Monday, February 11, 2019

10 Valentine’s Date Ideas for the Fantasy Dwellers

Valentine’s Day is this week which means a lot of people are scrambling around trying to figure out the perfect dates for their sweethearts. And for a lot of people, it’s pretty simple. A nice coffee shop date, going to the theater, or just grabbing some flowers and a card at Winn-Dixie. But what about if you live in a fantasy world where such conveniences aren’t available?

Not every fellow has a Walmart around the corner after all. I mean, sure, you may be adept at swordplay and the lost heir to the entire kingdom, but how is that supposed to help you woo your love on this romantic holiday?

Never fear! Today I’ve got 10 Valentine’s date ideas for a variety of fantasy world dwellers. You’re sure to find the perfect idea to show your dearheart that you really do care.


10 Fantasy World
Valentine’s Dates



Who doesn’t want to go dragon riding, I ask you? I mean, if a guy took me dragon riding, I’d probably marry him on the spot. Just sayin’. Nothing like riding high in the sky on a deadly, fire breathing beast to truly showcase your love.

With that said, you may want to assure that the dragon you’re riding is friendly. Having your love be burnt into a human torch or turned into a beast’s next meal maaay dampen the date just a smidge.

Also, some dragon rides risk being taken to a dragons’ nest where a gargantuan dragon is seen eating smaller dragons if not provided food. Such a sight could be a little repulsive and/or horrifying to your date, so be wary.

Other then these little setbacks, a dragon ride is a surefire (seewhatIdidthere) way to impress your date.



Ah, Neverland. The world invented by childhood imagination. An island full of mythical creatures and adventure. What better place to go for a date?

Of course, there are certain steps you must take to get your crush there. But don’t worry, it works every time.

Step #1: Break into their nursery.

Step #2: Lose your shadow in said nursery.

Step #3: Break into the nursery again to regain your shadow.

Step #4: Have your crush help you sew your shadow back on and charm them with stories about Neverland.

Step #5: Convince them to come to Neverland (success!).

Step #6: Oh wait, they also want to bring their brothers. Ew. But fine, whatever.

Step #7: Take them all on a harrowing flight. Off to Neverland!

Boom. You’ve done it. Now you can have weeks worth of fun and adventures. Although…you may want to consider telling her early on that you have no desire to grow up or have anything to do with that lovey-dovey stuff. Yeah, she may leave you and end up marrying someone else. But hey, honesty is the best policy, yeah?



Girls LOVE tea parties. Unfortunately, normal tea parties aren’t always available in fantasy worlds. But never fear! A mad tea party will do just as well. Just wander around in the woods for a while, you’ll probably come upon one eventually. Though there is definitely a possibility you and your date will have to share the tea table with some, erm, unconventional guests who will switch seats at any given time, recite absurd poetry, and maybe ask an unsolvable riddle or two (how is a raven like a writing desk?). But it’ll keep the date entertaining anyway, right?

Oh, also, don’t cross Time while you’re there, or you may be stuck at tea time forever. Then again, that’ll prolong the date so…your call.



Now this is a true romantic date right here. Buy a floating lantern, go out in a boat, watch the lanterns fly. Ah, beautiful.

Just, erm, be wary. Because your date’s evil mother-who’s-not-actually-her-mother may be lurking nearby to kidnap you and convince your date you betrayed her. That could really put a hamper on second date plans.

Also, you may want to take singing lessons before any of this. Random bursts into song are likely to occur, and if you’ve got no talent in the vocal musical area well, that’d just make for an awkward romantic sequence. But if you live in a fantasy world, you were probably born able to sing perfectly and know the line to any random song that ever comes up. So you should have no reason to worry.


This runs very close in the vein of seeing the floating lanterns. A starry night, you two bursting into song (gotta keep those voice lessons up, don’t forget), so on and so forth. BUT to get to this point requires a bit more effort. First you have to actually obtain a magic carpet, which usually involves getting sent to prison, making deals with evil dudes, exploring ancient, sentient caves, and nearly dying. A genie might be thrown in there somewhere too. But if you can manage all that and make it out alive with a magic carpet, you’ve got your key to an iconic romantic date. Totally worth it.

