Monday, January 8, 2018

Goals of 2018

HAPPY 2018!!!

I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year's. I have returned from my (very brief) break, refreshed and excited for the new year!

I have many plans in the works for 2018. Plans I’m actually going to make a for reals effort to achieve unlike last year. But after spending 2017 reevaluating my life, learning more how to balance things, and healing after a not-so-great 2016, I am back and more excited than ever to dive into a year of productivity and accomplishments!

Which means today, for my first 2018 post, I’d like to share what my goals are for this year. (Because it’s a fact one is more likely to achieve their goals if they shout them to the whole wide world. Huzzah for peer pressure!)




My absolute #1 goal for this year is to do another full revision for Burning Thorns. (Which is my YA Beauty and the Beast retelling for any who don’t know.) Yes, that was my main goal for last year and it didn’t happen…at all. But this year I’m ready! SUPER READY. I’ve already started reading back through the manuscript to give me a full scope of the story and what all needs major changes.

I HAVE MISSED MY BBYS. I love these characters and the fairytale world and all the pain I caused and just the STORY. I cannot wait to work on making it the best it can be. (Annnd I may need another round of beta-readers later this year. *wriggles eyebrows*)

After I do a full-on revision (because I’m thinking there may be some drastic changes to the story, though that’s still in the works), I’ll probably do some smaller polishing up.

My goal is to get that done by July. Becaaaaause…




Now, it may not happen. There is definitely a chance it won’t work out. But if I can get enough time and money and everything together, IT COULD HAPPEN. I’ve already talked to my family about it and we’re trying to make this dream a reality SO WE’LL SEE. And hey, even if I can’t make it this year, maybe all the work I put toward it will make it where I can go next year? Whatever happens, I AM making it to Realm Makers someday! Buuuut I’m reeeally hoping that someday will be this coming July. *SHRIEKS*

SO YES. That’s gonna keep me busy as well as I prep for it. Getting Burning Thorns ready to pitch there is of course the main goal, but there’s other prepping I want to do as well like make business cards, a one-sheet, research all the staff/editors/agents/etc. that’ll be there, and all that fun stuff that conferences require.

The best thing about this, even if I don’t go, is it’s setting up a deadline and something to work toward. Yes, getting published has always been my main goal, but sometimes it’s hard to force myself to edit and look into literary agents and work on query letters, etc., etc. when I don’t have a tangible goal to work toward. Does that make sense? With Realm Makers, I know I’ll have a real, physical thing to keep me pushing on with editing Burning Thorns. And I need that. Boy do I need that! Having this July deadline is just the motivation I’ve been searching for!



This is something I’ve been meaning to do for, erm, years? And I’ve failed. I want to buy the Guide to Literary Agents 2018 and start combing through it. BECAUSE I’M SERIOUS ABOUT THINGS THIS YEAR, GUYS. I AM!



Am I the only one who is terrified of these things? I mean, essentially it’s just a couple of paragraphs about myself and my novel (both of which I have like thousands of words of blog posts of). If I sat down and worked on one, I’d probably find it’s not all that overwhelming. But for some reason just even the term “query letter” makes me want to go hide in a hole at the ends of the earth forever. I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

BUT I NEED TO MAKE ONE. This may happen later in the year, but it’s gotta happen.

Although I would like to also build a “resume” of sorts for a query letter. Such as writing articles for some magazines and things? Soooo that may also be on the goals-list this year, but these thoughts are still in the works. But hey, if you guys have any good ideas and or/links of magazines, contests, what-have-you I can join to help build that writers resume, I’ll give you an infinite supply of (virtual) cookies and love you forever!



I fail at this so, so, so, soooo bad! The year before last I had gotten into a pretty good exercise routine, but this last year I got busy and just…stopped. IT IS NOT GOOD. This year I’m getting back into it! I’ve got to stretch and exercise my body more. Being a writer requires like 29389 hours a week (you can do that math…) on the computer which is not good for our poor bodies. So yes, EXERCISING HAS GOT TO HAPPEN.

I will be doing stretches and exercising nearly EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I WILL!



It’s just sad how little time I make for reading. For the past few years, 30 books a year is my average. PATHETIC.

I’m realizing I’m probably not always fueled to write because I’m not filling my brain with story like I should. For some reason I have in my head I’m not allowed to read until I have all my tasks done??? Well GUESS WHAT. It’s basically impossible to have everything done. There are aaaalways things to do. Thus I just…barely ever get around to reading. And yet last year I spent like a gazillion hours playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and watched a ton of movies??? Hmmmm. Priorities, Christine?

