Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rooglewood’s Final Fairytale Contest Reveal


My blogging hiatus is officially over. For…the most part. My posting maaay be a smidge sporadic for a bit, but I will eventually settle back into my every Monday posting. I PROMISE. And I still may not be commenting on blogs as much as I like and such. BUT I HAVE MISSED YOU GUYS. DESPERATELY. And hope to start settling back into being active as best I can.

But GUYS. Have I returned with some frabjously exciting news!

Rooglewood Press is ready to reveal the fairytale chosen for their 4th and final contest.

For a few years now, Rooglewood Press has produced a creative writing contest. They choose a fairytale, and anyone can submit a 5k to 20k word novella based on the fairytale. Then, five of the novellas are chosen and produced into a gorgeous book. The previous fairytales have been Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty.

Well, it’s finally time to learn which fairytale has been chosen for the final contest! *trumpets and fanfare*

Are you ready?




Five Poisoned Apples
A collection of “Snow White” stories


Cover model/photographer: Wynter Clark
Cover Designer: Julia Popova

Snow White, guys! There’s so much potential in that story. And I think I need to lie down and recover from gorgeous overload from that cover. *drools* The covers for these collections are always the most breathtaking things on the planet.

Snow White has never been my favorite fairytale, but I think there is an infinite amount of unique and fun things that can be done with it. I’m ecstatic to see the ideas people come up with!


These contest are very special to me. When Beauty and the Beast was announced as the fairytale chosen for the second contest, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I mean, they were doing my favorite fairytale! I had been wanting to write a Beauty and the Beast retelling since…well, since I started writing pretty much a.k.a nearly my whole life. This contest finally spurred me on to do it. Thus Burning Thorns was born.

Pretty much the day after the five winners were announced, and none of them were me, I realized I wanted to turn Burning Thorns into a full novel instead of just a novella.

Here, two years later with the full draft of the novel done and the first round of edits finished, I’m so glad everything happened the way it did. Sure, I would have been ecstatic to be one of the winners, but then Burning Thorns would never be the full novel it is. It’d never be the novel my heart has utterly wrapped itself around.

I’m grateful to Rooglewood Press for creating the contest that spurred me on to finally write that Beauty and the Beast retelling I’ve always wanted to. And I’m grateful to God for giving me a peace afterwards, and telling me I wasn’t done with Burning Thorns yet.

So if you’re feeling inspired to try your hand at this contest, I strongly urge you to go for it. You never know what will come of it.

I don’t think I’m going to enter this year, because I have so much going in life right now, and I want to put all my focus on the next round of edits for Burning Thorns. But I’m cheering on each and every one of you who does participate. It’s going to be so fun!!! These contests are just a blast!


So are you excited about the contest? BECAUSE I AM EXCITED!!! Do you think you’ll participate? And have you ever participated in any of the previous contests? What do you think about Snow White being chosen? Any ideas already swirling around? Flail with me!


  1. YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so glad to see you! And yes isn't the cover EXCITING? I've got a bunch of ideas, but I think I've finalized it now. I've never written dark fantasy, so this should be interesting... but we'll see how it goes!

    I'm assuming you're entering? I can't wait to find out how you handle this contest!

    1. Never mind... didn't read the whole post... XD

    2. I am! ^_^ ...Mostly. I might not be able to post EVERY single Monday like I have been for the next month or two, but I will definitely eventually get back to that schedule!

      The cover is amaziiiiing! And that's super exciting you've got ideas. MEEP. Dark fairytales are my faaaaave. I bet it's going to be spectacular! :D

      Haha. Yeah. I'm not COMPLETELY throwing out the idea of joining in, I just PROBABLY won't. But who knows, an idea may smack me and force me to write it. One can never know with plot bunnies. XD

  2. AAAAAAHH MY LAURI IS BACK! *tackle-hug-attack* I've missed your blog so much and it makes me happy seeing a new post again! :D (Also, on a semi-unrelated note: OH MY GOODNESS, YOU HAVE ALL THREE BOOKS IN PAPERBACK?? :O SO MUCH GORGEOUS AAAHH! Ahem.)

