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Beautiful People - Meet the Twins {April 2015}

Here we are with a new month, which means a new edition of Beautiful People! Wait. . .it’s not a new month? Are you positive about that? Because I’m pretty sure March was just yesterday, right? Or maybe that was January. *shrugs* How am I supposed to know? Time is all wibbly wobbly after all, and it’s pretty mischievous at that.

Whatever the time is, there’s an edition of BP I’ve yet to do this month and it just happens to be a SIBLINGS EDITION. Siblings are kind of awesome, just so you know. Kudos to our ever resourceful hosts Sky and Cait for coming up with such a fun theme. I am thrilled. Do join in over at THIS POST or THIS ONE, snag the questions, and link up to your own post!

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Now normally I like to focus on the characters of whatever project I’m working on at the time. There are some siblings in Burning Thorns, but when the subject of my character siblings pops up my mind always jumps to a certain pair. I couldn’t let this special edition of BP pass up and not do what I consider THE siblings of all my characters.

Naidren and Nyria are male and female twins from my Colors of a Dragon Scale series, which is the series I always work on during NaNoWriMo. Their specific book was the 2nd one, More Pink than Sunsets, but they will be coming back in the one I’ll be writing this NaNo so we’ll call this early research. Ha! Who am I kidding? I know this duo backwards, forwards, and sideways. I wrote their book way back in 2011 and I VERY much look forward to returning to them again this November.

Naidren and Nyria are from a long line of royals. Their father is a duke and uncle the king himself. These 4 year old, excuse me 19 year old, twins are quite the pair. They act like 4 year olds. >.> Okay, Nyria mostly. Though twins, Naidren almost immediately switched on to “big brother mode”, spending most of his days chasing around his overly extroverted, rambunctious sister while wishing he could just hide away in his room with a book. But Nyria has a way of always pulling him out of his comfort zone. Like way, way out. They keep me on my toes. One time my younger sister said when she has kids she would love twins and my response was, “NOOOOO! THEY’RE SO MUCH TROUBLE.” Of course I got some strange looks. *cough* Writers, right?

But in all seriousness, these twins stole my heart and even after all this time and many, many new characters attempting to snatch away my love since, I’ll always have a special fondness for them that can’t be replaced.

Oh yeah, I was doing BP, wasn’t I? See? Proof I love them. I get so rambly over the things I love. I’m quite excited to introduce you to my crazy twins. So here we go!

More Pink than Sunsets Book CoverRem nodded. "I don't easily break off engagements as all that. Besides, I thought it would be best if I brought you your breakfast myself." Mischief gleamed in his eyes. "I was out in the barracks when I encountered a very disgruntled maid who curiously had porridge stains all over her dress. Upon asking what had befallen her, she informed me that a very rambunctious girl, to whom the porridge was meant for, bumped into her and went running straight for the castle's healing house. Seeing the woman so put out, and guessing who this ‘rambunctious’ young lady was, I offered to seek her out and bring her breakfast myself. The poor maid seemed most relieved."
Despite her cheeks warming, Nyria could not help letting out a laugh. "I might have been in a bit of a rush this morning," she said.
"Nyria, don’t tell me you spilled porridge all over one of the maids," Naidren moaned.
Her initial reaction was to punch him in the arm, but she stopped herself when she realized she could not do that now with him in his state. Instead she just gave him a condescending look. "I only spill porridge for the sake of those I love."
Naidren rolled his eyes but she could see the amusement on his face.

~ Naidren and Nyria ~

1. What is the first memory they have of each other?
Well, they’ve been together since the womb and all, so any first memories are pretty hazy. I think one of Naidren’s firsts was when they were 3 and Nyria climbed atop the counter to reach a cookie and fell so hard she nearly busted her head open. The situation would have been much, much worse if he had not been there to get help. After that he took it upon himself to be his sister’s protector. . .and spend all his energy worrying about her. He’s not exactly the laid back type.

2. Describe their relationship in 3 words.
Reckless, selfless, everlasting.

3. What kind of things do they like to do together?
Oh, anything and everything. Climb trees, jump in rivers, stuff their faces with chocolate, become dragon riders and save the world. You know, the usual stuff.

