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Beautiful People - Larke {March 2016}

It’s time for me to join up with Beautiful People again! *confetti* If you haven’t yet (which most of you probably have, I’m always behind), do leap or skip or hop or jump (or walk, that’s fine, too) over to Sky's post or Cait's to join in yourself.

We’ve had a lot of awesome editions these past few months, including Beautiful Books and last month’s Valentine’s edition, but this go round there’s no special edition. Just ten questions to interrogate our characters with and get our brains whirring. And, honestly, I’m quite excited about it. I love all the fun themed editions but there’s something special about just the regular Beautiful People. I’ve also been anticipating a good set of questions that would suit a particular character. I’ve wanted to do a BP with this character for like. . .a year. When I saw these questions, I knew it was time.

Some of you have probably seen me talk about him, a certain mischievous fae from my Beauty and the Beast retelling, Burning Thorns. If not, well, you’ll meet him today. And him being the cocky fae he is, he’s insisted he answer the questions himself. I very hesitantly agreed, as long as I can oversee it. We’ll see how this goes. . .

So, against my better judgment, I guess I’ll hand it to him now. Everyone, meet Larke.

     Larke took a couple of more steps before glancing at his empty side and blinking. He swerved on his heel to face her. "Problem?"
     "Yes there's a problem." Marigold firmly placed both hands on her side. "We've been walking through this stupid forest for hours and you haven't even told me what I'm doing here. I didn't agree to a nightmarish hike through the woods!"
     He raised a finger. "Firstly, I'd rather you not insult the Forest, I'm quite fond of it." He paused and glanced at the ground, eyebrows scrunched, before snapping his head back up a second later. "Secondly, that's it." Another finger joined the first. "Secondly, it's hardly been a full hour yet."
     "Well, who can tell in this merciless darkness? I'm not moving a step more until you tell me where exactly we're going."
     He pointed a finger to his left and little behind him. "Right there."
    " Excuse me?"
     "Right there." His finger shook in emphasis. "Across that bridge, that's where we're going. But if you want to take a break." He shrugged and plopped to a sit where he stood.
     She squinted through the fog and spotted a thin, moss covered bridge stretched over a wide drop-off not five feet away.
     "That? That's our destination? The thing looks like it'll collapse if I breathe on it!"
     "So don't breathe, then."

~ Larke ~

1. What first inspired this character? Is there a person/actor you based them off?
Inspired? Based off of? I am who I am. I’m a very unique and fascinating individual, thank you very much. What do you mean—

*shoves Larke out of the way* Ahem. Okay, I may have to answer some of these questions for him. (Italics is me talking.) My first spark of an idea for Larke was sometime during the early stages of outlining the novel. This was originally a novella. When I decided to turn it into a full-length novel I knew I needed some bigger plot devices, something more in depth. I also thought it’d be fun to add more fae characters, since there wasn’t much in the novella. Next thing I knew, there was Larke, his sassy personality full intact and ready to take over the novel. I didn’t discover his backstory until later though while I was outlining. Now it’s strange to think this story once existed without him. He’s such an important piece.

Emphasis on important.

More like causes a lot of trouble.

Isn’t that what I just said? Life would be so boring without a little fun.

Anyways. *shoots him a glare* Very, very soon after the idea for him came to me, I was thinking about an actor who would suit him. Almost immediately it hit me. Robbie Kay, specifically as his role of Peter Pan in the ABC show Once Upon a Time. He was Larke.

2. Describe their daily routine.
My day starts off like anyone’s. I wake up, eat some breakfast (I’m partial to rudenberries that grow along the ground nearby my cave home), then maybe take a nice walk to where the Forest meets the human boundaries. My favorite days are when curious children brave coming to the Forest edge. They’re quite fun to. . .play with.

Larke, get that grin off your face.

What? It’s true. Humans are far too amusing. Occasionally I’ll even sneak into the human kingdoms and play tricks on them. Though I’ve been rather preoccupied ever since that Rose girl came into the Forest. . .

3. If they joined your local high school, what clique would they fit into?
Erm. How high is this school and what does it click with exactly?

I’ll have to answer this one for him, too. You have to remember he’s a fae from a fairytale, medieval-type setting. XD What clique? Honestly, he’d probably be the leader of the bullies and constantly causing grief to the other kids for his own amusement. Or at least playing mean tricks on them. >.> His charisma tends to make people flock to him, so he’d most likely have plenty of other bully-buddies behind him. Though he’s not one for making friends, so really he’d treat these “friends” more like minions.

4. Write a list of things they merely tolerate. Ex: certain people, foods, circumstances in their lives…
People I merely tolerate? There are some people I don’t even tolerate. But we won’t talk about that.