    But the new cover! *flail* It's sooo pretty! :D And same on Snow White, but I think it could be really interesting! It's definitely not on my list to write a story for this contest (again, lots going on in MY life too. XD) but I wouldn't rule it out if I happen to have some inspiration. ;)

    So exciting! Eep. :D (And I'm so glad Burning Thorns exists toooo! <3) Awesome post! Good to see you back! ^_^

    1. *grins so big at your comment*
      *tackle-hug-attacks back*
      THANK YOU, CELTIII. I've really, really missed this place! It feels like it's been AGES since I last blogged. o.o
      (I DO! :D They're seriously some of my prettiest books. I may or may not stare at them for ridiculously long amounts of time... Ahem. I still haven't read Five Magic Spindles though. I must do that!)

      SO MUCH PRETTY. Can you imagine how they'll all four look together? I may die from pretty overload!
      So you're not much inspired by Snow White either? It's so weird, because I basically want to do a retelling of every fairytale in existence. But...Snow White just doesn't interest me. BUT, like you, I'm not 100% saying no to this contest. If a plot bunny attacks, I'll consider it. It just...probably won't happen. Haha.

      Thank you so much! *hugs*

    2. I actually have a Snow White retelling idea that's a crossover with Robin Hood, but I think it's too big to be a novella and I don't plan on writing it soon anyway. XD So it does inspire me, I just don't have a specific plan for writing one this year, and it's not my FAVORITE fairytale, but it can definitely be fun. :D

    3. OH. I KNEW THIS. Fail on me for forgetting your brilliant Snow White/Robin Hood idea! *facepalm* I think those two stories can be so amazing together. But yes, I tooootally understand it being too big for a novella. That's a big reason why I've only ever tried entering these contests once. Any story idea I have is just...too much for 20k words. Usually every idea turns into a full series so... XD

  3. I'm glad your back! :D
    The cover is gorgeous, I am so excited. I don't have an idea but I can get to work on one.

    I understand why your not entering, and I am so happy that you are still working on Burning Thorns. It's such a fantastic, heart wrenching story.

    1. Thank you, Skye! ^_^
      Oh my goodness, I knoooow. I can't get over that cover. o___o

      Oh, I know you'll come up with the best idea. You always do! Your story ideas and characters are always the besssssst. I can't wait to hear more about your entry once you get started! :D

      D'awww, thanks, Skye! Right now I've had to let Burning Thorns sit, due to life being CRAZY and needing some time to think things out. A few parts need fixing and I can't figure out how... But once life settles back down, I'll definitely be diving into it again!

  4. CHRISTINE IS BAAAACK! *all the hugs* I missed seeing your blog posts, girl! <3 <3

    THAT COVER. I was so so excited when I saw it for the first time! IT'S GORGEOUS. I participated in the Sleeping Beauty contest (with a story so bad that I get thoroughly embarrassed any time I think about it *cringes*), and I'm definitely entering this one, too! The plot bunnies are coming in droves xD.

    (also, the paperbacks of the other anthologies are GORGEOUS, I may have stopped to stare at them for awhile before reading the rest of the post xD)

    ~ Savannah @ Scattered Scribblings

    1. *TACKLES* YOU'RE SO SWEET!!! I've really, really missed blogging.

      ME TOOOOO. I may have actually gasped when I opened the email and saw that cover. Just...GAH. SO MUCH GORGEOUS. I don't think I knew you did the Sleeping Beauty one! :O That's so cool!!! I'm sooo happy you're getting good plot bunnyage with this one. XD I just know you're gonna come up with something EPIC.

      Yesssssh. I loveth them so much. *huggles books*

  5. Yesss, THE MARVELOUS CHRISTINE HAS RETURNED. I don't think I'll enter this year, but Snow White looks like SUCH a fun choice! I love books with multiple POVs, and it looks like there are lots of ways to do that with this fairytale. Best of luck with BT edits!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


      I love books with multiple POVs, too! I haven't thought about how this one has SO much potential with that. EEP. Now I'm even more excited to see what people come up with!

