Monday, January 22, 2018

The Bibliophile Sweater Tag

Look at me, actually doing a tag I was tagged for!

Confession: I love tags. They’re fun and clever and wonderful for when you can’t come up with that next blog post (which happens to me…a lot). But do I ever actually do the gazillions of tags I’m nominated for? Erm, no. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA. For some reason I just never get around to them or forget or…WHO EVEN KNOWS? But I do love them, I promise!


About 187 years ago (a.k.a October), the most sunshiniest bean and my dear friend Mary @ Sunshine and Scribblings created The Bibliophile Sweater Tag. A tag which involves SWEATERS and BOOKS. Could you ask for a better combination? I think not! Such is the brilliance that is Mary. Obviously I had to join in! Even though it’s taken me aaages. But hey, it’s still sweater weather! Even more so than in October. IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE, GUYS. (And I’m loving it.) What better time than now to jump in?



Gorgeous image created by Mary



  • Give the person who tagged you a never-ending supply of cookies (or just thank them - either works) – THANK YOU, MARY!!! And I’d absolutely give you cookies. I just need to hire some cookie-making elfs first…
  • Answer all the questions and use the blog graphic for this tag somewhere in your post – *points to Mary’s image directly above*
  • Pass along the tag to at least five other people – See end of post.
  • Wear a sweater (okay, this is optional...but why wouldn't you want to??) – I’m not actually wearing a sweater right now. SHAME. But there’s one in my picture at the start of the post, so that counts, riiiight?





Fuzzy Sweater
(a book that is the epitome of comfort)

By Maud Hart Lovelace

I never really see anyone talk about the Betsy-Tacy series, but oh man, guys! MY CHILDHOOD. The amount of rereads these books received over the years! Set in the late 1800s/early 1900s, this series follows Betsy and her best friends Tacy and Tib from when they were little girls all the way to Betsy’s wedding. They’re such cozy, happy little books about Betsy’s life.

I think what really drew me to these books is that Betsy was me. Like…it’s kind of uncanny the similarities we share. This series will forever hold a special place in my heart.


Striped Sweater
(book which you devoured every line of)

The Hunger Games
By Suzanne Collins

This was hard to choose, because there are so many! I finally had to go with The Hunger Games though, because DUDE! I’m not sure I’ve ever inhaled a book so fast. These books suck you in like a vacuum with no exit (um…?). Let’s just say the first time I read it I…stayed up late. Like 3 in the morning late? And I’ve literally read the whole trilogy 5 times over since. *COUGH* What can I say? Some books are hyped for a reason.


Ugly Christmas Sweater
(book with a weird cover)

A Wrinkle in Time
By Madeleine L’Engle

I…yeah. I don’t think I need to explain this one. It is in fact the copy I own. And yes, it kind of freaked me out holding it while I was reading that thing. Just…wut? I guess it fit the book because…um. Whaaaaat even? I like weird books to an extent, but not this kind of weird. Let’s just say I’m not a huge fan of the Wrinkle in Time series.
(Though I am semi-intrigued by the movie coming out soon, but we’ll see. *shrugs*)


Cashmere Sweater
(most expensive book you've bought)

Le Morte d’Arthur

By Sir Thomas Malory

Another hard one because I really have no idea! Buuut one day I was in Barnes & Noble and this book gave me puppy dog eyes, just begging me to take it home. Obviously I couldn’t say no. It was a bit of a treat to myself. BUT JUST LOOK AT IT, GUYS. I couldn’t leave the store without it! My Arthurian legend-loving heart needed it, I tell ya!


(favorite classic book)

The Hobbit
By J.R.R. Tolkien

I mean, is that even a question? This book shaped me into the person I am today. The moment I first read it when I was 10 changed my life. And FUN FACT: I’ve reread it more than any other book I own. #Obsessed


(book that you bought on impulse)

By Anne Elisabeth Stengl

I’ve bought sooo many books on impulse (see: Le Morte d’Arthur). Eheh. But this one stands out to me the most. I saw this one on the shelf back in the dark ages (like, back when this book was new). Those days, I really neverrr bought a book I knew nothing about. (Oh, how things have changed.) But this one looked so good (fairytale? dragons? I NEEDED IT), plus it was Christian so I figured it’d be clean.

Little did I know it’d become one of my favorite books of all time and one of my biggest writing inspirations. After I first read it, I told my mom my biggest hope for my writing is to one day write as beautifully as this author. I still hold to that dream.

