Monday, December 3, 2018

NaNoWriMo 2018: Thoughts, Stats, and Snippets

IT’S DECEMBER. December. DECEMBERRRR. NaNoWriMo is over. WUT???? We have made it through the insanity that is November a.k.a National Novel Writing Month and I MAY BE A LITTLE SHOCKED.

NaNo is always this weird paradox of time in that it feels like 3 days long and a lifetime all at once. I think it’s because the days are zipping by in my life, but I’m also so immersed in my characters lives, I feel as if I’ve gone on the same ginormous, life-changing journey as them. When I think back to the beginning of November, it seems like yesterday, and yet also so much has happened since then. It’s weird. NaNo is weird. EVERYTHING IS WEIRD.

But hi! We have made it!!! AND IT’S DECEMBER.

Except, erm, NaNo is still basically going on for me because I didn’t quiiiite finish my story. Yeah. It’s a beast. As of right now I have just FIVE chapters left and am right in the midst of the crazy climax so I’m excited to wrap this thing up. It shouldn’t be much longer now… Icandothis Icandothis Icandothis.

Ahem. Anyways. Just because my story isn’t finished, doesn’t mean I can’t do a big ol’ NaNo wrapup post with some thoughts on the experience and stats (because who doesn’t love stats?)! And yes, snippets shall also be included. *wriggles eyebrows*




This was both a wonderful and stressful NaNo, as all NaNos are. Although this one did feel a bit rougher than some of the others. Or it may have just felt like that because last year went so smoothly it gave the illusion of this one being hard. I DON’T KNOW. But still, I definitely enjoyed this one.

I think a big thing was that I have been in total editing mode pretty much all year long, so shifting into that first draft mentality didn’t go well. I keep pausing and stressing over every single wording choice, and bemoaning how dumb my sentences are. Some days I threw caution to the wind and wrote like a rabid monkey, but mostly that inner editor would not shush.

And yet, despite all my stressing, I still think this draft is a total disaster. XD I should have just enjoyed making a mess and accept it which is what I usually try to do during NaNo. But, again, I’ve been so focused on editing this year, more so than any other year, my inner editor has ingrained itself in my brain and won’t go away. >.> I also feel like the words were harder to get down because, despite my enormous outline, the absurdly complicated plot hurt my poor wee brain and it took a lot of effort to bring everything together in a (hopefully but probably not really) logical way.

But I also discovered something that surprised me while writing this. Usually, I am all for dark, emotional stories. Those are my faaave to write (should I be worried?), and I was extra excited about this book because ooooh boy, was it gonna be a feels-slayer. Bwahahaha. I had a playlist full of dramatic instrumental music to tug at my heartstrings, and was totally ready to destroy some fictional people’s lives. But then something happened. I…depressed myself with my own plot. Which has never really happened before. I do get very emotional with my stories, but I usually kinda…like it. We like to feel. And I love when I feel deeply over my novels. But this time, everything was so ridiculously sad, it actually made some cracks in my stony author’s heart.

And I realized…spending 30+ days straight in a depressing story may not be a good thing. If I was writing this slow, and not immersing myself in it during every. waking. hour. for a whole month, I doubt the dark side of it would have bothered me. I like how dark and emotional it is, I don’t want to change that. I think it really brings out the themes. BUT, it may have been a bit much for a NaNo novel. Because this is, without a doubt, my darkest book I’ve ever written. My other stories have some prettyyy emotional things, but I have to say Kings Bleed Gold won as far as deep, heartbreaking themes and a constant flow of sad circumstances. Eheheh. Hurray? XD

But seriously, I don’t regret writing it like that. This is a story I felt needed to be told, and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Buuut I’m thinking for something like NaNo, where it’s filling my days and thoughts and life for a complete 30 days, writing something a liiiittle lighter may be better? Or at least not writing something super dark every year. I’m already considering a much more light-hearted and super fun idea I’ve had for a while for next NaNo. *griiiins*

Overall though? I really, really love this story. It definitely has not been the easiest to write, and it’s going to need a lot of work, but it really is a story I want to tell. It’s been a pleasure watching Midas go from bratty prince to hero. Seeing Korinna overcome her debilitating fears and taking a stand. And rooting Syram on as he finds his place in the world. It’s been a journey for sure, and I have no regrets writing it. Every single story is going to cause hard days, long days, stressful days. But, in the end, writing them is always, always worth it.