  6. I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS. The cover is just amazing and so cool and ahhh I can't get over it. So much excitement. I thought of maybe writing something to enter but decided not to because I don't want to stress out my little brain with too many deadlines all at once. Because I'm also trying to get my novel finished editing and alpha read and the rewrite the second book of the trilogy and just basically focusing on that.

    AND YOU'RE BAAAACK. *tackle hugs*


      I totally understand that. I'm not entirely opposed to trying to write one if a good plot bunny hits me, but I probably won't. I've got so much on my plate. And it looks like you do, too! That's sooo exciting you're working so much on your novel! I hope it all goes wonderfully. :D

      *tackle hugs back* I AM!!! I've missed being here. ^_^

  7. You're BACK!!!!! *flails*
    I probably won't be participating because, honestly, I'm a super slow writer. lol. But WHO KNOWS, right???? Maybe I will!
    Have you ever entered?

    1. YES! :D And so happy to be so. I've really, really missed blogging and all of you! *hugs*

      I can be suuuuch a slow writer myself, so I totally get that. But YES. Don't totally count yourself out. You never know if a good plot bunny will hit.

      I entered the 2nd contest, the one for the Beauty and the Beast collection. That's how Burning Thorns came into existence. When I didn't win the contest, I decided to turn Burning Thorns from a novella into a novel, and SO glad I did. It's much the better for it now!

      All that to say, even if you enter and don't win, you never know what awesomeness will come from it!

    2. We've missed you, too! XD

      Yep! You NEVER know! I've been getting inspiration, so..... Hmmmmmm.......

      I'm glad you did, too! I seriously can't wait... <33333

      I KNOW! You can learn a lot from it, too. XD *rubs chin thoughtfully*

  8. Welcome back! So good to hear from you again!

    Although I've never entered, I'm always excited to see these Rooglewood fairy-tale collections come out. I'm sorry to hear this will be the last one.

    1. Thank you, Blue! It's feels good to be back. ^_^

      SAME. I only entered the once, but I get just as excited with each contest. It's as fun watching and cheering everyone on from the sidelines as it is entering. I'm really gonna miss these contests. *sniffles*

  9. AAACK, YOU'RE BAAAAACK! *gives Christine a tackle-hug* I'VE MISSED YOU!

    Ahem. That cover. *drools* Wow. IT'S SO GORGEOUS. <3 Rooglewood Press's covers are really good motivators for writing a decent story. XD

    Isn't it wonderful how Rooglewood Press makes such an impact on the writing life? It was when I discovered Anne Elisabeth's books and the Five Enchanted Roses that I started taking writing seriously. :)

    Anywhozens, I'm afraid I must take my leave for now (homework -- uhg!), but I must say that I'm glad you're back!! <3


    1. *launches over and tackle-hugs you back* HELLO, MY DEAR!!! I have missed you all toooo! <3

      I KNOOOOW. I just can't stop staring at it. Literally...I keep scrolling up to it and staring. It's a problem. XD But YES. Their covers always make me want to write something. They're so inspiring! I probably won't join in on the contest, that cover is enticing. XD

      Yes, yes, yes! I remember reading a post you did not too long ago about how AES's books impacted you. They did me too! When I read Heartless yeeeears ago, I thought to myself, "Wow, I want to write in this style." And the Goldstone books have been inspirations for my writing ever since. Anne Elisabeth and the whole Rooglewood team are just the best! ^_^

      Oh dear, I hope the homework went well! Thanks so much, Liv. I'm happy to be back!

  10. THIS IS REALLY COOL! I don't really remember if I'm new to your blog or I've been checking it out for quite a bit but I intend to stay around :)

    I would participate in this but I'm a bit swamped with real life things?! I will try to stay updated though!


