Monday, August 27, 2018

The Language of Worlds Linkup + My New WIP!

A new thing has entered the blogosphere and I AM ALL THE EXCITED. The precious, brilliant Liv. K. Fisher has recently started a new linkup, and it’s all about CHARACTERS. Only my favorite topic ever.

With the ever beloved Beautiful People linkup closed (*sniff, sniff*), Liv arose like a superhero and started a new one much in the same vein, in which she asks ten questions for us to answer about any one of our characters we choose. But this one is bimonthly and is tailored for Christian Speculative Fiction. But of course anyone is welcome to join.

It actually started in May, but I fail at life and didn’t get to it in time before the linkup closed. But I’m joining in on this second one, and hope to do them all because I am so addicted to character-centered posts. (Plus they’re just so helpful digging deeper into one’s character.)

ANYWAYS. For more info you can check out Liv’s first post about it HERE. Annnd if you want to join in on the July-August linkup (except August is almost over wuuuut????) the post for it is HERE.

So. I have some news…

I may have started a new story.

Yeppp. Even though I have 298324 other projects I could/should be working on. But I’ve been editing all yeeeear, guys. I need something new and fresh to work on for a bit. And Realm Makers filled me up on inspiration so much, I couldn’t help it. I miss having a project to work on just for fun with no pressure (it’s been a while), so a couple of weeks ago I spontaneously started a new novel that’s been in my head for many months now. Annnnd it’s a retelling. NO SURPRISE THERE. *grins*


Kings Bleed Gold

Can you guess what it’s a retelling of? Shockingly, it’s not a fairytale.

It’s King Midas!

So yeah, I’ve had this idea, since last October I believe, of a story about a bratty teenage King Midas getting kidnapped by dragons (because what dragon wouldn’t want a slave who can turn anything into gold, amiright? It just makes sense). And then I put Midas through lots of torture and terrible things to knock that bratty-ness out of him ‘cause I’m such a nice author to my characters. This is gonna be one of those major character arc things (and as we learned last week, I’m obsessed with those) and YEAH. IT’S FUN. There’s also wild fairies and possibly a plague of some kind and an underground city sorta kinda and the world is loosely based off Greek stuff and just a ton of strange, fantasy thiiings. I AM EXCITED. (I also have a Pinterest Board and I loooove the aesthetic of this story. ALL THE GOLD.)

I’ve like done…no real plotting or anything. I mean, technically I’ve been mentally plotting for like 10 months now, so I have a ton of ideas, just nothing linear and organized. Eheh. Again, right now I’m just kind of writing this casually for fun and doing whatever I like with it. But that’s a topic for another day. And eventually maybe I’ll share more abut this project. But I’ve already babbled so much and we haven’t even got to the point of this post yet!

So, without further rambling ado, meet Midas…



1.) Where does your character live, and how does that impact them?

Midas lives in his kingdom of Chrysafel in the castle which is…gold. ‘Cause he made it that way. Chrysafel is now the richest kingdom across the entire continent of Ellador (the fantasy land this is set in), because, ya know, they’ve got a prince (he’s not quite king at the beginning of the book) who can turn anything into gold with a single touch. It didn’t take long for their riches to skyrocket.

Midas loves his kingdom. In fact, he values it over most everything. And the people seemingly worship him with his ability. Not a great help to ebbing his ego. He lives a very cushy life for the most part.


2.) If they could book a vacation to anywhere in the/their world, where would they go and why?

Again, Midas loves his kingdom. It’s his favorite place to be. Though he does have to visit the fairies frequently for reeeeasons, and he enjoys their wild, enchanted wood. And their wild, enchanted selves.

He’s heard there are other fairies living much farther to the west of Ellador that aren’t nearly as friendly as the ones he deals with. His reckless, adventurous spirit somewhat desires to see these darker fairies and their home purely out of curiosity.


3.) On a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high), how ambitious are they?

Like…9. Lol. Probably almost 10, honestly. It is his goals to make his kingdom bigger and grander and more resplendent than any kingdom that ever has or ever will exist. To the point that he’s “politely” kicking his parents off the throne so he can get started. He’s convinced himself that the kingdom needs him as the ruler and his parents deserve retirement and comfortable, carefree lives. Buuuut deep down I think the power is getting to his head. Being able to turn anything into gold can do that to a person.

But yeah, ambition is one of Midas’ greatest strengths. …And weaknesses.