This year that’s all gonna change! I’m going to make time for reading, and try to choose books over pointlessly scrolling on social media for hours on end. I also want to read some writing-help books. (Because I’m bad and tend to only ever get around to reading fiction.) But I’d like to give Go Teen Writers a reread (that book is when my writing life completely turned around and I got serious about things, 30000% recommend), and I also received Storyworld First by Jill Williamson for Christmas and definitely want to dive into that one soon.

Basically, I WANT TO READ MORE. And need to read more. I think my writing is suffering because of my lack of reading. READING IS GOOD. READ BOOKS, CHILDREN.

(I also own waaay more books that are unread than read and that makes me weep daily and it must be fixed.)



Ooooobviously this is happening. I’ve done it 8 years in a row and most certainly don’t plan on stoppin’ now!

I have an idea of a book I may write for it. But sheesh, that’s 10 months away. I’ll probably change my mind 87 times before then!



Despite all my big writerly plans, I very much want to unplug more. If the last couple of years taught me anything, it’s that one cannot spend every waking second on the computer and social media. That’s just not good!

I’m thinking I may set a time in the evening (like 7 or 8?) where I have to stop and not touch the computer again until the next day. And use those hours before bed to, ya know, read or something. This isn’t a solid plan. I’m still figuring things out, but it’s certainly something I’d like to try. My natural instinct is to work until I diiiiie. I am not one to take breaks. But one can’t survive without breaks. That’s not healthy! I’ll be able to do more work and produce better quality if I give myself rest and refueling time each day.

And on that note…



Another failure of mine—time organization. I’m either working 24/7, or wiling away my time scrolling on Pinterest for hours, or being productive with useless things, or…yeah. You get the idea.

This year I want to be more organized with each and every day. This means daily goals. At some point last year, I started making Thursdays my blog post writing days. Every Thursday I knew I’d need to write a post for the following Monday. That way, I wasn’t overwhelmed the other days thinking, “Should I write a post today?” but I also wasn’t scrambling around on Sunday or Monday trying to get a post together. This helped ease the stress of blogging a ton. And made it where I could relax during the weekends knowing I had a post all set for Monday. I’d like to do this with other things as well. Such as setting a day or two out of the week for answering emails, and doing social media, and another day for researching things. And so on and so forth.

But, on a smaller scale, I’d like to set hourly goals. Such as from 3 or 4 answer emails. Not sure if this will work, but if I can get it to, it’ll really help me not wile away my time, but, on the flipside, help me not spend so much time working and draining myself. Because once the hour is up I’ll have to stop.

I haven’t actually worked out any of this yet, but it’s something I’d really like to try. I think it’ll help me stay focused and ease the stress of each task if I had a specific day and/or time for everything. I know it works with blog posts, so I suspect it’ll work with all my other projects as well!



A lot of people choose a word for each year, something to focus on and live by throughout the year. It’s a wonderful thing to do, and I’ve done it myself for a few years now. But this year, I hadn’t planned on choosing a word. I was just going to go with the flow and work on my tasks and do the best I could.

Then, right as the new year rolled around, I found myself using and focusing on a single word.


It just kept cropping up on its own accord. I couldn’t seem to shake it. And then I realized, that’s exactly what I want to be this year. Intentional. Because I’m not always intentional about the way I live. I don’t pursue my dreams as hard as I should, I can be so selfish and not intent on helping the people around me, and even my walk with God gets pushed to the back burner far, far more than it should. I’m not intentional with my life at all. But this year, I want that to change.

I want to purposefully work toward being publishing, I want to help others more, be there more for my family and friends, and follow God with every fiber of my being.

I want to live intentionally.

Not wandering aimlessly, not wasting time and putting myself before others and throwing my dream to the wayside. I want to be intent in everything I do.

God gave me a word for 2018 after all. And I hope to pursue it with all the energy I possess.


So those are my plans for this year. More may come. I’m still working on my list, and I suspect little things will be added to it as I think of them. But these are my big ones—edit Burning Thorns, work on making it to Realm Makers, and living intentionally.

I think 2018 is going to be an amazing ride!