    - andrea at a surge of thunder

    1. Awwwww! Well, welcome to my little corner of the internet! I love making new blogger pals. ^_^ *gives you welcome cookies*

      SAME. It's so sad. I just really can't imagine having time to do it. Ah well, such is life.

      YESSSH. I can't stop staring at it!

  11. DID WE CALL IT OR DID WE CALL IT?!?!? *nods back to your post 2 years ago on this day*

    I think I may have screamed or done something rather embarrassing when I saw the cover and the title. And I was at work. In the library. Yeah, it wasn't the best situation. However, my boss is very understanding. Books and all.

    Anyway.... *coughs* BUT WE GOT OUR 5 POISONED APPLES!!!!!!!! I was so stinking excited when I saw that. Still pretty excited. And going NUTS with Snow White ideas right now! :P I am so tempted to tell myself I don't have time, but I don't know if I'll listen to myself. We'll see what happens. :D

    But I sincerely know what you mean. I am forever grateful to these contests, because 5 Glass Slippers was what prompted Hazel Tree. And I don't know where I would be right now without that story. Even if I never get around to entering a contest, this has been an amazing journey. :)

    And of course, that cover, as always, is gorgeous. I love her dress!!!!

    1. OH MY GOODNESS. I just went back to look through our conversation. I forgot about all that. WE DID CALL IT!!!

      Oh, giiirl. ME TOO. I totally squealed and grinned like a goofball when I saw it. Although I was in my room by myself. Tehe. I love how you were in the library. XD (But wait, you work in the library???? :O THAT IS THE BEST.)

      AAAAHHHH, KIRI. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY ENTER. Or at least try to...? Because I tooootally understand not having time. That's my problem this year too. *glares at life and it's lack of giving us more time* BUT IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU ENTERED. You make the best fairytales!

      I forgot that's how SotHT came into existence. :O That makes me love these contests even MORE. Not only do we get gorgeous anthologies, but there's also so many OTHER stories that come from it, like Hazel Tree and Burning Thorns. It's just so great!

      I can't get over the perfectness of that cover. Her dress is the greatest. *drools* She makes such a perfect little Snow White!

      (P.S. I always get a thrill when you comment on my blog. I've missed you. *hugs*)

    2. Noooo!! Don't tempt me to enter! I haven't time!


      So, did you know that one of the stories Snow White was thought to spring from had children working in a copper mine? Because the mine tunnels were too small, the children had to mine the copper, and they earned the nickname "dwarves."

      Yeah, the bug bit hard. I have too many ideas. X) These contests are downright dangerous!

      Ah, I've missed you too!! *hugs back* I know I owe you a big email soon, and I'm so sorry I haven't gotten around to doing that yet. BUT I will let you know I just posted a good bit of the story on my blog, so feel free to pester me with whatever questions spring from that in the comments/separate email. ;)

      I am just a little bit sad that you won't be entering the contest this year. But I completely understand the whole time thing. Unfortunately, these things can't just happen overnight.

    3. *GRINS* But I so love your fairytales. More need to exist in the world!

      Really? I did not know that, no! That's very interesting though, and makes the story make so much more sense now. Huh! That's fascinating!

      Oh, girl, I'm SURE you're preeeetty busy right now. ;) Don't even sort of rush it. There's no hurry! But you have a post up about it???? I MUST GO READ IT SOON. I've gotten awfully behind on blog posts lately because #Life. *glares* But I must read yours!

      Awwww! Yeah, I do wish I could. Technically I only ever entered that one contest. I always hoped to do at least one more of them but life just hasn't really allowed it. *sniffs*

  12. You're back! I hope your blogging break was wonderful and refreshing!

    That cover is stunning, especially the red/purple colors. *heart eyes* (Though I think my favorite is still the one for Five Magic Spindles...)

    I had so much fun working on a story for the Spindles contest, but I' m not sure I'll be participating in this round. I like the fairy tale but I don't have a story idea for it yet. But I can't wait to see the stories that are chosen!

