Monday, December 21, 2015

The Christmas Tag - Where I Flail Excitedly About Christmas

GUYS. It is Christmas week! Are you excited? Because I am excited! Also a little in shock because IT’S ALREADY ALMOST CHRISTMAS AND THE YEAR IS NEARLY OVER HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN?

Ahem. But I digress.

In celebration for this Christmas week I’m participating in a delightful Christmas tag, full of Christmas-y things (which I guess is why it’s called The Christmas Tag, who knew?). A huge thanks to my dearest buddy Deborah @ The Road of a Writer for passing this my way. She’s basically the bestest person in the world and if you’re not following her then your life has a huge missing chunk of awesome in it.


-Post the picture on your blog (The funny thing about this is this tag is old and the original pic got lost somewhere along the way, so we’re all having to ignore this rule now.)

-Answer the questions

-Tag up to 12 blogger.

-Make up 10 questions for the other bloggers (There are also 20 questions now. This thing has changed and expanded quite a lot. XD)


1. What is your favorite Christmas treat?
I love me some Christmas cookies! Sometimes we make these spritz cookies which are small so you can have like a dozen and not feel guilty about it. *cough, cough* But I like pretty much all the cookies we make. It’s not Christmas without some cookies. Nomnomnom.

2. Are there any special traditions that your family has to celebrate Christmas?
Hm. . . Not exactly. We have a few specific things we tend to do each year, but really not much in the way of set traditions.

3, How do you normally celebrate Christmas?
It starts out after Thanksgiving or the first week of December where we decorate the house, put the tree up, all that fun stuff. And of course the Christmas music emerges and is played as much as possible. Then on Christmas Eve (though this year we did it earlier) we have a big family gathering over at our house for dinner and gift exchanging. On the actual Christmas day, we spend it just us and my mom’s mom. We’re not early risers, so the morning is usually slow as we get dressed and all, maybe eat lunch, then get into the gift opening. Which proceeds for. . .a long time. We like to take turns and get lots of pictures and videos and just be leisurely about it. But I think that’s more fun then just ripping everything open all at once. Once gifts are open, we just hang out and mess around with our new items and enjoy time together. We may watch a movie in the evening. It’s always such a pleasant day.

4. Do you enjoy getting presents for your friends and family? Do you buy your gifts or go the homemade route?
Giving gifts is always so fun! Buuut I’m the worst at finding gifts for people, and it takes me an age and a half to do it. I’m just not good at thinking up things to get people. It’s horrid. It’s always so satisfying once I do find that gift though, and way too much fun to give away.

I definitely buy my gifts. I am so not a crafty person. I wish I was but. . .no. I can make words (or try) but that’s the best I can do in the creativity department. My list of skills is a very, very short list.

5. Is it cold where you live? Have you ever had a white Christmas?

This Christmas the high will be almost 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) and rainy.

Snow around here is an extreme rarity. So no, no white Christmases for me. I do love the cold weather. Usually it’s at least a little colder than this in December. Our weather seemed to have forgotten it’s Christmastime. *sigh*

6. What’s on your Christmas list this year?
There is only one answer to this question: BOOKS. All the books all the time! I mean, I’m supposed to ask for other things? o.O

7. What’s your favorite Christmas song?
Gimme all the Christmas music! I’m listening to Pandora’s “Jazz Holidays Radio” station right now. It’s great.

The Charlie Brown Christmas CD is my favoritest Christmas CD of all time and I listen to it about 29384 times every Christmas season. This one is my favorite on the CD. It’s the BEST for cruising in the car to on a cool December day. (Not that we’ve had many cool days. . .)

But in general Carol of the Bells is probably my top favorite Christmas song. I’ve never once heard a version of it I don’t like. It’s so gorgeous and almost haunting and. . .I don’t know. I just love it. What Child is This is a great one. I absolutely adore Sleigh Ride, and Let It Snow always gets a smile on my face. Um. . .I’m probably forgetting dozens of them. Basically if it’s a Christmas song, I love it. I’m not picky.

8. What is your favorite Christmas memory?
Oh goodness. I don’t even know. I’ve loved ALL of our Christmases. I don’t think I can choose a specific moment.

9. What does your Christmas Tree look like?
We have two. (And sometimes we have more than two. We. . .like decorating for Christmas.) There’s a big one in the main living room decorated with specific, matching decorations.