Oh, just know if you lie about your identity to your date she’s going to get miffed. Remember what we learned earlier, honesty is always the best policy. Like, seriously. Please avoid the unnecessary drama and just talk to your crush openly. It’s not that hard.



If you’re fortunate enough to live in a world where time travel exists, then by all means, use it! The date possibilities are endless, literally. You can take your crush to the end of the earth where she discovers she’s the last human in existence and have an existential crisis (ah, romantic). Or how about Victorian times to visit Queen Victoria herself? Only to discover the British Empire is being terrorized by a werewolf (full moons are perfect for date nights). Or to witness the fires of Pompeii. (Fire is romantic, right?) I mean, really. How could she not fall in love with you after all these great trips?



Why not show off your lady love your superior archery skills? After all, there’s always archery contests going on in fantasy worlds, right? Although, you may have to go in disguise since the entire thing is probably a trap and your enemies are watching. So if you want your lady to know it’s you, be sure to give her a heads-up. And if you do get caught, things can get messy. Not exactly much time for having a romantic date. But still, who wouldn’t enjoy a day out at an archery event?



Nothing like almost dying to truly capture the heart of your lass and get to spend some quality time together.

This is one of those ones that takes some extra steps and forethought though. Such as being shot with an arrow by one of the dark lord’s minions, mistaken for dead, and thus being thrust in a pyre by your psychotic father. But this is IMPORTANT. Make sure you befriend a wise wizard before doing any of this, so he can save you from the pyre. DON’T FORGET THIS STEP.

Alrighty. Now we’re good to go. After nearly dying, you’ll awake in the healing house and, lo and behold, there’s that beautiful lady whom you can woo. Because healing houses/hospitals/what-have-you are always the perfect backdrops for romantic dates.



Maybe tea parties or magic carpet rides or singing under the floating lanterns isn’t your date’s style. No, your love has a much more adventurous side than all that. NO PROBLEM. I’ve got a solution for a guaranteed fun date night. Storming a castle!

Because, after all, you live in a fantasy world. And fantasy worlds are filled to the brim with castles ruled over by tyrannical kings and queens. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one. And hey, if you manage to succeed in storming the castle and taking down said tyrannical royal, you may end up being richly rewarded or become the ruler yourself and be able to afford an immensely expensive wedding and live happily ever after. I cannot see how this could go wrong.

Just be sure to have a wheelbarrow on hand. It’s a necessary tool for storming castles.



Perhaps none of these have captured you. After all, this is for the love of your life. You want to really make this Valentine’s Day special. Nothing but the best for your coo-chi coo-chi, woo-chi little chu-chi face, amirite? Never fear little teddy bear. I’ve got you covered.

Save the world together!

This always brings about absolute twue wuv. After all, there’s so much time to think about crushes and feelings and kissing when your entire world is in dire danger and only you can save it. And, since you live in a fantasy world, chances are it needs saving. As we discussed, tyrannical kings and queens and whatnot are running absolutely rampant.

So grab your sword you learned how to use perfectly in a two minute montage, offer your arm to your fiery red-headed love of your life who probably hates you at first but will come to fall in love with you after you’ve both nearly died some half a dozen times, and go off and save the world! Because loooong, harrowing journeys and bloody battles is a fabulously romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day and truly fall in love. 10/10 recommend.


(I know this isn’t a fantasy story. Shhh.)


There you are, my fantasy dwellers. No more fear of not being able to provide a truly memorable Valentine’s date. Who needs cards and flowers from Winn-Dixie anyway when there’s castles to storms and dragons to ride?



Which of these dates would you like to go on the most? (I’m partial to dragon riding and Neverland myself.) And do you have anymore suggestions for a fantasy Valentine’s date? Please add to my list! We gotta help these fantasy lads out after all. ;)

P.S. For more fantasy fun, Jenelle Schmidt is hosting February is Fantasy Month over on her blog. There’s a hashtag game, a tag, and a ton of posts featuring all things fantasy! Check out THIS POST
for details! (My post isn’t part of the lineup or anything, I just thought you guys would like to know about it.)