But enough of my blabbers! Onto the fun stuff!




My final NaNo ‘18 stats.

- Number of Days I Wrote:
30! I managed to write every single day this November. Some NaNos I’m able to do that, some I’m deeefinitely not, but I’m always happy when I can. Despite some insanity, I actually didn’t struggle to find writing time most days this month, which was definitely a happy surprise. And it proved to me I can make time for writing every day if I put effort into it.

- Wordiest Day: November 1st with 7,031 words

- Least Wordiest Day: November 10th with 566 words

- Number of Character Deaths: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

- Hit 50k On: Day 13!

- Hit 100k On: Day 28! (Yes, I did a double NaNo because sanity? pssshhh. Who needs it?)

Total Words Written: 107,280 words



So many of you sweet people actually kept requesting snippets. Like…of my messy, ridiculous novel. Just SDKJF:LJSD:LJF. I AM HONORED. I kept telling you I’d try to share more and…HERE WE ARE! Just remember I wrote 107k words in 30 days of no sleep so yeah. These are nooot exactly New York Times bestseller worthy. Or even sharing-on-my-little-blog worthy but here we are.


A mock cover I made just for funsies.


First up is one of Midas and Syram’s first conversations (because Syram).

Are you a slave? I mean, is everyone here a slave?”

“Everyone?” He raised an eyebrow. “Of course not.”

Hope fluttered in Midas’ chest. “Really? Who’s not a slave?”

“The dragons.”

He groaned as the hope instantly deflated. Was this person serious? His name was becoming more and more fitting by the second. “Of course they’re not, but what about the people?”

“Oh them? Yes, they’re slaves.”

“Where in Ellador even are we?”


He furrowed his brow. “Beneath what?”

“Ellador. Well, somewhere in the west of Ellador I think.”

“Wait, wait, wait.” He mind spun. “Do you mean to tell me this place is underground?

The man cocked his head again and looked at him as if he was the strange one. “Naturally. Where else would dragons live? The sun is poison to them you know. Well…for now. But I better get going. I doubt they’d be happy if they found me here. Goodbye.”

“No, wait!” But it was too late. The man was already down the tunnel and climbing right off…the edge? Was there a ladder of some kind there? He called to the man again, but his wild head of hair and leather cap had already disappeared from view.


And part of Midas and Korinna’s first conversation.

It’s nice to meet you, Midas.” The genuine warmth in her tone startled him.

“Is it? No one else seems to think so.”

“Well.” She moved her gaze toward the fire where most of the slaves had gathered to eat and talk amongst themselves, though they didn’t seem too busy to shoot Midas a nasty look every now and again. “You’re our worst nightmare, really.”

He almost choked. “Oh, well that makes me feel better,” he said, coughing up bits of fish.

“Sorry.” Her eyes sparked with a hint of amusement, but the moment was fleeting and her tone dropped again. “It’s just we have hoped for so long the dragons would never reach their goal. We were encouraged when the gold in the mines seemed to run out. But now that you’re here…” They locked eyes, and that strength he had seen in her seemed to seep out, leaving nothing but pure terror. “I fear it will only be a matter of weeks.”

Syram and Korinna were obviously making Midas feel very comfortable with this whole enslaved-by-dragons thing. *cough, cough*


The earth-shaking roar of a dragon startled him awake. “Get to work!” The dragon’s cry echoed through the sleeping quarters like a boom of thunder.

