Monday, May 9, 2016

That Time I Got Over 100 Books in Two Weeks

So things happened in April. Delightful things. And by that I mean BOOKISH things. (What else would be delightful? Books = Life. Duh.)

You see, our library had a sale to which I obviously had to attend. . .three times. It took place for the whole second week in April, and each day the price on the books got lower and lower to the point that they were practically giving them away.

As my dad said, I was worse than a kid at a candy store.

Our library is pretty small, so I honestly wasn’t expecting much. But then I walked in there. The first thing Mom said when we stepped foot inside was, “Heavens, we’re going to be here all day.”

Mom was right (as moms always are, of course). But it went further than a day. We visited the sale three times that week and stayed until closing every single one of those days. My family maaay have had to drag me out each time. (And I had to drag out my boxes and boxes of books. . .)

So. Many. Books.

Dad’s kid-in-a-candy-store analogy was right. I was grabbing anything and everything that looked even remotely interesting. And I may or may not have ended the week with 74 new books.

I did mention they were practically giving them away, right?


I bought so many books I still can’t remember everything I got. It’s a surprise every time I go through them. Which is a lot of fun. Having a memory the size of a peanut has its perks!

Well, obviously I was on a book high after that escapade. But it doesn’t end there.

The very next week we went out of town for the weekend and ended up visiting a. . .you guessed it. . .bookstore! A bookstore that just happened to be enormous with a bunch of used books for cheap. Because I obviously didn’t have enough books. Never.

To make a long story short, I ended that weekend with 29 new books.

103 books. All of which I got for insanely good prices.

Saying I was happy is the understatement of the year. I’ve been on a book high ever since. The funny thing is, I haven’t had time to read any of these beautimous new things. I’ve been too busy finding room for them instead. Eheh. I literally had to buy myself a new bookshelf, which turned into a huge rearranging of my room adventure. All because of a library sale.

Lotsa books

And the others

Also 3 new Alice in Wonderland books because I collect those. *grins*

When I said I grabbed anything and everything, I meant it. I honestly have no idea what over half of this stuff is. It’s bad. If you guys recognize any, give a shout out. Actually, tell me what to read next! Do you have any favorite books amongst all this? Any least favorites? I’d love to know peoples opinions on some of these. On the flipside, if you see any you’ve been interested in but haven’t read, speak up and I may do a book review of it or something. Because having this many books and being as indecisive as I am is a PROBLEM. I need help, guys!

Another problem is the actual cleaning and cataloging and organizing of said new 100+ books. I can be quite OCD over things. I do not want stickers and library binding on my books. Unfortunately, almost all the books I got from the library have either or both, some stickers to which have been on there probably since the beginning of time. Turns out peeling off these stickers and then cleaning the goop leftover from them takes a looooong time. So the poor books haven’t found permanent homes on my shelves yet as I very, very, very slooowly work on de-librarying them. I’ve decided I’m going to become queen of the world for the sole purpose of banning stickers and tape from books forever. (And possibly just banning stickers in general.) Just wait, it’s happening. But until then, if you have any suggestions on how to easily get 20 year old stickers and goop off of books, do share!

Once the books have been properly cleaned, I’ve been adding them to my GoodReads so I can actually keep up with what books I own. (Again, memory like a peanut.) Then I shall do the great rearranging of my bookshelves escapade. I currently have three bookshelves and I’m not sad about it one bit. I may even buy a fourth, because I have a book addiction and have absolutely no intention of being cured from it. #bookaddictandproud

Anyways, between all the book cleaning and life deciding to be crazier than Alice’s trip to Wonderland, I haven’t had a chance to actually read all my new goodness! *pouts* I feel like I’m going to die before I read all the books I own. And I have no plans to stop buying more. I’ll just have to find a time machine. Problem solved. *nods*

Speaking of buying more, I finally got Bryan Davis’s Omega Dragon, the last book in the Children of the Bard series. Why is this significant? Well, it’s the last book in the whole Dragons in Our Midst collection. The end of what has been my favorite books since I was a pre-teen. Rather bittersweet. But what’s more is by receiving that book, I succeeded in making a goal I’ve wanted to since I was a young teen.

You see, when I first discovered Bryan Davis’s amazing books and had acquired a fair amount, a thought popped in my head: “Wouldn’t it be funny if I one day filled an entire shelf of my bookshelves with his books?” Well, amidst moving my books and putting Omega Dragon on the shelf, I realized. . .I had done it. The entire top shelf of one of my bookshelves is officially filled up with Bryan Davis books. My young teen self would be so proud.