Dwarves for one thing. Sure, they’re useful with a shovel, but how many underground tunnels do we really need? Who even wants to live underground? They’re far too stubborn and practical for my taste. Oh, and that’s another thing. Practicality. Those people who think you only ever need the essentials and to follow the rules. Don’t you ever want to have a little fun? Those oranges humans grow aren’t very tasteful either. Have a grandel we grow in the Forest instead. They’re like oranges but far sweeter.

5. How do they react in awkward silences?
If it’s awkward it’s your fault, not mine. Personally, I like silence. Who ever said it was awkward?

6. Can they swim? If so, how did they learn?
Of course I can swim. Quite well, too. There’s a specific lake I used to frequent all the time as a child. These days the merfolk hog it though and try to drown anyone who gets near. Psh, selfish. Aha, that’s another thing I merely tolerate. I really have no use for those greedy fish.

7. What is one major event that helped shape who they are?
Ha! What about that time my judgmental—

*bounds over and slaps both hands over his mouth* Sh, sh, sh! Spoilers!

*he shoves me away* Shadows alive, woman! Fine. I said we wouldn’t talk about that anyway. So we won’t talk about it. We definitely, positively won’t talk about it. Why would I even want to talk about that time when—


I said I’m not talking about it!


8. What things do they value most in life?
Well, I value my life quite a bit. I seem to be the only one though. I don’t see why. I’m a very interesting person.

Larke. . .

All right, fine. I value the Forest. It’s my home after all, and I don’t appreciate humans bothering it.

9. Do they believe in giving other people second chances? Do they have any trust issues?
*his eyes go dark* Second chances? Trust issues? Why should you ever give people second chances when they disappoint you the first time? Do you think I—

*quickly intervenes* Let’s just say second chances are not his thing, no. And he has serious trust issues.

Trusting people is a waste of time. I should have realized that a long time ago.

10. Your character is having a rough day…what things do they do to make them happy again? Is there anyone they talk/interact with to get in a better mood?
Stealing curiosity from those innocent, oh-so-naïve human children is always fun. Curiosity is so tangy. Excitement is also quite delicious.
If I don’t feel like dealing with mortals, I’ll stay in the Forest and take a shiny trinket from the imps. Watching them skittering around in fury is hilarious. The fairies are also fun to tease but they’re much harder to catch.
Talking is boring. I’d rather play. Besides, making lasting friendships is not exactly part of my normal routine. Waste of time.

I enjoyed myself. We should do this again sometime. Maybe next time my author will actually let me fully answer the questions.


You know you love me.

No comment.

~ ~ ~

Well, there we go. Larke is. . .yeah. Larke is Larke. I don’t know what to do with him.


  1. I love him, he is such an imp. A+ gif use too!

    1. He is totally an imp. XD Thanks! (I may or may not have had waaay too much fun searching for gifs. *cough*)

  2. Loved it! He's so cheeky! I can't wait to read about him in story format. :D

    1. Cheeky, yes! That's a perfect word to describe him. XD
      Thank you! That makes me happy to hear. ^_^

  3. Larke sounds like a fun character. :)

    1. He's...something. XD (Okay, I have a blast writing him. Just don't tell him that.)

    This. Is. Going. To. Be. Fun. >:D *cackles*

    Oh my WORD. *dies* THAT SNIPPET! He was forgetting what came after firstly! XD AND AND AND "SO DON'T BREATHE THEN." I AM DEAD. XDDD This character! I need to meet him for realz and I can't wait! :D

    My my, conceited are we, Larke? ;) Sooo important...

    ...That grin makes me nervous too. o.o I'm also curious about his interest in Rose. Meep! (I really am realizing I don't know much about this story even though I read the novella! I'm so INTRIGUED!!)

    "Erm. How high is this school and what does it click with exactly?" DY.ING. THIS IS PERFECT!!! XD Uh-oh, minions. o.o


    Erm... yes... very selfish to drown the people. >.>

    "*he shoves me away* Shadows alive, woman! Fine. I said we wouldn’t talk about that anyway. So we won’t talk about it. We definitely, positively won’t talk about it. Why would I even want to talk about that time when—" *FLAIL* HOW DO YOU WRITE SUCH THINGS, LAURI??? YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING WRITER. I JUST LOVE THESE TONES THAT YOUR CHARACTERS GET THAT MAKE THEM SO REEEEEAL! (Also *cackles* characters are sometimes hard to keep from spilling all the spoilers. >.> Meep. :x)

    O_O THE ANSWERS TO #9 THOUGH! I'm officially intrigued and wonder if I should be feeling as bad for him as I suddenly am... Oh dear. "Trusting people is a waste of time. I should have realized that a long time ago." BUT BUT. LARKE. YOU POOR THING. *is so curious now and worried*

    My my, quite the little mischief maker he is! ;)

    "You know you love me.
    No comment."

