Monday, May 5, 2014

Here Comes the Tiff Attack


Tiff GIF


Hello, hello. Tiff here. (I was going to go as far as to even give you a last name but Christine seems to have forgotten to give me one of those. But that’s all right, first names are more fun anyways, right?) Despite not being given a last name (yet), I was very excited to hear Cyrus’s idea of helping our author out a bit with this blogamajig. Being one who is a bit of a poet. . .well, that’s too strong of a word I think, more like one who likes to scribble verses down every now and again, I know what an annoyance it can be when you just want to write and have too many other things going on. There sure isn’t no pause button for your muse, that much is certain.

So what should I talk about? Don’t tell Cyrus and Isaac I’m peeking at their posts for ideas. . .

Looks like they just talked about themselves. Well, I can do that. Funny how easy it is to talk about one’s self, isn’t it? What does that say about humans? We’re quite the silly things.

Myself. . . Well, let’s see. I live with just my Grams. I wouldn’t say life for us has been all candy and cake, but God sees us through every bit of it. I don’t think I have a right to complain or anything. At least we’ve got each other, that’s more than a lot of people can say. I suppose I already mentioned I like jotting down poetry. I think my favorite thing is just those quiet moments in life, where there’s nothing to do but think. I like thinking. That’s when I come up with my poems, or just reflect on life. But that doesn’t mean I enjoy solitude all the time. A good dose of people can be the best medicine you get. Especially people who make you laugh. I think every person should have someone that makes them laugh. I know you’ve already met Cyrus and Isaac, they’re both good at that, making people laugh. They’re great to have as friends. I think you’ll be meeting Elan soon, he mentioned he hopes to get his turn in at some point. He’s a fun guy as well.

Oh, Christine said I should mention that my family is from Canada. I don’t really know why. Apparently Canadians are cool or something. I wouldn’t really know. I’ve lived in a city stuffed inside a big ol’ cube all my life. Grams seems to think it’s important that I know my roots, but we’re all just human inside the Cube, doesn’t seem to matter what race you are. We’ve all got two arms and legs, right? But I am Canadian, if you’re really interested. And I do enjoy ketchup, not that we get it much inside the Cube. Not exactly tomato plants growing off the walls. But what I really like is Asian food. There’s this little Asian restaurant around the corner of our old apartment I used to visit, when I had enough chips to pay for a plate of fried rice that is, which didn’t happen as often as I liked. But when it did, it was magnificent! If I wasn’t stuck inside a Cube, I’d pack my bags and head straight for China. Ya know, if it hasn’t been destroyed. There’s a reason we’re inside a cube. But I won’t get into that.

And I highly doubt all you lovely people popped over on Christine’s blog to read about my food tastes. What can I say? Food has my heart. I’m only human after all. What’d you expect?

Did I tell you about this bakery a couple of blocks down from where I used to live?

. . . . . . . . . .

Just kidding! I’m done discussing food. I promise. (But there really was a bakery.)

All right, guys. You’ve got to get my mind off food, and I can’t think of anything interesting to say about myself so I’m handing it over to you. Ask questions. Ramble about architecture. Tell me your views on mismatched socks. Anything works for me! I love talking with new acquaintances. So chat away!

Tiff Unknown-Last-Name is off for now!


  1. Food is important. I don't trust people who don't love food. I think you and I can be friends now.
    I love bakeries. If I'm ever about I should randomly pop up and we could go and get pastries...

    1. You and I are now friends, Miss Jack. You got me right at "Food is important" and "I don't trust people who don't love food" and "I love bakeries" and...oh well, maybe I should just quote your whole post. ;) Yep, you are officially on my approved list. Not that I have one of those... I approve of most people. But your HIGHLY approved. I would love to go get pastries with you, if only I wasn't stuck inside a giant cube, which in turn is stuck inside Lauri's head (which is a bit scary, by the way). Ah, the life of a character isn't an easy one.

  2. Hey, Tiff! Wonderful post! And yes, I'm going to second Jack's opinion and say that food is important. And ketchup is awesome. I'm sorry you don't get much of it.

    Ha! I would give you my views on mismatched socks, but... it'd be kinda boring. Seriously, for me, socks are for practical warmth and comfort. Doesn't really matter if they match or not. But... all my socks are the same, so it's impossible for me to get a mismatched pair. For some odd reason, my sisters think that I'm crazy to just want plain, white socks. *shrug* See? I told you it was boring.

    And that unknown last name thing has got to go. *shakes finger at Lauri* :)

    1. Hello! Why thank you. Glad ya think so. Yep, you're on my highly approved list as well. I think we should also be friends.

      Awww. Really? Socks are anything but practical! I'd wear socks of all the colors of the rainbow if I could. Too bad most of the clothes in the city are just black and brown and other dull colors (then again, I am prone to wear a lot of black, I find it snazzy). Striped knee socks are my favorite. But we're all entitled to our own opinions. I suppose it would be rather convenient to have all of the same type sock. It's a bit awkward to turn up to a job interview with mismatched ones on accident. But let's not go into that experience... Ahem.

      I quite agree! Us poor abused characters.

  3. It's so awesome meeting you Tiff! You seem like quite a nice energetic person!

    Poetry! How awesome! I do a wee bit of that myself, when the mood strikes me. Does your poetry rhyme or not?

    I'm glad that Cyrus and Isaac make you laugh! You sound like someone who would be good at that yourself. ;)

    I must say I enjoy food myself, though I've tried not to make it an obsession... I had asian food the other day though and goodness was it scrumptious. That special chicken on a stick and green beans fried in butter with garlic... YUM. And I've recently decided that cream puffs are paradise... But that's probably a topic for another day. *cough*

    I'm afraid my socks are boring and all of them are the same. Precisely because having to match them all and keep track of them would give me a headache. :P But people who like colorful socks seem to have colorful personalities so I guess that's a good thing.

    Pft, last names are overrated, my dear. And your name being "Tiff" has enough character for a first name, three middle names, and a last-name with a hyphen. So there. Marvelous meeting you, once again! ^_^

    (Aside to Lauri: HOW DO YOU FIND THE GIF PERFECTIONS?? :O Just from that gif and this post I know EXACTLY what Tiff is like and feel like I've actually met her and known her for months. Asldkfjsldjf. Yes. I loveth your charrie posts. *huggles all the charries who probably really need it anyway*)

    1. It's awesome to meet YOU. I love finding people who like to talk! Hahaha. Energetic has been a word people use for me quite a lot...

      Oh, you do? Now that's awesome. I don't know other people who like to write poetry. We ought to get together and share some of our stuff sometime. Ehhh...some of it rhymes, some of it's just, you know, poetical sounding. Whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

      Do I? Well, thank you. Making people laugh is pretty great.

      You're wise. Making an obsession with food is a bad habit... Especially when you're broke. Pastries aren't cheap where I live. Chicken on a stick? Butter...garlic... Stop it this instant! Now my stomach is rumbling. Thanks, just thanks. :P And cream puffs? Good gracious, don't even get me STARTED.

      As I told Miss Kiri, having all of the same type sock would be quite convenient, but I like fun socks myself. ;) Nothing like a colorful pair of knee socks to add a flare to an outfit.

      Hahahahahaha! I like you, Celti! Honestly, I don't get many compliments for my name. You're a gem. Keep being awesome.

      (Le Lauri speaking: Lolzy! Pinterest and tumblr are very helpful in that. Thank yooouuu! ^___^ Yes, I think they all definitely could use a hug. Especially right now... *cough*)


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