I find it even crazier that yeeeears later, I’d end up in a circle of writing buddies who are all huge Anne Elisabeth Stengl fans, and then later take place in her fairytale collection contest, which is where my pet project, Burning Thorns, first originated.

It’s a crazy world. Needless to say, this book is very special to me. Moral of the story: Impulse buys can often lead to treasures!


Turtleneck Sweater
(book from your childhood)

Amelia Bedelia
By Peggy Parish

Did anybody else read these children’s books? We’ve had them in the house for as long as I can remember, and they were a favorite of mine. Amelia is a housekeeper who…takes things preeeetty literally. As in, when she was told to dust the furniture, she literally put dust on the furniture. Or to dress the turkey, she dressed the turkey up in a nice, dapper tuxedo. These books are adorable!


Homemade Knitted Sweater
(book that is Indie-published)

The Rose and the Balloon
By Kirsten Fichter

MARY, WHY DID YOU MAKE SUCH HARD QUESTIONS??? I’ve read so many fabulous indie-published books. Choosing one made me cryyyyyy. But I finally chose this one because I haven’t talked about it in a while and you all need this delightful novella in your life. A Beauty and the Beast retelling with precious characters and hot air balloons? YESSSS. JUST GO READ IT.


V-neck Sweater
(book that did not meet your expectations)

Princess of Thorns
By Stacey Jay

I had great high hopes for this one. It had such potential. It’s about Sleeping Beauty’s daughter and has some The Six Swans threads (which is a fairytale I’ve wanted a retelling for since…FOREVER). I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. And wow, dat first chapter. Dark and eerie and epic with promise of some amaziiiiing world building. I WAS HOOKED. And then…nothing happened. Except the two main characters being attracted to one another whilst walking…and walking…annnd walking. The entire book was basically: Flirt while we walk. Yay? Not only that, but the two main characters drove me crazy. They were so annoying. And then, to top it off, there was a ton of immoral behavior going on…just ‘cause. Bleh. Such a disappointment.


Argyle Sweater
(book with a unique format)

The Door Within
By Wayne Thomas Batson

I haven’t really read any of those uniquely formatted books going around. Though I’d love to try some! But this book has blue text instead of black. Weird, right? And the 3rd book in this trilogy has green text. Oddly, the 2nd book is normal black text and I would think it’d have purple, since the book is purple (they each have a color theme going), but my copy has black text anyway. Not sure what’s up with that. Anyways, it’s all very…different. At the time I thought it was cool, but I wonder if I reread them now if I’d just find it annoying. Lol.


Polka Dot Sweater
(a book with well-rounded characters)

Angel Eyes
By Shannon Dittemore

Again with the hard questions! I finally had to go with this one, because all the characters in the Angel Eyes trilogy are so real and raw and precious. It got to the point where it was hard to think of them as not real. Mrs. Dittemore is the master at storytelling! This whole trilogy was so powerful and amazing. Highly recommended!


Well, that was a total blast! Thank you again, Mary, for creating this and tagging me! Now it’s my turn to choose some peeps…


Katie Grace @ A Writer's Faith | Jameson @ Lovely Whatsoevers | Victoria @ Wanderer's Pen | Kate @ Story and Dark Chocolate | Kenzie @ Smudged Thoughts | + ANYONE who wants to do it because we all deserve to immerse in sweaters and books on these freezing days!

Here are the Questions
(For copy and pasting purposes)

Fuzzy sweater (a book that is the epitome of comfort)

Striped sweater (book which you devoured every line of)

Ugly Christmas sweater (book with a weird cover)

Cashmere sweater (most expensive book you've bought)

Hoodie (favorite classic book)

Cardigan (book that you bought on impulse)

Turtleneck sweater (book from your childhood)

Homemade knitted sweater (book that is Indie-published)

V-neck sweater (book that did not meet your expectations)

Argyle sweater (book with a unique format)

Polka dot sweater (a book with well-rounded characters)


Obviously we must discuss bookish things! Have you read any of the books I’ve listed? And if you have, do you agree/disagree with my assessments? Any you want to read? (They all link to GoodReads for your convenience. *wriggles eyebrows*) And how do you feel about all this cold weather? (Winter is my faaave so I’m totally basking in it myself! *twirls*)


  1. That copy of Malory is so lovely! You may find the book itself a bit wandering in plot and mixed in messages, but the antiquated style, and of course the subject, makes up for that, I think.

    1. Thank you! I just love it! :D

      Yeah, that's for sure! I've read a fair amount of it before (it's been a number of years though). It's definitely wandering and repetitive, with lots of fighting. XD But still, Arthurian legend is so fun and fascinating! One day I hope to read through all of it...hopefully. Haha!

