Monday, April 24, 2017

EXTROVERTED WRITER: The Struggle is Real (and so are we)

According to #Society, I’m a unicorn.
I mean, I’ve never confirmed nor denied this claim. I could be a majestic, magical creature that rides on rainbows.

*smile, smile*

But in this particular case, I’m talking about the fact that I DON’T EXIST. (Which, again, could be true. Maaaybe I’m a figment of all your imaginations. *wriggles fingers in the air making scary ghost noises* Whoooo.) Because, you see, I am in fact an…


*collected gasp*

But but but. That’s not POSSIBLE. Those don’t exist! Should we sell it to science to be studied? Should we protect it before it goes extinct completely? Should we just laugh because this has to be a prank? An extroverted writer? Psssh. An impossibility!

Yes, yes. According to #Society, if one is a writer, they must be an introvert. And you know what? I GET IT. Yep, I do. The traits of a writer do often tend to lean toward introverted traits. I’m honestly not mad at #Society with this claim. It amuses me endlessly. (Mainly because it makes me a unicorn, but shhh, that’s a secret.) If I’m being real here, most of the writers I know are, in fact, introverts. Maybe the introverted writer is the more common variety. It makes SENSE.

Because introverts tend to be…


  • Great at focusing on their worlds and characters.
  • Okay with spending time alone into pouring over their writing.
  • Fantastic observers of the world, which aids immensely with writing good, wholesome, real stories.
  • AWESOME thinkers. They have a wonderful ability to think deeply about a subject and really dig into it.
  • And they need a form of escapism to recharge, and writing is the BEST for that.

If I’m being honest here, I very often envy the introverted mind. Like I said, they obverse the world so beautifully and think so deeply. And they can FOCUS and disappear in their worlds.

Now, please, please, please, don’t think I’m trying to stereotype here! You may be an introvert and reading this thinking, “What on earth? I’m NOTHING like that!” I know every person on the earth is different. (Which I think is the most wonderful thing about our beautiful earth.) So do please disagree with me here! These are just things I’ve observed from the many precious introverts I have in my life.

What I’m really getting at here is: YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING WRITERS. And I envy your magical abilities!

Because I have a confession: BEING AN EXTROVERTED WRITER IS HARD. For me personally anyway. And why is that? Because…

I want to be out DOING. I want to be out in the world and with people all. the. time.

I don’t want to spend time locked away in my room in front of the computer screen. I’m my happiest when I’m constantly on the go, out and about, seeing other people. Or, even when I’m home, I want to hang out with my family.

Spending hours holed up by myself editing? I DON’T WANNA.

So you may be saying, “Why not take your computer to a coffee shop or something where there are people? Best of both worlds, right?”


I have been cursed with the inability to be able to write with people around. I can’t disappear into my story at all if there’s even a single soul nearby. I get too much focused on them, or just want to talk and hang out, than try to be quiet and actually WRITE. It is not possible! If there are people, I want to immerse in the people! I have to be 100% alone (save for my poodle who is my writing buddy…though even then I get distracted by petting her and talking to her instead of writing, but I digress) to focus enough to write properly.  IT’S A PROBLEM.


Being an extroverted writer is not all a struggle. My personality actually often aids in my writing as well.

And I have a list for you guys as to how my unfocused brain somehow manages to create people and worlds and throw them on a page and call it a novel.





Since I thrive off being out and doing, it gives me a chance to experience the world and glean story ideas from it. Such as at the little secondhand bookstore I work at, I meet all sorts of fascinating characters to strike up conversations with. I’ve listened to many an interesting story. It’s very inspiring.



I tend to soak up every minute I step outside of the house because that’s when I’m my happiest. When I’m in a place with a ton of people, I soak up everything around me, and then (hopefully) take part of everything I can. I don’t want to just watch, I want to do, to experience. And then, in turn, I learn what it feels like and can accurately portray similar experiences in my novels.



I’m not book smart, guys. I can’t spout off awesome historical facts or give you the scientific reason about…anything, and even my grammar is much to be desired (#shamefulwriterconfessions), but I know PEOPLE. I’ve been told writing real characters is my biggest writing strong suit, and I tend to think the same. BECAUSE I LOVE PEOPLE.

People is where I thrive. And not only that, I get people. I understand how they think and why they do the things they do, and I am a total nerd about it. When I need to research something for my novel, I whine and groan and put it off for 2239384 years (I’m just not the intellectual type, guys). And yet, I’ll spend hours studying the Myers-Briggs personalities JUST BECAUSE. Simply for fun! I’m the biggest nerd when it comes to personalities and just PEOPLE.

