Monday, October 3, 2016

The Beginning of The End - NaNo, Dragons, and Nostalgia

(No, this is not a tragic post. I just like being dramatic. *grins*)

October is heeere!!! The beginning of my favorite season. But while most people are out rolling in the fallen leaves and consuming pumpkin flavored eeeverything, I’m planning on hunkering down in front of my laptop with a cup of coffee (sorry pumpkin lovers, it’s not my thing. Shameful I know!). Why? BECAUSE IT’S MY FAVORITE SEASON. Oh, you thought I was talking about fall? Noooo.

Because the last three months of the year are called: PreNaNober, NaNober, and PostNaNober. Right??? Psh. What else would they be called?

I’m especially stoked about this NaNo. “And what’s so special about this year?” you’re asking. Because I’m sure you’re all just dyyyying to know. (Sh, let my live in my delusions.) Well, let me tell you a story. A story I’m almost positive you’ve all heard at least 57 times by now. BUT YOU’RE GONNA HEAR IT AGAIN. Because I’m feeling nostalgic. (And I also like using my blog as a log for my writing life, so you guys are just going to have to put up with my repeated rambles. Mwahaha.)

Once upon a time, in the far, far year of 2010, Christine took upon a great task. A journey of 50,000 steps words. A grand endeavor known as: NANOWRIMO.

*cue epic music*

Okay, okay. I’ll spare you guys the dramatic narrative. *grins* SO. Back in 2010, I decided to do my first NaNo. As I was pondering what to write, a found a picture of a white haired elf online, and from there a 7 book, dragon rider series exploded in my head. From that point on, I decided to write each book for each NaNo until I made it to the end of the series. Yep. I had my first 7 NaNos planned. (It’s true. I’m that much of a nerd.)

Every year when NaNo came around, it just meant writing the next book in the Colors of a Dragon Scale series. Though each book followed a different set of characters, so it still felt like something semi-new each year. Just the same world and overall series plot. But different characters and individual plot each book. For me, NaNo is synonymous for Colors of a Dragon Scale (CoaDS) time. Because, after all, I’ve never written anything else for NaNo.

Then came last NaNo (2015). I had made it to the 6th book, which was the “pre-finale” story. I had written everyone’s individual plots in the previous 5 books and gotten them in place. For the 6th one, it was time to continue ALL their stories and get them ready for the big ol’ finale. Finally, a book with alllll meh babies. It was wonderful revisiting everyone. Writing some characters I hadn’t since 2010! But, of course, we weren’t at the finale yet. This was just the setup, per se.

When I first started this series, I never really imagined actually making it to the end. I mean, 7 years is a LONG time. Writing the finale seemed like that faraway time that one dreams about but never really gets to.

Well, here we are in 2016 and I’m getting ready to write
the CoaDS finale.

It feels a little surreal. Which probably sounds absurd. It’s just a story. It’s just NaNo. But to me, they’re so, so much more.

It was when I finished that first CoaDS book, More Blue than Sky, that I knew, without a doubt, what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Sure, I had been writing since 9. But it was more a hobby I did occasionally. After my first NaNo, it became my entire life. Writing became who I am. That first NaNo book showed me precisely what I wanted, and what I think I’m meant, to do with my life. If it wasn’t for that story, I still may just be a casual writer, still trying to find my place in the world. I wouldn’t even be here blogging! Because I started blogging soon after I finished that first NaNo novel. When I knew I wanted to be a writer. A real, actual, serious WRITER.

More Blue than Sky is one of the messiest, most embarrassing things I’ve ever written. But it’s also probably the most special story to me. It was a springboard to who I am today, and continues to push me to pursue this crazy author thing.

The entire CoaDS series is so very close to my heart. It’s been too fun seeing how my writing has grown with each book. The first three are atrocities. But by the 4th book, More Green than Envy, I was seeing vast improvements. And to this day I think the 5th one, More White than Stars, is one of my best works. Horrifyingly messy, yes! (I mean, the typos that form during NaNo, guys! They’re so laughable. XD) But something clicked between 2013 and 2014, and from there on out I feel like my writing is almost readable. (“Almost” being verrrry strongly emphasized. I still have a looot to learn.)

