Wednesday, March 13, 2013

20 Random Things About Me

You may or may not know…

1. I somehow manage to be both a loner and a social butterfly.

2. I would say I’m far closer to being an extrovert than an introvert though.

3. Owl City and Chris Tomlin are my favorite singers/bands of all time.

4. I love heights.

5. Due to number 4 it’s my dream to one day fly in a hot air balloon.

6. My biggest fear is drowning.

7. The ocean kind of terrifies me.

8. I love to sing but don’t think I actually have a good singing voice (at all) and will only sing when I’m alone or along with a large group.

9. I really dislike Daylight Saving Time and having to readjust my schedule due to it.

10. I have an obsession with names, to the point that my best friend got me a baby name book many years ago for Christmas just so I can look through it for fun (which I do on a constant basis).

11. It’s my dream to go to New Zealand and Ireland someday and I have every intention of doing so at some point…hopefully.

12. The only other country I’ve ever actually been to is Canada (I’m American by the way…but that’s probably obvious).

13. I think the fact that today’s date is 3/13/2013 is really cool.

14. Numbers are fun.

15. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 4 years old and adore it (it’s my favorite instrument).

16. I like to say dragons is my favorite animal (because they are of course.)

17. Sailing by Celtic Woman is currently playing while I’m typing this point.

18. Celtic Woman music is gorgeous.

19. I love making lists. (You couldn’t tell, could you?)

20. I genuinely hope each and every one of you has a most spectacular, beautiful Wednesday.


  1. Now I expect another blog post to explain in more depth why you want to go to the places you do, and why you are the way you are. :P Would be interesting haha

    Also, haven't heard from you in a while, hope you are okay!

  2. Lol! What specifics do you want? I want to go to New Zealand because the scenery there is just magical. When they film beautiful scenes in like the Lord of the Rings movies or the Narnia ones, things like that, it's usually in New Zealand. It's practically a fantasy world coming alive to me. And Ireland also has such scenery and I just kind of adore all things Irish.

    Yes, I'm so sorry I've been absent lately! I am okay, I just haven't really been using the internet much at all lately. I'm so sorry! I'm planning on messaging you very soon here. I've missed you!


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