Monday, February 18, 2019

A Heart-Shaped Box of OTPs Tag

Valentine’s Day might has passed BUT that doesn’t mean we have to stop the love. And, to be honest, I usually just use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to gush about my favorite fictional couples. I HAVE A PROBLEM OKAY?

Luckily, in honor of this month of love, my dear friend and awesome person all around Kiri Liz has created a linkup literally catered toward gushing over fictional ships. Best tag ever? I THINK SO. This tag focusing on all our different OTPs (which is fandom-ese for “One True Pairing”) and compares them to chocolate. Like opening a heart-shaped box only to find a dozen adorable couples packed inside instead of chocolate (er…wut?), which is fine by me since I don’t actually *ahem* like chocolate. *cue half of you unfollowing me* DON’T HATE ME.

I should probably just do the tag now before this gets more awkward…

SO. Kiri split this tag into two parts. The first ten questions are more mainstream and classic. Then, she made ten more optional questions that add a bit of an exotic, bizarre twist. It’s totally optional if you want to do the additional 10 questions. But, me being the obsessive shipper I am, OF COURSE chose to go for all 20 questions. So get ready for a boatload of ships! (Wait…how do ships ride on boats, isn’t it the other way around?)

WARNING: Fangirling ahead, proceed with caution.


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Original Chocolate Heart
{The OTP that started it all}

Belle & the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
Disney Animated Film

So this was HARD. Because I really have no clue what my first ever ship was. I didn’t really consciously think about couples and all that when I was real little. Ah, the simple days when I could watch TV and read books without being emotional scarred. Good times, good times.

Ahem. ANYWAY. If I had to guess, I’d say Bell and the Beast from the Disney animated classic was my first foray into shipping. I grew up on those Disney classics, and these two were always my favorite couple.

So yeah, I’ve been a Beauty and the Beast fan since I was born. Anyone surprised?


Dark Chocolate
{The OTP with the most drama}

Nym & Eogan
The Storm Siren trilogy
by Mary Weber

This one was hard because lolololol they’ve ALL got drama. I mean, these are fictional people after all. Usually they’re off saving the world and almost dying and being put through tension by their evil authors just for the sake of drama (gotta have that over-the-top drama in fiction after all). As we all know, OTP really stands for “Oh The Pain”.

But, the first couple to come to mind when I thought of drama was Nym and Eogan from The Storm Siren trilogy. No spoilers here but OOMPH. The thiiiings those two went through just… o.o Pain. So much pain.


Caramel Filled
{The OTP that's simple and sweet}

Robin Hood & Marian
Robin Hood
Disney Animated Film

Who doesn’t love them??? I don’t care that they’re animated foxes. THEY’RE PRECIOUS. We all shipped it as children. You cannot deny this.


Raspberry Chocolate
{The forbidden-love OTP}

Snow & Chayse
Falling Snow
(Part of the Five Poisoned Apples anthology)
by Skye Hoffert

Gonna try to avoid spoilers here, but but but Snow my precious broken girl and Chayse my also broken fae boy. There was like a billboard worth of reasons why they couldn’t be together and and and MY HEART. JUST BURY ME NOW I AM DONE FOR.


White Chocolate
{The odd OTP you still somehow manage to love}

Iko & Kinney
Wires and Nerve Graphic Novels
by Marissa Meyer

This relationship is a little awkward because while Kinney is a human, Iko is, erm, an android. But but but their relationship was so funnnnn. Kinney is such a grump and prejudice against androids, while Iko, is, well, IKO. Carefree and spirited and a total romantic and YEAH. Watching her basically force Kinney to warm up to her with her never-give-up attitude was hilarious. I LOVED THEM OKAY.


Peanut Butter Chocolate
{The OTP everybody and their sisters ship}

Westley & Buttercup
The Princess Bride
by William Goldman
(book and film)

I don’t think I even need an explanation for this one. I mean, if you don’t ship this pirate and princess then what have you been doing with your whole life???


{The OTP that you fear no one knows about}

Betsy & Joe
Betsy-Tacy series
by Maud Hart Lovelace

This series, guys. This was my life before I turned 10 and discovered The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Okay, actually, it continued to be one of my favorite series through pre-teen and early teen days. I adored it. Still do. Betsy was basically me. An extroverted writer with big dreams. Then Joe comes on. Such a fun cinnamon roll. And I loved them. Their relationship was slow moving and sweet. These books had me shipping yeeeears before I had any clue what shipping was.