Then a smaller one is another room with all our many special decorations we’ve gotten through the years. Even some from when Mom was a kid. It’s a big hodgepodge of. . .everything. We call it our memory tree.

10. What are you reading in December? (Anything festive?)
Honestly, A Christmas Carol may be the only festive book I’ve ever read. I guess there’s not many Christmas speculative fiction YA books. Heh.

Right now I’m reading Winnie-the-Pooh because, ya know, Winnie-the-Pooh. Though it’s not festive I think it’s a fun little book to read during Christmas.

11. Are you an organized little elf or are you still shopping/preparing on Christmas Eve?
Hahaha! I still have a gift or two to buy, and Christmas is less than a week away. Often Christmas Eve is spent wrapping gifts. We, um, aren’t always on top of things. We do like to decorate early, but that’s pretty much it. XD

12. How early do you start to get into the Christmas spirit?
*griiiins* Sometimes I’m in the Christmas spirit by OCTOBER. Literally in the first week of October I was telling Mom I was looking forward to Christmastime. I have a problem, I know. Really though, it doesn’t seriously kick in until mid to late November. By December I’m bellowing out the Christmas songs and basically on a Christmas high alllll month.

13. Do you make any Christmas crafts? Decorations? Send physical Christmas cards?
As I said in #4, crafting is not my specialty. So sadly, no. No Christmas crafting for me. I will write a Christmas card or two though. I should probably do more. . .

14. What’s the menu for Christmas Day?!
I don’t know what we’re making this year. Usually we have the big, big Christmas dinner with the family when they come over before Christmas. That’s when we make either a ham or turkey and then things like sweet potatoes, butter beans, cream corn, green beans, rolls, etc. And of course a pie or cake or something annnnd COOKIES! Always so tasty.

15. What makes it FEEL like Christmas for you? (Weather, specific tradition, food, smell, person, etc.?)
Oh, I don’t know. I think just knowing it’s the Christmas season is enough for me. Thankfully not the weather since it’s deciding to be so warm this year. >.> Christmas music and putting up the decorations definitely gets me in the spirit.

16. Do you have relatives coming? Excited? Nervous?
Like I said, we usually have a family Christmas gathering on Christmas Eve at our house, but schedules weren’t aligning this year, so we had our gathering yesterday. It went really well! Most of the family lives nearby, so I actually get to see them pretty often.

17. What famous Christmas character do you most identify with? (Scrooge, Elf, Tiny Tim, the Grinch, Santa, etc.)
Lol! I love this. XD

Though maybe not quite as perky, I definitely relate with Buddy from Elf often.

And when I was little Mom liked to call me Cindy Lou Who.

18. If you were to start a new Christmas tradition, what would it be?
I think having a war of the epic fantasy elves against the silly little Christmas elfs each year would be great. *nods, nods* I mean, we all know who would win, but ya know.

I don’t even know, guys.

19. What Christmas movies do you like to watch this time of year or what’s your favorite?
We looooove The Santa Clause with Tim Allen. We used to watch it every single year. We haven’t in a while, but it’s still a family favorite. We’ve all got it completely memorized by now.

The past couple of years we’ve also taken to leaving the Hallmark channel on pretty much all day as they show their many Christmas movies 24/7. We don’t necessarily sit down and watch them all the time, but they’re great things to have on as background sounds throughout the day. (Are we the only ones that leave the TV on for background noise? I don’t know, we’re strange. . .)

20. What’s your favorite Christmasy book or book with a favorite Christmasy part?
Does The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe count? Hee. Like I said earlier, I never really read Christmas books. Shameful! I did really enjoy A Christmas Carol when I first read it a couple years ago. There were some good Christmas scenes in the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace. But I love all the scenes from that series, so.


Well, I think a lot of people I know have already been tagged for this. So I’m doing a free-for-all. If you’d like to do this tag, consider yourself TAGGED. Seriously, I would love for everyone or anyone to do this, so snag these questions and have at it. Or just take a few of the questions to do, or answer some in the comments. Whatever you want to do. Have fun with it! (And yes I’m being lazy and using the same questions. But hey, they were good questions!)