A shelf devoted to Bryan Davis

Hey, what’s life without some silly goals to work toward?

But wait, there’s more! (You just thought of your least favorite commercial, didn’t you? You’re welcome.) With all this glorious bookishness going on and a fairly recent purchase of a new smartphone that has a really good camera (unlike my old phone. . .), I’ve discovered a new love of book photography. I’ve been having fun taking pictures for each of my blog posts, and a few weeks ago an idea popped in my head. Why not make a book photography Instagram account? I’m no photographer, but I’m learning, and I adore drooling over admiring pictures of books. What bookworm doesn’t it? We’re a strange species. With my nice camera on my new phone and my love for books, I decided an IG account to combine these things would be loads of fun. It’s been a while since I’ve let myself have a little creative outlet that doesn’t entirely involve staring at a computer screen (i.e. writing/blogging/emailing/etc.). Taking pictures of my books will be just like a mother photographing her children. (We’re pretending that’s not a creepy comparison, okay?) So this week I took the plunge!

You can find me at thebookishchristine if you’d like. I plan to use it as a reading/blogging/writing outlet. So while mostly it’ll be book photography, I might do updates on my writing and when I put up a new blogpost as well. I’m also thinking it’d be fun to occasionally do mini reviews for the books I’m reading at the time. I don’t know how it’ll all go down, we’ll just have to see. But I’m excited!

Now I have a question for you. Do you follow any prettyful bookish IG accounts? I’ve always just used Instagram for personal use to follow friends and family. The book community there is new to me. So do point me to any accounts you love! And YOUR accounts, too. I’d love to follow all my blogging buddies. ^_^

To sum this rambly post up, April and on through May have been like one amazing pool party in which the pool is entirely filled with books. (What do you mean that’s a lame analogy? Don’t be silly. I’m brilliant.)

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be cleaning, organizing, photographing, and reading books. (Or petting and sniffing them. Shhh.)

So who loves library sales? (The answer is: We all do.) Have you
ever hit gold at a library or bookstore sale? What’s your favorite
Instagram bookish account? And TELL ME WHAT TO READ NEXT.
Decisions and I do not go hand-in-hand. So many books, so much decision making! D:

(P.S. Have any of you had trouble seeing the images on my posts these past few weeks? Someone has said she hasn’t been able to see them and I’m trying to figure out if it’s her end or mine. Google recently switched which servers they use to upload photos (*grumble, grumble*) and I’m wondering if that’s the problem. Figures I get into book photography right when I’m having image trouble. >.>)


  1. Okay, so... funny story: I can see all the pics in this post! But I still can't see the pics in those three blog posts? It's weird. o.o Google is just wonky. >.> HOPEFULLY THEY WILL STAY VISIBLE IN FUTURE BECAUSE AAAAAAHHH OH MY GOODNESS ALL OF THE BOOKS AND ALL YOUR GORGEOUS PICTURES AND I MAY DIE FROM THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL. <33333333333333

    So I love all of your books, your photography is drop-dead gorgeous, books are everything and... yeah that's about all I have to say because it says it all. XD THIS POST THOUGH!!! Best of luck on sorting/cleaning/organizing all your books!! I just love library sales and forgetting what you've gotten and being surprised all over again.

    Though yes, it's so hard to decide what to read next. O_O UGH SO HARD. I don't know what to suggest, either... I would say READ CONRAD'S FATE BECAUSE I LOVE IT AND IT'S A BUDDY STORY AND IT'S TECHNICALLY A PREQUEL... buuut you might get more out of it if you read them in order. *cough* I dunno. Or Guards! Guards! because I just read it and it's hilarious. :D Or... I DON'T KNOWWWW. I'm curious if Incarceron is any good because I have it and I need to read more steampunk, and I recently moved 13 Treasures up on my to-read list... The Naming's good; the Beyond the Valley of Thorns books are always a good choice, as are Lawheads, even though I haven't read those yet... I DON'T KNOW THEY ALL LOOK GORGEOUS AND ARE LIKE FRIENDS OF MINE. <3

    Basically I love this so much and I'm so excited about your bookstagram! :D (I also mayyyy or may not have just gotten an IG account like three seconds ago solely because I need to follow you and Cait. *shifty eyes* It doesn't mean I know anything about it or how to use it BUT I DID SO YAY.)