Unfortunately, I never see anyone talk about them. Was I the only one who grew up with these delightful stories??? Where is my Betsy-Tacy crew???


Chocolate with Almond
{The fun and nutty OTP}

Lord Teddie & Bramble
by Heather Dixon

Cheerful, proper Lord Teddie and rambunctious, mischievous Bramble were such an unexpected, hilarious pair. Their interactions had be hiccupping with laughter. Bramble has such a temper, and Teddie only wants to please in his awkward, happy manner. Brb while I go SHIP THEM FOREVER.


Chocolate with Coconut
{The OTP who came from different backgrounds}


The Doctor & Rose
Doctor Who
BBC Television Series

Eheheheh. The Doctor is a 900-year-old alien with two hearts who can travel through time, while Rose is a 19-year-old girl from London who works in a shop. One can say their backgrounds are a smiiiidge different. But we ship them anyway because WE CAN’T HELP IT.


Mint Chocolate
{The OTP you'll love until you die}

Cress & Thorne
The Lunar Chronicles
by Marissa Meyer

(If you’re shocked I didn’t put Howl and Sophie here, don’t worry. They’re coming. *winks*)

MY PRECIOUSESSSS. Cress is all shy and awkward and a hopeless romantic, while Thorne is suave and charismatic and cocky. And this just happens to be one of my TOP favorite types of ships ever. Seeing Thorne’s heart of gold come out of hiding when he’s around Cress, and her adorable infatuation of him just just just…I CAN’T. I WILL BE FLAILING ABOUT THEM TO MY GRAVE.



Orange Crème
{The OTP you never expected to love}

Red as Blood Couple
Red as Blood
(Part of the Five Poisoned Apples anthology)
by Maddie Morrow

Okay so I’m not mentioning any names because that’d be HUGE spoilers. But, let’s just say a couple that formed in this novella took me by surprise but in THE BEST WAY. By the end of the story I was totally on board the ship. It was so unexpected and fun! Of course, now you’re going to have to read the story to find out what I’m talking about. Bwahaha.


Salted Caramel
{The OTP who worked the most on their relationship}

Billy & Bonnie
Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire series
by Bryan Davis

This was another hard one. I kept thinking of so many couples who had to fight for their relationship. But I finally had to go with my sweet Billy and Bonnie. These two not only had to fight dragon slayers, corrupt dragons, amongst dozens of other psychotic villains, but also travel through different worlds, and fight for their love on a spiritual level too. They went through years, YEARS, of fighting for each other and to be together. And just… *wipes tear from eye* MY SWEET CHILDREN. Theirs was such a beautiful love story.


Chocolate Covered Raisins
{The young OTP you know hope will work out one day}

Mike & Eleven
Stranger Things
Netflix series

Notice how I changed the question up there because I HAVE NO IDEA IF THEY’LL WORK OUT. The way these show writers treat their characters chances are nothing will work out. I just want my little bby children to be happy. Is that too much to ask???


Please stop hurting these bbs!

(Disclaimer: Stranger Things is more or less a horror show and can get very gruesome and dark. It also has an immense amount of language, unfortunately, so I can’t recommend it to everyone.)


Chocolate Jalapeño
{The OTP that can't be together but you ship it anyways}

Neville & Luna
Harry Potter series
by J.K. Rowling

Hello, yes. I adore Neville and Luna with all my heart and soul. And I think they’d be the sweetest cinnamon roll couple to ever exist. But apparently it’s not canon that they get together??? And I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS. THEY WOULD BE PERFECT.

I refuse to accept whatever the actual canon is because Luneville is perfection and I will GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP.




Ferrero Rocher
{The best dressed/best looking OTP}

Ella & Kit
Disney 2015 Film

I mean just LOOK AT THEM.


Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean
{The energetic OTP that keeps you on your toes}

Crispin & Molly
Beaumont and Beasley series
by Kyle Robert Shultz

These two! Crispin, my boy, is a ball of energy. Something akin to a five-year-old on an endless supply of sugar. While Molly is a total sweetheart who’s always looking to aid the Beaumont and Beasley team but, erm, her wacky ideas aren’t always helpful. We love her for it though. Her and Crispin are great together. And by great I mean hilarious mishaps follow them wherever they go. Actual hyper puppies. <3


Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
{The OTP that's just absolutely adorable}

Ginny & Halcyon
Paper Crowns
by Mirriam Neal

I feel like I haven’t talked about this book in a while and THAT NEEDS TO BE REMEDIED. Not only is it one of the most whimsical, delightful reads of all time, THE CHARACTERSSS. Ginny is sweet and awkward and a little innocent, but strong when she needs to be. Halcyon is sarcastic and protective and enigmatic. Oh, and he also shapeshifts into a CAT. SO THERE’S THAT. They’re precious together. ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS.


Chocolate with Nougat
{The OTP full of fluff and nonsense}

Shawn & Juliet
USA Television Series

Okay, Shawn is the one mostly full of nonsense, but Juliet has her moments for sure. I love how Juliet totally goes with Shawn’s constant absurd ideas, and can speak fluently in moviequote-ese, as that’s Shawn’s favorite form of communication. And Shawn’s love for his “Jules” is everything.

Such fluff. Such nonsense.


(Disclaimer: This is another show with some language and the occasional other meh content. Some episodes are fine, some are not, so be warned.)


Chocolate with Walnuts
{The OTP with the bumpiest relationship}

Rumple & Belle
Once Upon a Time
ABC Television Series

The prime couple of “Oh The Pain”. Rumple and Belle are the Beauty and the Beast characters of this show, and, of course, most B&B relationships are strenuous. But UGH. We go through SEVEN SEASONS of back-and-forth relationship drama between these two. Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting over here with A THOUSAND KNIVES IN MY HEART. Can we just live happily ever after for once? PLEASE???


Please ignore my heart lying on the floor.


Chocolate Butterscotch
{The OTP with the best banter}

Howl & Sophie
Howl’s Moving Castle
by Diana Wynne Jones

(Told you I was getting to them.)

The very best happened to be saved for last. Yes, I did originally have them on the “love until you die” question buuuut COME ON. Their banter! Their banter is basically what makes their relationship.

Really, these wizards! You'd think no one had ever had a cold before! Well, what is it?" she asked, hobbling through the bedroom door onto the filthy carpet.

"I'm dying of boredom," Howl said pathetically. "Or maybe just dying.”


I'm delirious. Spots are crawling before my eyes."

"Those are spiders.”

More about Howl?” Sophie thought desperately. I have to blacken his name! Her mind was such a blank that for a second it actually seemed to her that Howl had no faults at all. How stupid! “Well, he's fickle, careless, selfish, and hysterical,” she said. “Half the time I think he doesn't care what happens to anyone as long as he's alright—but then I find out how awfully kind he's been to someone. Then I think he's kind just when it suits him—only then I find out he undercharges poor people. I don't know, Your Majesty. He's a mess.”

Life giving content right there.

When I talk about my “OTP” this is truly it. They’re such a ridiculous pairing and I love them with my whole heart.

Whew! I won’t even tell you guys how much time I spent on these answers—changing and switching them around, agonizing over who to choose because I had so many choices for like every one, questioning myself again and again. I JUST HAVE TOO MANY SHIPS. But I regret nothiiiing.

If you want to join in on the pain fun, check out KIRI'S POST to snag all the questions and join the linkup! It runs through February, so get your heart-eyes ready and let the shipping begin!



Obviously I need to fangirl/boy with you guys about these OTPs. Do we have some of the same ones? Do you agree with my answers? Do your ships give you as much emotional trauma as mine do? Let’s discuss ALL THE SHIPPING. And don’t forget you can join the linkup HERE!


  1. AHHHH this was such a fun post to read!! Ginny and Halcyon absolutely MADE Paper Crowns. They're such a perfect couple <3 and Mike and Eleven make my heart hurt so much. Okay, confession time: I read Princess Bride at last earlier last year, and I was pretty meh on it. Maybe I'd like the movie more, but I just didn't think it was super funny?? Clever, yes, but not . . . funny. And the ending just ???? WHAT. did I miss something?? (I did love Inigo Montoya, though.)