The CoaDs series and I, we’ve grown together. I started it at 18, the year I graduated highschool, when life took a complete 180 turn and everything was so different. And sometimes downright HARD. This series got me through those first years of adulthood to now. These characters have brought me so many smiles through some challenging and lonely times. The CoaDS world is always there and waiting when November rolls around each year.

I can’t believe this will be my last NaNoWriMo to spend with it.

I think, for the rest of my life, I’ll associate November with CoaDS. And that is perfectly fine with me.

But whew, I took a sappy, nostalgic turn, didn’t I? It’s not even time to say goodbye yet! In fact, it’s a big HELLO for me. Because a massive finale needs to be plotted. Every single one of the many (and I mean MANY *faints*) characters I’ve brought into this series since 2010 are anxiously waiting for me to finally wrap-up their stories. And I cannot wait! I mean, GUYS. This series is about DRAGONS. I just have so much fun with it!

So for all of October, I shall be in plotting mode. Annnd it’s a little overwhelming because I made a MESS for my characters in the last book, and have like 2938498 different plots going on. I have to wrap it all up in one more book? Yep. Gonna be fun! It’s not like it has to be perfect. This series is such an inconsistent mess anyway. Really, all these drafts are just experiments and exploration. As I said, I’ve grown hugely in my writing since starting this series. One day I WILL do complete and utter rewrites and make this series something tangible. But for now I’m just hurling words on the pages and destroying characters’ lives and exploring plot threads and worldbuilding and having way too much fun creating disasters. I won’t have anything to clean up and make tangible if I don’t have the story there in the first place, right?

Once I’ve gotten things fully plotted and fixed up, I’ll talk more about the actual book and title and fun things like that. Probably closer to the end of October. But for now, I’ve got a finale to plot.

NaNoWriMo 2016 is going to be one to remember!

So obviously the big question here is: ARE YOU
DOING NANO??? If so, what are you writing? Have
you done NaNo before? Or do you plan on ever doing it?
COME. Chat with me. NaNo discussions are my favorite!


  1. This makes my heart happy to see! 7 years is no joke, congrats on completing a series!

    I sadly won't be doing NaNo. Novembers are notoriously busy for me. Last year, I was pregnant and had a baby.

    And, well, this year, I'm 26k words into a novel already that I don't feel like setting aside, lol

    1. Awww, well that is just the sweetest! Time flies by so fast, I honestly can't believe it's already been nearly 7 years! Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up this NaNo. Who knows how monstrous it'll be. Hehe.

      That is sad. :( But having a baby isn't!!! Definitely not the time to do NaNo with a new baby. ^_^

      I totally understand that. I try to only ever do one project at a time, and won't allow myself to start a new one until I finish whatever I'm working on. Otherwise I'd never finish anything! Lol. So yes, I totally don't blame you for not doing NaNo. Sounds like you have too many exciting things going in your life right now to worry about NaNo. ^_^

  2. OOH, CHRISTINE. I love this post so much and I don't know why <3.

    I can't believe that you've been writing CoaDS for SEVEN YEARS. That is not a short amount of time. YOU'RE DOING SO GOOD! *hugs and candy*

    I'M DOING NANO *dies*. This is my first time, and since I couldn't decide which of my two novels to write I declared myself a WriMo rebel. I'm just going to write them both XD. Well, I think I am. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO GO ABOUT THIS THING BUT I'M DOING IT ANYWAYS XD.

    ANYWHO. Are you a plotter or a panster when it comes to NaNo?

    (also, I may or may not have given a little gasp when I saw your new header. SO MUCH PRETTY)

    ~ Savannah

    1. AWK. THAT MAKES ME HAPPY. I was scared I'd bore you guys to tears. But, as I said, my blog is kinda like a writing journal for myself, so sometimes I force you guys into reading these rambly things. XD

      Honestly, I can't either. I can't believe it's BEEN 7 years. o.o I feel like I only just started this series!
      Thank you! *happily accepts hugs and candy*

      YOU ARE? *squeals and flails and throws confetti* YAAAAY!!!! I looove when all my writing/blogging buddies are doing NaNo too. Such fun camaraderie with it! And your first NaNo? EEP. That is always the most exciting and special one. And having two projects at once honestly sounds like a blast. Because if you're getting sick of writing one, welp, no problem! Just switch to the next one. I think you're gonna have the best time!

