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Beautiful People: April Edition

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It is May, indeed. BP came a little bit late in the month plus I had all my blogger troubles (you can read about in my last post), thus I’m not getting to this until now.

Also, it has occurred to me Beautiful People seems to be about the only thing I do on this here blog, with just the occasional post in between them. This cannot continue. I am determined to be a better blogger. I know I keep saying that, but I mean it this time. Ideas are slowly forming in my head and with the new look, my vigor for blogging is beginning to return. Let’s just hope it stays.

Now then, Beautiful People is to help us writers learn more about our story characters and is put on by, in fact, beautiful people, Georgie and Sky. You can read all about it on their FAQ if you so desire, or find this month’s questions here or here.

This month I’ve decided to use Captain Nhimvaria Evreera Emmendo. With that name, I’m sure you’re imagining some great, strong, awesome captain, yes? What if I told you she is a 12 year old girl whom everyone calls Nhimi to her great disgust? Nhimi is an…interesting character from my steampunk novel. Her father is a mighty airship captain/pirate and literally bought her a small ship of her own when she was only 5 years old. She’s feisty and terribly headstrong, claiming she is, in fact, a deadly pirate. You don’t want to get her on her bad side, it’s true. But one can often forget when they’re looking down at a very small 12 year old girl.

1. What is their favorite type of shoes?
Nhimi is an airship pirate, so naturally she’d sport some very sturdy boots at all times. She wouldn’t be caught dead in anything fancy or too girly.

2. Do they journal?
At first my answer was no, then I began realizing Nhimi probably does everything she can to prove she’s an adequate captain. I would not be surprised a bit if she kept a “Captain’s Log” of some form. Perhaps she does journal but would never admit to doing such a thing, thus conceals it as her Captain’s Log.
Ah, Beautiful People, you truly do help one discover one’s characters.

3. What’s their favorite animal?
I’m inclined to say an elephant. You see, when she received her own small ship from her father when she was five, she named it The Winged Elephant, fondly calling it Ellie for short. This name came from her five year old mind, claiming the curved stern looked like an elephant's trunk and hoping if it had a name like 'elephant' it would seem bigger than it actually was.

Now if an elephant is her favorite animal, I’m not really sure. I have a feeling she’s rather fond of monkeys as well for some reason.

4. What does their average day look like?
Upon this question, she wants to scream, “Adventurous!!”

Having a pirate captain for a father does make for an interesting life. Much of her time is probably spent soaring through the sky in their airships and looting goods. Though she is often forced to stay behind on the more dangerous journeys. During these times, she stays on her own ship with her father’s rather wacky but highly intelligent brother, Professor Barnabas Duckington, who seems to want to do nothing but drink tea and read. Nhimi, being the adventurous girl she is, detests these quiet times.

5. Night owl or morning person? (Optional: What time do they usually wake up? Go to bed?)
Nhimi is not very fond of sleeping at all. She awakes with the sunrise, vigorously awaiting for the day’s excitements. She would never admit to being tired, but, being only 12, her body gets quite taxed by the end of the day. She usually ends up finding herself in bed by about 9 or 10 at night.

6. Do they have a sweet tooth?
I think Nhimi adores sweets much more than she’s willing to admit to. Most her life she’s tried to act anything but a child. In her mind, sweets are a childish thing; unfortunately, her taste buds are inclined to highly disagree.

7. What colors are their bedroom?
Just a brown room made from wood and steel of her airship.

8. Can they cook?
Nhimi? Cook? She might can explode a kitchen, if that counts. Cooking is not her forte.

9. What is their favorite household chore?
It is a rule on the ships that the entire crew, captain and captain’s daughter alike, must lend a hand in all things, chores including. Nhimi is a rather spoiled little thing and thinks the crew should do things like swab the deck or clean the windows. Unfortunately, she finds herself having to do such chores often. Her favorite would probably be swabbing the deck. Getting it all wet and sliding around proves to be most entertaining.

10. Favorite kind of tea?
Nhimi has been drinking tea since she was practically a toddler, having the mentality that it makes her seem older. Not only that though; she uses it as her sugar fix instead of succumbing to candy and sweets. She drowns her tea with excess amounts of sugar. She does not have a great preference with tea but detests anything bitter and is quite fond of minty kinds.

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