4.) What do they want to achieve long-term?

*points to above answer* Making Chrysafel the richest, most powerful kingdom to ever stand. Or he thinks that’s what he wants. Making himself the richest, most powerful king is probably the root of his goal, he just denies it to even himself.


5.) Who inspires them?

Mmm… Not many people beyond himself at the beginning of the story. LOL. Later he meets people who inspire him to be a better person, but spoilers, sweetie. :)))


6.) How would they handle seclusion?

Terribly. Midas is a social creature and feeds off people and attention. He’s charismatic and loves to make jokes and be the life of the party. He’d go mad in seclusion.

He’d also be left with his thoughts in seclusion, and he spends so much energy convincing himself he’s doing right and rationalizing all his actions, he couldn’t handle being forced to really think about things for long. It would take him to a dark place he refuses to visit.


7.) Are they a cat person, or a dog person?

Midas thinks almost all animals are great. I want to say maybe sliiightly closer to a cat person, but he’d still be all for having a big, loyal dog. He particularly loves horses though.

He does love his gold ability, but he also really misses being able to feel things with his skin. He has to wear special clothes and gloves and things, and hasn’t felt anything beyond the material of those clothes and the hard surface of gold and water (because his ability doesn’t affect liquid) for years and years. Trying to pet a cat or dog with his ability would…erm…not end well. He’d have to use his gloves, and he really misses touching things for reals.


8.) What's their favorite type of weather?

He loves clear, summer, starry nights. It’s his favorite time to go take a stroll. But bright, sunny days is also great so he can see the splendor of his kingdom. The boy… *shakes head*


9.) When they're hungry, does it show? How?

Midas often gets too distracted to eat. He doesn’t put a ton of value in food, mainly because he’s had an abundance of it his whole life and has never had to go hungry. But also because eating is a bit of a tedious task. Nothing turns to gold when it touches the inside of his mouth, but if his lips touch things, it does turn to gold. So he has to be extremely careful, and it gets tiring.


10.) What's one Bible verse your character would identify with?

Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you! Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days.”
James 5:1-3

Oookay, he can’t exactly identify with that right now. But he will… *evil grin*

As you can see, I’ve got some work to do on the boy.

That was so much fun! Huge thanks to Liv for creating us a new, amazing character linkup. I’ve missed doing this! Don’t forget to check out HER BLOG for all the info on this new linkup!



What’da think? Midas is the worst, right? LOL. (Seriously, it’s gonna be interesting having a very-not-heroic protagonist… But I’m excited.) Have you joined in on this linkup? Because you shooould!


  1. I've been seeing stuff for this on Pinterest. I was intrigued, this sounds amazing! Love the idea of a King Midas story, and dragons that was brilliant to add dragons!!!
    I kinda feel bad for this King, but you said he's a brat. So maybe he deserves it.
    Loved this!

    1. Hehehe. That's so funny. I have been VERY enthusiastic about it's pinterest board. XDD And THANK YOOOUU!!! I'm really excited about the idea!

      *wicked grin* You probably should feel a smidge bad for him, because he's about to have a reeeeally hard time. >:D

  2. I LOVE THIS. OH MY GOODNESS. I've never read a Midas retelling, but I love that original, and this story sounds EPIC. OH MY GOODNESS. I'M GOING TO FLAIL FOREVER.

    The food thing sounds brilliant xD I would never have thought of it that way...

    Non-heroic protagonists can be so interesting, but sometimes they're fine. Idk. I couldn't write a whole book featuring one, most likely xD (Until I get to my alternate-history/dystopia story, where everyone's a morally gray mess...) As long as I have a break with someone good I can do the thing. Like my one character in the Pentegreens, Anna, is a very morally gray person, and she's very self-centered, which makes things tough. But also kind of fun. So I feel your pain.

    Awesome post!!!!!

    1. *FLAILS HAPPILY* Aaaahhhh!!! Thank you, Faith! I've never actually read a King Midas retelling either. LOL. But this idea popped in my head one day and I couldn't shake it we are. XD

      Oh thank you! I'm still debating how he eats and things. I gotta keep him alive after all. XD It's a bit tricky figuring these things out... But it's coming along.

      It's definitely gonna be interesting. o.o I wrote one other book with a couple of non-heroic protagonists, but one of them wasn't quiiite as bad as my Midas. things to explore. Always fun! Haha. We'll see how it goes... And of course I'll have some nice people to balance it out, yes. But yeah, it can actually be super fun writing morally grey characters! Hopefully it'll come together okay.