    I AM DEAD. THIS POST. <3 I always love your BP posts, Lauri, and this one was so fun! :D I just adore how drawn out your characters always are -- your so good at them! I'm DEFINITELY intrigued by Larke, even more than before! :D

    "Larke is Larke. I don’t know what to do with him." Sounds like! XD

    Awesome post! ^_^


      He did forget what came after firstly. He's not the best at counting. XD

      Conceited, full-of-it, cocky. All those things...

      You should...probably be nervous. *cough* And yeah, you're right. I haven't really talked about what all the changes were, have I? I guess I didn't want to spoil anything. Hopefully you'll like all the additions!

      I like oranges, too! He's such a snob, thinking everything in the Forest is better than the human kingdoms. >.>

      AAAAAHHHHH!!! THANK YOU. I really never feel like I'm doing anything. They feel so real to me I think I forget I'm the one that created them... o.o

      You...may should feel a teensy bit bad for him. Maybe. *zips lips before spoilers*

      Little mischeif maker? That's putting it lightly! XD

      I AM SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT! I'm literally just sitting here with this huge grin on my face reading your comment. Thank you so much! <333

  5. Oh my goodness! I've just met him and I already love him. :)

  6. LARKE IS MY NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER ASDFGHJKL. I almost want to see him meet Airen....

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

      Whoa... Larke and Airen? I...I don't even know HOW that would end. XDDD

  7. I was kinda sorta thrilled when I saw that this month's Beautiful People post was going to involve Larke, and that LARKE HIMSELF would be doing the talking :D.

    *flails* AHH, this post is perfection!! Larke is just ... just ... I can't even. How on earth do you make your characters so REAL?!

    I would mention some parts of the post that were my favorites ... but I can't really insert the whole post in one comment, can I? XD

    By the way, the actor you chose for Larke fits him SO. WELL. Just sayin'.

    Can you at least say what chapter we meet him in? Pwetty please??

    1. Oh my, girl! You make me smile. I'm so happy you like him! He's so much fun to write. (Just don't tell him that. Shhh.)

      We will meet him in chapter 8, so almost there! :D And I am so sorry it's taking forever to get to the next chapter. I took a break from editing last week because I had a lot going on, and this week I may have something going every day! Life won't let me edit, and right when I started getting toward some of my favorite parts too. *pouts* Hopefully, HOPEFULLY chapter 7 will be coming everyone's way soon...ish.

    2. Ooo, now I'm really excited for chapter 8 (but who am I kidding, I'm excited for EVERY chapter!)!
      Just out of curiosity, are you doing Camp NaNo this year?

    3. D'awww, that makes me happy! Now if only I'll actually get those chapters edited, right? XD

      I'm not this year, no. Since I'm so busy editing (and just busy) I definitely don't want to take on that. It'd take away all my editing time. I don't do Camp much. One NaNo a year is usually plenty for me. Heh. Are you doing it??

  8. Wow Larke is a cheeky little devil. XD He sounds very interesting and very fun to write. He must be tough to manage though. ;)

    1. That he most certainly is! XD I never even bother trying to manage my characters anymore. I just let them do what they want. It doesn't always end well... >.>

  9. This is absolutely brilliant! Made me laugh so much, both you and Larke have my thanks ahah. It must be so much fun to write him - though impossible to direct! Since I love character driven stories and yours are just jumping off the page (screen?) I hope to one day read it <3
    My Beautiful People Post

    1. Lol! Thank you! ^_^ Always happy to make people laugh. It is a blast to write him but...yeah. Also tiring because he goes off and causes havoc and I can barely keep up. #writerprobs

      That means so much to me. Thank you!!

  10. OH MY LANDS, YOU DID LARKE. <333 I can NOT wait to officially meet him in a BT (which I'm three chapters behind in, and oh how it pains me...).

    Yes, Larke, the word is secondly. XD Glad to see you can count.

    He is just a mischievous little imp, isn't he? With a very high opinion of himself. And oh dear, when I'm in need of a babysitter one day, I am certainly not going to him! I'd hate to think of his idea of 'playing.' O.o

    His high school response, oh gracious! XDDD I am penslain by this whole interview, really. And ha, spoilery character stuff is the besssst. Except it's so hard to keep quiet sometimes, especially when you have such chatty charries talking on your blog! XD

    By the way, now that I've met Peter Pan in OUaT, I appreciate Larke (and all these gifs) 10,399% more! (And my phone just misspelled gifs as gods... Wut.)