  2. Yesssss Amelia Bedelia!!!!!!!!!!! Those books were totally awesome!

    1. ANOTHER FAN OF THEM! YESSSS. I just knew someone else out there had heard of them! *HIGH-FIVES*

  3. Sweaters is basically what I lIVE in from October - April so I love this tag! It's so cozy and sweet. I haven't read most of the books on your list, but Angel Eyes looks super intriguing and *eyes tbr*

    1. Sweaters are fabulous things! And hey, feel absolutely free to take this tag and do it yourself! :D

      Angel Eyes was really good! It's a YA spiritual warfare book, and is just full of beautiful messages and plot twists and amazing characters and...yeah. A wonderful trilogy! You know your TBR needs even MORE books. *griiins*

  4. Gaah, what fun! I'm the same about tags--I like them and have sooo many to do, but I just hardly ever get around to them. XD

    Ooh, I have the first Betsy-Tacy book! On your recommendation... I need to read it someday. XD I love that you love it so much!

    I still haven't read HG... *cough*

    I actually loved A Wrinkle in Time, which may be involved with hearing an audio version when I was younger? I wonder if I'd like it if I read it for the first time now... (But yes, I have a copy like that and SO WEIRD for a cover. XD)



    I love that Heartless started all these things for you. :D I randomly picked it for my sister for Christmas one time, with similar results because she loves the series! :) And I think your writing is totally up there with Anne Elisabeth's gorgeous writing. o.o

    I LOVE AMELIA BEDELIA! I grew up on those too! :D THAT IS THE BEST.

    *huggles Rose and the Balloon because I love it so much*

    These were all so fuuuun! :D I think Madeline J. Rose tagged me for this one once... I should do it tooo. *flails around* (But we all know I have a billion tags to get around to so we'll see. XD)

    I looove your bookish posts! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

    1. Lol! We're such twins!

      AWWWW!!! It's such a happy book! Then again, I may love it for nostalgia. It's been QUITE a long time since I've read the series. But I still think my adult self would like it. Or I hope I would! Haha.

      THAT'S OKAY! You shouldn't feel guilty about that. Why read a book you're pretty sure you won't like just 'cause it's popular? You're fiiine!

      You know, I feel like if I had read A Wrinkle in Time when I was little I would have been FASCINATED by it. It was such an interesting book and I think it would have totally captured Little Christine's imagination. But now I'm old and grumpy and ridiculously picky about books. XD It's so shameful. But I could totally see loving it from childhood!

      ISN'T IT??? I just HAD to buy it! <3


      That is so fun Heartless has some similar results for you guys! I've actually seen a LOT of people say it impacted them like that too. I think there's actual magic in that book. o.o And... *CLUTCHES HEART* MY writing??? Welp. My life is made. I can die happy now. Just...THANK YOU!!! Best compliment EVER! <333

      YOU DID? :O Aaaaaahhhhh! *high-fives* They are such delightful little stories!

      Yesss! <3

      You should totally do this tag! That'd be awesome! :D (But yeah...I toootally understand. Lol.)

      Awwww! I'm so glad! Thank YOU for your precious comment! <3

  5. I FINALLY read The Hobbit, and I LOVE IT!!! IT'S SOOOOO GOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It totally met my all expectations. I was kind of surprised, but the movies were pretty accurate! (Except there was no elvish romance.)
    Oh my gosh, Amelia Bedelia!!!!! I grew up reading those ALL THE TIME. My grandpa loved those books. He's constantly referencing to her! <3 XD
    Love this tag.


      I'd definitely say the first movie was quite accurate. The second and third veered off a bit, the second especially. But they're still really good movies! ^_^ (But yeah, the Tauriel romance... *gags*)

      You grew up with Amelia Bedelia too??? SO FUN! I just love those books! That's so cute your grandpa references them all the time. I love it! XD

    2. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister got it for me for Christmas, and I was like OH MY GOSH!!!!!! WHAT A DOLL!!!!!! XD
      Very accurate. They may not be the best, but I love them. My aunt and I watch the hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies ALL THE TIME. :)
      Yeppers!! They're so adorable. My grandpa is, too! lol. He's a sweetie. <3


      Oh man, I'v watched the LotR movies probably more than any movies in existence. It's crazy. XD

      D'awww! ^_^

    4. OH YEAH!!!!!! <3
      Same. Love it!!!! Gandalf is my favorite! And Sam. Of course, Sam. AND FRODO. And Pippin and Merry and everyone else because HOW CAN YOU PICK A FAVORITE CHARACTER WITH LOTR?!
      I love my grandparents. <3 My grandma LOVED Pippy Longstocking. lol. She'd make up these stories with her in them, and they were the best. :)

    5. I KNOW! THEY'RE ALL THE BEST. I thiiiink Aragorn is my favorite but GAH. I LOVE THEM ALLLLL!!!!

      That is so fun! Your grandparents sound precious! ^_^

  6. Amelia Bedelia is awesome! My grandma and I have fond memories of reading them together! Those stories hold a very special place in my heart.