Characters is 100000000% my FAVORITE part of the writing life. I could create characters ‘til the end of time. Because PEOPLE.

As an extrovert, I want to be with people all the time. And I gain experience from it, I hear interesting stories which is very inspiring, I learn more and more about how people think.

And, to go along with this point…



Okay, so I don’t think this is an exclusive extroverted trait, or even a common trait in anyone. This is more a my specific personality thing (and I’m an ENFJ/ESFJ, because I know you were all dying to know). See, when I’m with a person or group of people I tend to…become them. I adapt to their personality and way of life and just kind of be like them. It’s very odd, and probably not the best thing because, ya know, I should be myself. And I AM. It’s not to say I change my views on things when I’m with people. Not at all! And once I’m away from people, I’m back to being 100% myself. I can just easily blend in and adapt to different types of people. Which actually serves to be very useful. Because it means I get along with most personality types, and because I go into chameleon mode, I experience all the different personality types I’m with and can accurately portray them in my novels.

Weird, I know, but it’s true.

~ ~ ~

So being an extroverted writer isn’t all difficulties.

Now if only I can focus and tear myself away from people now and again to actually write… Ahem.

But you know what, guys? I WILL ALWAYS WRITE. Yes, it can be extremely challenging being an extroverted writer who is cursed with not being able to write with people around. But writing is my LIFE. Perhaps I fail at focusing and need to set aside more time to work on it, but my goal is to make a career out of writing one day, and I don’t plan on stopping.

Besides, writing doesn’t always hinder my extroverted needs. It can often aid them.


  • It gives me new experiences. Currently I’m not able to travel all over the world and experience it like I’d love to do, but with writing I can. Not only can I explore anywhere in the world, I can explore places that don’t even EXIST. (And, let’s be real here, those are my favorites. #FantasyWriter)


  • PEOPLE. Have I mentioned I love people? Well, when I can’t get my “social fix” I can always, always immerse myself in endless amounts of people via writing. Often, when I write and spend a ton of time with beloved characters, I get nearly as recharged as I would having lunch with friends or something. I get to be with people in writing and ANY and ALL the people I want to! IT’S THE BEST.


  • Excitement! Extroverts (or at least this one) want excitement in their lives. It’s often the stereotype (and sometimes accurate stereotype) that we’re full of energy. Well…I have health problems that make me physically not full of any energy most of the time, even though mentally I want to be. I’d love to go skydiving or mountain climbing or hiking across Middle Earth to destroy the One Ring but HAHAHAHAHA. No. I’ll never be able to. But that’s okay because I have BOOKS. If I want an experience, I can just write about it! It’s magical.

This post is not to try to stereotype or try to claim one type of person can write better than another. We are ALL unique individuals with strengths and weaknesses. And the beauty of that means we get a wide range of different types of books which is the BEST. (Who wants all novels to be the same? Ewwww!) I don’t for one second think introverts don’t have these traits. In fact, I know a couple of introverts who are masters at understanding people. Because *gasp* we’re not all defined by stereotypical labels! WHO KNEW? Introverts and extroverts can also come to the same conclusion, just with different approaches. Such as an extrovert may learn something by experiencing it, and an introvert may learn by observing.

What’s funny is I do have quite a lot of introverted tendencies. I do like to be alone sometimes and I’m often so quiet people mistake me for an introvert. (Which is kind of a funny story. I hate being quiet… I loooooove to talk. But see, I’m just the rare extrovert who’s the worst at coming up with or carrying a conversation. So I stay quiet even when I desperately want to talk. I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAAAAY. D: It’s very frustrating!) But I am charged up by people and can get depressed if I’m home too much.

But the main reason I write is because I can’t not. God gave me a passion for it and, yes, I have my struggles. But we all do. Writing is hard, grueling work and we ALL want to just go marathon a TV show or be out with friends instead of focusing on writing sometimes (okay, a lot of times). That’s just part of the #WritersLife. But we write anyway. Because, introvert or extrovert, when we are given the passion of writing, there’s no force on this earth powerful enough to keep us away from it forever.

We write because we love it. And that’s all that matters.


Okay, my beloved writers, SPILL IT. Are you an introverted or extroverted writer? Somewhere in between? Do you relate to any of these traits? Do you have any writing stereotypes or any things that completely break the stereotype of your personality? What’s YOUR number one writing struggle? And what’s your writing strong suit? LET US CHAT ALL THE THINGS.


