Monday, August 15, 2016

In Which I (temporarily) Say Fare Thee Well to Editing


Starting in January, I raised my supply of coffee and delved into *cue dramatic music* EDITING.

Bum bum BUMMMM.*

*You know this is an accurate response.

Last year I turned my wee 20k word Beauty and the Beast novella, Burning Thorns, into a full out 84k novel. I’ve been meaning to write a Beauty and the Beast retelling since, like, the beginning of time or so. I absolutely adore retellings, I’m a total fairytale nerd, and B&B is my favorite fairytale. Obviously it was going to happen eventually. Honestly, I’m shocked I’ve only just now gotten around to it. #ProcrastinationOnPoint

Well, I loved my story so much, I knew this was the one. This was the one I wanted to pursue publishing with first. I’ve said that about a few different novels, but I’ve finally (FINALLY) gotten serious about this whole writing thing. And since Beauty and the Beast is such a special part of me, what better debut novel than Burning Thorns? (If I can ever get published. Let’s just sit happily in this make-believe world for a minute, okay?)

But, of course, to actually pursue that daunting thing called publishing, one must actually EDIT.


Let it be know, I’ve spent literally my entire life avoiding editing like the plague. The idea of having to DELETE scenes and CHANGE scenes and totally REWRITE scenes and FIX plot holes and add character development and scour through my hundreds and hundreds of typos and actually make my first drafts READABLE has been enough to make me hide in my closet for 2949385945 years or so and stubbornly refuse to actually try editing. Thus I wrote a badrillion first drafts. But any second drafts? Nada.



Well, guess what? You can’t be a writer without editing. *LE GASP* Horrid I know. But it’s TRUE. Editing is like 87% of the process or something. And, as I said, I’m finally gettin’ serious about this writing business. So, it was decided. This year I would edit Burning Thorns. Even if it killed me. (Which was a probability, I knew.)

After some mental preparation and gathering the best beta-readers EVER (love you guuuys <333) and some coffee (coffee is an editing necessity), it began.

I decided to send each chapter out to my beta-readers as they were edited. Most of the time I only ever did one chapter a week, so the process was sloooow. But that was okay! I didn’t want to rush it just to “get it done”. I wanted to really edit and edit well. I wanted to actually REWRITE things, and make changes that needed it. The only editing I’ve ever really done is minor things like typo fixes and such. But I wasn’t going to let myself fall into that trap this go round. I was actually going to EDIT and make BT the best it could be. Which meant a slow and steady pace.

And I don’t regret it a bit.

Because I wasn’t doing it all at once, I had more room to give each scene the time it needed. And as I took the time to really shape this story of my heart, I discovered something that to this day still shocks me.


I like editing.


*GASP* Horror of horrors! Can it be??? The girl who ducks and hides under her bed at just the mention of editing actually LIKES IT?


It was fun! Sure, there were some hiccups along the way that gave me a couple of headaches, but overall, I loved the process. That’s right. LOVED. Turns out, editing is almost, sometimes, sorta kinda easier for me than first drafting. Because with first drafts, I have to come up with eeeeverything. Every character, every bit of the world, the entire plot, every chapter, every WORD. Literally everything that exists I have to make up!



Then there’s editing. With editing, it’s all already created. Instead of straining my creative muscles to make up entire worlds, I’m just using a feather duster to clean up the already existing world. Sometimes I have to take out the big guns, like the pressure washer, to clear out the extra big messes, but I’m not having to create a pressure washer. Instead of building a house, I’m just cleaning my home. And, well, I like cleaning.


It is so satisfying seeing my messy first draft shape up into something readable.


This story has become a part of me, and I didn’t mind one bit revisiting it and wiping up the grime until it shined.

Then there were my beta-readers, who made this whole editing thing 9394829349x more fun!!! Their enthusiasm and helpful comments and encouragement and fangirling pushed me to keep going, and challenged me to do the best I can instead of some mediocre job. They made me realize being a writer does not, and should not, be a lonely job. There is nothing like having a group of fellow writers to lift each other up in this crazy business called writing.

I’ve never had so much fun working on a story than I have while editing Burning Thorns. I laughed and even cried and drank sooo much caffeine.

Then, as of Wednesday, August 10th, I made it to the bottom of the document where it said “The End”.


I finished editing.