Let’s talk the new year! Who’s shocked we’re already to 2018??? (*raises hand and waves it wildly* Me me me!) What is your main goal for this year? Who’s all attending Realm Makers??? Because I WANT TO MEET YOU ALL SO BAD!!! Any hopes you have for this year? Let’s make it the loveliest one yet! <3

P.S. What do you think of my new leafy text dividers??? I’m trying to make things more fancy schmancy ‘round here. AND I’M EXCITED. But I’d looove to know your opinion! Though bear with me because they are subject to change. I’m still playing around, but I do like these. So watcha think?


  1. Wowzas! You have some amazing goals this year, Christine!

    Ooh, if you want to publish some things in a magazine, there's this one. Great, Christian place. Online magazine. Hope that can help for your resume thing. :)

    And your leafs are beautiful. I want some. :D

    D.G. Snapper |

    1. D'awww! Thanks! No clue if I can reach them all buuut I'm gonna try. XD

      OH. I HAVE HEARD OF THAT. Thank you!!! I just bookmarked it because it looks fabulous and I absolutely want to check this out. Thank you again! :D *piles you with endless cookies*

      I'm so glad you like them! I'm rather pleased with them myself. ^_^

    2. *eats the endless piles of cookies* And if you do decide to publish something there, I'll keep my eyes out for it. ;)

      D.G. Snapper |

  2. Goodness, it's almost like this post was written with me in mind! I am 100% with you on the reading thing. I know I should read more, but I keep telling myself I should focus on my writing. Then I wonder why I'm dragging with my writing. Use your brain, Sarah!

    Keep going with your exercise! I love working out (though I had to take some time off to heal my body), so if you need an accountability partner, I'd be happy to help! It helps so much with writing, I'm not even joking.

    Okay, so yeah, I totally relate to every part of this post. But I truly hope you can achieve your goals! May the Lord bless you in 2018!

    1. THAT IS EXACTLY ME. I always feel guilty if I take time away from writing to read. But hello? I'd write BETTER if I read more. *facepalm* Maybe one day I'll get this in my head. XD

      Oh, thank you! :D I am sooo bad at keeping up with these things. This week I've managed to stay on top of it but who knows how long that'll last. XD But yes, moving around always makes my writing better. Again, things I KNOW but forget to actually apply. *shakes head*

      Thanks so much, Sarah! Your whole comment encourages me! I hope your 2018 is a blessed one as well! <3

  3. You can do this, Christine! I believe in you. XD

    You're hoping to go to Realm Makers?????? Oh my word, I wish I could go...I'm already travelling so much this year and I have NO MONEY *cries for all the sorrow in the world* I really, really hope that's possible for you to go, though. Because that would be awesome.

    I have to start researching query letters and stuff this year too...*shrieks, hides* I don't wanna do it! But I also think I want to at least try to be traditionally published, so I'm going to try. We can both do this, right? *nervous laughter*

    And I know you can finish Burning Thorns! I can't wait to read it. No joke. The BP posts you've done for that story are just...the best. I'm so excited to find out WHAT ALL THE SPOILERS ARE. XD

    Have a wonderful 2018! Get out there and start achieving! You can do this!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Faith! ^_^

      I HOPE SO. It definitely might not happen, but, at the same time, it might. I AM SO EXCITED. But eeeeek. I WISH YOU COULD GO TOOOOO. Meeting you would be the bestest thing EVER. Maybe one day we'll make it on the same year!

      EEEEE!!! That is so exciting! :D I am THRILLED you're pursuing publishing as well. But yes, query letters. o.o *hides with you* We can do this. We can. It won't kill us! *takes deep breath* We've totally got this.

      AWWWWW! That is so encouraging and touching you're interested in my story! And want to know the spoilers. *cackles* Hopefully one day!

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You as well, girl. I hope all your dreams come true this year! <3

  4. I loved reading your goals! Reading other peoples' goals always motivates me to work on mine. :) I'm that way with reading too: I waste all my time on other things, and then wonder why I don't have time to read. GEE I DON'T KNOW HANNE MAYBE THE 300 HOURS YOU SPENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA LAST YEAR WOULD HAVE DONE IT.

    Good luck with editing/publishing (maybe) Burning Thorns!

    1. Awww! Thanks, Hanne! ^_^ And I feel the same exact way! I always love seeing everyone's goals posts because it really inspires and motivates me.

      I AM GLAD I AM NOT ALONE. I see all these people devouring over 100 books a year and I'm just like...hoooowww??? But, ya know, if I actually MADE TIME TO READ maybe I could achieve that too? Hmmmm??? Ahem, so yeah. I've got to do better. But it's a relief to know I'm not the only one!