    1. I can't wait for you to officially meet him either!!! We're almost there! :D

      He can count...most of the time. XD

      "Mischievous little imp" would definitely be the way to describe him.
      Oh my word! I just had a flash of him babysitting and almost died from laughter. Now THAT is a scary thought! XDDD

      My charries are always trying to blurt big spoilery stuff. It's very annoying. >.>

      *grins* I felt like you might after seeing him in OUaT. He's perfect for Larke. (Sheesh, Tracey's phone, what even? o.O)

      I am grinning so hard over your whole comment, just so you know. <333

  11. Larke, I like him already, even if he is cheeky and a sneaky fae. ;) Or maybe that's exactly what makes me like him? Either way, love the added gifs, and Larke's entertaining comments!

    1. *grins* Thank you! I'm quite fond of him myself...probably because of his cheekiness, yeah. XD

      So glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

  12. *sees title of post* *grins* *rubs hands together and raises eyebrows* This could get interesting...

    So. What shall I say?

    *catches breath* Okay, so this post is basically LIFE. Everything is just pure perfection! (That snippet, though. "So don't breathe, then." XDDD)

    You have a gift with gifs! (My puns are so hilarious, aren't they? Eheh. *pats self on back*) BUT REALLY. These gifts made the post even more awesomely awesome. (Vocabulary on-point. XD)

    His smile is worrying me. What exactly is your definition of "playing," Larke...?


    NOOOO. No spoilers, Larke. (Seriously, why are our little characters always spoiling everything??)

    Just...just...okay, I'm officially in love with Larke. (And it's funny because every time I see a picture of Peter Pan from OUAT, I think of Larke. Because I don't watch the show and just naturally associate him with your little fae.)

    1. *giggles in glee at your whole comment* THANK YOOOUUUU!!!! I am grinning so hard right now reading this comment.

      A gift with gifs? LOLZY. You are most definitely hilarious! XDDD And thank you. With this post it wasn't hard, because that actor just makes the BEST smug Larke-ish faces. It was more trying to decide which ones of the many, many great ones I found to use.

      That's probably a dangerous question to ask... Though he kind of answered in the last question.

      They always want to spoils things! It's shameful. I guess because they don't see their life story as spoilers? Just like we don't go around saying we can't reveal parts of our past because it's spoilers. XD It's probably kind of a confusing concept for our poor charries.

      That makes me happy that you relate that actor/character with Larke. ^_^

      Thank you for your delightful comment! I can't stop smiling.

  13. "You know you love me."
    I LOVE YOU LARKE!!!!!!!
    Wow, Christine, I need more of these. I love how naughty he is. Gracious me, he'd be fun to have around! :)
    Please do more! I know I'm so late in finding this one, but I love it.
    "So don't breathe, then." --This one's probably one of my favs.
    <333333 PLEASE DO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. LOL!!! Your comments on my older posts are making me smile!

      Oh, I am SURE Larke will make it to many more Beautiful People posts. Don't worry. I think he enjoys being the center of attention. >.> (And this may have been one of my favorite Beautiful People posts to ever do. *COUGH*)

    2. I love exploring your blog to find a post that'll make me laugh. (You have lots of 'em!)
      Hopefully, Larke won't get too spoiled once he figures out how many fans he's got. :)
      Ha! He's not the only one..*puts hands to heart dramatically* Oh, you didn't think I was talking about ME did you?! Oh, who would think of such a thing? xD
      Larke is just...yeah. He never ceases to put a smile on my face. :D

  14. "How high is this school and what does it click with exactly?" LOLZY!!!!!!
    I LOVE LARKE SO MUCH!!!!!! When I saw you had another Beautiful People post on him, I was like OMGOSH!!! YAY! >o< I hope to see Larke many more times in the future and will be reading your book OVER AND OVER AND OVER!
    *squeals excitedly* The day Burning Thorns gets published is gonna be like Christmas. xD <3


      I'm sure Larke will make plenty of appearances. He won't ever leave me alone... Eheh.


    2. YAY! I'm glad I'm encouraging... :D xD
      LOLZY! (>-<)
      Seriously, tho. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.
      *passes out in anticipation*
      I'm not a very patient person (unfortunately), so you have NO IDEA what TRAUMA I am experiencing. LOL! O-O
      I'm gonna buy your book, read it, bronze it, un-bronze it because I won't be able to keep reading, and read it again. lol :D


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