Monday, June 4, 2018

Lifely Recap - Finishing Edits, Lots of Painting, Even More Fangirling, and I’m Back!


Guess who’s back from her hiatus???? Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? Do you even remember who I am? Do *I* remember who I am? *has mini existential crisis*


Anyways! Apparently May is no longer with us (wow, that sounds like May got murdered or something. Then again…that would explain why it just vanished suddenly, hmmmm), and since I did say I would be returning in June, well, HERE I AM. And my goodness, have I missed you guys! I feel like so much has happened since I was last here on the ol’ bloggy producing content and chatting with you guys. And because of that, I decided for my return I’d do a bit of a lifely recap. You know, recaps, those things every blogger and their mother’s dog does and I…never get around to? Yeah, that! I can be a cool kid, too! *whips out sunglasses* *accidentally pokes eye with them*

Erm, anyway…

Life has been a chaotic jumble of amazing and stressful and awful and wonderful for the past two months. So I’m going to talk about April also because a TON happened then as well. Really now, April and May needed a serious chill pill.



. . . LIFE . . .


April swooped in with big plans of finishing my edits on Burning Thorns and having a fun, eventful, awesome month. Then Life was like HAHA.

- The month actually started off with a lovely note, as Easter landed on April 1st. And it was happy day of food and family and remembering Jesus and His beautiful Sacrifice. I’ve always loved Easter—the transition of winter to spring, the bright colors and Easter egg dye, families gathering, good food being eaten, the celebration of the Resurrection. It’s always a joyful day.

- Our library had its annual sale which is my faaaave. Though this year it was smaller than it has been for the past couple of years. I didn’t come home with much. But still. LIBRARY SALE. My life’s blood basically.


The finds from that day.

- I had to go out of town for a cardiologist appointment and some tests. (I have a severely deformed mitral valve and have to get it checked yearly. Don’t worry, I’m not dying or anything!) Which was a day-long thing and kind of felt like 3 days…or years… Doctor appointments are always fun. Yaaaay. >.>

- I was so relieved to have all that done and thought things could settle and be good. Well, right after I got home, my beloved poodle Navi was having lots of health problems. She had been having them for a few months, but things were getting worse, and we ended up having to put her down. And I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I felt like my best friend died. I’ve had her for 11 years and she’s never been just my pet. Navi was my world. I didn’t actually know it was possibly to love an animal that much before I had Navi. I still can’t seem to accept that she’s gone. But I am so grateful for those 11 years God blessed me with my Navi girl. I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.


I so miss this spoiled ball of fluff. <3

- Thankfully,  I had plans for a week-long trip to go stay with my bestie that landed literally the day after we put Navi down. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing. Because I am not one who needs time to herself to mourn. If I’m heartbroken, I need PEOPLE and distractions. Just being in my room by myself thinking about how sad I am makes things worse for me personally. So I was beyond relieved to have this trip planned. It helped ebb the sorrow so, so, so much. And ooooh my goodness, I had such a lovely time with my friend. Life turned around at this point and my hopes for a good month finally started coming true.

- The week included eating pizza every single day but one that whole week. What? you think I’m kidding. I do not kid when it comes to pizza! (Okay but my friend’s aunt, uncle, and cousins owns a pizza restaurant and it’s literally my favorite pizza in the world and I only get it when I’m there (boo on living in different cities from your bestie! *sniff, sniff*) so I always try to get as much of it in my system as possible during my visits. #NOREGRETS). Book shopping. #necessarypartoflife Drinking probably more coffee than is healthy. #stereotypicalwriter Makeup tutorials. (My friend is the master at makeup!) Many movie nights. Hanging out with so many of my favorite peoples. And just in general loving every second of being with my best friend. It filled me up.

- By the time I got home, April was coming near an end and I had a lot to catch up on and ponder over. As far as editing? AHAHAHAHA! Nooot much got done in April. It was one of those terrible/amazing months and by the end of it my mind was whirling from it all. But as life settled back into a new normal, I was ready to tackle the next month with new vigor.


My productive April plans transitioned well into May. The month wasn’t quiiiite as eventful as April, leaving me enough time to get things done. (But I’ll talk more about the writerly things in a minute.)

- With May came painting my brother’s room, something we’ve been meaning to get to for a while. I hate painting with every fiber in my being buuuut it is so very satisfying seeing a room freshly painted.

- Mother’s Day of course came. And I’m totally bias and think my mother is the bestest one on this earth (becausesheabsolutelyis), so celebrating and giving her some extra love was a joy.

- For a week I got to go over and feed our neighbor’s cat while they were out of town. Which I didn’t complain about one little bit because KITTEH! He’s such a snuggly, precious kitty and I loved going every evening to feed and pet him. <3

- Then the last week of May was the busiest, being as how my sister and I decided to switch rooms for various reasons. And I wanted to repaint hers before I moved in. (Another paint job. Hurraaay. >.>) I didn’t think it’d take too terribly long. Ahahaha! Why do I disillusion myself?? It turned into a week-long event of painting and moving and cleaning and rearranging and yeah. It was hard work, but actually turned out to be pretty fun in the end. And the best part is her room has way more wall space from my previous room which means I can have an entire BOOKSHELF WALL. Something I’ve aaaalways wanted, but never had the space for. Once I get everything arranged just right I maaay have to do a room tour. (As of right now I don’t even have pictures hung on the wall yet and I may buy another bookshelf and tweak things.) Buuuut I will give you a peek at my book wall…


It’s definitely subject to change, but I’m pretty happy with it for now.

And I have another shelf on the other side of the room, but it needs more work. It’s a bit messy looking as is.


Don’t mind my typewriter on the floor. Like I said, I’m still arranging things.

I’m being so indecisive about my shelves. I’d LOVE to arrange them by color because #aesthetics. It’s the thing now and I think it’s beautimous. Buuuut, at the same time, my perfectionist self can’t bear the thought of breaking up series. DECISIONS. #HALP I’d also absolutely love to get some fake flowers and fairy lights to decorate around the shelves with. If you guys know of any great places to acquire fairy lights (and what type I should get) SUGGEST AWAY!

- The month ended with us wrapping up our room switch, and now I’m comfortably settling into my new room and ready for yet another (hopefully) productive month to come. But May proved to be quite the month of writerly things, which I was counting on. As hard of a decision as it was to take a full month off of blogging, it was the right one. It gave me just enough time to wrap up some big projects of mine.

. . . WRITING . . .