      THANK YOU!!! :D

  5. Best of luck obtaining your goals! <3 <3 <3

    -gray marie |

    1. Thanks so much! I hope your 2018 is a blessed one! <3

  6. I LOVE ALL YOUR GOALS AND YOUR LEAFY THINGS ARE FABULOUS. (Like, almost Thranduil-level fabulous. *nods*) I need to do... like... almost all of these. I SO WANT TO DO REALM MAKERS BUT WE'LL SEE. Best wishes on aaaall your things, and thanks for sharing them! You always inspire me! ^_^ I will definitely be over here cheering you on!!! <3 And I haven't made real "goals" but like I said, I need to do nearly all of these, so maybe we can do 'em together. XD HAPPY 2018 AND I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING ONE! <333

    1. I also tagged you for a thing. No pressure. Just tellin' you. XD

    2. THANK YOU! And wow, Thranduil-level fabulous? :O THAT IS A COMPLIMENT RIGHT THERE.


      Awww! Thank you! No clue if I'll achieve all this, but at least it's something to work toward, right? XD And you are my BEST cheerleader and always help me push forward. I don't know what I'd do without you! *huggles* And doing these things together sounds like the most wonderful plan! :D

      HAPPY 2018 TO YOU TOOOOOO!!!!! <33333

      (EEP. That tag is so happy and fun! Thank you for passing it my way! :D)

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Okay, girl, those goals are AWESOME. You can totally do it! I spent last year figuring out how to manage my time, so I'm hoping I'll actually be able to accomplish my own goals this year...

    I want to go to Realm Makers!!!! Thing is, I only plan things like....2 hours in advance. So yeah. Probably won't know until a couple months at least if I can go...

    But those headers are beautiful!!! Keep em up!

    1. Happy New Year to you too! :D

      Oh my! THANK YOU!!! I hope to achieve them, but we'll see. Hehe.

      That is awesome you worked on managing your time! I did that a bit myself last year, but I still tooootally fail at it and need to make more of an effort!

      YESSS. I WANT ALL MY PEEPS TO GO. But, man, do I understand. just put my entire life into words. O___O I rarely am able to even plan things a day in advance. It's all gotta be spontaneous plans for me because my plans pretty much always collapse. *shakes head* So yeah, that's why I'm saying going to RM is a MAYBE, most certainly not a definite yet. I won't know for sure until it's closer to the date. But ANYWAYS. If you could go THAT'D BE AMAZIIIING!!!

      Aww, thanks! I'm so glad you like them! :D

  8. Great Goals! Realm Makers sounds awesome, I want to go one year too!
    You got this, I have full confidence that you can meet all your goals!

    1. Thanks, Skye! ^_^
      OH MAN. It'd be the BESSST if we both went to Realm Makers on the same year sometime. BECAUSE I NEED TO MEET MY SKYE. NEEEEEEED!!!

      That is the sweetest thing ever. Thank you! <333

  9. Wow- we are already a week into 2018!
    Researching literary agents and working on queries are goals on my list as well.
    As for Realm Makers? Well, maybe this year, Lord willing!

    1. I know, right? It's insane! I suspect this year will fly by just as quick as the last one!

      THAT IS AWESOME!!! :D And oh my goodness, you also may be going to Realm Makers? EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everything goes wonderfully for you and works out!

  10. Oh my goodness, I'm really hoping to go to Realm Makers this year! *flails* It seems like there are a LOT of bloggers planning on going, so I'm extremely excited. There will be so much squealing. xD


      Ahem. Yes. There will definitely be squealing. ;D

  11. Oooh, Realm Makers! It looks like such a fun conference! I hope everything works out so that you can go!

    Literary agents and querying sounds so exciting! Query letters are terrifying though. O_O But Burning Thorns sounds fabulous from what I've read on your blog, so I've no doubt your query letter-writing will work out just fine! :D

    Your 2018 goals are amazing, Christine! I'll be cheering for you. :)

    (The text dividers are adorable, by the way.)