  1. I think I am a unicorn with a human head. LOLZY! I can't decide whether or not I am an introvert or extrovert.
    I am a real thrill-seeker. Like SERIOUSLY. I want to hike and travel the world and explore and poke bugs and all that crazy outdoorsy stuff, BUT.....
    I am also a major introvert with people I don't know. When I don't know people, I become this lowly bystander in my brain that can't work up the courage to speak. I am super outgoing with people I already know like family and rally close family friends, but like I said. Lowly. bystander.
    I'm only a tween with an oversized hunger to tour the world, and I haven't really gotten around to doing that yet. It's like I experience these things as I write about them....
    And that is SUPER terrible and unhealthy (physically and MENTALLY).
    LOLZY!!!! *laughs nervously*
    Anyhow, enough about ME, Madame Unicorn! If I WAS an extroverted writer, I would totally time things so that I can write AND experience the people around me. Maybe talk to people about your book or something. I do that all the time with my parents. It inspires me. (Once, I was waiting for pizza with my dad, and I think I talked his ear off.)
    Thanx for another cool post! xD

    1. You're a centaur with a unicorn body instead of a horse! :D And hey, there's such things as ambiverts, which is a mix of an introvert and extrovert. We don't all have to be one thing or the other. Like I said, I'm an extrovert with some introverted tendencies. *nods*

      But I hear you! I have SUCH a desire to travel the whole world and do ALL THE THINGS. Buuuut lack of money and not being very healthy physical keep me from it. *pouts* Maybe someday I can travel more. And you too! Never stop dreaming! ^_^

      Yes, I do try to balance things out--write some and spend time with family some. But sometimes I'm the worst at balance. XD It's always a learning process! But interacting with you guys about my writing is great, because I get best of both worlds--inspiration for writing AND people!

      You're welcome! I'm glad you thought it was cool. ^_^

    2. Oh, that makes sense, too! xD I took one of those personality tests online, and I got INFJ-T.... I don't know if that's good or not, but I think it means I'm a major introvert! O-o
      Same...... *cries* I'm definitely going to get out during the summer, but I don't really have much of a chance now because of school and LIFE.
      My balance varies. Sometimes I spend days without writing, but other days, it's like I barely even STOP writing. lolzy!
      Thanks again! (o'-'o)

    3. An INFJ and INTJ? WHOA. What an interesting personality type! Both those personality types are so different, but have sooo many awesome traits. (My mom and sister are INFJs and my best friend is an INTJ.) I think that is the coolest that's what you are!

      I understand that! Funny how life gets in the way Lol. But hey, we still have our whole lives ahead of us. You never know what amazing adventures God will bring. ^_^

      I tend to do that, too! I wish I'd more write some during the day and some not. But it seems I'm usually either writing ALL day or not writing at all. Oh, balance, how you elude me...

    4. That is cool! xD I have no idea what it means [looks around nervously], but I hope it isn't bad! LOLZY!
      Exactly!!!! I can't wait 'til summer when I can go CRAZY. >w<
      Lol! It's not fair!!!!! Routines won't stick with me!!! *cries*

    5. NO. IT'S NOT BAD. It means you have an epic mixture of awesome personality traits! :D

      YAY. I bet you'll have an amazing summer!

      Yeeeah, I get that! I can stay with a routine for a while but then it just...kinda...fades out...

    6. Oh! Good! *smiles*
      I'm planning on it! *grins*
      Same........ lolzy! *laughter stops suddenly* I hope to someday perfect it. :D

  2. YES YES YES THIS POST! I'm a chameleon too (ENFP/J). I think that creating characters goes beyond people watching, but into finding out why people do what they do, not just what they do. I hate reading things like "to be a writer, you must be introverted" (Which I've actually seen word for word), especially when they say that extroverts can't spend hours alone. WE WILL CONQUER THE WRITING WORLD ONE DAY, MY EXTROVERTED FRIENDS.

    1. ANOTHER EXTROVERTED WRITER WHO IS ALSO A CHAMELEON???? :O TWIIIINS. I think the chameleon thing is an ENFJ personality trait. In fact, I think I picked up that term for it while reading about the ENFJ personality type years ago. And since we're both part ENFJs, it's making me think that even more so.

      But ANYWAYS. YES. It's so useful (for me anyway) to really dig deep into a person, not just observe them. (Though observing definitely has its uses too!) I think it just depends on the person and how we process information.

      Oh man, yeah. One time someone told me (unaware that I was a fantasy writer) that extroverts can't write fantasy novels. I just laughed and laughed. XD And I CAN and DO spend hours alone allll the time. Sure, I want to be with people all the time, but if I'm consumed in a current novel I can totally spend hours writing it.