    1. It was a lovely break! And life was SOOOO busy in May, it was good I decided to take a hiatus. I have no idea how I would have found time to blog. XD

      Oh, I know! The coloring is so magical. I love it! (That's my favorite tooooo! :D Like, I adore them ALL, but Five Magic Spindles just takes my breath away.)

      That's exactly me. It's so fun doing these contests, but I have no ideas for this fairytale, and I don't really have time. But, like you, I'm sooo looking forward to seeing what people come up with! :D

  13. YOU'RE BACK?!?!?!?!?!?! *FLAIL*
    I'm so glad you're back!!!!!!!!! <333
    Oh heart. LOL!
    My poor, poor nerves (Pride and Prejudice). Haha, I'm glad you're back!!!
    I like the idea....LET ME REPHRASE THAT...I LOVE the idea of having my writing in a book, but I'm more of a realistic fiction person. *gasps all around the room*
    It sounds horrid, but I'm not a goal person. AT ALL. I mean...I can make goals and meet them, but I can't meet deadlines. My writing would stink if I only had 7 (???) months...I think it's seven. Deadlines=writer's death. (Me personally.)
    Oh my goodness, I MISSED YOU, GIRL! Oh my gracious. Sorry, lol.
    That cover is so pretty! <3
    God Bless. ;)

    1. Oh, and I hope your hiatus was the best. <3

    2. I AM BACK!!!!! :D ...Sorta kinda. I'm still super busy, so I may be posting every other week, instead of my usual once a week. Eventually I'll get back to once a week for sure. Life right now is just...crazy.


      Hey, you could totally do a realistic fiction Snow White retelling! That's the fun of retellings, they can be ANY genre. They don't all have to be fantasy and magic and things. It's all about getting creative. But I definitely understand not wanting a deadline. That's my problem this year. I just don't think I could meet that deadline. Ah well, life happens.

      Your comment is just making me ALL THE HAPPY. I've missed you too! *hugs*

    3. YAY!!!!!! Mine too.....finally the painful (sickening) couple of weeks have stopped. ;\
      Don't worry about us. You always come first. It's the blogger THEN the readers. <3

      Oh, I never thought of that! Hmm, I might do it on my own, but not facing a deadline. Deadlines kill me. Lol You're a very talented person, Christine Smith, I'm positive you can do anything when you set your mind to it. :) Life is Life. Lol

      Really?! I'm so glad. *blush* At times I went to your blog and then realized that you were gone. Your posts are crazy. Esp. the ones about Dragons. *I fell in love when that word was typed. Haha*
      I hope everything slows down for you and gives you a breather. <3

      Numbers 6:24-26

    4. You are just so sweet! Thank you for the encouragement. ^_^

      That'd be so awesome if you wrote your own for fun without a deadline. Retellings are soooo fun to write!

      Hahahaha! I do post some pretty crazy things. XD But DRAGONS. Forever and always my favorite fantasy creature. <3

      Thanks so much! *hugs*

    5. Daww, thanks. <3 You deserve every bit of it.

      It WOULD be lots of fun. Esp. if I did it modern and less magical. Lol I can't wait to see Burning Thorns! *hint*

      Dragons...need professional un-bitable humans. Lol

      You're so welcome.
      *tackles you to floor in a ginormous hug*
      *gets a hold of myself*
      *helps you up*
      Ahem. Lol
      Anyway, we all missed you. Good luck with your writing life. <3

  14. This looks amazing! The cover is. so. gorgeous. :D I read about this contest yesterday and thought about trying my hand at it, now I've decided. :)
    P.s. nice to see you back!

    1. Oh man, that cover, right? I can't handle that much beauty. *drooools*

      That's so exciting you've decided to enter!!! :D I don't think you'll regret it one little bit. It's such an amazing contest. I hope you have the best time doing it!