    1. Thanks, girl! I hope so too. ^_^

      Awwww! That is so encouraging of you to say. It's comments like these that help me push forward with my story. So THANK YOU! <333

      You are the sweetest, Jameson! <3

  12. Those are some awesome goals. Here's wishing you the best in carrying them out successfully!

    1. Thank you so much! That's so nice of you!

      I hope your 2018 is amazing! <3

  13. There are so many magazines and contests out there -- I'll go leaf through my lists and pick some out for you ;) cos while I collected those that accept teens, you probably don't want me to send you an 'only teens' one haha

    Anyway ... ^^ all those goals. SO RELATABLE.

    you're gonna rock this year Christine!! Good luck ^.^

    (And I'll comment again once I've found my list)

    1. OH MY GOODNESS. That is the NICEST thing, Lisa!!! I would be THRILLED to have a list! And you are so smart to make a list. I need to follow your example. YES. THANK YOU!!! (And yeeeah, I'm an oldie. XD)

      Thanks so much! I hope your 2018 is the best and you totally rock your goals, too! <3

    2. okay Christine, I don't know how to do text as a link in comments so you'll have to put up with a lot of urls.

    3. oh wait I'll just message you instead ...

  14. Kingdom Pen publishes short stories and poetry and articles by people who aren't subscribed to them, although they're definitely worth subscribing! (And a lot of their things are free.) That might be a good place to look.

    You've got a lot of good goals! I haven't really made any, other than to finish rewriting Of the North. I'm starting to think, now, of things I'd like to do, so I may come up with a list, only later than most people. We shall see.

    1. Someone else suggested Kingdom Pen as well! Maybe it's a sign. XD But seriously, THANK YOU!!! I'm definitely going to be looking into that! (But you can't write for them if you're subscribed to them...?)

      Thanks! We'll see if I can achieve them. Hehe.

      You're not late! Sheesh, last year I didn't make any goals until February. XD And it's exciting you want to finish Of the North. I do hope you have an amazing year! <3

  15. This is such a GREAT list! I do believe I should take your advice and make some INTENTIONAL goals, myself. Otherwise, I will accomplish all of nothing. And I don't like that - I don't push myself enough.

    *fangirl squeal!!* BURNING THORNS!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait! I can just imagine it on the shelves with your lovely name caressing its gorgeous cover. This, I will DEFINITELY anticipate. Please let me know if you need a beta reader! *^-^* But I understand if you have plenty of peeps already - no worries!

    Hmmm. I've never heard of this Realm Makers thing... Are they a publishing group?? I know you'll do your very best to accomplish this goal. And if, for whatever reason, it doesn't happen this year, that's okay cuz it WILL happen someday. :]

    I do admit the literary agents research and a query letter are a little intimidating. But YOU GOT DIS. We, your peeps, BELIEVE IN YOU. <3

    Good gravy. I could literally take your whole list and make it mine, because ALL of it is what I need to do. Exercise - definitely! How'd I get so darn lazy, you know?? Organizing time... *sighs* and your 2018 word. Yes, that's perfect!

    Well, my dear, best wishes to you this 2018! I know you'll set your heart on accomplishing as much, if not all, of your goals. May this year be your best yet!

    And your leafy things are so lovely! I rather like all the graphics. It just adds so much to a blog - and yours is one of my faves. :D *hugs*

    1. *blushes* D'awww, thanks! And I feel ya! I don't push myself NEARLY as much as I should either. I get so lazy and laid back and have an "eh, it can be done later" mentality. NO MORE. I'm determined to really strive this year! *nods*

      OHMYGOODNESS. GIRL. *rolls on the floor squealing* I CAN'T WITH YOU. And EEP. I'D LOVE YOU AS A BETA-READER. YESSSS. I'm ALWAYS looking for more feedback. I will be contacting you once the time comes! YOU ARE THE BEST! :D

      Realm Makers is actually a big Christian Speculative Fiction writers conference. (This is their website: I've always wanted to attend a writers conference and I think this one will be the best one for me! And thank you! I hope it'll work out. ^_^

      So very intimidating. o.o But because of you and all my dear peoples, I can push on! THANK YOU, SARAH. You encourage me so much, you just have no idea! <3

      Awwww! We're totally twins. XD But yes. It's SO hard making time out to exercise each day and not wile away my time. *shakes head* Hopefully I'll get better at it!

      AWK. GIRL. Again, you are so encouraging! Thank you so much for your whole precious comment! I do hope this will be YOUR best year as well! *HUGS*

      And awwwww! I'm glad you like them! That is the sweetest of you to say my blog is one of your faves. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH YOU??? You're slaying me with your niceness over here. Just...thank you! <3333

  16. Sounds like you have some great plans! I wish you the best of luck and I hope you have a lovely 2018!
    I CANNOT believe it is 2018... I refuse.