    THIS POST!!! <3 *stares at your books for forever and a day* (Also, that Bryan Davis shelf is seriously impressive. #bookgoals) HAPPY BOOKIFYING!!! ^_^ <3

    1. I was actually afraid of that... I purposely manually uploaded these pics on the old server to see what would happen. So it seems to be Google's new server that's having problems. But I think eventually I'm going to be forced to use the new server. So I don't know what that means for my blog... Blergh! Every time Google changes things they make it worse. It frustrates me to no end!
      BUT THANK YOU!!! Your comment made me smile so much!

      Oh goodness, I'm glad you like my photos but they're nothing special. These also ended up a little grainy. I've been downsizing them so they won't be huge files but I think that's making them grainy. I may need to not downsize them so much. I don't know, I'm learning. Maybe one day I'll have this thing figured out. XD

      I want to read those DWJ books soooo bad, but my OCD self refuses to read them out of order. I must find the others! Guards! Guards! is a good choice. I picked it up solely because you had just read it. ;D Although I have been wanting to try one of his books for the LONGEST. I figured that one was as good as any to start with. I'm curious about Incarceron as well. It looks rather cool. I KNOW. There's just so many! ALL THE DECISIONS.

      I saw you got an IG account and may have squealed a little. SO EXCITING!!!

      Thank you, dear! <333

    2. I can now see the pics in the other posts! So I don't know if you did something, or...? But I can. *nods*

      ...Grainy and nothing special WHAAAA--? What are you talking about YOUR PICS ARE PERFECTION GAHH. <3

    3. That's good to hear! :D ...I think. I did do something, and if Google permanently changes things I don't know if that'll mess things up. But for now we're good. *nods, nods*

      Oh YOU. <3

  2. Whoa, that's a lot of books! And hurray for new bookshelves! Your library sounds like a place I need to visit, hehe. :)

    I read The Paradise War several years ago and don't remember very much about it, though I remember liking it. (Not very helpful, I know.) I think it was kind of like time travel/portal travel? Always meant to finish the series but kept forgetting. Oops. I'm not sure if I've read some of the others before though.

    Paper Fury is one of my favorite bookstagrams, and BookstagramFeature is a cool one too for finding lots of book accounts.

    Congrats on all your new books! :)

    1. I'm quite excited about them. ^_^
      That's the funny thing, my library is not that big or special of a place. I think they got a ton of donations from people and were doing a serious cleaning out which is why there were so many for sale.

      Time travel/portal travel? I'M IN. I'm obsessed with things like that! I'll definitely have to consider that one. Thank you!

      I actually follow both of those! Lol. Don't they just have the most gorgeous stuff? I could stare at their pictures all day!

      Thanks, girl!

  3. Read the Stephen Lawhead books!!! They are my favorites!!!! I love Lawhead so very much!

    Is that the Scarlet Pimpernel in that red "Best Loved Books" hardback?? Read THAT, too!!!!

    Who is the Robin Hood book by? Can you read it and tell me if it's the version where he goes to the archery contest and gives his name as Nibor Dooh? Because I read that version as a kid a ton and cannot figure out which version it was for the life of me and I loved it so very much.

    Ahem. I am jealous of your haul. Thanks for sharing pictures of your bookish adventures!!!

    1. It sounds like I need to read some Lawhead! :D The only book of his I've ever read is Hood. I really enjoyed it and have been meaning to finish that trilogy forever but never got to it. Shameful! I would love to read more of his, and now I can!

      It is, yes! Except I discovered later after I bought that collection that the stories in it are abridged. *pouts* I detest abridged books. Ah well, it's still pretty. #shallowbookworm The Scarlet Pimpernel is another I've been meaning to read for a while now. But I think it's public domain and can be found anywhere, so I can read it on my tablet if I absolute must (though I prefer physical books).

      Let's see... I actually got two Robin Hood books. Lol. Although I think only one is really visible. That one is by Paul Creswick. Another I have is by J. Walker McSpadden. I flipped through the archery tournament scenes in both and saw nowhere him introducing himself as Nibor Dooh. What a shame. :( It's the worse when a childhood favorite can't be found. I hope you'll discover it again someday! If I ever come across it I'll definitely let you know.