Here you are:

  • What is your favorite Christmas treat?
  • Are there any special traditions that your family has to celebrate Christmas?
  • How do you normally celebrate Christmas?
  • Do you enjoy getting presents for your friends and family? Do you buy your gifts or go the homemade route?
  • Is it cold where you live? Have you ever had a white Christmas?
  • What’s on your Christmas list this year?
  • What’s your favorite Christmas song?
  • What is your favorite Christmas memory?
  • What does your Christmas Tree look like?
  • What are you reading in December? (Anything festive?)
  • Are you an organized little elf or are you still shopping/preparing on Christmas Eve?
  • How early do you start to get into the Christmas spirit?
  • Do you make any Christmas crafts? Decorations? Send physical Christmas cards?
  • What’s the menu for Christmas Day?!
  • What makes it FEEL like Christmas for you? (Weather, specific tradition, food, smell, person, etc.?)
  • Do you have relatives coming? Excited? Nervous?
  • What famous Christmas character do you most identify with? (Scrooge, Elf, Tiny Tim, the Grinch, Santa, etc.)
  • If you were to start a new Christmas tradition, what would it be?
  • What Christmas movies do you like to watch this time of year or what’s your favorite?
  • What’s your favorite Christmasy book or book with a favorite Christmasy part?

I will ask again: Who’s excited for Christmas??? Any special plans? What’s YOUR favorite Christmas song? (See, I’m going to force you to answer at least one of the questions. *cackles*) I hope all of you have the absolute merriest Christmas!!! <333


  1. I love jazzy Christmas music! (And just any music from the 40s or 30s.) My favorite artists are Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, and Michael Buble.
    Carol of the Bells is my favorite too! I also really like We Three Kings and God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen.
    Your big tree looks so pretty <3
    I read A Christmas Carol every year, and it's one of my favorites. I love the illustrations - they're so detailed!

    - Ellie

    1. Oh yes, yes, yes! Those are all so great. I love listening to all the jazzy versions of classic Christmas songs. They're the best!
      You too? :D Isn't it just such a magnificent song? I never tire of it! Ooh, those are good ones, too.
      D'awww, thanks!
      I agree! It's such a fun book and there's so much to look at in the illustrations. Love it!

      And I see you're my newest follower. I'm so honored to have you as a part of my little corner of the internet. Thank you so much for the follow and your sweet comment! ^_^

  2. Our favorite Christmas treat is definitely our aunt's amazing sugar cookies that she makes every year. They're thick and fluffy, and pure deliciousness!

    I love Christmas music! My sister and I pretty much listen to it off and on all year. :D What Child is this has always been one of my favorites, the harmonies are so beautiful! And One Small Child is a new favorite. And then I can't forget about Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer) By Nick Jonas.

    Shop Around the Corner starring Jimmy Stewart recently became one of our families favorite Christmas movies. It's really awesome, if you haven't seen it, you should. :)

    And finally, my favorite book with a Christmas scene would have to be Little Women. Near the beginning when they give up their own pleasures for their Marmy, and then giving up their Christmas dinner. It was all so sweet!

    1. Sugar cookies!!! Sugar cookies is my favorite type of cookie in the world. Oh man, my mouth is watering just hearing about them. They sound so good!

      Yes! Who says Christmas music has to only be listened to during the Christmas season? I agree, it's so pretty. I don't think I've heard of those others. I need to check them out!

      I've heard of that movie but I've shamefully never seen it. I must do that!

      Oh, oh, oh! How could I forget about Little Women? YES. I adore that part so much. It's just precious. The whole book is. I can't believe I forgot about it.

  3. Carol of the Bells is my favorite song as well. Both of those trees are so pretty. I agree, I don't like Christmas elves they are frauds

    1. Another who shares my favorite Christmas song! :D It's so the best.
      Awww, thank you!
      YESH. *fistpump* Down with the Christmas elves! (Except I do like Buddy, but ya know, he's not REALLY an elf, so.)

  4. I love both your trees!

    Yes, I am partial to all Christmas music... which I listen to all year long, because I'm rebellious like that. Sometimes I just need a boost of Christmas spirit in February, or May... or July... you know... keeping the merry alive.

    Okay, an elven battle tradition would be awesome... though Santa's elves may be more capable than we think with all that wrapping paper and tape and scissors and stuff... plus all their toy-making tools... so maybe it would be a closer battle than we think.