    1. Thank you!!! I hope your 2018 is lovely as well! ^_^
      But yes, how IS it 2018??? It's so crazy!

  17. I love your leafy text dividers, they are so pretty!!!

    Intentional is a great word! Probably one I should focus on as well...

    That would just be SOOOOOOO FUUUUUNNNN if you could go to Realm Makers and I can go, too, this year!!!! I want to meet all my blogging/author friends soooo much!!!

    Seriously, all of the things in this post spoke straight to my heart. Unplugging more, being more organized, protecting my time, being intentional... these are all things I really need to work on as well.

    I can't believe it's 2018... where did 2017 go???

    Oh well, Happy New Year!

    1. Oh yay! I'm glad! I think I'm pretty pleased with them myself.

      God was so good to give me a word to focus on. I just hope I will actually practice it... Heh.

      YES. YES YES YESSSSSS!!! Meeting you and everybody would be a DREAM. COME. TRUE. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. *FLAILS*

      Awww! I think it's a writers thing? We all have a hard time "clocking out"--unplugging and using our time on more than social media. XD But, goodness, I'm always in awe at how you manage to keep up with your writing AND be such a wonderful mother. You're awesome, Jenelle!

      RIGHT??? It feels SO weird typing 2018. I just...can't wrap my head around it. o.o But yeah, I guess we've got to accept it. Lol.

      HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope yours is a blessed one! <3


    I seriously hope you get to attend Realm Makers this year!! Pitching Burning Thorns there would be so worth it, I think :).

    ugh, I wish I knew of any websites or contests...I probably should look for them myself...

    Ah yes, exercise....that's on my goals list too. Sitting for 8 hours madly typing out a story doesn't do very well on your back...or your knees either. And your ears will appreciate not being stifled all the time into headphones.

    I love your 2018 word "Intentional"! I really should apply that word to my writing life...because at the current moment my writing is really willy-nilly, whenever I feel like it and that doesn't write books very well, I've discovered.

    Happy 2018!


    1. You do? YAAAY!!! Thank you! I'm glad. ^_^

      D'awwww! THANKS. I do so hope it'll work out!

      Those sort of things can be so overwhelming. o.o The things a writer must do just never end! *collapses*

      Exactly! I've seen a lot of writers move their laptops over to a treadmill because it takes such a toll on their bodies. Sitting in front of a screen for so long is just...not healthy. :-/ So yes, I've got to work on that!

      I sooo understand that! I'm really bad about putting things off and not focusing. So I get exactly where you're coming from. Sometimes it can be so hard to force ourselves to just WRITE. *nods*

      Happy 2018 to you too! I hope you have an amazing one! <3

  19. Good goals! I, too, want to unplug more and live more intentionally. It's sooo hard, but I know it's how I live my best life. Also, at the same time, I want to be more of a presence on Twitter and Instagram, so we'll see how that works out, lol. Good luck with your writing and querying! You can do it :D

    1. That is sooooo me! I want to unplug and relax and LIVE, buuut, I also know I need to be active on social media and grow my platform. Balancing things is so hard! *flails* But maybe we can figure it out! Lol.

      Thanks so much! I hope all goes well for you this year! ^_^

  20. As always – the formatting and pictures on your blog are to die for! “fans self”

    I hope and know you’ll be smashing with the writing – and I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE you get to go to Realm Makers (I’m praying you will, if it’s God’s will! But asking for His blessings!)

    I’m also tentatively researching literary agents and how to write a query letter this year – because yeah, time to get SERIOUS, ALLISON and make up for wasted time. But probably not ready to move on that until next year – but anyhoo!

    BTW - Kingdom Pen doesn't pay it's writers, just so you know - not sure if that's a concern. For myself, I'm trying to focus on getting paid and poking a toe into mainstream magazines that are established - looks good on the resume. :) Splickety is one I can recommend personally.

    AND EXERCISE – that was on my goal for this year and so far I’ve got my pedometer on and doing fairly well.

    Oddly enough – I probably need to read LESS this year. “cries” and write more….
    AND NANOWRIMO – so want to do this – I missed last year and it still burns.

    I love your word for this year and I am so excited about all your plans! May God bless. keep and establish the work of your hands, you precious girl, ALWAYS. <3

    “whispers” Still researching Realm Makers with my twin …..maaaaaybe. 