Midas squinted at the gold light now gleaming from the threads. It was day time already? But didn’t he just get to sleep? They couldn’t possibly expect him to get up already. But judging by the sounds of men shifting out of their cots and clumps of feet on ladders and stone, they did.

He really, really, really hated dragons.


Things were looking brighter. At least as bright as being enslaved by dragons below the earth and aiding them in bringing the end of the world could be.


His other source of companionship was Syram, who, unlike Korinna, lingered on the farm for long amounts of time and often aided Midas in his tasks. The man was utterly fascinated by the upper world, and asked Midas a hundred questions a day about his life there. He didn’t mind a bit talking about his kingdom and, odd though the man was, welcomed the company. It helped distract him from his own thoughts.

One day, he was sitting outside the stone building and pulling feathers out of a dead chicken (not his favorite task) with five more piled up, when the redhead bounced down the path to him, a book in hand. He plopped down in front of Midas with a grin.

“I thought I’d entertain you today.”

Midas stared wide-eyed at the enormous volume in the man’s lap. “Where did you get that?

“The dragons’ library,” he said matter-of-factly.

“They have a library?” His mind whirled.

“Of course. The dragons love knowledge.”

“But where do they get the books?”

“Mmm…” He looked up, scratching his head. “They steal them a lot. Dragons do like collecting things, you know. They go above at night quite often to take things.”

“Including people,” Midas murmured.


Syram has a knack for dragging Midas on crazy escapades…

It looks safe,” Syram whispered. “Come on, quick.” He lowered the plank off the ledge, looped the part of the rope around the hook and held the other end. Then he hopped on and pulled at the rope, keeping the plank from plummeting.

Midas’ heart skipped. “What are you doing?

Now Syram’s impish grin made an appearance. “I’ve done it tons of times. Though usually I’m by myself, so you better keep a good grip on the rope too. Once we’re both on, we’ll slowly lower ourselves.”

“This is insane.”

Syram cast a nervous glance behind him at the guard dragon. “We need to go.”

With a huff, Midas reached down and took the end of the rope Syram held to keep the plank steady. He took a deep breath, held his foot out, and stepped onto the plank behind Syram. It jerked down, nearly throwing him off his feet, and the rope slipped between their fingers. “Whoa!” He snagged it tight and they halted. The plank rocked underneath them.

“Shhh,” Syram hissed.

He gritted his teeth, more concerned about falling to his death than keeping quiet.

“All right, on the count of three loosen your grip, then grab hold of it again. One, two—”

“Wait but.”


Midas grunted as both their weight tugged on his arms. Slowly, heart pounding, he loosened his hold. The plank shot down as the rope slid across his gloves. With a yelp, he snagged it again, but Syram did as well, and they lurched to a halt.

Syram tossed a grin over his shoulder. “See? It’s easy. Ready to go again?”

“Not really.”

“One, two, three.”

Midas loosened his finger despite himself, and his stomach flopped as they jerked down farther, but now he was getting the hang of it. After four more session, the plank plunked to the ground. Breaths heavy and arms sore, he stumbled to the earth. “This better be extremely important.”

“Very. Come on.” Syram dashed down the path, ducking in the shadows of the hills.

Groaning, Midas hurried after him.


Introducing Princess Ahleri (and her odd pet) of my African inspired kingdom. I only just met her officially at the tail end of November and may totally love her. XD

Something black and white hurtled toward Midas’ face. He cried out and snatched it from the air before it made contact, but even as he held the wriggling thing before his eyes, he couldn’t comprehend what it was. At first appearance, it seemed to be a white rabbit with black tipped ears and specks along its lower back. But that wouldn’t account for the wings sprouting from its back and three tails. Its wings and tails, too, were tipped with black. It wrinkled its noise and made chirping noises as it continued to writhe in his grip.

“Suru! What do you think you’re doing?”

