Monday, March 19, 2012

1st Blogversary!

It was a dark and stormy night…

Lauriloth was creeping through the woods, hiding in the shadows, grateful for the heavy rain covering her foot tracks.

But it was not enough. The monster found her anyway.

Suddenly, an array of bright colors blinded her. She could barely look upon the great thing. She had no problem hearing it though. Her eardrums practically burst from its booming voice.

Its words frightened her.


Lauriloth dropped to her knees. “Noooo!!! How can I?” she cried out. “What will I write about? Why must you stalk me, O Blogger Monster?”

It only repeated its words, more deafening than before. “YOU WILL MAKE A BLOG!”

It seemed her fate was made. There was nothing she could do. The Blogger Monster was beyond persistent.

She would make a blog.

Musings of an Elf Header

Ahem. I could tell you what really happened is one day last March I suddenly got in the mood to make a blog, thinking it might be something fun to do and help with my writing, so I started this little thing. But that’s not nearly as exciting. And besides, that Blogger Monster is a persistent thing, I have to admit.

My official anniversary was on March 16th, but, unfortunately, I have not had a chance to post until today. Regardless, it’s rather exciting knowing my little blog here is now a year old. It’s also a bit pathetic, being as how I’ve only made 30 posts this whole time. Like I told the Blogger Monster, “What will I write about?” Here, a year later, and I’m still asking myself that question. Hopefully someday I shall find the answer. For now though, I’m afraid my random ramblings will have to do.

I’ve been thinking about changing up the look and thought it would be nice to do so for my year anniversary, so don’t be surprised if things start looking different around here.

Though I do not spend nearly as much time doing it as I should, I really enjoy blogging and look forward to another year amidst the blog world! It’s been a pleasurable endeavor!

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