Monday, May 19, 2014

Elan Finally Posting!

Elan GIF

Well, howdy, everybody! Looks like I’m finally getting my turn on taking over. . .excuse me, taking care of Christine’s blog! I think you’ve seen my name mentioned here and there, and I may have poked my head into Cyrus's post for a sec.

“Poked? Your crashed my party. Rained on my parade. Broke my whistle. Stepped on my chicken. Choked my—”

Cyrus! Now who’s the one stepping on people’s chickens? Wait a minute, what does that even mean?

“Well. . .”

Never mind. I’ve been waiting weeks for this. Off with you!

“But I was just—”

*sound of door slamming*

So, where was I? Right! Introductions. I’m Elan, Cyrus’s loving older brother.

*muffled shouting* “Loving? You just locked me inside a clo—”

AHEM. Ignore those strange sounds coming from the background. Probably just a bird or something.

“We don’t have birds where we live.”

Anyways, I’m Elan. Happy to help my author out and give her some free time. You should all be proud of her, she’s been working pretty hard on our story when she can. I mean, she probably could be working a little harder. She appears to spend a lot of time reading and I caught her watching TV a good bit the other day but. . . Haha! Okay, okay I’ll try not to give her a hard time. I hear bad things happen to characters that bug their authors. . .

So are we just talking about ourselves? I’m a little bit lost on what exactly I’m supposed to be doing honestly.

Sooo. . . Um, I’m nineteen. I like. . .food. Not as much as Cyrus though. That boy can stuff so much in his face, probably due to his big mouth.


I guess by now you all know about my wings. I wasn’t born with them or anything, I’m not that much of a freak. They were forced on me by. . .unpleasant people. And they— You know what, let’s not talk about that.

“But they’re surging!”

Cyrus! Are you hacking my post through your port?

“Yep! Should have taken it away before you stuffed me in this closest. It’s kind of cozy in here though.”

You can’t just take over my post like this. I’ve been waiting to do one for weeks!

“Yeah, but you’re being boring. And I thought my adoring fans would like to hear from me again.”

Adoring fans?


You’re delusional.

“And you’re boring. I’ll go away if you actually start talking about something interesting. I mean food? Really?”

Tiff talked about food.

“Yeah, but she did it in a fun way. All I see is ZZZZzzzz’s before my eyes reading your post. Until I livened it up of course. Talk about your wings!”

I’d really rather not.

"Why not?”

You know why not.

“You’re so not fun! Oh, I know! Tell them about the time you fell in the tar pit!”


“Then I will!”

Don’t you dare!

“I’m gonna doooo iiiiittt. Unless you start being interesting that is.”

Interesting, huh? How ‘bout I show them some of your drawings from when you were four or so?

“Welp, looks like this is the end of the post. Someone please ask my brother something interesting so he’ll stop being so boring. Bye!”

Cyrus! CYRUS. Don’t you dare hit that publish button. I haven’t even had my turn yet. Don’t you hit it. Cy—


  1. I just wondered since wehn I have Finn Harries on blogger... oh well xD

    1. Lol, yeah, I cast him as one of my characters. I didn't even know who he was, I just found a random picture on Pinterest and thought it fit Elan. It was later after some research did I learn who the guy was. I've never actually scene any of those YouTube videos. Guess I should check them out.

  2. This is hilarious! :D

    Also, I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Leibster Award over at my blog,!

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

      Awwww! I'm so honored!!! Thank you so much! :D

  3. @Lauri: DAT GIF. ALL THE GIFS. THEY'RE AWESOME. Also I'm just dying. This post was incredible. SO HILARIOUS HOW YOU SO BRILLIANT. I wuv your charrie posts. <3

    @Cyrus: Cyrus, noooo, let Elan have his own post! He deserves it! *shakes head at Cyrus* Adoring fans, eh? XD

    @Elan: It was nice to meet you, Elan! I should like to hear more about those wings of yours but if it's a touchy subject I can try not to ask... (Seriously, Elan, wings are awesome! :O) I call for an encore! I think it's not fair to you that Cyrus stole it! You should get your author to agree to have you on again. *I* think you were being interesting. Maybe you could tell us about... I dunno, about some of the other characters if you don't want to talk about yourself. *nudge nudge* Or little things. Like... What's your favorite thing to do? Do you actually fly with those wings? What're your thoughts on Breighly and Lykan and Isaac and Tiff? Tell us something silly about your brother. Do you have a favorite color? Something like... all that. *is trying to give ideas for another post so that Cyrus can't accuse you of being boring* It was fantabulous meeting you, Elan! :D

    1. From Lauri: Hehehe. Yeah, I definitely got a bit too excited when I found that one. It's just the right amount of niceness with a hint of shyness in there that captured Elan PERFECTLY. Thank you, Pinterest!
      So glad you liked it! But it wasn't me, it was those two. Craziness always ensues when they're together... *shakes head*

      From Cyrus: But...but...but...he was being BORING. It was like a snooze fest going on. I was just trying to help. And yes, adoring fans. You DO adore me, don't'cha, Celti? *cheesy grin*

      From Elan: Nice to meet you, too, Celti! I've heard all sort of great things about you. Glad I'm finally actually getting to talk to you this time.
      The wings...uh...yeah. They're not my favorite subject. The IDEA of wings are cool, the reality is...something different.
      I think so too! And, in fact, Lauri has already had the thoughts of giving me another shot at this since Cyrus so RUDELY took over.
      "Being helpful is not rude!"
      Sometimes you can be TOO helpful, Cyrus. And see? Celti said she thought I was being interesting.
      "She's just being nice."
      *shoves him back in the closet*
      So anyway, I think I might get another turn sometime. Thanks for those suggestions. I might very well use them in my next post. Just...*lowers voice* Don't tell Cyrus I'm getting another turn sometime, okay?
      Great meeting you as well! Hopefully we can chat again sometime.

  4. I love you two. Can I come and visit? Just, kind of hang out, maybe eat dinner....that kind of thing?

    1. Hey there, Jack! This is Elan speaking, just to clarify. There seems to be a lot of conversations going on right now. Cyrus is in the closet again, and this time I have his port, so hopefully I can do this before he barges in again. us? Um, thanks, I guess. That's very nice of you. From what I've heard about you from Lauri, you're a lot of fun. So sure! Come hang out with us! If you don't mind coming to the future where the Earth is being destroyed and being locked up inside a giant cube. Otherwise, yeah, we should totally get together. I'll show you my favorite restaurant. You like pizza, right?

  5. This must be the time for tagging Lauri with the Liebster Award, because I just did too. :) You don't hafta do it, just if you want to. Because I wuveth your blog. <3

    1. Lol! I'm always honored to be tagged! Thank you so muuuuch!!! I wuveth your blog, too. ^__^
      Hopefully when I get Fallen Matter finished I can tackle all these lovely awards.


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