He pulled the odd rabbit down just as two young woman bustled into the room through a door to the left. One was the young female warrior who had escorted them to the castle. The other appeared a year or two younger than him. Dark hair piled atop her head in a haggard up-do and a smudge of something black streaked across her cheek. Her robe resembled the Queen’s in style, but had patterns of green and brown, save for the stain of black across the front. She wore no jewelry, and rough leather gloves covered her hands.

“I’m so sorry about that!” She ran up to Midas and took the winged-rabbit and held it up to eye level. “Will you please behave?”

Queen Malkaya cleared her throat.

The young woman snapped her head up and seemed to notice Midas for the first time. “Oooh, are you him? The one that can turn things to gold?” Her mouth spread into a delighted smile, and that’s when he saw the resemblance, and it took him by surprise. Was this Queen Malkaya’s…daughter?”

“I am,” he said slowly, offering a slight bow.

She gasped and scowled back down at the winged-rabbit. “See what could have happened, Suru? You could have become a gold statue to stick on the mantel.” The rabbit just squeaked. Rolling her eyes, she placed the creature on her shoulder. It clung there obediently, eyeing Midas with enormous black eyes.

Queen Malkaya stepped forward. “Midas, Korinna, Syram, this is my daughter Ahleri.”

So she was a princess. Amusement tugged his lips up. Her appearance reminded him of the days he and Nikolas would come into the castle after one of their “adventures”, tracking in mud and their clothes ripped, much to Mother’s chagrin. “It is an honor to meet you, Princess Ahleri.”

“Oh, you as well!” Despite her rather disheveled appearance, she curtsied with all the grace of her mother, and grinned wide. “Can I see you turn something to gold? It sounds fascinating!”

“Ahleri, dear, this really isn’t the time,” the Queen said in a long-suffering tone.


Ahleri handed the book to Syram, whose grin reached all the way across his face. “Thank you,” he breathed, holding it on top of his other book.

“I think we have more like that in the library,” she said.

He snapped his eyes up from the book at this. “Library?”

Midas shared a grin with Korinna. The keyword to Syram’s happiness.

Syram, a man of my own heart.


I’m going to fix this,” Midas said, and he meant it with every bit of strength in his being. “If I leave, the dragons will just come searching for me again, so I’m going to stop them. Forever.”

Korinna’s brow furrowed. “How?”

“I highly doubt any person on Ellador will be too happy to hear that there is a horde of dragons right under their feet, just waiting to rise up, block the sun, and take reign. And so I’m going to rally forces, all the forces I can across Ellador. And we are going to fight.”

Slowly, Korinna rose to her feet, as did Syram, and the looks on their faces fueled his determination like a burning fire. Hope. He had given them hope.

“Syram.” He held his hand out.

Wordlessly, the man dropped his golden rock into his palm, but a smile crept across his face, and Midas smiled too.

“Let’s get me up on that pillar. It’s time to make a war.”


And there we go! I’m honestly proud I managed to find so many lighthearted ones. XD (And, yes, I may have just picked ones featuring Syram. *cough*)



Despite some bumps in the road, I had a wonderful time this NaNo. I was talking with some of my NaNo-ing buddies and one of them asked us to describe this NaNo in one word. It took me a minute to think of a single word, because this NaNo had so much. And then I realized, that was the answer right there. FULL. I’d describe this NaNo as full. Full of hard days, full of amazing days, full of all around cRaZy days, full of sleepless nights, full of emotions good and bad, full of words. Just very, very full in every sense of the word.

I think that’s what makes NaNo so special. It is an experience, and though sometimes it’ll make you want to pull your hair out and wonder whyyyyy you took on such a ridiculous challenge, in the end, the memories made, lessons learned, good writing habits formed, and novels created is invaluable.

I’d definitely call my 9th NaNoWriMo a success. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Buuut we’re not quite through with the NaNo talk yet. Yeeeah. You guys are gonna have to put up with it for just a bit longer, because next Monday I’ll be posting the 3rd and final installment of the Know the Novel linkup! And will hopefully be answering questions about it for Kings Bleed Gold soon after. Hope you don’t mind!