    2. Aww, sadness that SP is the abridged version :( it's so very good. I think all those "best loved books" collections are abridged in some way, I have a green one that includes the story My Friend, Flicka, that my dad read to us a ton when I was little. Since that's what I grew up with, I'm not bothered by its abridgement... but I haven't ever gotten around to reading the full version and am kinda curious. :)

      Thanks! There are SO many Robin Hood retellings. I love Hood (though I felt that it started kinda slow and wasn't sure if I was going to end up liking the main character, ha!) Scarlet and Tuck are even better, by the way, so I definitely recommend finishing the series.

    3. Oh, and I've been having trouble seeing your images, too... not in this post, though!

    4. Yeah, they seem to be. Which I discovered after I got it. But they're still pretty little books.
      Exceptions are absolutely made for abridged books when childhood memories are involved! ^_^

      I know, there are! It's crazy. (Not that I'm complaining.) That's great to hear the trilogy gets even better! I must continue it someday.

      I think I sort of know what's wrong with the images, and can fix them for now, but when Google permanently gets rid of their old image server I'm not sure what'll happen. I guess it'll just be a wait and see thing...

  4. Whoa that is so awesome! *may be somewhat jealous* Ahem...

    The only books that I've read from your treasure trove are: In the Hall of the Dragon King, by Lawhead and Bark of the Bog Owl, by Jonathan Rogers.

    The Dragon Hall one was okay. I thought it was kind of predictable, and I generally don't predict books. But that's the only Lawhead book I've read so far.

    But Bark of the Bogowl is one of my favorites! It's the first book in a trilogy, so you might have to get a couple more books. :P I like it for several reasons, first it's kind of a retelling of the story of David from the Bible, and then it's very unique and creative, the author comes up with the greatest things. They're just really fun books.

    Oh I just looked over the pictures again, you got the Chestnut King! That's the third book in the 100 Cupboards series. You should really read the trilogy! I love it so much! If you haven't read anything by N.D. Wilson, you're in for a treat! I love his writing style so much! Reading his books always makes me want to start writing!

    I know I know, I thought I was done, but I saw that you also have On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. That's also the first in a series of four. It's just a fun series, his writing style is rather amusing.

    Okay I'm done now...for real. Have fun reading that mountain of books!

    And yes I could not see the pictures from the last couple posts. :\

    1. I'd like to try more Lawhead books, I've only ever read one, so I was excited to find some more. That's a shame that one was predictable though.

      I recently read a review of Bark of the Bogowl, which is why it jumped out at me. It sounds like a delightful book! If I enjoy it I'll definitely have to get the other books. Can't ever have enough books. XD

      YES! I red 100 Cupboards a while back and really, really enjoyed it. I've been wanting to read the other books in the trilogy ever since, so I was simply ecstatic when I found them. Those may have to be read soon!

      That's yet another I've wanted to read for soooo long. It sounds like a lot of fun!

      Thanks you! ^_^

      (Hm. That's bad... Thanks for letting me know!)

  5. I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not....oh nevermind.

    So many awesome books to read....!! Have fun!

    No, I couldn't see the pictures from the last couple posts.

    1. Whoops! I didn't mean to make anyone jealous. I wish I could have brought everyone to the library sale!

      Thank you! I look forward to diving into them! ^_^

      Well, huh. Something obviously needs to be done about this.

  6. *gapes* All the BOOKS *drools* Oh we NEEDS them, precious!

    I literally way-enlarged the pictures and peered at all the pretty books :D. You got so many good ones! I would recommend you read 13 Treasures, Among The Hidden, The Princess Spy (that is Princess Spy that I see, isn't it? I'm pretty sure it is ...), In The Hall Of The Dragon King, The Tenth City, and The Chestnut King.

    YOUR BRYAN DAVIS SHELF! All the PRETTINESS! Oh, I loveth it! I really must come over and pet ALL your pretty books (because, come on, books are for petting, THEN for reading).

    1. I loveth all my new babies! ^_^

      Lol! That's good though. I put them there so people can look through them. I probably should have made them larger and better quality (technology and I don't always get along). Those all sound like fabulous recommendations! 13 Treasures is especially appealing to me right now. And yep, that is The Princess Spy. I've been meaning to read Melanie Dickerson books for sooo long. Gotta get to that! Thanks for the recommendations! :D

      Isn't it lovely? It makes me happy looking at it. I wish you could come over and pore over and pet my books with me. The fun we'd have! Books are totally for petting. I'm glad you understand.