- As of May 25th, I FINISHED EDITS FOR BURNING THORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GUYS. I’ve been working on this 2nd round of major revisions since January. AND NOW IT IS DONNNEEEE. I couldn’t be happier! I may have to make another post about my editing journey (because I have quite a few thoughts and this post is becoming a monster as is), but for now I’ll just say this revision was tons of hard work and one of the biggest ones I’ve ever done. And…I kind of loved every minute of it. I’m thinking I’d like to go over the story one more time and check for any inconsistencies and do a typo sweep, but that shouldn’t take long. What matters is the big rewriting phase is done (for this draft anyway ehehehe). AND I JUST WANT TO DANCE IN ALL THE CONFETTI.

Alsoooo I will probably be doing a beta call sometime after Realm Makers (perhaps early August?) soooo yeah. Keep your eyes peeled for that. *wriggles eyebrows* Speaking of Realm Makers…

- I made some good headway as far as my giant DO BEFORE REALM MAKERS LIST goes. Editing BT was the biggy. But with that major task done, I’m now looking to getting other things done. I’ve scratched a few things off the list though.

- I made business cards! Super excited about that. I used Vistaprint because it was cheap and easy and I was quite happy with my design. Although the pictures I uploaded came out rather dark on the physical cards, as if they printed them wrong or something. It’s not too bad, I’m gonna live with it, just thought I’d warn you guys. I got matte cards, so it could be something to do with that? *shrugs*

- I sent in the first 10 pages of BT for a scheduled critique for Realm Makers. (SCARY STUFF.)

- I also scheduled appointments with 2 agents for RM. (MORE SCARY STUFF. Butalsoexciting.)

- I’ve been making planssss for a cosplay costume, since one night at RM we’ll all get to dress up. I’ve got the dress ordered, and have most of the rest of the costume figured out. It’s still a work-in-progress, but it’s coming together. I’M EXCITED. I think I’ll leave it to be a surprise though. *grins*

- Overall the Realm Makers prep is coming along nicely. Next up is perfecting my blurb for Burning Thorns, making a one-sheet (any tips, links, suggestions, etc. are always appreciated! I’m not even sure what kind of paper to make them out of and what size???), and work on a pitch for BT. Once I get those things done and my costume fully together I’ll be mostly prepared I think. I hope because WE’RE LOOKING AT LESS THAN TWO MONTHS NOW, PEOPLE. *SHRIEKS*

. . . BLOGGING . . .

Wait. Wasn’t I on a blogging hiatus for May? Well, yes. BUT…

- I did a guest blog post! The ever brilliant Savannah @ Inspiring Writes asked me to do a guest blog post for her Fairytale Retelling Month she did in May. Being as how I’m a huge fairytale retelling nerd (I mean, duh) I jumped at the chance. I wrote a post alllll about why YOU should write a retelling and why they’re cool. *puts on sunglasses successfully this time* So if you want  me to forcefully push convince you to join the fairytale bandwagon, you can read my post: 5 Reasons to Write a Fairytale Retelling

Also GO GIVE SAVANNAH A FOLLOW. Her blog, Inspiring Writes, is so well named. I come away from her posts inspired every single time. She makes the most motivating posts, will fill your plot bunny stash up by the millions, and she also interviews other amazing creatives. It’s seriously the best place to go fill up that creativity tank. Plus Savannah is the sweetest, most enthusiastic bean ever. <3

- I fiiinally got a more professional looking photo of myself for the blog (and other social media places). You probably noticed the new photo up there. *points at the top right sidebar* I’ve only been meaning to do that foreverrr, but I realized I needed it for my business cards, so that pushed me to get it done. Kudos to my amazing mom for capturing the photo. ^_^

. . . READING . . .

I probably don’t even deserve to have this section. Reading has been so slow these days. Like EMBARRASSINGLY SLOW.

- I did read the whole Storm Siren trilogy by Mary Weber though. Something I’ve been meaning to do for aaaages. But being as how she’s the keynote speaking at Realm Makers, I wanted to make sure I had read her books before then.

The stories were quite good. I got extremely fond of Nym and her cute impulsive behavior and deep desire to not harm anyone, as well as the rest of the cast (Eogan though <3). I also ADORED the world. It was like medieval fantasy slowly transitioning into steampunk times. Um. YES PLEASE. Such a unique and fun setting. Plus you can’t go wrong with a protagonist who literally creates storms. It was hilarious whenever Nym got angry and thunder would rumble in the sky.

The plot itself was pretty exciting buuuut…I don’t know. It almost felt like something was missing. Throughout all three of the books I was waiting for…more. It just kept feeling like the setup of a story and would get more exciting eventually, but it never really did. And yet at the same time it was chock full of war and emotion (THE FEELS) and life-threatening battles and the world threatening to end and airship fights (YES) and all that good stuff. So…maybe it’s just me? I think I’m becoming a picky reader and it’s a problem.

Overall, I enjoyed the trilogy quite a lot, but it didn’t quite blow me away. I’d probably get the trilogy 3 and a half stars all together.

That was all mostly May reading. I read barely anything in the whirlwind that was April. SAD I KNOW.


. . . WATCHING . . .

- INFINITY WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naturally I saw it the weekend it came out and and and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! No spoilers here, don’t worry. But yeah. o.o I can’t decide if I utterly loved it or hated it. SO MANY FEELS, GUYS. I’ve been screaming about it with my sister and friends for a month now. I WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS MOVIE. EVER.

Confession: I’m not a huge musical fan. *ducks from the flying tomatoes* I probably just lost a few followers for saying that. I KNOW IT’S SHAMEFUL. I don’t dislike musicals, I’d just rather my entertainment not be interrupted by one song after the next. It takes away from the realism for me when everyone breaks out into song. So when I saw all this hype for The Greatest Showman I was more than skeptical. (I also can’t stand Zac Efron so…yeah.) WELL. My friends convinced me to watch it with them and… *shifty eyes* I loved it. I LOVED IT. Absolutely, completely LOVED. Every. Single. Minute. The whimsical feel, the amazing chorography, the beautiful setting, the emotion, the sweet characters, the absolutely breathtaking songs. It utterly enraptured me and had me lost in the story from that first goosebump-inducing opening scene to the credits.  NOW I AM HOOKED. So I shall swallow my words of not liking musical for this once and proceed to rewatch this amazing movie over and over again. Sometimes hypes are there for a reason. WHO KNEW?

I’ve been intrigued with this movie for a while, so was excited when some friends all decided we should watch it together. First I will say, this movie is NOT for the weak of stomach. It’s brutal. And gory. Good gracious. o.o If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly flick THIS IS NOT IT. Two scenes in particular I really wish had not been there. BUT. I kind of loved the movie. It’s one of those movies that sticks with you long after the credits have rolled. I saw it over a month ago and am still pondering it. The strength and determination of the characters was awe-inspiring, the post-apocalyptic setting was fascinating (I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic/survival storylines), and the plot delivered an extremely powerful message about hope and sacrifice and never giving up and doing the right thing and treating all of humanity with respect, without ever once shoving it in your face. I seriously loved it. But again, viewer discretion EXTREMELY advised.