But seriously. Sooooo many of you have been cheering me on, encouraging me, praying for me, and just all around being a huge, huge, huge blessing to me through this crazy venture. I am utterly grateful for your friendship. I love my internet community so, SO much! Thank you for being the most supportive, enthusiastic friends in the world! <333

Also, I have to give out a huge CONGRATS to alllll of you who participated in NaNo. I watched so many of you conquer those words, carve time out of some craaazy days to write, and do insanely amazing feats to get those words on the page. I’m so beyond proud of ALL my writing buddies. And whether you hit that 50k mark or not, you WROTE. You took the initiative to get words on the page, even when it was hard, and that is the greatest accomplishment of all. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now go, take a nap, say hi to your family, eat some well-deserved Christmas cookies, CELEBRATE, because IT’S DECEMBER AND WE MADE IT TO THE FINISH LINE!



If you made it through this beast of a post, you get another congratulations! Now TELL ME EVERYTHING. How was your NaNo??? Because I MUST KNOW. How was your November? Are you excited it’s December? (I AM. *cranks up the Christmas music…even though I’ve been listening to it since the beginning of November #NOSHAME*) Let’s discuss all the things!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS THESE SNIPPETS. They're so beautiful and I absolutely love them. <3 Your characters sound amazing and I already want to know mooooore about the plot because I frankly have no idea how it fits together and I MUST KNOW lol.

    Midas, too...I love big giant character arcs. Biggest must-have of a book for me, so I'm going to love Kings Bleed Gold, sounds like ;)

    And I totally understand about writing dark books! For me personally, when a book is really dark, I just kind of want to get it over with. Like, I wrote the second book of the Pentegreens series in about 2 months (130k in two non-NaNo months, I know, I'm insane), but I think part of that was that I killed half the characters and threw the other half into the Pit of Despair for the literal entire book. XD I'm so nice to my poor children...

    And I WON NANO! I know I've screamed to you about that already, lol, but...hey I did it! No shame in saying it again, right? ;) My story still needs a lot of work (like I kind of need to find a plot? Hee hee) and it's not done, but I'm really happy with what I wrote and I think it's workable (except for the last couple thousand words which, quite frankly, are a ton of misspelled garbage. Lol.)

    DECEMBER IS HERE!!!! My favorite month of the year. Now if the weather could just cooperate to help it feel like Christmas... *glares at the slush outside*

    Congrats again on your double NaNo and I hope you finish the behemoth soon ;) (Also I can't wait for the next Know the Novel that's been AWESOME.)


    1. *HAPPY FLAILING* THANK YOOOUUU!!!! That makes me so happy to hear! But yeeeah, all the interesting snippets were the plot heavy ones, and there's so many SPOILERS. I know I'm not giving you guys any indication what is going on. XDDD It's such a crazy plot. Lol.

      Character arcs are liiiife! Midas' was such a fun one to see unfold. That makes me happy it interests you!

      That makes sense! I guess it goes both ways, because writing it fast makes us spend basically every waking hour thinking about it, but writing it slow is just prolonging all the sadness's hard either way. Lol. Gotta love writing. xD But good gracious, girl, 130k words in 2 non-NaNo months??? You are insane! In the best way possible! But yeah, I'm sure our characters wish they had nicer authors. XDDD

      SCREAM ALL YOU WANT BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! YOU DID SO AMAZING. That is fantastic you're happy with how the story came along!

      December is the BEST. I am beyond ecstatic it's heeere!

      Thank you so very much! <333 The next Know the Novel is almost heeere! :D So glad you're excited about it and have enjoyed the linkup. That makes my day! <3

  2. Hail the conquering hero! * cue Genie band music *

    I'm so happy for you! Congrats on your progress, the snippets are really awesome! ( I have to use so many exclamation marks when I comment on your posts XD ) here are a few thoughts I had while reading the beautiful snippets...