  7. I am so happy for you, and slightly jealous of you treasure trove of books. The Ogre Downstairs is a great one!

    I have a bookstagram account! Unfortunaly my phone chord broke, so I won't be able to get back on it for a while, but I will definitely follow you when I do. Mine is @Inksplatteredpages

    I think I need to go to a library sale!

    1. I've been DYING to read more DWJ books. I was ecstatic when I found that one. I must read it soon!

      You do? :O :O :O *squeals* I'm going to follow you the second I finish this comment. I'm sorry your phone cord broke, though! AGH. My phone is like my life, going without it is the worst. I hope you get a new one very soon!

      YES. If you ever hear about one, you must go. They're wonderful, wonderful things!


    I've heard that those Bryan Davis books are excellent. I need to read those.

    Does this mean that Resistance is being pushed to the back of the TBR? *cries* ;)

    1. I'm really, really happy about them! ^_^

      *LE GASP* EMILY! You've never read any of Bryan Davis's books?? YOU MUST REMEDY THIS. They're soooo amazing. He comes up with the most unique, complex plots. More so than ANY other books I've ever read. He is the best!

      Hahaha! I hope not. I definitely want to read it in the nearish future. Now if only I had more time...


      OKAY I WILL REMEDY THIS. His Dragons in Our Midst books are available at our local Christian bookstore, but I'm moving, and my dad proclaimed "no more books until we unpack at our new house!" :) So, yeah. But I'm really excited to try them! Even though they'll probably clean out my book wallet... :)

    3. I HOPE YOU CAN TOO!!!

      *SQUEALS* I think you'll LOVE them. They're so epic.
      Lol. I would think buying more books while moving is a bad idea, yeah. If I ever move I'm in trouble... Hope your moves goes well!

  9. Oh wow. I dream of days like that. That is just breathtaking.
    (M-may I borrow some?)

    One of my most treasured books comes from a library sale. I got it dirt-cheap, but to me it is priceless. It's about local history, appears to be printed out with a type-writer, and may or may not hold the location of lost gold.

    1. I think all bookworms deserve amazing sales like that!
      Lol! I wish everyone could come over and we have just a big ol' book party! How fun that would be. ^_^

      Oh my goodness gracious. O_O That sounds amaaaaazing!!! Printed on a type writer? Wow. Just wow! What a treasure indeed! Have you ever tried to find the gold? XD

  10. Oh wow! I remember a friend of mine once posted her status as "Library book sale + Me = DANGEROUS!" and vanished all day! When my own library had a book sale where they marked everything down to 25 centers or less, I walked out with 110 books (and my parents between them had more).

    Uh...let's see, of the titles that I recognize, I remember enjoying, The Hero and the Crown, Bella at Midnight, Among the Hidden, Just Ella, and Stargirl. (it's been a while, but I don't remember anything trashy or stupid) Organizing your books on Goodreads is a fantastic idea, because then you can just search the details of any book if you want to recommend it to a friend. (It is a bit of trouble remembering to update if you give away a book though)

    Just a person who came across your blog by the way of a friend of a friend of a friend, and thought you seemed sweet and interesting and decided to follow it!

    1. Both of those accounts totally sounded like me that week! Oh wow, 110 books? EPIC. Isn't it just the best feeling getting loads of books for dirt cheap? It's like striking on a treasure chest!

      All of those intrigue me greatly, so it's lovely getting recommendations on them. It's also a relief to hear they're clean. With books you just never know. Thanks so much!

      GoodReads has saved my life. I try ("try" being the keyword here) to keep everything organized on there, because I get so confused with all I've owned or already read or want to read, etc., etc. GoodReads is basically my portable brain!

      D'awww! I'm honored to have you over here on my little corner of the interwebz. ^_^ I hope I don't run you off with my strangeness. *grins*

  11. foldedpagesdistillery is one of my favorite bookstagrams!
    CONGRATS ON ALL THE BOOKS! I would literally die of excitement if I got that many.....purchasing 100+ definitely sounds like something I would do, lmao.
    I absolutely love organizing my bookshelves! I have this weird thing where I must have series together, in chronological order, next to each other. This led to me having to buy a whole new bookcase because of my collection of Discworld books (I think I have around 35-40? I literally have zero idea anymore.) THEY MUST NOT BE SEPARATED. Literally they take up half of said new bookshelf lmao. But I'm thinking of redoing my room this summer, which means I'll finally get around to clearing some of my really old books/books I don't really like out of my bookshelves. I'll still probably need two, though.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely be looking that one up! :D

      I nearly died, I did. I'm still a bit in a daze over it. So much book happiness!