    Eleanor | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed all my fangirling! XD Oh my goodness, Ginny and Hal are EVERYTHING. I wish the book had been longer because I NEED MORE OF THEMMM. <333 Mike and Eleven destroy all my emotions. ALL OF THEM. That show...I can't.

      THAT IS OKAY. You know, the book wasn't my favorite either, believe it or not. Honestly, I feel like the movie is actually way more of a classic than the book. One of those rare times that happens. But yeah, that's the ONE story I urge people to watch the movie of first, and not even worry about the book if they don't want to. Because, trust me, the movie is HILARIOUSSS. It's so bizarre and ridiculous. And Inigo is just as amazing, maybe even more so. So I 100000x recommend you see the movie, even if the book wasn't your thing. It's the best!

  2. Thorne and Cress are so precious! And Robin Hood and Maid Marion, of course. And Wesley and Buttercup. And Kit and Ella. <3 <3 <3 This is such a pretty post!!

    1. YES YES YES YES AND YESSS!!! So many precious couples! <3

      Thank you! It was fun to do. ^_^

  3. THIS WAS SUCH A LONG TAG!! AND AN AWESOME TAG!! AND I really should do it ...

    1. I KNOW IT WAS ENORMOUS. XDD Buuut, the last 10 questions were optional, so you don't have to do ALL of them. BUT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO THE TAG. IT WAS A BLAST.

  4. I'll admit, I don't know half of these, but the ones I do know, oh my goodness yes. Stranger thugs, Howls moving castle, falling Snow, paper crowns, Disney, yes yes yes.
    Also, very happy you liked Red as Blood's ship and that it surprised you. He was originally shipped with the other option by the editing team and I was

    1. There are just so many good ships out there! I seriously had the HARDEST time trying to decide who all to feature in this post. So. Many. Ships. o.o

      I LOOOOVED it! It was the best twist!
      The OTHER option??? Erm. Wow. Noooo. That wouldn't have ended well. XD

    2. Not stalking the comments section... but NOOOOOO!!!!! I SHIPPED HIM SO HARD WITH THE RIGHT OPTION, yeah, basically since they first met. It cannot be any other way! Sufferin' cats, who would have suggested otherwise?!?!?!

  5. Ella and Kit!!!! Boy, I loved that movie - possibly because I expected to just "ho hum it wasn't bad" kind of like it, but I REALLY enjoyed it. Such a cute movie!!

    And many great OTPs!!! Love them all! (Billy and Bonnie...their story, just, WOW.)

    1. I AGREE. Like, I was looking forward to it, but I didn't expect it to become one of my FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME. I could seriously watch it on repeat til the world ends and never get tired of it. It's just... *clutches heart* It's my happy place.

      THERE ARE JUST SO MANY GOOD SHIPS OUT THERE. AWK. (Right??? Their story fills my soul. <333)

  6. Sophie and Howl forever!

    And oh my goodness, BETSY-TACYYYYYY!!!!!
    I've only ever read the first four plus Betsy in Spite of Herself because I own the first four and the library, for some reason, has BISOH, but none of the others. And I can never find any of the others at bookstores or anything. BUT I absolutely ADORE those books, grew up with them, have never met anybody else who's ever heard of them though??? And Joe isn't in BISOH enough because STUPID PHIL, but he's great and some day I'll read all the books and I expect to be one hundred percent behind that ship. (Also...this means Betsy's wedding-cake slips of paper about her future husband were right, doesn't it? Cause she was going to marry either Joe, Phil, or a stranger, I think. I love that.)

    1. YESSSS. MY TRUE OTP. <3333

      OH. MY. GOODNESS. Finally someone who knows these books! AAAHHHH! *tackles you* I just never see anyone talk about them either! That is so sad your library doesn't have them all though. Betsy and Joe was probably my favorite of the series, honestly. But I love them ALL. I hope you're able to find the rest one day! (Also, about your question... *smile, smile*)

  7. Westley & Buttercup!! HOWL AND SOPHIE!!!!! *flails*

    1. HOWL AND SOPHIE MY GREATEST SHIIIIPPPP!!!! And Westley and Buttercup are so great. XD UGH. ALL THE SHIPS. *FLAILS WITH YOU*

  8. Oh my gosh--I love Shawn and Juliet!! They are totally my OTP.

    I also love Mike and Eleven! They are so adorable--crossing my fingers that they end up together!