- PETER PAN (2003).
Only my FAVORITEST MOVIE EVER (next to Lord of the Rings). This is a movie I saw in theaters twice, bought on DVD the very day it released, and proceeded to watch it until my disc nearly got worn. The movie that still gives me chills when it comes on despite the fact that I can quote it word-for-word. This movie means the world to my best friend and me. Watching and liking this movie is basically our rite of passage to being our friend. XD (Juuuust kidding…sorta.) So naturally while I was staying with her, we had to show it to friends who had never seen it. We hadn’t watched it together in the longest and AAAHHH NOSTALGIA. It brought back every bit of our preteen and teen years. And, shockingly, this movie holds up. There’s really nothing about it that feels old and cheesy. It’s a beautiful, whimsical, magical movie and if you have not seen it YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Like…I can’t even put into words how enchanting this movie is. It’s one of the very, VERY few movie adaptations I like just as much as the book. Yes, I like this movie equal to my beloved Peter Pan book. I TOLD YOU IT’S GOOD.

I probably watched a gradrillion other things that I’m not thinking of, but this post is already a million years long and those were the highlights.
(Plus I have the memory of a goldfish and don’t keep up with what I watch month to month so…)

I feel like there’s a million and twelve more lifely bits and pieces I could tell you about these past couple of months. Like I said, they’ve been a doozy! Buuut being as how this post is already long enough to circle the world, I think I should end it eventually.

Overall, life has been hectic and stressful and heartbreaking. But at the same time? Between seeing my bestie, finishing edits, getting some Realm Makers planning finished, celebrating Easter and Mother’s Day, and switching rooms with my sis, it’s been an utterly thrilling ride. I’m ecstatic to be back to blogging (I’VE MISSED YOU GUYS!!!) and can’t wait to produce some new and (hopefully) exciting content for you all. And I’m muchly looking forward to seeing what all June has in store. I think we should make it an epic one, don’t you?



WELL THEN. Now that I’ve blabbered on to nearly the end of time, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! What have you been doing while I’ve been away? Do you have any fun summer plans? Have you seen any of the movies I’ve listed??? (I NEED TO FANGIRL WITH PEOPLE.) I have missed you all and want to discuss ALL the things!


  1. YOU'RE BACK!!!! (and your front! You're both here!)

    So happy that my favorite bloggers are off hiatus again. I've missed you and Deborah!!!

    I'm so sorry about your puppy :(

    I actually quite like painting (so long as the room is empty of furniture and things).

    Realm Makers being only a month+ away is both super exciting and kiiiinda stressful. I'm certain I'm not doing all the things I should be doing to prep, but I don't even know what to prep. Aaaahhhh! Okay. I do have some things figured out. I just sort of feel like I'm probably missing something key.


    I love that Peter Pan movie!!!!!

    Also, Infinity War!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH! I need to write a review, but I'm just not even certain how to go about starting....

    Greatest Showman was awesome. (I love musicals... I won't throw anything at you for not liking them, though - people have different tastes, and that's cool) *grin*

    HUGE CONGRATS on finishing your edit of Burning Thorns!!! That is super exciting and a huge milestone and I am absolutely thrilled for you!

    1. I AM back! And yes, my twin is back as well! Doing recap posts on the same day was not even planned. That's just how much of brain twins Deb and I really are. XD

      Awww, thanks. She is very missed, but I am so glad to have had her while I did. :)

      It definitely helps when the room is empty! But ugh. I hate it. XD It's so messy and tedious and painstaking. But seeing it all done IS a wonderfully satisfying feeling!

      EXACTLY. I am so, SOOOO looking forward to RM. But at the same time I'm super nervous and just have so much to do. MEEP. But I am sure you're getting everything you need to done. We've got this! *fistpump* Also I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU IN PERSON! :D :D :D

      YES! *high-fives* Another fan of the Peter Pan movie! Isn't is just so magical?

      I would looove an IW review from you! But I know what you mean. I've been pondering it for over a month now and my thoughts are still so jumbled. o.O

      It was so enchanting! I already want to see it again. (Haha! I appreciate you refraining from throwing things at me. ;D)

      EEEEEE!!! Thank you, Jenelle! I'm so excited! ^_^

  2. Oh my goodness gracious - SO MANY THINGS! I’m glad you’re back! (Heh... when I first typed that my phone autocorrected that sentence to, “I’m glad you’re bacon!”)

    INFINITY WAR. *sniff* REALM MAKERS! *confetti* BURNING THORNS!!!! Eeeep, I am so excited to meet you at RM and hope all your appointments go fabulously. So terrifying. xD

    Also, hurray for mitral valves! I had surgery on mine when I was younger. Those yearly appointments are sooooo funnn. -.-

    This was so fun to read, Christine! And I applaud you for how long it is. I feel like it must’ve taken a good couple of hours. O.o

    1. THANK YOU, KATIE! I'm thrilled to be back! (LOLZZZ. I'm laughing so hard. XD)

      SO MANY EXCITING THINGS. This summer just has me reeling. o.O But YESSSS. I am counting down the days to RM. It's gonna be so awesome meeting! AAAAHHHH!!!! And thank you! I'm so very nervous. *hides under shock blanket*

      Really? Oh man! You poor thing. It's so hard, yes. I had heart surgery when I was a baby and yeah, having to go to yearly appointments is not my fave. >.> Though I'm happy to be alive know. XD

      That's a relief to hear! I was scared I'd bore you guys to death with this monster post. Lol. And yeeeeah, it took most of a day to put together... Z_Z

  3. Welcome back!!! I've missed reading your posts!! :D :D

    The bookshelves look amazing. ALL THE BOOKS!!!! AHHH!! I love the bookshelf wall. My husband and I are horrible book collectors -- meaning we always come back with at least two books every time we make a quick thrift store run. I have a wall of bookshelves (packed with books), but it doesn't look anywhere as amazing as yours. Right now, since we just moved to a new apartment, they're a mess all over, but I've been distracted with baby and writing and haven't gotten to arranging it nicely yet. I'd like to do a bookshelf post of some kind once I get things arranged.... the only problem with that is this: one is always collecting books, so just as soon as you arrange everything to your satisfaction, you have to rearrange again to fit the new ones! *garbled frustrated grunt* But it's totally worth it -- books always are.

    *cough* And while I'm on the subject -- you should totally do a what's on your bookshelf post. Books, in all your lovely photos. Not that I'm demanding, but you know -- books. I'm too snoopy and I want to know all the things on your shelves. Pretty please?

    INFINITY WAR! I haven't seen it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Shame on me -- I've not seen most of the latest Marvel films: Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, and Infinity War. But, naughty me, I've looked up all the clips and spoilers I can. *hangs head in shame and whines* It's too tempting. Besides, I claim a writer's life: looking up the spoilers allows me to know what's going to happen and then I get to watch the movie while critiquing and figuring out how everything fits together.