      ME TOO. I'm kind of obsessed with it. It's just too fun. That's not weird at all! I'm the same way. Series cannot be separated under any circumstances! But...WOW. 40 Discworld books? THAT IS AWESOME. And it's also awesome they take up half a bookshelf. I love it! XD You know I've never read any of the Discworld books? It's so shameful, and I must remedy it.

      I keep having to get new bookshelves, so I know the struggle. But hey, it's the best problem you can have, am I right?

  12. AHHHHHHH!! I love this!!! ALL THOSE BOOKS!!! :D

    I may or may not be able to identify with this post, after having just come home from college and, while there, making dangerous monthly trips to Goodwill and other thrift stores. While my sisters and friends were busy updating their wardrobes, I was busy adding to my bookshelves. And I came home with two boxes of books. Not quite 103, but I'm proud of my pile. *winks*

    I'm drooling over the pics, btw. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

    I found Bark of the Bog Owl, too!!! THAT ONE IS AWESOME!! Have you read it yet?? I'm eager to get my hands on the next couple in the series. That good. *nods seriously*

    Also, I love that beneath the shelf of Bryan Davis you have a row of Donita K. Paul books. That makes me insanely happy. :D

    Dragon Breath. Ha. I just read the first in that series (The Frog Princess), and found it rather hilarious. Let me know if you enjoy those!

    Isle of Swords! On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness!! FAVORITES!!! *fangirling*

    Also, lots of Tolkien, I see. I approve. I approve muchly.

    Okay, I gotta jump back into editing. I left poor Celesta wrapped in a blanket somewhere. This summer I am determined to finish all edits and polish for Hazel Tree, and so I must now come up with a plan to somehow be diligent. *huffs* Which can be hard to do when you have so many books just waiting to be read.

    Lovely post, dear friend. I'm so glad to be back!

    1. KIRI! *tackleglomps* I may have squealed a little when I saw I got a comment from you. It's been so long!

      Thank you! I'm so excited about all my new babies!

      I've totally gotten into going to thrift stores to hunt for books, too! It's the main thing I do when I'm out and about. So many treasures that can be found for dirt cheap. It's wonderful! Psh. Who needs to shop for clothes? Books are where it's at! :D

      D'awww, thanks!

      I GOT BARK OF THE BOG OWL BECAUSE OF YOUR REVIEW! :D :D :D When I saw it, I remembered I had just read you review of it on the KiriBeth blog, so I had to get it. So thank you for that! I look forward to reading it. ^_^

      Donita K. Paul's books are some of my faaave. I've read her DragonKeeper Chronicles multiple times. I adore them so much.

      I was disappointed when I realized Dragon Breath was a later book in a series, but it looks like a cute little series. I hope I can find the others one day soon. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed them!

      Those two I've been dying to read for the LONGEST. I can't wait to dive in!

      Must by all the Tolkien. All of it.

      You're working on your Cinderella story? *SQUEALS* I think about that story all the time, it stuck with me so much. It was just wonderful. Yes, go edit, get it ready for the world. We needs it, precious. But I'm in the same shape. I'm working on edits as well, but I just want to read all my new booooks. Where's a machine to stop time when you need one?

      I'm so glad to HAVE you back. I've missed meh Kiri. ^_^

    2. Awww.... I love your *tackleglomps* so much! :D They always make me smile!!

      My review? Well, I'm honored. *adjusts librarian glasses* Quite marvelous, darling. It was a wonderful book, and I couldn't help but promote it. Of course, now I'm going insane because I don't have the rest of the series.... botheration. HOW DO BOOKS DO THIS TO US??? It's quite unfair that they can tamper with our hearts so after ONE novel and then compel us to read all the others in the series. Do let me know what you think of Bog Owl when you're done. :)

      I love your reactions to Hazel Tree. Really. You know, it is truly for people like you that I convince myself to jump into the dreaded task of editing. Part of me wants to give up and work on a new adventure, but then I think of lovely you and how much some of you all are waiting for me to finish this... and then I feel motivated to get it done and published. Thank you so much for your inspiration and gutso and love!!!