    " But didn't he just get to sleep?"
    Haha, literally me every morning

    I wish I was a dragon so I could steal books whenever I wanted :( but, sadly, I'm human and have to pay for them

    I relate to Syram, we have the same keyword to happiness!! YAY ( yes, I may love him already ) * blushes *

    I really can't say how much I love this idea, it's so cool and fantastical, and I CANNOT for the day it is a full length book that I can read and hoard for eternity!

    1. *blushes* You are too precious. <3

      Aaahhhhhh!!! THANK YOU! You make me smile!

      Dragons have it so much better than us, right??? And YES to libraries! :D At least we can get books free some way. (But also it thrills me you like my child Syram. He was so fun to write. <333)

      GIRL. I just have no words! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  3. Lol, the rabbit thing was hilarious! And the GIF at the end! *dying of laughter*

    This was great, Christine! Now I REALLY want to read this book!

    (AND SYRAM. 'NUFF SAID. LOVE HIM. Am I right in thinking he's the book's cinnamon roll?)

    1. Tehehehe. Gotta love fantasy where you can just make ANYTHING.


      Syram is 100000% the cinnamon roll and EEP. Having other people love my characters is like the highest compliment ever and just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! <3

  4. Congrats on your huge accomplishment!! These book snippets are fabulous and I love all the dialogue. <3
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your writing process!

    1. Thank you so very much, Kathryn!!! This whole comment is just making me smile so big! <333

  5. AAAHHH YOU FINISHED NANO AND DID AMAZING AND 107K WORDS AND LSKDJFLKDJKF I'M SO PROUD OF YOUUUU! Thanks for sharing your stats and thoughts and snippets--loved this post! *hugs it* Except I really really need to read this book even MOAR now, so thanks. *cough* "This better be extremely important." "Very." XD GAAHH I LOVE THEM AND I WANT TO READ THE BOOK. IT SOUNDS SO COOL. I'm sorry it was such a dark thing to be immersed in for a month, though. O_O Hopefully you can have aaall the happy things afterward--read some lighthearted stuff or something. XD Oh, and congrats on writing every day! :O That's a serious accomplishment! *dies at the thought* BUT ALL THE AWESOME ALKDFJLDJ! *looking forward to Know the Novel part 3*

    1. *FLAAAILS* THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! It makes me so very happy you like the sound of this and everything! It was dark but I just love the characters and concept so much it kept me going. And the ending was wild and fun and kinda made up for all the sad moments, so that was good!

      Thank you again!!! So happy you're looking forward to the next Know the Novel installment! ^_^

  6. Love your cover! Sometimes I love dark stories -- curious about yours ;)

    1. Awwww, thank you! And I'm with you. Dark stories can be really amazing. I think just being immersed in so much sadness for 30 days probably wasn't great for my mental health. Lol. But the ending was super fun to write, so that helped!

  7. I am so proud of you! You're a marvel you really are!
    THOSE SNIPPETS! I don't believe you when you say that the draft is a mess. These are so good! I am already getting invested in this world and characters. It's such a good idea! I'm going to be diving into Burning Thorns so that should help a bit, but I NEED This story!!! <3

    1. D'awww! Thank you! <3

      Bwahahaha! Trust me, I had to fix a lot of ridiculous typos in those snippets before sharing them. ;) But still, that makes me so, so happy you're interested in my story! Girl, you always make me smile! <333

  8. Is it bad that when you were going on about how sad and emotional this book is, I loved it even more??? I think I have issues. xD Also that winged rabbit sounds ridiculously loveable and adorable and I kind of want one now??

    But seriously, your snippeeets. *swoons*

    I had a great November, won my first NaNo, fell in love with my story and my characters... but I'm so relieved it's over. I was pushing myself so hard the last few days and it just feels so great to CHILL and not feel so much pressure. xD I'm hoping to finish my story in December, too, but we'll see how that goes.