      That's a funny question. Because naturally I'm a pantser. But for NaNo I plot to such ridiculous degrees it's a little embarrassing. I make like 10k word long chapter-by-chapter outlines, and have a map of my world, and character bios and just...go ALL out. I did all the character bios and worldbuilding and such for my first NaNo though. After that, all I had to do was the outline for each book. But that's still quite an ordeal since I'm so very, VERY thorough. But that way I can write like a fiend and not have to every worry about writers' block. So yeah, I'm a major NaNo plotter and it's kind of absurd. XD

      *squeaks* THANK YOU!!! I'm not sure if I'm perfectly happy with it... I don't know. I'm so indecisive. XD But it is better than what I had I think.

  3. *inserts Theoden gif* "So it begins." <---SORRY, I COULDN'T RESIST. XD

    LAURI. This is like...a HUGE deal! :O

    OH MY WORD. THE LAST BOOK OF COADS IS THIS YEAR. I am all the excitement for you!!! I honestly admire you SO much for your persistence and determination. I mean...7 NaNos??? 7 books??? 7 YEARS??? THAT IS CRAZY.

    Girl, you're just AMAZING, and I know this NaNo is going to be epic! For one thing, I'm doing it so yes, that means it's more epic than usual. ;D BUT MAINLY BECAUSE YOU'RE DOING FRABJOUS WRITERLY THINGS. I LITERALLY HAVE NO WORDS RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I'M SO EXCITED.

    I...think I had a point with this comment? :P

    Basically just go out there and CONQUER THE WORDS! Write this book because the world needs it! I NEEDS IT, PRECIOUS.

    Well, as you saw above, I am in fact doing NaNo this year. And to be honest, I'M TERRIFIED. Like why did I think this was a good idea??? I HAVE NO TIME FOR WRITING 50K. BRAIN, YOU SHOULD TRY FUNCTIONING FOR ONCE. I'VE HEARD IT'S HEALTHY.

    Ahem. I'm just a little insane.

    I think I'll just be trying to finish Moonlit Mirror during NaNo because I don't want to put it off any longer. I NEED TO WRITE IT. I know it's technically against the rules to not be writing a new novel, but pssh, I'm a rebel. XD

    This is probably the longest comment in the history of ever, but I'm just so excited for my Lauri! GO WRITE ALL THE WORDS!!!

    (Also, you don't like pumpkin-flavored foods? *clutches heart* Pumpkin pie is like my life. XD)

    1. BWAHAHA!!! That gif works so well with everything. It's the best thing. XD

      MEEP. I honestly don't even know what to SAY. YOU ARE SO NICE. And yes, it is crazy. is my life??? Lol. But I loveth my CoaDS book and am so glad I've stuck with it all this time. *huggles books*


      :O :O :O :O :O
      Do my eyes see this right?
      My Mary is doing NaNo????
      MY MARY IS DOING NANOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

      I was hoping you were when I saw yesterday you had friended me on the site. AND YOU ARE. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! This IS going to be the most epicest of NaNos! And psssh. Who needs functionality and sanity? NaNo is LIFE. And this year so many of my closest writing/blogging buddies (like YOU <3) are doing it and I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW YOU JUST HAVE NO IDEA.

      Finishing Moonlit Mirror sounds like a wonderful plan! :D BECAUSE MOONLIT MIRROR NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN. *squeals* And psh, rules. I feel like just getting those 50k in is the most important thing. It doesn't matter what you write, just as long as you write!

      BUT IT'S ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE COMMENTS IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. Like, seriously, I'm just grinning and so happy now after reading your comment. YOU ARE THE BEST. <3333

      (I knooow. It's a tragedy. I don't like anything pumpkin flavored. *grimaces* Just not my thing. Sowwy!)

    2. "Conquer the words" Yes, love it! That's pretty much how NaNo feels --- well, maybe it's more of "Conquer the word counter", and revising's a lot like that too, only slightly different.