    1. Thanks, girl! ^_^

      *grins* THANK YOU!!! I'm so fond of all my preciousessss. I mean, ahem. My books. Ooooh, girl. I AM THE SAME. I don't EVER go thrifting without buying a book...or three during it. And we go thrifting a lot, which is why I have so many books. XD What's shameful though is I keep buying them and not having time to read them, so I own WAY more unread books than read ones. I NEED HELP. And YES, buying books all the time makes arranging them a bit of a challenge. I feel you there! But books are ALWAYS worth it indeed. *nods*

      Hahahaha! Don't worry, I'm super snoopy as well. I ALWAYS am curious what is on people's bookshelves. The nosy bookdragon syndrome is strong. I should have made my photos bigger so you guys could see everything! Lol. But a what's on my bookshelf post would be fun! I may have do that sometime! :D

      *LE GASP* You looked up spoilers? FOR SHAAAME. Ooookay, honestly, it's hard to NOT see spoilers at this point. But yes, you should absolutely see it sometime! I would definitely recommend seeing Black Panther and Ragnarok first though. Not only are both of those movies AMAZING, they play some pretty important roles in Infinity War.

      YESSSSS. Someone else who has seen it. It's just...the best. You're right, there are no words for it.

    2. I just realized I left a comment and said absolutely nothing about you completing Burning Thorn's edits.


      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have no idea how I managed to read your post and skip over that in my comment BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THAT BOOK!! I'm on pins and needles over here, seriously. The world NEEDS Burning Thorns. I KNOW IT. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* I'm sooooo happy you got through the edits. :D :D All hail awesome Beauty and the Beast stories! <3 I'm excited to see where Burning Thorns will take you SO KEEP ME UPDATED.

    3. *squeaks* Aaaaahhhhh! KIRI. You are the nicest! THANK YOU!!! You should see me right now. I'm grinning nonstop reading over your comment. Your encouragement means the world to me. I can't even express how much! <3

      I will definitely keep you guys updated! Thank you again!!!

  4. AHHH YOU'RE BACK!!!! Yes, I did miss you--now let's cue the extremely long comment because I HAVE MISSED YOUR POSTS SO MUUUUUUUCH

    I'm so sorry about your puppy, first off. :( <3 I definitely know that feeling, and it's heartbreaking. I'm glad you're feeling a little better...I'll be praying for you. Losing a pet is nothing to sneeze at.

    Oh, yeah, doctor's appointments...after my surgery I have to have biannual appointments to make sure that I don't have a regrowth of my tumor (yikes) and so I definitely get the irritation of day-long appointments. Good to hear you're not dying, though. ;)

    Your trip sounds like it was really nice. I have two long-distance besties and I miss them both so much all the time. <3 And also good job not getting 100 books at the library sale this year... ;) ;)

    INFINITY WAR. My goodness. Wasn't it wild?? I didn't think it would affect me quite as much as it did, but it broke my heart and I agree with you on the whole "is it a good movie or am I dead" thing. XD I think most Marvel fans can relate, in all honesty....and THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. I'm kind of sick of "A Million Dreams" because my two little sisters have gotten ahold of it and play it 24/7 when they're not singing it, and they only know about two lines from the chorus...but I still love the rest of it. So beautiful and aesthetic and makes me so happy. <3

    Your new pic is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You're just so pretty, my goodness. <3

    YOU FINISHED EDITING BURNING THOOOOOOOOOORNS!!!!! *whoops* *squeals* *blows confetti* I am so proud of you!!!! How long did it end up (just out of curiousity)? And definitely reserve a beta space for me...because I must read this beautifulness. *heart eyes*

    You absolutely should do a bookshelf post! You just have SO. MANY. BOOKS. I'm in awe. My collection is so paltry compared to yours....XD

    I am so happy you're back! I missed my Christine posts. <3

    1. *GLOMPLES* I am back, and so very happy to be! Also your entire comment has me grinning so wide! <333

      Awwww, thanks so much. That honestly means the world to me. It has been hard, and sometimes when I think about her I'm overcome with grief, but I am starting to get a bit better. Your prayers are so very appreciated. <3

      Oh dear! Poor Faith! But AGH. A tumor??? O_______O I'm so glad you're okay! *HUGS YOU TIGHT AND NEVER LETS YOU GO*

      Awww! You have friends far away as well? It's so hard! Two of my very closest friends live far away and it's no fun at all. I miss the days when we were young and lived in the same town!
      Hahaha! Thank you! I felt accomplished only getting a few. XD

      YES. SO WILD. I'M STILL REELING. I'm laughing so hard on the "is it a good movie or am I dead" comment because IT'S SO ACCURATE. I honestly don't know if I adored the movie or detested it. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT MY EMOTIONS ARE DOING ANYMORE.
      LOL. Siblings are so skilled at making us sick of things, aren't they? ;D But yes, it was such a great movie!

      *BLUSHES* FAITH. You are too precious! Thank you! <3

      How long did this round of revisions take? Um, I officially started working on it near mid January I believe, and finished May 25th. So 5 months basically. I usually did 3 chapters a week. It o.o But totally worth it!
      EEP. I'd be sooo honored to have you on my beta team! :D

      I may have to sometime! I think that'd be fun. Lol. Most of them I got at like library sales and thrift shops for next to nothing. I have a book buying problem...

      Your whole comment has made me so happy. Thanks so much, sweet girl! *huggles*

  5. YOU'RE BACK! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, Christine, I'm so sorry about your little Navi. :'(

    Congratz on Burning Thorns!!!! I can not WAIT TO READ IT. O-O

    I've watched all of those movies but Infinity War. Everyone's been saying how awesome it is, but I haven't gotten a chance to watch it!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    My May was fun. Busy but fun. I'm so close to finishing the school year, and I can't WAIT. O-o My sister and I had our bday on May fifteenth, so that's crazy.

    1. *GRINS* I am, yes! :D

      Awww! Thank you. She is very missed, but I'm so grateful for the time I got with her. :)


      EEP. I hope you get to see Infinity War sometime sooooon. Just...just get ready to have your feels torn apart. *cough*

      I feel you on that! My May was busy but fun as well. I'm glad you had a good one though. And how awesome you're almost done with the school year! I can imagine you're ready for summer break, yes!
      Oh really? HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH!!! *throws confetti*

    2. You're welcome! <3

      OH NO. Is Bucky in it? Does anyone DIE?!

      I'm always ready for summer!!! I can stay up late and sleep in and be LAZY! YAY! lol
      Aww, thank you!!!