    I've been listening to Christmas music since November 1, so don't worry, you're not alone. xD

    1. LOLZ. If it's bad, then I have the same problem because, like I said, I LOVE emotional stories and liked that aspect of this one. I think just being immersed in it for 30 days straight kind of got to me. But I loved the idea and characters so much, it was worth it. I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted to dark, emotional books though. XD And I'm with you! I need a winged rabbit in my life now.

      *blushes* D'AWWWW!!!

      I'm so, so happy to hear you had a great NaNo and enjoyed your characters!!! That is the best feeling. But I 10000% understand being relieved it's done. I always love NaNo, but I'm also always happy when it's over. XD Having the pressure off is such a nice feeling. Do let yourself just rest and enjoy Christmas time! You've earned it. <3

      YES. *high-fives* It's never too early for Christmas music to me.

  9. "A mock cover I made just for funsies." hehe you're so cute

    THOSE SNIPPETSSSS!!!! *screams* They are AMAZING, Christine. So happy for you - and proud. <3

    1. *beams*

      *also screams* AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3

  10. First of all you get all the kudos for the Mariokart gif. Second full is definitely good word for NaNo for me this year too. XD It’s been a rollercoaster and I’m looking forward to smoothing our the mess I’ve written but I glad I did it and I feel like my love for my books has been rekindled after feeling really discouraged this year so that counts for something.

    1. When I found it I was like PERFECT. XD

      After reading about your November, I feel like mine was tame. o.o But that just makes me utterly happy that NaNo helped rekindle your love for your novel! That is such a blessing. <333 I do hope editing goes well!

  11. You are literally amazing, Christine. OVER 100,000 WORDS. THAT IS FANTASTIC. And those SNIPPETS. *incoherent fan-girling*
    I am so excited for you about this project!! It looks absolutely FANTABULOUS. :D

    1. *SQUEALS* YOU ARE THE SWEETEST!!! Thank you so much. I'm just sitting over here squeaking excitedly to myself while reading your comment. <333

  12. I LOVE your dark sort of story theme thats goin on, (those snippets tho) This is actually my second time reading one of your blog/post/whatever the heck they are things. First was lunar chronicles one, and all i'm gonna say is...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS IT IS THE BEST SERIES EVER AND ANYONE WHO HAS NOT READ IT IS A PLEB SO GO READ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! *ahem* so yeah. Anyway, you just seem like a really great person who writes amazingly and I will be reading more of your blog/post/whatever they are things in the near future. AMaZING JOB!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! It was definitely an adventure writing it. Haha.

      Lol. They're blog posts, yeah. And hiii! I'm so glad you've enjoyed the two you've read! Also YESSSSSS to The Lunar Chronicles. My faaave! <3 Goodness those books are good! It always makes me happy finding fellow fans! :D

      Anyways, thank you so, so much!!! That's the sweetest you enjoy my posts. ^_^

  13. WE NEEDS THIS PRECIOUS!!!!! (Also, as a Mario Kart fan, that last GIF is perfect and sums up perfectly how you won NaNo!) These snippets are so awesome and really really really want to read this story! I mean enslaved by dragons?! WHOA!

    Also, I'm so proud of you for continuing to write with your editing brain trying to push writing brain out the way. LOL! That's definitely not easy and as I've seen from the comments above, none of us think it's a messy, but totally awesome. <3

    Congrats on winning another NaNo again! :D

    1. LOL! D'awwww! ^_^ (You're a Mario Kart fan too? *HIGH-FIVES*) You're just so sweet! I am thrilled you found the snippets fun! EEP. I can't stop smiling!

      Aww, thanks! Yeeeah, my brain kept critiquing eeeeverything. It's so hard to turn it off! Although now I need to turn my inner editor back on, which is hard after something like NaNo. Lolz. Writing is always...interesting. XD But THANK YOU! So happy you enjoyed them!

      THANK YOU, M'DEAR!!! You were SUCH an encouragement all the way through. Like...I have no words. You're a blessing! <3


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