    I'm so so so excited for Christmas this year. We're visiting my family out in Washington, so... EXCITING!!! There will be mountains and snow and games and going to see the new STAR WARS movie!!! Eeeeeeee! And sledding and maybe skiing, and my sister has a concert at a nice lodge on New Year's, so all sorts of fun things in store over the next week or so! :)

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas, enjoyed reading your answers to the tag. Mine are here:

    1. Thank you so much! ^_^

      I love people who listen to Christmas music all year! You're so right. We can't let that Christmas spirit die off in the other seasons. *nods, nods*

      Hehehe. When I was a lot younger I wrote a short story about fantasy elves against Christmas ones, and I realized the Christmas elves DO have a bit of a fighting chance with all their toys and tools and such. Maybe I should rewrite the ridiculous thing one year to post on the blog...

      Oh wow. That sounds too fun! Just hearing about it makes me excited for you. I bet you'll have the best time!

      Yay! You did the tag, too! I must check it out.

      Merry Christmas to you! <3

  5. YAY YOU DID THE TAG TOO!!! Seeing this pop up on my dashboard made me so happy <3 (But gosh, can you even believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?? O_O)

    COOKIES. I am seriously a human Cookie Monster. We baked gingerbread and sugar cookies yesterday and they were just sooo amazing! (Especially gingerbread! I looove me some gingerbread.)

    Girl, I am totally in the same boat as you. Where I live isn't exactly...cold. *cough, cough* BUT I LOVE SNOW SO MUCH! I had a white Christmas about five years ago when I lived in Virginia, but I won't be having another one anytime soon where I live. >.>

    Goodness, we like basically all the same Christmas songs!! Every song you mentioned in high up there in my list of favorite Christmas songs. My top favorite is O Come, O Come Emmanuel, but if it's Christmas I'll probably love it. (I've unashamedly listened to Christmas music in July.)

    YOUR TREES ARE GORGEOUS!! So much more "organized" than our tree. XD As Tracey aptly declared, it looks like a toy store exploded in our tree. (Also, is that a Tardis in the second tree?)

    #18 is the best!!! We all know the real Elves would win. (Because, ya know, Legolas.)

    Hey, we watch The Santa Clause every year, too! It's such a fun movie. And we often have the Hallmark channel on this time of year as well. I've only watched a couple of the movies, but they can be quite enjoyable.

    Annnnyway. It seems I've left an insanely long comment. Hehe. You'd never expect that from me, would you? ;) Have a fantabulous Christmas, Christine! <333

    1. I had to! This tag was just too delicious to pass up.
      You! <333
      (And uh, now tomorrow is CHRISTMAS? Christmas Eve is almost over and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it's Christmas Eve. O_O)

      Another cookie lover! :D Oooh, those sounds good. Sugar cookies are my FAVE. I will eat gingerbread but, honestly, it's not my favorite. *hides* Still, it's a cookies, so ya know. COOKIES.

      Oh man, this weather. It was almost 80 degrees today and HUMID. I mean, wut? Yes, snow is so great! We get a snow day like, once every 5 years or so, if we're lucky. Such sadness. So yeah, totally get you. :(

      I'm beginning to wonder if we were separated at birth or something. We are so similar! O Come, O Come Emmanuel is a wonderful one. But, like you, I love them ALL. (No shame in that! People who listen to Christmas music all year round are my fave! <3)

      Awwww! THANK YOU. Hahaha. Well, the memory tree isn't very organized. And I like the trees with all sorts of different decorations. There's always so much to look at. (It is a TARDIS! My little sister made it. I love it. <3)

      They'd totally win. *nods, nods*

      You do? See, separated at birth, I'm telling you. That's exactly us. What's funny is I've only sat down and WATCHED watched just a couple of those Hallmark movies myself. The rest I've just seen bits and pieces of.

      You know long comments are my favorite. I always look forward to your precious comments. <3

      I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Christmas!!!

  6. YES! I love the Santa Clause. That movie is hilarious. XD It's my favorite Christmas movie too. Scott's snark with Neal has me laughing every time. I also love Carol of the Bells. That song is probably the most epic of all Christmas songs. You can't go wrong with it. "You're Here" by Francesca Battistelli is another good one. Have you heard that one? Merry Christmas!