    3. I'M SAYING NOTHIIIING. *zips lips*

      Huzzah for being lazy! It's the best! :D

    4. HUZZAH! x3
      Well, here's some news: my cat has DIABETES. O-O We've always been really good about feeding him - he's not fat or anything - but we took him to the vet today, and they were like, "HE HAS DIABETES." Poor kitty.

    5. OH NO!!! I am so sorry about that! D: Navi actually had diabetes as well. BUT DON'T LET ME FREAK YOU OUT. It wasn't that that killed her. She had a bad disease and some tumors and things. But your poor kitty! :(

    6. Thank you! Oh, really? Poor Navi. <3 We're supposed to give Roger (our cat) two insulin shots EVERY DAY, and he's taking it pretty well. What he doesn't like, though, is that he gets a lot less food. ;) He's a foodie.

    7. Aww yeah, I had to do the same for Navi. Thankfully, the needle is so thin, I don't think it really hurts them. That's wonderful your kitty is taking it well. ^_^ But awwww! Poor kitty! Navi was a foodie too! That dog LIVED to eat. XD

    *BEAR HUG* I missed you!
    You finished your edits! Congrats!
    I hope you do a post about Realm Makers.

    1. *BEAR HUGS BACK* Thank you, Skye! I've missed being here myself. I'm so happy to be back. ^_^

      Thanks so much! I'm really excited about it all! :D And don't you worry, I will DEFINITELY be doing a big Realm Makers recap post after the event. *nods*

  7. Okay, I cracked up at your *whips out sunglasses--pokes eye with them* comment!!

    Life "hahas" at us a lot, doesn't it? :-)

    I love Easter too--I love rereading the accounts of Christ's last week on earth in each of the Gospels, in the week leading up to Easter. Of course, I can do that at any time, but it really puts things in perspective as the anniversary draws near.

    I'm so sorry about Navi. I'll be praying that God continues to help through that grief!


    Oh, those bookshelves are beautiful!! Wow, you guys not only switched rooms, you renovated them! Great work! IS THAT A TYPEWRITER I SEE ON THE FLOOR THERE?!?!?

    Oh, haha, do NOT break up a book series, girl. It will haunt your nights, and you may find yourself tempted to reorganized everything at 11:00 p.m. Or maybe that's just me... :-)


    Ooh, now I'm intrigued about the costume. And I hope your critiques/agent meeting goes well at Realm Makers!!

    UGH I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM WITH INFINITY WAR!! Love it, hate it, both it...boy.

    THIS IS THE GREATEEEEEST SHOOOOW!!! *breaks into song and dance* Ahem, sorry. Kinda. :-)

    Haha, my April & May were kinda up-down didn't get a lot done as well...illness was part of the problem, and planning/preparation for a ministry conference was another. But HOPEFULLY this summer I can get back to writing more consistently. It's been great to hear what you've been up to, and it's wonderful to have you back in the blog world!!

    1. *grins* That's so something I'd actually do. XD

      Oh goodness, yes. Life just looooves to poke and disrupt my plans. >.>

      That is such a good idea about rereading the accounts of Christ in each gospel! I may have to pickup this idea. That sounds like a perfect Easter thing to do!

      Thank you so much. Your prayers mean the world to me. <3

      PIZZA = LIFE!

      Thank you!!! I do love my children. I mean...books. *cough* And YES. It is a typewriter! One of my most favorite thrift store finds!

      LOLZ. Okay but that sounds EXACTLY like something I'd do. I was actually arranging my books this go round until 1 in the morning. I get so OCD about them! XD


      I shall be doing a big ol' Realm Makers recap after the fact and share all the things with you guys! I can't wait! :D

      RIGHT??? That movie hurts my brain. And emotions! D':

      IT'S EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANT!!! (Never apologize for breaking into The Greatest Showman songs. ;D)

      Oh dear! I'm sorry illness took over some of your months. That's always the worst. But a ministry conference sounds exciting! I do hope you'll find time for writing though. It can be so HARD to squeeze in writing between life. Doesn't Life know we need writing time? Sheesh.

      Thanks so much, girl! I'm thrilled to be back!

  8. You're so FUNNY. XD *laughing* I hope you remember who you are soon (we'll do it for you, silly, so don't worry) and I think you're right that May was murdered. :P

    Booksales are LIFE! Though I should probably stop going to them because I'm so out of room it's not even funny.

    I'm so sorry about Navi! D: *HUGS* I know she meant so much to you. <3 *stares at your pics for ages* I spy so many lovely books! I love your Bryan Davis shelf. XD And Howl books! And Narnia/LotR/Redwall! I'm trying to figure out what the boxed set on the top right of the middle bookcase is but it looks lovely. And Jill's books and Goldstone Wood and WOW the Lunar Chronicles look so pretty and remind me I need to read 'em. And Ilyon and Lawhead and ALL THE THIIINGS. (Whaaat? It's not messy looking, what are you talking about. It looks gorgeous and so tidy! *waves at Patrick Carman books*) Organization decisions are hard, yes. XD

    CONGRATS AGAIN ON FINISHING THE EDITING!!! AAAHH!! *feeds you all the cheesecake* And eep, all the RM prep thiiings you're doing! So proud. :D I need to do business cards and finish my costume and stuff too. SO MANY THINGS.

    I saw somebody share some RM/conference packing/one sheet links on the Realm Makers FB group and just read 'em so I thought I'd send them along for you in case they're helpful! *pastes all the links*

    Aaaah, I need to read your guest-post! So fun! :D
    And I loove your new photo. ^_^

    Been curious about that trilogy for a bit but haven't read. I don't think I'll manage to pre-RM but eh. I have so many other things to read first so I'll have to live with it. XD (Whoa, transitioning to steampunk and airships? That's cool though. Nobody ever mentioned that. O_O NEED.)

    Infinity War is definitely... hard to define about what we thought. :P
    Okay, so I haven't seen The Greatest Showman but I've HEARD that people who like it will like The Electrical Menagerie soooo... ;)
    Oh, yes, Mad Max: Fury Road was fascinating and terrifying and disturbing and whoa. XD
    Such a fun Peter Pan movie. That's so fun you got to see it together again!

    My comment is basically as long as your post but THANKS FOR SHARIIING! I enjoyed all these looks at what's up with you (AND THE ROOM PICTURES AAAHH) and good luck with all the RM prep! I hope you have an amazing June! <3

    1. Hehe. Thanks. I *think* I'm over my existential crisis. ;D And yes, I'm convinced someone murdered time. Or maybe it was an accident. *looks pointedly at Time* >.>

      SAAAAAME! My bookshelves are so packed and yet I just keep buying books. I NEED HELP.