    1. So fun you read them too! And awwwwww! That is just precious! I love those books that mean so much to us from childhood. Books are magical things. ^_^

  7. Oh yes, the Hobbit. Can't have a good bookish post without Tolkien!

    I remember the Amelia Bedelia books!! They were some of my favorite kids books growing up!

    I've been WANTING to read Anne Elizabeth Stengal for a while now...just haven't gotten my little hands on any of her books yet!!!

    Loved the post, Christine!!


    1. Amen to that! ALWAYS reference Tolkien! ;D

      Really? How awesome!!! They were such humorous, fun books. Now I'm making myself want to search for our copies and read them again...

      OH GIRL. YOU NEED TO!!! They are the most gorgeous books. Just... *clutches heart* I can't even describe it. They are absolutely worth a read!

      That makes me happy to hear. Thank you! ^_^

  8. You did the tag--eeps! That makes my bookish heart happy. <3

    BETSY TACY! I loved those books when I was younger--mostly the first four, of course, I read the fifth and sixth ones when I was WAY too young for them and it immediately discredited them to me O_O Whoops... But the first four (especially Big Hill and Downtown) are some of my most fondly remembered books from when I was a kid.

    I devoured every line of Hunger Games too. #SorryNotSorry I was waaaay more into Catching Fire (my favorite of the series, with no competition) but I still loved the first one.

    Ooh, that's a really weird cover of Wrinkle in Time. Yikes. I have a pretty weird cover too, but it's not that weird. That's actually one of my favorite books and I have very fond memories of it growing up, so I actually HATE the way the movie Disney is making looks?! Like I personally think it looks horrible, like they completely lost the spirit of the story, and I'm sure my family is absolutely sick of me ranting about it. But. I hope if you do see it you'll enjoy it! <3


    Heartless was one I picked up from the library, but it was the only one the library had, so for my fifteenth birthday last April I bought myself the rest of the series minus Golden Daughter. And I regret nothing. <3 That is easily my favorite series of 2017. I love it with all my heart.

    AMELIA BEDELIA!!!!!!!! I don't know why I always loved her so much, but now my sisters love her and so I'm always peeking over their shoulders to read their copies. XD Did you ever read any Nate the Great? That was another of my favorites growing up (and now, because when are you ever too old for children's books????)

    And I agree with you about the Angel Eyes! I've only read the first one and had a couple major quibbles with it, but for the most part I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED it. <3

    Anyway, awesome post, my dear, and it was awesome to see you do it!!!!!!


    1. D'awww! I'm glad it makes you happy. It made me happy as well. I love this tag!

      *LE GASP* ANOTHER FAN! *tackles you* Aren't they just the most delightful things? That's sad the later books did that for you. I read the first books when I was really young but actually didn't read the later ones until I was a smidge older, so I soaked them up and ended up liking the ones where she was a teenager BETTER. But I was a preteen so it all fascinated me. XD But still, there is something so special and magical about those first four. Man, now I'm wanting to reread them! Lol.

      Oh man, The Hunger Games, yes. o.o Catching Fire is amazing! I actually like The Hunger Games best, but really, I love them ALL! (Strangely, Catching Fire is my favorite of the movies even though The Hunger Games is my favorite of the books. Don't know what's up with that! Lol.)

      Isn't that cover nightmare-inducing. o.O That's what I get for picking up a copy for 50 cents at a thrift store. XD I'm sad, because, honestly, I think I would have LOVED that book if I read it when I was young. I think my young self would have been fascinated by it! But now I'm old and crazy picky about books. XD But I can see why people love it! And I feel your pain about the movie! I guess since I wasn't wild about the book, I'm not too worried about what they do in the movie (#SHAMEFUL). BUT when they make movies of books I love I FREAK OUT and get so worried. So I understand you! And...this movie does look off. The cast doesn't look like it'll capture the characters AT ALL. My sister loves A Wrinkle in Time and has had many complaints about what they're doing to the movie. So you're not alone!