    I think the voice lessons killed me. Hang on, I gotta go check for a pulse.

    1. Oh dear, I may have killed Kiri. Whooops.

      (ButI'msogladyoulikedit. *grins*)

  2. HAHA, yes, I KNEW the voice lessons would come in handy someday! *grins*

    Although, seriously, if, on my first date, I had a dragon ride, I would propose right then and there. THIS GUY KNOWS MY HEART.

    And the Princess Bride parts KILLED ME. “Then wuv, TWU wuv, will fowwow you, fowever....” XD

    Happy Valentine's Day, Christine! <3

    1. You're totally all set for a Disney love sequence! ;D

      Same, saaaame! Sheesh, I might not would even have to go for a ride. Just knowing the guy HAS a pet dragon would be enough!


      You tooooo! <3

  3. Take me to see the floating lanterns! Pleeeeeease! :D I would LOVE that more than I can say.

    I love all these date ideas!!!! <3

    1. IT WOULD BE SO AMAZING GAH. Silly Disney and setting our romance sights too high. >.>

      Hehehe. Thanks!

  4. MEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP - SO MANY ADORABLE REFERENCES!!! I think this is your best Valentines day post yet, Christine :)

    And I really hope that whomever the prince of my tale is will follow your sage advice. Especially about the dragons, LOL.

    Catherine <3

    1. AWK. I'm so happy you liked it! It was honestly one of my most fun posts to write. XDD Strangely enough, the Valentine's posts always tend to be my favorites. So much fun can be had with them! Hehe.

      We'll just have to send all the guys this way so they can get some pointers from the fictional masters, yeah. ;D

  5. This is GENIUS!!! I was wondering what today's post would be about...

    Haha, that first one made me think of How To Train Your Dragon before I even scrolled down and saw the gif!

    I've heard the answer to that riddle is "because Poe wrote on both"...but that's kind of a boring answer. :-) (Love the references to the book, the cartoon, and the live-action films!)

    Bad vocals = awkward romantic sequence--that's hilarious! It definitely would interrupt the flow of things...

    Oh, the Houses of Healing...I love the movies, but it was SO disappointing that Faramir and Eowyn's relationship was left out! It's so much deeper and more beautiful and meaningful in the book!

    Honestly, the archery tournament would probably win me over...or at least get my attention. :-)

    Great post!

    1. *GRIIINS* So glad you think so! To be honest, my Valentine's posts are some of my favorite to write. Way too much potential there. Hehe.

      Perfect! I was hoping it would! I had fun coming up with all the fictional references. Gotta take dating advice from the best, right?

      OOOH. Is that the answer? I never really knew if there WAS an answer. INTERESTING!

      That it would. I know you're all set for random bursts into song when the time comes. ;D I, on the other hand, am not that great of a singer so...I may have to avoid Disney-esque dates.

      ME TOO. Faramir and Eowyn are one of my top OTPs and I wanted mooooore! Especially since they put so much focus on Eowyn's crush on Aragorn in the movies, the viewers deserved to see her relationship with Faramir grow. But I guess there was only so much time. *siiigh*

      Archery is EPIC. I'd be all for watching my guy shoot some arrows. Hehe.

      Thanks! :D

  6. Ahh I loved this post. <3 I think I'd be partial to a bit of dragon riding/castle storming. :)

    1. Thank you! And same here. Especially dragon riding! Hehe.

  7. BWAHAHAHAHA! I love this. *leaves nursery window open*

    1. *BEAMS* I'm so glad!

      And oooh, good idea! *goes to unlock window*

  8. AHHHHHHH THIS IS BRILLIANT!!! So many perfect little references. Great job!!

    1. Hehehehe! I'm so glad you think so. XD It was a blast to write!

  9. For my fictional characters, I like the 'Save the World' idea!
    ...although it's likely to lead to the 'Land in the Healing House'. Two for one! Yay!
    As for me, 'Time Travel' sounds awesome!

