every NaNo, so it doesn't really FEEL like seven years. Just seven months...but only one each year. Lol. I am anything but superhuman! If you read the disaster that is this series, you'd take that back. XD

      Are you doing NaNo this year??? :D

  6. This was such a fun post to read!!! Airen is so funny! His comments were THE best! =D

    1. Hehehe! Thank you so much! I always enjoy writing Airen. He's a mess. *shakes head*

  7. Awww, I remember Airen from the couples post! He's a riot. XD I nearly chuckled out loud at questions 1 and 10. He nearly asked for the cook's hand in marriage right then and there. I guess in Airen's case, the way to a man's heart really is through his stomach. I love what you were saying in the comments about how he's not nearly as vain as he sounds, how he's actually self-conscious and really kind. Just makes me love him more! Your Beautiful People posts are always a pleasure to read, Christine!

    1. Hehe. Yeah. He's been around since I was 18. o.o He's gettin' old! I guess we both are. He's 26, and here I am catching up to him. XD

      He's a mess. XD And YES. The way to his heart is absolutely his stomach!

      Yeeah, he's a sweetie, even if it's not always obvious amidst his jester-like behavior.

      D'awww, thank you! I love writing them. It makes me happy people like reading them! ^_^


    Ahhhh, okay. *attempts to calm down*

    First off, LOVE his name! I think I might have told you that when you featured him in the Valentine's Day edition? But it totally deserves being reiterated because IT'S DA BEST. :D

    OH MY WORD, THAT SNIPPET. *chuckles* It's hilarious, Lauri! (Was it in one of your other BPs, too? I dunno, I feel like it's familiar. XD But in any case, it's hilarious.)

    He's such a ham, oh my word. I LOVE HIM. <333 The characters that are vain are so hilarious. XD (Like Howl. And Flynn Rider. All the adorable charries, basically. ;D)

    HIS ANSWER TO #2 HAD ME ROLLING. XDDD I understand the feeling, Airen. *nods seriously*

    I completely LOST IT when he said that 101 Ways to Cook Chocolate changed his life. LOL, I can't even handle the hilarity of this character. *snickersnorts* *can't help thinking of a certain foodie character of my own*

    SO BASICALLY I LOVED THIS WHOLE POST SO MUCH. *hugs it* EEP! I can't believe you're on your last book for CoatDS. :O You've come so far!!! THIS SERIES IS GOING TO BE AMAZINGLY EPIC, AND I JUST NEED ALL THE LAURI CHARACTERS. <3

    (Also, I'm possibly thinking of doing NaNo this year. But I'm not sure because #schoolprobs. Heh. Maaaaybe I can be convinced...)

    1. Bwahahaha! That's Airen for you. XD

      Eep. Thank you! As I said, I was an uneducated potato when I named the characters from this series, but I do like his. Except it looks like it's pronounced like Aaron and that bothers me. It may need a spelling change...

      I think I did share that snippet in a post of snippets or something at one point. Eheheh. I was too lazy to go through the whole document and find something new. Sh, don't tell.

      He IS such a ham. LOL. I love that!

      Being forced to skip breakfast IS a tragedy, I have to agree...

      And I'm sure he was 100% serious about his feelings on that book too. That boy. XD

      THANK YOU SO MUCH, MARY. I'm getting super de duper excited about it. ALMOST THEEERE! :D :D :D

      *tries not to freak out*
      Okay, okay. I can be calm.
      Okay, I DO absolutely understand not wanting to do it in the midst of school and everything else. I actually waited until I graduated highschool to do NaNo, even though I had discovered it a couple of years before and wanted to try it. So yes, I totally get where you're coming from. So don't feel pressured! But if you DO decide to do it...well...THAT WOULD BE SO FUNNNN! :D

  9. AH YES, AIREN AT LAST. I love him already, oh my gosh. "Just kidding. I'm always handsome, no matter what." AND THE THING WITH THE COOK.

    (Also, I'd like to add that after reading a little more about Airen I ship him with Eryth about TEN TIMES MORE. Not like I didn't ship them already, though - those two idiots are so cute.)

    AND DUDE, I ALSO DID MY PRINCE FOR BP. Whaaaaat. Linus is very far from silly, though - I get a suspicious feeling that he and Airen wouldn't get along very well. XD

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. *grins uncontrollably* YOUR COMMENT.

      Hehehehe. Basically everybody in their KINGDOM ships them. Those two have GOT to get together. I mean, my word, Airen and Eryth. Come on!

      BRAIN TWINS TO THE MAX. Apparently it was just princely month. XD Well, the good thing about Airen is he'll get along with just about anyone. Except, ya know, villains and/or people hurting his loved one. Heh. But I suspect Airen would drive Linus crazy. He has that effect sometimes.

  10. 101 Ways To Cook Chocolate sounds like a book I need to read. ;)

    I loved reading this SO. MUCH. Airen was an absolute delight to meet.

    1. When Airen becomes king he says he wants to make it required reading for the people... *shakes head*

      Tehehe. THANK YOU. I have to say, I had a delight writing it. (Airen, get that smug look off your face!)

  11. Ha! He's adorable!

    You can check out my BP here:

    1. Lol. Thank you! He's a mess for sure. XD

      Oh, how fun!


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