      YESSSSS!!! The Goldstone Wood books are just so magical and beautiful and SDKJF:KJS:LDJSLFJLKSDJF. I love them so much!

      Another Amelia Bedelia fan! :D That is so fun your sisters are reading her now and you get to read it with them. Hehe. I don't even know where our copies are and it's making me SAD. I want to go find them and read them! (Because yes, one is NEVER too old for children's books. #NeverGrowUp) I don't think I've ever heard of Nate the Great. Out of curiosity I just Googled it and OH MY GOODNESS. That looks so adorable! Now I feel like my childhood was missing something. XD

      You've read Angel Eyes? EEEEP! Isn't it so good! I loved the whole trilogy! Although the first book was my favorite. But the other two books are still worth the read in my opinion. Goodness, chatting with you is making me want to reread ALL the thing! XD

      Thanks so much! You are the sweetest! ^_^

  9. Funnily enough, my copy of the Door Within has black text (or really dark blue, not sure) and The Rise of the Wyrm Lord also has black (my copy of the third does have green), but my library's copy I believe have bright blue text and then bright purple text. Weird?
    That copy of Le Mort d'Arthur *dies fangirling*. I love it. I want it on my shelf just to look pretty! (In Dymocks I like just staring at all the classics and admiring how pretty they all are. I LOVE PRETTY BOOKS).
    And The Hobbit is awesome, what more need I say?

    1. Really?? Okay, that is SUPER weird! I wonder if they printed copies with black text AND colored text, so you could choose? Now I'm curious!

      Isn't it gorgeous??? That's basically why I bought it, just to sit prettily on my shelf. #ShallowBookworm XD We don't have a Dymocks but it sounds like a glorious place! And I'm the same! Some books are just meant to be stared at. Hehe.

      Nothing more needs to be said! THE HOBBIT FOREVER! <3

  10. I might have to do this one as well. Just...maybe when we're not having back-to-back heatwaves. I think I might actually die of heatstroke under so many woolly things at the moment!

    1. Oh you should! :D It was a blast! Oh man, yeah. I can imagine it's definitely not freezing temperatures in Australia right now! I hope some of those heatwaves let up. :-/

  11. OH MY GOODNESS YOU TAGGED ME!!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOO much, Christine!!!! I am so excited for this!!!! EEP! This tag looks fantastic!!

    And ASDFGHJKL I USED TO READ AMELIA BEDELIA!!!! In fact, I believe I was thinking about that book just the other day... One of the parts I remember the most (for some odd reason??) was the dusting, and also the 'drawing' the curtains. XD Those books were fantastic...

    The Hunger Games and The Hobbit are BEAUTIFUL books, I must say! I've re-read The Hunger Games so many times it isn't even funny. XD I must really re-read The Hobbit, though! Perhaps it can get me in the proper mood for my Lord Of The Rings read-a-thon that shall hopefully happen someday. XD

    Ugh! I swore to myself that I would keep my 2018 TBR small, but THERE ARE SO. MANY. BOOKS. ON HERE THAT I MUST READ NOW!!! I've been wanting to read A Wrinkle In Time ever since I saw the movie trailer, and The Rose and the Balloon is just....I need. I need that book in my life. XD AND ALSO HEARTLESS. This story sounds amazing??? I NEED THAT, TOO. *snatches books and puts them on TBR*

    Thank you again so very much for tagging me!!! I am definitely doing this once I'm off Hiatus!!! <3

    1. Of course I tagged my Kenzie bean! I thought you'd enjoy doing it! (Once you're off hiatus of course.) YOU ARE SO WELCOME! <333

      Aaaaahhhhh! So funnn!!! I'm loving finding all these fellow Amelia Bedelia fans! That's so weird, because I remember the dusting the furniture part the most as well! OH. Drawing the curtains! I actually forgot about that scene. Bwahahaha. It's just the best. XD

      THEY ARE!!! And saaaame. Like, I NEVER get tired of reading The Hunger Games even though at this point I have it all memorized. It captures me every. single. time. Mark of a fantastic book right there! Rereading The Hobbit is a great idea to get you pumped for LotR! You can do this, Kenzie. I believe in you!