    1. Isn't it just the best? It never gets old. Oh man, Scott's snark. XD The character dynamics in that one are great.

      Epic, yes! That's the word I was looking for. You don't really think of Christmas songs as being epic, but that one totally is.

      I have not heard of that one. I need to go look it up! Like I said, I love basically all Christmas music. So yes, YouTubing needs to happen!

      And a very merry Christmas to you! <333

  7. I love Carol Of The Bells too! It's so pretty :). Have you heard any of Francesca Battistelli's Christmas songs? I like a lot of those. But then again, I like pretty much ALL Christmas music, so ... yeah :D.
    Love your Christmas tree! Our Christmas tree is probably more like your memory tree :). It is filled with very random ornaments, from birdhouses to pianos!
    I've never watched 'Elf' before, but after seeing that GIF of Buddy, I feel like I should :D.
    YES! YES! WE SHOULD HAVE AN ELVEN BATTLE! (and I am embarrassed to say how many times I watched Legolas flip his sword over ... and over ... and over ... and over ...) Of course, the REAL elves would win. Because no one can beat Thranduil and Legolas and Tauriel and Elrond and Galadriel and - ya know, I had better stop :D.
    (By the way, I haven't talked to my mom about beta-reading for you yet, but I should get back to you about it in a few days, whether my answer be yea or nay)
    ~Savannah Perran

    1. It so is!
      That's so funny you ask, someone just asked me that. I'm determined to go YouTube some of her stuff, because I haven't heard it. I need to go do that! YES. Gimme ALL the Christmas music!

      Thank you! ^_^ Oh, but those are the best. It's fascinating seeing all the different ornaments and wondering where each came from. Your tree sounds awesome!

      :O You haven't? Oh my goodness, that movie is HILARIOUS. You totally need to watch it! Although if I remember right there was a smidge inappropriate stuff in there. For the most part I think it was clean, but they had to slip in a couple things. >.>

      WE MUST. (Watched the gif over and over? I can't imagined ANYONE doing thaaaat. *stares at gif for hours* *cough, cough*) Oh yes, definitely. But it'd still be a very entertaining battle. ;D

      There's no rush at all! In may even be February by the time I'm really ready to start sending out chapters. And there's also no pressure. I'm so honored you want to, but if it doesn't work out that's absolutely fine. I promise you won't hurt my feelings! Just whatever works best for you.

      I hope you have a merry Christmas! <333

    2. *sneaks into the conversation* Goodness, Francesca Battistelli's music is fantastic! She's literally my favorite singer. Ever. Seriously, Christine, go check her out. (Oh, I mean PLEASE check her out. Of course that's what I meant. *coughs and chokes on a cookie*)

    3. Okay, that's it. I'm totally checking her out. What's funny is I was in a store today and saw some of her CDs and was wondering if I'd like her music. And here I have a bunch of recommendations for it! Yep, need to go listen to her stuff. Do you have any specific favorite songs I should listen to first?

    4. Oh, gracious...Well, for her Christmas CD, my favorite song she didn't write is Marshmallow World and my top two that she did are proooobably Christmas Is and Christmas Dreams. (Ugh, it's so hard to pick!) My favorite of her regular CDs is If We're Honest (so, so good!). Some songs that I love are Write Your Story, Unusual, Hundred More Years, Free to Be Me, Giants Fall...and the list goes on and on. XD Her music is so amaaaazing and heartfelt and fun and relatable and SERIOUSLY GO LISTEN TO IT!

    5. I've been listening to the ones you've listed and yes! She is so much fun! I really like these. I've actually heard Free to Be Me a bunch of times but I never realized who sang it. :O These were great! I may just have to get some of her CDs. Thank you so much for the suggestions! <3

    6. *squeals* Eeee I'm so glad you like her music!!! I've converted you. XD AND YES. You MUST buy her CDs!!! AHHH I JUST LOVE HER MUSIC SO MUCH!! *flails*

  8. It's so fun getting a glimpse of your Christmas! The way you celebrate sounds awesome (and similar to mine). ;)

    That gif for number 5. XD Perfect.

    Oh my goodness, your Christmas trees are gorgeous!!! So glow-y and festive.

