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Beautiful People: February Edition

Oh, it’s March you say? Oh my, how did that happen?Beautiful People Button

I’m a terrible blogger. I really must post more. I cannot believe it is already a new edition of Beautiful People and I’ve only made one post since the last one. Plus, I am posting this most late. Whoops…

Anyways, Beautiful People is put on by bloggers Sky and Georgie where you answer questions about your story characters. You can find this month’s questions here or here.

It’s so hard deciding which character to use for these. I decided this go round I should use one of the characters from the new story I’m going to start soon (the story I meant to start weeks ago and haven’t yet *cough*). But that brought up the question: Which one? There was 8 to choose from but I finally settled on Ethryl.

Ethryl is a 22 year old female who has been an assistant to an old time traveler from the age of 3. As a result, she has been on numerous crazy adventures almost her entire life, which gives her an intriguing outlook on life. She’s a rather fun character I think.

1. If your character could be played by an actor, who would it be?
I honestly have no idea. I never choose actors for my characters. I always thought it would be fun but I’m too much of a perfectionist and would never find anyone that looked just as I picture the characters. Lol.

2. Does your character have a specific theme song? 
Not at the current moment, but sometimes certain characters form songs as I write their stories and I suspect she will eventually.

3. What's their worst childhood memory? 
Ethryl is often plagued by nightmares from her childhood, but she does not realize these are memories for a long time. Once she does remember, she realizes her mother had to die in order to get Ethryl away from her crazy father. Though she was only 3, Ethryl does eventually remember this I believe.
I’m sure she has tons of adventurous stories to tell from all the time traveling she does, but I’ve yet to hear about her many tales so I don’t really know what other horrible things she has gone through.

4. If your character had a superpower, what would it be? 
Ethryl does actually have somewhat of a superpower. She is what is known as a Paradoxer who can stop paradoxes from happening just by being present. Her father planned on using this power of hers to take over all the worlds until she managed to escape to a parallel universe. She does not actually know she possesses this ability until much later in her story though.

5. If your character crashed on an island with a bunch of other people, how could your character help the group survive? 
Ethryl's biggest trait is the willingness to serve. Helping others is her gift. Not only in doing things, but also being a great encourager. She would immediately do everything in her power to help serve every person there, while comforting and encouraging them. She’s also not one to sit idly, so more than likely she would be trying to form a plan to escape from the island.

6. Are they married? If not, do they someday wish to be? 
Ethryl is currently not married but I do have someone in mind… I think she is so busy she rarely thinks about such things, but I suspect deep down she does have the desire to someday be married.

7. What is a cause they would die for? 
If it meant saving others’ lives, Ethryl would sacrifice her own in a heartbeat. As mentioned before, her heart lies in caring for others.

8. Would they rather die fighting valiantly, or quietly at home? 
Ethryl has spent her whole life on one wild adventure after the next. She barely knows what “quietly at home” means. I’m willing to bet she much rather die fighting valiantly.

9. If a stranger walked up to them and told them they were the child of the prophesy, would they believe them? 
Ethryl would probably just laugh it off and be extremely doubtful about the whole thing. She might could be convinced of it eventually, but it would take quite a bit of doing.

10. Do they prefer the country, or the city?
I think it is whatever mood she is in. She jumps from cities, to country, to who-knows-where on a daily basis. I kind of think she’d rather the bustle of a city over the quietness of the country though. She’s not made for, nor accustomed to, a quiet life.

You could probably tell I haven’t quite figured out this book or its characters completely. But I suppose that is the point of Beautiful People, helping us learn about our characters.^_^

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