      I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! I'm having the haaardest time deciding which books to tackle this year because I WANTS TO READ THEM AAALLLLL! A Wrinkle in Time and The Rose and the Balloon are short books, so those wouldn't take up TOO much room and time on your TBR! ;D And HEARTLESS. Oh man. It's so beautiful and whimsical and magical and there's a DRAGON and LKDSJFLJL:SJD:LJKF. I'm so obsessed with that book! You should absolutely give it a try one day. You're totally welcome for making your TBR even bigger! *cackles*

      You're welcome!!! Can't wait to see your post! ^_^

    2. AWWWWWW!!! You are MUCH too sweet, Christine!! <3 I'm seriously gonna enjoy doing this!!! It looks amazing!

      Haha! I know, right? It's weird, because until recently, I hadn't even thought of these books in YEARS... Haha, really?? We are twins! XD YESSSS! It really is!!! XD

      Same!! I know every single thing that's going to happen, but it still keeps me hooked! YESSS! I strive to write books like that, to be honest. XD I SHALL DO IT! I'm gonna mark out a month to begin reading the entire series, and it SHALL happen this year!! *is excited*

      Ooh, really??? Short books make me and my TBR happy! XD I AM SO READING HEARTLESS BECAUSE I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DRAGONS AND WHIMSY AND ALL OF THE YES, PLEASE!!!! HA...HAHAHA...Large TBR's are so lovely, aren't they? XD *dies slightly*

      EEP! I think I'm gonna try and do it sometime next week! I'm so excited!!!!

  12. Awesome tag, awesome answers, and I may just have to be awesome and do this tag myself sometime!

    1. Awww! So glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

      And you totally should, yes! It's a super fun tag. Go for it!!!

  13. Good choices! The Hobbit is always my go to book, if I'm going somewhere.

    1. Thanks! ^_^
      Ooooh, what a delightful idea! It's the perfect travel book since it's, well, ABOUT traveling more or less. Hehe.

  14. Thank you for the tag! I'll be needing another post for when I don't know what to post soon haha! I'm actually a big fan of the A Wrinkle in Time series. I like it because it's trippy and it was my first official sci-fi book. The movie looks amazing! I'm seeing it opening day. You read Amelia Bedelia too! Yay! I read her as a kid as well!

    1. You're most welcome! ^_^

      I don't know why the Wrinkle in Time books didn't click with me. Then again, I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, so that could be it. Lol. If I had read them when I was younger I think I would have been fascinated by them, but now I'm old and picky about books. XD But maybe the movie will be good!

      Another Amelia Bedelia fan! :D Those books were the best!

  15. Ooooh, this looks so fun!

    The Hunger Games was definitely a series I couldn't put down. It's been several years since I last read them, but my sister and I were discussing them not long ago and a reread is probably due soon!

    Wow. That A Wrinkle in Time cover. O_o I've not read that book yet but I probably should one of these days. I've been seeing a lot about it with the movie coming out soon and I'm intrigued...

    The colorful font sounds pretty neat! I don't think I've read a book yet that uses it.

    I can't wait to do this one! (But first—must choose the books!)

    1. It's a really fun tag! :D

      RIGHT?! I stayed up so late reading those books. XD It's been a few years since I've read them last as well. I have to contain myself because I basically ALWAYS want to reread them. Lol!

      I know. O___O It's so creepy! The book itself was also really strange. Kind of interesting though! I can totally see WHY people love it, it just wasn't for me.

      It was definitely interesting! I don't think I've ever come across any other book like that aside from those.

      Lol, yes! It was soooo hard to choose! *flails*

  16. Oh goodness... That Wrinkle in Time cover... I'm afraid. XD

    HEARTLESS IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING AND JUST. AGH. *sighs happily* I'm so glad I found it. It's definitely one of my most favorite books ever. <333

    1. You should be. It's seriously nightmare-inducing. XD

      YESSSSSSS!!!!!! Same, same! It's so gorgeous and wonderful. GAH. Now I want to reread it! (Even though I've read it like 4 times or more. XD)

  17. Ok, so now on your recommendation, I have all the Betsy-Tacy books on my kill list. Er, my next to be read list. I spent all of last semester in a publishing class wherein my teacher used Betsy-Tacy as an example EVERY SINGLE CHANCE SHE GOT. No joke. Yes, I was intrigued, but knowing the teacher *cough* I wasn't exactly sure what I'd get myself into reading them. But I am convinced now from your obvious affection. I was afraid for a moment that there could be no bigger Betsy-Tacy fan than my publishing teacher.

    The Arthur book is amazing. Just sayin'.