      *hugs back* Thank you, sweet Celti. :)

      Bwahaha! I should have enlarged my bookshelf pictures so everyone could properly be nosy book dragons. *grins* Yes, I have an entire shelf dedicated to Bryan Davis. I wonder who my favorite author is? Hmmmm???
      Do you mean the blue books on the top right? That's a Harry Potter set I found just a couple of days ago for super cheap at a rummage sale. Literally all three of the top square shelves are sets of HP books. Which means I have 3 sets of a series I've never even read before... Remember when I said I have a book buying problem? Yeeeeeah. But I can't just LEAVE pretty sets of cheap books! I CAN'T. Aren't The Lunar Chronicles just gorgeous??? They're like my favorite aesthetic books. Lol. But ANYWAYS, thank you! I'm glad you think it all looks nice. ^___^ I'm so OCD about these things. Haha.

      *flails and happily noms cheesecake* THANK YOOOUUU!!!! I AM ALL THE HAPPY. But yes, still much prep to do. MEEP.

      Oh my goodness, THANK YOU FOR THE LINKS! :O Those are life savers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      *beams* Thanks!

      I feel you! There are sooo many authors who will be at RM that I wanted to read their books doesn't look like it's happening. :-/ I guess we can't do EVERYTHING. But yeah, it was a pretty fun trilogy. Very feelsy and a pretty dark though, just to warn you. Also the romance was a tad more steamy than I'd like... But YES. Airships! The world was so, SO cool. I adored it!

      So true. Every time I even think of Infinity War I just start internally screaming. XD
      People have compared The Electrical Menagerie to The Greatest Showman??? WELL NOW I NEED TO READ IT EVEN MOOOORE.
      Oh, you've seen Fury Road? Yeeah, it was...something wasn't it? Lol.
      PETER PANNNN. <333

      BUT I LOVE YOUR COMMENT!!! Thank you so much for everything! I hope your June is amazing as well! <333

  9. CHRISTINE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals and tackle hugs* I missed you so much, lovely lady!

    Library book sales are my favorite! *grins* But I also showed enormous restraint lately and only brought six items home. Do you think we should be worried about ourselves? :)

    Aw, Christine! :( I pray for your health and for grace with everything you deal with. You are an inspiration to me.

    Oh, girl – I’m so sorry about Navi! :( *squeezes hard*

    I’m so glad you had a good visit with your bestie. The part where you mentioned the pizza made me smile!

    Haha – that’s one lucky kitten to get so many Christine hugs! :D

    Switching rooms – how exciting! That happened to me last year and it’s still fun rearranging my new space. EEEP – THE BOOKSHELVES. *grabby hands* So gorgeous! All your pictures of your room, your books, your basic aesthetic – makes my heart happy! I love the colors and the soft feeling – it’s completely my thing!

    EEEEEK – CHRISTINE WAY TO GOON BURNING THORNS!!! *bursts into applause and commences epic Hobbit party* Your hard work and persistence are amazing!

    *bangs fist on table* I wanna see the business cards!

    Wahooo – Realm Makers! I’m so happy you get to go, Christine – and I hope and pray that you have an amazing time that exceeds even your wildest expectations!

    *bangs fist on table* I wanna see the business cards!
    Wahooo – Realm Makers! I’m so happy you get to go, Christine – and I hope and pray that you have an amazing time that exceeds even your wildest expectations! <3

    I loved your guest post on Savannah’s blog (and I followed her) and on my goodness, girl – you’re new pic. You are stunningly gorgeous!

    Let's see, in May I went to a Writer's Retreat!! It was so much fun - and I am also feeling the pain of living so far away from all my friends! :/ *sniffs*



      Book sales are what I live for! But wow, you too? I think we SHOULD be worried. Surely we're not becoming responsible adults???

      Thanks you so much. That means a lot. *hugs* It's been hard, but God and my family has been such a support. :)

      We ate SO MUCH pizza, oh my goodness. But it was great! XD

      *grins* And a lucky Christine to get to pet the kitty!

      Oh really? How fun! I hated the painting, but arranging furniture and the like is so fun! And THANK YOU!!! That thrills me you like the look. I kind of love it myself. Soft colors is my thing as well! I love pastels and such. It's my aesthetic. <3


      OH. I guess I should have put pics of my business cards, shouldn't I have? Man, this post got so long, I could barely keep up with it. XD

      Awwwww! That is the nicest. I do hope one year we can BOTH go to a writers conference or something because I WANT TO MEET YOU! But thank you, sweet girl! ^_^

      Oh, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.
      *blushes* Thanks!

      A writer's retreat??? That sounds like a dreeeeam. I am so ecstatic you got to do that! How wonderful!!! But yes, living away from all your friends just stinks. When are we gonna get teleporters so we can all pop in and see each other at any time??? *pouts*

      THANK YOU, ALLI! Your comment made my day! Love you too! <3

  10. It's great to have you back, Christine!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for your Realm Makers costume. I'm looking forward to Realm Makers in general!
    Congratulations on finishing the edits of Burning Thorns! Finishing a big job like that always feels so good.
    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of little Navi. I don't know how much longer I'll have my own old dog around, so I make certain to give her extra petting.

    1. Thanks, Blue! It's great to be back. ^_^


      Thank you! It's a huge relief to have done. Lol.

      Thank you. *hugs* Awww, I'm sorry to hear that! It's really, really hard knowing you can't have them forever, isn't it? But it is so nice to have them for a time. :)

  11. ASDFGHJKL INFINITY WAR. I can't even. *dies* I'm incredibly sorry for your loss, it is a terrible thing when one loses a loved one. I hope God can help you through this.

    1. SAME, SAME. I just...can't. Every time I think about IW my brain shuts down. *collapses*

      Awww, that means so much! Thank you! *hugs*

  12. I LOVE SHELFIES!!! I love comparing the books on other people's shelves and mine and seeing what connections we have. I particularly squealed when I saw the Kingdom Series. Almost no one that I know has heard of that series!

    I find it rather awesome that you are doing a room switch/remodel thingy 'cause I'm hopefully doing one soon (which will hopefully include a new bookshelf because I just had a book haul and have nowhere to put the books). I don't have to paint the rooms, but I do have to paint my family's one bedroom apartment next door. So yeah, feel ya on the painting thing.

    I'm sorry about your dog. That's super sad. She looks so adorable! I'm glad you were able to have an enjoyable trip to keep your mind off of the sadness. That's awesome!

    And I hope you have an amazing time at Realm Makers! It sounds like so much fun and I really hope I can go next year. I don't know if I will or not, but I'm trying to get it into the works now.

    1. I'M THE SAME! I'm realizing I should have made the pics bigger so you can all be proper nosy dragons. ;D But it's so fun looking at people's shelves and comparing books! Oh yes, the Kingdom series! I read those aaaages ago, and I don't think I ever even finished the series. ACK. Shameful. I'd like to reread them sometime because I don't remember them all that well.