      WE CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!!! #ExtrovertedWritersUnited

    2. TWINNNING!! Probably, yes.
      Different people are affected by different things and it's all so INTERESTING to me! And, you know, I care about my friends.
      *laughs hysterically* Hours alone and high typing speeds are not just introvert writerly traits, mind you. I've read that only 27% of people are introverts, so I guess the others claiming to be are just extroverts that follow STUPID RULES OF THE WRITER SOCIETY.
      Anyway. #extrovertwritersunited

    3. I find it soooo interesting how we all do different things and are affected by things differently and just...YES. The human race is fascinating! ;D

      Most definitely! I spend many, MANY hours alone typing like a mad woman. It's a writer's thing, not an introvert's thing. *nods*

      Oh wow, only 27%? Because I feel like the majority of people I know are introverts. Interesting!

      Yes! United forevah!

  3. You're a unicorn and a chameleon!? ;D

    That's so cool that you're an extroverted writer! I could totally see how helpful that could be with writing, especially characters.

    I'm definitely an introvert (INF/TJ—it's interesting, to say the least, hehe). I've never really thought about how much being an introvert shapes my writing habits... A lot of times, writing is part of my "recharging time." I can write if there are people around, but only if they're not sitting near me or looking over my shoulder. Then I just feel too aware of what I'm writing and I can't really get in the zone.

    "Because, introvert or extrovert, when we are given the passion of writing, there’s no force on this earth powerful enough to keep us away from it forever." -- I LOVE THAT. You're always so encouraging and inspiring! :)

    1. I wear many hats. *grins*

      It's not always helpful with writing. Lol. But it does aid in some areas!

      Oh whoa, a mix of an INFJ and INTJ? That is so fascinating!!! Those are like two of the most opposite personalities. That is the greatest you're both!
      Yeah, I was thinking writing can definitely be a great way of recharging for introverts. Though I love my characters so much, sometimes it recharges me too. I love how it helps BOTH introverts and extroverts. But yes, I CANNOT write if someone is looking over my shoulder. Noooo. That's when I bring out my death glare. XD

      Awwww! Thank you! But YOU are the encouraging and inspiring one. ^_^

  4. I'm more of an introvert myself but I do have some ambivert tendencies. I can go for hours without human interaction, but if it stretches to days its gets really bad.

    I people watch all the time....conversation is not my strong suit either, I prefer to listen.

    One struggle I have is that my eyes can't focus on one thing cause I'm taking in the big picture and the tiny details in all at once. It's frustrating as a writer because I have a beeeegg picture in my mind, but am obsessing over the blooming details....(take my lastest short story WIP for example. You know how many hours I spent going through Google Street View in Co. Leitram Ireland????? Too many....)


    1. I actually totally get that! I have some ambivertness in me as well. Like I said, I'm an extrovert with introverted tendencies. Being alone sometimes is perfectly fine, often even great. But TOO much totally depresses me.

      I enjoy listening quite a lot, but I also want to be right in the conversation. XD I'm just...bad at figuring out what to say. >.>

      Oh, but that can be such a good trait! I bet your novels just come alive so vividly because you take the time to bring out every little detail! I understand it's frustrating when you can't focus (boy do I understand!), but I also think it can be a great trait as well. ^_^

  5. I am entirely an introvert (INFJ XD <3) and it makes socializing very difficult. I like to be on my computer and just kind of write and read people's blogs... because I can talk without ever having to see people face to face XD

    But this is cool. I have always known that there ARE extrovert writers (one of my best friends is an extrovert - her actual personality is ENFP) but there must be challenges in it. I'm glad I'm not an extrovert XD

    But I'm glad that you are, and that there are authors from different walks of life writing their stories. Thank you for not thinking, "Well, I'm an extrovert, I shouldn't be writing." If you feel called to write, then WRITE! Please! And I love your stories, too. Like I love them so much. Please write them :)

    1. I totally think the INJF personality type has this need for writing! I know sooo many INFJ writers. It's funny! But makes sense. Your personality type has such a need to express emotions and experience beauty, and writing is a wonderful way of doing it. (I mean, you may have other reasons! Lol. My mom and sister are both INFJs, so I'm just speaking from experience via them.)

      There are definitely challenges being an extroverted writer, but I like it, too. We all have our strengths and weaknesses! Lol.

      *drowns in all the niceness* Your words made. my. day. THANK YOU!!! I'm also glad writers come from all walks of life. I think it's beautiful how we can all be so different but all have the same writing passion.

      Thank you sooo much for the sweet encouragement! <3 Don't worry, I will always, ALWAYS be a writer!

  6. This was a GREAT post, Christine! It was fascinating to read. I 'knew' some of this from interacting with a few other very creative extroverts that I know, but it was really good to read about it all from your perspective, and see a new perspective on some things.