Okay, before I explode the world with fireworks and ride out on my dragons and conquer the earth, I should probably clarify. I finished the FIRST ROUND OF EDITS. I haven’t even begun to fix all the amazing advice my beta-readers have given me. It’s by NO MEANS perfected yet. That’ll be the second round (and probably fourth and fifth and. . .yeah). But (I hope) from here on out it’ll get easier as I go, now that I’ve fixed some major problems, and triumphed over my fear of editing.

So what’s next?

A BREAK. I’ve been slowly but surely editing since JANUARY, and I’m in desperate need of some reprieve. So I’m taking a good writing break for the rest of August and all through September. Then. . .NANOWRIMO PREPPING TIME. Yep, already thinking about that! I know, I know, it’s only August, but November will be here before you knoooow iiiit! (*hears screams in the background*) Yes, you may thank me for reminding you. *smile, smile*

October shall be NaNo prepping month (though I maaay do some minor prepping in September despite claiming I’m taking a break. . .we’ll see). Then of course NaNo itself. December I never write (unless I’m trying to finish up my NaNo novel). I definitely take a break during Christmas holidays. THEN, come January, I shall delve into the second round of Burning Thorns edits and start working on fixing everything my beta-readers pointed out.

So that’s the Christine Writing Plan. (Because I’m sooo official. Obviously. *cough*) For now. We all probably know I’m not good at keeping to plans. *cough, cough* But I’m gonna try!

I hope to very soon actually share HOW I edited. So keep an eye out for that. But for now, I’ll be twirling in circles screaming “I’M FINISHED EDITIIIIING”. Like we do.


feelings on editing? Do you prefer it or first drafting?
(I think I love both, but I could easily write a pros and
cons list for each. Which. . .isn’t a bad idea.)
Share with me your thoughts!



    Tackling the edits for Hazel Tree was something I avoided for the longest time. I mean, HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY GO BACK AND CHANGE THE STORY?!?! It was terrifying. It was horrendous to think about. It was a feat beyond my own skill set.


    I still haven't fully gotten through the book yet, but I am realizing that editing isn't as bad as it sounds. True, it's still not my favorite thing to do, but I like sneaking back through the story and remembering things I forgot I wrote. :)

    But, I AM SO EXCITED TO HEAR THAT EDITS ARE UNDERWAY FOR BURNING THORNS!!! Because we needs this book, precious, yes, precious, we do. I know you've just finished the first round, but I truly think that is the hardest part ever! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D :D Keep at it, girl!!

    I just noticed your little blurb of questions at the bottom. And I'm deciding to stay off my soap box for the time being. I'm a thorough pantser and first draft fanatic. *shrugs* Can't help that.

    1. YES TO EVERYTHING YOU SAID. Especially thinking it was a feat beyond your skill. ABSOLUTELY ME. I was just like, "How am *I* supposed to make this better? I HAZ NO SKILLS." But learned to just take one sentence, one WORD at a time. (Also was my best friend of ever.)

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets things they wrote! It's like I'm a new reader every time I go through my stories. XD But I guess it makes it more fun, even though it's sad how bad my memory is. ANYWAYS. I'm so happy to hear editing hasn't been so bad for you either. I'm so proud of you! ^_^

      *flails happily* THANK YOU, KIRI. I'm excited myself!

      Oh, Kiri, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on your love for first drafting and all. You should totally write a blog post for it! :O I actually totally love writing first drafts as well (which is why I have so manyyyy *drowns in them*), even if it CAN be overwhelming.

  2. Oh my gosh, congratulations!!!! That's so exciting! *throws confetti and cupcakes* I'm following your blog for a while now (why does that sound so creepy...?) and it's been really fun to read about Burning Thorns and your progress on it. If you ever need more beta readers, I'd love to be one for you!
    I've only seriously edited twice-ish, and that was for novellas. It wasn't horrible, but it was tough. But I'm hoping with more experience it will get better!

    1. Confetti and cupcakes! *squees* Thanks, girl! ^_^ That makes me feel so honored to hear you've been following along with my Burning Thorns adventures. And EEP. You'd want to be a beta-reader? THAT IS THE NICEST THING. I *would* love to have some read over it after I do the second round of edits. So I might ask you at that time if you still want to. (It'll just be a while from now.)