    3. Conquer the words is such a perfect way to put it! *raises pen* CHAAAARGE!!!

  4. Six things:

    1: YOU MADE A NEW HEADER FOR YOUR BLOG ASLDKFJSLKDFJLDKJFL LAURIIIIIIIIIIIIII I CAN'T IT'S SO GORGEOUS. :O :O :O I popped over here to see if you had a new post (because, hello, Monday) and I literally gasped and stared and then proceeded to squeal and shriek for my sister to come look at it! IT'S SO PRETTY AND SO YOU AND JUST ADSLKFLJ I ADORE IIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3

    Ahem. Just had to get that out there. ;)

    #2: YESSSS. THIS POSSSSST! :D I'm so so SO excited about you doing the final CoaDS book this year! EEP! That is amazing! You're so incredible to work on the same book every November for SEVEN years. Like. You're super-human! :O BUT IT'S GONNA BE SO FUUUUN!!! And I absolutely loved reading this post and all your dragony writerly nostalgia and all the things. ^_^ <333 YOU MAKE MY HEART HAPPY!

    #3: Eh, pumpkin stuff is okayyyy, I guess... The only pumpkin thing I LOVE is pumpkin bread. Or at least this one particular kind I used to eat. IT WAS AMAZING. <3

    #4: PreNaNober, NaNober, and PostNaNober = can we just rename the months this please and thank you. #perfect

    #5: I hope your plotting goes wellll!!! YOU HAVE GOT THIS! And I can't waiiiit to hear more about this book!!! :D *flailing around* I'M SO EXCITED. :D :D :D

    #6: How is NaNo so sooooon just wut even i cannot wordeth. o.o I need to be plotting and I thiiiink I know what I'm writing but I'm leaving room to change my mind if I HAVE to but I think I just need to start plotting and get re-excited again... BUT NANO AAAAAAAAAAH!!! (Yes, that was indeed a shriek of mingled delight and terror. XD)



      1. AAAAHHHHHH!!!! THANK YOU! Well that makes me feel so much better! Because I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. It's a HUGE improvement from what I had, but I still wasn't too sure about it. But YOU. You always make me feel better! It may change like 29384 times before I'm perfectly happy. I just cannot get satisfied with my header. XD Annnd the whole point of getting rid of the pink was to make my blog look more neutral and less girly, then I made this ultra girly header. Oops? My girliness just cannot be contained. So...I don't know. It'll stay for now, but don't be surprised if it changes again someday! Still, your comment made me so happy!!! You even got your sister to come look? AWK. You. <3

      2. *beams* I'm excited toooo! Like, absurdly, bounce around the house, flail all day kind of excited. Hehe.
      Super-human? Bwahahaha! Nooo. More like completely insane and obsessive. XD But I do so loveth my series and feel accomplished over it. ^_^ (Well, ALMOST accomplished. ;D)

      3. Always brain twins! Pumpkin stuff isn't something I just WON'T touch like...chocolate. *cough, cough* I have had pumpkin bread which was okay. I'll tolerate it I guess, but in general I just don't like it.

      4. Let's do it! It makes way more sense than October, November, and December. Psh.

      5. THANK YOOOUUU!!!! I hope so too. Lol. I'm a liiittle overwhelmed. So...we'll see! Hehe. But thank you so much! Your encouragement always spurs me on.

      6. Yes, HOOOOWWWW???? I'm trying to wrap my mind around it and just...can't. Like, I'm in the NaNo mood and excited and everything. But...HOW IS IT NEARLY HERE? It doesn't feel RIGHT. *flails* A shriek of delight and terror is so accurate. XD


  5. ACK, I loved this post. It makes me feel inspired to go plot my NaNo novel.

    It's going to be my first time this year. *bites lip* I'm terrified. But excited. Plotting is being a nuisance and not plotting, so I still have no idea what's going on. Although I've got 13k of short scenes written already (car chases, explosions, and all that fun stuff), I still can't work out what the actual main plotline is. *head desk*

    BUT I WILL WORK IT OUT! *takes the inspiration of this post and runs off to Scrivener*

    1. Awwww! I'm so happy I could spread some inspiration! ^_^

      EEP. Your first NaNo?? THAT IS SO EXCITING!!! The first one is just the most special. I'm so sorry plotting is being rude though. I understand! Last year plotting my novel was HARD, and I suspect this year is gonna be the same. But you totally got this! *fistpump* It's gonna be amazing!

