Thursday, March 21, 2013

Whimsical Grey

Do you ever have those days where you feel whimsically grey?

It’s those days where you feel melancholy, but in a good way. The days where you want to be alone to just bask in the quiet beauty of life.

Creativity flows within you on these days. If you’re a writer, you might find yourself spending all day in a quiet corner tapping peacefully on your keyboard. An artist could be spotted with pencil in hand, looking out their window and copying the scenery before them. A photographer may discover themselves leisurely wandering in the woods, snapping pictures of nature. It’s those days where you want to get a good book and go lean against your favorite tree and read the afternoon away. Or you want to just relax and listen to calming music while you ponder over your thoughts.

Book in the Wind

On these days, you might even want to do something new. An artist may attempt their hand at a story and a writer might find themselves using the pencil to make pictures instead of words.

These are the days where you feel peaceful and comfortable and creative. Where the world looks a little bit more beautiful. Where you’re somehow feeling both whimsical and melancholy.

On occasion, I have these day. It’s on these days that I might find myself creating a new story or journaling or just seeking out a quiet place to read. I’m not an artist in the least and yet on these days I have the sudden desire to try my hand at it. I feel the need to be alone but I also have this deep urge to create something beautiful, enjoy the simple whimsies of life.

It’s these days that I realize how beautiful God’s creations really are.

I think for me it’s the coming of spring that really brings on the whimsical grey days. There’s something about the change of the temperature and nature blooming and the breeze bringing me a whiff of the fresh new spring air.

Life is beautiful and whimsical and creative.

And even grey can be lovely.


  1. I love your phrase "whimsically grey" and I can totally relate to those days! Maybe it's why we writers/artists/creatives love rainy days and hot cocoa and cozy fireplaces :) I definitely agree that grey days can be refreshing and great to stimulate creativity. Great post!

  2. Aww, thank you! That probably is why. We're a very...interesting type. ;)


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