      Thanks again, girl! Your enthusiasm is making me smile so big. <3

  3. I love that story! Sounds awesome!

  4. AAAHH it's like Beautiful People! But new! I'M SO EXCITED FOR THAT AND FOR YOUR NEW STORY EEP! :D *laughing so hard about "he's the worst LOL"* XDDD I loooove the aesthetic and the ideas (dragons! wild fae! stuck up prince!) and it just all makes so. much. sense. O_O This was SO fun and I love when you talk about your characters! :D Even when they need to come a long way. XD I already feel like I know him so well, and he's kinda terrible but I almost like him and have a feeling I'll love him by the time he learns all the thiiings. I'M ALSO SO CURIOUS! SO MANY HINTS. AAAHH. :D This is so so awesome and I'm so excited you're sharing it with us! The title is the coolest, and I'm glad you're getting a chance to write something for fun again! :D *huggles post*

    1. YES. I was so ecstatic when Liv created this because I MISS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. D':

      AND THANK YOOOUUU!!! I'm excited too! I'm glad it makes sense. It's been a really fun concept to play with and figure out.

      Hahaha! Midas definitely needs to come a long way. But that makes me glad you rather like him! Because writing a likable bratty protagonist is tricky. XD

      Thank you so muuuuch! Your excitement is making me MORE excited! It's gonna be fun! :D

  5. AAACK I just keep seeing this everywhere and I need to do it but I HAVE NO TIME. Maybe the next round of questions!

    But Midas.......sounds like you might have a problem child there. ;) I’m all up for the redemption arc though! I MUST READ THIS!!!!! Great post!

    1. I feel you! That's what happened to me with the first one. But yes, maybe next time! :D

      Bwahaha! I DEFINITELY have a problem child. XD It's gonna be...interesting. Teehee. But THANK YOU! That means so much! <333

  6. This retelling sounds AMAZING! I mean, it makes perfect sense that dragons would kidnap a character like that! *scarpers to check out the Pinterest board* OOOOOHH! Nice aesthetic!!

    "...In the castle which 'Cause he made it that way." I have no idea why this had me in stitches, but it's a hilarious line. (Of course, the flip side is making gold so common that it LOSES its value...)

    Even though he's spoiled, Midas sounds like he has a layered personality, interested in things other than his piles of gold. Also having his ambition be both a strength and a weakness. And the drawback of not being able to feel things with his sense of touch...that's an amazing detail.

    So yeah, I want to do this link up!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I'm really excited about it. I think it's gonna be fun!

      LOLZ. He does so like turning things into gold. But oh my goodness, what a great point! :O I might incorporate that into the story. Thank you for the brilliant thought!

      That makes me happy to hear! I'm trying to give him a balance, because I certainly don't want an UNLIKABLE protagonist, but at the same time he is quite bratty. So finding the balance has been an interesting challenge. I'm glad you think I'm doing okay. Thank you!

      I just read your post and LOVED it. It's my favorite learning about everyone's characters! :D

  7. Um, you must finish this post haste so we can read it. I LOVE the idea (but what else is new? All Christine's ideas are gold, no pun intended).
    I actually saw a Midas retelling which I sneakily put on my birthday wishlist. I believe its about his daughter, you know the one turned to gold? Well, I think she's been brought back to life, but still has golden skin. I remember its called A Touch of Gold, but I can't remember the author.
    Anyway, your new WIP looks amazing, Midas sounds fascinating (and the dragon touch is very cool. Of course the dragons would kidnap him). I think I should do this linkup too. :)

    1. Awwwwwk! CHELSEA. That is the nicest thing! I'm sadly only 1k words into it right now and have barely touched it. :x But your enthusiasm gives me motivation to keep going. Thank you!

      Oh my goodness, YES. It's so weird, because right when I started writing this, I saw that book explode on social media and I'm just like WUT??? It was such a crazy coincidence. But it sounds amaziiiing! Putting it on your birthday list sounds perfect. I may have to sneak it onto my Christmas list or something. *grins*

      Thanks so much, girl! Your comment made me smile. And yesss! You should definitely do the linkup. It's a blast! :D

  8. This story sounds amazing and fun (maybe not for Midas though, hehe) and I am super intrigued. Especially the kidnapped-by-dragons bit. I'd hate to be Midas in that situation! ;P

    1. Definitely not fun for Midas. *cackles* But aaaahhhh! THANK YOU!!! I'm thrilled you like the idea. ^_^

  9. I enjoyed reading your post. I love the the idea of linked up. Fun and excellent.

  10. This linkup looks super fun! Thanks for letting me know about it.

    Ooooh, Midas sounds like an intriguing character. He kiiinda reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar from Daniel. Is that on purpose at all? Or am I just weird? (well, okay, I am weird, for sure...)