    I LOVE learning more about other personalities and trying to understand them. So this post was fantastic for me in more than one way.

    Thank you for being awesome and yourself... and for allowing us all a look at how you think. You rock, darling!

    1. MEEP. Thank you, Lody!

      I'm right there with ya! There is something just so fascinating about personality types. I can't learn enough about them! I'm very happy to hear this post was helpful to you.

      Thank YOU for being your awesome self. I shudder to think what the world would be without our dear Lody. <3

  7. They say a group of unicorns is called a blessing. though you be but one unicorn, I'd call you a blessing also. I loved how this post brought out the strengths of the different ways people work!

    1. WELP, BLUE. I...I don't even have words. This is one of the nicest things I've ever heard. Just...THANK YOU!!! *hugs*

  8. Helloooo fellow extrovert writer! I'm a bit different from you in that most of the time I *have* to write around people -- it actually helps me focus -- but it's cool, we can just be equally fabulous unicorns. ;) I like to think it's helped me with characters; those are my strong suit, in my opinion. (I could be totally wrong, but eh.)

    1. ANOTHER EXTROVERTED WRITER. *tackles* I don't think I even realized you WERE an extrovert, Aimee. So cool!

      Oh man, I envy your ability to write around people. I need that skill! Maybe I should do it more and it'll help me get better at it...? It's worth a shot.

      I have no doubt characters are your strong suit. From the snippets I've read of your writing, your characters sound SO deep and real and amazing!

      #FabulousUnicornsUnite *tosses hair*

  9. First thing first: you are an AMAZING writer so.... Don't forget that :)

    I totally related to this post! I'm an extrovert too (ENTJ) and I rarely follow through with all my story ideas. Cause like you said, there's just soooo much more I'd rather do than sit and look at a screen!

    I totally agree... Your characters are the BEST EVER!!!! Like uncommonly good! That last post about Larke and Marigold
    was so well developed and written I felt like I knew the characters! So, yes, keep making awesome characters <3


      You're an extrovert too??? I declare we're twins. It is SO hard to sit and focus sometimes. Ugh. If only magical elves would come and write our stories for us while we sleep. I mean, really.

      Have I mentioned how nice you are? BECAUSE YOU ARE SO NIIIICE. THANK YOOOUUUU!!!! That just makes me ridiculously happy, you have no idea! <3

  10. I am SUCH an introvert!!! I'm so shy, but I notice people more. I really dig deep into what they do or say. It gives me inspiration as a writer! Plus, I love being around people, esp. family, but when I'm writing alone, I really write dig deep into my story. Studying people more really helps me to do that.
    Yes, I have really thrown a curve ball to my stereotype. Since, I'm really shy, I have a hard time speaking in front of people (strangers), but soon, I'll be reading a deep poem in front of a big audience. (Co-op) Trust me, this is all God in this situation. I feel like God is really telling me to read my poem at the End of the Year Program, so...yeah. I'm kinda scared, but God'll give me strength. :D
    *Please pray that I stay bold, I'm not used to this. lol*
    I took a personality type test (for fun like you, and just out of curiosity). xD
    So...yeah. I LOVE writing, esp. deep writing!

    1. Introverts are often so intuitive toward people, it's just wonderful! I bet you write amazing characters because of your ability to people watch and dig deep into their actions and words!

      Oh wow. I am so proud of you for taking this on!! Yes, just keep clinging to God, He will most definitely get you through this. You're gonna do awesome. I know you can do this!!! But I will absolutely pray for you, of course!

      Personality tests are soooo fun. They're my fave!

      Yes, yes, yes. Deep writing is the BEST, and we need more deep books, I get really tired of the shallowness of books these days. That's so great that's what you love to do. ^_^

    2. I'm working on the characters! I want to make them relate to people. I heard that the readers love that. :) I'm trying to make them deep and interesting. lol
      Thaaaaank you!!!!!!!!!! <3333333 I'm trying to forget people's opinions and just follow what God is wanting me to do, so this'll be a big step in the right direction for me. I'm trusting him to just hold me up in front of all those people! :D Thank you again, Christine! I'll try my best, and give it my all. Yes, prayers are very much needed. :) Oh my gosh, it's tomorrow. *squeals* *clasps hands together* "God, help me because I can't help myself in this matter."