    1. Wasn't their relationship the best thing ever? I love how it was slow moving, despite the fact that Shawn basically fell in love at first sight. XD GAH. They're so sweet! <3

      Mike and Eleven make me HURT. D: If something happens where they can't just live happily ever after I'm going to have wooords for those writers. >.>

  9. You don't like chocolate? That's okay...I'll eat it for you! My OTP: Me & Chocolate.

    1. Bwahahaha! Yes, you may have all my chocolate and live happily ever after. ;D

      But yeah, I can't stand the stuff. Isn't that weird? I don't even know... *shakes head*

  10. How on earth did I not know this tag existed??? I did a ship post for Valentine's Day, as well, but I would have absolutely ADORED answering these questions!!!

    Honestly, I feel no shame in admitting that I almost verbally squealed at a lot of these answers. Iko and Kinney, CRESS AND THORNE!!!, Neville and Luna (they are perfect for each other!!), THE DOCTOR AND ROSE!!!! Ack, that's one that will forever crush me... I am just so in love with all of these... And I NEED to read Howl's Moving Castle. I'm going to the library tomorrow, so I'm gonna see if I can find it...

    1. There's still time to join in if you waaaant! *wriggles eyebrows* It was so much fun!

      I love that we have so many of the same ships. We can squeal together! Aren't they all just precious??? And I'm so glad I'm not alone in the Neville and Luna thing! THEY'RE PERFECT I TELL YOU.

      You DEFINITELY need Howl in your life. Neeeed! Oh my goodness, I hope your library has it! *crosses fingers* If you read it, you'll HAVE to let me know what you thought!

    2. LOL!!! Unfortunately I failed to see this until MARCH (what) so once again I have failed. BUT. I might pin it for next year!!

      Yes!!! Let us squeal together for eternity. And Neville and Luna are ABSOLUTE PRECIOUSNESS!!! I'm so bummed it wasn't like a book canon thing, but at least that final movie knew what was up. 😂

      MY LIBRARY DID NOT HAVE IT. URGH. Well, their computer was down and I couldn't find it. BUT I can request a hold for the ebook, so I'm gonna be doing that!! And I will DEFINITELY let you know!!! I suspect I'm going to absolutely adore it...

    3. Awww! Well, you could still totally do it, even if you can't officially join the linkup. But saving it until next year is totally a plan too! :D

      YES. I was proud of the movie makers. They knew it needed to happen, even if the books didn't. ;D

      OH NOOOOOES. Your library has failed me! D: But an ebook works too! EEP. Can't wait for you to read it!


    I feel like an awful person here--but I never actually got to Betsy and Joe! The first four books in that series were life growing up, but my mom was always avidly against anyone "boy-crazy" so I wasn't allowed to read the later ones, except for Heaven to Betsy and (I think?) Betsy in Spite of Herself. So I met Joe...but never got to the part where they got together. Shaaaaaame. *Hides face* I guess I'm due for a reread of the whole series? Lolz.

    NEVILLE AND LUNA!!!!!! Can I just say that I'm remarkably happy that Harry and Luna never had anything romantic going on, though? I love Rowling's treatment of boy-girl friendships and the way that she's totally cool with them being best friends. (Of course, I think her treatment of girl-girl friendship could use a little work, but we can't have everything, now can we? XD)

    I ship the Doctor and Rose so very hard, even though I'm only a couple episodes into Season 2 (curse my lack of ability to watch any more right now!)

    ELLA AND KIT ARE MY TRUE OTP. I have never loved Cinderella all that much, but that version of it just kills me. I have so many emotions and tears and aghhhhh I just love it all so very much. Kit is one of my favorite fictional boys ever, and Ella is the epitome of what I want to see in fiction. She's so sweet and yet strong...and "have courage and be kind" is literally the mantra of my life at this point (plus "Have faith in God", of course, but ya know Disney.) SO PERFECT. AND THOSE COSTUMES THOUGH.

    I finally, finally got around to reading Paper Crowns! And oh, it was so good. Ginger and Halcyon are adorable and such wonderful ship material.

    Also. Howl and Sophie. Let me just say. Howl and Sophie. Nothing more. That is all.