    1. Oh, girl, that makes me so happy! I've been trying really, really hard to make my formatting appealing. I can't tell you how glad it makes me to hear it's paying off!

      REALM MAKERS. EEP. I HOPE SO TOOOOO!!! And oh my goodness, your prayers mean the WORLD to me! I'm gonna be praying we can BOTH make it because that'll be the most amazing thing everrrr!

      That is so awesome! :D It just thrills me so very much to see all my beloved writing buddies work on getting published!!! I do hope all that goes well for you!

      Ah, that's good to know about Kingdom Pen! Honestly, I'm not looking into getting paid (though I probably should...haha). I just want stuff I can add to my "resume". But yes, good, established magazine is certainly the goal. I have heard of Splickety and TOTALLY need to look into that one. Thank you for reminding me of it! I'm adding it to my list now! :D

      Huzzah for exercising. You go, girl! I'll actually probably get myself up and go do some exercises after replying to this... Hehe.

      Oh, but I admire how much you manage to read! But I understand. It's so hard balancing reading AND writing...

      Awwww! Thank you so much! I hope all YOUR goals and dreams are fulfilled this year! <333




    I love that last goal, living intentionally. I don't want to just go about my life, aimless and undecided, I want to DO something. WORK TOWARD something. That's such a lovely goal. <333

    I hope you're having a fabulous January, Christine!! ^_^

    1. THANK YOOUUU!!! I've already been prepping toward major edits! So hopefully I can dive full-swing into it here soon! :D

      SAME. SAAAAAME!!! We both need to go!

      "I don't want to just go about my life, aimless and undecided, I want to DO something. WORK TOWARD something." <--- THISSSS. You put my exact thoughts into words. That's PRECISELY how I want to live as well! You are so eloquent!

      You as well, sweet girl! <333

  22. That does it. I wasn't planning on it, but I'm going to do a goals post. I like these. XD PLEASE COME TO REALM MAKERS I WANNA MEET YOU SO BAD!!! I'm planning on going! I hoping to get my flight next month and work from there. I work for two magazines you could get paid to write for that would look good on your resume. It always helps when you can put "published" on your bio. Also if you need help with onesheets, business cards, and editors and agents I can help you out too. If you want to shoot me an email, we can talk about it further. I think it will take more than a comment. XD

    1. DO IIIITTT! They're really fun and motivating!

      I WANT TO GO TO REALM MAKERS SO BAD AND MEET YOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting you're going! I'm gonna try SO hard!

      I've always admired how you work for magazines and things. I know you have an impressive resume! Definitely something I'd love to shoot for. And oh my goodness, THANK YOU FOR THE OFFER!!!!! I'd totally love any advice you have. Once I get some thoughts and questions organized in my brain, I'll totally have to shoot you an email. Thank you again! :D

  23. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT ALLLLL OF THOSE AMAZING GOALS, CHRISTINE! You already know how I feel about Burning Thorns and Realm Makers, but KLDJSFKSLAJFLKSJ--researching agents and writing a query letter are so amazing tooooo! Exercise is definitely something I should be doing more as well (*cough*).

    For myself, I think I've been doing better at making time for reading this year. I mean, part of the reason has been the fact that I'm on a writing hiatus (sort of), but it still brings me a spot of joy to have good books to read whenever I'm not doing homework. xD

    Is it bad that I'm already curious what you'll be writing for this year's NaNo?? XDDD

    And organizing time, unplugging, and being more intentional (great word, that!) are all super goals. I need to do more of all three, especially unplugging! >.<

    Anyway, I'm really late again, but I'm looking forward to catching up on--ahem--two months of your posts! :D

    1. D'AWWWW!!! You always make me smile! Hopefully I can achieve these goals. I feel like I've been making strides thus far, so maaaybe I'll actually succeed. XD

      That is the best that you've found more reading time! I've been making an effort myself to read more. I always seem to THINK I don't have time for reading, but then I look at all the time I waste on social media or watching TV and realize, "Ya know, I COULD be reading during those times." So I've been making more of an effort to prioritize there.

      Tehehehe! Even I'm not sure what I'll be writing for NaNo but I definitely have a story in mind. *grins*

      Unplugging is so haaaard! When I have my phone within reach literally every second of my life, it's reeeally difficult to just...not use it. XD But I have been trying some! (Though probably not nearly as much as I should. *cough*)

      You're the sweetest! And you've been BUSY! It is perfectly okay. <3


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