      BTW, you should know that I've come back to this post about a dozen times in the last couple of days. THOSE PICTURES, THOUGH!!!! I can't get over them!! All those books..... AHHHHHH!! *swoon*

    3. Your review, indeed. That author may have a new fan because of you. ^_^ But I KNOW. I adore series, but it's also a problem when you have no money and/or time. *pouts* Bookworm problems.

      D'awww, that makes me happy to hear! And I completely and entirely encourage you to keep pushing on. I think so, so many would love to read your story. Not to mention if it was in actual print I'd be flailing and squealing for daaaays. So keep at it! We need your story!!

      Oh my goodness. *happy girlish giggle* Your comment is just making me smile all around. <333

  13. OKAY. You must read:
    -Peter and the Starcatchers
    -Just Ella
    -Bella at Midnight
    -Tuesdays in the Castle

    1. Those all sound like fantastic recommendations! Tuesdays at the Castle especially appeals to me because I've read other books by Jessica Day George and loved them! Thanks so much. ^_^

  14. Wow! So many books! It would take me years to read that many. XD I have to have self control at any book selling establishment because it takes me so long to read a book. XD That's so exciting that you got so many for such a good deal!

    1. It's totally going to take me an age and a half to read all these. Lol. I *should* have self-control, because I'm a slow reader, too. I used to read pretty quickly, but then I got older and life got busy. Reading gets pushed to the back burner a lot these days. It's sad. But still. BOOKS. :D

  15. Wow! I loooove library sales, but I've never walked away with that many books before. :) I'm actually trying to get rid of books because I keep moving and can't drag them all everywhere with me. Someday, though, I will settle down and buy a house and fill an entire room with books.

    1. Library sales are amaaaazing!
      I can imagine constantly having to move a ton of books from place to place would be a problem, yeah. I hope one day you will be able to fill en entire room with books! That's my dream too. ^_^

  16. Wooowww. Allll the books. O__O THAT'S AWESOME!

    Ooo! Ooo! "In the Hall of the Dragon King"!!! That's one of my favorite trilogies ever!! And this one stands alone fine so you don't even need the others! :D It's such an awesome book! :) There's a character who's really epic, kind of like Aragorn. I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS AND IT'S REALLY FUN AND SUPER EPIC AND AWESOME!! There are, in fact, no dragons though, despite the cover and name. XD Funny how that works.

    AND THE LAND OF ELYON BOOKS!! I see you have 2, 3, and 4. :P Heehee. They're my favorite fantasy book series! ^_^

    And I remember absolutely loving Gypsy Rizka, though I don't remember why exactly... But I loved it!!

    -Rebekah Squishy

    1. It's meh Squishy! :D *tackles*

      I'm super de duper thrilled over all my new books. ^_^

      It is? That is good to hear! I've been meaning to read more Lawhead books. That's also good to know it stands alone well. I never know if I want to wait to read series all together, or try out the first book before acquiring the others. Problems, problems. There's no dragons? How rude. *pouts* But epic Aragorn character! I'M IN.

      I have those books because I know you like them so much! :D And I actually have the first one. I've had it for a while and shamefully haven't read it yet. But now I at least have a bunch of them for once I do read it.

      That one looks like a lot of fun, too! GAH. So many books! Not that I'm complaining. ;)

  17. Ha, for some reason I thought I already commented on this one... It must have been one of those imaginary comments I compose in my head. XD

    BUT GIRL. OVER A HUNDRED BOOKS. WHA-HOW-LKASFJLASKDFJKF. BOOK HEAVEN!!! I'd be in my glory, too! I enjoy shopping for second hand books, but have never managed to find more than maybe half a dozen at once. You hit the jackpot! That library sale sounds like so very much fun. :D

    *twirls in the all the bookish wonder* And a new bookshelf to boot? That's awesome! I need a new shelf too, I just... don't have room. My bedroom is longish and narrow, and the furniture only fits in one particular way, like a puzzle. There's literally nowhere to put a new shelf. XD Ah well, one of these days...

    Happy reading! I sadly don't have any suggestions for what to read first. I did spot Insurgent in the mix, so if you have Divergent on hand, I'd be very curious to see how you like that trilogy. :)

    Oh! And I can see all the pictures now! Like some other commenters mentioned, the last three posts' worth of pictures weren't showing up for me, but now they are. Pesky technical details.