    I love this post SO MUCH! I think I'm going to HAVE to participate in this linkup, even though I'm technically on vacation and have no idea when I'm going to write the post xD But OH MY WORD, I WANT TO SO BADLY. I love shipping far too much (although, let's be honest, is that possible as long as you're keeping it to fictional ships? Bwahahaha.)

    AMAZING post! Love it <3

    1. ALL OF THEM! <3

      No, no, no, no! That's not awful. That's good you didn't go against your mom's wishes. And I totally get it. Betsy WAS pretty boy obsessed. Honestly, she might not have always been the best influence for me. I was reading those books at those pivotal preteen years so...yeah. XD Waiting until your older sounds like a solid plan to me! But I loved that you did read the earlier ones! I just NEVER hear people talk about them. They're such fun stories! ^_^

      YESSSS. So I am not alone in this? I just love Neville and Luna so much. THEY NEEDED TO BE TOGETHER GAH.
      Oh my goodness, saaaame! I went on a whole long rant with my sister not too long ago of how I ADORE Harry and Hermione's friendship, how it ALWAYS stayed strictly platonic, with no real love triangle or anything. And it was the same with Luna. I loved it soooo much! Harry and Luna just liked each other as FRIENDS and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I was shocked how the romance in the books never took over the plot. It was refreshing! Rowling's treatment of boy-girl friends was definitely inspiring!

      The Doctor and Rose are everything. EVERYTHING. I hope you'll find time to watch more soon. It's such a good show! (But boy do I understand the lack of time thing. Bleh.)

      That Cinderella movie is my happy place. It is just EVERYTHING I want a Cinderella story to be. Ella and Kit were perfection. And YES. I could rave for hooours about how refreshing Ella's character was. And Kit's for that matter! UGH. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH.

      YOU DID??? AAAHHHH!!! Wasn't it so cute? Ginny and Hal are too much for my soul. <3

      Howl and Sophie. Period. The end. Forever. Always.

      OH OH. YESSS. DO IIITTT!!!! I'd LOVE to see your answers! And hey, you could always do it after February just for fun if you don't have time right now! BUT YES. ALL THE FICTIONAL SHIPPING.

      So glad you enjoyed it! <333

  12. Okay this was the best. It made me grin. I know most of these ships and love them.

    1. *BEAMS* That makes me happy you know most of these ships and enjoyed the post! I may have way too much fun talking about my fictional ships. XD

  13. I love that you love Betsy and Joe! I read the whole series a couple of years ago (after reading the first few books many times as a child) and I loooove them! They are one of the bestest couples ever.

    Loved all of your ships! I think it is hilarious that I know of some of those ships because of blogs flailing about them. Not because I actually watch the shows. ;):)

    1. Oh my goodness, another Betsy fan! It's so rare I find people who've read those books. Wasn't Betsy and Joe the sweetest??

      LOLZ. I totally get that! There are a ton of fandoms I know everything about even though I've never read the books/watched the show/whatever. Gotta love the internet. XDD

    I just started Psych and after reading about Shawn and Juliet I'm not like "OOOOoOooOoooH!!!" XD Loving the show so far though. XD
    Yeah...the people I usually ship are pretty traumatic...I just posted a blog post about my favorite ships and realized that almost all of them end with yeah. XD
    Oh well. XD Loved your post!!!

    1. (hehe..typo...mean to say "after reading about Shawn and Juliet I'm LIKE"...not what I said there. Sorry. XD)


      Oops. Spoilers. *cough, cough, cough* But how fun you've started watching it! It's seriously one of my most favorite shows in the world. It never stops being funny no matter how many times I've seen every episode.

      UGH. The shipping life is not for the faint of heart! I always joke that I get more emotional over fiction than real life's kinda true. XD ALL THE DRAMA. But we love it anyway!

      So glad you enjoyed the post! :D

  15. I had such fun writing up my answers to this post, so I was happy to see your post pop up on my dashboard. :D

    Ooh, I should have thought of one of the fairytale movies for that "Best Dressed" question! Kit and Ella are precious in all ways. <3

    Entwined! That's such a fun book. The different little ships were so fun. :D

    Question: Can you read the Lunar Chronicles books out of order? 'Cause I'm not really feeling the series as a whole, but I keep hearing raving about Cress and Thorne and I'm kind of interested in seeing what they're like. :D (I've read Cinder . . . do you think I can skip and just read Cress?? Hmm . . . )

    My brother really likes Psych, and while I don't watch a ton of it, I've seen enough to know that I really like Shawn and Jules. :D They're so funny and banter-ous and sweet!