      I hope you have the very bestest first NaNo!!!

  6. Oh, this was a post FULL of amazingness! I am positive that you'll rock Nano!

    I am not doing Nano this year (again), as my little brother is coming home from China in November and I don't think I'll be writing very much. =) And I've actually never done Nano before. Maybe next year (what I always say).... In the meantime, and in the aftermath of writing my first full length novel (which I rambled a lot about on my blog), I am working on expanding my writing platform.

    1. *FLAILS* Thank you so much!!!

      Oh wow, you have a brother in China? Then no, you definitely don't want to be tied down with NaNo when he comes back. It can be quite a commitment! So I don't blame you a bit.

      It's so very exciting you're writing your first full novel. There's nothing quite like that first one! ^_^ And that's great you're working on your platform. Sounds like you've got some awesome things going on!

    2. You're welcome!!! =)

      My family is adopting a little boy from China, and he's coming home-so yeah, I don't want to be typing away while everyone else is hugging him! =)

      Thanks, Christine! =)

    3. AWK. THAT IS THE SWEETEST THIIING. I am ecstatic for you guys!!! :D

  7. Haha, I don't like pumpkin either!!! WE ARE TWINS, CHRISTINE.

    Good luck with NaNo!!!

    1. You too? TWINSIES. I thought I was alone in this. It seems like everyone is obsessed with it. XD

      Thank you so much!!! If it's not obvious, I'm very excited. ;D

    2. I KNOW, RIGHT??? All human persons o knpoknpow know AND MY DOG, looove pumpkin. I feel so alone in the world...

      BUT NO MORE! We shall stand together in awesomeness, you and I!

      I have never done NaNo??? Again, I feel like a peculiar little pumpkin here. I GOT STARTED ON BLOGGING RATHER LATE IN LIFE, SIR. So when I started hearing about this "NaNoWriMo" thing I was like #ConfusedFace.

      NOW I KNOW, OBVIOUSLY. But I'm still kinda like, "Shouldn't I be writing that much ALL THE TIME???? And if I epically fail every other month, then why would November be any different???"

      I need convincing, honestly. Yes, you guys seem to all do a fantabulous job of it, BUT YOU GUYS ARE SUPERHUMAN, OBVIOUSLY.

    3. NO MORE ALONE. We are the ones who give OTHER flavors some love during the fall months. HUZZAH!

      That is okay! I feel like over half the people I know doing it are way younger than me. I'm such an oldie! I started things way late too. But it's NEVER too late to start blogging/writing/NaNoWriMoing! I'll probably still be doing it when I'm 90. XD

      Honestly, I'd die if I wrote that much all the time. o.o I soooo admire people who do! And you CAN'T fail with NaNoWriMo. The point is to just have fun. Whether you write 1k or 50k words, you still tried, and that's way more than, well, most of the population can say!
      What's so magical about NaNo is the sense of camaraderie. Sure, you're locked in your room for 30 days writing like a fiend, but you know thousands of others all over the WORLD are doing the same. It doesn't feel like other writing sessions. There's just something...magical about it. There's no other word to say it. It's something you have to experience to really know. AND I LOVE IT. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

      And we are most certainly NOT superhumans. We're ALL crazy writers here! ;D

      I'd highly suggest trying NaNo at least once in your life. I tooootally understand being too busy for it some years. But no harm done at all giving it at least a shot sometime. ^_^

    4. Hahahaha, I MAY HAVE BEEN EXAGGERATING ABOUT BEING OLD??? I'm only seventeen. Still, I've only been at it for 2 years, so I feel like a newbie yet. :)

      I am absolutely planning on doing NaNo at least once. I gotta see what all the hype is about. :) The camaraderie does sound pretty cool. But school??? IT IS AN EVIL MONSTER, I TELL YOU!!! I get like zero writing done because SCHOOL. Arg.

    5. Bwahahaha! If 17 is old then I'm a grandma here at 24. XDDD And see? I started NaNo at 18, and didn't get serious about writing until then. So you are NOT behind on things.