    Winnie the Pooh actually sounds surprisingly Christmas-appropriate! So does The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. (I love Pooh. I really should pull out some of our Pooh books again...)

    Number 14 = MOUTHWATERING. O.O

    And I had to laugh at your comparison of yourself to Buddy. XD (So cute that your mom called you Cindy Lou Who! <3)

    An elf war! XD Good gracious, that would be hilarious. Bye-bye, little Christmas elves.

    I hope you have the merriest of Christmases, Christine! <3

    1. Aww, glad you enjoyed it! I was thinking our Christmases sounded kind of similar. I love it!

      That's definitely how I feel right now. Lol. I THINK it supposed to cool down in a few days. Goodness, I hope so.

      You are so nice! THANK YOU! <3

      I was kind of thinking Winnie-the-Pooh was a good whimsical, cozy book for December. But I have a confession to make... *whispers* This is my first time reading it. I've wanted to read Winnie-the-Pooh for FOREVER. The classic Disney Winnie-the-Pooh movie is my favorite of the classic Disney movies. Winnie-the-Pooh is so, so special to me, but I'VE NEVER READ THE STORIES. I've just never owned a copy. But here, in my twenties, I've finally got myself a copy and ooooh my goodness. I needed this book in my childhood! It's so delightful and genuinely hilarious. I keep giggling and even laughing out loud in parts. I love it! Now I feel like my whole childhood was wasted without this precious book. Ah well, better late than never? (And wow, that was a lot of babbling... Whoops.)

      It was quite delicious!

      Hehehe. I definitely feel like him often. I just love Christmastime so much!

      Lol. My brain thinks up the weirdest things sometimes. It would be veeery entertaining. *grins*

      You toooo! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <333333

    2. *creeps in* WINNIE THE POOH!!! <3 I love those books so much and it makes me so happy you're reading them! EEP! ^______^

    3. How have I gone this long without reading it? HOW? It's so cute!

    4. Yes, hopefully it does cool down for you! I can hardly imagine Christmas (or winter in general) being so warm.


      Your first time reading Winnie the Pooh?? :O It seems like something you'd absolutely LOVE, so I'm not surprised you enjoyed it so much! I've read bits and pieces here and there, but I really should pull out our great big book of Pooh stories and read them again. They're adorable and whimsical and just...perfect. ^_^

  9. *huggles entire post* I adore this! ^_^ I just LOVE hearing about people's Christmases, and my Lauri's sound awesome! :D (Also, I agree with Jenelle: lovely pic! <3)

    It's so warm here, too! *flails* It's weird... (PERFECT Thorin gif. XDDDD I love it!)

    BOOKS! Carol of the Bells! And you have TWO Christmas trees, oh my goodness, I love that! :D They are both so prettyyyyy! ^___^

    Cindy Lou Who!!!! Okay, so I hadn't seen that movie since I was small, but I JUST did again and alskdfjlskdjf;lskjd Cindy Lou is so cuuuuute! ^_^ I ADORE HER. It makes perfect sense that you'd be that adorable little blond girl when you were little! ^_^

    Okay, so the Elves vs. elfs thing with the Legolas gif... NOPE I AM DEAD. XD I laughed so hard. This is awesome. Just. alskdjflksdjf;ls. YES, let's do it! XD

    Awesome post! A merry merry Christmas to my Lauri! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day! ^__^ <3

    1. *beams* Your comments make me so happy, you just have no idea.
      I love hearing about people's Christmases, too. It's so fun seeing how everyone celebrates it!
      D'awww, thank you! ^_^

      Ugh, this heat. It's DECEMBER. It should be cold! Even for us. Bleh.

      Hehehe. THANK YOU! We love decorating. I think one year we had like...three or four big trees and then a couple mini ones. Um, yeah. We have problems.

      AGH. I adore that movie! We watch it almost every year. I haven't seen it this year though, but I want to!
      *blushes* Thank you! Cindy Lou Who is probably 1000x nicer than I could be though. Heh.

      Did I ever TELL you I wrote a short story about that yeeeears ago? O_O Sometimes I totally forget about that story for some reason. I haven't read it in so long, I'm terrified of the state it's in. I was like 15 or 16. Maybe even younger, I don't know. But it was fun. I kind of want to rewrite it one day...

      You too, my sweet Celti! I hope you have the BEST Christmas! <333


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