4. What was their biggest fight?
Oh good grief. These two clash a lot. They’re such polar opposites. But to Naidren’s credit, he’s a peacekeeper (and sometimes a pushover. . .) and doesn’t allow their arguments to go too far. Half the time they just banter for fun, normal brother-sister stuff. Most of their worst fights come out when Naidren scolds Nyria for her irrational behavior and her hot temper gets out of control, which occurred so much in their book I’m not sure I can choose a specific incident.

"So that is how it is, then," Naidren said. "First you suggest dressing like beggars then you blame me for everything. You're as foolish as a goblin, Nyria."
"At least goblins have much more sense than you!"
"Maybe the brain capacity of a boulder is more what you possess."
"Boulders do not even have brains."

5. How far would they go to save each other?
To the death. No question. Their loyalty to one another has no bounds and they would do anything, however reckless or deadly, to keep the other safe, no hesitation. Naturally I test and stretch this loyalty to its very last thread. *evil author cackle*

6. What are their pet peeves about each other?
List gif
Nyria wishes Naidren would talk more, not be so overbearing, stop worrying about e v e r y t h i n g, and just lighten up. It drives her up the wall how he refuses to have fun for all his anxiety and self-consciousness. I don’t think she grasps that her recklessness and near death experiences caused his anxiety.

Naidren would give his right arm away if that meant Nyria would filter her words before every thought that popped in her head came spilling out. He’d also very much appreciate her closing her mouth when she ate, and maybe eating a little slower instead of shoveling it all in like it’s the last meal she’ll ever have. Then of course there’s her inability to stay quiet for a whole 3 seconds. Obviously the biggest thing is the fact that she seems to think she’s indestructible and will do anything. . .and drag him along to do it, too.

7. What are their favorite things about each other?
I think Naidren’s pet peeves and his favorite things are one in the same. Yes, I know. He’s a very contradictory person. Yes, Nyria’s careless behavior keeps him on edge every second of every day, but she wouldn’t be Nyria without it, and he loves her more than any other person in the universe. So, by the end of the day, he finds her talkative, loud, hot tempered, reckless behavior endearing. Even if it will probably put him in an early grave.

Nyria sat silent for a moment. "I suppose you're right," she finally said with a huff,
"but I think we would be a bit more cordial."
Naidren laughed. "Maybe I would but..."
"Hey!" Nyria scooped up two handfuls of dirt and threw it right into his face. "What are you implying?"
Naidren spluttered out dirt between laughs. "Oh nothing, nothing at all."

He also is in awe of her cheerful demeanor. He’s never known a more happy-go-lucky person, and since he struggles with keeping a happy outlook himself, her joy is refreshing.

As for Nyria, she loves her brother’s strength. Sure, he’s anxious and shy and would hide in his room all day if he could, but he will push all that aside to do what is right. Sometimes her sense of right and wrong gets a little askew and she can always rely on Naidren to turn her in the right direction. His ability to discern good from bad inspires her every day.

8. What traits do they share? Mannerisms, clothing, quirks, looks, etc?
Well, they are twins. They both have the same shade of brown hair, brown eyes, and are pretty short (much to Naidren’s chagrin). But that’s where the similarities end. Like I said, polar opposites these two.

9. Who has the strongest personality?
On the surface, it seems as though Nyria does. She’s social and daring and rarely backs away from anything. But as mentioned in #7, it’s Naidren’s strength that she admires most. When it comes down to it, when all hope is lost and it seems evil has won out, it’s Naidren that will pull himself up and rouse those around him to keep fighting and push through.

10. How does their relationship change throughout your story?
They’ve always had such a strong, loyal bond, nothing can shake that. In fact, it only gets stronger. When they step away from their happy, posh life of servants and doting parents and friends abundant and experience how dark and gritty the world really is, they have no one to rely on but each other and they realize that they really would walk right into the jaws of death if that meant saving their twin.

Yeah, I love my babies. Visiting them again after such a long while filled up my heart. . .

. . .and also reminded me how tiring these two can be. *cough* But, hey, what else can you expect from raising twins?


  1. Aww, I like how they are so opposite, but it's obvious they love each other. Love second excerpt, 'Boulders do not even have brains. Made me laugh, :)

    1. Yesh, I love my babies. ^_^
      Lol. Thank you! They're something, that's for sure. It always seemed to be a surprise what they would say next, Nyria especially. XD

    2. I love it when character's do that, when they do things that surprise you. Nyria does seem to be a handful. Thanks for the follow and your sweet comments! :D

    3. ME TOO. Non-writers probably think we're crazy saying these things, but it never feels like we're making it up, we're just the typists recording what our characters tell us to. XD

      A handful? Ahahaha. Ooooh my, she's definitely something.