      YES. You must! :D But school. Blargh. I understand! I purposely waited until I had graduated to do NaNo because I knew trying to do it with school would be too much. Doesn't school know we have novels to write? Sheesh!

    6. Haha, I am an evil little misleading mouse. :)

      I know!!! I am SO jealous of you all who have graduated! IF ONLY.

      Ha! The stupid thing is that AS SOON AS I finish up high school, its gonna be off to college and I have this creeping suspicion that THAT WILL BE TEN TIMES WORSE (wonder what makes me think that???)!!!

      If it weren't for school I really feel like I could finish this manuscript ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    7. Oh man, yeah. College is gonna keep you busy too! You could always do a CampNaNo during the summer months. Those are fun too! And way less stressful.

      But either way, you WILL finish your manuscript. I know you will! Just keep plugging away when you can. You got this! *fistpump*

    8. That's true! Thanks so much for the encouraging words, Christine!

    9. Awww! Glad I could be an encouragement. <3

  8. That is SO cool that you'll be completing your series this year! And SEVEN BOOKS. Your focus is awesome, girl. It's so neat to have a way to measure your writing as it changes over the years like that. (I started a series in 2009 but only finished the first two books and half the third. I haven't gotten the right plot yet, so I'm waiting. Still.)


    I've loved reading about each of your NaNo books and seeing how the characters' stories come together. :) This series does sound like it's been a lot of fun to write. I hope NaNo goes well for you! Are you aiming for a different word count than the 50K this year?

    I'll be participating again this year, and for the first time, I'm not writing fantasy! I'm classifying this year's project as historical scifi. It's a Frankenstein-ish thing set in the mid-nineteenth century. (I'm planning to do a blog post with the blurb and stuff sometime this month.)

    1. Thank you so much!!! I think it's more obsessive behavior than focus. Hahaha! Though it has been nice not having to figure out what I have to write for NaNo each year.
      Sometimes books need time to simmer and form in our brains. I totally get that! I've abandoned some series myself, because I realized I wasn't quite ready for them. Someday though, someday.

      It's been a blast to write! I'm gonna miss it. Of course...I'll probably spend years and years doing rewrites one day. So I guess I can't miss them TOO much. XD
      I actually always do a double NaNo and got for 100k. Though my main goal is to just finish the book, however long it is. The first few ended up being longer than 100k, but the last couple were shorter (I think I've gotten better at pacing XD), so we'll just see how big this one is. The plan is to write like a fiend until it's finished. We'll see how it goes. Hehe.

      You're doing it too? YAAAY!!! I was hoping you would! Oh, oh, a 19th century Frankenstein-ish thing? JAMESON. That sounds epic! I cannot wait to read about it! :D

  9. CHRISTINE. This was beautiful. o.o

    I just can't IMAGINE working so hard on something so long. Wow, you were such a trooper to keep going. And you're writing the finale this November!! *jawdrop* Seven books = seven years is so. much. And it looks like you learned so much, too!

    And yes, I can totally see how November would be CoaDS nostalgic. I'm trying to imagine what it feels like to be immersed in the same set of stories SO LONG that NaNoWriMo is like their setting... the place they were created. whatever. :P

    Basically I'm kind of getting rambly, but dude this makes me a bit emotional! Way to go, Christine. *hugs* <3

    1. It was? AWK. THANK YOU!!! I was really worried I was just boring you guys to death!

      It really hasn't even felt like it's been that long. I'm a little in shock myself. It seems like I JUST started this series! I definitely have learned a TON writing these books. They've shaped my writing in so, so many ways.

      Yes, NaNo and CoaDS go hand-in-hand. Since NaNo is the only time I write in them. It just makes me all nostalgic!

      Well, Emily, that is the sweetest thing. Thank you so much! *hugs back*

  10. That's awesome! There are dragons, so I'm sure it's going to be great. :) I'm planning to do NaNoWriMo this year, but with the same 25,000-word goal I had last year, because that's more my speed... I need to outline my book, though! I'm 26,000 words into it, and I don't have a plot. You make me feel super disorganized!