    I love that you've thought of special clothes and things... because walking around wearing gold clothes would be uncomfortable and awkward because: heavy and stiff. LOL

    1. I was so happy when Liv created it! It's a blast!

      Thanks! Huh... I did not think of that, no. o.o But you're right! It is a lot like that. Lol. I hardly ever do anything on purpose. My stories and characters just...happen. XD But making it a parallel for Nebuchadnezzar is such a fun thought!

      It would definitely be uncomfortable wearing gold clothes. Lol. It's been a challenge figuring out how he goes day to day with these abilities, but a fun challenge!

  11. YAY FOR A NEW WIP. And oh my word, IT LOOKS AMAZING. :D
    I love that it's a King Midas retelling, that's so awesome and unique! I've always wanted to write a retelling about a lesser known tale. Midas sounds so intriguing! I feel like he is in for a rude awakening...
    I am SO glad Liv created this linkup! I LOVE learning about other writer's characters! ^_^

    1. EEEEEE!!! Thank you, Madeline! I'm really excited about this. And I'm with you, I want to retell ALL the things, including lesser known ones. My retelling obsession is out of hand. XD

      Midas is definitely in for a rude awakening. Bwahaha!

      ME TOOOO! Learning about everyone's characters is my faaavorite!

  12. Oooh, your story sounds soo cool!
    Honestly, I probably shouldn't read about bloggers' stories because they're always so amazing and I always want to read them. Right now. xD

    1. Thank you so much!!! :D

      LOLOLOL. I know exactly what you mean! Every time I see all my friends' brilliant ideas I'm just like I NEED THESE STORIES NOOWWW. 'Tis a problem indeed. XD

  13. AHHH this sounds amazing!!! (Though the first thing that came to mine is Gold by Imagine Dragons...) I don't think I've ever heard of a Kind Midas retelling, but this just sounds so super awesome!!!! Are you going to try and write this for NaNo?

    1. Thank you!!! (Oooh, I need to listen to that one!) I had never seen a Midas retelling either, until just recently I saw one debuted. It was such a crazy coincidence! Lol. But I won't complain. Gimme ALL the retellings! :D

      *LE GASP* You read my mind! It's definitely a big candidate for NaNo! I haven't officially decided, buuut the chances are likely. *grins*

  14. I love this story idea! A King Midas retelling is already a cool concept, but to have him captured by dragons is perfect!

    1. Awwww, thank you!!! I'm excited about it. And of course I had to add DRAGONS. Hehehe.

  15. Oooh a Midas retelling! I was curious to see how you'd work around the eating difficulty. And I love the little touches of other colours in there (the Pinterest board) to contrast with the gold, the white and blue and that little bit of red, all so much more human colours, but you don't realize that until you get so much gold all over. Have fun with it!

    1. Yesss. :D I'm honestly not sure I'm still happy with the food thing. I've been trying to figure out creative ways to get around it. Figuring out how he functions day-to-day in general has been a challenge, let me tell ya! But kinda a fun challenge.

      Awww, thanks! I'm happy with how the Pinterest board has come together. I'm with you, the touches of other colors with gold is appealing.

      Thanks so much! <3

  16. This new WIP of yours sounds AMAZING. Like, really, can you publish something already so I can read a full novel straight out of your fabulously creative mind??

    1. Aaaaaahhhhhh! You just MADE. MY. DAY. Thank you!!! I hope one day I can get something published. It fills me up to know people are actually interested in my stories. Thank you again! I can't stop smiling. <3

  17. *GRABS HEART AND SQUEALS* i Just can't get over how COOOOOOL this idea sounds - EEEEEEEP!!


  18. This sounds like a really fun concept! Kudos on filling in the “So like how does he eat?” plot hole. XD

    1. Thank you! I'm excited about it! And yeeeah, it's been interesting figuring out how he lives day-to-day. I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with my solution, but I'm testing it out for now. We'll see! Haha.


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