    YESSSSSSS! I love that The Hobbit is the hoodie. Comfy and perfect and all the wonderful things. *huggles it*

    Can you believe I've not read any of Anne Elisabeth Stengl's books? None whatsoever. I think I may have had the chance to get the first one sometime a few years ago, but I thought, "I'm reading like six books right now, and five of them are the beginning or middle of series. I should come back to it later." Those fairytale contests, though... *low whistle* Have they been an inspiration. I'm just grateful I finally got a story submitted for the last contest... after beginning one for every other contest and never getting it in. :P

    AMELIA BEDELIA WAS MY WHOLE CHILDHOOD! I think I practically had that first book memorized, and I devoured every other that I could find. SO GOOD! Also, making note of a comment above, NATE THE GREAT IS AWESOME. I've been collecting those when I find them at thrift stores, and I have no shame in doing so. They are so hilarious.

    Two-ish years later, and you're still talking about my book. *sends virtual gingerbread* This makes me so happy. I'm hoping to get the second book, a Sleeping Beauty story, out sometime this summer?? Not sure yet. It all depends on how much time little Baby Girl takes up.

    "Flirt while we walk." <-- I LAUGHED SO HARD.

    Ooh! Door Within!! One of my favorites! I have that whole trilogy and I'm working on finding his Pirate series, too. ALL SO GOOD! Although, what Batson did at the end of the Berinfell books WAS NOT FORGIVABLE. I have not the heart to rant... for me the grief is still too near.

    1. KIRI! *glomps* It always makes my day to see you pop over onto my blog! ^_^

      Ooooh, yes! I honestly think you'd love the Betsy-Tacy books. They're so cozy and fun. They remind me a liiiittle bit like Louisa May Alcott's stories? A smidge anyway. But that is so funny about your teacher. I don't blame you for being suspicious of them under those circumstances. XD But they really are great stories!

      Isn't it gorgeous? *pets book*

      I agree! The Hobbit is like one of those books that gives you a hug every time you read it. ^_^

      :O :O :O KIRI. I THOUGHT YOU HAD! GIRL, YOU NEED TO READ THOSE THINGS! Just... *clutches heart* They're so beautiful. (But I understand. There are so many books I've had on my TBR for YEARS and still haven't gotten/read. It's ridiculous... *shakes head*) But YES. The contests have brought on so many good things! OH MY GOODNESS. You sent an entry in for this last contest??? AAAAHHHH!!! So awesome! Shamefully the Beauty and the Beast one was the only one I ever did. Heh.

      REALLY??? SO COOL! I didn't realize how popular these books were. They seemed to have been a childhood staple for all of us! Okay, now I REALLY need to check out these Nate the Great books! Children's books are amazing, no shame in collecting them. And hey, now you'll have them to read to Baby Girl! ^___^

      BECAUSE YOUR BOOK IS THAT GOOD. I'll ALWAYS talk about it!
      OOOOH??? We may be getting the next story this year? YESSS. I NEEDS IIITTTT!!! (But yeah, Baby Girl is certainly the priority. I'll try to be patient. ;))

      Lol. It's so true though. That book was really annoying. XD

      MINE TOO! Although I haven't read it in SO LONG, I barely remember anything from the whole trilogy. o.o It's waaaay past time for a reread! And would you believe I've NEVER read any of his other books? I have the first pirate book, so I definitely need to read that one. Although now I'm worried about the Berinfell books... Eheh.

    2. Ah, yes. I know I need to read Stengl's books. I keep telling myself AFTER COLLEGE. And then all the things. *grins* I guess I was just waiting for the right moment to read those books. You have to be ready for a book, sometimes, ya know, before you can devour it and have it consume your soul, right? Anyways, that's been my lazy excuse.

      Yeeaaahhh.... the entry got in. But just barely. I doubt I'll win, but I am grateful that I finally got something submitted. It was an adventure, I'll tell you what. Wow. I honestly don't know how I'll survive next summer when there's not a new Rooglewood contest to fill my fairytale thoughts. Guess I'll have to be productive and actually go back to work on the other stories I've recklessly abandoned so many times. Problems of being an INFP.

      Okay, Batson's pirate books are AMAZING. I don't know how many times I've read those books, and each time I just fall more in love. The Berinfell books are likewise amazing, but the unforgivable element in my bonnet right now is that, after the third book, he turned the series over to the fans to complete. Which is exciting... but brings up basically a bunch of fanfiction rather than actual story. I really wanted to continue with all those wonderful characters that I fell in love with and stick with his perspective of them. Not ranting against fanfiction... but it's still fanfiction, not the real deal.

    3. Oh man, yes, I understand! There ARE some books you need to be in the right mood for...and be ready for it to consume you. XD I have plenty sitting on my shelf waiting for the right mood to appear. Lol.