    Serena | poetree

    1. Thank you! Yes, DRAGONS. My greatest obsession. I've even had a dragon appear in one of my stories that was in no way supposed to HAVE dragons. XD I think I have a problem...

      That's so great you're doing NaNo too! :D And 25k sounds like a lovely plan.
      Oh man, I understand the no plot thing! In fact, that story that wasn't supposed to have a dragon turned out that way. I don't think I REALLY had a plot until like...the last few chapters. It was ridiculous. XD But I know a plot will come for you! They always have a way of appearing eventually. ^_^

  11. YES, COADS. My actual favorite thing you've ever written, honestly, hands down. Best of luck to you! <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. YOU ENCOURAGE ME SO MUCH. Just...GAH. Thank yooouuu!!!! <3

  12. I know you are going to win Nano, and finish with a fabulous story! I wish I had your dedication, I am still undecided about Nano. I may or may not, but I wish I had been doing it as long as you. I have only tried twice and failed so it's not something I am very good at, but we'll see.

    1. YOU ARE SO ENCOURAGING. *tackle-glomps*

      No, no, no. You CAN'T fail! Just trying is totally winning, and doing way more than the majority of the entire population! It's just about having fun and getting some words in. These last few years I've had a...lot of free time, and have been able to put in a ton of words during NaNo. But I know that won't always be the case. Someday I should prooobably get a life. XD

      I totally understand not doing it! It can be quite a commitment. But if you do, you must let me know!

  13. I love that NaNo means so much to you! I participated a while ago and it was SO fun. You're inspiring!

    1. I think I'm a probably a little unhealthily obsessed. XD It is SUCH a blast, yes! It's basically like Christmas to me.

      *FLAILS* That is so nice of you to say!!! Thank you! <3

  14. Sadly, I'm not doing NaNo this year, because my school schedule and tutoring (I work as a tutor but I'm not paid because the department doesn't have enough money. . . it's complicated) and commuting (two-hour roundtrip every day, hurrah) and other things are getting in the way this time. (Now that I've said that something will happen and I'll end up doing it. . . I kind of hope not, though.)
    However, I'm late to this post because for the last four days I've been doing a mini-NaNo of my own. I wrote 11k in four days, and enjoyed it as a little taste of the NaNo I won't be having. Which is a weird sort of thing to enjoy. I don't normally thrive on stress and deadlines.
    Let me guess, the title has something to do with gold?

    1. Awwww, SADNESS. But wow, it sounds like you've got a lot on your plate! I totally understand not doing it. You're being responsible and keeping your priorities straight. I tend to throw out all responsibilities during NaNo. It's bad. XD

      SOPHIA. 11k in four days? THAT'S AWESOME!!! You go, girl! NaNo is SO weird. It's absurdly stressful, and yet a total blast. A paradox! DOES have something to do with gold. o.o How did you...? Did I say something to tip you off or... How did you know??? (Of course, I've probably mentioned it before. I've had titles for all the books since 2010. XD)

    2. I'm pretty sure you didn't say anything, only since the second-to-last book, in which everything goes wrong (because that's how the almost-end of stories work), is Black. So the actual end, in which things are put right, would logically be something the opposite of black. The most obvious candidates would be either white or gold. But I knew you already had one with White in the title. So it was likely to be Gold. Am I right? ;)

      Yes, NaNo is. But I like paradoxes, so. . . oh, and the post's finally up! My wrists are glad :).

    3. WHOA Sophia - you're a genius! I can't believe that you figured out that it was Gold :D. *highfive*

      ~ Savannah

    4. SERIOUSLY SOPHIA. Your deduction skills are amazing. o.o Yes, you are absolutely right!

    5. Ah, well, in technical terms it's induction, because it goes by probability rather than certainty (which is deduction), but given the very high probability that it is gold, the quibble doesn't mean much.
      *goes away muttering about Sherlock Holmes having mislead several generations*

    6. *blinks* Sherlock has LIED to me?? *flails around*

  15. CHRISTINE. I AM SO VERY VERY VERYVERYVERY EXCITED FOR YOU. I love how much Nano and CoaDS mean to you--this was all so inspiring to read about, and if I was a smidge less sensible about how much (ahem, little) writing time I currently have, I would be 100% fired up to do Nano myself this year. Just from this post! Like--just--ack--all the planning and obsessive outlining and preparation, and then writing like mad for a whole month... It sounds SO FUN.

