Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Write Because…

I write because there are countless stories within me wanting to be told.

I write because I think words are both beautiful and powerful.

I write because fictional people can sometimes make just as much of an impact as real people.

I write because the adventurous spirit within me is free to fly when I’m weaving tales.

I write because I’m a dreamer.

I write because I love to explore new worlds.

I write because my Muse tells me to.

I write because I enjoy creating chaotic mishaps.

I write because it allows my imagination to soar.

I write because it gives me the chance to befriend elves, ride dragons, dance with fairies, explore fantastical lands, meet heroes, and go on adventures.

I write because there are people, fictional though they may be, that beg to have their story told.

I write because God meant creativity for all of us.

I write because writing was ingrained into my heart.

I write because if I didn’t, I’d feel as though a piece of my heart was missing.

I write because I love to.

I write because I have to.

CS Lewis Quote


  1. I write because it matters and because it is fun and because it is fun.

    I really really really love all the things you mentioned and they are so awesome.
    I like them a lot.

    (Also I am really tried again and should probably not write any commets right now

  2. Autschi! I'm always thrilled to get comments from you!

    Writing does matter, and it is definitely fun! Very good points there.

    Thank you so much! ^_^

  3. Well, that just sums it all up. Every last one of them is so true. The only thing I'd add would be "I write because it's never boring." :)

  4. :O

    Do you have a source for that amazing C.S Lewis quote? I may want to steal it or stuffz.

  5. @Kiri - You're so right! It's definitely never, ever boring!

    @Isaiah - I found it on the internet probably a year or so ago and kept it because I loved it so much. I have no memory where I found it though. Sowwy. :(

  6. Hello, Lauriloth!

    Lovely post =]

    Just wanted to let you know, I've tagged you over at my blog!!


  7. @Sarah - Oh my! I'm honored. Thank you so much!!

  8. ~I love the first one, "I write because there are countless stories within me wanting to be told." ^w^ The rest r cool too!!

  9. Thank you so much, River! ^_^ There are definitely countless stories going through my head. Plot bunnies like to attack me in great numbers.


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