      Well, Broken Glass is one of my absolute FAVORITES in the Five Glass Slippers collection. It was one of the best novellas I've ever read, so I'd say you've mastered this editing thing already!

    2. Yay!!! I'll be happy to beta-read whenever you want a beta-reader! Awww thank you!!! *squees too*

  3. *SHRIEKING* YOU FINIIIIIIISHED!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D *all of the confetti and fireworks and strawberry cheesecake for you* I'm so so SO proud of you for getting through this first round! YOU'RE AMAZING! Not to mention that it's just so exciting it's getting edited, this awesome B&B book of yours. <333 AAAAND that you're not scared of editing anymore!!! THAT IS THE BEST. I'M SO GLAD YOU LOVE IT! :D It makes me wonder if I might learn to like it too, which is an encouraging thought. ^_^ Also I HIGHLY approve of the Christine Writing Plan. *nods seriously* That's fantastic and I hope it goes well! BUT YES, TAKE A BREAK, SHOO! You totally deserve it!!! :) And... that's enough babbling from me for now, but seriously, that is SOOOOO exciting you finished this big batch of edits!!! You da best! Congrats! ^_^ I hope to read the rest of the story as soon as I can! *showers you in rose petals and fairy sparkles*


      I think you CAN learn to enjoy editing! If you love your story enough and just take it slow, it's really not that bad. Well, some of the time. XD
      Hehe. I'm glad you like the Christine Writing Plan. XD I WILL TAKE A BREAK. Or try. You know how those stories are so demanding. >.> BUT I WILL TRY.

      Rose petals and fairy sparkles! THAT IS THE BEST. I just have this huge grin on my face reading your comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH, CELTI. *glomple-hugs*

    2. Rose petals and fairy sparkles? Have you read the ending yet? 'Cause if not, that was a very handy coincidence :).
      (Am I spoiling too much?)

    3. @Sophia: Um... no... O_O I haven't read the ending yet... If there's a coincidence there then that's the best. XD *cackles* Nope, not spoiling, just making me want to finish even more! :D I can see I'm missing out on a lot by the amount of emails recently. :D I CAN'T WAIT. *will Life to get less busy*

  4. Hey hey! Congratulations! That is a major undertaking and a truly worthy accomplishment!

    I actually enjoy editing as well. Though it can get tedious and overwhelming after a while... polishing is never finished, even (especially?) when you think it is! But, I do enjoy taking a rough draft to that final, beautiful finished piece. I really love drafting, though... I love creating something completely new, finding out where the story is going, learning/meeting the new characters. But you're right, it can also be difficult and overwhelming as everything has to be made up on the spot.

    Enjoy your break!

    1. Thanks so much, girl! ^_^

      I imagine I WILL get tired of it once I get to the polishing-for-the-50th-time-stage. Especially since I'm the WORST at finding my own typos. Hopefully I can recruit friends and/or family member to find those last pesky typos for me. XD

      I'm with you! Writing first drafts is so much fun! (Which is why I have so many. :-/) BUT it was a nice change to have something to work with instead of creating something completely new, ya know? Like I said, I could make a pros and cons list for both. But I guess that goes with everything. XD Overall, I just love being a writer!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. YAY FOR YOOOOOOOOU!!!! *showers you with all the happy things*

      I TOTALLY know the feeling of finishing ALL the editing (well ... all the editing for now, anyways XD). After I finished my second draft of 'Killing Snow' so as that I could send it to my beta readers (I sent it off a few days ago and I was so excited/nervous that I wanted to run around in frantic little circles XD), I wanted to celebrate ALL THE LIVE-LONG DAY!!! And that was just a short little novella; YOU finished editing AN ENTIRE GIANT NOVEL!!! You have the best excuse on earth to laze around and celebrate for a million years *nods* (while watching movies and eating ice cream, 'cause that's cool).

      And ALL YOUR EDITING PAID OFF!!! I was absolute CAPTIVATED by Burning Thorns! ALL THE WONDERFUL CHARRIES *flails madly* *heart does not know what to do*. And the PLOT and the DESCRIPTIONS and ALL THE BEAUTIMOUS THINGS THAT MADE THIS STORY SO ABSOLUTELY WONDEROUS!!! I have no idea how you did it, no idea at all. Except, perhaps, that you really truly are an elf and have the most epic gift of wording-ing (this is so a thing *nods*). When (yes when, not if) Burning Thorns gets published I'm going to buy a zillion copies of it and caper wildly around the house while being insanely happy and petting it XD.