    1. Yes! Saaame! My characters usually end up having to save the world before they get their happily ever afters. ;) But you're right! Save the world AND land in the Healing House. Now that would be perfect.

      Time travel would be the most amazing thing! So many possibilities!

  10. BAHAHAHAHAHA This made me laugh so hard! I am definitely partial to Neverland and dragon riding. Also floating lanterns :D Great post!


    1. *beams* Thank you!!! And yes, can someone PLEASE take me to Neverland or give me a pet dragon? *puppy dog eyes* The floating lanterns would be magical too! <3

  11. I am DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!! *howls* This is seriously the BEST VALENTINE'S DAY POST, EVER. Possibly the funniest post ever. I LOVE your sense of humor SO MUCH. *STILL LAUGHING*

    *wipes eyes* Oh my. I think I would have to choose the magic carpet. All things Aladdin make my heart sing.

    As for adding to this stupendous list - is such a thing possible? *cudgels brain* Hmm - how about climbing beanstalks for the more actively inclined? :P Of course, a grumpy giant is the worse chaperone ever, but if you like physical fitness...

    1. OH MY GOODNESS. Thank you!!! :D I'm so happy you liked it that much! I had way too much fun writing it. Hilariously enough, my Valentine's posts tend to be my favorite to write. I love shipping fictional characters and poking a little fun at fictional love. *grins*

      A magic carpet ride would. be. AMAZING. Especially for us crazies who love heights, right? ;D

      Climbing a beanstalk! :O That is a brilliant one! Yes. Now that would be quite the date. XDD

  12. This. Is. PERFECT. I CAN'T EVEN. xD 'Nuff said.

    Haha! You most certainly CANNOT go wrong with dragon-ride date, nor floating lanterns. And I gotta say the Healing House & Storming the Castle is BRILLIANT!! This is probably my favorite bit of advice EVER GIVEN: Make sure you befriend a wise wizard before doing any of this, so he can save you from the pyre. DON’T FORGET THIS STEP. <--- xDDD BAHAHAHAHA


      Right? Dragons and floating lanterns--the key to a perfect date. But Healing Houses and storming castles are great too. ;D
      Hahahaha! A very important step. *nods seriously*

  13. This is the cutest thing! And I would choose floating lanterns. Soooo dreamy! *insert heart-eyes emoji*

    1. Thanks! And yesss. That is like the ULTIMATE date right there!

  14. This was lovely, thank you!! My Dad came over to ask what I was smirking about. . .
    Any guy that takes me dragon riding definitely has good chances! =)


    1. So glad you enjoyed it! :D And lol, that's hilarious!

      Right? Dragons are as good as engagement rings. ;D

  15. This post has added years to my life, I'm pretty sure. :D

    1. Hurray! My goal to help all my friends live longer is succeeding!

  16. Lol reading this was the most fun I've had all week.
    I would definitely marry the first dear soul who took me dragon-riding or off to Neverland. No question. :P

    1. *GRINS* That makes me so happy you enjoyed it! :D

      RIGHT??? Dragons and Neverland are the keys to my heart. Hands down.

  17. Christine, I love this post so much. XD "DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP" had me dying.

    I, personally, would love for my date to take me riding through the Narnian hills to meet all the talking animals, or a trip through the air on Falcor the luckdragon. ;)

    1. Awwww! Hahaha! Glad you enjoyed it! ;D

      Ooooooh. Now THAT sounds like the perfect date. YESSS. A trip to Narnia would. be. EVERYTHING. <3333

  18. I loved this post so much!!! It made me laugh, and I absolutely love all the little references thrown in there. Archery contest? Dragon rides? Singing? Landing in the healing house? Everything, just, YES.

    1. *GRINS* Thank you!!! So glad you liked it! It was fun to write. XD

  19. XD All of these pretty much sum up why the idea of normal dates has never appealed to me.

    1. Right?? Disney and fiction in general just ruins real life. *shakes head*

  20. I love this post so much and I so dig the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reference! XD

    1. *grins* Thanks! And oh my goodness, someone got it! I was hoping people would recognize the reference! ;D


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