      Really? That's so fun! But ugh, yes, painting. Never fun. But I do hope the room switch goes well. Huzzah for more room for bookshelves!

      Thanks so much, Sarah. That means a lot. :)

      Thank you! I am excited! And EEEEE!!!! I so, so, SO hope that works out for you! *crosses fingers*

  13. Hey, you're back!! I was just thinking about you the other day like "Where is Christine? She hasn't posted in a bit." Then I remembered the whole hiatus business. But I'm glad you're back now! I always love your enthusiasm and fun posts!!

    I'm so sorry about Navi, though. <3

    And congratulations on finishing your edits!! I've been editing so much lately so yay. >.< I know how it feels to be done - you deserve all that confetti!! :D

    INFINITY WAR! Don't mention it. I'm going to melt again. *melts* #neverrecovered

    Anyway, welcome back!!

    Danielle |

    1. Awwww! Really? THAT IS THE SWEETEST THING! I am so happy to be back. I've missed you all!

      Thank you. It's not been easy, but I'm starting to heal. :)

      EEP. THANKS! It's a huge relief. And best of luck on your edits! It can definitely be grueling work, can't it? But I know you've got this! *sends motivational cookies*

      I'M SORRY! TOO MANY FEELS. *collapses*

      Thanks so much, Danielle! I'm thrilled to be back. ^_^

  14. Christine is back!!! *confetti* Welcome home!!

    Oh my word, Realm Makers sounds so exciting and terrifying and stressful, and all-round awesome! =) I definitely want to go someday.

    And I don't usually like musicals either. But Greatest Showman?? *heart eyes* And that poster you found for it. . . *more heart eyes*

    Glad you're back!

    1. *grins* I am! :D *dances in confetti*

      I think that pretty much sums it up! I am sooo nervous, but also unbelievably ecstatic about it. And YES! I do hope you can go someday. That'd be amazing!!!

      You mean I'm not alone? :O I always feel like the only one. Everyone I know adores musicals. XD But goodness yes, The Greatest Showman was magical! <3

      Thanks, Hanna! ^___^

  15. YOU'RE BAAAAACCKK!!!! We seriously missed you, Christine! A whole month with nothing from The Elf!
    But way to go on finishing your edits! I'm embroiled in edits at the moment, but I'm really enjoying it so far! I love polishing and rewriting, so long as it doesn't drive me up the wall.
    I'm so, so sorry about Navi. We had to have our dog put down a few years ago and that was really horrible. We'd owned her for most of my life so it was pretty hard. *sends hugs*
    But its sounds like your month was pretty good, other than that. I'm glad your back to bless us with more amazing things now :D
    I hope Realm Makers goes well too :) Lowkey jealous over here...(okay, who I am kidding? A lot jealous!)

    1. *TACKLES* YES I AM! And I have missed you all!

      Thank you so much! It's a huge relief to have done. I mean...I'm sure I'll have maaaany more edits to do as I get feedback, but at least this round is done. Lol. And I know what you mean! I actually discovered I love the editing process. It's really fun seeing a messy draft shape up into something nice and polished! I hope your edits continue to go amazing! <3

      Awww, thank you! *hugs back* That's so heartbreaking about your own dog. It's just the hardest letting them go. I wish dogs had a lifespan as long as humans! Lol.

      It was a good month for the most part, yes. ^_^ LOL. I don't know about amazing things, but thank you for your vote of confidence! XD

      Thank you! And AWK. I WISH YOU COULD GO! I want EVERYONE to come! *sniff, sniff* Maybe one year!

  16. It's never easy to have to put a pet down, especially one you've spent so long with. . .

    I am just a little bit jealous about everybody except me going to Realm Makers this year. Have fun! And the BT news is exciting!

    Summer plans? Umm. . . Yesterday was Olivia's and my first day working at a local bakery. She's got a morning shift and I come in the afternoon and clean up. It's fun so far. I may also be working at the strings camp she's going to next month, so that would be a lot of fun. Otherwise I'm trying to finish writing the second first draft of Of the North, which continues to not co-operate.

    It's good to have you back!

    1. It was possibly the hardest decision I ever had to make, but it was time. She went peacefully at least. :)

      MEH. I SO WISH YOU COULD BE THERE!!! So, so, soooo wish! Maybe one year though! *crosses fingers* And thank you so much! <3

      A bakery? HOW FUN! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. And a strings camp sounds like a lot of fun as well!
      I'm sorry OTN is proving to be troublesome. I have no doubt you'll wrangle it into submission though. You've got this! *sends motivational cookies*

      Awwww! Thank you, Sophia! It's great to be back. ^_^

  17. Wow this is a whirlwind of a post! I’m so sorry about Navi. It’s really hard to lose a pet but I’m really happy you had the visit right after. I had that happen when I got a tough rejection and being with my good friend helped a lot.

    THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOOWWWWW! I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE HOOKED NOW! I also loved infinity war (I’ve seen it twice) and I love that Peter Pan movie!

    Best wishes with final edits and Realm Makers! You’ll have so much fun!

    1. Lol! It's been a whirlwind of a life lately. XD
      Aww, thanks. It is so hard, but the visit definitely helped! That's so sweet you had a good friend to be with after your rejection. There's nothing like the company of friends to make everything better. ^_^

      IT WAS SO GOOD OH MY GOODNESS!!! Totally hooked! And Infinity o.o I wanted to see it again in theaters but it never really worked out. My brain can barely process everything that happened. Lol. And YESSS. I love that movie so much! pretty obvious I guess. XD

      Thanks so much, Tori! I wish I could meet you at RM, but I'm so ecstatic for you over the other conference you're saving up for. ^_^


    Oh no, poor Navi!!! I'm so sorry! I know how tough it is after doing that, still not totally over putting my Golden down a few years ago. But it sounds like that visit you had afterwards was the perfect medicine!

    GASP That bookshelf wall is AESTECTIC GOALS, it's so pretty!!!!


    Ahhhhhhh, you saw the Greatest Showman!!!! That movie, I swear, is ridiculously addictive....what was your favorite part??


    1. *GRINS* HI, CATHERINE! I've missed you!

      You're so sweet. Thank you. It has been tough, but the visit definitely helped. That's so sad about your Golden. Making that decision to put them down is seriously the worst. If only they could live as long as us!

      Awwww! You like it? THANK YOU!!! I'm so indecisive about my books. I can never decide how to arrange them. XD But I'm glad you think it looks nice!

      I DID YES! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm really happy about it! :D

      THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOOOOOWWW! Oh man, it's so good! And ACK. Favorite part??? Ummmm! All of them? Heh. Okay. I loved The Other Side. The choreography was too fun. And then the other song when they're all in the bar. From Now On, was it called? That was such a thrilling scene. BUT JUST THE WHOLE MOVIE GAH!