      ... okay, that got long, I should end here XD. YOU ROCK, GIRL! Give yourself a well needed break and bask in the glory of writing + editing such an epicly amazing book!

    2. *beams* THANK YOU!!!

      You SHOULD be celebrating all the live-long day because that is AWESOME and I'm sooo happy for you!!!!! Isn't it just the best feeling? *twirls with you*

      *clutches heart* SAVANNAH. YOU HAVE MADE ME SPEECHLESS. Like, how do I even respond to this? I CAN'T. YOU ARE THE NICEST THING. All the hugs for you! *TACKLE-GLOMP-HUG*

      THANK YOU, SAVANNAH!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy you were one my beta team. I can't thank you enough for everything. <333333

  6. Ever since we got the last chapter (the e-mail string for that one is so long and wildly active and all over the place :), I must say), I've been waiting for you to do this sort of a post so that those who weren't so lucky as to *ahem* agonize with us chapter by chapter can finally know what's going on.

    Well, I'm mostly a random mix when it comes to plotting or occasionally brainstorming or depending on ideas to show up --- I wouldn't say I'm Rabbit, who never waited for things to come to him, but always went and got them, but neither can I quite depend, like Pooh, on things to show up at the right time. Also, when it comes to writing, I am a decided perfectionist, which means I often end up editing-as-I-go (though this Camp NaNo I did make some progress toward not stopping to fix typos every single time). And on days that I don't write new words, for whatever reason, I often do some editing, so as not to get rusty. The line between first drafts and editing is often blurry. But I tend to have a sort of love-hate relationship with editing. On the one hand, it's taking something good and making it better, right? And on the other hand, it's taking something I once was innocent enough to think was good and pointing out every single thing wrong with it, until I despair of ever rescuing enough to salvage anything like a good story, and leave those sections for another day. . . which day rarely comes. But with the first draft there's the danger of losing interest in the middle, and never finishing. Once you get to the proper editing point you know that particular danger is past.

    1. Hahaha! You know me so well. I had to flail a little. ;D

      I love how you compared yourself to Rabbit and Pooh! I'm funny, because sometimes I completely and utterly pants blindly. And then sometimes I plot to a ridiculous degree. Then OTHER times I plot a tinge and pants as well. I write every book differently. XD

      I can be a perfectionist, too! Though during NaNo I let the mess explode and don't bother cleaning it up. With Burning Thorns I wrote pretty slowly and did minor edits as I wrote it. Which may be why doing this major editing wasn't too bad, since I tried to make the first draft as good as I could.

      I understand what you're saying with editing! It can be so despairing as you realize you have no idea how to fix a problem. But, as you said, first drafts always have that threat of being incomplete and forgotten.

      Basically, being a writer is quite the emotional roller coaster! But I love it, craziness and all. ^_^

  7. I absolutely LOVE EDITING, GAH. I like it for the exact same reasons you do! And I'm one of those edit-as-you-go sorts of people, so when I finish the draft the first half has already been edited fairly thoroughly (every ten pages, I go back and edit what I have so far).

    Congrats on finishing your editing! AND OMG, YES, I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR NANO NOVEL. Are you continuing the Colors of a Dragon Scale series?? I honestly love that series so much, I'm probably going to die.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Oh, what a wonderful system! I will sometimes edit verrry minor things as I go--typos, awkward sentences, things like that. But not a ton, and never anything major. Your system sounds great though, gettin' it all done at once!

      THANK YOU!!! Ack. GIRL. That...that is just the sweetest thing. *flails* Yes I will be continuing it. Annnd IT'S THE LAST BOOK OF THE SERIES. If you can't tell, I'm a wee bit excited. ;D

    2. AWK, I FORGOT--IT'S THE LAST BOOK OF THE SERIES AKLSDFJKLASJFAL;KJASL. If you can't tell, I'm mildly excited. XD


  8. Congrats, girlie!! You did it! I'm so proud of you!!!!!!! This is SOOOOO exciting, and you can most definitely count on me to be the FIRST to buy your book off the shelf (or virtual shelfie thing online or whatever...). ;D *strikes heroic pose* "Get in line, silly beans!! I'M FIRST!!!!"