    RUMPLE AND BELLE OKAY CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE END OF SEASON SEVEN, THOUGH?!?!?!?! [I mean, I guess we shouldn't, because Major Spoilers. But you know. YOU KNOW. It was Emotional. <3 (And the really cool thing about that is that Rumple himself DRIVES ME UP THE WALL for most of the show, but in the end . . . *wipes tears*)]

    Ooh, I should try Howl's Moving Castle. :D Because, as you said, that is some quality content right there, even out of context.

    Such a fun post!! :D <3

    1. Personally, I think you can. I actually read Cress first because I didn’t know which order I was supposed to read them in. It was a bit confusing, but I think it can be done. Although the second book is pretty great, and so is Emperor Kaito ;)

      ~Faith/Florid Sword

    2. Isn't it the most fun tag? Kiri was a genius putting this together!

      At first I was like, "Best dressed? I have no idea!" Then it hit me OF COURSE. XDD That movie is just so beautiful. <3

      Oh my goodness, Entwined is one of my most FAVORITE books. All the couples were too precious!

      Hmmm... Honestly, I can't imagine reading The Lunar Chronicles out of order. Buuut I'm pretty OCD about reading series in order, so. XD You might want to listen to Faith instead of me. Lol. But, TLC very much is a linear storyline. Each book directly follows and connects with the next. Like Scarlet starts RIGHT where Cinder left off and so on. You might be pretty confused jumping to Cress without reading Scarlet. So normally I would so, no, they need to be read in order. BUT, if you're not feeling the series and don't care about the plot and are just curious about the characters, it might be okay? You could always Google the plot line too, if you want to skip Scarlet. Each book is pretty similar, so if you didn't like Cinder, you miiight not like the rest? Heh. (But Thorne and Cress are seriously the best, and I don't blame you a bit wanting to meet them!)

      Funny and banter-ous and sweet is the PERFECT description for Shawn and Jules! That show is just so hilarious!

      OH MY WOOOORD. THE ENDING. Yeah, I guess we shouldn't say much because spoilers but ALKDSJFLJSLJFLKJDSF. I didn't like season seven really at all, BUT it was worth it strictly for the Rumple stuff. I just...MY HEART IS ALL OVER THE FLOOOOR.

      EEP. HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE! It is my favorite book! It's just so whimsical and hilarious. I NEVER get tired of it!

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

  16. Ahhhhh, this post made me so happy!! I've been working on mine, but, yeah... baby and household and foods got in the way, and now... ahem. I'm working on it. BUT ALL THE SQUEES! Shipping is just way too much fun! :D

    OH MY YES! Robin Hood and Maid Marian! <3 They were always so adorable. My favorite scene is the fight after the archery tournament and they're discussing how many kids to have while fending off alligators. PRECIOUS!


    BILLY AND BONNIE. <3 I need to re-read all those books. It's been way too long.

    EEP! I didn't think of Ella and Kit for that one!! WHOA, YES. THEY'RE PERFECT. Also, THAT DRESS. *swoons over twirly skirt*

    WHAT!???!? CRISPIN AND MOLLY?!?!? I HAVEN'T GOTTEN THAT FAR! Crispin was my adorbs monkey in the first book, and I haven't read anything further than that yet!! SPOILER ALERT. My book-buying-rage alert just went off BIG TIME.

    Also, Howl's Moving Castle... I need to read that, too. TOO MANY BOOKS TO READ. It's glorious. Also, I need like an extra hundred days a year just to read.

    1. I loved doing your tag so much! Can't wait to see your answers! :D But yeah, I can imagine it's hard to make time for blogging in this time in life!

      Oh my goodness, that scene is HILARIOUS. They were so, sooo much fun!!!

      *le gasp* You've never read the Betsy-Tacy series??? Because they seem totally up your alley! I 100% recommend them!

      BILLY AND BONNIE WERE TOO SWEET. MY HEART. I'm literally rereading them as we speak because it's been yeeears. I've missed the characters so much!