  19. Oh.. Infinity War.. don't remind me.. *bursts out sobbing once more*
    And wow. I literally thought I was the only girl who didn't like musicals. XD

    1. I'M SORRY. *sobs with you* Too many emotions! D':

      *LE GASP* You too??? I thought I was alone! Wow. It's nice to meet another person who isn't wild about musicals. Lol!

  20. Library sales are wonderful things. *heart eyes* You found such cool titles and editions!

    I'm so sorry about Navi! Losing pets is so tough, but I'm glad you had such a long time with her! *hugs*

    Your visit sounds like such fun! And having one's favorite pizza nearly every day definitely sound like an excellent way to spend a week. :D Pizza is amazing.

    I love the color you painted your room! It's so calming and elegant. That typewriter is so cool.

    BOOKSHELF WALL. So pretty. I totally get the book arrangements. Most of mine are by author and series because breaking them up just feels weird. O_o I was able to find fairy lights at our local Big Lots for $5/$10 (small strands and longer ones). My favorites are the warm white lights, but the multicolors are cute too.

    YAY FOR BURNING THORNS EDITS! I'm so excited for you! *throws confetti* I'd totally love to beta for you when you need readers. Realm Makers sounds like it's going to be so much fun! And you're meeting with agents!!! All the best wishes!

    Ooh, Storm Siren. That first book got me right in the feels and I'm still not over it.

    INFINITY WAR *screeches* It was so fun finally seeing all the characters meet and working together and I am so impatient to see it again.

    All the yes for The Greatest Showman! It's so fun and vibrant and the music was so good. (I've not been able to get "Come Alive" out of my head since watching it.) Which song was your favorite?

    1. Library sales are the besssst! I'm so obsessed. XD

      Awww, thanks, girl! *hugs back* I am so grateful for the time with her. She'll forever be one of my best memories. ^_^

      It was a blast! And YESSS. We're a leetle obsessed with pizza, if it's not obvious. XD

      THANK YOU!!! I'm happy with it myself. I love mint green colors!

      *blushes* Thanks! I love having a whole wall for bookshelves now. It's the best! Oooh! We have a Big Lots, that's a brilliant idea! I will definitely have to check there. :D

      THANKS SO MUCH, GIRL!!! And EEEEEEEEE! I'd LOVE to have you on my beta team. You are so sweet!
      And thanks for the RM encouragement. I'm SO nervous about pitching my book. I'm such an awkward bean. XD

      RIGHT??? Ugh. That was probably the worst cliffhanger I've ever experienced. o.O

      *SCREECHES WITH YOU* It was wonderful and awful and just SLKDJFLJSLJD. I don't know what my emotions are doing! I'm dying to see it again as well. I need to watch it again just to process it all. Lol.

      It's such a great movie! But MEEP. People keep asking me that and I can't deciiiide! I honestly love them ALL. Maaaaybe either The Greatest Show or The Other Side??? But but but I DON'T KNOW. They're just all amazing!

  21. I wasn't too sure about The Greatest Showman either, but then some friends of mine (whose opinions I trust) went to see it and said it was very good. So I started dropping little hints to my mom, and finally said "We should go see The Greatest Showman!" She was dubious at first but we eventually went to see it together and we LOVED it. Mom came out of the theater raving, lol! Since then I've been listening to the soundtrack non-stop and I have no regrets. ^_^

    Infinity War... Infinity War is quite a different story. My family looked forward to that one for MONTHS. I knew it was going to rip my heart out, but I couldn't wait to see it anyway. At last the day came; my stomach was all butterflies; the movie began and after the opening scene, I knew it was going to be better and worse than I had ever imagined. The middle of the movie was actually great fun, though there was tragedy, but then the END happened. Usually I would have cried during something like this (especially THAT scene) but all I felt was numbness. I was pretty much in shock. And I walked out of the theater like a zombie.

    I think I'm still recovering. ;) I know most of it isn't permanent, but that doesn't make it any less painful for the characters themselves! *wails* CAN 2019 BE HERE ALREADY PLEASSSEEEEE

    Anyway. I hope your summer's been going well! :)


    1. That's so funny you and your mom were a bit dubious about it too! Yeah, I kiiiinda wanted to see it, but I expected I wouldn't like it much. BOY WAS I WRONG. It's so magical! It drew us all in with its enchantment, didn't it? XD

      OH MAN INFINITY WAR. *collapses* Yep, yep, yep. It was an emotional roller-coaster. I was soooooooo looking forward to it, but also TERRIFIED. And... O____O Yeah. It was bad. And good. And I DON'T EVEN KNOW. We just need part 2 like NOW. 2019 is too far awaaaay! I didn't cry either! Which is a MIRACLE because I cry over everything. Eeeeverything. Some commercials have made me cry (and I wish that was a joke's not XD). But it just shocked me so much, like you, I was utterly numb. I think I'm still numb. My brain can't even process what all happened. IT WAS TOO MUCH. *flails*

      *tries to recover*

      Ahem. Thanks, Lizzy! I've had a pretty great summer so far! I hope yours is proving to be lovely! <3

  22. YAY YOU'RE BACK!! *glomples you* ^_^

    Oh Christine, I'm so sorry about Navi. It's been a good many years now, but my little Sophie was hit by a car. I understand how hard it is to lose a great friend. ;( *sends cake and warm hugs*


    Don't even get me STARTED on Infinity War. I have no words. It's been almost two months, and I still can't with that movie. It's like an utter-hate-desperately-love kind of deal. XD I can say for sure, it really punched me in the feels. HARD. O_O

    Hope you've been having a nice summer so far! ^_^

    1. *GLOMPLES BACK* I AMMM! And goodness have I missed you all!

      Awwwww! Thanks so much, girl. I am SO sorry about your Sophie. Oh man. It is so tragic when a car hits them or something. *HUGGLES*


      Hahaha! You worded it PERFECTLY. "Utter-hate-desperately-love kind of deal." THAT'S IT. That's precisely it! Just...all the feels. *collapses*

      It's been a lovely summer! I hope yours has been as well! <3

  23. Even though this was all old news, it was still fun to read! Your pretty bookshelves! Infinity War! The Greatest Showman! Finishing BT edits! Realm Makers prep! (Wow, I feel like that was just yesterday. I was marveling today that it's been THREE MONTHS since RM. o.o) Again, I'm so sad about Navi, but how wonderful that you had a great week with your friend to soothe the grief! <3

    1. D'awww, thanks! I don't know why I hardly ever do recap posts. They're a lot of fun!

      I canNOT believe RM was three months ago. It's still so fresh on my mind! Part of me keeps thinking I still need to be prepping for it. XDDD I was so immersed in prepping for so long, it STILL feels weird having it over with. It's crazy!

      Thanks, sweet Tracey! You're the best. <3


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