      I just do 'em for fun. I mean, I can't base my life on a test online, so it's more of a fun thing to me. (Plus, I like just answering the questions. Lol) Like, in the middle of my night, I ask my sis, "Ask me a question". Lol

      Yeah, there are so much shallow books. I may just turn that around.....*dances around the room*
      You are amazing, Christine. :D

    3. YES. Relatable characters is the KEY to a good story. That's wonderful you're working on that. ^_^

      What a wonderful attitude! Not focusing on people's opinions and just looking to God will always get you right where you need to be, and make your life so fulfilling. I love how you're leaning on Him!
      Prayers have been sent your way! You're going to do amazing, I just know it! ^_^

      Oh yeah! Personality types are there to help us understand ourselves and why we do the things we do, but NOT there to define us or put us in a box. Most definitely. *nods*

      YES. That's wonderful. We need more writers like you! ^_^
      Awwwww! YOU. <3 YOU'RE the amazing one!

    4. It will! I know he's gonna get me through this. It's tonight, so I'm still kinda panicky, but I know he'll read it through me. I know someone needs to hear it. He actually gave me a word in poem form, so I'm reading what he gave me. His words are always deep, and touching. :) THANK YOU!!!! :D

      Dawwww, thank you! It makes me feel so great that you think that of me. I try to be a good writer! I'm sure God'll help me succeed. :)
      NO. You're so down to earth, and encouraging. YOU deserve the title. :) ^_^

    5. I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only that...people said how much they liked it, and it was actually easy! Also they said that it wasn't me. They said that they felt something, and that it was so deep. YES!!! Thank you for praying for me, Christine.

    6. I

      EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! That is so wonderful! You stepped out of your comfort zone and did what God was calling you to do, and it sounds like it went wonderfully. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I was thinking about you the day you were supposed to do it and sending many prayers your way. So, so, sooo happy for you! :D

    7. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It went amazing! I really appreciate you and your prayers! Thank you for thinking about me. :D
      It was hard at first. I kept looking at the list of performers and was painfully counting down. I actually felt very peaceful when I took hold of that microphone and just started to talk. That was definitely God!
      Oh, and my Mom posted it on FaceBook, and this one lady commented, saying that she needed what I wrote!!! I thought that was awesome. :D
      (It was easier than I thought, so I'll most likely do it again.)
      Oh and I had actually thought about not doing it about two or three days before the program, but I kept feeling like I needed to. There was a reason for that.

    8. God's hand was just all through this, wasn't it? What a wonderful thing! I'm so glad you conquered your fear and decided to do it. I know God is so, so proud of you! ^_^

    9. It definitely was! I'm so happy he chose me to do his will. :)

  11. Ah, Christine!! I relate to this so much, in a weird kind of way...

    Mostly I identify myself as an introvert??? Because I like to be alone and people TERRIFY me and I don't like talking to people or starting conversations or strangers...

    But then again... I am also a major DO-ER. I like to be OUT and DOING STUFF!!! I'm a huge thrill junky and I hate being bored. I like being on the go and traveling and excitement and adventure!!

    So am I an introvert??? Or an extrovert???

    I'm honestly not sure...

    Anyway, I feel you! Sometimes it can be hard to sit still and invest the time necessary to get lots of work done - when there are things to be done and places to go and people to hang out with!! (That's another thing! When I know someone really well or have known them for a long time, I am so talkative and bubbly and... extroverted??? WHO AM I???? #identitycrisis)

    Also I'm sorry about your health issues. While my health issues are minor and manageable with medicine, it has been a long and, at times, arduous journey, so I can relate. I'm strong and healthy which is such a blessing but there are those days when your energy is just... NOT THERE. Ugh.


    1. DO NOT HAVE AN IDENTITY CRISIS. We should never, EVER put ourselves in boxes. Personality types are just there to help us understand ourselves, but in no form or fashion there to DEFINE us or put us all in neat little boxes. Humans are deep and complicated and beautiful. Not labeled by some random letters and personality quizzes.

      ALSO. There are such things as ambiverts which is a hybrid of an extrovert and introvert. *nods* And I think introverts can absolutely have a desire to go out and do, while still not being wild about people. I think that's natural.

      So the point is. JUST BE YOU! You are an awesome, amazing, beautiful person! <3

      But YES. It can be so hard to take the time for the writing life. Because it's not just writing, it's blogging and building platforms and researching and finding literary agents and publishers and the list goes on and on and ON. Sometimes I just want to be away from the computer! *flails* Buuuut I love writing too much to ever, EVER quit.

