Friday, March 8, 2013

The Woes of Larry -Take 2

All the way back in June, I made a post called The Woes of Larry. Larry is the name of my laptop, you see, and during that time his power cord messed up, making it where I could not plug Larry in. Poor Larry, 6 years old this very month, much loved and so very much used, is getting old and broken down. His battery just barely works (it usually only lasts about 20 minutes now), making it where I have to keep the power cord plugged into him whenever I’m using him. So back in June when his power cord broke, I had no laptop until the new one I ordered came through the mail.

That was a very dark time for me.

But, eventually, the new power cord did come and I had my Larry back and all was well again.

Two weeks ago, I came into my room to find Larry was not on, when I distinctly remember he was on the last time I was in my room. Frowning and confused, I pushed the power button. Nothing. Now hyperventilating a little, I tried it again. Nothing. “My best friend has died!” thought the silly, dramatic Lauri.

Larry is old and overly used, I thought the possibilities were very high that he had decided he, in fact, had enough of being overly used and slipped away peacefully and quietly. He was tired, the poor laptop. I knew it was going to happen eventually. Sad and inconvenient though it was, I took a deep breath and realized life is not centered around a laptop. It was all going to be okay.

Then something occurred to me.

A couple of times recently whilst plugging in Larry it acted as if he was not plugged in. Could it be that his power cord had died and his battery was just not charged making it so he wouldn’t come on? Besides, it would be very typical that another power cord died. Because that’s just how things go for me.

So, taking a chance, we ordered yet another power cord. There was still the huge possibility that it was not the cord at all but really was that Larry was old and didn’t work anymore, but it was certainly worth a shot.

Larry and his third power cord

For two weeks I went without my Larry. It was so strange…seeing an actual…world outside the computer screen. Who knew there was such a thing? ;P

Then, finally, last night I received my new power cord. My heart racing (not even kidding, I’m so silly), I plugged it into the wall and Larry, then shakily pushed Larry’s on switch.


On came the lights and screen, as if Larry was grinning at me saying, “I’m baaaack!” (He is very cocky after all.)

Happy Larry2

It was the power cord and not the laptop at all!

Much squeeing and bouncing up and down (quite literally I fear) ensued.

I officially have my laptop back and what a relief it is! I mean, he is old and it’s only a matter of time…but I’m just grateful to have him now.

Also, on a side note, my darling Navi has turned 6 years old today. (Yes, indeed, she and my laptop are both six and share the same birthday month.)


Happy Birthday, my Little Monster!


  1. I'm happy that Larry is happy... again! It's good to hear the tale of woes has such an ending, Lauriloth! My laptop is only a year and a half old, but no fear. I shall have great expectations of my dear, electronic friend. :D

  2. Awww, thank you, Kiri!
    I wish you and your laptop many years to come together. ;)

  3. Poor Larry! That must have been a very devastating time for you! :\
    I though my life was over when I accidentally deleted a book I was in the process of writing. It was as horrid as it sounds. Though, I did write the book more successfully than the first try. I guess it all worked out for the good. I still ditched it because it sounded cheesy, and I didn't know where to go with it. But, that's my short, devastating story! lol

    1. Oh wow, this was SUCH a long time ago! Lol. I've since gotten a new laptop. But Larry is still considered my precious boy since he was my first laptop and I used him for sooo long.

      But YES. Going without a laptop was a tragedy! (I maaaay rely on my laptops a little too much... Ahem.)

      OH NO!!! You deleted one of your books? D: That is a far worse tragedy than mine! I'M SO SORRY. I'm glad it all turned out okay though. Still, losing a story is like my biggest fear. I backup allll my stories in a million different places because I'm so paranoid. XD

    2. LOL!!! I was browsing your page, and I came across this one. Gracious me. I didn't see 2013! LOL
      Me too, but I use my laptop mostly for my writing.
      Yep. That one stormy night (it probably wasn't stormy. I can't remember that far.), but I came back to not finding it at all. Let's just say...I thought I would never cry again. ugh (Thanks, it felt so tragic then. Now I look back and I'm laughing for some weird reason. xD)
      I know exactly how you're feeling. I save my books on like...two different flash drives because I'm SO afraid off the house burning down or something like that. I still need to save my new one....I also put my laptop in it's case if it's not charging.

    3. I see! Well, I'm always honored when people are interested enough in my blog to read older posts. ^_^ (Even if it is also scary because...well, let's just say I've come a long way with blogging. XD)

      That's good you can laugh at it now! Because I can only imagine how devastating it was at the time! D:

      That all sounds like a very solid plan! I don't think one can ever be too careful with their precious stories. *nods*

    4. You never cease to make me laugh! I think your older posts are great. :)
      Yes, at the time you could have thought someone in my family died. Let's just say, now I'm ever so careful. It is, though sometimes I scold myself for caring too much about it. *shrugs and saves more*


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