      Thanks, girl! It's really nice to be back. ^_^

  15. These covers sure have improved since the first one. XD Though I'd have to say the cover for Five Magic Spindles is my favorite. Oh, and welcome back from your hiatus. I didn't really notice you were gone, because I myself have slipped from the blogging, which I am now attempting to re-enter. :P

    I will be entering this year's contest, or at least just writing the story. This one's going to be a superhero/mystery/sci-fi story set in the future. :D

    And I'm so sorry for not having finished reading BT! :O I feel bad about that... I'll try to finish it up ASAP. :)

    1. Lol! I actually still love the first one, but the others are a bit better. XD And I'm with you, Five Magic Spindles is my favorite cover. But they're ALL gorgeous in their own way.

      Thank you! Haha. That's okay! I totally understand that. It seems like everyone has been so crazy busy lately. I don't know what's up with that, but I guess we just gotta roll with it.

      You will be? EXCITING!!! And oooooh my goodness. A futuristic superhero Snow White? THAT SOUNDS EPIC. You always come up with the most unique ideas! :D

      DO NOT EVEN SORT OF WORRY ABOUT IT. And that's an order! :P Seriously though. You've been doing college and everything. I KNOW you have been crazy busy. Honest, don't stress it. It's perfectly fine.

    2. Well, to each his own opinion. XD Yes, they've all had some pretty solid covers.

      I was busy with finishing up college and looking for a full-time job, which I'm still doing. What's been keeping you busy?

      My, my, such enthusiasm, dearie. (Yes, I've been watching Once, and Rumpelstiltskin is my favorite character. XD) Thanks! I'm hoping it turns out well. :D

      Eh, too late. XD I really want to get back into it, though.

      So, two random questions for ya. One: would you be interested in being a beta-reader for the Snow White story? Two: would you like to help out with my blog launch party, since I'm starting it in a week or two?

    3. Speaking of college, congratulations on finishing!!! I know I've told Tracey how proud I am of her, but I haven't had a chance to tell you yet. I so admire all the hard work you guys did! ^_^

      I've had multiple graduations to go to myself, and then a boatload of other lifely things going on. This is one of the craziest summers I've ever had, but it's been an amazing one so far as well!

      Rumpelstiltskin is the BEST. I'm so behind on OUAT. I've got to start watching it again...

      I would most definitely love to help with the blog launch, YES. I'm so excited that you're going to be blogging! :D

      And I DO want to beta-read your story for you also. But, as I said, life has been cRaZy so...if I do, my responses may be very slow in coming. So it'll depend on how fast you'll need critiques back. I mean, obviously you'll need them before the deadline in December. I suspect my life will start slowing down a little (maybe) by late summer. But right now I may not be able to do much beta-ing. But if you don't mind waiting, I'll certainly try my best to beta!

      Feel free to email me any time with blog/beta-reading details when you get things together. ^_^

    4. Thank you kindly! It was definitely hard at some points, but it was very much worth it in the end. ^_^ (Is "very much worth it" even proper grammar? XD)

      I'm glad your summer's been good. And if you're enjoying it even though it's busy, kudos to you. :)

      I'm only on the second season. XD My favorite characters are (as I like to call him) Rumpel-Bumpel, Charming, and Hook.

      Good to hear! Happy to have you on board, mate. *shakes your hand ferociously* :P

      At this point, it's not urgent. I haven't started writing the thing yet. XD To quote a certain Elf king, "I am patient. I can wait." I'll be sure to email you ASAP. ;)

  16. That cover is gorrrgeous!!! So elegant and whimsical; perfect for Snow White. :D

    Hello by the way! I don't think I've commented on your blog before, but it's lovely to "meet" you! I love love love your blog design, especially the header. :) It's so awesome you were able to turn Burning Thorns into a full-sized novel. Best of luck with it!

    Sincerely, Melissa <3

    1. YESSSS. I can't get over its gorgeousness. All these collections have the BEST covers!

      And hello!!! It's love to meet you too! I'm always so excited to make more blogging buddies.
      Oh my goodness, that is so nice of you to say! It's always good to know my readers like my design. I want it to be crisp and welcoming here, you now? So thank you so much for saying something!