      Awww, how sweet of you to say. Thank you! I'm sorry about YOUR health issues. It can be hard, but I've learned and grown a lot and have gotten closer to God. So, as much as I HATE basically never having any energy and being tired all day, I'm not sure I'd change anything because of how much I've grown through the struggle. ^_^

      *hugs back*

    2. Aw, you are so sweet! *tries not to have a crisis*

      Oooh! I agree with that so much! In fact, when I got really obsessed with taking MBTI tests, I decided I would write a post about that... how, no matter how much you identify with a certain type, a test like that will never be able to capture who you are perfectly because everyone is so different! Putting people in neat little containers simply won't work! ;)

      How fascinating! I had no idea about ambiverts (or if I did, I totally forgot...)!! Now I'm super curious if I am one! :)

      They say that the major difference between introverts and extroverts is how you get your energy... Extroverts get energy from people and introverts get energy from alone-time. I guess no matter how much I identify with introverted characteristics, I will always wonder if there is a smidge of the extrovert in me because being around people makes me so hyper! :D

      Eeep, same! All these writerly "duties" when you just wanna be lazy and watch TV and talk to your siblings for three hours. :) I CAN DEFINITELY RELATE. Of course! If writing is something we love (and it is!) we can't stop!! It's not that easy!! :)

      Aw, you are so kind, Christine! And an inspiration to me, really. You are so strong and that is just lovely. I look up to you, dear.

    3. No crisis for you! :P

      Oooh, that'd be an awesome post. You should totally do that!!!

      I didn't know about ambiverts for the LONGEST. This is a semi-new discovery for me as well. But I think it's so cool that there's an introvert-extrovert hybrid.

      Yes! That's how you usually judge one from the other. But, again, I suppose we can't UTTERLY rely on these little boxed in personality labels. ;D But I tooootally get energy from people, and get pretty depressed if I'm alone TOO much, so I definitely identify as an extrovert. *nods* I also get ridiculously hyper around people! Lol.

      Yes, exactly! You said it PERFECTLY. We don't always want to, but we NEED to in order to survive!

      You look up to me??? GIIIRRRLLL!!!! Now I feel all warm and fuzzyful! <3333

    4. I get lots of energy from people, kind of a "high" but when I come down off it, I'm sooooo drained and exhausted. So it's weird????

      Exactly! We'd go bonkers without writing!! (We're bonkers anyway, but that's beside the point OBVIOUSLY)

      I totally do! You are such a great role model and example for us younger writers!

    5. Huh. That's interesting! It really does sound like you're more of an ambivert than one or the other--introvert or extrovert. But that's so cool that you get to be BOTH. :D

      It's so funny, because as writers we're inherently bonkers, but if we DIDN'T write we'd also go bonkers. So there's really no hope for writers. XD

      *collapses from all the sweetness* I...I CAN'T. This just means so much to me. Thank you! <333

    6. Yes, it makes life quite complicated. ;)))) I would LOOOOVE to be able to put myself in a nice neat little box, but alas, it is not to be. :D

      Exactly!!! There is no scenario in which we are sane!!

  12. SO THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE POSTS EVAR!!! *collapses* I love it so much. :D I'm definitely NOT an extrovert (but I do get mistaken for one often because I get a little bubbly when I'm around friends I like and am comfortable with; some people I know literally only SEE me when I'm extrovert-ish and talkative, and therefore don't believe I'm an introvert. XD), but this was SO INTERESTING!! It's true that being an introvert is like a writer cliche these days, and so it's so interesting to see your thoughts on not being one! Plus this whole post is just hilarious. XD And I KNEW YOU WERE A MAGICAL UNICORN MY GOODNESS. XD

    I can't really write with people around either... (One exception has been NaNo write-ins.) And occasionally I like to see real-life friends, but sometimes writing is easier than having to go someplace, and I have MY FICTIONAL FRIENDS. ^_^ That might be one difference between introverts and extroverts. XD Fictional friends are sometimes better when one is a tired-harassed-needing-to-recharge introvert, because writing them is like hanging out with people, but without the awkwardness of not knowing what to say, or worrying you're making a dope out of yourself by saying TOO much, or having to get physically tired out by hanging out with people, or any of that. When writing character friends, you can just be yourself and not worry about it, and you know that nothing surprising is going to happen--or if it does, it'll be in a good way where you don't actually have to adapt to the new situation like in real life. XD

    The above mayyyy be why I wrote the Chess Club at one point when I didn't get out a lot or have many IRL friends? Because the Chess Club are like my fictional family and I just love them and it's the best to have these friends. ^_^ ...That may sound REALLY weird. O_O I'M NOT ACTUALLY A TOTALLY ANTI-SOCIAL PERSON WITH NO FRIENDS, I PROMISE. Just thinking about some of the introvert versus extrovert writerly things. Ahem. I might be the only introvert who feels this way. :P