      OF COURSE. I was thrilled to follow your fun blog! ^_^

  2. OH MY GOODNESS I CAN'T WITH THEM. <3 *huggles the twins* I love them so, even though I've only read occasional snippets... and talking to me and such. *cough* They are such a funny pair but it's also sweet how much they care about each other. ^_^ Nyria--my goodness, that girl! *laughs* She's a handful, isn't she? ;) And I love love loooove Naidren's quiet personality but how he also has that hidden strength. Awwgsh I just love them so! ^_^ Not to mention the fame of "shifty Naidren eyes". ;) ...>.> <.< Ahem.

    AND I TOTALLY LOST IT WITH THE GIF AFTER THE "WHAT'S THEIR PET PEEVES" QUESTION. XDDDDD *rolls on floor laughing. Perfect. Gif. Use. Right there. <3


    1. AND I CAN'T WITH YOUR COMMENT. I'M GRINNING SO HARD. I love that others love my twinsies, too. ^___^ I think saying Nyria is a handful is putting it lightly. XD The shifty Naidren eyes! Hahahaha! I was literally thinking about that the other day.

      That gif literally popped in my head the second I saw that question. It's very accurate. XD


  3. I LOVE twins!!!!!!!!! I want more. The whole story. Because TWINS

    1. *whispers* Don't tell Naidren and Nyria but...I LOVE TWINS TOOOO. THEY'RE SO MUCH FUN. And troublesome...BUT FUN.

      Once I have all the books of this series written (two more to go) I WILL revise and make them all readable. I WILL. It just a few years from now. o.o

  4. (Time being wibbly wobbly--firstly, YES. Secondly, love how you put that! XD)

    Oh, these two sound AWESOME. I love Nyria's outrageous spunk, and Naidren sounds so steady and strong and lovable. They balance each other out beautifully. (And I have a feeling neither would function too well on their own. Naidren would likely be depressed, and, she might be dead. But that's just the opinion of someone who just barely met this duo!)

    LOL, this line: "Climb trees, jump in rivers, stuff their faces with chocolate, become dragon riders and save the world. You know, the usual stuff." XDDD I LOVE UNDERSTATED HUMOR.

    Ahhh, all the banter and good-natured barbs and sibling love/rivalry!!! ^^ Your characters are always so distinctly themselves, and so lovable! Unless, of course, they're the bad guys, in which case they fall into either of two categories: still lovable, or else love-to-hateable. ;)

    1. I actually got the wibbly wobbly thing from Doctor Who, but I agree that time is definitely like that! XD

      *grins* Thank you!!! Wow, you defined them PERFECTLY. Nyria is spunky, Naidren is strong and loveable. Yes, that's so them! And oh my goodness, you nailed it! Naidren actually DOES almost struggle with depression, he's right on the edge but Nyria keeps him away from that line. And yeah. Let's just say it's good Naidren is there to get her out of a lot of jams. o.o

      Hehehehe. I love that kind of humor as well. I couldn't help myself. XD

      EEeeeee! THANK YOU!!! Characters is my absolute favorite part of writing, so I can't tell you how much it means to me that you find mine lovable. ^_^

      I'm so happy you got to "meet" my twins. For some reason those two kind of became THE characters of my life. They tend to be the ones that just pop up in my head and start talking and stuff. I'm pretty sure they follow me around everywhere... Lol! #CrazyWriterTalk It just didn't feel right that my Tracey had never met them.

    2. (o.o How did I forget to check back here for new comments?? Ack! But here I am at last.)

      Ahh, Doctor Who. I haven't watched it, but I hear good things about that show...

      Yay! I'm glad I could define them just from one blog post. ^^ Poor Naidren. *huggles* At least his sister is around to keep his chin up. And ahaha, Nyria, that little reckless imp. XD Like I said, these two need each other!


      They are. They are so lovable. I haven't met a character of yours that ever felt flat.

      I can see why! They sound like a super fun duo, the perfect pair to "follow you around." :D And I am delighted to have met them at last! (...Which implies that I've known *about* them, without really knowing them, for a long time--but I haven't. *shrugs* Never mind my rambles. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed getting to know these two!)


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