      YOU MIGHT WIN! Don't count yourself out, Missy! Your stories are always golden. And I'm so in awe at you managing to get an entry in with your crazy life. You're a rockstar! But yes, it's gonna be SO weird there being no more Rooglewood fairytale contest. D: Even though I only participated in one, I still love the excitement of seeing friends make entries and getting a new beautiful anthology to read and all the fun stuff! I'm going to miss it all. *sniff, sniff*

      Oh, really? Huh. That's...interesting. I guess that's cool he handed it over to the fans but...yeah. I'd rather just have the original source writing the books. Fanfiction is fine and all, but, like you said, it's not the real deal. That a shame. :(

  18. This is such a fun tag! Mary is a genius. ^_^

    Oh, I remember you've mentioned Betsy-Tacy before! The series title always makes me smile because Tacy sounds like a small child saying my name. XD

    'Kay, I need to reread The Hunger Games. They're still some of the best dystopian books I've read, and like you said, they're so FAST. I'm pretty sure I read Mockingjay in one day. XD

    I haven't read A Wrinkle in Time, but eeesh, that cover. O.o The movie preview almost made me cry when I saw it, though, so...???

    Le Morte D'Arthur--SO. PWETTY.

    Ahhh, I love The Hobbit too! Yet another one I need to reread! Along with LOTR... *ignores towering TBR screeching at me*

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE HOW YOU DISCOVERED HEARTLESS. That's so perfect! I remember seeing it on the shelf and being taken in by that gorgeous cover, but feeling unsure after reading the back cover blurb. (Aethelbald sounded just plain odd to me. XD Little did I know!) But I filed the book away as something to search for at the library. Buuuut I promptly forgot about it until I stumbled upon it weeks later and checked it out one November day. I started reading on a day my family and I were Christmas shopping, and fell in love with little Una and Felix so much that I read excerpts out loud to my siblings in the van. XD Needless to say, I was a goner. And that's also when I looked up Anne Elisabeth Stengl, found out about the contests, and whipped up my atrocious Cinderella retelling in one month! XD Ahhh, good memories. But goodness me, I'm rambling!

    I read Amelia Bedelia books as a kid too! They were so fun! I remember her literally stamping around on the mail...

    Still haven't read Rose and the Balloon, but I shooouuuuld!

    Walking and flirting? Um, no thank you. I have more epic things to read. XD

    I'd kind of forgotten about the coloured pages of The Door Within. That's funny, I'm pretty sure the copy I read of book 2 actually did have green text. Hmm...

    And okay, I STILL need to read Angel Eyes! I'm not usually big into angel books, but I know how much you love that one, so it's something I definitely have to try!

    Whew, long comment! But I know you never mind. ;D Talking about books is so much fun!!!

    1. Mary is totally a genius! One of my favoritest tags EVER.

      Oh my goodness, I've never thought about that with Tacy. You're right! XD So cute!

      The Hunger Games trilogy is one of those series I just NEVER tire of. I've read them 5 times and still want to reread them! I HAVE A PROBLEM. But they also do fly by while reading them. I pretty much always devour them in just a few sittings. XD I love books like that!

      A Wrinkle in Time is so WEIRD. XD Buuut a lot of people love it (my sister included), so I'd still suggest it even though it wasn't my cup of tea. But yes, the movie looks quite intriguing and my sister and I have every intention of going to see it when it releases. *nods*

      *huggles Le Morte d'Arthur book* I'M WEAK. But I couldn't leave the store without it! D:

      I've been wanting to reread LotR myself. It's been so, SO long since I've read it. I've been missing it! But...yeah. The TBR pile ever looms. :-/

      AWWWWW! I don't know if I've heard your story of how you discovered AES's books! (It's funny, so many of us have special memories revolving around discovering Heartless. Proof that it's a magical book!) I LOVE that! That's so cute you were reading snippets of it in the car. I, too, was instantly hooked by little Una and Felix. I still vividly remember my first read of it. Ah, memories. ^_^ Really, it's because of those books that we became good friends since we really hit it off when we beta-read each other's stories for the Five Enchanted Roses contest. More proof to how special Heartless really is!

      Another Amelia Bedelia fan! *high-fives* They're the cutest books!


      Right? Ugh. That book annoyed me so much. >.>

      So yours was colored? Weird! Maybe they offered colored text AND normal text for those who didn't want the colored kind? I don't know! I'm curious now.

      YESSSS! And ya know, I was a little leery of those books at first myself. They seemed kinda odd, but I personally felt like Mrs. Dittemore handled the angels beautifully. And wove such powerful messages through her stories. She's extremely talented!

      I definitely never mind long comments. OBVIOUSLY I could chat about books with you forever! :D


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