    1. Lolzy! I've totally been there. Not just with comments. Other things too, like emails or texts. I compose them in my head and it tricks my brain into thinking I've already answered them. XD

      I LOVETH THEM SO MUCH. *huggles books* Well, I mean, I don't know what half of them are...BUT I STILL LOVE THEM.

      I understand the no room thing! We had to do some major thinking and trial and error to figure out how to get these bookshelves to fit in my room, and I ended up having to sacrifice some items to get them to fit. It was a major ordeal for this one bookcase. But totally worth it! But yeah, lack of space is a serious problem here as well. I think one day I'll have to get rid of all my furniture and just make furniture out of stacked books. *nods, nods*

      I HAVE THE WHOLE TRILOGY NOW. The bookshop I work at ended up getting Divergent and Allegiant in, then I found Insurgent at the library sale. So I can read them all now. That may have to be some of the ones I read sooner rather than later. :D

      Google is being so rude to me. >.> I manually did things to those pics people couldn't see so now they're visible. But if Google explodes their old server I don't know what will happen. I'll have to wait and see, but for now it seems to be good!

  18. ASFHFLGJDDHFL THIS POST JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Ack, allllll the books. I seriously cannot believe you got over 100! O.O THAT IS AWESOMENESS. I've been buying so many books lately that I resorted to making a bookshelf out of cardboard boxes. XD IT'S BECOMING A BIT OF A PROBLEM. I asked my mom if we could convert my closet into a library, but alas, she wasn't fond of the idea. :P At least she agreed to get me another bookshelf. ;D

    Ohmygoodness, your pictures though! I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOUR BOOKISH PHOTOGRAPHY SOOOO MUCH. *drools over the photos* I still think it's hilarious how we both got into bookish photography at the same time. XD If I had an Instagram account, I would totally follow you. But I'm afraid that's just what I don't need--another distraction. PERHAPS ONE DAY I WILL BREAK AND GET ONE. (It will happen...just like it happened with Goodreads. XD)

    READ ISLE OF SWORDS POSTHASTE!!! That is one of my most favoritest of books. (I actually have like 50 favorites, but psssh, IT IS STILL ONE OF THEM.) I'm dying a little inside right now because I can't seem to be able to enlarge the pictures? So that's like the only recommendation I have because ACK, TECHNOLOGY AND I ARE NOT FRIENDS. >.> I would like to know what you think of the Peter and the Starcatchers book. My sister has it, and I'm considering stealing it. I mean borrowing. Of course that's what I meant. *cough*

    ALICE IN WONDERLAND. That is all.

    I'm also incredibly jealous of your copy of The Two Towers. I've been trying to collect that EXACT set, and that's unfortunately the one I'm missing. might want to keep a close eye on it. *raises eyebrows mysteriously*

    YOUR BRYAN DAVIS SHELF IS GOALS. I have a shelf that is ALMOST completely full of his books. I just need to add a few more to make it complete. *grins*

    Now if you excuse me, I'll just be sitting her staring at your gorgeous books...

    1. I'M STILL IN A BIT OF A DAZE OVER IT TO BE HONEST. And I haven't even sort of made a dent in reading them. Shameful! But all da books! *huggles them*

      I love how you've had to make a bookshelf out of cardboard boxes. That's so great. XD The things we bookdragons must do. Also, having a closet as a library would be AH-MAY-ZING. O_O

      *flails* THANK YOU, GIRL. I also think it's so great how we both discovered a love for book photography together. We're such brain twins! I understand not having an Instagram account. It is very distracting. o.o I really should stop joining social media things myself... *cough*

      I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I FOUND ISLE OF SWORDS. Obviously it needs to be read SOON. It's just shameful how few Wayne Thomas Batson books I've read!
      Oh man, I should have made the pics bigger or clickable. #fail I'm curious about Peter and the Starcatchers myself! I can be veeery picky with Peter Pan retellings, so we shall see. XD


      Oh my goodness, really? That's crazy! What's crazier is I don't have Return of the King in that set. We each have the book the other needs. yours closely too. *wriggles eyebrows*

      I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT MY BRYAN DAVIS SHELF. That's so fantastic you're almost there. :D Get ALL the Bryan Davis books!

      Hehehehe. I may or may not spend half my life staring at my bookshelves. *coughity cough* BUT THANK YOU GIRL. I LOVE FLAILING OVER BOOKS WITH YOU.


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