    THAT GOT LONG. Anyway, I SO ENJOYED THIS POST AND IT WAS THE BEST AND I LOVED GETTING INSIGHT INTO YOU AS A MAGICAL UNICORN EXTROVERT WRITER! :D (So now I realize you need to recharge by going and seeing people, so I hope you enjoy your blogging break! When I take blogging breaks, it's to recharge by reading or writing alone in my room, soooo... :P) Also, I do a liiittle bit of that chameleon thing too? At least a little. So I kind of know what you're talking about. :)

    ANYWAYS GREAT POST AND I LOVE IT! :D Thank you for sharing! (Of course, you HAVE to give us an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, HILARIOUS POST right before you hiatus so that we can be pining for more awesome posts like this. XD KIDDING, KIDDING! *ducks out before this gets longer*

    1. AAAHHHH!!!! CELTI. THAT MAKES ME HAPPEH!!!!! I'm glad non-extroverts liked it, too, and that it was an interesting read.
      I totally understand being mistaken for something you're not. Like I said, I'm mistaken for an introvert all the time because I tend to be pretty quiet. And actually, *I* thought you were an extrovert at first too. XD But it's super hard to tell with internet friends. We all kind of act extroverted on the internet. Lol.

      I'm kind of wondering if I should start trying to write around people more. Maybe I'll get used to it? I don't know. It's something I may should experiment with.

      That makes SO MUCH SENSE that fictional friends are sometime better, because you don't have to deal with all the social awkwardness. YES. That 100% makes sense! And is fascinating to think about. I actually CAN get socially recharged while writing, because writing my characters makes me feel like I'm with people. It's so cool how writing affects us all differently!

      Noooo, THAT DOESN'T SOUND WEIRD. I was actually going through a super lonely time when I started REALLY getting into writing (when I was around 18), and it helped a ton. There's just something so special about our own characters that can't be explained, only experienced. I LOVE how special the Chess Club is to you. With good reason! BECAUSE THEY'RE THE BEST.

      That's cool you do the chameleon thing a bit too! I thought I was so weird, but it does seem to be an actual personality trait. Lol.

      MEEP. Thank you for EVERYTHING, Celti! Your comment has just made. my. day!!!!!! <33333

  13. Your intro made me laugh SO MUCH. XDDD I always knew you were a unicorn! You know what's funny, though? Your list of "introverts tend to be..." was almost all true of YOU as well! Yes, you get recharged by being around people instead of being alone, but you have a beautiful way of noticing the world, understanding people, and putting it all into words too. <3

    And I think having you as a writer friend (and as a friend-friend) is very healthy for me! You're one of those people who reminds me to get out and LIVE now and then, instead of just holing up in my writing cave. I need those reminders to help balance myself out! XD

    Anyway, I love how this whole post just debunks the introverted writer stereotype! It's great! So fascinating how your personality actually aids your writing, contrary to what some might expect. I'm a total personality nerd to, although...I confess...I spend more time reading about my own type than anyone else's. XD (Unless I find out what type someone I know is, or figure out what one of my characters is, and then I poke around and learn about them too. :P)

    And the chameleon thing! Oh my goodness, that's me too! Maybe it's sort of a *NFJ thing?? I have no idea.

    Well, this is alllll over the place, but I had to quickly leave you a comment before answering the call of waffles for lunch... ;)

    1. I could keep the secret no longer. *flips unicorn mane and struts away* *stumbles and falls on face* Ahem...okay, maybe not exaaactly a magical and majestic unicorn. XD

      D'awwww! TRACEY. That's so sweet! I tryyy to notice the world and express things in words, but often my extrovertedness gets in the way because I have focus issues and get so absurdly distracted. I'm not always the best observer. XD Sometimes I get too caught up in DOING and forget to actually PAY ATTENTION.

      WELL, TRACEY. I don't even know what to say to this preciousness! YOU are a huuuuuge inspiration to me every single day. The way you're so dedicated with your writing and passionate about it motivates me. And the way you magically string together words into such drop-dead gorgeous stories aspires me to keep improving. Plus, you just bless me being YOU. I'm so happy to have you as a friend! *hugs*

      I toootally spend more time reading about my personality type than others. XD Though I do often study my characters' personality types, too. And looking into my family's is fun as well. But still, I love learning more and more about mine. *grins*

      You do the chameleon thing too? :O I thought I was so weird! You're right, maybe it IS the NFJ type. I think I picked up using the term "chameleon" when I was first reading about ENFJ's. So I very much suspect INFJs often do the same thing. It's all so fascinating!

      Waffles??? That's it, I'm coming over to your house! (Even though you posted this like two days ago and we live a country apart...ahem. BUT STILL. WAFFLES.)


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