      And thank you again. You're just the nicest! ^_^

  17. Again I'm commenting on old news but: THAT COVER IS JAW-DROPPINGLY GORGEOUS AND I NEED IT ON MY SHELF. o.o I think it may tie Five Magic Spindles for favorite cover!

    I just love how much has come out of these contests! I mean, it's the reason Rose and the Dragon are ALIVE. And the reason you and I became actual friends! <3 Plus I've had so much fun with my three stories for these contests, especially The Brightest Thread. ^_^

    I haven't really gotten any ideas yet for this one... Like you, Snow White isn't my top favorite fairy tale, but there's a lot that can be done with it! I might be sitting down to really brainstorm sometime next month though. :D It's too bad you won't be entering this year, but you go rock those BT edits!!! (I'll be replying to that email soon btw!)

    1. It's not old news at all! After all, we're right in the midst of the contest! ^_^ BUT YES. THE COVERRRR. Can you imagine how beautiful it'll look on our shelves with the other collections? GAH. IT'S GOING TO BE SO GREAT.

      ME TOOOOO. I think they have been life changing for so many of us--even those who haven't won a spot in any of the contests. But they have just really pushed us to write new things and get our stories out there and make new friends. It's just been the best! It's sad this is the last one. *sniffs*

      Yeah. I had actually sorta kinda considered caving and entering if a story idea struck me, but nothing came. It's just not a fairytale I ever really see myself retelling. (But you NEVER know!) I have seen a lot of people come up with some pretty brilliant ideas, though! And I can't wait to see what you'll come up with! I know it'll be great!!! :D

      (Nooo rush with the email! Goodness knows you've been occupied lately. o.o)

    2. SO PRETTY. I just want to do a photo shoot with all the books!

      I knooooow, I wish there would be a fifth contest. Not only because they're so much fun (obviously) but because my detailed side kind of wants there to be FIVE collections of FIve Something Something. XD

      I would try to finagle you into it, but at this point I'm too invested in BT! So I'm kind of biased. XD But you're right, you never know if some brilliant idea for Snow White will clonk you on the head sometime between now and December. If you DO write an entry, you know I'll want to read it. ;)
      Thank you, dearie! I hope so!

      (Thanks for understanding. I really want to get to it this week, though!)

    3. ME TOOOO!!!

      Oh my goodness, I was thinking that EXACT SAME THING. My OCD brain is rather bothered that there will only be 4 and not 5. Lol. Wasn't there supposed to be 5 but Anne Elisabeth Stengl just got too busy and decided to make this the last one? Which is very understandable! But still. *sniffs*

      Awwww! Haha. Yeeeah. That's how BT actually came about. A Beauty and the Beast idea snagged me out of the blue and I just HAD to write it for the contest. I never seem to have any say on what stories I write or not. They're very demanding. :P
      That's so sweet you'd want to read it. And, just so you know, I TOTALLY want to beta-read your Snow White novella if you'll be sending it out. Just sign me up now! :D

    4. Yeah, I think it was something like that. It's obviously a HUGE commitment for her and everyone else involved, and I understand life is different for her now with sweet baby Una, but it is kinda sad there won't be a fifth. (If all of us participants and readers had the publishing/judging prowess required, it would be neat to run the fifth ourselves. XD)

      Such divas, those story ideas! Seriously! XD
      Not to worry, you're top of my list of People I Will Ask to Beta Read! ;D

    5. Oh yes! I totally understand them needing to end it. She has her precious baby, and it's not like Rooglewood is a HUGE publishing company with a ton of people to do these things. So I do get it. It's just sad. (Oh man, that'd be so cool!!! If only!)

      LOLZY. They are divas, aren't they? XDDD


  18. Jumping in... FIVE. YES. I'm so glad I'm not the only one thinking that. I think we should send Rooglewood a petition. It makes sense that there's five for five. :)

    1. SERIOUSLY THOUGH. Although I vaaaguely remember a blog post or something from Anne Elisabeth Stengl saying she was planning on doing five but life just got too busy so they're ending it with this one. But...that may be TOTALLY my imagination.


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