    You, my dear Laurie, are an inspiration to me. Every time I read your posts, I am once again inspired to pick up pen and notebook and just WRITE. I miss it so much! My problem is procrastinating and not making time to do the things I love, which doesn't make sense if you truly love it, right?? Keep up the good work, my friend! You've got a whole cheer team ready to root for you and boost you onward! Let me know if I can help you out in any way!


    1. GIRL. You are such a blessing to me! Your comment has just made me bubbly with happiness!

      Oh, I so understand! I totally procrastinate doing things I love. Aren't we all silly beans? XD But some seasons in life just don't have room for everything we want to do. I know you'll get back into writing! Just take your time, and soak up this joyful season of life you're in right now. ^_^

      Thanks for everything, Sarah! <333

  9. YAAAAAY, CHRISTINE! *sets of fireworks* Wow, you've been awesome pulling through all this editing. :D *high five*

    1. THANK YOU, EMILY. You have been such a sweet cheerleader all the way through. <333

    2. *notices typo in my comment* *facepalm* :P

    3. I literally had to read your comment FOUR times before finding a typo. Trust me, you're fine! #TypoQueenRightHere

    4. *also had to reread comment multiple times to find typo* I almost was convinced that you were seeing things, Emily. xD

    5. *joins the party of people who had to read the comment many times* XD

  10. Yay so exciting! I really enjoy editing sometimes. The second draft is usually my favorite part of the writing process. Because that's when I rewrite the book and flesh out more stuff and the writing is so much smoother. I finished editing one of my novels in July and now I'm going over beta feedback and making modifications there. Then I'll be starting my NaNoWriMo prep! Yays!

    1. Thank you! I am quite excited! ^_^

      I was shocked to discover I actually LIKE editing, but, as you said, it goes so much smoother because at that point you know your story.

      I'm so excited for YOU finishing those edits, and I hope this next round goes well for you. THEN NANO. I can't wait! :D

  11. Congratulations on finishing the first round of edits, Christine! It's a great accomplishment, one that I'm sure you'll be repeating in the future as you publish more books. ;)

    But this means I'm WAY far behind in my beta-reading. :| Even though you're done with editing for now, do you still want me to send the comments and the playlist?

    As for my thoughts on editing, I can't really say a whole lot. My only major editing I've done was for Darkened Slumber. I also edit chapters before I post them on the LEGO Message Boards. So not much experience for this guy. XD

    Enjoy your time off! You deserve a breather before NaNo. :)

    (And for once, I'm actually leaving a short comment... though I feel like I should somehow be leaving a larger one. :P)

    1. Thank you! I'm very excited!!! (If you can't tell... *grins*)

      Oh! I DEFINITELY still want any and all edits! There are still other beta-readers who haven't finished either. YOU'RE FINE. Like I said, I haven't done any fixing with the beta comments I've gotten. I haven't even fixed typos you guys have pointed out yet. I'll start going through all my beta-readers' comments in January and doing the second round of edits then. So you have PLENTY of time! And I get a thrill every time you find more songs to fit my story!! BUT if it ever gets to be too much (especially with college starting soon) do NOT feel pressured to do anything. That's an order. *nods firmly*

      This is my first real experience with it myself, so I'm right there with ya! I'm still learning the best method for me. It's all an experiment!

      Thanks! ^_^

      (Haha! Most of my comments are monstrosities. XD But I love any and all comments!)

    2. You're welcome! No, I could definitely tell, what with the capital letters and the fireworks gif. :P

      Well, that's good to know. I don't wanna be left behind. Ooh, a break that lasts a third of the year! (Well, only a break from editing, that is.) I wouldn't go so far as to say it'll be "too much." But I will see how much I can get done in the two weeks before college. And what would happen if I disobeyed your order? XD

      So we can be editing newbies together!

      You're welcome again. ^_^

      (Making short comments is not something that happens with me. XD I'm sure you do!)

    3. I'm very subtle, I know.

      You're not behind at all!
      And if you disobey my orders I'll...sic my poodle on you. She's very deadly. *nods*

    4. Surely your name must be Christine Subtle Smith!

      Well, I am pretty sure that I am, at least somewhat. It's a good thing I keep an anti-poodle kit on me at all times. Gotta cover all my bases, ya know? XD

    5. You figured out my middle name! :O

      *snorts* You're very prepared!