      That dress gives me heart-eyes every single time I see it. That whole movie is just a feast for the eyeballs. It's so beautiful!

      OOOOOPS. *zips lips* You saw nothiiiiing. *COUGH* But but but YOU NEED TO READ THE NEXT BOOKS. So much good Crispin-ness goes down. SO MUCH.

      KIRIIII. YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO READ HMC. For some reason I was thinking you had? But GAAAH. It is truly my happy place! It's just the epitome of delightful. I never get tired of those ridiculous characters! <3

      An extra hundred days a year to THAT is the dream right there. Or maybe an extra hundreds YEARS. ;)

  17. Betsy-Tacy YES THANK YOU! I've read all my copies to tatters. Also Teddie + Bramble is one of my favorite things ever that doesn't receive enough attention. Loved this post in general.

    (btw, I've been lurking awhile, and I enjoy the fun Christian / writing / Tolkien atmosphere muchly, so will be sticking around. :))

    Maria Copeland

    1. Aaaahhhh! FINALLY. Someone who understands! I don't know why those books aren't super well-known. They're just so delightful!

      RIGHT?! Teddie and Bramble were HILARIOUS. I loved them so, so much!

      Awwww! Hi! I am ALWAYS thrilled to meet more fellow Christian writer Tolkienites. ;D I'm so honored you like my little corner of the interwebs. That's the sweetest! ^_^ *gives you virtual cookies*

  18. I love pretty much all of these couples! When I saw Rumbelle, Shawn and Juliet, Rose and 10, and just basically all of them. I was just like if we ever meet we will get along so well, we can just fangirl over our otps.

    I died when I saw Chayse and Snow on the list! I was having one of the worst days ever, and that managed to put a smile on my face. So thanks for doing that!!! <3333

    1. YESSS. I seriously feel like we could squeal about our ships together until we lose our voices. XD IT WOULD BE AMAZING.

      Awwwww! I am SO sorry you were having a bad day. I hope today will be better. *HUGS* But OF COURSE they were on the list. I will ship them to the day I die. THE PRECIOUS BROKEN BBYS.

  19. I have so much to say! For one, excellent post! And for second, *inhales*

    *Fangirling intensifies* I'm actually blown away by some of the couples here! I made my own post a while back, and guess who was on it?? Shawn and Juliet (love love love), and Mike and Eleven (precious)!! I also can't believe you added Rumple and Belle!! *Squeals in delight*. The only better pairing from the show was Hook and Emma :). Thank you for acknowledging Robin Hood! Also, so much yes to Howl and Sophie, I just recently got to know them.

    OTPs are dangerous things. They cause so much pain. And joy. And just emotions in general. But in the end, not even death, or *gasp* love triangles can keep true love apart.

    1. *griiiins* I love your comment so much!

      Oh my goodness, we have so many of the same ships! I LOVE IT. All of those are so preciousss. Also I ADORE Hook and Emma! I almost put them on the list, but I found couples that fit the questions better. BUT YES. I LOVE THEM. <3 And isn't Howl and Sophie the most hilarious, best ship of ever? GAH. I'm obsessed! XD

      That is the truest statement about OTPs I've ever seen. They're painful and awesome and just adlfkjljdf. MY HEART.

  20. I love The Princess Bride so much. xD

    And oh gosh, Rumple and Belle. That poor girl. It got to the point where it was just like "okay, dude, you have this great girl here, now STOP ACTING LIKE A CHUMP AND LOVE HER." I didn't watch the show to the end, but the last thing I remember was her banishing him from Storybrooke and just... poor Belle. *shakes head*

    1. You really can't beat it!

      Right??? I loved Rumple's character, he was fascinating. But DUDE. Either love this precious girl you have or walk away, but stop yanking her around like this. Ugh. It was heartbreaking! *sniffles*

  21. You’re not weird. XD I’ve actually grown out of loving chocolate. I like it on occasion but if there’s other flavors to something I’ll probably go with something else. So many great ships here. <3 Eleven and Mike and Luneville forever! Luneville is canon in my book!

    1. Wow, grown out of chocolate? I don't think I've ever heard of that! I was basically just born not liking it. XD But that's super interesting!

      LUNEVILLE. I am glad I am not alone on this! We shall go down with this ship together!


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