    I can't believe it's the finale, though. It feels like just last month you were working on More White Than Stars. #timeflies I hope you have an absolute blast writing this last book! I'm sure it's going to be a wonderfully wild ride. (That convo with Sophia about the title involving gold makes me even more excited.) Can't wait for all the Nano posts I'm sure you'll be sharing with us next month. ;D

    And what a lovely new header! I could stare at it for ages! Books, gorgeous flowers, THAT POCKETWATCH, OH MY STARS. <3

    1. MEEP. Thank you!!!
      Lol! You are a very sensible person. As much as I really, reeeeally want to do NaNo with you, I'd say enjoy this new year of college and all the exciting things going on in your life. You wouldn't want to add MORE stress to your life right now. And NaNo is...very invasive. Haha. There is always other years!

      I can't either. o.o Actually, I feel like I just wrote White as well! I keep thinking that was the last one I did for same crazy reason. I'm just like, "No, Christine, that was TWO years ago." Sheesh. #timeflies is right!

      Thank you so much, Tracey! I think it's gonna be an amazing year. Or I HOPE it will be anyway. ;D

      You like it? THANK YOU!!! I keep second guessing it, and I've gone back to the problem of my blog being ultra girly. Eheh. But I do rather like it. I'm so very happy to hear my Tracey likes it! ^_^

  16. Your new blog header is the most beautiful one you've ever had.

    I don't know how to say this, but I've always loved the Colors of a Dragon Scale series. Of all the works-in-progress by my friends, it's the one I most want to be published so that I can read it. All that to say, I'm so happy you're planning to do the last one this year. I pray it goes beautifully!

    -Rebekah the Squishy

    1. Really? EEEEE!!! Thank you! I just can't get perfectly happy with my header. I keep tweaking things. XD But I am so very happy you like it!!!

      SQUISHY. That...that...that is one of the nicest things I've ever heard in my life. I'm just melting in a puddle of squishy feels right now. Like...I don't even know what to SAY. Thank you so much for being such an encouragement and one of my very biggest supporters. You are a blessing to me!!! <3

  17. UGH I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT THIS POST IS MAKING ME ALL HAPPY AND SAD AND NOSTALGIC AND JUST ASJDKFL;. I am so incredibly impressed and proud of your determination after all of these years. You are just amazing, girl. Just... eep. YOU ARE AMAZING AND I ADMIRE YOU SO MUCH. <3

    I am definitely doing NaNo this year -- I don't think it's something I can easily skip. :D WE WILL CONQUER! And I cannot wait to hear how your NaNo goes! :D

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. AWGSH. THAT MAKES ME RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY. I was worried I was just boring you guys with all my silly nostalgia. But...AGH. That is so nice!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING, KATIE. I admire YOU. You're so dedicated to your WIPs and can whip out those words like nobody's business. o.o You are AH-MAY-ZING.

      YAY! My Katie's doing NaNo! But of course, like we could NOT do it. HA! We WILL conquer. It's gonna be epic! *holds up pen and strikes epic hero pose* Thank you! I can't wait to hear about yours as well!

  18. AHHHHHHH wow this is so exciting for you!!! O.O I can't imagine actually writing /seven/ books, all part of a series. I planned a nine book series when I was eleven and worked on it for four years, but I had to let that go last year and its been sad. It made me the writer I am today though, and I don't regret a moment of the time I spent writing the two and a half books I did. I might pick it up again, someday ...

    I love you blog, BTW! Can't wait to see how nano goes for you! <3

    1. EEP. Thank you! I am very excited!!! I'm sure it's not noticeable. ;D

      I don't think I'd EVER write this many in a series if not for NaNo pushing me forward. On my own, it'd never get done...

      I think that's wonderful you wrote those books! That is sad you had to let them go, but yes, EVERY word we write helps us grow as writers. Those early books are so special. ^_^ That'd be awesome if you picked them up again!

      Well, let me just glomp you, you sweet thing! I'm thrilled to have you here in my little corner of the interwebs! :D Thank you so much!!!


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