  12. YAY! Good for you! I know quite well what it feels like to finally be able to post something like this after working SO crazily hard on editing. Thankfully I don't absolutely hate editing, and there are days I do like it, but most of the time it leaves me twitching. (Actually, it leaves me chewing on random objects, tapping my feet, and jumping up to take random mile-long get the idea.)
    AND YES! That editing cartoonish thing was SO on point. :) It made me smile and relate and all that wonderful kind of stuff, although I did basically the opposite of you. I took two books (a combined 150,000 words), and knocked it down to one 88,000ish book. Anyway. Have fun. Celebrate. Dance in the rain. Be happy. :)
    Aidyl from Noveltea

    1. Thank you so much! That's awesome you don't totally hate editing either. I think it's a blessing! But yes, editing (and just writing in general) brings out the crazy in us. XD

      Hehehe! I can so relate to that picture. That was basically me for all these past months.

      WOW. You cut that may words? :O WHAT IS YOUR SECRET? I always end up adding words and then my books become monsters. >.>

      Thank you! Your comment made me smile.

  13. YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! *throws confetti*

    Editing is much worse than the actual writing process for me. I mean, I'm not even done with the rough draft of my novel and I am DREADING editing.

    1. THANK YOU!!! :D

      Aw, that's a shame. I hope editing won't be too bad for you! It CAN be stressful for sure.

  14. This inspired me to start doing all the edits, I need to do.

    1. I'm honored something I wrote was inspirational! ^_^

      Good luck with editing. You totally got this! *fistpump*

  15. Wowwwww, somehow I managed to fall behind on almost a MONTH'S worth of beautiful Christine posts! You know the drill by now--prepare for a slew of catch-up comments. XD

    I'M STILL SO EXCITED ABOUT BT AND FINISHING A ROUND OF EDITING AND ERRYTHING, AHHH! But girl, you getting published is *not* a make-believe world. It is going to happen. With your amazing writing, people skills, and determination to give yourself the time you need on this journey, publication just has to happen! <3

    I'm with you there--editing is oftentimes easier than the first draft. It seems that those who enjoy editing are in the minority, but I honestly love it. You get to take a messy story and bring it to its full potential! I'm so proud of you for doing that with Burning Thorns, and so glad that you loved the process, hiccups and all. (Thanks for the beta reader shout-outs, btw! Love you too!)

    "...before I explode the world with fireworks and ride out on my dragons and conquer the earth..." YESH. I shall explode all the fireworks and ride the dragons and conquer the earth with you! *mounts dragon and gives a battlecry*

    The Christine Writing Plan gets my stamp of approval. (Not that it needs it. But still. It gets it.) How is Nano so close?? I think once again I'll have to skip Nano, which is sad because I want to try it out sometime, but with the 100-for-100 challenge having happened for me, and with college...this is not the year to attempt something crazy like Nano. XD But I wish you alllll the best with your November project, and I cannot WAIT to hear more about it as the time draws near! ^___^

    *sets off more fireworks*
    *flies away cackling happily*

    1. Getting a ton of Tracey comments is like the happiest thing ever, and makes me smile every time.

      EEP. THANK YOU. I'M STILL EXCITED TOOOO!!! I can't get used to the idea that I don't have to edit anymore. Every day my brain is like, "You need to go edit!" And then I'm like...wait. Haha! I guess I got into the habit of it and now it's weird not having to do it. But a good weird! ;D

      Tracey! You're so encouraging. IF I get published, it'll be because you and all my dear readers and everyone pushing me forward and giving me the encouragement I need. *huggles*

      It's true. Most people detest editing, and I was just sure I was going to be one of them. I mean, there may be some books that kill me. Haha. But yes! It's so satisfying seeing the story come together more and more and actually turn into something nice and readable.

      LET'S DO IT. WE SHALL BE FABULOUS! *flips hair in the wind atop her dragon*

      But I LOVE having my Tracey's stamp of approval! But gracious yes, how IS NaNo so close??? O_O I can't believe we're nearly there. This year! Time needs to get his act together and slow things down. >.>
      As much as I want to do NaNo with you, I'd think skipping this year would be for the best. I know college (and just life) will be busy enough without putting that extra stress on yourself. Just enjoy your first year of college. There will always be other Novembers!
      And thank you! I'm sure I'll be blogging a LOT about NaNo once it gets closer.



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